Friday, September 16, 2011

Najib Razak's Moment

Selamat Hari Malaysia! Today, 16.9.2011, will go down in history as Najib Razak's day. Nobody expected Malaysia's 6th Prime Minister to have the gumption to scrap the I.S.A. But last night, in a widely-followed Merdeka/Malaysia Day address, he scrapped it. Just like that, and in Bahasa Malaysia, he ended one of colonial Britain's most despised gifts to this nation. The move stunned the usually vociferous political rivals into silence, says the MOLE.* Until way past mignight, the blogs of Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang had yet to laud the move.

And laud it we Malaysians must. 

Thank you Mr Prime Minister, and thank you to those who have fought to end this colonial legacy.

Merdeka and Selamat Hari Malaysia.


  1. Anonymous1:46 am

    My thumbs up to PM. But don't do a Patriot Act on us, okay. It's worse than the ISA. The US Administration learned some from us and went some more. They can even throw a blogger into jail without trial! Try this also, growing your own tomatoes in your garden is a crime against the state. Haprak betul.

    - A Malaysian -

  2. Instead of lauding the move, Kit Siang, Anwar and even Kee Tuan Chye simply did what was expected of them and questioned the PM's motives

  3. el-Barokas5:40 am

    Not too fast with your celeb. rocky until you see the Patriot's act. And see what type of rock we're going to land on.

  4. PRs next move..."release Anwar Ibrahim without trial !!"

  5. bro...takkanlah you hv gone down that low brown!

  6. Anonymous7:58 am

    The ISA Act was made into law in 1960, 3 yrs after Merdeka. So it can't be a gift from the British but one baby of our own. Get your fact right bro.

    Pak Tua

  7. Salam 1 Malaysia and together we unite!

  8. Anonymous8:35 am

    Apa daa.Tara otak ke.???
    Itu PM pandai bohong U turn dan flip flop.!!!
    Apa maana kalau ISA di hapuskan tapi di ganti dengan akta yang lain yang lebeh kurang macam ISA juga.???

    Cuma Malay(bangsa ciptaan British) sahaja yang percaya cakap Najip.!!!

    wait first Bro.!!! Wait for the flip flop and cakap tak serupa bilin.!!!
    Sekejap kata kita merdeka. Sekejap lagi kata kita tidak di jajah. Kalu gitu kenapa kata kita merdeka.???

    Gua tak percaya beb.!!!
    Gue mahu merdeka tulin macam Pak Yeh kata. rujuk...

  9. Anonymous9:48 am

    Won't this 'scraping' need to be passed in Parliament first?

  10. Anonymous9:48 am

    Won't this 'scraping' need to be passed in Parliament first?

  11. Just to set the record straight, the ISA was never a gift from the British. It was tabled by Najib's father in 1960 in Parliment.

    "When it was first tabled in Parliament on 21 June 1960, the then Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister Tun Razak declared that the law was meant to deal with the CPM and related subversive activities, and not to restrict legitimate political activities. The ISA was not enacted to silence the voice of dissent nor meant for the ruling party to abuse it to curb its political rivals."

  12. Anonymous10:18 am

    saya tak pernah komen apa-apa dalam blog saudara, walaupun rajin menjenguk. Anyway, yang ini saya tabik PM kita. Langkah yang tepat dan pada masa yang tepat. Walaupun tetap saya katakan ohh "Political Move". Sebab saya tidak menyebelahi mana-mana parti politik, tapi rasanya ini yang terbaik untuk rakyat yang merdeka seperti saya. TQ mr PM.

  13. Anonymous10:26 am

    Kilat jangan tak kilat! Lu memang pandai bodek lah Rocky. Jangan lagi pakai nama Rocky. Pakai nama Shiny lagi bagus.

  14. Anonymous10:43 am

    From 1948 till present, did the ISA acts do more harm than good to us Malaysian ?

    Prevention is more effective .

  15. Anonymous11:01 am

    Jangan pakai nama Rocky lah! Buat malu itu nama saja! Lu tukar nama jadi Kilat Bru lah!

  16. Najib does not all the credit for the abolishment of this draconian law

    In fact, I thank Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA led by Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh for their tireless efforts in traveling nationwide spreading awareness of the abuse of this law while struggling for the families of those who were incurred with injustice by rotting in Kamunting without knowing what crime are they charged of

    All those rallies, experiencing police brutality 1st hand, the free shower by the FRU, all those unjust arrests have finally paid off

    I thank all the PR MPs led DS Anwar along with very few BN MPs who are anti ISA in pressuring the government in repealing this archaic, backwarded and irrelevant preventive law

    I thank the bloggers community(RPK, Zorro, Haris, Dr Rafique, Aspan Alias etc) for their support in this struggle
    Sorry, Rocky
    Your stand on the ISA has been vague all these years so I do not know whether to thank or condemn you

    I thank the brave Malaysians who thronged the streets of KL on August 1st 2009 to exercise their democratic right of peaceful assembly and in one united voice, demanding the government to scrap the ISA and any other form of preventive laws designed to silence our voice as the rakyat

    I also thank the same Malaysians who voted into Parliament 3 years ago, a strong opposition to keep BN in check, hence allowing the 2 party system where both sides apply check n balance one one another, to flourish

    None of this would have possible if weren't the beating we gave BN during the 2008 political tsunami to knock some sense into them

  17. Anonymous11:16 am

    A sad day for National Security and by default, an even a sadder day for Malaysia on an auspicious day at that.

    Gumption is doing the necessary and avoiding harakiri. It requires astute stewardship not spineless one-upmanship

    Gumption is potraying leadership not exhibiting showmanship. It means visonary statesmanship not ignorant brinksmanship

    Gumption is showing maruah to face brats not displaying baruah to base threats.

    The portents are ominous, a gradual slide into unbridled chaos with the extingusihing of firm leadeship amidst a looming global economic maelstorm. It is a new dawn for extremists, a glorious day for anarchits, redemption time for communists.

    It is one giant regressive step for measured firmness but a huge progressive leap for spoilt indulgence. Spare the public rod and spoil the bristling hordes!

    At a time when even America, a global superpower has tightened its Patriot's Act, I mourn the passing of a legislation that has kept a rambunctious and potentially combustible polity away from the abyss in a regional power.

    I will fly my personal Jalur Gemilang at half-mast, say a prayer for my fellow Melayu Bermaruah and shed a tear for the slow and painful demise of a peaceful and prosperous nation determined to self immolate itself on the byre of anarchism. A collective national seppuku unseen or unheard of elsewhere.

    A pox on you, Mr PM and on everyone who ever imagined this day of horror!

    Cry Thy Beloved Malaysia!

    Warrior 231

    P/s: what's in place for ISA? the EO.........hahahahahahahahahahahaha (ROFLMAO)

    Anwar and Kit cant even response not because they have been caught offguard but simply cos' they are writhing on the floor laughing their arses off while licking their chops.........

  18. Anonymous11:31 am

    Well done,najib. Now Pakatan cannot use ISA on UMNO if it comes power. Remember, we give freedom to others to really protect ourselves when we have no power. And that day will come - however long it takes.

  19. Anonymous11:39 am

    Heartiest greeting to all Malaysian around the World on the sacred ocassion of MALAYSIA DAY.


  20. Anonymous11:58 am

    Dear Rocky,

    We should all rejoice but what is amazing is that there are people that have gone so far into "blinker mode" that they cant see and digest the History that has unfolded..

  21. "Thank you Mr Prime Minister, and thank you to those who have fought to end this colonial legacy."

    Rocky, many (just for having diff opinions than the govt & others for their 'safety') have fought over the years to end ISA, so pls don't fool everyone by saying that you agreed with their fight by thanking them. You know what mean.

  22. Anonymous12:12 pm

    This is Internal Security Act 1960. Why are you blaming the British? It was made into law after 3 years of independence. It's Not ISA 1948, It's ISA 1960!!!!

  23. Anonymous12:28 pm

    The PM has done it right here.
    He will well be remembered for this.
    All Malaysians thank him for his action here.
    i WISH him also success in 1MALAYSIA.


  24. Anonymous1:25 pm

    "Just like that" you said? That's rich coming from a veteran newsman like you. What an as*%$#e you are!

    How about the many candile vigils we had peacefully but got to face the hostile police?

    How about the sufferings that some "deserving" person like Theresa & the newspaper reporter had to endure?

  25. Anon 1:25pm,

    Must be dangerous, those candle light vigils... Hehe. Fyi, I took part in some of those vigils, too. Not my cup of tea, but when the weather is nice it is a fine way to enjoy the outdoors. Thrown in nasi bungkus and you have candlelight dinner elfresco.

    As for Theresa and the dog food, we all know she bulled us about it. And the reporter who stayed in overnight because of the moron minister's idea of "protecting" her, she is very lucky to gain the glory without having to go through the sufferings journalists like Samad Ismail had to endure.

    When I say, "just like that", it was an expression to explain how easy Najib made it look. It took extraordinary courage to do it.

    In my posting, I did say we owe thanks to "those who have fought to end this colonial legacy". Some have pointed out that this is not a colonial legacy; I still choose to say it is.

  26. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Now that the ISA is gone, the PR team may turn around and say it is not done constitutionally. Karpal, Lim dan anak anak may argue that it did not get the consensus of the rakyat and start another hoohah about it. Nothing pleases the opposition.


  27. Anonymous4:36 pm

    I think you must be a fucking idiot to fall for this latest najib's stunt. He keep on doing as if this country like mak bapak dia punya. everybody knows that you can't just scrap a law through TV. It has to be done in parliment. melainkan orang gila glamour lah!

  28. Why is everyone getting so excited for? Muhyiddin has yet to weigh in on it. So how do you reckon the flip flop is going to be this time around?

    Anyway, my take on it is that it is a preemptive move to deprive Pakatan of the instruments of power that they would need when UMNO becomes the opposition.

    Almost everyone in UMNO's leadership would easily have qualified for detention under ISA, don't you think? Also Utusan Malaysia too would be hard pressed convincing anyone that they are a deserving newspaper. Keeping their license would have been difficult.

    But now you see, they can quite safely call for the general elections after having deprived Pakatan of all the teeth they would have needed when they came to power.

  29. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Give in to all their demands.. give, give and give.. nak dakwat kekal, give..nak SJKC give..

    Follow their ways, sampai sekarang tunggu punya tunggu, cukai pintu pun tak turun2, naik ada la.

    Learn from them, thats the best way!

    After BN wins with a big majority, then reintroduce, or batalkan balik, take away whatever la...

    he hehe hehehe

  30. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Fuck you, Najib freakshit!

    The ISA was supposed to be the final bulwark against anti-national gangsters masquerading as politicians and stirring up shit for their nefarious designs.

    Fact 1: the use of the ISA prevented potentially combustible situations in 1969 and later 1987 from spiraling outta control.

    Fact 2: With the ISA, we broke the back of the communist insurgency and triumphed both militarily and politically

    Fact 3: less than 1% of the population tasted the ISA and what does a vacuumskulled nincoompoop do? Yank away the security of 99% for the anarchy of 1% just to please the gallery!

    fact 4: Singapore, often touted correctly or mistakenly as a bastion of transparency, business competitiveness..blahblahblah blardy blah.....keeps its ISA and jeepers, Malaysia jettisons its own version for some cheapskates'plaudits

    Fact 5: the only ones who were against the ISA were the commie bastards, their sympathisers, Chingk racist pigs, Munafucking extremists and other desultory social trash. Say what? I bet they aint gonna give you their votes no matter how hard you cloying fucked up lot finger them.

    The socalled intelligentsia are laughing their heads off and fuckatan is yodeling their hearts content that the BN idiots ripped the asinine idea off their manifesto. That gives them a huge fillip, for in psychological terms, this capitulation amounts to political surrender! In simple words, u blinked Mr PM when there was no necessity to do so! The hoi polloi, in general, are supportive of the ISA save the loser garbage for they (the public) know the perils of hocking national security at the pawnshop of a select few with evil designs.

    This decision reflects how vast the disconnect between Putrajaya and the Malay majority is. The very same Malays who remained steadfast through the thin of KT, Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau et al and the thick of Hulu Selangor, Bagan Pinang, et al. Now they can see clearly through untinted lens the reality and extent of the capitulation. Not to worry, my fellow Melayu Bermaruah, it is no use moping about whats been done. Now is the time to regroup and coalesce quickly as a third force to avenge the treachery and betrayals inflicted on us all. Its time to unveil our manifesto, and take to the hustings with the reimposition of the ISA made a central plank of that new tomorrow together with the purge of all pro-Chingkie Anwaristas still lurking within our midst!

    Warrior 231

  31. BIGCAT7:11 pm

    Lets see if Singapore, the dream country of DAP son of PAP will ever repeal its own ISA.

  32. BIGCAT7:55 pm

    Indon based Karim Raslan told Singapore's Channel News Asia it is just a political move n Bersih 2.0 is the main reason Najib repealed ISA. He claimed himself a journalist. Is he? Singapore media seems very excited discussing the end of Malaysian ISA. How I wish they discuss their country's ISA instead.

  33. GoodM9:06 pm

    Good news indeed, this has definitely shock the opposition.
    BTW, the ISA was introduced on the year 1960, do you mean the British control our Parliament to pass this law, or, you have make a honest mistake? Please do edit your post as I believe you take your work seriously.

  34. yeah rocky, they did not defend your right to say what you wish.. kan kan kan?

  35. Najibwilllose12:31 am

    Freedom is good for the Malays. With the ISA we enjoy peace by clamping down on the vocal few.

    For whose benefit is the peace? If the Chinese like Teresa Kok wants to promote chinese writing that is her right.

    If the Malays object then they should take action and not be lazy and hide behind the Government of UMNO.

    Let the Malays fight it out with Kok and taste the struggle of upholding Malay supremacy in the Land of the Malays.

    The ISA only benefit the Kalimullha pseudo malays khairy, mahathir, nazir. With the peace they bolot all the wealth of the Malays in PNB and Petronas.

    Just like a company with no unions all the profit will go the President and brothers and sons of the company. Thats how Mahathir considered himself, the CEO of Malaysia to make profit for him and managment while crying perjuangan yang belum sudah in front of the Malay assembly.

    The ISA benefited YTL and Vincent Tan more because they never voted but they are billionaires.

    Najib can do what he wants but until Nazir returns the illegal commission he took from PNB, UMNO will lose the next election.

    Until Najib take back MAS from his favourite Christian Indian, UMNO will lose.

    Until Zafrul, Azman Mokhtar are not sacked or jailed for plundering Malays assets, UMNO will lose the next election.

  36. Anonymous12:45 am

    What if Pakatan Rakyat won the GE13? Without ISA and EO their MPs and ADUNs will be toothless warlords to govern wounded tigers of marauding and angry rural malays nationalist.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  37. No yamseng!/cheers! ? Still complaint a lot?

    PM Najib is sure to be 1Malaysia PM, don't you all agree?

    Anyway,ketupat and rendang is still my choice.....but not that 'one' please!...

  38. Anonymous1:53 am

    Care to let us know your response since the questions is thrown towards your article?

  39. Mustapha Ong7:11 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    Happy Malaysia Day and I join millions of my fellow Malaysians to celebrate this occasion with a difference. Difference not in the sense of material but the moral of a good leader in Najib Tun Razak.

    Mr.Prime Minister,please accept my personal congratulations for your brave and courageous act to dismantle the British legacy (ISA), which had divided us into various occupational sectors for their own agenda.

    Indeed, the British had never "colonised the whole of Malaya, but only Penang, Melaka and Singapore for more than 400 years of our pre-independence history.

    Last night, our beloved prime minister stood against all odds of disbelievers and made the seismic announcement to abolish ISA, that is obsolete in modern Malaysia. I wish to add that it was a rare moment in the public life of a prime minister, where the message stands bigger than the man himself.

    He stood humbled - even somewhat hesitant - as the messenger of a new Malaysia.His body language showed that this is the prime minister that has the hearts and minds of people in his own heart, the voices of the majority had been heard.

    The opposition could only bark but they have neither moral nor responsibility to the people. They are not yet in power but behave as if they are in the alternative government like in a two party system of democracy,such as in the States, UK or some other EC countries and the region.

    Three cheers to Najib and for that this nation will always remember that within the short period of your governance from April, 2009 you have succeeded in the Government Transformation Programs (GTP), the Economic Transformation Programs (ETP) and finally the Political Transformation Programs (PTP).

    Mr. Prime Minister, your statue befits the national title of "BAPA TRANSFORMASI". We are the true Malaysians who are proud of you and your team in creating a new Malaysian history for this century.

  40. Anonymous8:11 am

    Desperate Najib trying to cling on to power. But the Goons in Perkasa are already putting paid to this latest sandiwara that Najib is staging.
    APCO better do a better job in spinning this story la Bro!

  41. Anonymous8:13 am

    Tahniah kepada Dato Ambiga kerana berjaya dalam pemansuhan ISA.

  42. Anonymous10:47 am

    Another step forward to a better Malaysia.

    Thanks to all, the GMI people, the rakyat, the Bersih fellas, the civil society types, the opposition

    Without these the government wouldn't have given a f***

    But perjuangan masih belum selesai


  43. The move is a good one, as it will take away the bite from the Opposition which has managed to confuse the issues. The issue is the abuse of the ISA, not the ISA itself. Drawn up largely to moderate communists seeking to overthrew democratically elected governments by violence,it has been abused by ministers in their power struggles, citing communist sympathies. The new laws will not stop the potential for abuse.

    Neither is the Opposition mature enough to stop the abuse. We should examine how much democracy there is inside the DAP or the church or even the BN parties.

    The MOLE's objectives are laudable, but its performance remains to be seen.

    Najib's objectives for a more 'working democracy' is laudable. But why play into PR's campaign and doubt the quality of our democracy? How democratic are the democracies East or West?

    It is naive to assume with these moves the PR will mature and think seriously in the national interests. Everybody claims national interest at stake. We have to use our conscience and hearts to decide what is genuine. Malaysia is still broadly speaking a Malay, Islamic country seeking to consolidate its successes and continued development with opportunities for all talent. Rhetoric vs performance is part of this main problem.

  44. 1. I have to hand it to PM Najib he showed he has the balls to be our leader even though I personally am not agreeable to the ending of the ISA. After all why should the majority be afraid of the ISA and want it to be abolished as they are law abiding citizens.

    2. Now that PM Najib showed that he could make the critical decisions despite opposition from even among his ardent supporters, I hope that he would now listen to the clamour for the reinstatement of the PPSMI. Now that will really jump start his popularity by at least 10%.

  45. SpecialVehicles12:45 am

    Najib is throwing everything in the book to hide his brother Nazir Razak plundering of ASB, PNB of Sime Darby and lately brokering MAS away to Christian Tony Fernandes.

    Just imagine millions of Malays who owns ASB who owns Sime Darby were to realise that Nazir got RM600 million commission using a Special Vehicle( persumably to carry away these big amount of cash).

    Where will Najib hide? The Bersih 2 although lead by Ambiga was 90 Malays. That means a huge group of Malays are disenfranchised by UMNO and Najib.

    Politic is all about perception according to Najib. It is not about idealogy but ways to make money for his wife and brothers etc.

    What the Malay needs is someone who will fight for their cause. Not some idiot who says 30% for 70% of the population is fair.

    (its that son of an indian from kerala)

    What is needed is taxation for the top earners just like what Obama is doing. or Sweden or England.

    UMNO Malay Presidents usually come to the assembly looking humble and have a good laugh at the jokes and then continue plundering the nation so that their sons and Chinese cronies get richer.

    There is no justification for UMNO now. The rascals Malays are in control starting with Anwar.

    What about the worse case scenario if UMNO were to lose? Nothing for the common Malays!

    But the new Malay Government can institute new laws to bring Nazir Razak, Azman Mokhtar to jail assets plundering and enriching themselves at the expanse of the Malays.

    Nazir Razak can be charged with economic sabotage of Malays owned company like MAS by giving it to Christians.

    A Special Vehicle can be designed by Proton to bring Nazir Razak from his house to jail.

    So too can Nur Jazlan son of Mohamed Rahmat the Malay nationalist.He said, I give contracts to Chinese companies based on merits although I am elected based on racial background and my father hated legacy and not on merits. Not many Malays have good word about Mohamad Rahmat.

    He should have s Special Vehicle for him too for oxymoron thinking.

    Of course a large Special Vehicle for Tengku Zafrul who is planning to rob ASB owners with Maybank investments as it need to carry Sharil Shamsuddin and Mohkzani as well.

    Well the new government will keep Proton occupied with its Special Vehicle requirement.

    Now that is a mouth watering reason to get rid of UMNO.

    Add to that 20,000 Malay workers of MAS...hmmm

  46. Skilgannon10664:02 pm

    Warrior xxx

    It didn't take long for you to drag in the spectre of Singapore, did it?

    Fact is, when I last checked, Singapore is ranked pretty high in international competitiveness rankings. With an ISA some more!

    And MNCs are still rushing to set up shop in the citystate! Even with an ISA in force and the ever-vigilant security agencies (see the armed police and military patrolling Changi Airport and the MRT stations there?)

    Seems to me that warrior is more interested in the polemics of protecting the Malays and their collective maruah against the wannabe impudence of the "pendatangs" who have the temerity, nay the audacity, to demand for equal treatment and rights consonant with their citizenship.

    It's like the final moments of the dinosaurs who were extinguished by natural calamaties and the inexorable march of evolution.

    Which means that warrior and his ilk are the true Neanderthals!

  47. Selamat Hari Malaysia to rocky bru too :)

  48. PM Najib, we demand an answer! Why are you pretending all the massive multi-billion corruption & plundering are non-existent? Despite a registered letter from some 15 NGOs, eg: Taib Mamhud after 31 years! & Where is your integrity, sense of shame and legitimacy to lead? You should be impeached for treason - deceiving & undermining Malaysia! I speak from NZ, rated among the top in the world for democracy & transparency.

  49. RM800million a day! Malaysia Chronicle: “For the first decade... Malaysia has lost a staggering RM1.08 trillion (US$338 billion) (RM800million a day) in illicit outflows which is the fourth highest in the developing world……The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) reported in January that RM930 billion flowed out of Malaysia from 2000 to 2008...The report elaborated further by stating that the increase was “at a scaled seen in few Asian countries” .Economists Sarah Freitas and Dev Kar, who is a former senior economist at the International Monetary Fund, stressed that these illicit outflows are basically illicit transfers of the proceeds of bribery, theft, kickbacks and tax evasion." In other words, it refers to corruption money or black money that is obtained illegally…… ENOUGH OF TAIB, ENOUGH OF UMNO, NOT ANOTHER DAY!

  50. A registered letter, which we sent in December 2011 and was signed by 15 NGOs from eight countries calling on Malaysia’s authorities to arrest Taib and 13 family members, has been left unanswered. Has the PM got any trace of moral, dignity and sense of shame left? Watching from NZ, rated top for democracy, and transparency, this is despicable, this is a disgrace to the whole Country Malaysia. Why are Sarawakians & Malaysian tolerating this rot & stench?

    Political leaders should never think and behave like they own the country. They were only elected to serve the electorates! The likes of Mubarak, Gaddafi & Ashad weren’t even elected. UMNO, BN, PBB & their cronies’ Pillaging, plundering and preying on the people with gerrymandering, vote-rigging, controlled deceptive media and muti-billion thefts are crime and evil of the highest degree, because these destroy the livelihood of many, or millions. These criminals must be severely punished.

  51. Malaysia has neither transparency (non-corruption) nor real human rights, neither freedom of the media nor true democracy.
    The blacks are only 14% of US population, if Obama can be US President, an Indian can be a Malaysian PM…think about it! How tragically you’ve been treated.

  52. George Soros: “Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; … 'you pay I approve'. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas….. In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With 8 billion you have stolen, therefore you would be shot 80,000 times. Now you are leading an anti-corruption campaign. We all know what you should do. Look yourself in the mirror.”
    “The Prime Minister built highways without tender, your cronies get the deal and the price double. Your Langkawi airport runway was built double the cost by your…….Ekran.”

  53. PM Najib, we demand an answer! Why are you pretending all the massive multi-billion corruption & plundering are non-existent? Despite a registered letter from some 15 NGOs, eg: Taib Mamhud after 31 years! & Where is your integrity, sense of shame and legitimacy to lead? You should be impeached for treason - deceiving & undermining Malaysia! I speak from NZ, rated among the top in the world for democracy & transparency.