Monday, September 12, 2011

Zarinah Anwar's memo to SC staff

"Naturally, (my husband) had no knowledge of the Sime Darby purchase at the time as this is a sale by the major shareholders and the Board was not told of the negotiations until later". - Zarinah Anwar, Securities Commission chairman
So Clever. Naturally, of course, she had to drop the PM's name. Najib now has to explain what is really meant by "expressing his understanding". And naturally, too, she had to preempt the "review" of the case by underscoring the statement above just before recusing herself. Basically, the above means that "naturally, my husband is innocent".

The Internal Memo to SC Staff:
"You would have read in the papers and the blogs the criticism and allegations in respect of the purchase of E&O shares by Sime Darby. While this is a commercial decision made by Sime Darby, it does raise the issue of whether the transaction has Takeover Code implications and an MGO should be carried out.  
The second issue of course relates to my husband's purchase of shares in E&O. He has been the chairman and shareholder of E&O since 2002 and has purchased shares in the company since then. The latest acquisition is just part of his normal acquisition, with all purchases made in the open and duly reported to Bursa. Naturally he had no knowledge of the Sime Darby purchase at the time as this is a sale by the major shareholders and the Board was not told of the negotiations until later.  
In any case, I have instructed that both the issue of the MGO and the acquisition of shares be thoroughly looked into. Given that I am conflicted, in accordance with our governance procedures, I have recused myself and have asked our two most senior commissioners Datuk Francis and Datuk Gumuri to lead the review of this case working together with Dr Nik and Dtk Ranjit.  
I have also briefed YAB the Prime Minister who expressed his understanding."  
8 Sept, 2011 9am 

Datuk Francis Tan Leh Kiah - Managing Director of Azman, Davidson & Co., Advocates & Solicitors
Dato Dr Nik Ramlah Mahmood - SC Managing Director & Executive Director Enforcement Division
Dato' Gumuri Hussain - Chairman, SME Bank (Bank Perusahaan Kecil & Sederhana Malaysia Bhd)
Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh - SC Managing director & Executive Director, Market Supervision


  1. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Naturally, the whole stinking circus smacked of insider tradings plain and simple. If the case is proven, the missus should go inside as well, at least naturally just to keep hubby company if not naturally meriting a place on her own.

  2. Anonymous9:53 pm

    bole pcaye ke?i tot wife trust husband d most..oopss...

  3. Anonymous9:53 pm

    `I have also briefed YAB the Prime Minister who expressed his understanding."'

    so dato najib....looksee, looksee and looksee only ahhh?

    why you give an `understanding' to her?

    autopilot mode aaa?

  4. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Advice to the PM:
    Running the country is already a full-time job without you having to hold the portfolio of Finance Minister. You have to be hands-on to be an efficient Finance Minister - when you delegate its duties down to others, you are at the mercy of their vagaries and vested interests.
    Worse, you are in the firing line as a result of their actions while they hide behind you.


  5. sharp shooter10:07 pm

    Why is only Zarinah and hubby taking the wrap? What about Mr straight shooter Bakke?

  6. I believe Najib understands that there is definitely a some kind of a conflict of interest and a whiff of inside information involved in buying those shares!
    Zarinah please I am tired of being one of the people that you people think and assume is stupid not to know and to actually believe that your husband is not naturally that stupid not to know when opportunity arises, and with a little help, purchased those shares!
    The best thing for you to do now Zarinah is to tender your resignation as soon as possible, for Najib will not ask you to do it!! You, Zarinah, must use your own discretion to make a quick exit!

    Fed up and Tired Barkingmagpie!

  7. "Naturally he had no knowledge of the Sime Darby purchase at the time as this is a sale by the major shareholders and the Board was not told of the negotiations until later."

    This is pure bull shit!

    How can the CEO of Sime Darby commit the company to a $766 million buy-in of E&O without discussing it with his Finance Director, Chauiman Musang and top management and Board of Directors?

    There's no way the CEO of Sime has sole authority to commit it to such a humongous financial obligation on his own without Board approval and the minuting of it in their records.

    The other Board memebers were not told or did not know? Another blatant lie. I'm sure even the tea ladies and office boys in Sime were aware of it as would Sime's and E&O's legal department, laywers, advisors and merchant bankers. The info was sure as hell leaked and that's why even Sime's S'pore shareholders bought in before the announcement.

    It's time MACC and the MoF and PM naib took out the bull whip!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  8. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Mengapa suami Zarinah boleh beli membeli syer-syer syarikat senarai tetapi staff SC dan suami/isteri mereka tidak dibenarkan langsung?


  9. Anonymous12:18 am

    Zarinah is a MILF

  10. Anonymous12:48 am

    and naturally MAS sponsors QPR shirts.....everything like this comes naturally in Malaysia....

    when are you standing for election Rocky.....soon naturally I hope!

  11. Anonymous12:51 am

    T:- Latuk, gua mau jual saya punya share, u boleh tolong atur ke?

    A:- aiyoh, saya Chairman Investment Panel tak boleh suka suka beli syer syarikat yang saya pulak chairman la T apek! Lagi, dia orang blog dan internet sudah banyak cakap pasal I di Kenc, Isy, aiyah kepala pening la! Isteri saya pukul dia diam tapiluar banyak bising la!

    T:- Boleh la Chairman, lu pandai control isteri lu takut apa??!! Untung boleh banyak la. Duit Raya la! Saya tau lu sudah untung banyak Kenc jangan lupa saya sudah jaga lu Independent 10 tahun loh!

    A:- Ok la apek, saya talipon B dulu dia kerja bagi wa sekarang dia CEO Slime Dog. Boleh la saya atur. Tapi saya pun mau untung. Sikit pun syiok. Nanti bawa isteri pi holiday. Dia bising, saya pukul.

  12. BIGCAT1:15 am

    I still supports Najib but at the moment feels very tired.

  13. Don't you just hate it with some Gomen employees dropping the PM's name in an official memo to other Gomen employees.

  14. Naturally,big profit means to share it together.So help the 'gomen' to earn some profit to spend for the benefit of rakyat.That what GLCs are for.

    Naturally,let us enjoy the benefits given by the 'gomen'. Then prosper together in the next coming years with positve thinking, be more innovative and productive, high income societies.

    Naturally,those are sweet dreams.It is not meant for 'rakyat biasa' like us. Seriously not in this natural thinking.

  15. maybe zarinah thought since we all didnt study as high as her therefore we stupid~ auntie, what? u think we all dummy dunno shit about world? Naturally we all got brain to think! Aisey najib if u keep all this dollah's legancy punya hantu, susah la~ aku pun mau ada bini camni~

  16. Anonymous7:12 am

    Pls dont forget Bakke was with Azizan together in LTH. Bakke was the CEO and Azizan was in the investment panel.
    He may have introduce Bakke to the shareholders of E&O to sell the stake.

  17. Anonymous7:21 am

    What about the shares in Kenacana Petroleum that Azizan ended up with?
    What did he declare in the SC declaration form when they submitted for SC approval?
    Did he declare the shares was his or he is holding for someone else?
    He placed out the sharess and msde lots of money. Why did he buy such small amount of E&O? Not enough profit fr sale of Kencana shares? or Just plain greedy to make more money so much so jeopardies his wife good name, the SC, other public institution and the PM's name?
    Plese ask the SC to investigate.

  18. Dear Rocky,
    This is one of many conflicts of interest that make no sense.
    Another one that needs to be investigated is how the hell can loss making MAS afford to sponsor a crap BPL club like QPR - which now just happens to be owned by one of its major shareholders. Conveniently MAS ends up subsidizing Tony's venture in ego. Conveniently Tony has his costs of running a crap club like QPR covered by the taxpayer (as MAS is run by Khazanah).
    Did the board discuss this? What is the cost benefit?

    Rocky - its time PM put an end to all this nonsense whereby a few select people on the inside are making huge sums of money off the back of the Rakyat!

  19. Apparently, another tragic case of "harapkan pagar ..." and sepandai-pandai tupai ...".

  20. Anonymous8:31 am

    She has got to GO!!!!!

  21. Anonymous8:36 am

    "Z delivered a healthy baby boy - her my husband was not even aware she was pregnant because the Doctors and she never discussed about the pregnancy."

    he hehe hehehe

  22. Anonymous8:59 am

    orang-orang susah macam kami ni cuma boleh kata yang depa ni semua 'anak haram besaq'

  23. Anonymous9:19 am

    I guess rules of ethics and common decency does not apply to the higher echelons. They are above the law.

    When my missus was in line for the position of the head of audit, she declined the job because she felt that there would be occassion of a conflict of interest when I am still working for the same company. Furthermore, her integrity and impartiality would come into question when auditing me.

    But these people have no shame at all. Sometimes I wonder if we are kidding ourselves more.

    There are still people with high morals and integrity in Malaysia.

  24. Anonymous10:26 am

    Another Wan Azizah?

  25. Badut Nasional10:36 am

    Band of Robbers, Naturally! ummmNO.

  26. The moral thing to do .."Given that I am conflicted, in accordance with our governance procedures, I hereby tender my resignation." fullstop!!

  27. Anonymous12:28 pm

    naturally, every one is innocent, but coming few weeks after the launch of the CG Blue Print, and the so called championing of CG, the Rt Hon Chairman of the SC, Mrs. Azizan should do the honourable thing................RESIGN!she has lost all moral persusion to be a regulator let alone champion CG. But the truly sad point is that she is clinging on without shame!

  28. Anonymous12:29 pm

    There's been a rash of Intelligent Women and Idiot Husbands.
    First there's the tale of the Omega, now we have EeyOre (pun intended).
    I fear for our daughters - tak kahwin salah, kahwin pun salah.

  29. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Briefing the PM is a natural thing to do. But dropping PM's name in her memo to the SC staff is very unnatural. Then again it could be a natural instinct when she is under attack.

    Panda Kungfu

  30. In The Edge of Sept 12, page 69 "Bakke: We wanted only 30%" under the sub-title of "We have done everything within the law", Sime Darby CEO Datuk Mohd Bakke Salleh had said this:

    "I had made known the intention to buy into E&O."

    Two of the questions are: When and To Whom? -- Was it to Abdul Ba'ek, the Bangla toilet cleaner at E&O?... or was it to, among other people, the chairman of E&O?

    Now, Azizan had bought those E&O shares - the last was on Aug 12: was he one of the people whom Bakke had made known the intention? Although the announcement was made at the end of August, Bakke had made known Sime's intention to purchase much earlier than this: was it before Aug 12? If it was, then doesn't Azizan's purchase constitute insider trading?

  31. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Beware of people who have "Anwar" in their names.

  32. Naturally the Prime minister understands. And its only natural for us to understand to. So can we also naturally drop this?

  33. Mazlan2:26 pm

    So she declares his innocence before the investigation starts?
    And thus pre-judging things before her staff can do their work. Now that screws up what the staff can report.
    And don't you just love the whole PM name dropping line.

    But Rocky - does this surprise you anymore. Our institutions are being run by people out to screw the public and enjoy the benefits to themselves.

    Look at Khazanah - they hire a bunch of their buddies to run their investee companies and actually promote those who run the companies to the ground.

    Sime Darby operates with impunity. Proton continues to only survive by building shit cars that they can't export in a market that is heavily protected and we end up paying inflated prices.

    Now we see Tony Fernandez awarding his newly bought Football club a 'multi-million' pound shirt deal with MAS to cover his costs. And MAS is loss making and he was given shares without having to pay a sen. WTF? I thought the priority for MAS was to cut costs and expand revenue? Not to bail out Tony's cost of purchasing QPR. And who the hell watches QPR anyway?
    Macam mana ni Najib? Where is the people first, performance now bullshit?

    These people are just handing ammunition to the opposition and making the Government look like corrupt fools.

  34. Natural Born Killer2:26 pm

    Naturally, Azizan (Head of Investment Panel), CEO of TH (+ his brother + friends), Azeez Keling (Board of Director), all ganged up robbing TH big time. Naturally nobody will take action. Naturally the costs for hajj will increase because of these irresponsbile acts. Naturally Najib will close both eyes and expressed his understanding.

  35. Anonymous3:34 pm


    Mentang arwah bapak dia kawan dengan arwah Dato' Onn, dia pikir dia orang hebat yang ada pengecualian untuk membuat sesuatu yang berlawanan dengan peraturan. Kalau kepala sudah rotten, adakah kita masih boleh letak harapan badan dan kakinya baik untuk menjalankan fungsinya?

    Buang saja kepala yang ada dan ganti kepala baru yang lebih jujur, berwibawa dan profesional. Dah terang buat salah...bukan sekali beberapa kali... kita masih nak simpan lagi ke? Malaysia ni bukan tidak ada bijak pandai. Ramai lagi yang boleh buat kerja! Kalau PM nak lihat BN perform dismally in PRU 13 sila biarkan Siluncai Terjun dengan Labu-labunya.... biarkan ... biarkan


  36. Anonymous4:13 pm

    No one dare to make a police report

  37. Anonymous5:02 pm

    sila buat mogok blog; hentikan menulis mempertahan UMNO/BN di blog anda sehingga najib bersetuju utk batalkan perjumpaan dengan namewee. setuju?

  38. I think Zarinah & Hubby is telling all bloggers and commentators to "best meat" while they laugh all the way to the bank.

    BUT to be fair to the bloggers and the thinking and feeling Rakyat, Zarinah and husbang must beat a quick retreat out of the SC.

    In the US system of government and public service, the President appoints his own men/women to public office. They can hold on to the job at the pleasure of the president. Unless and until the President dismisses the public officer, he/she can stay on.

    The public can howl all they want. The President's appointee stays (if his/her skin is think enough).

    BUT our system of Government is more akin to the Whitehall/Westminster model of the UK. Public servants who are appointed to run public organizations -- are just that. They are are sourced from the legion of civil servants. BY the way -- Zarinah is not one of our PTD officers. SO in the first place, although a lawyer, she is not entirely schooled to run a public organization. On this factor alone, it is time to BEAT an honourable retreat, notwithstanding the "womenization" program of the current government.

    In the Whitehall/Westminster model of Governance, public servants stay on at the pleasure of the King/Queen, who at heart, represents the people of the nation. Hence the term "the subjects of the Queen" is used to convey this unique/sacred relationship.

    In our case, it is DYMM YDP Agong and the Rakyat. So the phrase "The PM gave his understanding" used by Zarinah is quite empty.

    It is not up to the PM. The real stakeholders of the SC and all other public organizations, are the Rakyat.And bloggers are a formidable force in shaping the opinions of the Rakyat.

    Except for the emergence of the nascent blogging community in 2007-2008, it was "ceteris paribus" as Pak Sleepy Dol took the BN government into GE12 in February 2008. YET he was roundly BUNGKUS by the Rakyat in that GE. The rest, including Pak Dol, as they say, was history.

    GOING into the GE13, the blogging community is no longer a novelty. BN government better beware!!

    The rakyat, at east the "atas pagar" section of the community, and thus the deciding voters in the next-coming GE13, no longer reads the mainstream media for useful news. They scan the newspaper pages for fodder on "what is/are the stupid things they are up to today" jokes and jibes.

    If the PM gave his "I understand" to Zarinah's predicament, she must also reciprocate. She must clearly understand the liabilities her conduct thus far had cast on the prospect of the BN Government, in reversing its fortunes in the next GE.

    Perhaps the number 13 portends some bad omens for us all. As barking magpie said -- DAH letih la!!

    TAKUT the SC chairman would become bungkus together with the PM and his BN government.

    SO I do not know which is the easier option - beat an honourable retreat or fall on the proverbial sword. Either way, the PM do not have the luxury of time.

    YAB PM Sir, GREAT leadership demands great sense of timing!!

    May the force be with you.

  39. Anonymous6:19 pm

    I'm surprised to know from this blog that staff of SC and their family members are not allowed to buy/sell shares in the stock market whereas no such rule applies to its executive chairman. Suggest Zarinah hand over her job to her sister Zainah (of Sisters in Islam) who has no worries about the activities of her (Zainah's) spouse.

    from: good hubby

  40. albaladi...6:26 pm

    ini kes sesuai untuk buat 'sumpah laknat' ni...haw haw haw... ONLY IN MALAYSIA ini macam...

  41. Anonymous6:47 pm

    But more important has she briefed Rosmah on the issue la Bro!

  42. Anonymous8:27 pm


    The 'Board' of that statement refers to the board of E&O, not Sime Darby.

  43. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Naturally Zarinah ingat public semua bodoh...and DS Najib PLEASELah jangan duk tengok saja, pahtu saya faham...Zarinah & suami nanti mati tak muat kubur mau isi banyak2 duit..eei ramai betul spesis lanun org2 korporat/glc skarang...camna PM inikah yg dinamakan Transformasi, Rakyat didahulukan...nak sokong sapa ntah lepas nih,dh terhakis byk dah sokongan dahlah pembangkang tak leh harap..kecewa lah dgn kepimpinan.FRUST!!!

  44. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Naturally Zarinah ingat public semua bodoh...and DS Najib PLEASELah jangan duk tengok saja, pahtu saya faham...Zarinah & suami nanti mati tak muat kubur mau isi banyak2 duit..eei ramai betul spesis lanun org2 korporat/glc skarang...camna PM inikah yg dinamakan Transformasi, Rakyat didahulukan...nak sokong sapa ntah lepas nih,dh terhakis byk dah sokongan dahlah pembangkang tak leh harap..kecewa lah dgn kepimpinan.FRUST!!!

  45. this is ikan bilis compared to all the other major dealings like this that takes place

  46. Anonymous11:25 pm

    naturally najib gave her the 1Finger as he naturally does.

    unnaturally both husband and wife don't share the same bed whatmore the same pillow!

    naturally she has to resign under unnatural circumstances.

  47. Muhammad Ali12:06 am

    Zarinah uses Najib as a life preserver
    Zarinah Anwar’s internal email memo to her department heads seemed innocuous at first. To be sure, her earnest protection of husband’s fortuitous 450,000-share guzzling of E&O stock (multiplied by the premium RM2.30 offer price equals RM1.035 million if a mandatory general offer is triggered) could be passed off as “technically blameless and above suspicion” and survive if due diligence was raked over the transaction.
    But she just had to over-compensate it with this loaded last paragraph: “I have also briefed YAB the Prime Minister who expressed his understanding.”
    Rocky pronounced that distinct portion as a “so clever” maneuver by Zarinah to proclaim her husband’s innocence, which should compel Najib to explain what it all means.
    I agree and I have this incendiary exclamation: that leading sentence has gravely huge political implications.
    Zarinah is implying that Najib is “understanding” for the following rationale:
    - her brief was enough to appease the PM that hubby Azizan Abd Rahman’s purchase was completed in the spirit of entrepreneurship rather than procured under suspected insider information;
    - the PM would defend her if her ship sank because of the incredulous manner she has conducted herself during her tenuous tenure repelling probes into her husband’s dubious dealings and that of his close associate, a certain Kalimullah Hassan and his execution of ECM-Libra’s shifty reverse takeover of Avenue Capital Resources;
    - her administration of the SC is so top-notched that it is worthy of another contract extension, long enough to clean up the mess and expunge all culpable evidence.
    But how did she convey her brief to the PM? That is not clear. Whether it was in an official meeting or a chance encounter, Zarinah had managed to hook up with the PM and hang on to it a little ace in the sleeve.
    By dragging Najib’s name into her precarious position, the PM acts as an “inflatable jacket” that bursts into life to help keep Zarinah afloat in case of regulatory drowning.
    It is plausible that her memo was designed to put the PM on the defence, at least politically when he is grilled on this issue by the Opposition. Or it was made to create this unlikely scenario: if she is goes down, she will drag down the PM alongside. Or at least this is the gambit she was instructed to throw.
    If investigations into Azizan’s dealings proves no shadiness, there will be some who would cynically deemed it as a Najib cover-up but if the probe finds evidence of Azizan’s guilt, Najib also has to endure accusations of being part of the scheme, seeing that he “expressed an understanding.”
    Before it degenerates into regulatory depravity, Najib need to act fast. He has to take Zarinah’s last-para broadside and puncture its innuendo by declaring that the meeting with her had nothing to do with her husband’s dicey position nor did he intended his so-called “understanding” as a tacit defence of Zarinah’s station.
    Najib need to consider telling Zarinah to step down during the period of investigations: recusing is nice but she still has that opportunity to “peek or eavesdrop” into the progress unassumingly, gaining advantage that could be exploited to protect her lot.
    Zarinah is thereby cautioned here: if she and the ilk she associates with are resorting to dirty politics, she must also accept the situation where she will be hung dry as the sacrificial lamb to protect the integrity of the Securities Commission.
    The PM might be persuaded to play dirty, only if it meant shielding him from being intentionally screwed by Zarinah while she is under the influence of Kalimullah & gang.

  48. Anonymous6:28 am


    Its not always that what you write is actually the truth.

    Likewise, what the government agencies explain is not the truth.
    And how Teoh died is also still in doubt even when then is an RCI decision.

    Lets agree - all explanations cannot be accepted by everyone.

    How do we move on from here, is the best thing to do and, steer away from such 'bluffs' should be the guiding principle: for a better Malaysia, be it under BN or Pakatan.

    Not easy to think like that though, when the politicians break rules very easily. mere followers like you and the rest are just sucked into this situation so much so that when you take a stand, it must be aligned ALWAYS to political masters.


  49. Anonymous7:21 am

    biasa la - mcm Kak Mah gak

  50. Ini minah tak ada hotak!!! Dia ingat semua org bodoh eh!? Resign and MACC should start investigate.

  51. Anonymous10:12 am

    Tan Sri Zarinah

    When you stated (in your memo) that your husband is not party to the E & O sale – this fact in itself does not eliminate the possibility of insider trading. Let me highlight the obvious. He is E & O chairman. You are SC Chairman. Ethically-speaking, under your watch, your husband has no business having any involvement with listed or to-be-listed companies. There are also thousands of other Malaysian stocks for your husband to invest in. E & O and Kencana can’t be the only two stocks worth investing in.
    Announcements of corporate exercise do not just happen. It is preceded by a lengthy process yet your husband’s market transactions seem to coincide so closely to announcements. Didn’t your red flag instinct go off?
    Further, proper conduct should have guided you to recuse yourself on this matter as early as when the corporate exercises was announced (which was very close to your husband’s market transactions) and you should have refrained from making any statement – especially one couched with bits about the PM’s ‘understanding’.
    Tan Sri, in this matter your objectivity appears to have been compromised. Its more unfortunate that in defending your husband, it has left a blemish on your laudable career.

  52. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Elo Bro Bru,,,,Utusan Malaysia ada lukis Komunis paksa Aji makan Babi panggang,,!!!!!

    Agak-agak keluarga Aji tu masih hidup lagi ke,????,,,,KALU hidup dah SAMAK ke,,????


  53. Skilgannon10661:58 pm

    On an unrelated matter, why should a loss-making MAS be paying out RM18 million for the privilege of sponsoring jerseys for EPL team Queen's Park Rangers?

    I think they have idiots on the MAS Board! And possibly in Khazanah too!

    Oi, MAS - take that RM18 million and sponsor scholarships for your employees' kids - it would be better appreciated, especially if you are going to hit them with layoffs down the road. Let's not kid ourselves on the state of the global aviation industry.

    Rocky - can you please tear this to shreds, given your plethora of "insider" sources?

  54. Anonymous1:59 pm

    what is this plan of najib seeing namewee? is najib insane? namewee is a criminal

  55. Anonymous2:05 pm

    buat mogok blog wahai BN/UMNO bloggers. Jangan tulis apa2 sehingga najib setuju batal jumpa si gila namewee!

  56. TongkatNajib8:04 pm

    My husband going to rake in millions...lalala you all makan gaji jela..

    Kita chairman ma. Kita mesti kaya.

    Curi duit ASB pun curi la.

    Asal kita kaya based on merit.

    Melayu yang patut kaya anak Presiden UMNO je.

    You all yang lain ni mengharap tongkat je hehehe...

    Anak I Mohkzani pandai sebab itu guna duit maybank.

    Adik I Nazir pun pandai sebab itu guna duit Sime.

    Menantu I pandai sebab tu dapat oil for food.

    You all melayu ni terlampau mengharapkan subsidi.

    You all mesti lupakan tongkat..

  57. Anonymous4:58 am

    naturally = nature + ally = cronyism and nepotism

  58. Anonymous8:13 am

    francis tan must also recuse himself - same kampung as azizan ie sungei petani. why do you think he is the longest serving commissioner in the history of sc?`

  59. Anonymous8:50 am

    Aiiyaah, this Zarinah so stupid.........should have just used the MACC's excuse for the AG's HO HUP 2nd bini reno work case.
    That the shares are NOT in her name. Legal precedence already set lah.

  60. Stop Press: PM will not be seeing this Namwhee guy now or whenever! It has been decided this guy is another descendant of Bintang Tiga that has no respect for Melayu the Monarchy and Islam, he once said the Azan is like cock crowing very irritating!!!

  61. deeba ash burn12:47 pm

    Zarinah reminds me of the kniving, plotting woman in Boney M's "Ma Baker" - she taught all of her sons, how to handle the gun- in this case, taught her innocent looking hubby how to manipulate the situation.The husband comes out with a statement saying that buying of the shares was a private thing & there is nothing to declare- i think the least these two rogues say the better bcos were are now in 2011 & not in 1911. The more they try to clarify, they are only showing their stupidity to think that the Malaysian of today can be hoodwinked into believing all the crap that they are saying.How is Ma Baker heading the SC huh! Stupidity at its max. How did she get a job at Shell? Wake up la - Azizan & Ma Baker or have you both not recovered from the jetlag - maklum la orang Melayu sekarang dah pandai,tak main water skiing at Putrajaya, tapi pegi skiing konon. You see Dato, in 1911,whatever crap you & Ma Baker say, orang akan beli sebab masa tu, orang tak pandai- ramai tak pandai mcm Dato & Ma Baker - sebab tak pegi sekolah & university!!!!Ini zaman the new era, the new millineum - Dato actually think that you & Ma Baker can fool all of us now. Dont think for a second that you & Ma Baker with whatever qualifications that you have can pull wool over all our eyes. The ppl are tired of all the tirades that ppl like you & Ma Baker are pulling off these days in the name of corporate restructuring.Pegi......dah.Please save the PM's face & his transformation efforts (GTP)that he has been shouting all these while & do us all(the Malaysians of today) a favour by resigning - both u & Ma Baker. We do not want to see the PM being pressured & being burdened to answer your dubious moves in buying the shares when S/Darby was going to make the move. Kindly remember that Parliament is gonna be convening soon - about the 1st week of October 2011 & the PM has so much on his plate. Stern action should be taken against you & Ma Baker for all the dubious transactions that u wretched folks have been dabbling in.Educated Malaysians are waiting to see what actions the SC or MACC is going to be taking against Azizan & Ma Baker or are their hands tied,tongue-tied, mouth gagged & legs shackled? Hello SC. Hello MACC. Ada baca ke?

  62. NextGE4:58 pm

    "I have also briefed YAB the Prime Minister who expressed his understanding."

    hehe.. of course Najib the PM the YAB would understand.

    The public, the Malays all say that about him favouring his brothers and wife.

    Its the only way to make big money. Rob the Malay trust funds like Tabung Haji and ASB.

    They are cash rich entity worth more than 70 billions just waiting to buy chinese companies at inflated price. Of course some malays like Wan Azmi would get his cut so that Skillgannon can say see, a malay also rob ASB so it is legitimate robbery hehe..

    Oh well, there is always the get rid of these malay buggers sucking from the malays themselves.

  63. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Another guy who tell everyone to buy the shares is AMir Hamzah, ceo pf Petronas Dagangan. "THe company is to sexy for the investor. Stupid. he will kena. Read the annual report and he already hold more than of the b.o.d just before the price exploded

  64. Hannah Gaddafi12:35 pm

    Deja vu- Three senior MACC officers caught for "robbing" three Singaporean moneychangers of USD310k & police are looking for the remaining accomplices. They are becoming bolder like Ma Baker of SC (oops she has style, she uses her hubby) - the officers did a direct deal (very macho) by confronting their victims & relieving them of the cash. Its a case of "Monkey c Monkey Do" la or "Monkey read Monkey Do" la - the modus operandi I mean.Orang lain jadi kaya, kita pun nak kaya - nak beli BMW/Merc baru untuk bini I.
    Bravo to the police who are now in the midst of investigating the case - having recorded statements from 15 ppl. This is what we want to see - immediate action by the police.
    How about the Bonnie & Clyde team at the SC & spouse - why is it taking the authorities so long to nab them? I forgot, the "two" Sr SC Officer are "looking" into it.So long to look huh!
    Let me recap - Immigration officers caught for allowing illegals (after being paid under the table- processing fee ma) to enter the country, before that was a high ranking official from the same Department also caught for similar act.
    The "mother" of all was the arrest of the retired BNM Assistant Governor who was caught for accepting bribe for the printing of RM5 polymer notes by some Australian company.
    MAN, who thought that this could happen at such a prestigious, no- nonsense,pristine institution!
    But then I forget - "Money & Greed Motivates Man to Go the Extra Mile" - to buy the new BMW/Merc.
    If not for the police,bloggers & also for the two Australian reporters who investigated "the Commission Agents" as it was reported in the documentary as shown on ABC/ASTRO, all these wheeling & dealings" will never see the light of day.
    The PM should "walk the talk" & not just talk & talk & let these "corporate crooks" slip away from the long arms of the law.The credibility of the Government & corporate sector is tarnished in the face of the GTP. They must be brought to face any dire consequences.One cannot have the cake & eat it too.

  65. Anonymous9:59 am

    Ha can that Senior Commisioner - Dato Gumuri give a fair outsome on this matter? He doesnt even know what is happening in his own backyard - SME Bank!!

    Please lah give someone more credible to assess this issue!!

  66. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Zarinah had my respect when she decided to step down unlike the other person involved in the NFC scandal.

    Nonetheless what she just told her staff this time round is pure bullshit. Would he have accumulated such a substantial stake in the company if he has no knowledge of an impending acquisition by Sime???

    Here you are getting the SC and picking on all forms of insider trading, launching investigations whenever a takeover arises and when it comes to your own husband, you claim that....Naturally he has no knowledge of the transaction???

    Would you have believed it if someone were to respond in such a manner to your investigations into other cases??? I know he is your husband, but do yourself a favour by stepping down gracefully. Be impartial!!!

    On top of that, this case shouldn't rest with the SC's commissioners. Reputation of the commissioners aside, there's just so much conflict of interest when it comes to this case relating to your husband.