Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Najib's final, personal warning to his Ministers

Will heads roll, finally?

Watch out Tan Sri and Datuk Seris. Terrence's piece in The Malay Mail (Monday, 19 Sept) h e r e has a chilling effect that none of us feel but we know that some of the Ministers have not stopped wetting their pants. A Najib armed with those thick files on misconduct and corrupt practices is lethal. As lethal as the PM who said he would repeal the ISA.


  1. Anonymous10:11 am


    Lethal warning? Don't Joke...

    Mr Gimmick's warning will be just another Gimmick!!

  2. Anonymous11:23 am

    Hahaha....Pigs can fly....


  3. Really?
    Can you see Rais Yatim wetting his pants?
    Rocky in your credit - you have been highlighting Rais Yatim's misdemeanors and dodgy practices at MoI for years now; yet he is still there and kissing Najib's and Rosmah's ass nicely.
    We even have an AG who has practiced selective prosecutions and acts as if he is more powerful than judges.

    Yet all these cabinet ministers give us platitudes about weeding out corruption but are still there lording it over us....

  4. Anonymous12:20 pm


    Insyallah,PM Najib is firm now.The Rakyat r watching n observing every saat.


  5. trifling-jester12:21 pm

    why are real changes so hard to implement if he is truly sincere?

    1. everyone declares assets
    2. suspend anyone with overwhelming evidence of graft pending final investigation.

    hard la - if he has been on the take himself

  6. Bro,

    Mintak Mole install RSS. Kita org takleh cari kat GoogleReader. Malas nk check update selalu. Ada RSS senang sikit.

  7. Apparently a lot of commenters got lost on this line: "as lethal as..."

    Nice one Rocky :)... keep your foolish commenters/aka pakatan goons in circles!

  8. These type of 4-eye meetings between Malaysian Prime Ministers and Cabinet Members/MP's have been taking placing since Mahathir's time.

    The result? Absolute ZERO.

    It's incredible Nades reports Rosemajib had consulted the AG, MACC Head and the toothless gaji buta members of Special Committee Against Corruption. Many suspect that the tantacles of corruption have spread to these 3 parties as well, especially the AG and the MACC.

    What a waste of time by a person most suspect will be a 1 term wonder!

    we are all of 1 Race, the HUman Race

  9. Anonymous12:46 pm

    I say man, rocky please tell Terence that Aprill first has long past, and if he wasnt too intoxicated, he would have post it on April fool's day in the year 2012.

    Dj Bujai

  10. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Berdasarkan komentar anon 10.11am dan godfather 11.23am, awal awal lagi sudah ditempelak saranan najib. Itulah masalahnya bila kredibiliti umno/bn tidak diyakini rakyat mutakhir ini.
    Semua ini berpunca dari rasuah dan salahguna kuasa yg dipertontonkan kpd rakyat sehingga ada mengatakan undang2 negara dibahagi dua - satu utk elit umno/bn yg kalis undang dan satu lagi utk rakyat biasa/pembangkang dan ahli/pemimpin umno/bn kelas terpalit.
    Kelas terpalit ini adalah spt Khir Toyo, Ling Ling Sik, Dato T@Rahim Tamby Chic, Rahim Noor dll.
    Harapan kita yg menyayangi & setia kpd Umno ialah tolak pemimpin korup dan rasuah.
    Saranan Najib itu pastinya termasuk diri dan keluarga beliau sptmana saranan Umar al Khattab ketika dilantik sebagai khalifah.
    Bantulah Najib mengemudi bahtera umno/bn kearah kejayaan dunia dan akhirat dan tolaklah jika beliau mengkhianati perjuangan pemimpin silam yg meletakkan kepentingan negara dan rakyat melebihi peribadi.


  11. Anonymous1:00 pm

    wonder if Khalid gagap, azizan , TGNA and khalifah LGE can follow?

  12. Anonymous1:30 pm

    BIAWAK can also fly ?!

  13. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Haiya Dato,

    You very naughty one! I know you are trying to insinuate about the RM 25 million ring.
    Had a good laugh. Cheers!

  14. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Why ask them to quit/expose them when Najib can have them in his pockets. As done by most of our previous leaders.

    A more strategic political tactic, is it not?

  15. I have a prediction to will only be a warning.

  16. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Rocky sudah giler !! Najib is hopeless lah ....

  17. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Rais Yatim wants to change the name of our National Art Gallery to National Visual Gallery! this 29TH Sept is the event to do this most silly thing. Balai Seni Lukis Negara to Balai Seni Visual Negara. Where in the world can you find national galleries or art museums change names just for the fun of it? pls stop it rocky!

  18. Anonymous5:31 pm

    This is first final warning. Lot more will follow...

  19. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, what a joke, haiya, haven't laugh like this for years. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaa

  20. Anonymous6:12 pm

    all gas

  21. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Yg dari golongan peRASUAH,

    Pemerintah Negara China bukan dari kalangan Islam, tetapi kenapa mereka memanadang hina akan PERASUAH and will give one bullet in the head?

    Hah, now Najib merely came up with a warning,

    Nak mengebat hidup bergaya mewah tetapi sedar2 la diri ya.. taraf kamu sebenarnya yang paling rendah dan hina sekali.

  22. Anonymous8:17 pm

    April 1st has come early. Is he on toddy too..LOL!

  23. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Alahai Bru, I am so scared.

    Berapa banyak final final warning daaa?

    "Highly-placed sources tell The Malay Mail Najib will be issuing “final warnings” to some ministers to ensure they weed out corrupt practices in their ministries and are not involved in it themselves."

  24. Anonymous10:15 pm

    This was a good laugh.

  25. Anonymous10:59 pm

    No more than Sandiwara of the year

  26. will it include rosmah too

    not talking about rumours but first hand esxperince

  27. Anonymous12:35 am

    See what he can do to Zarina first!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  28. Anonymous12:57 am

    I wonder how a sack deputy prime minister support himself and able to go globe trotting, hire expensive lawyers and own properties, luxury vehicles and what not? Ok! I get it, rezeki dari tuhan!

  29. I like 'shot gun blues' by bb king.

    Next sure to be heavy slow rock by
    foreigner and ritchie blackmore.

    Then, easy listening - easy like sunday morning and finally stuck on you by lionel ritchie.

    So PM Najib, GO AHEAD !

  30. Anonymous9:01 am

    You shud rename your echo sounding blog as "Najib's Bru" , aaaargh! You shud rename your echo sounding blog as "Najib's Bru" , aaaargh!

  31. Badut Nasional10:24 am

    RM500,000,000 submarine komisen... Dive! Dive! Dive!

  32. Anonymous11:16 am

    Bravo Dato Seri Najib.

    But, don't forget also to give your final personal warning to your lovely wife.

    By the way, perasan tak PM kita semasa hari Merdeka, wife dia turun dulu dan PM tutup semula pintu kereta. PM keluar kereta muka tak berapa ceria. Kenapa?

  33. Anonymous11:22 am

    Remember we are in Bolehland.....
    Everyone of those minister are so tainted including mr.Big himself....It will never work....Period

  34. Anonymous11:38 am

    Rocky,,,kasi cerita sikit Bab Ekonomi,,

    Malaysian Ringgit apa sudah jadi???

    Bursa Malaysia,, MUNTAH DARAH,,!!!

    Apa GOMEN buat,,!!!!

    Ramai ke MELAYU tersungkor?????

    Siapa kena,,,siapa kena?????


  35. Anonymous11:39 am

    Is there a message for Moo Hee Din in this ?


  36. Memang ramai yang patut Najib buang ni. Buat semak je simpan orang-orang yang lebihkan kepentingan peribadi. Kita buat kerja bagai nak rak, dia orang sibuk nak penaik diri sendiri. lepas tu buat rosak lagi.

    Btw, rocky, aku dah buat blog sendiri. Engko kalau tak sibuk try la jenguk apa aku tulis. Happy kalau aku tau engkau ada baca blog aku. Salute.

  37. Anonymous11:59 am

    Macam sang sepupu yang dok beri amaran yang bertambah keras tapi tak ditakuti kekerasan.

  38. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Are you telling me Najib is not corrupt? And going after his another hoodwink..

  39. Anonymous7:35 pm


    You must be joking I guess when you say Najib is lethal when armed with those files...I think is just Act one scence two's take.

  40. Anonymous10:18 pm


  41. Anonymous4:18 am

    I wonder if Rosmah drives a kancil?

  42. Mustapha Ong7:22 am

    Dear Rocky,

    This must be the most interesting week for MM as there are so many interesting issues in the media. I would not miss this one when we debate on the efficiency and misconduct of our Ministers as well as other senior government officials.

    Syabas to DS Najib Tun Razak and hopefully he will realised that the time is right for him to walk the talk and hear the voices of the rakyat.Over the years, there are too many corrupted BN leaders as well as tainted, inefficient and overstayed political leaders in UMNO and other BN component parties.

    MACC should also stepped up their investigations and all those corrupted political leaders and senior government officials should be brought to court.

    I believe Najib remains firm in his political transformation programs that will transform Malaysia into a clean and progressive nation and also to continue the Mahathir legacy in our nation building for a new Malaysia.

    Malaysia needs the best brain and also people who are not power corrupted, money corrupted or sexual corrupted without moral in delivery their commitments and services to the nation and country.

    As we continue to speculate the timing for the 13th general election, I have always maintain that November 2011 is the most suitable time to seek a new mandate from the people. There are so many issues that Najib and his team had succeeded since he took over the reign of the BN government from April 2009. These includes the Government Transformation Programs, Economic Transformation Programs and now Political Transformation Programs.

    There are also the "feel good factor" and the youth are supporting Najib who is a progressive national icon and hero-worshiped by our younger Malaysian generations as well as our senior citizens. In my humble opinion and also as a consistent political analyst, I hope the current parliament will be dissolve in early November after prime minister/Financial Minister presents the 2012 budget in mid October. My prediction is either 19th or 26th November after Hari Raya Korban and the end of the years school holidays.

  43. Anonymous11:53 am

    Lets hope he is not a Menteri Amaran Perdana like his cousin.