Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogger dares Guan Eng to deny Singapore slur


The Mole contacted Lim Guan Eng in Surabaya just now. He declined to comment on a fresh allegation that he had badmouthed Johoreans during a recent address in Singapore. Read The Mole's story H E R E

I tell you, if The Mole is digging, the truth will be out soon  ...

The Original Article:

Those Disparaging Remarks. Now, I'm not sure if Lim Guan Eng had NOT badmouthed Johor during an interview with an Australian radio. In the first place, I'm not sure whether to believe that Lim Guan Eng was indeed interviewed by an Australian radio. Why would anyone want to do that? Still, the Pakatan-friendly portals have quickly carried Lim Guan Eng's denial, eg here, and there's even a transcript that allegedly proves that the Penang CM did not smear Johor as alleged by Bernama., the national news agency. Poor Yong, the Bernama's editor-in-chief, he is probably shivering as Lim Guan Eng demands his pound of flesh:
“I will give them (Bernama) reasonable time (to repent) before action is taken against them.” 
While all these are taking place, the anonymous blogger BigCat has gotten in touch with me. She whispers, this new kid on the blog who wrote the short posting "This is another Crook", and she insists that Lim Guan Eng did utter those words when he was in Singapore. "Guan Eng makes LKY sound like an amateur when it comes to badmouthing Johoreans," she says.

BigCat dares Guan Eng to deny having uttered those disparaging remarks.

I don't know what she will do if Guan Eng won't deny them but I suggest that all of us, Lim Guan Eng's office included, check out this BigCat blog regularly for the next day or two ...


  1. Anonymous5:12 pm

    if he really badmouthed what? it just shows how he really care about Penang...and how much people's money has he took?Do you have news that will interest people to read?Certainly not this one....Boring with the Capital B!!!

  2. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Aku duduk kat Johor. Apa yang dikatakan oleh LGE itu memang ada kebenarannya.
    Lebeh baik kita cuba kurangkan kes-kes jenayah daripada melatah sahaja.

  3. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Bigcat tu parpukari ke ?? abang adik ?? giler betul lah Rocky kau ni...bikinlah lagi banyak blogs pon tak guna sebab semua kaki blog hang tak boleh pakailah. The Mole tunggu saje masa tutp kedai !!

  4. vinnan6:37 pm

    Show us the transcripts. As usual UMNO racist pieces of shit hiding behind the skirts of the police

  5. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Not quite sure who to believe. A CM who has publicly threatened law suit against these so called lies or an anonymous blogger who hides behind the internet throwing the accusation.

  6. Nik, sorry mate I can't publish your comment. Imagine if someone says that about your ma. Hope you'd understand.

    But you may try and post the comment in Guan Eng's blog. Hehe. Knowing him, he'd find you and sue your ass!


  7. apa statistik yang digunakan lge dalam kenyataannya?ada sesiapa yang tau?

  8. Anonymous8:35 pm

    You are one racist dude rocky...oh well lazy, handicapped by 30% what else to expect

  9. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Oops. Turns out LGE X not blast Johor on Aussie radio as reported.

    Quick! Quick! Damage control! Change venue to Singapore!

  10. Anonymous8:52 pm

    TV 3 aired the comment in the prime news today. The statement uttered by YB Guan Eng is as clear as distilled water, unless it is a sounds like me caper.

    But, it may be true that Johor is the crime capital of the nation, going by press reports over the past decade. Besides, only Singaporean businessmen are the kidnapping targets.

    Reason for these kidnaps? Purely payment defaults as with due respects, Singaporean businessmen always want the upperhand in their bullying tactics, short changes,ridiculous demands and so forth. Don't believe? Go do an analysis of all previous cases.

    Now, if Johoreans are offended, go sue the Penang State Government, now that the ISA is gone.


  11. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Hello Cocky,

    A quick Google reveals the following:

    There was an interview conducted on Radio Australia dated 20 Sept 2011.

    I have culled the interview as its too long to fit here.

    As to your question as to why Radioi Oz would want to interview L.E.Guan, my guess would be, they can see Statemanship, not being pettyminded as some Datuks who get their titles by giving 'blow jobs" to PM's, leading a conga line of suckholes to get irrelevant senior editorial post of irrelevant free/ handout "tabloid newspaper".
    No where in this interview is there any "badmouthing " of Johor by LEG



    Asia Profile:Human rights and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng

    Updated September 20, 2011 14:01:54

    Lim Guan Eng is the Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Penang and the Secretary General of Malaysia's Democratic Action Party, the DAP.

    Mr Lim has brought resounding progress to Penang under his system of governance based on the principles of 'Competency, Accountability and Transparency'.

    On Monday, the Chief Minister delivered a speech on human rights and transparency at a function sponsored by the Centre for Malaysian Studies at Monash University's Asia Institute here in Melbourne.

    Presenter: Cameron Wilson
    Speaker: Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang and Secretary General of Malaysia's Democratic Action Party

    Windows Media

    LIM: We were quite pleased when he made the announcement but when he said subsequently that it'll be scrapped next year likely after the next elections, we were wondering whether he's just a cosmetic exercise and merely to present or portray his human rights credentials. So I think whether this is a genuine repeal of the act I think remains to be seen, there's a big question mark.

  12. haneefa10:25 pm

    "if he really badmouthed what? just shows he really care about Penang"
    What kind of idiotic logic is this?
    It is like trying to show love for your own wife, you bad mouth your brother's wife.
    Why don't he just stick to saying good things about Penang? Oh I get it...maybe he does not know anything good about Penang to talk about.....he came from Melaka.
    He is an idiot, a premier league idiot. When will Penangites realize this.

  13. ANUwar10:28 pm

    if show you transcript, you say it is a fabricated lie
    don't show script, you say lie also.
    i think you fucking stupid DAP/PKR/PAS have lot of shit in your mouth.
    go wash it first. and try to think with your head.
    had enough of PKR misusing the ass until shit come from their mouth

  14. Ah why the big guns pointing at LGE datuk rocky?

    Attack mode on?

    Election attack mode on?

  15. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Ada kala orang yg gemar bad-mouthing ni, sudah jadi kebiasaan sampai keluar dari mulut pun tak akn perasan..

    Well just hope those alleged words were being recorded or put out in YOUTUBE for all to hear, see and judge. Make sure dapat clearance from pakar2 before posting in the youtube.

    Nanti, keluar lagi, sounded like him, looked like him but it is definitely not him.

    Was this sorts of slip-ups one reason why most journalists from Utusan/NST to cover his Dewan (and PokNik's?) and cameras not allowed, masa Perak was under Pakatan?

    CAT - meow meow


  16. Anonymous11:00 pm

    LOL, first Australia, now Singapore. Just read the transcript and don't say you're not sure if he did/didn't say it la. When you first "broke" the Australia story, you were pretty cheesed off wert.
    Now that LGE is doing what you hope politicians do (ask for apology first, don't sue the media), you also don't say anything.
    Propaganda la bro.

  17. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Apa punya tak da kredibiliti lah ah beng terlebih brylcream ni. Nak penaik Pulau Pinang tak payah la busuk kan negeri lain. Siap panggil orang Johor crook lagi. Alamak Guan Eng, lu ingat kita orang tak tau ke lu punya orang ada collect duit dari triad kat Pulau Pinang.

  18. Anonymous11:05 pm

    So what?

    Rocky = one of the worse journalist in this country now.....u have sunk rock bottom bro (in terms of journalism), but im sure you are cash rich

  19. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Rocky = Zimbabwe or Congo level journalism

  20. Whats the big deal? Truth hurts, I know, but then again when one is so accustomed to swimming in lies the whole life, I guess denying it vehemently is all that you are left with.

  21. Anonymous12:14 am

    What LGE said is sad but true. Ever seen the crime stats in JB? even PDRM admits that they have their hands full.

  22. Anonymous12:56 am

    FCA lunch with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was on
    Fri August 12, 2011.
    Time 12pm-2pm at Raffles Convention Center, Moor Room Level4 Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (who is also head of Malaysia's Federal Opposition Democratic Action Party) discussed investments into Penang and reviving the island as Asia's Silicon Valley, Penang tourism as well as the upcoming General Elections in Malaysia.

    the Program:


    12.00pm: lunch start promptly

    12.40pm: Presentation followed by Q&As

    2pm end

  23. Anonymous1:00 am


    Address FC Secretariat & Property Consultants
    50 East Coast Road
    #02-57 Roxy Square 1
    Singapore 428769

    Telephone (65) 6220 1150


    Contact Florence Pang

  24. Anonymous1:30 am

    Funny thing about Moles. They're quite blind animals.

  25. Anonymous5:08 am

    hati banyak busuk dan dengki. aku dilahirkan di majidee dah duduk hampir 37 tahun dkt sini hanya org dengki dan iri hati sahaja yg akan buat statement macam tu. macam dia yg terbaik dari orang lain. ada pulak yg buta hati kata dia jaga penang dgn baik. poooodah angkat lori tong sampah sendiri.....

  26. Anonymous7:29 am

    Allooo...cant you see? He is licking the sgporean ass.


  27. Anonymous9:22 am

    What you describe whether is from Big CAT, OR BIG dOG or big Hole or Big Mole , ini lah confusing...Ini lah one bunch of B N bloggers good at digging their own hole or grave?
    Mana ada credibility....Why dont you buggers tulis your own B N chaps ....They are worst than Iblis lah!

  28. Anonymous9:27 am

    Negara kita serupa anak kita. Walau pun buruk kita tak pi cerita kat orang pasal keburukan/hodohnya anak kita. Apa punya Ketua Menteri. Belajar saje tinggi. Otak letak mana.

  29. Anonymous10:05 am

    Anonymous 5:12:-

    So "he really cares so much about Penang" huh? So to do that you have to put down others, huh? Which clan, which culture, which genetic make up was it that taught you like that? That to forward your kiasu agenda it must necessary be done by badmouthing others?

    Oops I shouldn't have asked. Because the answer is clear!

    Vinnan Yoni: so you want transcript 'aaa. How about audio recording. Enough for you?

    Izad70: Ada. Guan Eng memang ada pakai Statistiks. It's called the statistics of hate and the mathematics of cheats. Namely, that Truths are accepted based on unknown sources but rejected if they come from official ones. In short, it's called DAP.

    Marking Bagpie.

    "Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it" - Thomas Paine

  30. Anonymous10:40 am

    I have second thoughts now on LGE's Malaysians Malaysia. Apparently, his is just mere sloganeering. It is actually Penang First Malaysia Second. How can he badmouthed Johor. He is putting sand in somebody's plate of rice, who happens to be Malaysians too. Sheesh.

    Panda Kungfu

  31. Anonymous11:37 am

    Biasalah dari LGE dan LKS dua-dua KETURUNAN PENDATANG HARAM yang nenek moyang masuk MALAYA cara HARAM.Tak kenang budi. PORDAH LGE & LKS

  32. Anonymous12:06 pm

    The government should ask the AG to take LGE to court for slandering a state in Malaysia.Then when the court sits we will all know for sure if Johore is indeed so dangerous with so much kidnappings and crimes.This may indeed help to clear the police and Johore of such allegations.But what if when the truth be told, we find out that what LGE and LKY says is very true.I really hope our government and police will be man enough to challenge LGE in court.

  33. Anonymous12:10 pm

    I lived in JB for 3 years in Molek and Century Garden, so I think more or less have some knowledge to say that JB is not a safe place. No need to argue lah, just ask any of the KB flers lah. Why the local royalty needs to have their own police force if it's true that JB is very safe??

  34. I am a Johorean and I say Guan Eng is a jerk with a big mouth who should be sued for defamation by the Johor State Government.

  35. Skilgannon10663:16 pm

    The IMD World Competitiveness Scoreboard 2011 ranks Singapore 3rd and Malaysia 16th.

    The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012 ranks Singapore 2nd and Malaysia 21st.

    No arguments there. At least, the Malaysian government seems to have accepted the latest IMD and WEF rankings without undue comment or complaint.

    More to the point, when analysing the individual country profiles in the WEF GCR Report (, for the category of "security", Singapore is ranked 17th and Malaysia 48th.

    For the category of "organised crime", Singapore is ranked 6th and Malaysia 54th.

    For the category of "reliability of police services", Singapore is ranked 2nd and Malaysia 39th.

    And there has been no vehement protests from the Malaysian police or the Home Ministry. Maybe Hishamuddin's aides didn't delve into the minutiae of the WEF GCR Report!

    On a secondary level, maybe LGE was on to something when he allegedly/supposedly made the said comments/remarks/statements.

    Of course, you can always dismiss the IMD and the WEF as Zionist-dominated tools of colonial oppression who are out to downgrade those that make them uncomfortable!

    Racist, even!

  36. Dear NIk,

    When Warrior goes for Skilly or another Anon goes for a commenter in my blog, it's fair game. If you or someone else want to call me names, I publish your comments because 1. I don't care 2. I can respond

    But when someone says things about someone's ma, I use my discretion as the blog owner. ALmost definitely, you can expect me to NOT publish such dirt. Which is why I did not publish your comment on Rosmah, even though she might not mind it or she might not care about what someone has to say about her in my blog.

    I suggest you take on Warrior, since you are so jealous of him Nik. He/She sure looks like he can take a squad or two of commenters like you. And unlike Rosmah, he will respond to you. Unless, that is, what you REALLY want is a target that doesn't fight back!


  37. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Haiya Skilly,

    Mana tak good ranking. Mau makan chewing gum pun tarak kasi..

    he hehe hehehe

  38. Anonymous9:18 pm


    The sly fox Braggart LGE get caught by a red herring (the Bernama report)... he he he

    There is a vast difference when you say something negative about your own country to foreigners abroad and saying the same to local audience. Smart executives will know what to speak and what not to. But braggarts will always shoot their mouth without using their heads.

    But I honestly feels that LGE should be forgiven for his rantings in Singapore which is seen as badmouthing Johore. I personally think that he didn't meant what he said in Singapore. He is only bragging about the climate of his state Penang. It is acknowledged that a braggart forgets to use his brain before speaking, hence his reference about the situation in Johore. He is so caught up in kow-towing his Singapore businessmen audience that he forgets that he is chiding Johore which is part of Malaysia, the country where he comes from. The question is, can he change?... will he change?

    If the Braggart would go all the way out to seek apology from Bernama for the minimal error, let us see if LGE will apologise to the Johoreans before being asked to.


  39. Dato', Ini Guan eng really dumb AhBeng leh! He cannot see the big picture of 1+1>2.
    Tapi yang saya paling heran kenapa Tok Ghani tu diam macam tikus? Tak rasa geram or teraniaya ke bila si Ah-Eng ni sudah terang2 fitnah rumah you? Aiyoyo, bersuaralah sikit! Macam dah give-up aje ... not running in PRU 13 ke Tok Ghani??

  40. vinnan10:26 pm

    First it was Ausrtralia. Now it is Singapore. Which country is next. We know there will be no end to your racist 'Ketuanan' accusations. LGE should not even bother to reply to your fabricated rubbish. Strange how all these fabrications on LGE are emerging ever since LGE have been able to keep appearing with Najib in public. Dirty bastards that's all you Puk'mamakthirs are.

  41. KAH KAH KAH!

    tiuu... media propaganda BN lari sini sana mencari jika KM Penang bercakap benar ttg Johor...

    kah kah kah... mula mula kat Ostrolia... g'day mate!

    kah kah kah... kemudian ke Singapura... wai so like thet one?

    kah kah kah... mungkin esok, di Bandung... kretek Dji Sam Soe sakotak.

    kah kah kah... ini ada Tan Sri Tony Air Asia sponsor ke?

  42. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Johor really not safe la. Too many Singapore cars there. All drive very fast one. Test power liao. On the island cannot use fifth gear. Too fast car jump into sea. Not enough road lar. Singapore gangsters also many operates in JB. Few years back M16 gang mastermind shot dead in JB. That guy Singaporean la. National service fella some more.

  43. smallcat10:47 pm

    To all the Pakatan morons here - the issue here is not which state is safer. The issue here is one immature Chief Minister of a State who bad-mouthed another State in front of foreigners to make his administration look good. If u all read the transcript of what he said carefully, u will also noticed that the chief minister had claimed that his State is also the only one which is truly free and good. How about Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor? If u all have not read it, go to BigDog's blog lah. Jeez, this one also I need to tell...

  44. ..He/She sure looks like he can take a squad or two of commenters like you..


    kah kah kah... kelakar sungguh you Datuk Rocky... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... esok, nak gelar prof zainal kling cendiakawan terbaik malaysia ke... kah kah kah

  45. Big desl la. The same logic if you are to insinuate why an australian media wants to interview guan eng. Same la, you say that to lower his standard in the eyes of your audience kan? Sama sama.

    But hey, if he said what you said he said, he only have said it in a selcted little audience. So does it make you a worse person dato' rocky?

  46. Anonymous12:53 am

    1. The ADB report on the future of the Asian century has this in its Executive Summary:

    "Asia’s rise will be led by PRC, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. In 2010 these seven economies
    had a combined total population of 3.1 billion (78 percent of Asia) and a GDP of $14.2 trillion
    (87 percent of Asia). By 2050 their share in population is expected to fall to 73 percent
    of Asia, while the share of GDP rises to 90 percent. These seven economies alone will account for 45 percent of global GDP. Their
    average per capita income of $45,800 (PPP) would be 25 percent higher than the global
    average of $36,600."

    Query: Any mention of ranking obsessed Singapore in there?. I am afraid not, speaks volumes, doesn't it? Enough said.

    2. Concerned Singaporeans would have noted the gradual erosion in our supposed ascendancy in certain sectors, take for instance, Oil & Gas. When projects like the ones below comes on-stream in producer nations, we know where we are headed as a non-resource refiner cum distributor.

    3. Singaporeans always knew that beneath the gloss lurks the dross

    Already, as in 2008, the first portents of impending doom is obvious:

    Keep a tab on this one, there is more than meets the eye.

    Like my Malaysian counterpart, Warrior 231, I am privileged to have insider access to the actual nature of things including what transpired at that luncheon the other day but then given enough rope even a CM can hang himself in a quest for brownie points, right?

    Disgusting anti-Chinese rants aside, Warrior 231 sure comes across as a sane, level-headed individual of honour and dignity dedicated to unraveling the truth. All said and done, that is definitely very unlike some self-professed slumskumblerdy smart aleck who repeatedly keeps putting his foot into his mouth whenever he launches on that oh- so tiresome defence of the indefensible crusade. As Old Fart put it succinctly:

    "Truth hurts, I know, but then again when one is so accustomed to swimming in lies the whole life, I guess denying it vehemently is all that you are left with."

    Singaporean Warrior

  47. smallcat2:03 am

    Tok Ghani tu bukan jenis pemimpin Umno yang terkinja2 nak publisiti. Dia dah nampak si Guan Eng ni nak masuk parit tapi dia tak kalangkabut nak tolak sebab nak credit. Tok Ghani bukan macam Ali Rustam atau Zambry Perak. Dia tunggu Guan Eng tu dah betul2 telentang baru dia henyak kasi habis. Tak payah nak kalut. Engkau tengok lah nanti. Besok Sultan Johor ada function kat Persada. Mari kita dengar apa yang akan dikatakan Tuanku.

  48. Anonymous10:21 am


    so simple maa.. Itu guan eng atau ah beng aaa.... manyak stupid lor

    he is an idiot. He only knows to manipulate and lie. even about penang he lies.

    Itu Penang punya ekonomi pun dia menipu atau the economist yg tak pandai.

    haiyaaa...ah beng, pergi belajar dulu laaa...

  49. EmigrationIstheAnswer12:30 pm

    The British invited chinese with their billion coolies to settle in Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsula Malaysia to the detriment of the natives tribes and Malays.

    At one time the Malays were outnumbered by the Chinese dulang washers and indian rubber plantations. National Geography recorded African tribes chained as slaves being brought by british to work in their rubber estates in chains in other countries. Such was their concern for rubber material wealth.

    But it is not too late to reverse the British cruel legacy. UMNO should encourage emigration of chinese to australia, LGE can contribute towards graft and corruption which is rife in Australia.

    UMNO should promote policy to limit Chinese individual wealth to RM500 million only. Currently most billionaires in Malaysia are chinese who obtained gambling concessions from UMNO. Why?

    Gamblers and punters are 60% Malays. Gambling revenue should replace PTPTN loans where poor students are harassed for payments.

  50. Singaporean Warrior,

    “Any mention of ranking obsessed Singapore in there?”

    Perhaps the report never selects both Singapore and Hong Kong is because they pick the seven with highest GDP? To make the number more impressive and convincing, they must include combined population, don’t you think 7 countries would sounds more convincing than 9, and in fact both Singapore and HK have less population. One more thing, they use PPP for average per capital income.

    Malaysia use the term ‘spin’ for such make up, or you never read the statement “It’s total GDP when that suits you, or per capita GDP if that suits you better.”?

    Same warrior but level of intelligence is vast difference, I am still wondering why Skilly look so highly on Singapore and Singaporean.

  51. Skilgannon10669:25 am

    Oi, Perwira

    Apa lu cakap - itu rankings semua bohong?

    Kalau lu ada intellectual capacity, boleh rebut rankings, yah?

    Apa pasal lu bising if the rankings are "statements of fact"?

    Singapore Warrior

    For a self-professed insider, it's surprising that you don't know that Singapore is the only AAA-rated (by Moody's and S&P) sovereign in Asia.

    You mean that Moody's and S&P were somehow "conned" into issuing these ratings?

  52. Mustapha Ong1:39 am

    I am also a Johorean and just couldn't understand why we are now debating the security situation in my lovely and peaceful hometown. I dare to say that is because almost everyday, we could see those Singapore registered cars spending their monies on yummy makan, picit and paku in all those legal or illegal joints and hid themselves in the most expensive hotel rooms in the weekends.Just asked any China dolls in Johor and they will admit to you that they could earned more than 9ks or 10ks a month with their hard work!

    Logically, if Johor is not safe, will these Singaporeans spent their monies and enjoyed good times in our state? Bodoh pun cerita semacam Singapura dan Pinang adalah lebih selamat ke? I have traveled and lived all over the world, and I dare say that no city or country is safer than Malaysia.

    As for shopping, Johor has alot to offer and value for monies too. Iskandar Malaysia is shaping up beautifully, and maybe better than the hulu Langkawi with our international class "Marina Bay" with so many foreign registered vessels and yachts anchored at the bay.Shopping and eating at Danga Bay is also a great experience and bargain.

    What more do we want? Security or otherwise is very subjective Guan Eng and therefore please do not politicise our state of Johor under the rule DYMM Sultan Ismail.

  53. Mustapha Ong7:15 am

    Askum.Ampun Tuanku, patik keBawah DYMM dan seluruh keluarga DiRaja Johor.

    Patik selaku rakyat Johor amat sedih jika seorang pemimpin seperti Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang itu (yang tidak
    BerRaja)mempolitikkan negeri Johor dibawah pemerintahan Duli Tuanku dengan kenyataan beliau baru-baru ini.

    Namun demikian, patik lega di pagi Jumaat yang mulia ini atas Titah Duli Tuanku yang telah tersinggung dan murka terhadap kebiadapan LGE yang telah menghinakan seluruh rakyat negeri Johor yang tercinta, bahkan seluruh rakyat 1Malaysia.

    Ampun Tuanku semoga Duli Tuanku sentiasa sihat dan wa'afiat, insyaAllah.Ampun Tuanku seribu Ampun patik sembah keBawah Duli Tuanku yang begitu mulia dari sisi Allah dan rakyat.

  54. Anonymous8:51 am

    Do Guan Eng know that thousands of Singaporean has properties in JB and they even lived there?

    If it is true that JB is full of crimes then Singaporeans will be the first ones to not buy properties or lived there? remember you called us kiasu. Guan Eng is just a sour grape cos' Singapore did not have projects for him.