Monday, May 20, 2013

DAP's 5/5/13 Racial Profiling: The sad case of Chua Lai Fatt

Too metallic black to be a Chinese?

DAP strategist says sorry to Chua Lai Fatt. I wonder how many Bangladeshi-looking Malaysians were harassed because some political mules from Pakatan Rakyat were racially profiling them on 5/5/2013? 

And how many more were too afraid to come out and vote because they don't look Chinese enough to be pass off as Malaysians?

SatD's issue with Doctor Ong Kian Ming is, however, more severe than that.  He thinks OKM was the one who had 'launched the cyber locust to wreak havoc on Chua Lai Fatt' during the PRU. After all, he reminds his readers, OKM is the DAP strategist and it was him who made this claim, inaccurately:
''Today, I want to announce that upon further investigation and analysis, another 3.3million cases of doubtful voters which needs further investigation have been uncovered. Among this 3.3 million voters are: (1) 3.1 million voters whose IC addresses shows a different voting constituency from the constituency in which the voter is actually voting in. ''
Read SatD's posting I'm Sorry 2 Chua Lai Fatt :-( and leave comments h e r e.

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