Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Zarinah Anwar's hubby Azizan should go"

Utusan Malaysia, 20 Sept 2011
''Pandangan ini adalah dari segi etika. Zarinah adalah Pengerusi SC, satu jawatan penting dalam badan pengawas selia kewangan yang penting. Pelantikan Azizan dalam mana-mana syarikat korporat pasti menimbulkan konflik." - Salleh Majid, ex KLSE boss, Azizan disaran lepas kedudukan bagi elak konflik
Concern for an institution. I know where Salleh Majid is coming from. Most of us do. Azizan an Zarinah should know that, too. For all the good work Zarinah may have put into the Securities Commission, this is what she may be remembered for. And that's not fair. Hubby must do the right thing by the wife.

The Mole spoke to Salleh and carried the story yesterday, Should Zarinah step down? 


  1. Anonymous11:50 am

    Zarinah should step down...

  2. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Zarinah Anwar should step down.

  3. Anonymous12:45 pm

    hanya si bodoh dan berkepentingan shaja akan menjawab YA.

  4. Jemaah Muasasah 20113:32 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Azizan is now "HIDING" in Spain (Granada & Madrid), with Minister in charge of Tabung Haji, Jamil Khir (& wife of course) plus entourages.

    Rationale for "HIDING" - study visit for Islamic Achitecture since Tabung Haji will build thousand of Islamic Buildings around the world especially in London and other major cities in Europe. Yea Yea! I'm sure we Malaysians will be so proud of Tabung Haji's achievement!

    Cost of "HIDING" - RM500,000 (including Minister's pocket money of RM50-100k).

    Length of "HIDING" - 1 week (17-25th Sept).



  5. query?4:50 pm

    Jemaah Muasasah this is news indeed.
    Is it the same Jamil Khir who with Hishamuddin who allows million of illegals into Malaysia, thought menjaga kesucian Islam, is whipping the buttocks of Malay women?

    But of course using religion to gain wealth is nothing new. The Catholic Pope is of course the Supreme One when it comes to collecting religious wealth. Of course now the Pope is wanted by a US group for crimes against humanity for the sodomising of males by the church and rapes.
    Yes the same Pope that Najib went to pay homage..this najib is so by the book transparent. To attract the Christians, I must go visit the Pope.A discredited figure in the west.

    But I digress, Tabung Haji is sacred to the Malays so I guess, no one will complain if Jamil and Azizan who runs Tabung Haji are whipped if they have misused Tabung Haji Funds.

    There are no sacred cow in Malaysia. Just whip these white collar criminals.

    BTW, that Salleh Majid, shows the indecipherable tendency of Malays to think crooked.

    Why ask Azizan to resign? From E and O? But thats a private company.

    It is Zarinah who should resign as she has shown to be corrupt running a public regulator the SC.

    Then Azizan is free to make money. Provided the new SC is not as biased towards him as his wife.

    If Salled Majid is not a Malay I doubt if he would have headed Bursa back then.

  6. Aku setuju dengan Salleh Majid. Yang kena step down patutnya si Azizan. Bukan bini dia. Dia ni tak sayang bini ke? Kesian aku tengok Zarinah tu. Laki punya pasal habis dia kena tendang terajang. Kalau nak compare, at least Zarinah ni ada la juga jasa pada negara. Azizan tu cuma nak kembongkan tembolok sendiri je. Dia bergelumang dengan taik habis bini dia terpalit sama. Ya lah, Zarinah ni garang sikit, tapi kerja regulator kena la macam tu. Kalau tak habis la kena gormal. Aku tengok track record Zarinah ni pun tak de la teruk sangat. Masa kat AG's chamber dia kerja elok. Masuk Shell pun ok juga. Siap initiate the first sukuk in the country.Tu yang Tun Mahathir dulu suruh dia masuk SC. Dia masuk SC masa tu pun kena pay cut banyak juga. SC pun sekarang ni considered the fourth most efficient in the world in term of investors protection. Kira ok lah juga. Tu yang aku rasa Azizan ni yang patut step down. Kalau dia lebih sayang duit dari bini, patut dia step down je la jadi laki Zarinah tu. Ya lah, kan susah Zarinah tu sekarang. Dia dah recuse herself from the investigation pun masih kena tarbi lagi. Nak resign nanti orang kata sah lah dia ada buat salah, nak marah laki kang derhaka pulak. Kan ke serba salah dibuatnya tu.

  7. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Of course, neither Zarinah Anwar nor her hubby won't relinquish their posts. It takes a moral person to do what's right and neither of them has any moral fibre. Both of them should be fired.


  8. Jemaah Package AlMaas5:29 pm

    Jemaah Muasasah 2011,

    Ada sedikit yang kurang tepat tentang komen anda.

    Rombongan Jemaah Tabung Haji bukan hanya pergi ke Sepanyol, tetapi mereka ke London dahulu..... baru ada klass! Dah dapat duit saku RM50-100k, Pak Menteri, Isteri DAN anak (anak pun ikut sekali) telah bershopping sakan di Bicester Village, Knighbridge dan Selfridges.

    p/s. Pak Menteri beli kasut Bally berapa pasang di London? Jangan lupa bawak pergi Haji nanti.

  9. Anonymous5:58 pm

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    Seriously, Rocky with some dumbass pawning the family jewel of national security for the cash of popularity, pursuing this gal and her sidekick for whatever its worth has lost its gloss. Who cares anyway for fools are bound to frolic when sanity bolts Augean stables, dont you agree? You do better if you could eavesdrop on more pithy issues like the proposed BN-DAP merger being gossiped about in certain circles. And wanna bet that Malay Special privileges, the constitutional monarchy and the status of BM and Islam will be wiped off the constitutional slate quid pro quo via a special parliamentary sitting convened for the purpose whence party lines will be blurred during the voting. What garbage, Warrior? (hic) Just mouthing strange tales yarned in watering holes by drunks in high spirits and thatched elsewhere by those n low spiris but then again truth is no stranger to fiction, right (ROFLMAO). Well, I am just humming a ditty for you to unravel. Anyway, my personal Ladbrokes account has closed taking bets on those stuff? Odds on..mah..no profit wan!

    Warrior 231

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  10. Ayah Man9:23 pm

    Kalau nak meneggakan matlamat " Najibs' Great Transformation Process" then those directly or indirectly implicated and whose integrity become questionable pls make an honorable exit.
    Tolonglah,jika tidak it is very harmful to BN's effort to win the PRU 13.
    Pls get rid of these viruses quickly before situation get pretty bad.

  11. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Allah Maha Besar, They are not 'God Fearing' people.Ada kuasa ada kedudukan terlupa apa yg didakwah.Memang lah bila duit bukan kita punya memang mudah membelanjakannya, kalau duit sendiri tentu berkira2 nak belanja

  12. Anonymous9:31 pm

    stupid azizan and zarinah is counting their last day working in Msia. Both of them have already accumaulated million from all this crap. We Malaysian stand to lose the mst.

  13. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Bukan sahaja Tabung Haji tidak menyediakan sarapan pagi kepada jemaah muasasah, jarak hotel penginapan mereka ke masjid di mekah dan madinah adalah amat jauh > 1km. Cuba bayangkan pakcik dan makcik di kampung yang sudah tua terpaksa berjalan lebih 2 km setiap waktu solat untuk beribadah di masjid. Tidak hairan kebanyakan jemaah muasasah tiada pilihan lain terpaksa bersolat di hotel sahaja. Keadaan ini amat mendukacitakan.

  14. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Was told thatTabung Haji is trying to get rid of Jemaah Muasasah program for profitablity reasons.

  15. Anonymous10:32 pm

    I totally agree with Salleh Majid.

    Azizan should go. In fact, both of them, Azizan and Zarinah should go to.........HELL!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous10:43 pm


    Chairman of Investment Panel of Tabung Haji (TH)
    Chairman of TH Properties Bhd
    Chairman of TH-NSTC Sdn Bhd
    Chairman of PT Synergo Oil Nusantara
    Director of THP Sinar
    Director of PT Indo Plantation
    Former Director - SCAN Associates Berhad
    Independent Director - Mission Biofuels Sdn. Bhd.
    Independent Non-Executive Director and Chairman of Audit Committee - Apex Equity Holdings Bhd
    Former Independent Non-Executive Chairman, Member of Audit Committee and Director of MBf Holdings Berhad - MBF Corp. Bhd
    Former Executive Director -TSH Resources Bhd
    Former Director - Ekowood International Bhd
    Chairman, Member of Audit Committee and Member of Nomination Committee - Eastern & Oriental Bhd
    Former Independent Non Executive Chairman, Chairman of Audit Committee, Chairman of Nomination Committee and Chairman of Remuneration Committee - Ayer Hitam Tin Dredging Malaysia Bhd
    2005-Present: Director, Member of Audit Committee and Member of Nomination Committee - TH Plantations Berhad
    Independent Non Executive Director, Chairman of Remuneration Committee, Member of Audit Committee and Member of Nomination Committee - MBF Holdings Bhd
    Chairman, Chairman of Audit Committee, Chairman of Nomination Committee and Chairman of Remuneration Committee - Gefung Holdings Bhd
    Former Independent & Non Executive Director and Member of Audit Committee - Nagamas International Berhad
    Executive Chairman - Isyoda Corp. Bhd
    Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman and Chairman of Executive Committee - Ramunia Holdings Bhd

  17. Anonymous11:58 pm

    You're fired, We would like to hear this word from PM to SC Chairman.
    It's not first time the chairman create controversy.Again and again

    Have guts will travel.

  18. Anonymous12:50 am

    ...if my memory does not fail me, it was just couple of months ago, that the same bunch of 'inconsiderate' trustees from the Hajj Fund spent quite a fortune of pak-pak hajis' and orang-orang kampongs' hard-earned live savings money in London and some parts of Europe. Their agenda then was to inspect a heritage hotel in Central London that was in Tabung Haji flamboyant CEO's and Azizan's shopping list. And the price tag, a whopping RM500m. The flamboyant CEO also brought along his 'Special Lady Officer', a highly paid for nothing much to do job,(probably around RM25k a month. Her salary well surpass a Gomen's JUSA A officer. And Azizan was there too then. And why is Azizan there again in the entourage this time around ? The answer lies in YB Member of Parliament for BKT Bintang, Wee Chee Keong's statement in Parliament about the flamboyant CEO being awarded 1 million Lityan shares, endorsed by Securities Commission Chairman, Tan Sri Zarina. Wee, for that very moment appeared more Islamic than most of our Muslim Ministers who did not mind for all that happened. In fact Wee was absolutely right to suggest that the 1 million shares given to the CEO of Tabg Haji, should have been deposited with Tbg Haji instead, to benefit the entire Muslims, not the flamboyant CEO, whose remuneration package is already four-times the salary of Chief Secretary to the Government !!! Well if Jemaah Muasasah 2011 suggests that Azizan should go to retain her husband's stature and unblemished record as Chairman of SC, I strongly believe the flamboyant CEO of Tabg Haji has to go too. He has long overstayed his welcome there. He has done more damage than good. All the good deeds and improvements brought about by his predecessor, Bakke, have gone to the drains..HR system is in shamble. Staff morale is at its knee level. Points (merit) system has been converted to 'pointing' system, meaning the person that he likes get promoted. The flamboyant CEO has taken opulent to a dizzying level in Tabung Haji. His high taste of office living, and life style has his GM of Maintainence, busy all year round working on expensive renovations and furniture replacements. Rooms get renovated every now and then. Take a peek at the premises on the 32nd floor espescially, right to the 38th pent-house floor at Tabung Haji building in Jalan Tun Razak, you will be awed that you would not want to leave the building ...too good and comfy not to sleep and not doing any job the entire day ...

    Bakal Jemaah MahaSusah 2011,
    (nak hantar paspot haji, beratur lama nak mampos di lantai 30, keadaan kram lagi sempit, walhal pejabat Pengurus Besat dan Pegawai2 kanan Tbg Haji, bilik mereka amat luas hingga boleh main bola di dalam bilik mereka .. mana dia amanah !!!

  19. Anonymous7:03 am

    Jemaah Muasasah 2011,

    Begitu cerita nya ye.... aku tetanya-tanya kenape peberian dividen TH tahap ciput, kurang 6 persen,sedangkan elaun dan gaji top-top man melebihi gaji JUAS A. Apalah salah bagi dividen dan bonus kepada pendeposit pada tahap ASB atau tahap bank rakyat. Hotel muasasah TH dalam linkongna kurang 500 meter. Itu lah sebab keputusan mereka yang buat tanpa mempertimbangkan pendeposit. Tanpa pendeposit mana mereka kerja.

    Aku tahu rasa hati aku mereka tak baca, cuma RB dan pelayar nye saje.

    Adakah mereka tanya atau survei pandangan pendeposit bila nak beli itu dan ini , labur itu dan ini. aku cadang beli hotel di sebelah pagar masjidil haram? apa kata. Boleh DS Jamil KHIR usahakan.


  20. Anonymous9:37 am

    She shoould step down or if she want to stay on, she should divorce her husband.

  21. Anonymous10:17 am

    Zarinah is a MILF

  22. Anonymous11:12 am

    Zarinah's record of selective prosecution is shameful. If you antagonise her, her husband or friends of hers or her husbands, you face the wrath of a woman scorned.

    Our dear PM must pass this to the MACC to investigate. Recusing herself after a memo that says her husband is innocent tantamount to intimidation.

    Disgusting creatures we have holding the reins of power. Part of the problem of the negativity with which the BN government is viewed is their hanging on to baggages of the civil service who run the fiefdom.

    RM1 for the politicians, RM5 for the civil servants and their nominees. They dont get their way, they pass the info to PR! Watafark!

    Put up their hands those who believe Azizan make only on 100,000 shares! Put up their hands those who believe Azizan make on 450,000 shares!

    Put up their hands those who believe lots of purchases were made under nominees!

    Put up their hands those who believe Tery and the others who sold are giving some of their ill gotten gains to Azizan!

  23. Tabung Uji1:29 pm


    Jumlah Jemaah Muasasah Malaysia = 28,000 orang
    Kos sarapan pagi = RM5 seorang x 28,000 = RM140,000 sehari
    Jumlah hari di Mekah/Madinah = 41 hari
    Jumlah kos sarapan pagi = RM140,000 x 41 hari = RM5.7 juta (anggaran).

    Sila bandingkan dengan Kos "LAWATAN SAMBIL BELAJAR" VVIP (Menteri, Isteri, Anak, Saudara Mara, Setiausaha Sulit/Tak Sulit, CEO, Lembaga Pengarah, dll) ke Eropah dan serata dunia.

    Kos perjalanan LAWATAN RASMI SAMBIL BELAJAR VVIP = RM500,000
    Duit poket LAWATAN RASMI SAMBIL BELAJAR VVIP = RM50,000-100,000 (untuk menteri sahaja, tidak termasuk VVIP yang lain)
    Jumlah LAWATAN RASMI SAMBIL BELAJAR VVIP = 4-5 kali setahun
    Jumlah kos perjalanan setahun = RM500,000 x 4-5 + Duit Poket = ±RM3.0 juta

    Kos sarapan pagi Jemaah Muasasah ialah RM5.7 juta. Jika Pihak Pengurusan yang AMAT PEKA membatalkan semua LAWATAN RASMI SAMBIL BELAJAR VVIP, kos untuk membiayai sarapan pagi Jemaah Muasasah Malaysia masih kurang RM2-3 juta (RM5.7-3.0 juta)

    Maka itu, saya cadangkan agar Yang Berhormat Datuk Azeez Rahim yang juga SECARA KEBETULAN merupakan ahli Lembaga Pengarah Tabung Haji yang amat PRIHATIN dan AMAT BERPENGALAMAN DENGAN MISI KEMANUSIAAN SEDUNIA (SOMALIA, GAZA, YOGYAKARTA, dll) supaya segera menganjurkan MISI MENGUMPUL DANA untuk membantu Jemaah Muasasah Malaysia dapat menjamu sarapan pagi pada musim Haji 2011.

    p/s/ Azeez, misi kali ini ialah MISI MENGUMPUL DANA, so kamu tak payah pergi Mekah/Madinah pun tak apa.

  24. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Adalah dikhabarkan cerita Azizan dan Zarinah ini mula zaman Paklah PM/Menteri Kewangan lagi.
    Bila Paklah tidur, ketika itulah Kalimullah dan KJ buat percaturan mereka dgn Nor Mohd Yaakob ketika itu Menteri Kewangan II.
    Azizan adalah bisnes partner Kalimullah sekian lama dan utk memudahkan manipulasi bursa saham, maka Zarinah diletakkan sbgi bos SC.
    Ketika itu juga GLC yg kaya raya spt Khazanah, Tabung Haji diletakkan nominee2 yg boleh dipercayai utk buat duit dan simpan rahsia.
    Kesimpulan mudah Nor Mohd Yaacob, Kalimullah (ECM-Avenue Capital), KJ (Menantu Paklah/Ketua Pemuda Umno), Amok (Khazanah), Azizan (Tabung Hj dll, Zarinah (SC) bekerjasama ketika itu lagi utk buat duit.
    Oleh kerana itu ada kemungkinan mereka ini maha mengetahui banyak perkara sehingga ke pentadbiran Najib mungkin juga mengetahui sesuatu tetapi hanya tunggu masa untuk bertindak atau tidak.
    Jadi cerita Zarinah tidak tahu mengenai bisnes suaminya Azizan adalah dongeng belaka.
    Juga diberitakan Kalimullah (ketika Paklah DPM) adalah smooth operator yg amat bijak utk penetrate sesuatu organisasi termasuk Pejabat PM spt dilakukan ketika zaman Dr Mahathir apabila bersekongkol dgn Johari Baharom yg ketika itu setpol Mahathir.
    Habuan Johari ialah bertanding di Kubang Pasu dan menghalang TDM aktif di sana.
    Adakah perkara sama kini berlaku kpd Najib sehingga beliau terpaksa bertindak berseorangan dalam sesuatu hal yg penting.
    Tepuk dada tanya kepala!


  25. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Kenapa Tabung Haji tidak dapat menempatkan hotel yang lebih berdekatan untuk jemaah Malaysia terutamanya di Mekah? Tabung Haji telah lama beroperasi sejak 1960an, sepatutnya Tabung Haji sudah berupaya untuk mendapatkan hotel yang terbaik untuk jemaah Malaysia. Di mana silapnya? Tidak semua jemaah Malaysia yang berkemampuan untuk pergi haji melalui pakej Tabung Haji yang rata2 melebihi RM20,000 seorang.

    Senarai Pakej Tabun Haji untuk VVIP
    Pakej Intan: Harga: >RM20,490 – Hotel Taiba - 530m dari Masjidil Haram (MH)
    Pakej Baiduri: Harga: >RM22,590– Hotel Shubra Al Khalil – 500m dari MH
    Pakej Fairus: Harga: >RM22,990 – Hotel Hajeej - 400m dari MH
    Pakej Firdaus: Harga: >RM24,390 – Hotel Firdaus Haneen - 360m dari MH
    Pakej Nilam: Harga: >RM28,490 – Hotel Royal Dar Al Eiman - 80m dari MH
    Pakej Zamrud: Harga: >RM64,990 – Hotel Movenpick - 50m dari MH
    Pakej AlMaas: Harga: >RM114,990 – Hotel Intercontinental - 10m dari MH

    Jemaah Muasasah: Harga: RM10,000 - Hotel Zero Star - 1km dari MH

  26. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Jamil Khir: I did not steal zakat money
    Thursday, 15 September 2011

    (The Malaysian Insider) - Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom has denied that he used Islamic tithes to build a mansion for his family.

    The minister in charge of Islamic affairs told a press conference today he had lived in the Kampung Batu Muda home since 1994 and renovations were paid for with his own money.

    “Wallahi, I did not take zakat money. You can check with the Federal Territory zakat department and get a clean audit.

    “I dare to swear if they dare,” Jamil Khir told reporters.

    The Malaysia Today news portal had published a picture of Jamil Khir’s home yesterday (http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/no-holds-barred/43437-fighting-in-the-cause-of-islam), alleging that it was worth millions of ringgit.

    In the report, PKR Youth deputy chief Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin had challenged the minister to explain how he could afford such a home after three years in office with a monthly salary of not more than RM15,000.

    But the senator said today the allegations were a “desperate political” move to tarnish his image.

    “I have lived there for 17 years and I do not know why it is now being raised. It is just renovations.

    “I don’t want to prolong this issue. Before this I was not unemployed. My last post was as a Major-General with a pension and gratuity. Not up to RM1 million but it was enough,” he added.

    He also said that the expansion of his home was due to the increasing number of people in his family, including his parents and his six children who also earn their own income now.


    Jamil Khir does not need to steal zakat money to build that million dollar mansion. Now he has new friends in Tabung Haji eps. CEO & Brother & Friends, and of course... Rocky's beloved, Azizan Abdul Rahman. Thank you depositors of Tabung Haji for helping Jamil Khir building his new mansion. Jamil Khir is a big liability to Najib's administration. Najib should immediately sack the bugger! Jamil Khir travelled around the world with his family using Tabung Haji depositors money. He thinks he is the Minister of Tourism or what?

  27. That's it both should go, Zarinah and husband resign from their respective positions ASAP, like yesterday!

  28. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Bernama – Thu, Sep 15, 2011

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 15 (Bernama) -- Minister in the Prime Minister''s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom has denied the allegation that he used
    money from the tithes collection to renovate his house in Kampung Batu Muda, Batu Caves here.
    He said the renovations of on his house, where he and his family had been living in since 1994, were paid for with his own money and he described the
    allegation as a ''desperate political'' move.
    "Before this I was not unemployed. My last post in the military was as a Major-General with a pension and gratuity, but not up to RM1 million. So, it is
    improbable that a Major-General cannot afford a house," he told reporters, here after chairing the State Islamic Religious Council Congress meeting today.

    Jamil Khir said that the extension of his home was due to the increasing number of people in his family, including his parents and six children. "(I bought) the house (using) government loan in 1994, it is not settled yet, (you) can check and it is long before I became a minister," he said, adding that he was willing to swear to prove that he did not use tithes money to buy the house.

    The Malaysia Today news portal had published a picture of Jamil Khir’s home yesterday, alleging that it was worth millions of ringgit. In the report, PKR Youth deputy chief Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin had challenged the minister to explain how he could afford such a home after three years in office with a monthly salary of not more than RM15,000.

    On the congress, Jamil Khir said the two-day meeting would be held on Sept 26 and officiated by Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin at the Putra World Trade Centre.

    He said the congress was expected to attract about 1,000 participants from various agencies and individuals, including the State Islamic Councils and the State Fatwa Councils.

    -- BERNAMA

  29. Anonymous6:06 pm


    Why do you propogate such fitnah that smears a person's reputation? what have you got against them personally? you've got to be more responsible in your blog writing and just because you are well followed it does not mean you can write what you want and destroy whoever you fancy destroying?

    You create insinuations as if you know itvas the absolute truth and you discredit people without evidence. Are you not god fearing the very least?

    I have heard stories that you are easily bought by the highest bidder but I hate to think of this as true. And i will not think that unless I have proof. Even with proof, I won't spread it around and discredit you. Why aren't you afraid for all these bad actions that you are taking?

    Please wake up tomorrow morning and realize that you have been a nasty cruel man and that you want to repent. Stop all personal attacks before a lightning strikes you. God is fair u know.

    Lastly, there is a lot that you do not know so don't flatter yourself as someone that is privy to all important info. The truth is the ones you befriend for such twisted information sources are the disgruntled ones. So where is their merit? And didn't you learn in journalism school that you can't write nonsense just for the sake of readership?

    Please Rocky. think about what I've said. Be a good Muslim

    Anti Aib

  30. Datuk,

    I agree with some of your commenters. Zarinah should resign first.

    Azizan is there on his personal capacity, because he is a shareholder.

    Zarinah is there to protect the interest of the public and industry. She has proven to be the 'thief' instead of catching thieves.

    She must go, for PM Najib's administration sake! The longer she's there, lesser confidence on the industry and PM Najib's GTP/ETP policies.

  31. Anonymous12:58 am

    Dato Abu Kassim of MACC should set aside his close friendship with the flamboyant CEO (F.CEO) of Tbg Haji and let his professional evaluation deal with the entire debacle surrounding hanky-panky corporate exercises involving Datok Azizan, the F.CEO and few others. If his memory is short than i had expected, let me then recall for him all the bad dealings involving the F.CEO and Azizan that Tbg Haji have had to stomach. Ramunia shares dealing leading to huge losses of close to RM200m, highly controversial purchase of Silverbird, Lityan re-listing which saw eventual gain of 1million shares awarded to F.CEO of Tbg Haji instead of Tbg Haji. And interestingly the untold story of how the F.CEO of Tbg Haji (being a nominee, I say it again, NOMINEE director) of Tbg Haji Plantation, had earlier allotted himself and few other Board Directors of the same sub-company, millions of shares each under the Tbg Haji Plantation ESOS exercise. Everything went smoothly. ESOS exercise was almost completing ... the proposal was endorsed at all levels. It was almost a done-deal ... but someone wrote an article in the EDGE Daily questioning nominee directors pocketing ESOS, which triggered the alarm and everything stalled !! So Mr F.CEO and your partners in crime< let me ask you ...Was it not ATTEMPTED THEFT by directors of Tbg Haji Plantation, knowing fully well that they as nominee directors, did not qualify to enjoy the share allocation ? Perhaps the F.CEO of Tbg Haji should look up for the meaning of ESOS !!! It is EMPLOYEE not EMPLOYER Share Option Scheme ! Mr F.CEO, no doubt you are an employee of Tbg Haji BUT you were never an employee of Tbg Haji Plantation. You already enjoy handsome monthly Director's fees, meeting allowances and not forgetting the huge payout for your annual holidays by Tbg Haji Plantation !! EVEN if ESOS were to mean EMPLOYER SHARE OPTION SCHEME, Mr F.CEO and his partners in crime, could never enjoy a single share under ESOS, for they were never the EMPLOYERs of Tabg Haji. Mr F.CEO, you are paid to work under a contract, which has been extended, again, again and again !!! Come on, wake up Mr F.CEO !!! Interestingly, he was quick to put the blame on the entire Corporate Finance Department of Tbg Haji for not ENLIGHTENING him on HIS INELIGIBILITY. What a JERK and a JOKER he is !!! So Dato Abu Kassim, in the last few years of your career, please be just to yourself by acting more professional in your dealings with Tbg Haji. The F.CEO will not be there to defend you in the next life >>>> Allahuakbar

    Pesara Tbg Haji

  32. Travel Agent7:58 am

    After the Tabung Haji trip to London and Spain, Jamil Khir & family will immediately fly to Australia for a couple of days. This time it's another study visit, but by other Islamic Agency to see the modern slaughter house in Australia. After the Aussie trip, Jamil & family will be off to Saudi for hajj for at least 1 week. It seems that this Jamil Khir is so busy spending taxpayers' money travelling around the world as if he is the Minister of MITI looking for FDI. What a good life! Is TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD the new KPI for Minister nowadays?

  33. Badut Nasional10:30 am

    Filthy rich, Naturally! ummmNO?

  34. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Masalah korupsi dan salah guna kuasa di dalam kerajaan dan sektor korporat termasuk bursa jika ditanya kepada Tun Mahathir, Paklah, Najib, Nor Mohd Yaakob, Riong Kali, Azizan dan Zarinah termasuk towkay2 besar bukan perkara baru. Ianya cerita lapok dari dulu, kini dan selamanya. Cuma kepada mereka - pandai bikin pandai simpan, you benefit i also benefit, you scratch my back i scratch yours. Zarinah boleh berhenti tetapi dia juga boleh kata pentadbiran dulu dan skrg serupa saja dlm menghalal cara. Zarinah kata Najib very understanding dlm hal suami beliau mungkin ada yg tersirat. Paling tidak Najib suruh Zarinah berhenti utk jaga nama baik kjaan. Zaman Anwar dlm kjaan pun dia dan kroni pun buat duit jugak. Tidak menjadi sesuatu yg salah kepada mereka, malah ianya bisnes yg lumayan bila org yg kita amanahkan hancurkan harapan agama bangsa dan negara untuk kepentingan peribadi dan politik mereka. Mungkin halal haram tidak ada dalam kitab yg mereka belajar. Bagi mereka kubur aku kubur kau, dah mampos lain cerita. Maka ramai2 lah kita pakat pergi bertahlil dan berdoa utk sifulan dan sifulanah. Mudah sangat kita uruskan hal duniawi bila dah mampos, seolah2 agama tu tak penting cuma hiasan sahaja. Ada pula berlumba2 bersedekah dan menderma ratusan ribu malahan jutaan ringgit pun ada tp duitnya dtg dari sumber haram tetapi mereka ini amat berbangga kerana telah melaksanakan tanggungjawab sosial dan agama. Itulah masalahnya bila intipati agama bukan jadi pegangan tetapi hiasan luaran sahaja. Percayalah sesiapa pun yg jadi ketua kjaan, ketua syarikat ataupun ketua keluarga jika tidak amanah pastinya akan hancur dan porak peranda negara mahupun institusi syarikat atau keluarga mereka.

  35. While my guitar gently weeps.

  36. Anonymous7:39 pm

    You fellas ever thought about Zarinah's backer ??? Just a thought

  37. Mustapha Ong9:07 am

    Dear Rocky,

    A Good and timely spin and I totally agreed that such people in their coveted positions, either in government or the corporate sectors should leave, as nobody is indispensable, no matter how smart and intelligent they maybe.

    A clear living example is Tun Mahathir Mohamed, as he had given up party and his premiership without reservation, which may have caused some "political hick ups, etc.Mahathir is still relevant and he is still on the wanted list by so many foreign governments and world leaders.

    In the case of Zarinah Anwar' whose family is well connected, I think that she should step down gracefully. Enough cheap publicity and no justifications required to hang on the job. There are many potential and good candidates out there for the top post in Securities Commission.

    Having said that, just look around and we know that many top executives, Chairman and Executive Chairman should step down and make way for others in waiting. No names to be mentioned here but we know who's who in the GLCs. These people think that they are the best with political patronage and connections, but they do not realise that they are now a personal liability to prime minister Najib and the government.

    I hope the prime minister will embark on his next transformation program, i.e. Corporate Transformation Programs (CTP).How about it, DS Najib? Will you just do it and we will continue to support you in order to realise your goal, vision and achievements to bring Malaysia to the next level of development.

  38. Jabatan Kewangan10:45 am

    Salam semua,

    Dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai dari Umno Bahagian Jerai, hangat dan hampir pasti Umno bahagian Jerai akan meletakkan tokoh agama iaitu Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom sebagai calon pada pilihanraya umum ke 13 nanti.

    Umno bahagian Jerai dikatakan menyetujui langkah PM Najib untuk menurunkan calon BOLEH MENANG untuk merampas kembali kerusi Parlimen Jerai yang buat kedua kalinya ditawan oleh Pas. Calon Pas ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa memenanginya buat pertama kali bagi Pas pada pilihanraya umum ke 10 pada 1999 mengalahkan Dato’ Paduka Badruddin Amiruldin.

    Tidak hairan lah Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom telah membuat persediaan awal dan rapi dengan meminta duit zakat Tabung Haji berjumlah RM100,000-RM300,000 (telah diluluskan oleh CEO TH) pada bulan Ramadhan yang lalu 1432 untuk di AGIH-AGIH kan kepada asnaf di kawasan JERAI.

    Persoalannya sekarang, kenapa bayaran zakat Tabung Haji di agihkan oleh Datuk Seri Jamil Khir sendiri dan bukan Lembaga Zakat Negeri/Persekutuan? Mungkin Datuk Seri Jamil Khir telah terlupa tentang prosedur dan tujuan agihan zakat kerana terlalu sibuk dengan urusan kerajaan di dalam dan LUAR NEGERI.

    Jika DS Najib atau SPRM tidak mengambil tindakan, maka Menteri-menteri yang lain sila lah segera mohon SUMBANGAN IKHLAS dari Tabung Haji sebelum semua duit zakat dileburkan oleh Datuk Serui Jamil Khir.


  39. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Azeez Rahim is Board Member of Tabung Haji? OMG!

  40. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Rasulullah saw. bersabda, “Pada Akhir Zaman akan muncul orang-orang yang tidak segan-segan menggunakan agama demi tujuan-tujuan duniawi dan mengenakan shuf (pakaian dari bahan bulu domba) di depan umum untuk memperlihatkan kesahajaan. Lidah mereka lebih manis daripada gula, tetapi hati mereka adalah hati serigala.” (H.r. Tirmizi)

    Hint: Tabung Haji

  41. Segala tenaga dan ringgit Softnet hancur lebur hanya dengan satu arahan daripada Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim yang juga Pengerusi Theta Edge dan Lembaga Pengarah Tabung Haji kepada TH diberi untuk luluskan kontrak queue pada Thetha Edge dan pegawai Softnet (saya sendiri)yang menguruskan tender tertutup ini mendapati dari pegawai TH yang mengelola tender ini bahawa:
    1: Theta Edge yang tidak disenaraikan dalam 3 syarikat teratas yang dibentangkan dalam J/K Tender tiba-tiba berada dalam senarai yang dibentangkan.
    2: Hanya 3 syarikat yang berada dalam kedudukan teratas tidak termasuk Theta Edge akan dibentangkan kepada J/K Tender tetapi berubah menjadi 4 syarikat dalam kedudukan teratas yang dibentangkan dalam J/K Tender.

  42. Anonymous10:17 pm

    What a joke when PM Najib appointed this bugger as the Menteri Agama..well known as an ass licker and a so called commission taker when he was in KAGAT.Now as the Menteri Agama a kinda daylight robber in all agencies under him.I may say not even a small cake can be shared accordingly or fairly butta wallupped by him alone or cronies..poor the small contractors how to cari makan for their families.

    According to people so called his entrusted person slumberly admitted how he samun day n night like nobodies damn business..came across one incident to this AP holder a Dato Seri from Kedah was asked to sent a Ferrarri for a test drive..but was let down due to his lansiness.But few months being Minister can order Mercedes S Class from Meng Heng..who pay for it if not a tycoon having business under your agencies..

    Tapau is his hobby.. lucrative illegal allowances earned nobody could imagine..taubat or repent la Jamil..we r watching u..or else ur wrong deeds will be cursed..remember too during your reign many honest people had been sacked or dismissed from the office just bcoz they knew all your wrongdoings..pity them as they are the bread winner for their families.Do trust Allah will repay all ur harm deeds..

    Be a conscious orang agama..u r no longer in rakyat 's Ustaz but just a 'CLOWN' and a laughing stock of ur own inventions..