Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's not Najib or Abang Din, it's Najib or Nuar

Shortly before Ramadan, the group of pro-Umno bloggers centred around Datuk “Rocky” Ahirudin Attan met Dr Mahathir and their discussion included Umno politics.
“Tun Mahathir supports Najib, that much is clear. He told us, ‘If I don’t support Najib, who else is there? You people want Anwar Ibrahim?’” said Rocky whose “Rocky’s Bru” blog is one of the most sophisticated political blogs around. It has notched up 16 million visitors since 2006. - United Against a Common Enemy by Joceline Tan, The Star, 11 Sept 11

Reading Joceline's column online today, I am reminded of the events involving the characters quoted in the article debunking the Najib-Muhyiddin split rumour. Tun Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi, Najib's people, Muhyiddin's people, Kadir Jasin ...

Especially Kadir Jasin. Kadir, the former NSTP Group Editor-in-Chief, and Joceline, mentioned in the same breath, will always remind me of a childish letter from a Group Editor-in-chief of the New Straits Times Press in May 2005 to his counterpart at rival group the Star demanding that action be taken against Joceline for "telling people at your office and outside" about some comments made by Kadir about this whining GEIC.

It was a very immature and yet malicious complaint. A sign of the bad things that would come for poor Abdullah Badawi, the PM who had put both editors there. 

Anyway, back to Jocelyn's column ... You get the drift: the Najib-Muhyddin split is a concoction. But this is politics, remember, no permanent enemies and no permanent friends. Najib and Anwar, they used to be on the same team not that long ago ... serving the same boss!


  1. Well, if I remember correctly it was easier to slit the chicken's throat when it was calm!!

  2. Anonymous1:46 pm

    You read that one wrong, Bru. Joceline Tan and the Star are consummate agent provocateurs whose coffee shop tattlings amount to nothing more than street garbage almost all the time.....I said 'almost'.

    Granted there are moments of epiphanious insights when the wind blows a tad too stormy, the halycon days will see childish prattle masquarading as erudite analysis pouring scorn on the government. Bersih, Perak's Zamberi, the Christo boys' political adventures are some of the many articles that serve as evidence (have quit reading the Star since that Ramadan pork slur). In every analysis, hidden paeans to the opposition are woven into the main text - a subtext reeking of sarcasm, allusion, irony, innuendoes, double entendres, what have you, that promotes the "Chingkie first and last" mantra and thus, by default, DAP and Pakatan. You have to have a fine literary comb at your disposal to disentangle the tousle of dross to tease out those fine tresses of subtext, but it is there all the time, waiting for both the initiated and the suspicious.

    Take your extract as a case in point, it is couched curiously as " pro-UMNO blogger centred around Datuk....... and goes on about the 16 million hits. Now you can read that plainly as a hillybilly or see it the way I do:

    a. a blatant attempt if any of "unmasking" and "tarring" you as a Pro-UMNO blogger to discredit the known neutrality of this blog. Why say that in a public rag but to damage your "street cred" of course...if you get the drift.

    b.and that 16 million? well to strangle those numbers midstream as the day of reckoning draws near for the paymasters. You know to get those folks flocking here for an informative, balanced read to bolt at the whiff of 'UMNO" lest they soon get "ensnared and brainwashed" by the 'pro-UMNO" blogmaster.

    Everyone excepting Joceline's donkey knows its about Najib and An(us)whore lest she is purposely setting this up to subtext to the public of a Najib-Din break in the ranks to feed the dogs of negativity. Najib must know the crucial Malay vote is behind him. He must understand, despite his supine overtures, the Chingk vote is largely a goner. For Malays disillusioned by the useless pro-chingk slant, there is Perkasa or another equally efficacious duplicate broom with which they can sweep away garbage like the Nazris, the Raisses, the Hishams, the Saiffudins and other treacherous rubbish from within the ramparts..........

    Warrior 231

    P/s: My banned comment in the All Rogues Lead to SC' thread anything to do with "pro-UMNO" bru, hahahahahahaa or u been turned over by the SB, hahahahahahahaha. Excepting that, this is still the best neutral so-po blog by a zillion miles, anytime, anywhere.

  3. permission to link to this post sir. thanks anyway to tell the truth about the rumour

  4. Dear Warrior,
    A stray comment again? I will look for it. I don't ban comments anymore, unless they praise me on and on and on .. you know what i mean, or they vent kurang-ajar lebih2 dengan my former PM.


  5. tauke ikan,
    thank you and welcome!

  6. Either I am totally blur or you are beginning to write like Azmi Anshar! I still did not quite get what the message is here in a simple layman language!

  7. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Bru,,,,,Ngapa tak tulis Utusan Malaysia and TV3 in HOT SOUP,,,memainkan issue Mat Sabu,,penyokong komunis!!!!

    Itu Zainal Kling ada cakap,,Malaysia tak pernah di jajah oleh BRITISH,,,SO adakah kita sudah MERDEKA or BELUM?????

    Makin BENGONG dengan PEMERINTAH sekarang!!!!!?????


  8. Anonymous5:37 pm

    1. I don't ban comments anymore, unless they praise me on and on and on

    Response: Not to worry brother, my praise is genuine, from one melayu Bermaruah to another....

    2. they vent kurang-ajar lebih2 dengan my former PM.

    response; Dont worry about anything on that score from this quarter, bru. The only PMs this Melayu Bermaruah honours are our statesman, Dr M and his illustrious mentor, allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak. The rest, to put it mildly were garbage especially the immediate predecessor of the current incumbent. As for the incumbent himself : the jury is still out especially given his failed pro-chingkie overtures. Wish he will regain his sense of reality real fast.

    Stray comment? hope this isnt turning into a doghouse with strays loitering all over the place...hahahahahaha. Seriously though, bru, you need to overhaul the system and debug the whole thing and secure it to avoid "strays" get the drift, i guess....

    Warrior 231

    p/s: any chance for a piece on Sabu the pig. That moronic pig is hankering for a public spanking given his recalcitrant petulance of late...and i cant wait to deliver one.

  9. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Warrior - which hole do you creep out from man? Know neutrality of this blog? Sigh...there is bodoh and then there is you

  10. Anonymous1:34 am

    Anon 7.53 aptly symbolises what is wrong with this country. With stupidity being his hand-maiden and arrogance his guide-dog, the bodoh sombong sobriquest could not be suitably affixed on anyone else but this moronic scumbag.

    Civil society discourse in this country is at its nadir precisely because economic progress has unfortunately equipped idiots like this with a keyboard, a pixelated screen and internet access with which to leave asinine garbage wherever it trolls at its leisure. Cyberlitter that reeks of idiocy in all its naked glory!

    This must be the selfsame moron who probably applauds that cheap condom,Mat Sabu for his idiotic assertions when the facts show that:

    a. in 1945, the same communist heroes Sabu is lauding were the selfsame Bintang Tiga beasts who were slaughtering Malays in a mindless ethnic-cleansing genocidal pogrom during the interregnum between a Japanese surrender and a British return

    b. the very same bastards that Sabu is hyping as freedom fighters out to drive out the colonising British were the selfsame morons who fought the Japanese for liberating Malaya from the detested Brits and with the Brits support to boot !!! Remember Force 136 and Spencer Chapman.......

    Strange isnt it, how Sabu's logic deserts him at his convenience but because of idiots like Mr Anon 7.53, gutter douchebags like Sabu can spew any garbage, litter public discourse with lies and get away unmolested.....

    Want another example? In November 2009 and March 2010, I called for the imposition of the GST after a period of information, compliance preparedness on the part of business and other ancillary procedures. I slated 2012 or 2013 as probable implementation time-frames. If the latter had been the case, we would have had continued growth driven by internal demand in 2012 brought about "tax-anticipated" consumption spending, not to mention a diversified and optimally tuned revenue base and smaller or no budgetary deficits to boot due to reduced subsidisation in tow. As proof, look at how prepaid cards are flying off shelves when the 6% rumour sent everyone into a frenzy of stocking up on those cards.

    What these 2 instances show us is how policymakers, oppositionists and citizens alike are trapped in a fog of bodohsombongness that prevents them from undressing Truth as she is or even seeing perfectly logical alternatives to policy conundrums. Sad but true that the advent of civil society and knowledgeable decision-making will forever remain a pipe-dream blowing in the wind in Malaysia with such public imbecility in abundance. Any surprises then as to why uneducated, uncouth and mindless cretins and slimepond scum like Mr Anon 7.53 thrive in our midst?

    Warrior 231

  11. Thank God it's not Nuar!

  12. am going to touch on the Star only which I touch on previously, regarding a picture publish in the Star with the caption, "a father pointing out to his son bla bla of chinese freedom fighter" something like that lah.. but the picture or photograph was blown up so big, you can't tell . Bu I know better because I've seen that very picture in a book at MPH bookstore at KL Sentral, and it was not even close to what the caption said!

  13. Anonymous3:58 am

    I think razak was garbage too

  14. Bro, problem is rumours about split eventually happened to be true! Rahman/Razak, Tun M / Musa Hitam ; Tun M/Anwar ; Tun Lah/ Najib and now Najib/Muhyuddin.

    I am not worried about Muhyuddin or Anwar. I am more worried of Najib not able to rally all or majority of the rakyat to be with him all the way. I always believe that Najib should have no fear " when the rakyat are with him , he would would be untouchable"

    Rocky, You were our only hope to tell Najib to "right the wrongs". Now, you are much of his supporter and I wonder who could do the job to tell Najib to act against wrongdoings, wrong acts, wrong policies, wrong arguments and all the wrongs that are happening in BN/UMNO/PMO.

    I want Najib to win the election and win big since he is the best bet and hope that we have for now pending emergence of new young leaders. But Najib has to change his style of leadership ie to be cruel to be kind. heads must roll. People want to see blood! Give it to them !

    Najib is a nice guy, a diplomat and someone that will find it difficult to "fire" some one or to tell GLC chiefs to abort suspicious corporate deals etc.

    If that is the case, appoint a no nonsence Chief of Staff that will review all PM appointees in cabinet, glc, public service , sprm, pdrm, military, etc. Evaluate them and retain only Mr Clean and MR Efficient. Remove all those who are tainted - ethically or morally though not necessarily legally.Remove the non performers and those that make blunders. TNB chief, TM Chief, Khazanah Chief, SC Chief, etc had made blunders- open the file establish the fact and show them the exit door. Have PWC or KPMG to do the forensic audit, etc.Make it a rush job, pay them the fees for a rush job. Dont take too long to investigate- 7 days at most per case after which announce the findings and take immediate actions. Incompetent Chiefs should be asked to go too. We know APs are still being sold, yet NIL action taken against AP Holders. Remove the enforcement guy and the Head of Department. Act against politicians that refrained actions form being taken! This Chief of Staff should do his job in 100 days. I am not sure who that person is but Munir Majid could be considered as one of the candidate? Who else? lets have rakyat to nominate the person?

    Do it now, fire them before your government is fired by the people.

  15. Anonymous11:09 am

    Warrior 123,
    Some of the many examples of your beautiful shits " ..moments of epiphanious insights when the wind blows a tad too stormy, the halycon days will see childish prattle masquarading as erudite analysis pouring scorn on the government". No idea what you are babbling about. Keep It Simple Stupid.

  16. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Mamak Hadhir cakap,,,,kita bukan di JAJAH,,,,tapi kenapa bawah COMMONWEALTH Country,,,!!!!!

    Siapa tipu siapa?????


  17. Skilganon10664:32 pm

    Heh, heh - at least warrior and yours truly agree on the need for a comprehensive GST!

    Not on much else, leh!

    I guess the jury is still out on whose arguments and logic will prevail down the road.

    In the meantime, I will continue to be my slumskumbledy (you can look it up) self, Rocky's strictures notwithstanding.

  18. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    I strongly agree with your last paragraph.



  19. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Maaf, bahasa Inggeris saya tidak berapa baik, begitu juga bahasa Malaysia. Apa yang saya fikirkan adalah sama saperti Anon 7.53. Betullah apa dia cakap.

  20. It requires a sophisticated blog to keep the focus on what the main issues are that we should focus on, Najib vs Anwar.

    Given five decades of independence, one would have expected the Opposition to have responsibly matured to a realistic alternative to the BN's pragmatism.

    But what do we have?

    Not only have they not matured, they have lost all pretenses to purity in their greed and pursuit of power.

    Some in the BN would feel more at home in the Opposition - even sophisticated blogs like Rocky's cannot help.

  21. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Malaysia is blessed .....we are lucky to have smart people like Encik Warrior 231. His England is also very powderful....

  22. Anonymous7:32 am

    Heh Heh

    some anons' linguitic ability is pegged to kindergarten crawlingly snailed-paced torture

    that is why they failed to understand warrior's poetic language

  23. Anonymous8:30 am

    Anonymous 8:01 PM...

    .....His England is also very powderful....

    Like that wan, Lu jangan sikali2 tanding jadi ADUN/MP!.

    Nanti tatak teghuih ciakap bahasa Inkelis macam itu ADUN/MP dalam itu video yang celita lia punya anjing tatak suka makan "boy's eggs" dan saman Utusan,

    Manyiak malu jadi pemimpin, lanti bulak2 sekolah pun ketawa!

    he hehe hehehe

  24. Jamie5:27 pm

    Agree with FIKIRAN PAGI. PM Najib is seen as weak - maybe because he's trying to please everyone. But we need a Captain who is firm and not afraid to make unpopular decisions. I want Najib and BN to win- not because I love BN (although I think Najib's ok) but because the thought of PR taking over and screwing up the economy with their inexperience (plus all the clowns in there) scares me more. This is the time for Najib to get rid of the unsavory characters around him and present a team that has more appeal- sincere, clean and efficient. A tall order, I know, but at least get rid of those who add no value to your team.

  25. Warrior Due Tiga Satu, tak boleh bahas dalam BM ke?

  26. Hevea1:09 pm

    Hang tak paham bahasa inggeris ka?

    Dah blog ni posting bahasa inggeris, jawab la bahasa inggeris. Lain la dia kalau bahas dalam blog bahasa melayu.

    Isu macam ni pun kena mintak accomodate kelemahan bahasa inggeris hang ka?

    Tak habis-habis mintak...