Thursday, September 29, 2011

Namewee Fxxk Namewee

Latest: A pity most of you didn't get to watch the second clip. It was really funny, as in Rotlf funny, funnier than Namewee's video which wasn't funny actually because he was really angry and full of hate for Utusan over one "review". As the second video was in Malay, I doubt You Tube took it down because it promoted hate speech. Diorang ni mana paham bahasa Melayu. So I can only speculate that it was taken down because of the pig snout they put on Namewee's face. Which was silly of the video makers lah, because it only made Namewee look cute! Honestly. I mean, Guan Eng kind of honest ...

Original piece
Namewee Fxxk Utusan Malaysia
by Namewee

Dia"Olang" Fxxk back Namewee.
courtesy of Ameno World:-

Siapa rugi? Kita olang tak lugi. Hiburan murahan. Tolong bikin lagi ... Hidup Satu Malaysia!


  1. Aiyaaa Sohai namewee pig,

    watch your nasilemak basi movie but what is the objective of your movies aaaa?

    technically the movies is very weak.

    is it funny? is it a romance? is it trying to potray multi racial ethnic country (well for this part i think better leave it to rais yatim and khairi the son in law laa) so tell me what is the motive of this movie?

    i guess what the british say is true, if you encounter between the snake and this lancau pig sohai you hit (i mean hit hard) this pig first.

    or called nik aziz to maimed this pig tounge.

    kepala butuh punya thick skin tak sedar diri punyeee olang.the only thing in their `denial syndrome' brain is how to make money for them self and barren this country wealth to the core.

    ptuihhh burit tak basuh....

  2. smallcat3:13 am

    Why would anyone want tu fxxk the fat chinaboy??? Choi! Choi! Choi! Even if he try to get the services of an almost expired chinadoll, the elderly lady probably would charge him double due to him looking n smelling like a pig.

  3. haha..i found this is so funny i LAUGH so hard even its 3.23 in the morning

  4. Anonymous4:49 am

    Hello Namewee,

    Kalau movie tak best tetapi PENULIS dan PENGARAH dia HEBAT... budak kecik 2 minggu pun beg their parents to book the tickets -
    Previous2 videos full of lucah, mencarut, biadap and kurang ajar, not only parents don't wanna watch, even our kids refuse to go wan maaa.

    Jijik maaa

    I too will not pay a cent, even if you give me 100tickets for free, I will flush the tickets in the toilets.. deserve to be in the toilet bowl only maaa

  5. Great Information, thanks for sharing

  6. Anonymous8:40 am

    Namewee is the ultimate personification of babiiism : a unique socioculturo-genetic construct applicable specifically to the sliteyed, arsewhoring, cunthawking, dickjuicing, clitmunching human equivalent of the pig : the chingkie

    Babiism thrives on arrogance, a shameless lack of honour, a moronic overestimation of limited selves and a chronic manifestation of mental deficiencies. It lies subdued when laws and regulations are effectively used to pen in that piggy instinct, an axiom even the cockslurping, shitmunching, arselicking, twatsmooching, prospimping whoring bastard chingkies of Singapore and the PRC understood and applied so well to keep their babi hordes in check.In the Malaysian socio-historical context, babiism was effectively padlocked under three PMs (the 2nd,3rd and 4th). Any history book will tell you how Razak and Mahathir, especially, kept the babi under leash through an astute mix of legislative and economic policies that put the babi in his proper place and rendered him/her a pliant and obedient citizen.

    Deregulate, loosen the leash, succour the beast, unhinge the gates and lo behold all hell brakes loose as pent-up babiism manifests itself in all its glory ala Namewee, LGE and the rest of the scumbag slimepoop douchebag ilk. Cocksuckle babis like some maruahless pseudo-Malai lembus are wont to do and watch it thumb its ugly snout of a nose at its former masters,laugh at the sahmeless undignified capitulation and reward us with an unending litany of evil blasphemies, cultural slurs and racial jibes, the very same stuff couched as art (gutter art??) emanating from this so-called "misunderstood" miscreant.

    The only way out to re-pen the escaped babis is to evict Maruahless cocksucker pseudo-Malays from the portals of power and to deny chingkiearselicking pseudo-Malay paramours the scent of Putrajaya. The latter portion means the slaughter of PKR and PAS at the next GE which the Malay majority are ready to do going by current sentiments provided there is no treachery from within the UMNO ramparts. But eradicating treachery, the provenance of scumbags, gutter rats, pigarseworms, is easier said than done. The Malay polity must vote astutely and strategically to realise this objective while ensuring continued political supremacy. Only by a ritual political slaughter and cleansing of places like Padang Rangas, Bagan Datok, Temerloh, Sembrong, Jelebu, Rembau and a couple of other places of treacherous scum, (yeah even Pekan, if need be, if deafness reigns supreme in ignorant bliss), can we reclaim our maruah and reassert Ketuanan Melayu as the guiding beacon towards a politically progressive, economically developed and socially cultured Malaysia. Any alternative scenario is not even worthy of a moment's contemplation.

    Warrior 231

  7. The Watcher8:54 am

    Is this the level of gutter journo-blogging you have descended to? My, how the mighty have fallen....

  8. "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech".

    Rocky, you shd post up a transcript of the video since you have no such policy in place.

  9. not fair! youtube has removed the video that fxxk namewee.. waa..

  10. boss... video sudah kena remove... do something hehehe

  11. dato', video sudah kena remove... do something hehehe

  12. Anonymous10:01 am

    Bro, there is no publicity like a bad publicity. Filem mesti mau untung maa.

  13. Dear Namewee: Yours, Apocryphalist (1)

    Dear Namewee,

    Your entire rants and ravings center upon one point: namely that "if you haven't watched it, why did you say it's bad". You take on a special retaliatory crusade when the Utusan reporter says, "even if they pay me to watch, I won't".

    See, Namewee, it's not about watching. I am sure once a film has gone into productions for the consumption of the public audience, there are bound to be people who would love any film at all, good or bad. A "B" grade film would be taken as an A grade, and vice versa.

    I am sure that being a first-time film director, you would want to make people believe that your film is, after all, GOOD. And I won't want to disagree with you. But I am sure that no one disagrees with me the "GOOD"ness ratings is not in the same category, as, saying for example that the film "Avatar" is good. Or that your film is equally as good as, say, "The Color Purple" or even in the same class as, say, the independent "Man from Earth". And content-wise, I am still waiting for pundits to tell me that Nasi Lemak's "goodness" is not much beyond the goodness of "Plan 9 from Outer Space".

    But whether your film is good or bad is irrelevant, Namewee. And you must not be easily swayed by the fact that that you have 600,000 plus "likes" in facebook or that people flock to see your film.

    You see, Namewee, they don't like you, support you or even watch you for the entertainment value that it provides. They come to watch it due to the racial suggestive innuendo complex that you and your film provides: namely that here is a symbolic, epitomic chinese individual who has successfully foul-mouthed a respectable malay headmistress, "lanchau'ed" malay writers and reporters several times, poked fun at the sovereign institution of Flags and National Anthems which are inherently malay-nistic in nature, and profligated anything malay but laced in artistic gabs and lyrical garbs. They come and support you for THIS and this idea alone.

    If an audience has 10 ringgit only in his pocket and made to choose whether to see Nasi Lemak or see X-Men, for example, no one in their right mind would want to waste it on your film. That is, ordinarily. But given the amount of hatred and inherent racism that you and your likes provide and the quantity of dissent that the whole concept of being of you that is being promised, it is not very sure now. It's as simple as that, Namewee. Namely it's not your artistry or your talent at all. It's the proviso that your persona promises to show dissent and hatred towards anything malay.

    The earlier you realize this, the less hurt it's going to be for you.


  14. Dear Namewee: Yours, Apocryphalist (2)

    Now I am not sure whether it is your intelligence (or lack of it, rather), or your miscomprehension about the social fabrics permeating our nation that disables you to see the point about this whole Freedom of Speech issue, but you seem to forever harp on it.
    "If you haven't watched it, why did you say it's bad".
    "If you don't like what you see, don't see it, don't listen to it".
    "I am free to say what I want. A society must not limit the freedom of speech of its citizens".

    First of all, is it freedom of speech to Lanchau other people? In this particular case, you a chinese and the object of your profligation the malays? If it is, would you like me to the same with regards to your mother?

    Is it freedom of speech to make some suggestive but derogatory lewdness to a malay teacher?
    If it is, can I suggest that your sister suck my banana too? And what about your Negarakuku bid. In nations less forgiving than Malaysia, descrating the National Anthem or the flag would end you up in places much, much less confortable than Nazri Aziz's office. And here you are --- you want Malaysians to recognise your artistic merit and talent to poke fun at our Nation's sovereignty? And you are saying what. All this artful lecherous binge you are doing is all under the name of 1Malaysia?

    And no I haven't seen your film. Do I need to? Give you my RM10? If you want me to say it's good, I don't have to go. I will conform to what your 600,000+ fans say. Oklah it's good. It's superb, and it beats "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" anyday. But do I need to support your existence, help you to pay your bills, provide for you and your family's sustenance by me supporting you by my RM10? Absolutely no! RM10 is not big at all. But no. Not even a single cent.

    Again I am saying this: don't be too taken in by your sudden popularity, either by your film or by your facebook account. They are there because they support the very glimpse of hope that one can make at lanchau'ing the malay authorities and having some testicle-less NazriAziz-like ministers to forgive.

    It's NOT because of your Ed Wood class film.


    p.s. I notice a supreme exemplaire as regards to this Freedom of Speech thing when the Singapore-based Namewee youtube video freely lancahu's the malay authorities while it's rebuttal is taken off Youtube because it promulgates hate speech. Some people are too close to synagogues! But we have seen that somewhere before, folks. It's racism when the malays try to reach their rightful 30% but it's not racism when the non-malays insist on their 70%.

  15. Anonymous10:47 am


  16. blogsmith11:01 am

    Huh Rocky Bru trying to promote a video with hate speeches, Rocky Bru has no integriti

  17. Video kedua tidak boleh ditonton, violation katanya.

    Video Namewee, barangkali kedengaran terlalu beradab, masih boleh ditonton.


  18. the 2nd clip removed from youtube la.. any alternative?

  19. Rock,
    Why do columnists get all excited and frothing at the mouth over this guy. He's a young musician just expressing himself and has a point of view. Having decided to listen to his stuff before making a judgement - I really don't find it offensive and don't think he's racist. And with the stuff that Utusan comes up with I can understand why he's gone off on a rant.
    At the same time he's just one rapper amongst many so why all the fuss.
    He's got a following with the youth of all types. I actually observed him at a Mamak shop near Bangsar 2 weeks ago and he was with a whole bunch of Malay artists who I've seen in newspapers (but no idea their names as I am way too old to know...). They were all jamming and joshing - which seemed like a great 1Malaysia scene.
    So maybe this is a generational thing more than anything.
    Personally I hate rap - I am a still a rock n rolla at heart and getting older with it.
    But I do find it funny that we can ban him from the airwaves but allow lots of foreign rap artists like 50 sen and Eminem on our radios whose lyrics can be damn hardcore...
    Oh well...much ado about nothing.
    I'm just waiting for a proper Rock N Roll radio station in this country. Maybe you can use your influence to get one up which is not formulaic that caters for the old rock n rollas...

  20. Kenapa video jawapan fi remove?
    Inilah taktik Pembangkang. Dia kata kita boleh. Kita jawab balik tak boleh?
    Fuck you Namewee RACIST.
    Yang ramai2 pi buat filem dgn dia tu, apa hal? Dasar Melayu dan India yg tak tahu diuntung!

  21. Anonymous12:22 pm removed as it was promoting hate speech ? What happened to the Utusan version ? Cannot debate properly and must resort to hate speech ?

    Calling Warrior 231.....Calling Warrior 231.... please respond to the chingkie boys, or are you still sulking over your incestous upbringing ? My advice is this: what is done is done. Your mother and father made you....even though they were brother and live with it lah.....



  22. Yo! Namewee!
    Ayuh tengok Sini.
    Ku puji kau Di sini.
    Tiada Movie.
    Hanya Puisi.
    Aku Geli!

    Leman al-Puluti.

  23. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Aik.. the video in response to Namewee was removed .. it was deemed to be hate speech. Cepat betul agent Namewee ask YouTube to remove the content! How typical..

  24. Aiyoo Locky
    Cannot get the Ameno world video reply.
    After watching Namewee - couldn't see the other as Youtube banned it.
    Now as there's nothing like a ban to perk the interest - any alternative site to watch it?

  25. Datuk Ahirudin Making Fxxky Music.

  26. Wow, You Tube removes the video that you are trying to promote here as Hate Speech. What la bro, losing tract of stuff that you promote!

  27. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Aik, kenapa cuma video balasan dikeluarkan dari youtube? Video Namewee maki hamun Utusan ada lagi pulak?


  28. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Oi idiot what video ?


  29. Anonymous4:52 pm

    congratulations to the funder of the movie - 1MDB

  30. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Betul jugak kata Namewee ni...

    Mereka buat kut belankang, baling BATU sembunyi tangan

    Baling dalam Youtube SEMBUNYI belakang 1Malaysia

    Sampai bila lu ingat kita olang mau jadi boloh suka hati mau kelentong sum more?

    Dulu dulu,
    sekalang sulah mayiak celidik..

    he hehe hehehe

  31. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Heran pula bila sinamwee keparat letak video kurang ajar dalam utube tak ada sekatan apa2 tapi bila orang video membalas sikap gilababi sinamwee tu, disekat pula.
    Kata nak menegak keadilan berdemokrasi. cakap tak serupa bikin.
    Sinamwee ni pula bangang, Utusan tak mengutuk filem hampas dan sampah yang dia buat, penulis dalam Utusan hanya kata tak mahu tonton filem sampah dia tu, kerana namwee tu perangai kurang ajar macam sampah.

  32. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Wheres the video man? Whoever make that video must be vile and full of hates. No wonder it had been removed. Low class counter attack.

  33. kah kah kah... gerombolan berang sebab namewee cakap benar lagi... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... macam mereka jadi berang sebab LGE cakap benar tentang Johor... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... juga berang kerana nasi lemak semua laris dijual kat panggung... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... memang benar... kah kah kah

    sampah suratkhabar, sampah reporter... kah kah kah

    sijil semua dapat dari longkang, atau universiti kang kong... kah kah kah

    utusan suara keramat? cheh! podah!

    keramat apa? keramat mintak nombor ekor ke?... kah kah kah

    kalau mintak esok boleh strike 4d toto ke?... kah kah kah

  34. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Both sides are f--cking idiots la...

    - Azlan.

  35. kenapa video removed???

  36. Anonymous12:15 am

    Can't help to type this, a fucking retard.

  37. Anonymous8:19 am

    Good news to all Malaysians. Now everybody can FXXX anybody especially the Chinese can bash the Malay openly. 1Malaysia ma. You made video Fxxx the Malay then you can see the Minister some more. Very good la this country. And 1 more thing, Insider Trading is also OK in Malaysia. SC will not take action. Good, good. 1Malaysia is very good lor.

  38. Anonymous9:03 am

    Kalau Melayu buat video maki hamun Cina, sure kena label racist. Akan ramai la Cina yang menyalak macam anjing kurap. Tetapi kalau Cina buat buat video maki hamun Melayu, tak apa pulak. 1Malaysia my ass!

  39. Anonymous9:35 am

    second video is dead.

  40. Dear Warrior,

    Please give me your opinion of this Jho Low character that seems to have his finger in the Najib Pie?
    How the hell does this guy keep appearing and seems to be able to access taxpayers money...
    Surely we have Bumis that can do what he does?

  41. Skilgannon10661:26 pm

    Oh, my - warrior doth wax eloquent!

    And we are all supposed to cower in self-imposed censorship while the jackboots and whips rule?

    Yowza - we must be talking different agendas here.

    Including those of us who don't care a flying fig for what namewee or warrior or perwira or big anjing say, write or otherwise express in whatever media they choose.

    Who was it who said something to the effect of "I don't agree with what you say, but I will defend to the utmost your right to say it"?

    Now, let's see if the namewee movie is picked for showing in some international film festival. Cannes or Sundance, anyone?

  42. Anonymous2:09 pm

    I agree with apocalypse there. A people whose contribution towards 1Malaysia is only in abling to "Lanchau" another race, and not in meritorious quality of their works, be it in Arts or otherwise, has a lot of soulsearching to do. Specifically, 600,000+ soul searchings.

    No wonder the malays are angry.

    Jean Worjtylaw

  43. "...I can only speculate that it was taken down because of the pig snout they put on Namewee's face. Which was silly of the video makers lah, because it only made Namewee look cute! Honestly. I mean, Guan Eng kind of honest..."

    Hahaha. Very Clever Double Entendre, Rocky Bro!

    People, the least of which would be Namewee himself, would not have the normal sagacity to determine whether that was a compliment or an insult. Whether a "Guan Eng" kind of honesty is the kind that mothers-in-laws would want their daughters' husbands to possess.

    It's like that story I told in one of my postings: Somebody asks the vorticular question, "who's dumber than a stupid Irishman?" And the answer: "a Smart Swede!". One is not sure whether it was a compliment to Swiss people, or a derogatory remark.

    Take that, Namewee. A most befitting Paralipsical Trope. And take that, Guan Eng, a most appropriate and graphical Peristasis. From our very own Rocky Bru, Rhetorica Extraordinaire.

    Suman Sumbing
    (I am Leman Pulut's Cousin)

  44. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Has anybody here seen Nasi Lemak 2.0?

    BASED ON the theme song Rasa Sayang 2.0,

    1. The language is mostly in Mandarin and Cantonese with a smattering of other Chinese dialects, Bahasa Malaysia, English and Tamil. SO THIS IS their idea of 1MALAYSIA. TRULY 1MALAYSIA eh? So a Pakcik from Gua Musang can understand nasi lemak?

    2. Afdlin Shauki's character, a Malay Pakcik in a kampung, has four wives. A subtle message poking fun at Malays?

    3. Banyak slogan dari Putrajaya? hahahahah GTP, ETP...namewee socks it to PM.

    4. No Bahasa Malaysia in the background, except words people like Teresa Kok and Lim Guan Eng can understand...

    5. ini semua gang PKR apologists la, geng bikin UNDILAH and NASI LEMAK 2.0

    6. Adibah Noor and Afdlin, congratulations for being part of nasee lermuck

    7. best part, namewee has gone mainstream...invited to Breakfast Show ntv7, media prima stable, on Sept 8...

    i can only understand nasi lemak, and can recognise david arumugam from alleycats, singing in bahasa melayu but appealed to the malaysian majority...

    also dulu fran, roy, cenderawasih all sang in bahasa, now 1malaysia we can sing in all bahasa...

    - 3MALAYSIA -

  45. Anonymous5:13 pm

    "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech".


  46. Anonymous6:18 pm


    I pun nak buat banyak video tapi Singapore already made TOO many for the world to see... same stock maaa;

    OK lets enjoy one here!!!

    he hehe hehehe

  47. Anonymous6:38 pm


    Dont blame this poor Ah Kow for his foul language and rude manners, hello hello Monsterball lau ren, where are you? I kept reminding him to please watch his mouth for the sake of his younger generations..

    Anyway, old habits die hard or the normal ways of certain culture, Namewee's ancestors immigrant from where orh? He looks like a Chinese Ahkow?

    As the Malay proverb goes;

    Bapa borek, anak rintik

    How do I say it in ...?
    English - like father, like son, like mother, like daughter. The apple doesn't roll far from the apple-tree.

    French -Tel père tel fils, telle mère, telle fille.Bon chien chasse de race. Chat et chaton chassent le raton.

    German -Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm.

    Hebrew -התפוח לא נופל רחוק מהעץ

    Italian -Tale padre, tale figlio.

    Latin - Ut pater, ita filius, ut mater, ita filia.

    Russian - Каков ствол, таковы и сучья. Каков отец, таков и молодец. Яблоко от яблони недалеко падает.

    Spanish - De tal padre tal hijo. De tal palo, tal astilla.

    Yiddish - דאָס עפעלע פאלט ניט ווייט פון דעם פיימעלע

    he hehe hehehe

  48. Anon (4.32PM), dulu2 artis bukan Melayu semua nyanyi lagu Melayu. Kalau dah mempromosikan 1Malaysia, mesti mempromosikan & mengangkat Bahasa Malaysia sbg bahasa rasmi Malaysia. Agaknya kalau Malaysia ni Amerika Syarikat atau USA yg bahasa rasminya Bahasa Inggeris, mesti semua kaum bukan Melayu bangga berbahasa Inggeris sambil memperkuatkan sebutan "R"!!!!!

    Ramai bukan Islam takut poligami tetapi dlm masa yg sama suka buat "affairs without commitment". Islam sebenarnya tidak menggalakkan beristeri ramai walaupun dibenarkan utk mengelakkan beberapa masalah besar di kemudian harinya. Besok2 kalau perempuan simpanan ada anak2 dari hubungan tak sah, mereka mula meminta hak2 yg sama seperti isteri yg sah.

  49. PM: Namewee supports 1 Malaysia - minsider

    ..."The prime minister and Umno president said that Wee, who uses the stage name Namewee, is “unique and unconventional in his methods and thinking”, when quizzed about the performer’s expletive-laden video attacking Umno’s Utusan Malaysia for suggesting his debut movie was not worth watching due to his allegedly racist past."


    wah, najib rajin mencuba untuk dilihat cool pada anak muda... kah kah kah

    korrection, najib terlalu rajin mencuba untuk dilihat cool pada anak muda... kah kah kah

    haa, ni mesti CONsultan ex-Blair yang kasi advice.. kah kah kah

    weii, apa kata lu semua orang?
    apa kata lu cybertroopers bn?
    apa kata lu utusan newspaper sampah?
    apa kata katak braheng ali?

    boss lu najib sudah kasi sokong kepada Namewee... kah kah kah

    sokong! jangan tak sokong! derhaka tau? nanti bik mama naik angin... kah kah kah

    tukartiub: Esok wa pergi beli nasi lemak kat GSC.. kah kah kah

  50. Anonymous3:25 am

    Melayu ....melayu

  51. Anonymous10:38 am

    Latuk Locky: Now that your boss has spoken, can you put a positive spin on this matter ? Terima Kasih banyak, o UMNO brown-noser...


  52. melayu mcm mat sabu yang namawee tak takut atau si perut buncit afdlin shauki dan dn perempuan melayu tergemuk semua kawan cina lancau namawee kah kah kah..

    tk de orang lain nak kawan ke.

    hudud sesuai untuk mat sabu..muka bau burit normah.. patut potong hidung mat sabu kah kah kah

  53. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Rileks-lah bru. Zaman ini, macam-macam ada. Ada seniman yang mencari publisiti dengan skandal, ada yang mengundang publisiti dengan keceluparannya. Macam politikus jua - nilai kejutan katakan.

    Bagi yang masih waras, jangan kita terumpan dengan budaya sampah dan kurap. Ini tiada kaitan dengan mana-mana kaum atau agama, semua kena tanggung sendiri (personal responsibility). Jangan kerana Perkasa atau Namewee kita jatuh standard dan hilang akal. Ada manusia yang bertanggapan dia bikin muzik dan filem, maka dia seniman. Macam orang jadi ahli parti politik, maka dia anggap dirinya negarawan. Itu semua shiok sendiri sahaja.

    If Namewee is the voice of the Chinese in Malaysia, then Perkasa reflects the sentiment of the Malays. Semua kelakar giler, in their own brainless way. Can't get too serious about the entertainment business. Didn't bat an eyelid with Madonna and her coffee table book, so couldn't really understand why we should let Namewee dominate our conversations.

  54. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Why you people always like to mention the word nose wan?

    he hehe hehehe

  55. The ONLY Malaysian made movie i've watched so far that i thought deserve an Oscar or at least a mention is Hantu Kak Limah Balik Kampung. Funny what.
    The rest, I pass.
    I prefer my nasi lemak malay made on a plate or banana leaf with fried egg and sambal sotong on the side.
    Any other form of nasi lemak, I pass.

  56. Anonymous11:25 pm

    namewee is the product of vernacular schools - brainwashed to hate the Malays for their NEP

    the chinese can't stand to admit that they have to work hard to help the NEP implementation

    just like foreign workers in Tanah Melayu

  57. Anonymous11:35 pm

    a retarded wannabe celebrity whose obvious lack of intellect and creative talent

    will frustrate his sponsors

  58. Anonymous12:05 am

    Itu Mamat and Minah Melayu sudak kena tipu itu sama budah Cina..Semua bodoh!


  59. Anonymous8:43 am

    Perwira - is there no limit to your stupidity? I mean how many times were you dropped as a baby you lazy useless dick?

  60. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Whatever you anti non Malay said, Namewee is now richer by at least MYR 4 million of his movie box office. This is how much support he got. Even PM Najib is supporting his effort. You all are the sour losers.

  61. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Kenapa video Namewee tak masuk dalam "Hate Speech" oleh youtube, tapi video yang membalas balik apa yang Namwee cakap masuk dalam "Hate Speech"?

    Kesiannya orang Melayu, nak balas balik, kena padam pula. Hak bersuara nampaknya milik sebelah sana saja.

  62. Anonymous8:07 pm

    hullo hullo people

    read between the lines, this retard's video is POLITICAL not social entertainment at all

    be very careful coz underlying the fake comedy is the brainwashing element of singaporization of Tanah Melayu

    very soon 4 official languages, altho national language is still Bahasa Melayu, the govt funds go to Mandarin campaigns, SAP elite schools benefitting the chinese etc etc

  63. Simple solution. Kalau tak suka Namawee, jgn bagi ruang apa2 saja tentangnya dlm mana2 akhbar, blog & sebagainya. Filem yg seterusnya tak payah buat review. Mengabaikan saja adalah sebaik2nya penyelesaian sesuatu masalah.

    Carilah negara2 lain yg ada 4 bahasa rasmi.

    RM4 million? OKlah. Harap2 berkat. Jgn easy come, easy go! Cheers!

  64. Anonymous2:34 am

    Anonymous 8:43 AM

    You ni tak sporting macam Najib le... Melayu kata tak cun! Kan Namewee tu creative?

    Video2 I paparkan are candids.. lagi ori, no editing, just how we see happening everyday, even here.

    Want to see sum more orh?

    he hehe hehehe

  65. Anti Rocky's Bru2:17 pm

    Thumbs up to Namewee for not kissing BN's ass.

  66. Three cheers for Namewee.
    Donkies call him a pig...
    We love this pig.

  67. Anonymous12:35 pm


    You love this pig.. so what's next? eat the pig?

    Pigs young & older, sure flock together.. that is why it is the world norm to associate pigs = chingkies.

    3 cheers for the pigs..

    :D muhahahahaha... !! 3x
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  68. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Babi namewee tak tahu adab, babi cakap melayu pun tak fasih nak jadi hero satu malaysia. Babi puk. ..k lu.

  69. Anonymous12:47 pm

    yo guys. this is funny la..
    especially jeng jeng jeng la..
    maybe you're not mature enough to see the full picture yet. so let me sort it out for you aa..

    the longer his (name what ever wee) video's kept on rolling, it will tend to make the bumis to think alike la.. that will favor malay community to put an aggreeable point of view..

    so najib just LET it go.

    he KNOWS the malays hate it.

    he purposely WANTS the retaliate video to be removed.

    he is MAKING who's looking innocent and who's MAKING a mockery for being provocative..

    indirectly, name whatever wee will represents zionism in x race and x agenda..

    and the best part, guess WHO will gain out of this issue?...

    try asking all those pakcik and makcik thinks of him? no need to go the the rural area, you will find a clear answer.

    even the malays in pas and pkr hate him and his song. cool move aye?

    therefore, the hatred will go to the ballot box soon my friend. thanks to whatever wee.

    so enjoy while it's still last!

  70. @Warrior 231, relax lah bru. Why are you so riled up? As a Muslim, you should know better than to use your arsenal of choice expletives. Is was not as if Namwee was attacking god. Even if he was, there is still no need to screech and jump up like a monkey on hot tin roof because if god is almighty he can very well defend himself and fight his own battles and does not need puny men to come to his rescue and add to the cacophony or take up arms killing in his name. No thank you, tuan! And relax lah bru!

  71. Anonymous7:26 pm

    you use all kinds of words to kutuk namewee. and you claim he kurang ajar? he is in part reflection of yourselves. as i would expect, mostly are malays so let me give u a reality check..u would rather be rempeting with minah bohsiah from tengok wayang rempit and gangster? you ignorant whoosies claimed 20% of his INDEPENDENT MADE FILM which is the most decent since yasmin ahmad movies whom u lowlife bumiputeras also critisize

  72. Anonymous7:38 pm

    tapi Adibah Noor sohai babi pun support jugak nasi lemak....

    tu tak termasuk melayu2 bodoh yg beratur kat pawagam nak tengok movie gampang ni.....

  73. Anonymous12:32 am

    Shiok juga dpt tahu ada org yg bencikan babi. Tapi babi akan tetap ada. Ha ha ha