Friday, September 30, 2011

Guan Eng, who's lying now?

In 2010, Penang recorded 800 cases of crime per 100,000 population. In Johor, 639 cases were recorded in the same year, considerably lower than in Penang, contrary to the picture Lim Guan Eng painted to investors and journalists in Singapore recently. In private, of course. - Sources: Various, courtesy of Crime: Penang vs Johor
The Mole: We did ask for his comment lah ...
Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
Bercakap bohong lama-lama mencuri
- an old Malay saying, which simply says that a liar will end up stealing from you

It was Mr Wong, the junior press secretary of Lim Guan Eng, the Penang chief minister, who accused the New Straits Times of lying in its report (Let me deal with Bernama first, NST 27/9) that The Mole had contacted his boss for comments on fresh allegations of his Johor-bitching. Junior apparently didn't know that The Mole had contacted his boss' political secretary. Above his pay scale kot? Read Setting the record straight with Guan Eng, The Mole replays the sms exchanges, screenshots and all.

Junior Wong, you owe NST an apology. Usually, I wont bother but since your boss is so fond of demanding for apologies "or we'll sue you" and is going around labeling the MSM as not trustworthy, I must insist that you go down on your knees and say sorry. And watch you tongue, next time. Check with your seniors from the office before you issue another statement.

And tell that boss of yours to own up lah.

“If I had made the statement, let’s look at the context in which it was made… it was a private conversation.”  -Lim Guan Eng, as reported by Malaysiakini which, disappointingly, let Guan Eng get away with crap! Read "In Private" Journalism ..."  Helen Ang, a former MSM journalist, thankfully, is less afraid and therefore less sympathetic; read putar.BELIT putar.BELIT putar.BELIT

YAB, the Sultan of Johor is offended by your remarks. I don't know what you plan to do about that or what the Sultan plans to do about it, but I know one thing: you owe the rakyat of Johor an apology. And not in private, certainly.

p.s. And you've got to rid yourself of that new Advisor of yours, man. He is a bad person. Remember when he was suing me,  and you would send me all those sms's on the eve of every court date and we'd agree on  how evil he was. Don't work with evil, Guan Eng ..

Recommended reading on Crime in Penang: 
Sunny Lim: The True Penang Crime Buster

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Namewee Fxxk Namewee

Latest: A pity most of you didn't get to watch the second clip. It was really funny, as in Rotlf funny, funnier than Namewee's video which wasn't funny actually because he was really angry and full of hate for Utusan over one "review". As the second video was in Malay, I doubt You Tube took it down because it promoted hate speech. Diorang ni mana paham bahasa Melayu. So I can only speculate that it was taken down because of the pig snout they put on Namewee's face. Which was silly of the video makers lah, because it only made Namewee look cute! Honestly. I mean, Guan Eng kind of honest ...

Original piece
Namewee Fxxk Utusan Malaysia
by Namewee

Dia"Olang" Fxxk back Namewee.
courtesy of Ameno World:-

Siapa rugi? Kita olang tak lugi. Hiburan murahan. Tolong bikin lagi ... Hidup Satu Malaysia!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guan Eng's Pak Lah syndrome

Be wary of your advisers, Guan Eng. Not too long ago, Abdullah Badawi's advisers adopted a strategy on how to make the new PM look good: try and make Mahathir look bad, demonize the ex-PM and blame everything possible on Abdullah's predecessor.
Well, as history has it and we are all witness to Lah's tragedy, the strategy didn't quite work.
But the advisers have landed themselves with another job: to make Lim Guan Eng look good. Unfortunately for the Penang CM, they have adopted the same strategy. Caught on audio, Lim Guan Eng trying to make himself look good by making Johor look bad.

Video/audio courtesy of TV3 via Unbecoming of a CM at Apanama.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogger dares Guan Eng to deny Singapore slur


The Mole contacted Lim Guan Eng in Surabaya just now. He declined to comment on a fresh allegation that he had badmouthed Johoreans during a recent address in Singapore. Read The Mole's story H E R E

I tell you, if The Mole is digging, the truth will be out soon  ...

The Original Article:

Those Disparaging Remarks. Now, I'm not sure if Lim Guan Eng had NOT badmouthed Johor during an interview with an Australian radio. In the first place, I'm not sure whether to believe that Lim Guan Eng was indeed interviewed by an Australian radio. Why would anyone want to do that? Still, the Pakatan-friendly portals have quickly carried Lim Guan Eng's denial, eg here, and there's even a transcript that allegedly proves that the Penang CM did not smear Johor as alleged by Bernama., the national news agency. Poor Yong, the Bernama's editor-in-chief, he is probably shivering as Lim Guan Eng demands his pound of flesh:
“I will give them (Bernama) reasonable time (to repent) before action is taken against them.” 
While all these are taking place, the anonymous blogger BigCat has gotten in touch with me. She whispers, this new kid on the blog who wrote the short posting "This is another Crook", and she insists that Lim Guan Eng did utter those words when he was in Singapore. "Guan Eng makes LKY sound like an amateur when it comes to badmouthing Johoreans," she says.

BigCat dares Guan Eng to deny having uttered those disparaging remarks.

I don't know what she will do if Guan Eng won't deny them but I suggest that all of us, Lim Guan Eng's office included, check out this BigCat blog regularly for the next day or two ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Did Syed Hamid order raid on MAYC?

ON the night of 23 Sept, Friday, a team from the Brickfields police station, consisting of about two dozens officers of various ranks, raided the MAYC headquarters at Wisma Belia in Jalan Syed Putra, KL. The cops detained four MAYC leaders, including a woman, and grilled them for SEVEN hours. They have been released and may or may not be charged tomorrow but most likely there will be NFA, or No Further Action.

Youth councils affiliated to the MAYC nationwide are speculating that the raid could have been carried out at the instruction of a former MAYC leader who was also a powerful Minister in Abdullah Badawi's Cabinet. Wallahualam, but there has been many stories of bad blood between this Former minister and the current MAYC line-up.

According to the x minister is Syed Hamid Albar, who is chairman of SPAD.


The relevant parties will have to tell their respective stories tomorrow. Expect updates here quoting MAYC, the IGP, and Syed Hamid himself.

In the meantime, check out

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Cat blogs

"... you don't have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang. In Johor, if you are a Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped ...".
Big Cat laughing by Blum

One of the very few times in his otherwise illustrious political career Lee Kuan Yew had to publicly say sorry was over the 1997 remarks made in his affidavit about Johor in which he described the Malaysian state as "notorious for shootings, mugings and car-jackings". 

The above remarks, however, were not made by Kuan Yew. They were uttered by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, allegedly.

Did Guan Eng really say this and got away with it? Big Cat, a new blogger but a seasoned commenter on my blog, has the story in This is Another Crook.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Public Service Announcement Rais does not want you to see

updated: Elok jugak video ini diharamkan - Takzirahpas

Original posting: 
One week after his boss gave the undertaking to transform our world, Rais Yatim does something that undermines the great intent. Sure, Pete Teo's PSA ain't the most politically neutral (reference to sex video "direka semata-mata...", for eg) but the message is positive. Damn, Rais, check your desire to feed your own whim and fancy, man. - bru

A Pete Teo PSA Project

Hi, kita bertemu lagi.
Kami membawa kepada anda sebuah video baru. Oh tidak! Ia bukan sebuah video lucah yang direka semata-mata untuk menjatuhkan maruah sesiapa. Ia jauh lebih menarik daripada itu. Ia adalah berkenaan dengan mengundi.

Hak mengundi adalah hak asasi kepada semua warganegara. Ia juga merupakan satu-satunya saluran warganegara menentukan halatuju ekonomi, politik, dan social Malaysia. Oleh sebab demikian, ia adalah amanah penting bagi kita semua yang kesannya menjangkaui seumur hidup kami, malah amat memerlukan perhatian serius bukan sahaja untuk diri kita, malah demi anak cucu kita.

Kami berharap anda suka video ini. Seperti semua projek-projek kami, ia adalah suatu usaha bukan-partisan. Ia menampilkan warga biasa dan beberapa individu terkenal seperti ahli-ahli politik, usahawan, pemuzik, pelakon, ahli sukan dan seorang watak Star Wars. Video dirakamkan di sekitar Kuala Lumpur tetapi semangatnya meliputi seluruh pelusuk Malaysia.

Jika anda sukakan video kami, sila muat turunnya secara percuma dan tayangkannya kepada kawan-kawan dan ahli-ahli keluarga. Akhir sekalli, jangan lupa bantu kami untuk menyebarkan video ini dengan menggunakan banner melintang dan kod embed yang dibekalkan. Jumpa nanti di pusat mengundi!

Najib, please rapidly fire this guy!

RAPID'S FIRE. Kuala Lumpur's real time bus arrival has NOT arrived, no thanks to a little Napoleon minding the corridors of Rapid KL. Sometime last year a RM25 million contract was given to the highest bidder, a Sdn Bhd company, to undertake the job. Amazingly, a rival firm that implemented a similar system in Penang for Rapid on time, had quoted ALMOST 50% LESS than the Sdn Bhd, but yet were edged out! Rapid moles claim this was done on the orders of the little Napoleon.

The PM is working tirelessly to help his party win back KL and Selangor but it will be a herculen task if he allows little Napoleons to screw the Rakyat.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Najib's final, personal warning to his Ministers

Will heads roll, finally?

Watch out Tan Sri and Datuk Seris. Terrence's piece in The Malay Mail (Monday, 19 Sept) h e r e has a chilling effect that none of us feel but we know that some of the Ministers have not stopped wetting their pants. A Najib armed with those thick files on misconduct and corrupt practices is lethal. As lethal as the PM who said he would repeal the ISA.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Zarinah Anwar's hubby Azizan should go"

Utusan Malaysia, 20 Sept 2011
''Pandangan ini adalah dari segi etika. Zarinah adalah Pengerusi SC, satu jawatan penting dalam badan pengawas selia kewangan yang penting. Pelantikan Azizan dalam mana-mana syarikat korporat pasti menimbulkan konflik." - Salleh Majid, ex KLSE boss, Azizan disaran lepas kedudukan bagi elak konflik
Concern for an institution. I know where Salleh Majid is coming from. Most of us do. Azizan an Zarinah should know that, too. For all the good work Zarinah may have put into the Securities Commission, this is what she may be remembered for. And that's not fair. Hubby must do the right thing by the wife.

The Mole spoke to Salleh and carried the story yesterday, Should Zarinah step down? 

Concern for Bangladesh

Read the Mole's story, Baseless Fabcircated Lie? You should. It's the whole story. When journalists don't bother to verify and do their homework, you don't get the whole story but what you get is a story with holes. And then the politicians and their machais come in and add salt and spices into your holes.

My personal apology to all Bangladeshis who have been maligned by the so-called news reports and many blog postings by Malaysians on the Citizenship for Votes issue.

One of my favourites, George Harrison performing the Concert for Bangladesh, 1971:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Intermission: Yesterday

A red sign from a long time ago. My former teacher, the blogger Anak si-Hamid, posted this 1977 picture she took of me at Kota Tinggi as her own special way of a tribute to The Mole, the latest portal a group of journalists and I started on 16 Sept 2011, the day after the night the ISA died. The song to go with the posting should be Yesterday (all my troubles seem so far away ...) but she decided on The Guitar Man, which is fine by me. Takkan nak lawan Cik gu, kan?

Check out her posting:
Message from Miss Hamid to Din, Extract from 'The Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame - Chapter 1 'The River Bank'

Sunday, September 18, 2011


A Canadian ski resort
Azizan's ski holiday in Canada. If you have been following the Securities Commisison chairman Zarinah Anwar and husband Azizan's corporate (mis)adventures, you may want to pop over to this blog.

If there are going to be more juices coming from this new kid on the blog, there'll be a lot of reading not just for you and me but also some serious referrals for those fellas at SC, MACC, MCMC, etC.

So what if Azizan had gone "meluncur salji"? The blogger seems to suggest that he should not have. His holiday partner represented a corporate rival but is related by marriage to Zarinah and there was this deal between their companies that his board members were not told about, and then he got this mansion overseas but we don't know exactly where, etc ...

Bonnie and Clyde.
Azizan's relations to Bakke.
How can an HR person become the boss of the Securities Commission?

Find out in What can I say about Dato Azizan ...
But please remember, don't believe everything you read from blogs. :-)

p.s. am closing my commemt box as I think it's only fair the corpcrookwatching blogger deals with them. It is his posting, after all. Salam.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Mole's first "kill"

Killed: Pakatan Rakyat's plan to replace our flag.
Er, actually, it was DAP's rep Manoharan who declared on his Facebook that Pakatan Rakyat, the coalition of 3 parties including the predominantly Chinese DAP, will come up with a new flag. Why? In his own words:

Yes, I was wondering what his poison was, too. Not toddy, I'm sure. 

The MOLE, on its first day as Malaysia's blogpaper, was alerted to Mano's madness and it sprang into action to do what it promises to do: 

first, we called Mano to verify that the Facebook Mano was indeed him, the Hindraf leader backed by DAP in the last GE. Then we asked our friends from Pakatan if it's true, that Pakatan Rakyat will come up with a new flag because the existing Jalar Gemilang sucks? 
Kudos to YB Tian Chua, who is the Info Chief of PKR, who responded to my twitter to him:

Was it the toddy talking, then?

The Mole was widely-quoted in the MSM (see screenshots) and on cyberspace.We hope to get an official Pakatan response and if the coalition (or DAP) plans to take any action against Mano. I think re-education is best, and maybe a rehab course, but I'm just thinking aloud.

Thank you to @dhanyraam of Penang for alerting The Mole. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Najib Razak's Moment

Selamat Hari Malaysia! Today, 16.9.2011, will go down in history as Najib Razak's day. Nobody expected Malaysia's 6th Prime Minister to have the gumption to scrap the I.S.A. But last night, in a widely-followed Merdeka/Malaysia Day address, he scrapped it. Just like that, and in Bahasa Malaysia, he ended one of colonial Britain's most despised gifts to this nation. The move stunned the usually vociferous political rivals into silence, says the MOLE.* Until way past mignight, the blogs of Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang had yet to laud the move.

And laud it we Malaysians must. 

Thank you Mr Prime Minister, and thank you to those who have fought to end this colonial legacy.

Merdeka and Selamat Hari Malaysia.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blogs, "moled" and verified

The MOLE, going live midnight. We were banking on a quiet Hari Malaysia celebration tomorrow so that we can quietly celebrate the realisation of The Mole, a blog newspaper that has been a work-in-progress for over two yeRs. But now that the Prime Minister is making some major policy statements tonight to usher in 16 September, we can forget about doing it quietly.

Do drop by at

What we do, basically, is listen to the endless chatter on blogosphere, twitter and other forms of social media and present it to you in the form of easy-to-digest news. Our journlists will verify each news so that you, our dear Readers, do not have to live with half-truths and unconfirmed rumours. Tonight, for example, after the PM makes his address, there will be thousands of blog postings, tweets and Facebook entries discussing the policy changes he is planning to make. Some pros and some cons. Some people will misinterpret things while others may want to mislead you, which happens so often these days in the social media. We at the MOLE don'T care for either, all we care about is dissecting all that din and chatter on blogs and other social media, and presenting the truth to you in the simplest of forms.

Check us out at

You may have read on some blogs and news sites that I was Going to use this portal, The MOLE, to lead an onslaught against Najib Razak.

Not true at all.

But that is the risk of reading stuff that's not verified - you end up believing crap, sometimes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Zarinah Anwar's memo to SC staff

"Naturally, (my husband) had no knowledge of the Sime Darby purchase at the time as this is a sale by the major shareholders and the Board was not told of the negotiations until later". - Zarinah Anwar, Securities Commission chairman
So Clever. Naturally, of course, she had to drop the PM's name. Najib now has to explain what is really meant by "expressing his understanding". And naturally, too, she had to preempt the "review" of the case by underscoring the statement above just before recusing herself. Basically, the above means that "naturally, my husband is innocent".

The Internal Memo to SC Staff:
"You would have read in the papers and the blogs the criticism and allegations in respect of the purchase of E&O shares by Sime Darby. While this is a commercial decision made by Sime Darby, it does raise the issue of whether the transaction has Takeover Code implications and an MGO should be carried out.  
The second issue of course relates to my husband's purchase of shares in E&O. He has been the chairman and shareholder of E&O since 2002 and has purchased shares in the company since then. The latest acquisition is just part of his normal acquisition, with all purchases made in the open and duly reported to Bursa. Naturally he had no knowledge of the Sime Darby purchase at the time as this is a sale by the major shareholders and the Board was not told of the negotiations until later.  
In any case, I have instructed that both the issue of the MGO and the acquisition of shares be thoroughly looked into. Given that I am conflicted, in accordance with our governance procedures, I have recused myself and have asked our two most senior commissioners Datuk Francis and Datuk Gumuri to lead the review of this case working together with Dr Nik and Dtk Ranjit.  
I have also briefed YAB the Prime Minister who expressed his understanding."  
8 Sept, 2011 9am 

Datuk Francis Tan Leh Kiah - Managing Director of Azman, Davidson & Co., Advocates & Solicitors
Dato Dr Nik Ramlah Mahmood - SC Managing Director & Executive Director Enforcement Division
Dato' Gumuri Hussain - Chairman, SME Bank (Bank Perusahaan Kecil & Sederhana Malaysia Bhd)
Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh - SC Managing director & Executive Director, Market Supervision

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's not Najib or Abang Din, it's Najib or Nuar

Shortly before Ramadan, the group of pro-Umno bloggers centred around Datuk “Rocky” Ahirudin Attan met Dr Mahathir and their discussion included Umno politics.
“Tun Mahathir supports Najib, that much is clear. He told us, ‘If I don’t support Najib, who else is there? You people want Anwar Ibrahim?’” said Rocky whose “Rocky’s Bru” blog is one of the most sophisticated political blogs around. It has notched up 16 million visitors since 2006. - United Against a Common Enemy by Joceline Tan, The Star, 11 Sept 11

Reading Joceline's column online today, I am reminded of the events involving the characters quoted in the article debunking the Najib-Muhyiddin split rumour. Tun Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi, Najib's people, Muhyiddin's people, Kadir Jasin ...

Especially Kadir Jasin. Kadir, the former NSTP Group Editor-in-Chief, and Joceline, mentioned in the same breath, will always remind me of a childish letter from a Group Editor-in-chief of the New Straits Times Press in May 2005 to his counterpart at rival group the Star demanding that action be taken against Joceline for "telling people at your office and outside" about some comments made by Kadir about this whining GEIC.

It was a very immature and yet malicious complaint. A sign of the bad things that would come for poor Abdullah Badawi, the PM who had put both editors there. 

Anyway, back to Jocelyn's column ... You get the drift: the Najib-Muhyddin split is a concoction. But this is politics, remember, no permanent enemies and no permanent friends. Najib and Anwar, they used to be on the same team not that long ago ... serving the same boss!

Wrong Frequencies

The industry's 6% press statement

Just read Don't blame telcos for prepaid tax, PKR tells PM. 
What else can you expect a political party like PKR to do but politicize a strictly business-industry decision? 
We won't take PKR seriously on matters like this, of course, after all this is a party led by a man who would have sub-contracted the running of the Malaysian economy to the IMF if he had succeeded in becoming PM in 1998 which, incidentally, was the same year the Government introduced the so-called prepaid tax.
Anwar Ibrahim might even have a hand in the prepaid tax for all we know! He was Finance Minister then, after all.

Anyway, back to the don't-blame-telcos piece in the Malaysian Insider. The PKR dude has a point, actually. Takkan Najib Razak tak tau, kot? The industry players have held several meetings to discuss passing of the prepaid tax to consumers. They met the relevant ministry's officials who surely would have advised the CEOs of the telcos on their proposed move and informed the relevant Minister. Everyone knows that the telcos have been absorbing the prepaid tax since 1998 and has been wanting to pass it to the consumers but were never able to agree on it until now. Everybody knows, too, that it was not Celcom's idea or Maxis' desire, that it was the guys from DiGi who were the ones pushing very hard ...

Rais Yatim, the "relevant" Minister here, is known as a hands-on, man.. He likes to put his fingers and hands in places he shouldn't. He is so hands-on that when Bernama hosted the media buka puasa with the PM during Ramadan, the chairman of the national news agency did not get to deliver his address because Rais Yatim felt he and not the chairman should be the one addressing the journalists in the presence of the PM and his wife.

So I don't believe Rais Yatim did not know about the telcos' decision to pass down the taxes to the people who should be paying them in the first place - the consumers. He said the government had no say in the telcos' decision. Yes, it is a collective decision by the industry but since when has the ministry not have a say? The telcos are regularly told to "donate" money for and send "participants" to Rais Yatim's events ... They are the ones who usually don't have a say. 

Assuming Rais Yatim knew of the 6 per cent decision, why then didn't he brief the Cabinet and keep the PM in the loop? 
He not on the same frequency with PM and his colleagues?

And if he did not know of what the telcos were plannng to do, well .... I've always said that the ministry is too big, too complicated for Rais Yatim.

Either way, Big Dog thinks Rais failed big time .... The PKR people may disagree.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bakke, Beware of Rats and Fishy stuff!

From ECM-Libra to E&O. The E & O deal has conjured images and senses of living things other than human.

First, Big Dog smells a rat.

Now blogger A Voice, a currency trader who was doing quite well when Nor Mohamed Yakcop was losing billions of ringgit buying and selling sterling, smells something fishy after reading this article on the deal in a Singapore newspaper.

There is no such thing as a deal involving the Who's Who in the Malaysian corporate rogue gallery, of course, but when The Accountant (which was what Big Dog did in his previous life) and the Currency Trader's nostrils start flaring, something must be rotten in Corporate Malaysia.

Big Dog, A Voice and I were among thousands at Sime Darby's Hari Raya Open Day in Bukit Kiara yesterday, a stone's throw away from a similar reception that was being thrown by Zarinah Anwar's Securities Commisison. We exchanged Aidil Fitri greetings with Sime Darby boss Bakke, who have been subjected to his share of bloggers' barbs and blows before this, with the intention of telling him what we thought about the whole thing.

But there wasn't enough time, so A Voice conveys the message in his latest posting, "Beware Bakke, there are no such things as permanent friends and permanent enemies". 

Friday, September 09, 2011

Securities Comedy

WANTED : A  man of action. 
Locality : Putrajaya. 
Scope of work : We require some furious action to stop the sick satire taking place at the Securities Commission . 

Read the Star yesterday : SC to look at all E&O share transactions in relation to Sime offer.

In a comedic twist, the SC might  have to interview Azizan Abd Rahman, the E&O chairman. Comedic because Azizan's wife is the chairman of SC.

Azizan has come out in the papers to say that the Sime deal was never discussed at E&O board. Nobody doubts it but ...  

Let's put it this way, Azizan was appointed independent non executive chairman of E&O since 2003. Eight years have passed and he still is an INDEPENDENT. 
"Boards cannot disregard the risks that independence may be undermined by long tenure". - Zarinah Anwar said in SC to Strengthen Corporate Governence Sat, 20 March, 2010,
Now I am going to go to the Sime Darby's Hari Raya Open House in Bukit Kiara and have a good laugh!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

All rogues lead to SC

Solitude Commission. The Securities Commission is tongue-tied, and nobody's blaming them. Corporate player Azizan Abd Rahman's purchase of nearly half a million Eastern & Oriental Bhd shares this year (before Sime Darby made a RM2.30 payout to buy 30 per cent of the company, only from the major shareholders of the company) has got people riled up big time. Read here.

Azizan is the chairman of E & O. He was not party to the sale but considering that other E & O board members who were party to the sale had also bought E & O shares from the open market, one is left wondering: Did the Board members know of the coming "windfall"?

Surprisingly, Azizan also emerged as a substantial shareholder of Kencana Petroleum Bhd in July, just days after an offcer was made to take over the company at RM3 a share! Wonder how shareholders of Ramunia Bhd felt upon finding out that their chairman was a substantial shareholder of a rival oil and gas firm? 

Azizan is the husband of the SC chairman, Zarinah Anwar.