Friday, May 31, 2013

The great, unaccredited Warnborough University

A church in Warnborough

Before he officially takes over the public-listed Felda's CEO seat, Dr Mohd Emir Mavani must tell us exactly where Warnborough University is in the UK. That's where the CEO-designate was supposed to have obtained his Doctorate in Government Reforms back in 2008, a claim which is now under blog scrutiny.

A quick Google check would take the seeker to South Warnborough, small village in the English county of Hampshire; population 542, according to a 2001 consensus. There is a Warnborough College, a distance learning institution but if you are looking for an Oxford University or Cambridge-like structures, you won't find it. 

But you will find Warnborough University on this List of Unaccredited Institutions of Higher Learning. I am sure there's a simple and logical explanation, which is why Dr Mohd Emir Mavani must take the opportunity to respond to the queries made by Big Dog h e r e.


  1. Salam Datuk, followed the links and reached this

    What a crap.

    Best Regards

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Macam Preston U gak ni ...

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Can this guy speak Malay or write in Bahasa ? He always goes around in a suit and tie, and talks like an MBA professor.

  4. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Satu lagi projek transformasi Najib. Just hire sweet talkers.....

  5. End of Rahman2:37 pm

    How dare you doctored the pictures? the graves outside the church are lecture room chairs.

    PM PM ... when will he ever appoint right people to right position?

    Buatlah background check bukan dok dengar si cina muaalaf auta kamu.

    Tsar had rasputin, Pak Lah had Khairy, Najib has Omar Ong

    Carilah CEO Felda dari dalam Felda. SO overawe with outsiders.

    Najib has a colonised mind

  6. Anonymous3:44 pm

    macam pernah dengar cerita serupa di era kolej ,dr yap, dan dr ong ,stratejik director dp.
    Felda ada 6,200,000,000 RM cash reserves.(ENAM BILLION) banyak !!! Sedang mencari pelaburan luar negara.
    TS Isa; jangan beli hartanah kat LONDON ya, nanti EPF marah PNB marah Sri setia marah,Kumpulan wang Pencen marah .
    Semua orang nak beli london, nanti jadi kampung melayu pulak.
    TS, tolong lah jaga duit ni betul betul.
    Cukup lah kita beli pelik pelik punya investment.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

  7. Anonymous4:01 pm

    .. Often wondered why some ADUNs/MPs cannot even speak our National Language fluently,

    Very suspicious.


  8. Anonymous4:55 pm

    What's wrong with Najib ni? Sape punye idea ni kasi letak jembalang entah dari mana asal usul mereka ni kat tempat yang penting2 dan strategik giler ni? Woiii! dah takde lagi ke Melayu pandai kat Tanah Malay u ni? Apa kes??

    Kalu ini macam aku lagi layak jadi CEO FGVH ni!!

  9. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Where did big dog learn his english?

  10. Mustapha Ong8:23 am

    If you think that you are smarter than others, I suggest you should become a full time politician and stand for the next available by-election! Don't bark up the wrong side of the tree. Its stink dan absolute rubbish to run down everybody except yourself! Apa jenis manusia yang biadap ini?

  11. Anonymous10:04 am

    Janji DiTepati.

    He was at PM's Dept Before. Sekarang PM Dept is like Tong Sampah!

  12. Anonymous10:16 am

    Banyak sangat gaffe Najib ni. Please go out.

    Aku dulu kerja kat Saudi 4 years. Tahu sangat la species arab macam ni. Penipu besar. Arab nak survive kena banyak con. Melayu pulak tengok arab boleh cakap arab, percaya.

    Disaster going to happen. Mamat ni akan buat satu scandal besar dan lari. Felda akan ada scandal. Say bye bye to 54 kerusi Felda

  13. Anonymous2:17 pm

    big dog learnt english from reading the wrappers on various condoms he has not used.

    is this fake PhD guy Iranian, Indian muallaf or what? If he is from Pemandu then it is that Idris Jala, GLC, Nor Yakob connection. it reflects upon Najib punya lembik dan bodoh.

  14. If you looked at the website you will see that there is NO Warnborough University ONLY Warnborough College based in DUBLIN and it is accredited like some universities in Malaysia by ASIC.

  15. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I am sure Warnborough would not have existed for over 40 years in the UK if it was not accredited and reputable. It has many accreditations, and linkedin has many successful alumni. Wikipedia is full of wrong information and my university bans students from using it. Irish Independent is known for its poor journalism and distorting facts.

  16. Anonymous5:27 pm

    No such thing as "Warnborough Univeristy UK". A schoolboy's research would reveal a highly esteemed and accredited Warnborough College in Canterbury. DO NOT mix the fiction of "Warnborough University UK" with the splendid reality of Warnborough College, Canterbury, which has a global alumni of successful and professional people who have qualifications which are the best, because they gained them from Warnborough College, Canterbury, England.