Friday, September 30, 2011

Guan Eng, who's lying now?

In 2010, Penang recorded 800 cases of crime per 100,000 population. In Johor, 639 cases were recorded in the same year, considerably lower than in Penang, contrary to the picture Lim Guan Eng painted to investors and journalists in Singapore recently. In private, of course. - Sources: Various, courtesy of Crime: Penang vs Johor
The Mole: We did ask for his comment lah ...
Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
Bercakap bohong lama-lama mencuri
- an old Malay saying, which simply says that a liar will end up stealing from you

It was Mr Wong, the junior press secretary of Lim Guan Eng, the Penang chief minister, who accused the New Straits Times of lying in its report (Let me deal with Bernama first, NST 27/9) that The Mole had contacted his boss for comments on fresh allegations of his Johor-bitching. Junior apparently didn't know that The Mole had contacted his boss' political secretary. Above his pay scale kot? Read Setting the record straight with Guan Eng, The Mole replays the sms exchanges, screenshots and all.

Junior Wong, you owe NST an apology. Usually, I wont bother but since your boss is so fond of demanding for apologies "or we'll sue you" and is going around labeling the MSM as not trustworthy, I must insist that you go down on your knees and say sorry. And watch you tongue, next time. Check with your seniors from the office before you issue another statement.

And tell that boss of yours to own up lah.

“If I had made the statement, let’s look at the context in which it was made… it was a private conversation.”  -Lim Guan Eng, as reported by Malaysiakini which, disappointingly, let Guan Eng get away with crap! Read "In Private" Journalism ..."  Helen Ang, a former MSM journalist, thankfully, is less afraid and therefore less sympathetic; read putar.BELIT putar.BELIT putar.BELIT

YAB, the Sultan of Johor is offended by your remarks. I don't know what you plan to do about that or what the Sultan plans to do about it, but I know one thing: you owe the rakyat of Johor an apology. And not in private, certainly.

p.s. And you've got to rid yourself of that new Advisor of yours, man. He is a bad person. Remember when he was suing me,  and you would send me all those sms's on the eve of every court date and we'd agree on  how evil he was. Don't work with evil, Guan Eng ..

Recommended reading on Crime in Penang: 
Sunny Lim: The True Penang Crime Buster


  1. SUDAHLAH11:44 am











  2. drMpower12:31 pm

    so all in the name of private discussion, everything is okay?

    lets cut to the chase

    this Lim guy doesnt have a clue how to sell penang without painting the others black

    its like those saying 'cut other people's leg so that he looked tall'.
    or 'racing with others leg tied'

    but these type of people,are not going to change. they are born that way.

  3. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Oooooo, Latuk Locky, so you believe Big Cat's statistics ? What if I say that the statistics were from Utusan ? Better still, the statistics come from that clown Warrior 231 ? Or that the 600 cases were severe cases like snatch thieves and armed robberies compared to 800 non-severe cases like petty theft and housebreaking ?

    Alamak, stop spinning for your masters lah, Latuk. The proof will come in GE13.


  4. In private conversation with 10, oops 20 FOREIGN journalist! Wah, that's a first!!
    AhBeng Eng, you must be lelated to that AhBeng 2.0. LOL!
    Siakap Sinohong
    Gelama Ikan Duri
    Bercakap bohong boleh jadi Ketua Menteri!

  5. jomo.usang12:53 pm

    whatever the fuck you say i say the pm say my makckik say your your grandpa's mistress also not relevant.

    All that is relevant is that PENANG is being run very well now. And you heard me : I say Penang is run way better than all other states.


  6. Skilgannon10661:04 pm

    But still the foreign investors seem to like Penang....

    How much of that is due to the state government as separate from the federal government?

    With regard to the "statistics" about crime rates per 100,000 people in Penang and Johor in 2010, just how reliable are these stats?

    Ipso facto, they only cover "reported" crimes. What about "unreported" crimes?

    Why not commission the Merdeka Centre to conduct an independent poll among a selected sample of Penangites and Johoreans to see who actually feels safer where?

    More to the point, since we are talking about the relatve merits of Penang and Johor for foreign investors, and since LGE's purported remarks were made in Singapore, why not ask the various chambers of commerce in Singapore which is their preferred investment destination in Malaysia?

    After all, Singapore is supposedly a key target as a source of investments as far as the Iskandar folks are concerned. Or, maybe, they just like to do a little R&R in the citystate to get away from the rigours of the job back home!

  7. Anonymous1:42 pm

    "Statistik penduduk dan jenayah adalah berdasarkan kepada rekod tahun 2010, dipetik daripada sumber yang boleh dipercayai."

    Sumber yang boleh dipercayai? Jadi, beri sumber itu jika begitu boleh dipercayai. Apa yang ditakuti? Siapa percaya sumber kerajaan adalah tepat and benar?

    Given the amount of people who don't bother to do police report because you won't be entertained, even more so Singaporeans who can't speak Malay will be chased out anyway, how do you expect us to believe government reported statistics? It is a well known fact out there that nobody even believe that the police will solve the crime even if reported. I reported a crime to the police when theft happened in my house. They took 30mins to reach my place eventhough the JB police HQ is 3 minutes drive from my home in Pelangi. They came chit chat, don't even bother to ask me to make a report and left the scene. End of story and that was 3 years ago. My friends can also testify that the police didn't want to take their report unless they pay a sum of money for it. We need to pay for police report!!! Finally, it is also unfair to compare like that because you DID NOT take into account the population of Singaporeans who visited JB. Then, how do you compare?

    Time and again the government twisted the data. The latest one we all know was the corruption amount in the Customs Department. RM108 billion to RM3 billion.

    The only way to verify which location has more crime than the other is really to go down to the streets and interview the people living in the area. I won't believe government stats, especially the police.

    JB Residence

  8. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Isu pokok ialah kejadian jenayah yang berlaku di kedua-dua negeri iaitu P.Pinang dan Johor.Mana yang lebih tinggi?

    Untuk meleraikannyq saya rasa perlu bagi Ketua Polis Negara yang bertanggungjawab ke atas keselamatan dalam negeri dan ketenteraman awam mengeluarkan kenyataan rasmi berhubung statistik jenayah kedua-dua negeri dan analisisnya secara terperinci.

    Sama ada kenyataan rasmi tersebut dapat menepis sebarang persepsi negatif masyarakat terhadap keadaan jenayah dikedua-dua negeri, itu soal lain. Namun, KPN mesti bersiap sedia memberikan response yang meyakinkan.


  9. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Mr. Lim Guan Eng,

    As a Malaysian Chinese, I would like to tell you...

    Please drop the Lee Kuan Yew act. Haiyo, the old man didn't do everything right ok? Sue here, sue there. If not true then proof it la. Nak main sue-sue. You think you are in kindy issit?

    Talk less, do more. No need so defensive all the time. You are in fucking politics for fucks sake. You are bound to be critize because you cannot please everybody. Know or not? Not need to get so worked up and main sue-sue.

    Everything also copy Singapore, why don't you just 'outsource' your leadership to Mr. Lee?

    We work as a team for the Country. Regardless if you are in Opposition or Ruling party. You don't go to other country bad mouthing your own country. Damn pai sei leh. You know or not? Chai bo?

    Your lau pek didn't teach you want issit?

    Your lau pek also another one. Live in Malaysia for so long, please brush up his BM la. Main kelentong only. At least you and your father's idol, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew can speak fluent BM leh. His son can even read Jawi.

    Dunno how to play politics now issit?


  10. Anonymous2:29 pm

    We shall all wait & see how JOHOREANS will punish all those DAP candidates come the next G.E. in Johor state.

    Mesti kena bungkus kaw-kaw.

  11. Anonymous2:37 pm

    LGE must apologise. The statement should read something like this..I am sorry that I said that Johore's crime rate is higher then Penang and Singaporeans are more likely to be kidnapped in Johore then in Penang.The truth hurts but I hope you all can accept this truth and I really feel sorry to say the truth...LOL

  12. Anonymous2:49 pm

    anwar & DUMC gali lobang

    Mat sabu tolong tutup lobang Anwar & DUMC

    Nik Aziz tolong tutup lobang Mat sabu

    LGE tolong tutup lobang Nik aziz

    Fcuk namewee tolong tutup lobang LGE

    Lobang saiful yang kena gali tak ada pulak orang depa nak tolong

  13. tipah tertipu2:58 pm

    rocky & Sudahlah

    ingat tak kelmarin dia nak saman Bernama dan kemudian NST pasal isu ni

    Now LGE apologize to the HRH Sultan Johore and all Johorean.

    So betul lah dia menipu 2 kali pasal isu ni.

    Pertama dia menipu dia tak buat statement.

    kedua dia menipu rakyat kata MSM spin dia.

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  15. typical kiasu leader chosen by kiasu people. Hopefully fence sitter could see LGE's true character

  16. typical kiasu leader chosen by kiasu people. Hopefully fence sitter could see through LGE's true character.

  17. Anonymous4:40 pm

    “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people.”

    Rockybru and geng semua ni 'Small Mind' .... sampah betul !!

  18. Anonymous4:46 pm

    "Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    Bercakap bohong lama-lama mencuri" .....inilah UMNO/BN !!

    Woi Rocky, kalau LGE cakap tu tarak benar, mai you dengan geng you pergi duduk kat JB, berani ??

  19. Anonymous5:00 pm


    1) Do you know why LIM GUAN ENG talk like LEE KUAN YEW?
    ANSWER: Becos' Lee Kuan Yew is Guan Eng's biological father. This is why they said "Bapak borek, anak rintik".

    2) How can LIM GUAN ENG be LEE KUAN YEW's biological son?
    ANSWER: Lim Guan Eng's mother was a SLUT & when she saw Lee Kuan Yew way back then, she got HORNY & WET. She then discreetly went for a 1 night stand without her JACKASS husband (Lim Kit Siang) knowing about the affair.

    3) What about LIM KIT SIANG?
    ANSWER: He's just a DUMB FOOL not knowing his wife was BANGED by a SINGAPOREAN still think Lim Guan Eng is still his beloved biological son. you all now understand why this DUMB ARSE by the name of LIM GUAN ENG speaks like LEE KUAN YEW. Can you all see the CONNECTION now???


  20. burung biru5:13 pm

    anon 4.40pm

    “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people.”

    Talking bad about Johor is also talking about ppl. If u wanna say rockybru and geng are in the 'small minds' category, at least they are all ordinary ppl. not like LGE whose a CM, a small minded one, i must say

  21. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Dah masuk Oktober, mana hasil penyiasatan SC tentang pembelian E&O oleh Sime Darby dan Insider Trading Azizan & rakan2? SC memang LEMBAB!

  22. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Guan Eng the Penang hero

  23. Anonymous5:46 pm

    anon 4.46

    Ini bukan pasal statistik jenayah la mangkok. Ini pasal Ketua Menteri yang memburukkan nama jiran la .....

  24. Anonymous5:47 pm

    The sultan.....hmmm...thought there were cases he slapped the hockey coach and kill a caddy.

  25. Anonymous5:48 pm

    What is a Statesman and a Stuntman? A Statesman is not bothered with all the criticisms and spins and accept it as part of the job hazards. A Stuntman is someone who can't tolerate criticism and name calling and will response by threatening to sue all parties he deemed has injured his reputation. A Stuntman is also someone good at play acting and "suka masuk bakul angkat sendiri". LOL, the Stuntman even want to claim credit for the reduction in crime rates in his state. The best actor award goes to Limb Gone End.

    Road Runner

  26. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Why sultan feel offended? Johor's sultan was popular for slapping hockey coach mah.....if a state head behave like a cowboy then no surprise the state rule by him is a cowboy town lah...aiya simple logic mah.....nyamah.

  27. Anonymous5:59 pm

    @Godfather what if we make a competition of what ifs to see who comes up with the best one?


  28. Anonymous6:02 pm

    So besides being CM, LGE works part time as Spiderman, patrolling the dark alleys and every nook and corner of the island. If otherwise, why is he claiming credit for the reduction in crime rates.

  29. Anonymous6:05 pm

    @JB Residence
    "..police didn't want to take their report unless they pay a sum of money for it.."
    What crap is this? When did this happen? Where? Don't just simply make allegations.

    " DID NOT take into account the population of Singaporeans who visited JB.."
    If the population of Singaporeans are taken into account for sure lah the numbers will drop further; people is the bottom part of the fraction lah brader get your maths straight


  30. Anonymous6:06 pm

    @Skilgannon just how reliable is Guan Eng's words?


  31. Anonymous6:10 pm

    @Anonymous on minds and what they talk about:

    When you start your sentence with "Rockybru and geng semua ni..", you're talking about people.

    What minds do not even notice they're acting like small minds?


  32. Anonymous6:18 pm

    kerana mulut badan binasa..
    already apologise to the sultan of johor ye? your tongue next time around...cibai la lu

  33. Anonymous7:00 pm

    I say LIM GUAN ENG is much better than all the hopeless BN jokers put together.

    Guan Eng gua caya sama lu!

  34. Skilgannon10667:04 pm


    Maybe LKY didn't do everything right, but Singapore became (and still is) the only AAA-rated sovereign in Asia, with a rock-solid currency and plenty of MNCs setting up shop there to provide good jobs to Singaporeans and foreigners.

    Sue here, sue there can also, but bottom line also counts, lah.


  35. Anonymous8:12 pm

    So disappointing that you blog have really degenerate to this. Then again been Head UMNO Blogger...what can you expect!!

  36. historian8:34 pm

    Liar Liar

    that's what they do best just to grab the power and keep it.

    History teach us how LKY and PAP kick out their left wing partner in the 50s and 60s

    And now LGE< LKS and DAP are repeating the history.

    They were born the be like this.

  37. An apology which is not an apology.
    Typical DAP trickery.
    Starting off with patik and sorry to the Johor Sultan.
    Ended with I did not say it but the press manipulated it.
    I am going to sue starting with Bernama.
    What cock is he saying when TV3 airs the tape every night.

  38. Dear JB residence,
    If u don't believe in the statistics because they come from the government, then which statistics do u think Guan Eng use to bad-mouth Johor? Or did he just shoot off his mouth as if he was in a kopitiam in Balakong instead of being in front of journalists in a foreign country? What kind of crap Chief Minister is that? U want to dispute where I got the statistics from? Go and get your friends from DAP to do their own research and once they got their figures, pls post it to rubbish mine. In fact I did ask Guan Eng ppl to do something to that effect. Go read my posting again carefully. Its just before I play that lovely song.

  39. As a JB resident who is really pissed with people disparaging his hometown, its really satisfying to see ex-convict Lim Guan Eng getting large doses of his own medicine.

  40. Cyberio12:12 am

    Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri..
    Bercakap bohong, lama lama jadi menteri..

  41. Anonymous12:59 am

    seriously, the problem with new media is everyone talks like they have a strong valid opinion, including you Rocky (and me)

    So what if LGE said bad stuff about Johor! Move on.

    Here is my remark about Malaysia: Its a good country run by morons! you have an issue with this statement?

  42. Anonymous1:12 am

    Statistik indeks jenayah di negeri:


    Jan-Mei 2011:
    Jenayah indeks: 8,822
    Jenayah Jalanan: 1,300


    Jan-Mei 2011:
    Jenayah indeks: 4,234
    Jenayah Jalanan: 453

    Dapat dilihat Johor lebih tak selamat.

    Orang BN yang buat bising itu tau apa? Mereka semua ada bodyguard kelilingi mereka. Kereta Benz S-class ada polis outrider bermotosikal untuk menghalau orang ramai ke tepi jalan macam Nabi Musa membelahi laut merah.

  43. Anonymous3:18 am

    From the gutter as usual eh

  44. anon 4:46pm, aku kje kat kl, if ko leh bg aku gaji cam aku dpt kat kl~ siap umah sumer . ok ble nak aku pindah jb?

  45. trifling-jester4:06 am

    Rocky- CHIEF EDITOR of a malaysian newspaper, linking "Statistik penduduk dan jenayah adalah berdasarkan kepada rekod tahun 2010, dipetik daripada sumber yang boleh dipercayai."

    Sumber yang boleh dipercayai? How exactly do you do your job rocky? Weak.

    Rubbish from people at the top - you, Rocky, are proving to be the poster child for The Malaysian Malaise.

  46. Anonymous6:12 am

    lge has a small brain, cannot promote penang on its own merit, so like chinese triad with protection money culture

    he gotta hantam competitor lah

  47. Anonymous6:14 am

    Rockybru and geng semua ni 'Small Mind' .... sampah betul !!

    anon 4:40 PM


    the million dollar question is: why in the world are you here??


  48. Anonymous9:49 am

    In JB, new housing development of 2 storey link gated cost Rm400k - rm500k . Snapped up within first few months of launching. Many buyers from Singapore.
    Driving around up market housing areas like Taman Molek,Ponderosa Setia Tropika, Austin Hills you will see many Spore luxury cars.
    Daily jam at Jln Tebrau ,again many Spore registered cars.
    Golf clubs memberships, many Sporeans.
    Weekend shopping at all megamarts like Tesco, Giant, Carefour, S-Mart,Jusco , Pandan City etc..many Singaporeans in the crowd.
    Now who are being hijacked? Sporeans hijacked by JB crooks or JB hijacked by Sporeans.??
    Johoreans are not complaining because of the revenue inflow.
    LGE, you can envy ,but please don't lie.
    Challenge to all LGE believers. Bring in a Sporean friend or relative and if he/she is not kidnapped in 24 hours, donate to ex Polismen's Fund RM1K , can??

  49. Anonymous10:12 am

    Frankly with the kind of one sided loyalty will not get you to a peaceful mind. Balance your postings and sure you will be a better human being. A Datuk with the ability to influence mind need not go so low. Maybe you still in shoick sendiri state or maybe your soul was already sold to the devil. Oneday read back all postings and feel the real you, Rock...,

  50. Rocky...Look at the fact. Address and write the real fact about crime in Johore.

    It is really scary...crime rate in Johore. Please be a journalis to address the problem...than playing your politic game.

  51. Anonymous10:56 am

    aku duduk JB .takda masalah pun . ok jer.aku hidup aman damai sekarang sbb kerajaan umno memerintah.ko tak tengok dekat kelantan pula,haram jadah.penuh dengan kes rogol,samun,rompak .....

    pikir-pikir kan lah :)

  52. Anonymous11:44 am

    LGE reputation is in the gutters... blunders after blunders... wud be a surprised if ppl support him now... poor advisors around him does not help... he and DAP also literally has weakened PAS, and in no time at all, PAS is no more... LGE what art thou? Satan on earth, thats what you are...

  53. ex Melaka DAP3:00 pm

    LGE is a kampung type politician and what do you expect from his except attacking other people.

    when in Malacca he was only a 1 term opposition ADUN but suddenly became a CM in Penang.

    The fact he was not accepted in his hometown because he cant defend himself there.

    Thats the fact

  54. trifling-jester, you don't think police records are "sumber yang boleh dipercayai?

  55. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Mujur ada tape tu..

    kalau tidak mesti dia olang ciakap itu bukan saya yang ciakap tapi Latok Locky yang ciakap!

    he hehe hehehe

  56. Anonymous8:16 pm

    @Anonymous "Statistik indeks jenayah";

    Jumlah yang disebut (800 dan 639) tu per 100,000 penduduk la dey. Yang kau bagi jumlah keseluruhan statistik jenayah buat apa? Kalau dalam satu negeri ada 100,000 penduduk dan 10 kejadian jenayah, satu lagi negeri ada 2,000,000 penduduk dan 150 kejadian jenayah, negeri mana yang lebih tak selamat?


  57. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Dah la tu.. Mende sikit je.. Tikis la pasal economy ke.. Sports ke.. General knowledge ke.. Business ke.. Bleak la politik low class cam ni..

  58. Anonymous9:12 am

    lge has made section of society marginalized In Penang. Go ask the petty traders. Another section visiting a neighboring state declares his Penangites and not Malaysian. Datuk Rocky check this out. Make your own round in Penang. This are qualitative facts. I am not making it up. Was in Penang twice last month. Without ISA people like lge is immune. Hope the new act will cover much room for treason.

  59. Skilgannon10669:36 am

    "JB hijacked by Singaporeans"??? LOL!

    Just ask yourself how these Singaporeans got the purchasing power to snap up all these "assets" in JB, when, in 1965, they were unceremoniously ejected from Malaysia!

    S$1.00 = RM2.3x? Now why is that, I wonder?

    I have lived in JB for many years; in fact, I did study at the then Johor English College when it was one of the premier schools in the country (alas, it no longer is). And I am familiar with all the nooks and crannies of JB, including the "no go" areas in downtown where the trannies and drug pushers move around freely.

  60. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Aku glance through...Orang yang buat cerita rocky's bru dan orang yang buat komen betul banyak. Korang ni memang buang masa saja. rocky's bru kalau nak buat research buatlah menyeluruh. Dalam kepala kau dah set satu perkara yg kau tak akan tukar, research bias.

  61. I can accept LGE' lie, if it is a lie...hey, all politicians lie. Only statesmen dont lie.

    My daulat hormat to this Chinaman who stood up for a Malay girl in Melaka....LGE would have ousted Sultan Mansur Shah to be the Sultan .Hey why not, a Chinese Sultan...

  62. Anonymous5:18 pm


    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-