Friday, September 23, 2011

Najib, please rapidly fire this guy!

RAPID'S FIRE. Kuala Lumpur's real time bus arrival has NOT arrived, no thanks to a little Napoleon minding the corridors of Rapid KL. Sometime last year a RM25 million contract was given to the highest bidder, a Sdn Bhd company, to undertake the job. Amazingly, a rival firm that implemented a similar system in Penang for Rapid on time, had quoted ALMOST 50% LESS than the Sdn Bhd, but yet were edged out! Rapid moles claim this was done on the orders of the little Napoleon.

The PM is working tirelessly to help his party win back KL and Selangor but it will be a herculen task if he allows little Napoleons to screw the Rakyat.


  1. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Contract given to the HIGHEST bidder ? What's wrong with that ? Wasn't the LRT extension given to the HIGHEST bidder ?

    Bolehland is famous worldwide for awarding contracts to the HIGHEST bidders.


  2. Anonymous12:06 pm

    The Sdn bhd company must be Itrimas Sdn Bhd. Bos ya Cina, tapi on record, kononnya ni kompeni Melayu. Macam mane ni

  3. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Hey Latuk Locky:

    You say we must not allow Little Napoleons to screw the rakyat. What about big Napoleons like Ministers and Chief Ministers ? What about friends of UMNO like Tajuddin Ramli ? These people can be allowed to screw the rakyat ?


  4. Godfarter,
    Tuns and tan sris have been dealt with for trying to screw with us. Kings and princes, too. Apalah you cakap ni?

  5. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Hey Latuk, one Tun and some Tan Sris have been charged, but you wanna bet that none of them will be found guilty in the end ? Kings too ? Sultan of Sulu ?


  6. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Another thing Latuk Locky:

    You make a fuss about this RM 25 million contract, but what about the latest RM 800 million contract on the LRT ? Kenapa tak marah ?


  7. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Biasa ler di Malaysia, GLCs will buy from Luckifella at minimum 50% premium. A good example is Sime Darby & E&O saga. Pukitiau!

  8. Anonymous2:15 pm


    Semalam dalam TV3 itu Menteri EPU (emphasised by him) sudah meloncat,suara pon banyak tinggi.
    Very unlike his character.
    Besar punya gabrah..
    Sudah panas ka..
    ECM Libra, MAS-AirAsia & latest Sime-TH are getting too hot???


  9. Salam Datuk,

    Punderful response to the Goodfarter.

    Yes, even the mighty have fallen.

    My posts on PM gambles would not be complete with a view similar to your concluding para.

    Don't screw up.

    Biggest Ace for the PM - confidence of the Rakyat.

    Thank you


    Exchange Securities Exchange Chairperson.


  10. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Your reply to godfather...

    You mean Rais Yatim?
    Zarina and Husband..Hmmm

    Rocky, get real...

    Mr Gimmick is not about to soil his hands for you..except when it comes to more gimmicks.


  11. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Itu Sdn Bhd Najeli Ajis ada kautim kah............

    Ibrahim Kati

  12. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Godfarter must be a wanting tea boy with currypuffs and towel in hand. Tunggu turn


  13. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Bru, share prices falling like there's no tomorrow. People making fun to sell Umno-link counters because no value after GE13. Pls tell Najib to do something or else Umno will gulung tikar forever. Azizan, Kali, KJ, Nor Mohd Yaakob, Nazir can make money, we Umno supporter also want to survive too. We lose eveything then gone case ma!

  14. Fauzi3:56 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    Apart from the MSM & Opposition inclined portals/newspaper, blog(s) writing is my source of readings to know what is happening in Msia.

    The favorite blog(s) that I follow is your blog, Dato Din Merican & Sheih Kickdefella (my junior in high school)to name a few.

    I do really enjoy reading your blog.You are cool.. Dato'.

    Coming next GE(PRU) , I think I already know which party that I want to vote insyaAllah.

    Thank you
    Hj Fauzi@ Osaka

  15. Anonymous3:56 pm

    way to go !!

  16. St Helena4:02 pm

    Little Napoleons or bigger ones, the rakyat remain patiently screwed as long as BN's vision continues to be self-enrichment.

  17. Anonymous4:42 pm


    the comments coming from people like godfarter are good for nothing comments!!

    i wonder how Najib is going to deal with:

    1.corrupt politicans small or big within UMNO, MCA and MIC. They will have their dirty hands in every pie in the country.
    2.corrupt civil servants who also make deals for themselves.
    3.saboteurs within UMNO who are two faced. They are the ones that are the great pretenders who kills UMNO from within.
    4.good for nothing advisors who is more concern about filling their stomach.
    5.opposition members who are in the civil servants.

    well, during Tun M's times he faced all above as well but Naijb should asked the old man what needs to be done, i reckon!!

  18. Speaking of public transportation, I find it ridiculous that I have to take THREE RapidKL buses to go from Kota Damansara (near Petronas with the KFC) to Taman Tun Dr Ismail. That's the same number of buses if I were to come from Pasir Mas.

    It would be great if the MRT were here today: two proposed stations near my house. But it's at least a few years away. If only RapidKL can put up more buses and routes. I'd like to take public transportation BUT i CAN'T.

  19. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Itrimas? Bukan Bina Fikir Sdn Bhd ke?

  20. well hopefully something be done wif rapid ~ coz its not rapid @ all. I have to take rapidkl daily~ since no more metrobus in my area and the experience is like hell. Cant wait to get my own car soon. looong waiting time is the main thing. accompanied along wif bad driver and condition of the bus.

  21. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Kase chan sama Itrimas laa, takkan org lain jee asyik nake boat duit?

    Ex Pengerusi

  22. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Kena tanye bekas bos rapid Ngapa jade gini, cuma depa je yg tao

  23. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Is the little napoleon you are referring to the one speculated to possess DNAs similar to a beruk?

    That monkey should have been sent to HK where they make a feast out of monkey brains. On second thought, who would want to eat a stupid monkey's brain? Hmm, back to the drawing board for another solution for extermination. Kalu PM ada bola2 boleh kautim.

    - A Malaysian -

  24. Anonymous12:07 am

    Patot pun bida tertinggi diterima, kalu tk mcm nak muckup

  25. Anonymous3:01 am

    I really pity the PM

    Ex Rapid staff

  26. Anonymous3:31 am

    Rocky, they have been dealt with?

    I can name a few that havent been touched: (this is 1% of the list)

    Khery Jamaluddin
    Kamaloddin Abdullah Badawi
    Tun Dime
    Sammy Value
    Rosie Mah
    A former king of malaysia that has died for his abuse of power

    Ini orang semua 'Bersih' kah?
    Names have been altered to protect me after the Mat sabu incident

  27. Skilgannon10669:06 am


    "Kings and princes"?

    Please elaborate.

  28. Skilgannon10669:12 am

    Of course, the gahmen will vehemently deny the Wikileaks expose of the US concerns about rent seeking in Malaysia, with reference to an unpublished Works Ministry study.

    In the world of "Ali Babas" in Malaysia, just who are the "Alis" and who are the "Babas"?

    And why is it that the anti-corruption guys haven't gone after them?

    More to the point, just how much "margin" was built into all these "Ali Baba" contracts and projects?

    After all, both "Ali" and ""Baba" gotta make a profit, right?

    Or are corners cut, standards compromised and quality screwed up because of the need to enhance these "margins"?

  29. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Does anybody know who owns Itramas?

  30. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Itramas is just an Ali Baba company. Shame on you, Rapid chairman, or shall I say ex chairman for forcing the tender board to give this bloated contract to Itramas.

  31. Anonymous9:11 am

    it' s a corrupt practice by corporate players, got nothing to do with it must be understood clearly.

  32. EveryONE want LRT , MRT ,BUSES and other public transportation BUT do not built the station behind my house attitude.....

  33. Anonymous8:53 am

    Itramas is indeed a crony company. The boss is just a con man and they do nothing but buy and sell china products claiming made in Malaysia!