Friday, September 09, 2011

Securities Comedy

WANTED : A  man of action. 
Locality : Putrajaya. 
Scope of work : We require some furious action to stop the sick satire taking place at the Securities Commission . 

Read the Star yesterday : SC to look at all E&O share transactions in relation to Sime offer.

In a comedic twist, the SC might  have to interview Azizan Abd Rahman, the E&O chairman. Comedic because Azizan's wife is the chairman of SC.

Azizan has come out in the papers to say that the Sime deal was never discussed at E&O board. Nobody doubts it but ...  

Let's put it this way, Azizan was appointed independent non executive chairman of E&O since 2003. Eight years have passed and he still is an INDEPENDENT. 
"Boards cannot disregard the risks that independence may be undermined by long tenure". - Zarinah Anwar said in SC to Strengthen Corporate Governence Sat, 20 March, 2010,
Now I am going to go to the Sime Darby's Hari Raya Open House in Bukit Kiara and have a good laugh!


  1. Anonymous1:36 pm

    "Boss @NajibRazak, Zarina is 2 much .. Saya bantah. Pohon dipecat.

    Kitol Jamaludin

  2. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Who is man of action (MAC), Najib kah? Jgn harap a BIG MAC got more fortitude than him.

  3. Anonymous1:39 pm

    The knifes are out for Jibby. Time's up

  4. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Dear rocky, this is what Zarinah actually said :
    "Boards cannot disregard the risks that independence may be undermined by long tenure (MY HUSBAND BEING the EXCEPTION)" -- Zarinah Anwar said in SC to Strengthen Corporate Governence Sat, 20 March, 2010,

  5. Anonymous1:46 pm

    I say man 8 tahun sudah jadi chairman, angkat haji dari Terry Tham. Lagi apa Mao discuss. Sudah Kaotim MAA haai

  6. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Najib Tun Razak, because man, sack Zarinah, no optional retirement to safe face, coz the action of her husband is akin to spitting at your face

  7. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Sick comedy

  8. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Zarinah is z hypocrite if she said this "Boards cannot disregard the risks that independence may be undermined by long tenure". - Zarinah Anwar said in SC to Strengthen Corporate Governence Sat, 20 March, 2010,

    Cakap x srupe bikin

  9. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Sime Darby's Board should be replaced immediately by the shareholders.

    This will solve all these problems of impropriety and corporate governance issues.

    Why go the other way?

  10. Anonymous1:52 pm

    SC pun ade open house ari ni. Jom kite pii

  11. Mazlan2:59 pm

    I pissed my pants at that as well.
    After all shareholders sold their shares at same price on same day they said 'there was no collusion...pure coincidence'. That gave me a heart attack from laughter.

    I'm sure the SC Chairman will announce that after very high level independent forensic review the matter is all above board!

  12. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Rocky, what are you still waiting for? take out the dagger and start gutting Najib on the blogs.
    But then again, its Najib that forks all the bill.. (hmm macam mana bro??)
    Okay,on second thoughts, maybe you should sent in KJ to gut Zarina Anwar, we all now that RembauPrick is like a mad dog with disease..

    Pope John Poo

  13. datuk,

    jangan bagi peluang kat dia orang ni. dia orang ingat rakyat jelata ni bodoh sangat ke?. lepas satu kes timbol pulak satu kes lain. sebab dia orang ni kerajaan boleh bungkus.


  14. Anonymous6:23 pm

    You're right, Bru. Something has got to be done..and fast.
    This issue involves corporate governance and insider trading. No guesses what foreign investors are thinking!
    Mr PM, you are a careful play-safe leader, but this is where you have to be ruthless and do the right things..QUICKLY.


  15. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Najib manalah pernah pecat orang..Tunjukkan satu contoh.

  16. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Dia ni geng Kalimullah. Termasuk Azman Mokhtar. He sits on many boards of public listed companies by virtue of his position as MRS ZARINAH. This is itself a major conflict of interest.Zarinah tak malukah? Your husband is fu..king you up big time. Better get a new husband before you are dragged down by her.

  17. Anonymous11:24 pm


    Some of your readers commented that Azizan is Tabung Haji's Head of Investment Panel. During yesterday's Tabung Haji Raya Open House, Azizan was missing in action, probably too shy to miggle with the angry crowd. Chicken!

    Anyway, all the PIRATES were there yesterday especially CEO's brother, JasXX and his friends, proudly making money as if Tabung Haji is their family business. Too many bad deals (Malaysia & Saudi Arabia) and yet no action taken by the entrusted agencies. MACC did come few times, do a bit of wayang kulit here-n-there and as usual, nothing happen. The CEO is very good in doing his PR job, bribing everyone, from the Head of Investment Panel, MACC, all the way to the Menteri (new perks, overseas trips, etc). And with the inclusion of Azeez Rahim in Tabung Haji Board in 2011, they seem untouchables, for now.

    Latest news is the CEO and Azeez will invite few bloggers to do hajj this year - all expenses paid by the depositors, worth at least RM50k per pax. And your name is ONE of them! Not sure if you have received the offer, but they want bloggers to be in their pocket as well, spin good story about Tabung Hajia bla bla bla... I hope you will not accept the offer and i'm sure you won't.

  18. Dear Anon 11.24,
    No they have not offered to take me to Mekah.Thank you for he heads up.

  19. Anonymous12:06 am

    the comedy, or TRAGEDY for the ordinary malaysians, actually started because the small man behind the scenes always had a say in who filled the post......

    first it was MM, then MNY and finally ZA...all puppets for their master who remains behind the scenes.

    the bloggers can have their say in cyberspace but it will have no effect in the real world because everything is being done in the name of the party!

  20. If I get a chance for Haj, I will be paying it myself.

  21. Anonymous8:12 am

    Bro, John Major lost because he delayed and he failed to take action against "liabilities" in his government and his political party. I salute Najib because he does alot for GTP, ETP, EEP, NKRA. But Najib will not be judged by voters on how much he had not done. He will be judged by voters on WHAT HE DID NOT DO to remove "liabilities in his government and his political party" eg removing Zarina, Rais, Mat Nor Yaakob, etc.

  22. Anonymous9:04 am


    Jangan pi haji lagilah...nanti tak boleh happy hours. Rambut pun kena potong pendek atau cukur terusselepas tawaf.

    sri hartamas

  23. Bro, "anti sleaze" groups will bring down Najib's government. Hope he acts swiftly. Refer to my blog

  24. Anonymous10:01 am

    PKFZ, corrupted force, Mongolian bombs, funny judiciary, missing jets, abundant crime....all random facts....all have one common underlying theme...

    Now try spinning that one Rocky

  25. Anonymous11:49 am


    this is ONE steamy comedy!

    Secure your laptop,
    Nanti masuk lockup satu lagi.


  26. Anonymous12:22 pm

    and azizan rahman is also ketua penasihat pelaburan tabung haji. OMG!

  27. Anonymous12:22 pm


    I think our PM is handling all the mess badly!!! He keeps on renewing this Zarinah lady term as Chairman knowing full well her husband has been involved in many 'questionable' deals. She needs to go, immediately.

    There are too many flip flops and too many minister making stupid decisions.

    Latest is the telco's service tax blunder. How could the goverment, whether the ministry or politicians allow that to happen?

    PM need to crack the whip or else come GE13, he'll lose another 5 states to PR!!!

    Common Najib, dont just sit there!! Do something!!!

  28. Anonymous1:05 pm

    The gang from Badawi's time is so ingrained that Najib cannot disgorge them. And you know why? Because his brother apa-nama in CIMB has been "bought' in.
    Dont you see that whatever CIMB wants, they will get? SC approval just by phone call. Money? Phone call to Khazanah, Azman sure ok.

    For everybody else, the drama in Ramunia, Isyoda, Kencana and now E & O/Sime, they would have been dragged in and charged in court. But the central character is the person who sleeps with her so how to charge??!!

    Makes a mockery of the SC prosecution of small players over the years. Its like causing the death of Teoh Beng Hock over a RM2,000 invoice versus the multi millions siphoned off by UMNO cronies going unpunished.

    And seriously, do you believe that Azizan only bought 500,000 shares? Under his name, maybe....

    And she wants to compete with Tan Sri Zeti of BNM? She is not fit to hold a candle to Zeti.

    PM, make it your legacy to purge this woman from SC, her husband from Tabung Haji etc and the other remnants of the Badawi era who continue to rule the roost and make you feel bad.

  29. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Anon 12.22,
    What lose 5 more states in PRU 13 ?
    On paper already lost now today hari ini this moment.
    Actually PR no need to work for victory,Najib is doing all the work to ensure Bn is in opposition in PRU 13.
    BN high council knows this but blue ocean inertia already racing ahead.
    question of numbers and winnable candidates already preempted.
    If it is so obvious to orang kampung like me that amongst the present leadership and its lack of cadre lineup, it take no rocket(not dap) to see that emperor wore no new clothes since 2008.
    When the next regime come to roost,all the players in the rash of non regulators group on the insider trading and AA MAS swap must be brought to justice.
    arjuna waspada.
    chnagkat lobak.
    arjuna waspada.
    changkat lobak.

  30. Anonymous3:15 pm


    No wonder they say you are one of the agents trying to topple Najib.

    You and BigDog's vendetta against Dr Rais and the SC Chairman who are Najib's favourites are clearly intended to undermine Najib!!.

    Joe Black

  31. Anonymous5:17 pm

    If Najib do not removed this comedian from SC together with her husband who is making tons of money without having to work, i will for sure NOT vote for BN!!!!! Are you listening Najib?????

  32. Anonymous9:30 am

    bila women jd boss....emmmmm