Monday, May 20, 2013

A shortlived engagement with a new YB

YB Rafizi
Yang Bitchy. Some Malaysians have blackened out their Twitter profiles in support of Anwar Ibrahim's refusal to accept defeat in PRU13. The blackout means "death": Democracy (in Malaysia) is Dead. So when I saw the "blackout" on Rafizi Ramli's twitter profile as he was happily embracing all the well-wishes for winning the Pandan parliamentary seat and on becoming a first-time YB, I thought: Irony. So I decided to ask the Yang Berhormat: You think you'd be where you are if democracy was really dead?

Ouch! Didn't know he was so touchy.

It wasn't my intention to rain on his parade. I just could not stand the hypocrisy of some people. Democracy is still alive in Malaysia but it is at risk. Even someone like Tunku Aziz is threatened with a lawsuit for bravely commenting on his former party's misconduct (the DAP condemns others all the time!). Democracy will end up dead when you allow people to take to the streets to topple the government, which is what Rafizi's party appears to be advocating ... 


  1. Most in SCUMNO/BUMNO, PM najib and his (wooden Ikea) Cabinet and Ministers/Deputy Ministers would not be where they are if democracy were really alive. What we have is a doctered, pretend democracy to attract FDI's and fool the west.

    There is loads of room for major improvement.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  2. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Hahaha, you hit the nail on the head there Rocky. Hypocrite lot this Pakatan Haram!

  3. He is where he is because democracy is almost dead. There will be more opposition seats and UMNO will be out of power if democracy is working normally.

    1. Anonymous5:54 pm

      3.56pm cakap berbelit mcm ular..suka saya nak cakap apa pon free speech free country democracy country

  4. CAT - criticise, attack & terrorise

  5. Anonymous4:09 pm

    yeah, Donplaypuks® also cannot comment here if it's not for the democracy.

    Parti Asobiyah Semalaysia

  6. Anonymous4:11 pm

    In a real world.., nobody can call "kerajaan ini zalim dan menindas rakyat" without fear., yet these MF are enjoying every minute of it shouting on the streets..

    1. Anonymous11:44 pm

      LOL??? this statement is so stupid

    2. Anonymous10:43 am

      Red bean army get lost

  7. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Democracy is dead? Please back up your claim. Prove it. You've arrived to conclusion and inference without giving due regard to evidences and findings. Telling lies and half truth now fast becoming trendy.

    1. Anonymous11:45 pm

      the proof and evidence is around you smart butt. open your eyes

    2. Anonymous10:44 am

      Red bean army get lost

  8. Just Saying4:18 pm


    The West so easy to fool, meh? Crappy argument. China no need democracy to get FDI. Look at Singapore. So very authoritarian but foreigners come. Malaysia is a good place to make money. That's why the Chinese came here as migrant workers in the first place.

    Just saying.

    1. Anonymous11:46 pm

      yet our economy is going though bankruptcy

  9. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Kita fokus kita.

    The truth is kita tak akan dapat menandingi mereka-mereka ini. This is their world. Menipu, kena tangkap menipu, menipu benda lain pulak. and it goes on and on and on.

    Tapi apa risau ... their relative strength dah habis ... all people who allow themselves to be fooled has been fooled. Macam shares, takkan naik forever, at one stage, it would be grossly overvalued...

    We can make a killing bila momentum changes.

  10. Anonymous4:51 pm

    So sad looking at Anwar, so gaunt, shouting lies to get support. Can't believe after all the manipulation done and bringing in phantom voters from China and all, and putting all blame on BN with the Bangla story, still he cannot win and become PM.

    Now DAP also dont need him anymore, too risky to keep him around. Not to mention he will never be PM.

    I think the gig is up. And the noose is waiting. Unless he runs away first.

    Poor Anwar.

  11. Anonymous4:56 pm

    it's all anwar's fault, isn't it datuk?

  12. Anonymous5:09 pm


    If you have retarded brains that is highly susceptible to brainwashing, then you have only yourself to blame

    all the pakatan lies were NEVER substantiated and proven

    the pakatan are the ones who are corrupted and spreading a culture of hatred and irresponsibility

    If pakatan were to be in power, dpp and his tamil clan will be sent back to the rubber plantations because anwar and dap can't stand the dark-skinned Malaysians

  13. Anonymous5:11 pm

    anon 4:37 pm

    satu cadangan yang baik

  14. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Anwar the 'bontot-man' is running all over the country looking for stadiums and public roads to conduct ilkegal gatherings & yet this bottom dweller has got the gut telling everybody democravy is dead? Errmm..the only thing dead is his brain...

  15. Anonymous6:12 pm

    That was the most important thing to do for you?


  16. Anonymous6:34 pm

    but how come the share market keeps going up positively if democracy is dead in m'sia. why did fdi keep coming in. looks like the foreigner is much a believer then our own people.

  17. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Yes she and a few others are fighting for every inch of nuar's dxxk.

  18. Anonymous7:22 pm

    I agree with Rafizi.

    ROcky is indeed an apologist for corruption, a shameless one at that too.

  19. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Pakatan Rakyat memang sudah lama sinonim dengan hipokrasi. Cuma penyokong tegar mereka sahaja yg masih tak sedar..

    Masih lagi tidak segan silu menuduh orang macam-macam tanpa bukti tetapi bila kena batang hidung sendiri, ada bukti pun buat-buat tak nampak bukti.

    Cukup-cukuplah PR. Gaji YB dah jalan, pergilah buat kerja. Jangan menyalak nak buat demo aje.

    Masalah air di Selangor tu pergi selesaikan.. jangan sampai jadi kronik macam kat Kelantan pulak! Nanti FDI semua lari!!

  20. John Rambo II7:45 pm

    Unlike u apologist 4 corruption
    Laugh at will because Rafizi will never see the irony of his words. If the BN is considered a corrupt government, what does that make of Anwar Ibrahim, caught, charged and convicted of corruption, when he was a leading member of the BN? That's just the ones we know and the ones he was caught with his pants down (pun truly intended!).
    The ones he has stashed away in the billions abroad, the ones he accepted from foreign backers, the corruption he staged when he held the government by autonomy and the media which he controlled to hide the corruption he blatantly shared with his cronies and family members.
    Oh, I forget. With Anwar, corruption is defined as BN doing it, not him. Anwar’s corruption is an evil conspiracy. He can do no wrong. He is above the law. Any Government action on him is also a conspiracy, meaning that if the Government is too weak or wary to act, Anwar can get away with murder on a daily basis.
    Well, his Royal Asshole did get caught and he paid the price for his ignorance and arrogance for all that stupidity. Now he is forced to do this song and dance routine in all 13 states to sidestep his promise to step down and get out. He never meant it really, a sympathy ruse to get the votes. In a way, it was a success. The Chinese thanks him every day when they pray to their gods.
    In fact, Anwar could possibly be made into another deity, just like the tokong in Penang, who by the way, is hounded by his own kind of corruption too after he hung out with property towkays who rape hillslopes.
    In a way, Rafizi’s blindness to Anwar’s corruption is a blessing because he will continue to make a total fool of himself until one fine day when he gets an epiphany, just like Chandra Muzaffar, Zulkifli Nordin, Ezam Noor and hundreds of other former PKR leaders.
    By that time, we will accept Rafizi’s apology with kindness and the best gift we can get from that is when Rafizi starts whacking Anwar the same way he whacked the Government today.

  21. Democracy is dead? Sound silly coming from a would-be lecturer. BN would be thrown out of government if democracy is alive, a whole lotta craps coming from oppositions mouth. Lack of oxygen in their heads, perhaps.

    The reality is, Malaysia would almost be like tunisia where anwar, lge or karpal would almost certain to be shot to death if democracy is dead. And that is logic.

  22. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Tsk...tsk...Such a small minded dud the nkotb

  23. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Rocky, cuba lu tanya the nkotb bila PR nak tubuh shadow cabinet? Betul ke anuwar dilantik sbg Menteri Luar shadow cabinet PR ? Menteri luar tabi'e hehehe

  24. Anonymous8:59 pm

    democracy will only be alive when you can deny 750 of your party members from voting or having a 200 vote casted by 70 voters.

    one big hypocrite.

  25. Donplaykus, why do ou guys always use the words "scumbag" or "dirtbag". Cant you be more imaginative and find some other different derogatory terms to use. Seems to me its the least you can do when you comment on somebody else's space. I get it bro...we are of one race. Takde tagline lain ke to sign off. Anyway i for one dont think that the elections were rigged at all. I guess that makes me a scumbag too. Anyway you pkr types lost BN won. Live wth it. Go and cntinue with your rallies and make sure you use up all of the police force's resources to keep you safe while you jack off on anwar's rhetorics. Donplaykus, i think you really should advise the pkr fellas to organise rallies monthly or every quarter, something like that. At least, while you guys are fighting for freedom, some smal traders can actually set up shop at these rallies and actually make some money.

    Donplaykus, when did you say you were migrating again.

  26. Anonymous10:00 pm

    How appropriate that Rafizi the Jambu is YB of PondAn.

  27. UrbanWarfare10:30 pm

    Get those DAP chinese out of malaya. This is the time because we can clearly see the enemy. 98% of them yeah...

    Salute to those MCA chinese who wants to belong to Malaya. The DAP chinese are nothing more than bintang tiga comrades.

    They are now fighting the urban warfare as KJ said.

  28. Pakatan Rosak10:34 pm

    Congratulations to the new YB.

    Now, you are the Rakyat's servant. You must attend to the needs of your constituency, not buy a new car, house or boyfriend.

    You were voted in to do a job in your area not to go snooping around or shouting in the streets.

    Please take time to study the constitution, draw up plans to fulfill your election promises, attend to the rat, garbage, church, mosque,drug addicts, water disruption,uncollected council dues, power rate cuts, petrol reduction, lower car prices, lower bus fares etc in your constituency.

    You are not required to be a busybody nor travel out of your area.

    And you think it is an easy job?

    Let's see how well you do your job, at least better than Loh Gwo Burne who wasted the tax payers money the last five years.

    Please do not spend the tax payers money as you like.

    We are watching you, as the tables are turned.

  29. Anonymous10:46 pm

    If there was press freedom, BN should have been dead already!

  30. Anonymous11:16 pm

    These PR goons do not understand what democracy means esp the Chinese which I thought intelligent lots but sadly they were hodwinked by a single MELAYU...mah.Served the right.

  31. Anonymous11:20 pm

    what is his definition of democracy ...I wonder.

  32. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Judging from your statement, I doubt you even know what democracy really is rocky. But it was a good read. made me laugh. keep it up dude

  33. Anonymous12:03 am

    for me this sums it up

  34. Grand Marquis2:51 am

    If you want to know if this Rafizi is practicing democracy, go to his blog and post some comment that is "unfriendly" to him. Wait and see if your post will see daylight. Those people in PR, from small to big are the biggest hypocrite the country ever produced. Go and read how this bugger boasted about his past without even giving credit to the system that assisted him to where he is now.

  35. Donplaypuks,
    ..a doctered,pretend democracy..? U must be a mindless idiot.For the last 56 years or so GEs had been carried out periodically as advocated by our constitution.And democratically done.Political parties competed against each other.Even the so-called DAP (self-claimed clean n democratic party} never failed to take part in a "pretend democracy".

    Come on man, stop lying to yourself.

  36. Anonymous11:24 am

    I want to comment on your latter post regarding DAP's apology to Chua Lai Fatt as well as the police report lodged recently on 5 who didn't get to vote.
    Firstly polls is almost a whole day affair.
    Why didn't the 5 lodge police report early in the day and start getting the DAP cybertroopers twisting their knickers early that morning. I bet the EC would have been rushing to check this out because they are so desperate to make GE13 clean.
    Ini tidak ! After the fact, baru nak buat bising. I have no respect for people who are not just 'Chinese first' but would fabricate lies toward that end.
    The only place you deign to join are demo rally and 'stuff your face and tapau 'open house. You are overdue to check your Chinese arrogance at the door and sincerely join to work for all races.You should seriously make arrangements to go back to China if you don't want to integrate (school, workplace, neighbourhood) as Malaysians.
    And stop stepping on or turning Malaysian flag upside down. Its a national pride - you kurang ajar. Instead how about burning your IC or passport.

  37. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Funny to come from someone who came from a party whose "Ketua Umum" (what ever the heck that is) was self appointed and DIDN'T go through the democratic process of being appointed.

    Bitchy Hypocrite

  38. Garrett4:03 pm

    "Yang Bitchy".
    Good one, Rocky! And in that photo of Raf, he really, really looks bitchy!

  39. Anonymous6:42 pm

    DDP must have his own SOP. He also belongs to the red bean army. His kpi is to evade the truth and attack based on sentiments.

    Opposition knows very well that they cannot debate on facts so twisting and playing with sentiments is the way forward.

    DAP is the Denial Action Party

  40. Anonymous7:36 pm

    I know what you did in GE-13!!

  41. Anonymous9:32 pm english proverb said a bad beginning makes a bad ending..PR should represent "good looking" in democracy..if they can win from street demonstration,i think they will lost because street demonstration at a time..believe me..

  42. Anonymous9:53 pm

    this rafizi is a bimbo. Look at him, scumbag.

    MCKK alumni are all bunch of corrupted fools himself. I'ved seen this guy, spinning his way to his own benefit. Fake and opportunist.

  43. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Rafizi, go into your own hole... you useless piece of shit.

    He is a boooy... seriously... budak budak only... just want syok only.

    someone should give him a big tight slap in the face. serious, big slap!

  44. Anonymous11:22 pm

    keep up your good work, rocky, don't bother about this......

  45. Anonymous11:57 pm

    One thing i am sure god left us long time ago ..... cause bad people still alive . Dont you think so Rocky

  46. Mustapha Ong8:10 am

    In PKR everyone wants to the hero n heroin but in the true political essence, it's all about the life n struggles of Anwar Ibrahim. PKR is actually PKA n the rest of the members are no better than political observers, including Azmin, Rafizi, Nik Nazmi n others. InsyaAllah PKA will eventually become PKN! I am prepared to support PKN anytime in order to change the political landscape n preparing for a two party system of parliamentary governance for a better Malaysia.

  47. Anonymous9:39 am

    I feel sorry for you .

    You have to write shit to survive .

  48. Anonymous9:50 am you talk about democracy ?

    Are you joking ? What do you know about democracy as you are merely a gun-for-hire for BN ..

    Keep writing more nonsense as you are great when you write nonsense

  49. Anonymous10:40 am

    all this brouhaha boils down to one thing - loosen heart.

  50. sarip dol12:30 pm

    NKOTB FTW!!!! eh jonathan knight pun closet XXX jugak...

  51. MOST of those who spoke about unfair election process actually won in the PRU13. Unfortunately, BN got more seats and they are unhappy about it....

  52. Mr Angry5:58 pm


    If "Democracy" is dead, it would seem apparent that you also do not understand the words "Reality","Propaganda", or "Misguided".

    If I were to use it in a sentence,

    The reality is that the opposition's propaganda is what you, the misguided will believe.

    Get educated, you putz.

  53. Anonymous6:41 am

    BN won the election through
    1. Massive bribery
    2. Gerrymandering of seats
    3. Phantom votes
    4. Abuse of Government machinery
    5. Threatening the minorities with backlash
    6. Seditious race card
    7. and many others

    Despite all the above cheating, they still lose the popular votes.

    Democracy is indeed dead when the rights of the majority to form the Government has been trampled by an illegitimate Government.

  54. Anonymous11:48 pm

    anon 6.41...any proofs of your allegations? latest case you haven't heard them..anuwat aljuburi only make ONE police report...HAHA..ONLY ONE?? What about all those fitnah hurled at SPR and BN about phantom votes..or vote rigging and endless accusation about BN cheating PRU?? SEE WHO'S THE FOOL ONE NOW?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  55. Anonymous1:49 pm

    what the fuck...if democracy is dead, how come you fuckers can come out in full force to vote on election day, and your fucking ,sucking leaders and fucking parties can win in several states. You fucking assholes....

  56. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Rafizi sometimes behaves like a woman having her period. Very touchy. Sometime I wonder whether he is so used to being praised and put on pedestal that he thinks he is beyond reproach. Or is it the short man syndrome?

    At this rate he will overtake that Cocky Arrogant Tokong in Penang very soon. He should learn to be more humble o matter how brainy he is. A YB is a servant of the people.