Tuesday, September 06, 2011

All rogues lead to SC

Solitude Commission. The Securities Commission is tongue-tied, and nobody's blaming them. Corporate player Azizan Abd Rahman's purchase of nearly half a million Eastern & Oriental Bhd shares this year (before Sime Darby made a RM2.30 payout to buy 30 per cent of the company, only from the major shareholders of the company) has got people riled up big time. Read here.

Azizan is the chairman of E & O. He was not party to the sale but considering that other E & O board members who were party to the sale had also bought E & O shares from the open market, one is left wondering: Did the Board members know of the coming "windfall"?

Surprisingly, Azizan also emerged as a substantial shareholder of Kencana Petroleum Bhd in July, just days after an offcer was made to take over the company at RM3 a share! Wonder how shareholders of Ramunia Bhd felt upon finding out that their chairman was a substantial shareholder of a rival oil and gas firm? 

Azizan is the husband of the SC chairman, Zarinah Anwar.


Anonymous said...

Ok what, you help me, I help you. No wonder foreign funds dumping msian stocks

Anonymous said...

either zarinah quits as SC boss or her husband quits business. This drama shouldnt be allowed to prolong

Anonymous said...

No action laa, smua bole kaotim di kopitiam

Anonymous said...

E&O shares going up everyday, why no UMA from Bursa?


Anonymous said...

A five per cent stake in Kencana is worth RM250 million cash. Wow, anybody wana marry me'ah, hopefully some high powered, boss of a REQULATOR

Anonymous said...

What about the ESSO/San miguel deal?So many shit is happening in this country.That's why BN government has to go and be replace by a more open,accountable and transparent government even if it is not PR.We are really crying out for change. May god help us.

Anonymous said...

Durian runtoh buat keluarga si azizan. Selamat Hari raya. Btw, is this the same Azizan INVOLVED in the first Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case?

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Datuk,

MACC where are you?

Mat Sabu's medical claim is ikan bilis compared to the sharks.

And a liability to and accountability of the PM looms large.

Does anybody bother what goes on?

It is exasperating.

It seems many of us are wasting our time defending what we believe in and there they are making fools of us all.

Getting fat in the process.

Pak Lah and ECM/Libra revisited and we all know what happened after that.

I see it as people playing both sides against the middle.

If not how can anyone explain all this happening in daylight.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

woi rocky, kame x cyaa sama u laa, kame caya sama Malaysian Insider : Analysts keen on E&O after Sime buy-in.
Apamacam sekarang bruder? Malaysian Insider takde kaitan dgn Kali mahupun ECM Libra

Anonymous said...

previous mega merger all other listed companies were delisted and placed under one single listed entity i e Sime Darby. Now Sime Darby go and buy only 30 per cent stake. Very confusing lah. Last time all must be under one umbrella, now no need. CIMB get cracking, merged E&O wit Sime and make more $

Anonymous said...

what is the board doing? How can you allow the CEO and two substantial shareholders to sell effectively the largest bloc of shares to one party, and not triggering a MGO? Well, can the board censure the CEO . Can you really say that there was no knowledge among the 3 sellers in selling to Sime Darby

Anonymous said...

Minority shareholders are placing their investments and trust in the CEO and the board of E&O to run the company well and collectively benefit as the company grows. Now, it looks like the biggest substantial shareholders together with CEO acted in collusion to sell what is effectively close to a controlling stake, WITHOUT ANY REGARD for minorities' interest.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Sime Darby daa TUKAR nama. Nama Baru SLIME DARBY

Anonymous said...

smell somethng fishy but why is the SC keeping quiet. I believe, because Zarinah's husband, the SC cant do anything.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to SC

Apanama said...

One too many issues involving the SC, Zarinah, Azizan, GLCs ... hope the Finance Minister takes note!!!

Anonymous said...

makes women bosses look bad

Anonymous said...

Similar to his "impressive" performance in Tabung Haji and Felda, Bakke will dry up Sime Darby's "BAKI" to zero

Anonymous said...

Sime Darby has 40 yrs of property expertise and large land bank, hello! they dont need to tap on E&O property development/management expertise,this is no rocket science.

Anonymous said...

The majority shareholder of Sime darby is PNB. The owners of PNB are Malays.So when Sime Darby acts like santa Claus and gives away money like that, then its "Duit Orang Melayu Masuk Poket Orang Cina dan mamak".

Anonymous said...

Santa Claus Bhd

Anonymous said...

Mdm Zarinah's term was extended and Mrs Zarinah case was closed due to the remaining bullets she still kept in her gun.

CIMB,SD,GLCs all are at her finger tips.

And the latest is the planned listing into 2nd board of Hibiscus Petroleum.

Anonymous said...

According to Para 6.2 of Practice Note 9 of the Takeover Code 2010, the SC has the right to consider all surrounding circumstances to deem if control has been passed to a new party, thereby mandating the new party to launch a general offer.

Among the specific criteria laid out in Para 6.2 is “the consideration for the acquisition of the voting shares” in other words, the premium to market that was paid for those shares.

Anonymous said...

The link between Dato Azizan Abdul Rahman aka “Mrs Zarinah” and Kalimullah can be crystal clear in our past posting below:





adieu1999 said...

ah Zarinah, Zarinah, Zarinah~ i knew i should marry her.

Anonymous said...

Nor Mohd Yakcop mamak, Kalimullah mamak, Zarinah also darah keling juga. Ikut kes mahkamah, DNA Anwar Ibrahim pula lebih “Indian” daripada Melayu. Akhir sekali mamak juga ‘liwat’ Melayu.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that the SC (Zarinah Anwar) will ask Sime Darby to make a General Offer. Kalau begitu maybe Sime Darby will offer RM2.30 or RM2.50 for each and every E&O share. Then Kalimullah, Azizan and gang will cash out on their E&O shares. They will make even more money. Sime Darby writes the cheque.

Anonymous said...

Takaso apsal u mare sgt? U daa kena UMA kah? U punye bini takda powder la.

Anonymous said...

Wat happen 2 investigation on Synergy Drive? Suda Kantoooi iye

Anonymous said...

I say rocky, Lu jgn main sama isteri saya la man. Kase die chan dok sane.

Anonymous said...

ini lah padahnya kalau ambil CEO yg sokong PKR dan PAS. mereka memang mudah melacurkan negara dan syarikat sendiri serta menjual maruah bangsa.
Kalau jadik PAS dan PKR ambik putrajaya, mesti dia jual terang terang. ini kah CAT yg terang terang disalah gunakan oleh ejen PAS dan PKR ni!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry K ular and Mr Baki has hired syndicates to push share to RM2.50 , so everybody happy ma

Anonymous said...

No wonder lah all the proposal we brot to Ramunia board to expand oil and gas biz kena cold storage. Chairman rupa2nya Ada syer kat Kencana

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 5.57, this is not the same Azizan involved in the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy scandal. But if u are a minority shareholder of E&O, you can consider yourself nicely being sodomized by the E&O board, which is headed by Azizan.

Anonymous said...

Apanama, finance minister, take note and do what? Nothing. SC dont investigate ok, but wat is bursa Malaysia doing? Makan ubi dan main gasing? Woi Pasquale, u said Zarinah contract won't be renewed, but it has, and now this has happened. I give up.

Anonymous said...

Kemane pi Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group? Sudan jadi Anjing kah?

Anonymous said...

Biarkan je To'ki. Kite bekokok mcm pon, tiada ape yg kan berobah. Alang2, masa PRU kelak kite tunjok belang

Anonymous said...

E&O CA akn lambong ke 4 kupang.


Yang Benar


Anonymous said...

Nampaknya Catoutofbag. He he he he.

Hare Dev Korz

Anonymous said...

NEP at it's finest.....

Anonymous said...

In the last days there will be business as usual..buying and selling..partying and rocking,gettin married and unmarried..eating and drinkin and smokin what knots..then from the skies the heavens will open up/brighten up ..and mankind will too late know!! that Doomday is ALREADY HERE!!!


Rockybru said...

Anon 8.18pm,

No, this is not NEP at its finest. This is what CIMB boss Nazir Razak meant by "the bastardization of NEP".


Old Fart said...

What are you complaining about? Isn't this part and parcel of the NEP? It does not really matter to me actually because its been happening for over 30 years now. You see, you just got to wait in line for your turn. And I think you have finally gotten onto the correct line!! To me it just looks rather funny.

Tabung Uji said...


Don't forget Datuk Azizan is also the Chairman of Investment Panel of Tabung Haji. He's been the Chairman since Pak Lah's era. No wonder Mr CEO (ex-ECM Libra) is happy making money with all his friends there. Good Luck depositors.

Anonymous said...

bru - how about NEP the finest bastard then?

Anonymous said...

Btw Azizan is also the Head of TH investment panel. But he seems to be very active in business and a deal maker in town.
Shouldnt he step down fr TH? After all he has a choice either quit all business dealings or resign fr TH panel. He can't have both ways. And have his wife in SC as well. Way to go in corporate Malaysia!
What ever happen to preaching by the SC chairman in all the conferences?
They have a very prominent lawyer and Maybank CEO on the panel . Wonder what do they have to say about this

eddy said...

Bro, you said "This is what CIMB boss Nazir Razak meant by "the bastardization of NEP"."

I can only agree and am completely amazed that these unconscionable elites are free to roam our streets.

umar said...

The very idea of making women CEOs or head of departments is to get the maximum looting. Reward them yearly for this Best Award or that leadership Enterprenuer Award . Next prolong their contract year after year.
Meanwhile the powers that be steal, rob, loot anything and everything.
Just look at Bank Negara, the assistant governors and company are long retired after all the commission and corruption money is parked. The Governor gets extended contract year after year. The men don't want to be promoted to the top job. Let a women be there, so that the larceny goes unnoticed.

The SC Lady still has to be there to finish all the unfinish business.Who would not love to work for a lady boss ?

Anonymous said...

Minority Watchdog kenapa senyap? The CEO, Rita Benoy keling kenapa tak menyalak this time? Dasar keling pundik! Hampas!

Anonymous said...

This zarinah anwar is another moron deviant
security comission that being left by bedolla bedui .Same goes to his senile sister zainah anwar who talk nonsense about Islam.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Azizan conflict position has made minority shareholders in both company as fools and idiots.
Even after highlighting it in the Edge, SC dont deem it important enough for both company to make annc and and clarification.
The Kencana/Sapura merger is the biggest O&G M&A in the country and yet SC has no question on conflict this.
Wonder if Petronas has the right question ask on this merger?

Anonymous said...

Abang Rocky bolih anda beri pandangan dan ulasan atas Sime Darby beli saham E & O ?
Nampak macam macam orang jawatan tinggi ada kaitan ngan deal deal yang di sebut. AA MAS Ramunia E O,
self enrichment,
M O tak sama, tapi GLC ini sudah sendiri pandai.Saya tak suka sebab saya belajar teruk "Companies 1967",mujur lulus, lecturer saya tekan who is in an insider"
Tapi tak ade kes studi masa tu.
Sekarang dah ade .
Who shall regulate the regulators ?(ambik base latin punya).
arjuna waspada.
changkat lobak.

Donplaypuks® said...

Earlier this year Sime Darby aborted another suspicious deal which involved a joint venture for property development with Sunrise.

Sime, has vast experience in developing townships like USJ encompassing commercial buildings, condos and landed property.

So, why the heck is Sime buying a 30% stake in E&O at RM2.30 per share or a 60% premium to E&O's pre suspension closing price? Why are they enriching S'pore companies and Wan Hamzah, a Daim crony who was just appointed director of MAS?

Sime has all the money and expertise to go it alone in Penang and has ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to do it through E&O by coughing up a whacking premium! If they want experts, they can hire property consultants who are literally a dime a dozen in M'sia.

This, like the aborted Sunrise deal, smells very, very fishy and stinks to high heaven.

KLSE and the Securities Commission should suspend Sime and E&O's shares and carry out a thorough investigation to find out the real reason Sime is rushing to pay a humongous and obscene premium for E&O shares when no one else linked to EO major shareholder Terry Tham, like MPHB and BRDB, and other big property Plc's are totally not interested.

As for possible insider trading on the run up of E&O shares, there seems to be plenty of solid evidence!

And why are minority shareholders of E&O being screwed in the process?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

A sore point with analysts is the high price paid for E&O. TA Research said the price was 19 times E&O’s forecast earnings for 2012 and 1.85 times its price to book value based on consensus estimates. By comparison, the property sector has an average of 12 times forecast earnings for 2012 and 0.8 times price to book value.

Kenanga Research also noted that since Sime Darby was expected to equity account E&O’s earnings on an associate level, that would only translate to a meagre 0.6% increase to Sime Darby’s profits in 2012 and 2013.

It suggested that management might have been better off using the RM766mil to expand its plantation land or motor segment in China.

Anonymous said...

Just before the Hari Raya break, Sime Darby had announced it was acquiring a 30% block of E&O at a price of RM2.30 per share when the market price of those shares was RM1.45. The deal is scheduled to be completed this Friday.

Sime Darby is set to acquire 273 million shares in E&O and 60 million irredeemable convertible secured loan stocks, representing a 30% equity interest, for RM766mil cash.

Anonymous said...

Bro, betul ke Melayu semua memang b*d*h? Yang sokong Anwar rela diliwat. Yang sokong UMNO pun rela diliwat.

Anonymous said...

To date, E&O has reclaimed  240 acres and is developing phase one of the project called Seri Tanjung Pinang, and has been seeking the state government’s approval to reclaim the balance concession area of 740 acres. Who goin to broker tat? Khali?

Anonymous said...

when the coffer is dry they’ll go after EPF or Tabung Haji!

Anonymous said...

Three cheers to Mr Bahkey, did they serve you some hot steamy Babi, and folks don't forget Sime Darby's property taiko, is now the big boss of MRT Co Bhd.

Anonymous said...

Hidop Tan Sri Muhyiddin, wira Melayu, penaung bangsa, Pewira tanahair. Allahwakbur, Allahwakbur, Allahwakbur .

Anonymous said...

Sime Darby, lu Mao dredging kat Penang kah? Apasal Tibe 2 u Mao bercangkol? Apahal, Sime Darby u nak sgt kah kuborkan UMNO

Anonymous said...

PNB - duit Melayu. Pooi, sat lage smua dok hilang.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me, which Malaysian top banker spends most of his time in London? Only come down, for press conference , board meeting? Why did this banker decide to live in London? What happened? Everybody in KL kno wat happened

maae said...

THE 8th wonders of the world. Tribute to myWay...

Anonymous said...

Why najib, why? first it was the eurocopter. then it’s EPF loan to valuecrap. IJN, and now E&O. do you know CIMB have a stake in putrajaya holdings collecting montrous rents from the government?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.10 pm said : The Kencana/Sapura merger is the biggest O&G M&A in the country and yet SC has no question on conflict this.

How to question when Zarinah's husband owns a substantial stake in Kencana, of course now he has sold it off.

Anonymous said...

Bes nya kalo sanding dgn Zarina SC

Anonymous said...

Who is goin to save Sime Babi from itself? , Musa Black, Bakee? I rather swim with sharks

Anonymous said...

PNB - Termenung duduk. Sime Darby - Bergundah gulana.

Rockybru said...

Old Fart,

If this doesn't matter to you, step aside please. We have work to do.

Anonymous said...

Who shall regulate the regulators ? Blime, seems to me corporate Malaysia is like Somalia, it has no functioning regulator. SC and Bursa Malaysia, have chronic hearing, reading, understanding and seeing problems. Corporate Malaysia is lawless. Coboy town...

Anonymous said...

Azizan for Finance Minister .... He can make $ from thin air. Be chairman of one company, and also be substantial shareholder of a rival. He can advise Tabung Haji, and at same time make RM250 mil from Kencana. Dashyat betuiii

Anonymous said...

Azizan screwed Tabung Haji in Ramunia. Ape kate mamat ni dipilih sbg Tokoh Maal Hijrah. Wifenya pulak dpt award Asia's best rewulator

Anonymous said...

EPF owns 14 pct of Sime Darby. Wat the F is EPF doing to stop Sime Darby enriching their machais via crazy deals?

Anonymous said...

The Sime Darby takeover comes weeks after another controversial and unrelated deal in mid-August when the Esso Malaysia Bhd share price plunged by 19 per cent after its parent ExxonMobil International Holdings Inc sold off its stake to San Miguel at a significant discount to its last traded price.

Anonymous said...

Z : Bang, si Rocky asyik pressure Ana

A: mengorat kah, si miang tuu?

Z: xde laa bang oooi, si Rocky asyik ungkit, perihal bang.

A: X usa peduli sama dia, depa org spura, sat lage kena laa mahcam budak yg slamatkan temasek dri todak.

Z: bang ni memang hebat.

A: Mesti laa, abang berguru dgn tok guru NMY, panglima Khali dan laksamana Ken onn. Selagi, Ana kat Solititude, selagi tuu laa, zaman kegemilangan abang kelak unggul.

Z: wah bang ni sebijik macam Hang Tuah, tapi ingot Bengali puteh, taklok jugak Melaka.

A: Ana , panglima Khali bukan Kitoll, lagipun dia org Pathan. Ana jgn bimbang,maharaja Kuan Yew pun yakin dgn Penglima Khali.

Z: baiklah, jom masok tidoq

A: Ana masok tidoq dulu, lidah bang penat sayang.

John F SeaDemon said...

I wonder if this will end with an Amaran Keras, or with a statement saying the purchase was made without insurance coverage

Anonymous said...

Think about the unofficial billionaires in Malaysia....this guy is a nobody (when compared to the other rich'os) and yet has access to few hundred millions.

Daim ada berapa?

Anonymous said...

Under Malaysian law (on paper only), if a person commits insider trading, he may be subjected to certain criminal and civil actions, as follows:

(a) Criminal sanction under the CMSA. Criminal prosecution may be instituted against the insider and if convicted of insider trading, he may be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten (10) years and to a fine of not less than One Million Malaysian Ringgit (RM1,000,000.00)4. The only criminal case involving insider trading in Malaysia is the case of PP v Chua Seng Huat5.

(b) Civil suits by persons affected by insider trading under the CMSA. In addition to and not in derogation of the criminal sanction, the insider may face a civil suit brought against him by persons who suffer loss or damage by reason of, or by relying on, the conduct of the insider6.

(c) Civil suits instituted by the Securities Commission under the CMSA7. For example, in August 2004, the
Securities Commission initiated civil enforcement action against Kuala Lumpur City Securities Sdn Bhd
and Wan Azmi bin Wan Abdul Rahman, a former employee of Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas),
requiring them to disgorge ill-gotten profits arising from the insider trading of Bernas shares. This
resulted in the recovery of Two Million and Eight Thousand Malaysian Ringgit (RM2,080,000.00) from
Kuala Lumpur City Securities Sdn Bhd – twice the amount gained by Kuala Lumpur City Securities Sdn
Bhd from the insider trading of Bernas shares. Kuala Lumpur City Securities Sdn Bhd and Wan Azmi
bin Wan Abdul Rahman were also required to pay civil penalties of Three Hundred Thousand
Malaysian Ringgit (RM300,000.00) and One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Malaysian Ringgit

Anonymous said...

In Sydney, Malaysian jailed for insider trading

March 17, 2011

MELBOURNE, March 17 — Malaysian citizen Oswyn de Silva’s former high-flying life as a Macquarie Bank fund manager came to an end yesterday when he was remanded in custody after a Supreme Court hearing in Sdyney.

De Silva had placed trades via his secret offshore account by using a computer in a cafe within the Macquarie Bank building, and within four months had made himself A$1.4 million (RM4.2 million).

The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported that De Silva, a former portfolio manager and associate director with Macquarie Funds Management Group, was taken into custody yesterday before a jail term to be handed down later this month in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

The 37-year-old who had worked for Macquarie in Sydney and London, had pleaded guilty to a form of insider trading known as front running, where he used his knowledge of upcoming trades in securities and contract for difference to trade to his own benefit.

The court heard that Macquarie unaware of de Silva’s insider trading between December 20, 2006 and April 26, 2007 and that he continued working for the Macquarie group in Sydney until August 2007 during which he received A$575,000 (RM1,727,852) in bonuses and A$900,000 (RM2,705,757) in ex-gratia payment.

A statement of facts before the court outlined how de Silva, despite signing an employment agreement in 2005 which stipulated prohibitions on insider trading and restricted personal dealing, had within nine months opened a trading account with a Singapore-based stockbroking firm, which he did not disclose.

De Silva worked in real-estate-related securities in the Asia region for Macquarie and was solely responsible for determining the volume and price of trades to align the funds’ investments with its model.

Given his advanced knowledge of proposed trades by Macquarie Investment Management Limited on the Singapore Stock Exchange, de Silva was able to buy before the sale, and then sell shortly after at an inflated price.

Most of the securities were personally acquired and subsequently sold by him to MIML at prices higher than those for which he acquired them shortly before, the court was told.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission first learnt of the suspected insider trading in June 2008 via the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

No action was taken then but when de Silva returned briefly to Australia in February last year, ASIC started an investigation and obtained a court order to prevent him from leaving the country.

De Silva was arrested at Perth airport trying to board a flight for Malaysia, and spent six months in jail for contempt of court.

De Silva’s barrister, Geoff Bellew, SC, said while a pre-sentence report voiced the opinion that de Silva did not feel he had done anything wrong, a recent psychologist’s report indicated he had demonstrated “an appropriate level of remorse”. — Bernama

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when u dont keep tab on the local fools


Anonymous said...

Wahlaueh, like this also can happen ah!!!

Orang Lereh said...

Let's call for the sacking and jailing of Zarinah Anwar, Dato Azizan, Dato Bakke and Tun Musa Hitam for all these insider trading fiasco!!!

Sime Darby has been a top performing GLC all these while and now they are plundering its coffers.

Let's do Bersih 3.0 Corporate Sharks!

Anonymous said...


HEADLINE dah macam RPK,

Tak Rock la lu latuk rocky,

Habis idea or simply too much airmata kucing kat rumah open house

Gila babeng kelam kabut.

-Ikan Tongkol-

TPJ said...

Insider Trading from the Mpther-ship Dato'?

Anonymous said...

Carol Bartz was fired Tuesday as Yahoo Inc.'s CEO nearly three years into a tenure in which the company fell short of the turnaround she was charged with leading.
CAN this EVER happen in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

The Securities Commission (SC) is “examining the circumstances of the transaction” involving Sime Darby Bhd buying a 30% stake in Eastern & Oriental Bhd (E&O).




Anonymous said...

Funny Fella this TH panel chairman.
Supposedly worth rm400m of Kencana and then go buy 500k of E&O shares. Now get caught with the hand in the cookie jar!
Such quality of the Chairman!

Anonymous said...

In the end, Sime Darby will have to fork out more money. PNB/Melayu money going down the SLIMEY drain

Anonymous said...

it's all in the family. Azizan is the husband cum businessman and Zarinah is wife/SC chairman. Kencana's big boss is Zarinah's nephew by marriage who is married to her niece.

Now u know why is SC is so quiet...and the deal will be sealed this friday.

So it's the best DUIT RAYA for the whole family!!!

Anonymous said...

u st*p*d old fart!

TimetoStraighten said...

Lets be clear about things first so that we can make them right. Thanks for highlighting these business as usual greedy Indians/mamak robbing Malay entities like PNB through Sime Darby, Maybank Investment etc.

The Government is UMNO led. MCA is decimated and so is MIC which have no support from their communities.

They are there for the Minister posts to get lucrative contracts on behalf of their communiities.

So UMNO hicks like Khairy cannot hide behind the we have to think of others rhetoric when in fact its all done by UMNO decision makers. They are not party members but they have double cross the Malays which put UMNO in power over the years.

The creation of PNB which pulled together Malay small savings to buy Guthrie and Sime Darby, Maybank is utilised to enriched Nazir Razak as he bastardised the Malays NEP.

Today he appeared unashamed with his brother Najib promoting golf. The bastard himself.

Not to mention the other Indian sons Mohzani asking Maybank to write cheques in the billions to buy his company in cash!

Having lost 5 states, the UMNO political structure cannot response as the trust on the President is so high, that his wife, brothers, friends are unaffected by the losses.

These is because the same people control the Federal Government owned companies and they are stealing from PNB at every opportunity under the guise a business decisions.

But Sime Darby or Maybank is not any company. They are owned by Malays! and UMNO is supposed to look after PNB.

So time for UMNO and Najib to go..if not we cannot rid the Malays of the Kalimullah, Zarinah, Nazirs from PNB coffers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Roc

It is easy for you to make assumptions and accuse SC integrity. Hv you ask whether all those transactions are in accordiance of permissible laws? She has been in SC for the last 10 yrs (including deputy chairman). Why on earth you appoint her in the first place?

When pppl criticizing police you are quick to defend the institution. SC is one of the few institutions in Msia that hv the best governance and corporate integrity

Jgn kerana marah nyamuk bakar kelambu Bro. u dont have to kill SC just bcoz Putrajaya want to appoint new chairman

friend of SC

borhan said...

Previllage information, insider trading, i bought shares for weekend's spending -- and all those things......

Anonymous said...

moral of the story is if you are the BoD of a listed company, it pays if u'r other half works at the SC - its your good fortune that she is heading the SC

Anonymous said...

Pasquale where are you hiding? Why don't you say something?

Anonymous said...

chips away investors confidence in the Security Commissions to function

Anonymous said...

why are minority shareholders of E&O being screwed in the process?

Anonymous said...

insider trading..Kalu rakyat biasa yg buat mesti dah kena tangkap

Anonymous said...

Some Darbi u will be forced to make a G O

Anonymous said...

I say, Puan Z marry me, I also wana bd rich and notorious.

Anonymous said...

One heck of a real SLIMEY deal by SIME Darby.

Anonymous said...

Armeggeddon coming soon. Everyone trying to be in power to grab grab grab even if sama-sama Melayu. Nobody cares.

Cannot wait, in line. Maybe too late. Now is survival of the fittest with power and get as much grub as possible.

Am I wrong, ah?

Anonymous said...

The BN is in big trouble if they fail to manage this.

Anonymous said...

Hanya di Malaysia, Melayu tulen sokong Melayu celup hingga semua dirampas.

Karang Melayu celup dah ramai dah seperti, Mamak, Kimma, Bangla, Indon, Myanmar, Cina Mualaf

Anonymous said...

Curi-curi Malaysia - curi until there is nothing left to steal, then the country will go kaput. The Melayus will wake up only when the country goes bust.

Felda borrowed RM6 billion from the EPF - they won't say what for. Do your investigative journalism, Latuk.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:55 PM.

Insider trading..Kalu rakyat biasa yg buat mesti dah kena tangkap..

Betul! betul tu!

Dulu2 harga ikan kembung dan sayur2an pun APEK2 practice "insider trading", harga naik turun ikut suka conspirasi geng mereka!

Penyakit sama dah berjangkit kat SC..

he hehe hehehe


Anonymous said...

THIS IS VERY FUNNY. In today's STAR : SC to look at all E&O share transactions in relation to Sime offer.
The Securities Commission (SC) is looking at all transactions involving Eastern & Oriental Bhd (E&O) shares over the relevant period of time in relation to Sime Darby Bhd's recent proposal to buy a 30% stake from three E&O shareholders.

A SC spokesperson told StarBiz yesterday that it reviewed all trading activity surrounding major corporate announcements and in the case of the Sime Darby and E&O deal, SC was examining stock transactions by all parties over the relevant period.


Anonymous said...

the star has this from Azizan.

In a response to queries from StarBiz on share purchases ahead of Sime Darby's proposed acquisition, Azizan had this to say: “With regard to the issues raised pertaining to Sime Darby's proposed acquisition of a 30% interest in E&O, I would like to highlight that it is a private transaction between major E&O shareholders and Sime Darby.

"The transaction does not require board approval and hence, was not discussed at the board level. As such, board members were not privy to the transaction and continued to trade in accordance with the prevailing rules and had made appropriate filings with Bursa Malaysia,” Azizan said in an e-mail response.


telur dua said...

One big happy family of ....... buaya.

telur dua said...

One big happy family of buaya. The Rakyat is the food.

Anonymous said...

These days you cannot trust anyone...at least in Malaysia. Where is the Penang mamak (UMNO Youth fella) who finds fault with Lim Guan Eng all the time? Why is he keeping quiet? TV 3 should interview him and ask him why he is keeping quiet on the case.

Anonymous said...


It's 100% true! All ROGUES lead to SC.

Insider trading for the benefit of the few has been going on and will go on. Until and unless the law is upheld and enforced, all rogues will continue to rape the minority small holders.

-A Malaysian -

Anonymous said...

Damn you Najib Tun Razak- SNAP OUT OF IT!!
Clean your house NOW from Pak Lah's ghosts before you get your ass kicked out of Putrajaya.

Its really time to take your head out between Rosmah's legs and start smelling the air out there- If this scandal does not get fixed, then you really do deserve to be replaced.


Skilgannon1066 said...

Sime Darby and Maybank owned by the Malays?

What better way to scare off their foreign shareholders?

And yet we wonder why Bursa Malaysia is a tiddlywink third-rate stock exchange!

Anonymous said...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Wonder who is the rouge in E & O

Anonymous said...

CIMB bot GK Goh Securities Ptd Ltd in 2005 for S$239m. And since CIMB is the broker for Sime Darby-E&O deal, it does not take a genius to figure why GK Goh has been buying 1.25m of E&O shares in Aug 2011, at a time markets worldwide were crashing. There are so many guilty parties here, it's rotten to the core.

Yours, truly

Azizan , ps I am not the one who some people alleged was fucked in the backside by a prominent politician.

Anonymous said...

Azizan said in the star : “The transaction does not require board approval and hence, was not discussed at the board level. As such, board members were not privy to the transaction and continued to trade in accordance with the prevailing rules and had made appropriate filings with Bursa Malaysia,” .

I say man, Azizan , you must be really stupid. Didn't you read, the Edge and News Straits Times, report stating, E & O was a takeover target. Azizan, you are not stupid, if you were you wouldn't have made millions, by just having the benefit of the doubt.

Azizan, how is it you have time to be in Ramunia, Tabung Haji, MBF, E&O, Kencana, Silverbird , Isyoda and a host of other private companies. Azizan you are either superman, or a proxy for somebody very powerful

Azizan, you are going to bring UMNO down. Very good work the PM does is undermined by a person like you, though you are not alone. Btw, Azizan, how is Tabung Haji's investment in Silverbird? Allow me to reproduce : KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Mei (Hrkh) - Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) melahirkan rasa kesal dengan tindakan Tabung Haji kerana membuat pelaburan dalam Syarikat Silver Bird yang mempunyai rekod menafikan hak pengguna Islam di negara ini.

Setiausaha Agung PPIM Dato' Ma'mor Osman mendakwa, tindakan Tabung Haji itu amat tidak bertepatan dengan imejnya sebagai sebuah badan yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk memikul amanah menjaga pelaburan umat Islam.

Menurutnya, Silver Bird Sdn Bhd merupakan sebuah syarikat yang mempunyai rekod menafikan hak pengguna Islam apabila gagal mengadakan tahap minimum kebersihan dan keselamatan makanan.

Tambahnya lagi, ini termasuklah dalam kes kilang roti milik mereka di Nilai Negeri Sembilan yang didapati kotor, kes penemuan lipas di roti High 5 sebagaimana yang disiarkan dalam News Straits Times (6 Oktober 2007) serta kes penemuan cicak dalam muffin keluaran syarikat terbabit seperti mana yang dilaporkan dalam Harian Metro (28 April 2008).

Azizan, in 2010 why did Tabung Haji sell DRB HICOM and QSR shares shares, and buy Carotech / Hovid shares? Is it true Azizan, that DRB and QSR shares are up by 100 per cent, while Carotech/Hovid are nearly bankrupt ?

Seems to me under your investment guidance Tabung Haji is quick to sell shares of Malay companies, and buy half baked Chinese owned venture.

flyer168 said...

Great Rogues think alike...

"Competition is a sin. Own nothing. Control everything" - Rockefella.

"Give me the control of the credit of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws" - Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild

The famous boastful statement of Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild, speaking to a group of international bankers, 1912:

"The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits,

or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class,

while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system,

will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests"

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Rusdi where are you, comment sikit la beb. Pasquale where are you hiding? Why don't you say something?

banggoi petai said...

just ordinary business deal when GE is near the corner ,, Be End need money 2 buy Pizza 4 peoples ..

banggoi petai said...

just ordinary business deal when GE is near the corner ,, Be End need money 2 buy Pizza 4 peoples ..

Anonymous said...



ladies and jantanman please wear your seatbelt the plane that we on board were on AUTO PILOT MODE meaning no pilot to guide the plane.

we were on crash landing mode!!!!

the pilot is sleeping!!!

the pilot is no where to be seen!!!

the DAPIG trying to ignite it further!!!

we have nazri razak on board!!!

what the hell!!!!

Anonymous said...

dont blame the mamaks...actually the chinese are the real culprits...they r Fcking everyone including mamak but the malays hahaha repeatedly being sodomize and they cant even notice being bang...perhaps they do like being Fcuk by the yellows....

Anonymous said...

Time to bring back Dato Azhar Hamid to Sime Darby and to be appointed as President. Why waste his resources and time in MRT project. Please get real Mr. Jibby and Khazanah boys.

Itsnofunnyanymore said...

Anonymous Skilgannon1066 said...

Sime Darby and Maybank owned by the Malays?

Yes. The blogger may even be the part owner if he own any ASB shares!

His Malay relatives etc are the ones being taken for a ride by Bakke.

How else can stupid bugger like Tengku Zafrul be cEO in maybank if MAybank is not Malay owned?

Or Musa Hitam or Bakke or other Malay directors.

But they have no interest of the Malay at heart. Just to make money which will only be discouved in the long term.

When asked what shareholders, the Malays, can expect from giving chinese 800 million Bakke reply it is all long term.

That is when the losses are discovered he will be retired. Musa Hitam would have died.

JAil them thats what I recommend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.18pm and OLD FART

Dont be retards! Nothing to do with NEP. What about the chingky directors representing the majority chingky shareholders in E & O buying up more shares before the sale? Dont be too quick to put a racial slant on things you dont even understand. Just because they are not identified by name. Azizan is just one of them. The rest are chingkies.