Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guan Eng's Pak Lah syndrome

Be wary of your advisers, Guan Eng. Not too long ago, Abdullah Badawi's advisers adopted a strategy on how to make the new PM look good: try and make Mahathir look bad, demonize the ex-PM and blame everything possible on Abdullah's predecessor.
Well, as history has it and we are all witness to Lah's tragedy, the strategy didn't quite work.
But the advisers have landed themselves with another job: to make Lim Guan Eng look good. Unfortunately for the Penang CM, they have adopted the same strategy. Caught on audio, Lim Guan Eng trying to make himself look good by making Johor look bad.

Video/audio courtesy of TV3 via Unbecoming of a CM at Apanama.


  1. Anonymous9:26 am

    this is the most important news in this daily?...going to end up like malay mail..

  2. Anonymous11:43 am

    Guan Eng ni dari DAP memang nak guna taktik mentor dia Kuan Yew, perlekeh orang lain untuk naikkan diri sendiri. Mula2 taktik perlekehkan Koh Soh Koon untuk wujudkan imej kononnya dia ketua Menteri yg terbaik, lepas tu guna taktik yang sama untuk perlekehkan Johor pula untuk wujudkan persepsi kononnya Pulau Pinang adalah tempat pelaburan yg terbaik. Ini taktik macam yahudi siGuan Eng ni. Dia juga selalu kutuk polis, tapi bila nak tarik pelabur, dia tak malu pula guna fakta kononnya kadar penurunan jenayah diPulau Pinang adalah terbaik, tapi tak pernah puji polis. Hai, betullah dia ni perasan nak guna title 'khalifah' tapi perangai macam yahudi.

  3. I have to agree with you. All chief ministers should not comment on some one else's territory. Just like when Muhammad muhammad Taib was caught trying to smuggle money out of Australia none of his colleagues and peers said anything bad. When Rahim Thamby Chik was being accused of raping an underaged girl until today none of his peers nor his UMNO colleagues have censured him publicly. Well, he may have lost his job but that could be for any reason whatsoever.

    Bro, I know, that is the kind of camaraderie that you are trying to promote here. And I suppose that would be in keeping with the Malaysian culture.

    After all however much Khir Toyo is hated and really would find it difficult to account for how he got RM3.5 million to pay for that house, none of his fellow MBs would censure him nor even ask how he got the money to buy such a place with the kind of salary he earns. Maybe we should all get lessons from him.

    Of course I can go on and on about these things...but then again, it might just fall on deaf ears.

    Anyway, what do you think of the African Union apologising for the killing of our Bernama Cameraman? They even have suspended the four soldiers accused of shooting and might be charging them with the killing. Must be rather inconvenient wouldn't you say? Had they only learnt a little of the Malaysian way or doing things, then they could have so easily accused Al QAEDA for it. Following MACC's example they could have even said misadventure or suggested suicide. Or they could have followed our Malaysian Policies' example and Mahathir's precedent setting, self-infliction. Wonder if all this confuses our kids here.

  4. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Biasa le, mentality pendatang, lebih lagi yang datang tanpa izin..

    They bad-mouth their own country like hell just to gain our sympathy so as to secure a job!

    Ni mesti ada pertalian dengan Skillyannon+13.. mana pergi angka 13 will follow ong for life!

  5. Anonymous12:20 pm

    I dont think Guan Eng looked good by painting a bad picture of Johor. Guan Eng looked good cause of The Economist's article and Transparency International's approval of his governance. Johor, well, with all due respect to the fantastic achievement at Iskandar, is just not safe. Ask any Johorean. It's a fact.

    Longing for the truth








    Sorry la bro, attack all you want, Lim Guan ENg is right! Ask anyone and they can tell you Guan Eng is right. Instead of all these so called "hey be a gentleman" talk, please la MB of Johor clean up Johor. Please la, Chua Soi Lek clean up Johor. Singapore is so near and yet Johor is like that. Please la Datuk Rocky Bru, you go and have some (a little bit cukup) human decency.

    Our country has a lot of "masalah", and yet you want to harp on this little issue which is a fact anyway. Where is your sense of decency? Is it so pertinent on you that BN must win at any costs?

  7. Ayah Man1:22 pm

    Two of a same kind...self idolising. Lack self-analysing. They may want to quatitatively or qualitatively measure the impact they have caused to Malaysia.
    As for LGE, he is still serving. As for Abdullah Badawi he has brought shame and dissappointment to many of us. Yet he goes around smiling broad and wide believing that he is a towering Malaysian.

  8. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama. Taking credit for not doing anything and running down others. Dear Ah Beng, Penang's crime rate reduced not because of you but the effort of PDRM. Yet he unashamedly is claiming credit. But the worst of his characters is when he humiliates and degrades another fellow state. What kind of a leader is he? Condemning his fellow Malaysians in front of foreigners. And worst still, he even has guts to throw sands into the rice plate of his fellow Malaysians in Johor.

    Did BN government when leading an investment mission overseas says do not invest in Penang because it is under the opposition!

    Road Runner

  9. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Have YOU been to JB? It is a shocking mess, not only because of the large number of Mat Rempits and illegals. UMNO should clean it up now for the sake of Johor, no matter what others say or not.

    (BP Guy)

  10. Badut Nasional3:12 pm

    Penang is truly "CLEAN" and Beautiful these days...
    Can't say the same about J.B., nothing but the TRUTH!!!

  11. Mak BNyah3:18 pm

    Penang HardRock totally ROCKing good...
    J.B. macam rojak slum!

  12. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Poor Penang and Lim Guan Eng. Always got blamed for everything.

  13. KY Ong4:14 pm

    You're such a DUMB FUCK, Lim Guan Eng.

    Just when DAP is gaining ground in capturing more votes from 'the rakyat', you're such a DUMB WANKING ASSHOLE to pour sand into your own rice bowl with such a comment.

    Next time just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  14. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I honestly don't know how safe Penang is but Johor, especially JB is definitely a notorious crime zone. We call it the crime capital of Malaysia. Seeing crime happening live here is like drinking water everyday.

    I have been living in JB for 3 years and I have been a victim of theft once, almost a snatch thief victim twice but unfortunately it happened to people who were near me at that time. All my 19 years in Sarawak, I have never experienced being a crime victim. I have friends and colleagues who were kidnap, rob & snatch thief victims.

    You can do a quick survey. I can tell you before we obtain the results, JB definitely have higher crime rate not only in comparison with Penang but any other city in M'sia.

    JB Residence

  15. Anonymous5:16 pm

    JB sucks but Muar is supercool!

    Hidup Muo

  16. Anonymous7:34 pm


    Every state in the peninsula thinks they are better than the other...

    Your "news" is really "petty" news... No wonder Malay Mail sank!


  17. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Stupid Guang Eng, he shouldn't say that in front of foreigner, what if federal goverment investment mission do the same strategy to Penang? And PR fag keep on idolising this Guang Eng and demonising Johore, well we all know that Kelantan have the most "sumbang mahram" cases, but BN government didn't mention that to middle east investors.

    Opposition strategy seems winning at all cost, even if the country go down the drain.

  18. i have been living in jb for the past 41 years and i have never been robbed,mugged or kidnapped.the same goes for many singaporean i know.i am baffled by guan eng comment and i would like to see the statistic he used when making those those who believed guan eng comment, please go to plaza angsana on weekend and see for yourself how many singaporean robbed,mugged or kidnapped whe they are in jb.

  19. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Rocky -ure a dick. Why don't u go after toyol? Lack of balls or what?

  20. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Dont blame other. Dont blame his advisors.

    LGE has always been bad at heart and mouth.

    It is his own doing.

  21. trifling-jester9:38 pm

    rocky, any of what he said about johore true? is it well known to be dangerous?

  22. Anonymous10:16 pm

    follow the suit lah Johor.

    Halau melayu daripada kawasan mereka yang tidak membangun. Kawasan yang membazir dengan tanah tanah yang tidak dibangunkan.

    Ikut Penang. Semua kawasan bukan MElayu dan India yang tidak produktif diambil alih oleh kerajaan untuk pembangunan kilang dan rumah rumah mewah. Keuntungan yang berlipat ganda daripad pnejualan hartanah yang diperolehi dengan harga murah (bumi kawasan) , dibangun dan dijual kepada Singaporean, Hongkies , Taiwanese and so on.

    So automatically JB will become clean and beautiful with high rise building etc.... no more kampung rumah kayu yang dah nak roboh merata tempat yang penuh dengan junkies.

    So aku sokong MCB, JB Residense dang seangkatan dengannya.

    Halau Melayu, ambil tanah mereka, bangunkan... so less malay (sebab kebanyakkan mereka tidak produktif i.e government workers, penjual goreng pisang and junkies and all nonsense..) ...less crime!!

  23. I am a JB resident for 50 years. I have worked and been to many places all over Malaysia and overseas. Johor is as safe as any state in Malaysia and a hell lot more safer than many places overseas.

    DAP Guan Eng and his pathetic supporters please come up with statistics especially on kidnapping in Malaysia and compare statistics with other places in ASEAN if you still support what DAP Big Mouth Guan Eng say about the likeliness of Singaporeans being kidnapped in Johor than in Penang.

    If you Guan Eng fan boys can't, then do us all a favour and please help Guan Eng to take out the foot in his big mouth as the toes are showing and the toes is smelling of dead flesh.

  24. Getting mugged in LA but no one talks about it. Ask the MH crew who got rob, still loved US.
    New York - where u r tood not to go certain places, no problem.
    But in Malaysia, otherpeople get robbed, we say its unsafe. Crime is everywhere.
    Snatch theft in Subang happens, do we say its snatch theft capital of Malaysia?

    The point isn't where its safe. Its abt one Chief Minister making himself look gd on others expense.

    So if eventually LGE becomes PM, is he going to say the same? If he iscapable of statements like this, he isn't fit to become CM, much like his staff inciting Christians!

  25. Bamboozled9:18 am

    LGE, no matter how good Penang is,you can't beat Johor in terms of logistic. Penang may be clean and whatnot, but it is surrounded by not so developed state.

    Johor being just minutes drive, is way better than Penang for investment.

    So no bad words on Johor can really have a significant impact.

    The only impact is on you.People have seen DAP's true color. Congratulations?

  26. i am so glad I didn't vote for the opposition last election even though I was not happy with Badawi's administration.

  27. Anonymous9:43 am

    It is shocking to hear those people claiming JB to be a safe place, even for those who claimed to live here for over 41 to 50 years (izad70 & eddy). I don't know which part of JB they live in or whether they r living in some remote places where little human activities exist. you just need to stand in front of a police station and watch the amount of victims walking in and out to report crime. you just need to ask any doctor in clinics here the amount of victims going for medication everyday. You ask the education ministry and the state with easiest transfer is JB for teachers. nobody wants to be transferred here so if you seek to transfer to JB, you will 100% get it! everyone wants to transfer out while u need 2 wait years to transfer into Penang! I have friends who can testify this.

    you go to immigration centre to see the amount of victim who needs to make temporary passports daily because of snatch thieves. We and friends who have been victims visited all these places and had seen first hand ourselves many other victims of all kinds of crimes.

    I am not trying to say Penang is better but JB is definitely the capital city of crime in Malaysia - u have 2 b here 2 c it for urself. crime happening live before your very eyes, some in broad daylight. I don't believe the authorities' stats as they alwiz under-report crimes and by visiting police stations, we also know many r unwilling 2 write our reports.

    Tony Yew said the point isn't where its safe but abt 1 chief minister making himself look gd on others expense. hey, if u make urself good by telling a lie, fine that is a disgrace & a cheap way to win for investment. if it is e truth, it is e truth. every state is fighting for investments, so much more 4 penang which surely has less funding than a BN state like Johor. put urself under his shoes & of course u will promote Penang over Johor becoz dat's e nearest location convenient 4 Singapore 2 invest in. u must justify why Singaporeans need to invest 600+km away. why do they need to invest in a state dat is so far away? u need to have a quality that stands out from your nearest competitor. in this case, penang has to win foreign investments because they will never get much or any funding from the federal government who favours BN states. that is e logic & Penang chooses to use better security as one of the ways to get investment.

    Again, I must declare I had just been a tourist to Penang b4 so I don't know how safe it is compared to JB but by all means, I have been to all 12 states in Malaysia (excluding Perlis) and it is only in Johor where I have seen so much crime happening, been a victim and seen many victims in all those places I mentioned. That's how I concluded that this is the capital crime city of Malaysia.

    JB Residence

  28. BigPussy10:20 am

    SO -- Lim Guan Eng based his sweeping statement about johor on PRESS REPORTS? from where? TV3, RTM, The Star, The Sun, Malay Mail, NST?
    so much for "don't trust the mainstream media".

    Did someone say that he was interviewed by the Australian media because they see STATESMANSHIP in him?

    come-on lah...

    Let's turn this around -- if the same newspaper/magazine interviews Najib or some BN leader, what would these very same people say?
    Waah...he sure paid for the mag/newspaper to interview him.

    The Oz newspaper/mag interviewd him because he is a chief minister or penang and probably arranged by his big deal.

    anyway, we know that some elements of the Australian media have got links with ...aaah..hearsay hearsay.

    As for Rocky being a machai of the BN -- i can say this...same people saying attackign rocky over and over again.
    I'm no fan of Rocky's. Neither am I a nemesis.

    i've been following Rocky since he started blogging. i have been on blogs and online news portals since forever.

    I can see that he has more faith in the BN govt under Najib than the PR govt altho he was critical of the BN govt under Pak Lah. And we all don't wonder why.
    unless you all are blind or cannot read, Rocky does not blog just good things about the government.
    of course, if you are the machai of Pakatan, you will go to any length to discredit him, you will drive home the \point that he is BN ass-licker..
    Rocky, it is clear, is contemptuous of Kalimullah because ...oh you know and my own investigation proves that this Kalimullah fella is ...rather Rocky isn't wrong about him.

    Rocky more than any other blogger helped RAISED, in different ways, the image of bloggers.
    I know, from my own investigation, that he got many of those pakatan supporters or those anti-BN to start blogging. They never had a blog before knowing Rocky, and some like haris Ibrahim had a very obscure blog.
    I was made to udnerstand that Haris was Rocky's lawyer. And they were close. Dont know now.

    which brings to my point --that you people who aTtack Rocky are definitely PAKATAN machais. THAT IS FOR SURE.
    not only that YOU ALL SEMUA COWARDS-LAH.

    coward, coward, coward -- anon@5:12PM, anon@5:36PM etc....

  29. Mei Lee10:22 am

    Betul, ke, kalau anda seorang rakyat Singapure, anda akan di kidnap?

    betul ke? betul ke?

    kalau tidak betul -- LIM GUAN ENG PENIPU DAN JAHAT.

  30. Anonymous11:24 am

    Tony Yew,

    Guan Eng as Prime Minister?'s wet dream like this which often caused Guan Eng's foot in his mouth.


  31. Saif Ghadaffi12:29 pm

    This is in response to what the Ah Keong (Tian Chua) had preached in Spore. It was posted by one of yr fellow bloggers.
    Its really pathetic to read about what the Opp MPs are up to these days. They get bashed bcos of their very own stupidity. Redesigning the flag & preaching to the Clan down south to repeal the ISA. Want to preach also, go to the right church la bro.Methodist. Baptist. Anglican.
    Yo Mr MP, don’t be surprised if the Clan down south “banishes” you from entering the Island state ya for instigating dem southern folks – I mean the Clan. They are a clean, no-nonsense, money making Clan. And they will not tolerate nonsense from ppl like you.
    Remember, you & your Clan from the peninsula must have the “social standing ” (no spitting, no blowing nose………) before being accepted by the Clan down south. Get that going first la bro.
    Perhaps set-up a “finishing school” or “obedient school” (not like that for the debutantes) but one that will teach you & your Clan & the other comrades in that very colorful party of yours a thing or two about custom & etiquette.
    Its gonna be a mammoth task for you bcos, it might be ez to toilet train kids than teaching the “older” Clan clean habits huh. Old habits die hard.
    This will definitely go a long way since you & your fellow comrades are so enthusiastic about “establishing” ties with the Aussies, the Yankees, the French, the Eskimos, the Goons, the Stooges etc.
    Some of the comrades who have more class than you & your Clan & who have managed to get recognition from the Yankees & the French can be exempted from attending the obedient school.
    Btw, no comments, no emotional outburst from Madame Ambiga & entourage (Lim Chee Wee et al) about the recent execution of Troy Davis in the US of A. I thought they were the most righteous folks on the earth today.
    FYI, after Troy’s death (which I think should not have happened - 7 out of the 9 eye witnesses retracted their statements about witnessing Troy shooting the off-duty police officer), activists are hoping to use Davis' death as an ongoing and emotional rallying cry for reform: eyewitness identification.
    Lastly, the recommended reading on the social do & dos for the Clan et al is by Datuk Paduka Noor Aini Datuk Abdullah & is available at all major bookstores.
    Have I read it – heavens no, like the Madame, I too can be exempted bcos I always go for teas with the Queen, at Buckingham off course. Finger sandwiches, scones, tea cakes & all.

  32. Anonymous2:56 pm

    LGE is full of contradictions, isn't he?

    He had attacked the police many a time throughout his colourful days as a politician.

    He flip flops now by taking the credit of reduced crime index.

    From the audio recording, it is also obvious that he is saying that Penang is thriving, and better than Johor.

    He makes no mention of the fact that huge sums of FDIs had come to the state via Federal government initiatives.

    The Northern Corridor Implementation Authority, which manages the Norther Corridor Economic Corridor, alone brought in in excess of RM1 billion worth of FDI to the Northern states.

    Imagine the government contributing to the coffers of Penang, Kedah, Perak and Perlis. Two Opposition states benefit from this, and yet, he had, some months ago, claimed that Penang was starved of govt support.

    Another interesting fact is that the NCIA can only work in some parts of Perak. Ie, Penang would be the biggest beneficiary of a government project.



  33. eddy,

    let me give you some numbers so that we can compare the crime situation between the two states as of 2010

    Pulau Pinang :
    Penduduk = 1,520,143 orang
    Keluasan = 1,046 km persegi
    Jumlah jenayah direkodkan = 12,161 kes
    Kadar jenayah per 100 ribu penduduk = 800.06 kes

    Johor :
    Penduduk = 3,233,434 orang
    Keluasan = 19,210 km persegi
    Jumlah jenayah direkodkan = 20,684 kes
    Kadar jenayah per 100 ribu penduduk = 639 kes

    Statistik penduduk dan jenayah adalah berdasarkan kepada tahun 2010.

    Kesimpulannya : Johor 161.06 kes lebih rendah berbanding Pulau Pinang bagi setiap 100 ribu penduduk.

  34. ale lampak ka? penang cina punye, njoho melayu punye...menteng umno kuat wooo....kasi modoh sikit olang milayu...kasi ngoyang sume milayu njoho tale ghune...wa njeling aje ma!

    Terlalu banyak perkara kita biarkan dan lepas pandang.....LGE dah rasa yang dia akan jadikan PP bukan lagi milik Malaysia duduk bawah satu bumbung....mula dengan Johor...

    Bila-bila saja suka, terus tikam belakang!

  35. Anonymous8:14 am

    "WE cut crime in Penang ...."

    WE? WE?

    Show me the actions of the Penang state goverments that produced the reduction.

    If there was any reduction, it was the work of teh Police.

    Private or public statement, the fact is he did say it.

  36. Anonymous11:20 am

    It is not buruk kan Johor. It is telling the truth. Is not crime rate in Johor higher than Penang? The answer is Yes. As such the possibility of one being kidnapped is higher in Johor than Penang. This is the truth. Ask PDRM lah. Telling the truth hurts BN? Hypocites.

  37. NoMachai5:29 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Please don't be subtle about it -- Isn't ECM Libra i.e. Kalimullah Hassan -- advisor to Lim Guan Eng's government?

    If I had an iota of regard for Lim Guan Eng -- well...that's all gone out the damned window.

    you know what they say about people. you judge them by who their friends, admirers and followers are.

    Lim Guan Eng disppoints me! He must have no scruples. What has Jeff Ooi have to say about this?

    You allow a #@*** to be your advisor?

    No wonder-lah ECM Libra has joint programs with the Penang state govt,

    HOWEVER -- come to think of it -- let it be let it will be Penang's downfall!

  38. Anonymous5:44 pm

    'Some numbers so that we can compare the crime situation between the two states as of 2010

    Pulau Pinang :
    Penduduk = 1,520,143 orang
    Keluasan = 1,046 km persegi
    Jumlah jenayah direkodkan = 12,161 kes
    Kadar jenayah per 100 ribu penduduk = 800.06 kes

    Johor :
    Penduduk = 3,233,434 orang
    Keluasan = 19,210 km persegi
    Jumlah jenayah direkodkan = 20,684 kes
    Kadar jenayah per 100 ribu penduduk = 639 kes

    Statistik penduduk dan jenayah adalah berdasarkan kepada tahun 2010.

    Kesimpulannya : Johor 161.06 kes lebih rendah berbanding Pulau Pinang bagi setiap 100 ribu penduduk.The records show that the percentage'.

    That means LGE is not telling the truth afterall and Penang has worse crime rate than Johor.Period.
    So, no wonder LGE tendered his so-called 'apologies' to DYMM Sultan of Johor and his subjects for his 'misrepresented remarks'.
    Aiiyo, some people really has big ego, everything must be blamed on someone else, even for own errors.

  39. Apology give by close.
    Sultan never complaint...why busybodies talk so much?
    Have you ever read any UMNO b crooks admit any mistakes>
    Of course not.
    It is all about stealing....lying cheating.....fooling Malaysians.
    How to apologize?