Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Cat blogs

"... you don't have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang. In Johor, if you are a Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped ...".
Big Cat laughing by Blum

One of the very few times in his otherwise illustrious political career Lee Kuan Yew had to publicly say sorry was over the 1997 remarks made in his affidavit about Johor in which he described the Malaysian state as "notorious for shootings, mugings and car-jackings". 

The above remarks, however, were not made by Kuan Yew. They were uttered by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, allegedly.

Did Guan Eng really say this and got away with it? Big Cat, a new blogger but a seasoned commenter on my blog, has the story in This is Another Crook.


  1. Rocky, thanks for the intro.

  2. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Whoa!!! This big cat defended Zarinah Anwar in his other postings.

  3. Anonymous2:17 pm

    DAP selalu berangan nak tawan Johor. They can kiss that goodbye now.

  4. Welcome BigCat..I'm sure the dog will be worried.

  5. Anonymous4:32 pm

    our future 'chinese' Prime Minister of the peoples republic of Pulau Pinang !!!!!

  6. Talking about shooting himself in the foot. If he did make that remark as alleged, the DAP Secretary General with the big mouth which had him put in jail exactly because he cannot control his gap before, is not fit to become a leader of a State within Malaysia. He should resign.

    The DAP should close shop and get out of Johor.

    Guan Eng ought to make a personal public apology to his Majesty the Sultan and the people of Johor.

  7. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Memang di JB banyak penyangak terutamanya MB Johor dan Lim Kang Hoo.

  8. Anonymous7:07 pm

    A pig always a pig, even though it's make up thick lipstick.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  9. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Apa yang Guan Eng kata memang betul. Memang di Johor keadaan memang teruklah.

    Inilah masaalah orang kita semuanya OK kan, to quote our famous Khir Toyo!

  10. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Guan Eng the PM for ALL Malaysians la!
    Not like UMNO PM only for UMNOputra Malaysian!

  11. Anonymous11:26 pm

    The highest losses in robbery record are held by Penang which about 48Million RM of Integrated circuit,semiconductor being hijacked. Until now the culprit are still free. This is equal to closing of 20 factory in Penang. Much worst than other state record.

  12. I think he said this with his tongue firmly in his cheek.....

  13. DAP , CHinese , what the hell we have bigger problem than opposition or races , we have a Joker running our country, see lah one day Rocky still will be rich but we are totally fucked

  14. Anonymous12:14 am

    Guan Eng had denied running down Johor in an Australian radio. Let's see if he can deny doing so in Singapore as reported by that blog.

  15. Anonymous12:26 am

    Fuck off la you 30% handicap bastards.

  16. Anonymous1:13 am

    Hah, for this one the Mole could not contact Lim and get confirmation that he actually said it? Because LGE is uncontactable? Or because its a lie, better to go on this type of propoganda and belittle LGE?

    Your mole is not consistent?
    Perhaps still a novice at this art?


  17. Future PM with lidah biawak. You want PM like this. Kiss my feet.

  18. Anonymous8:05 am

    Lim Guan Eng,

    Jangan cakap merapu! beri bukti berapa ramai orang sudah dikidnap di JB.

    Pasal menghina orang kamu samalah seperti LKU. 'Like Lim Guan Eng like Lee Kuan Yew.

    Saya orang Johor. Saya tidak marah dengan cakap bodoh kamu itu! Ramai orang menghina orang lain kerana dia merasa dirinya amat 'kecil' sekali.

    Sama seperti Singapura pulau kecil. Mana hendak lari kalau kena perang gerilla. Terjun lautlah jawabnya. Riwayat pun tamat bila dimakan ikan jerung!

    Warga Setia

  19. Guan Eng has denied saying this. Now datuk rocky, do you think you are bordering slander if you do not have proof for this?

  20. Anonymous9:48 am

    terimakasih kepada PAS dan org melayu pulau pinang kerana mengangkat Guan Eng sebagai "khalifah"
    kepada yg lain, marilah kita berjihad mengangkat seorang lagi khalifah , karpal singh.

    tak lupa kepada semua melayu, marilah tinggalkan BN dan angkat la anuwar, pejuang tuhan am (plural) kepada semua agama di malaysia dan di dunia.

    allah "christ" akbar!!

  21. Skilgannon106610:29 am

    If the Singapore media, especially their Straits Times and New Paper are to be believed, Singaporeans are relatively frequent targets of robberies, kidnappings, extortions and carjackings in Johor. Not to mention being the unwitting victims of supposed immigration snafus at the JB end of the Causeway.

    At least, that's what their reports, complete with names, pictures and dates, seem to indicate.

    They are not lying, are they?

    Or else, why would the Iskandar Malaysia people make a big issue of security and safety in their zone every time they come to do investment promotions in Singapore?

    Or why every upmarket property development in JB has "gated and guarded 24/7" as a major selling point when advertising in Singapore?

    Seems to me that LGE is making a point, marketing-wise, in promoting Penang to potential investors (locals and foreigners) from Singapore. It's differentiating yourself from your competitors, something that, say, Malaysia Airlines could usefully learn from.

    It's up to the police and the Johor state government to rebut him with relevant facts and statistics.

    Having said that, I don't see them making a big effort to rebut the aforesaid reports in the Singapore media.

    As a sidebar, it could be one reason why property prices in JB and southern Johor are a tiddy fraction of property prices in Singapore.

    Now let's wait for the warrior dude and the wannabe anti whatever to put in their 5 sen worth!


  23. Anonymous1:45 pm

    1. Lee Kuan Yew's "illustrious"; "stellar career......hahahahahahahaha

    2. What’s really at stake is not sand, which should be the world’s cheapest commodity, but an extradition treaty that Singapore government authorities have been refusing to sign for 34 years. Indonesia wants a bunch of elusive bankers who took part in an astounding heist of more than US$13.5 billion looted from the Indonesian central bank’s recapitalization lifeline to 48 ailing banks during the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis.

    3. Despite that, the city-state has always been a bolt-hole for Indonesian tycoons a step ahead of the law or sporadic ethnic violence. According to Tempo Magazine, there are some 18,000 Indonesians described as “rich” living in Singapore worth a combined total of US$87 billion – more than Indonesia’s entire annual government budget. Yunus Husein, Chairman of the Financial Transactions Report & Analysis Center in Jakarta, told Tempo that the Indonesian embassy in Singapore had confirmed that some 200 debtors who owe money to the state had been hiding there since 1998.

    4. The statistics suggest that Singapore is more focused on prosecuting predicate offences (primarily based on domestic crime).Singapore has, generally, been less aggressive in pursuing money laundering as a separate crime in the past, particularly in relation to third-party laundering, through Singapore’s financial system, of proceeds generated by foreign predicate offences.

    plus this one:

    You know folks, Andy Xie has been vindicated many times over. Good for this chingkboy who has the cockmuscles to speak the truth while others of his race have long castarated theirs ala those eunuchs in the 'Last Emperor'...hahahahahahaha. The only nice thing about Chingkiepore is their decsion to maintain the ISA. Thats REAL gumption amidst plenty of shit...but kudos anyway.

    LGE...yawn...what can or do you expect without the ISA? doves delivering you stalks of white roses...hahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231
    'For the Truth will Live On in the Heart of this Soldier"

  24. Anonymous2:37 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has threatened legal action against national news agency Bernama if it fails to apologise and retract an article claiming he had insulted Johor during an interview with an Australian radio station.

    Lim, though his press secretary Wong Kim Fei, wrote a letter to Bernama editor-in-chief Datuk Yoo Soo Heong yesterday, saying that the article published on Friday was “false, untrue and a pack of lies”.

    In the article, Lim (picture) was quoted as saying, “Lim who is DAP Secretary-General, in an interview with an Australian radio station, was alleged to have said that Johor was not a safe state where the chance of being kidnapped was high, compared with Penang”.

    But Wong denied this, saying that Lim had never mentioned Johor during his interview by Radio Australia on September 20.

    Instead, he said Lim had merely discussed the Malaysia Solution deal with Australia, the government’s pledge to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA) and Penang issues.

    “At no time did he even mention the word Johor and made any reference to the situation in other states in Malaysia during the Radio Australia interview,” he said.

    He added that Lim was accompanied by two aides - Jeffrey Chew and Yap Soo Huey — both of whom could attest to the fact that the Chief Minister had not mentioned Johor.

    “Bernama should withdraw and apologise unconditionally to Lim immediately and publish this in Bernama, failing which the Penang Chief Minister will be compelled to commence legal proceedings against Bernama,” Wong wrote in the letter.

    He added that the Bernama report had also led to Lim being attacked “with wild ferocity” by Umno leaders and members, including Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who yesterday accused Lim of sabotaging the Barisan Nasional-led (BN) Johor.

    Wong reminded the news agency that it had once before issued a similar apology to Lim for another false report on March 2008 and should not have any qualms in doing so again.

    “We hope you will continue to uphold professional journalistic standards of integrity and truthfulness by doing so again. Remember, opinion is free but facts are sacred,” the letter said.

  25. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Hello Skilly..

    Whats up in Singapore eh? Gua mayak takut mau pigi sana ini maciam..

    he hehe hehehe

  26. Insyaallah3:08 pm

    kisah guan eng dah memang satu hal... apa yg politician cakap memang di publisize... tapi apa yg non politician cakap sapa nak dengar... isu bawah ni PM kena ambil berat juga...

  27. dulangwashing5:21 pm

    Lim Guan Eng should go live in Singapore the penal island for chingkee... with LKY.

    You chinese kuliss should be doing dulang washing intead of pretendig to be MB

  28. Go to

    It's unbecoming of a chief editor like you rocky to shoot below the hip like this. Shame on you.

  29. Go to

    So dato rocky, can own up and be a man and apologise to lim guan eng.

    By the way, where are you when a chief minister of a state in malaysia is alleged to have statutarily raped a girl? Where were you when lim guan eng was charged for sedition for helping the girl for this case? Where? Think dato', jagan tak think.

  30. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Pigshit theory: Or else....why every upmarket property development in JB has "gated and guarded 24/7" as a major selling point when advertising in Singapore?

    Response: mmm lets see, this pigarsefly should extend his esteemed shit of a crackpot thesis up north as well for they are bolting their gates real quick up North too....or maybe thats not applicable as LGE is a fellow pigshit munching, cocksuckling arseraping pervert?

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    The Mongols and Manchus would have earned the globe's collective gratitude if only they had wiped out this arsefucking whore race totally from earth's suffering face!

    Rocky: i am cross with you for putting my earlier comment right after this Chingkiepig's albeit after another moron in betwix (ROTFLMAO). No conspiracy eh???hahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  31. LGE a closed friend of MatSabu , what do you expect from a joker...

  32. Anonymous8:10 pm

    He denies it and can't find any quote like it on the Aussies news sites. So big cat looks more like a fat pussy!
    I'm sure being called chingkieboy by Warrior is high praise indeed....


  33. KAH KAH KAH...
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    Utusan dah terkantoi...
    Bernama dah terkantoi...
    Para blogger cybertroopers Umno terkantoi...

    Maka dibuktikan Sdr. LGE tak sentuh pun tentang Johor

    ...walaupun semua satu malaysia tahu johor baharu itu banyak jenayah... ini x baru

    kah kah kah... para pencacai propaganda BN mana mau sembunyi muka... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... pasti mereka ni takkan mintak maaf... kah kah kah

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  34. Warrior 231, pls tell what are your smoking.

  35. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Congrats Big Cat, if I may add. You could do no better if you expose the shitfly chingkieboy LGE as a cardboard or tincan administrator who fucked state entities dry with his cheapskate antics.

    Expose how within 3 years, he has managed under his 'arsetute' stewardship, to reduce PBA holdings to a gibbering wreck with lower Cash and Cash equivalents (C & CE); lower EPS etc from the doubledigit revenue growth and EPS days of Koh Tsu Koon. Also check out his empty boasts regarding Non-Revenue Water plus the fuckboy's 'lie-ridden' claims in his Chairman's Message columns from 2008 onwards. Some corporate whizkid...urgh...more a chingkie prosjoint pimpgangster of a liar! who appoints his fellow fuckedup of a fatty ISA cellmate as a director!.

    Go here:

    and the PBA home website here:

    for past Annuals esp.since 2008

    So get cracking Cat, this is just the beginning as i have more shit on this Chingkie scumbag. Yeah, the very same slimepoop, Najib Razak the arseworm is consorting with to effect an UMNO-DAP merger!. Fuckshits of fuckheads both!

    Warrior 231
    'For The Light of Truth Will Always Burn in This Fearless Warrior's Heart'

  36. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Arif bin moron, n the other guan eng fanboys,
    What was posted in the big cat blog is from guan eng's speech in Singapore. Not from an Australian radio interview. U all can read or not? Next time don't eat too much pork la assholes. It makes u stupid.

  37. CAT and 'Li'on lies. The usual trade. Speculation and manipulation.

    Otherwise, they don't get rich and grab power overnight, do they? crook's croak.

    To all malays, learn ! don't be mongs

  38. Anonymous8:23 am

    Reading from Singapore papers and blogs, bodies being found in suitcases, rivers since last April.

    Oghang2 Tanjung, hangpa bokbaik nu.. satni penyakit ni melaghat pi sana nanya tak habih!

    Skilly, betoi ke teghoq sampai macam tu kat Singapore? Simon and CitizenBeng1 comments betoi ke?

    eeeeek takuuuut

    he hehe hehehe

  39. Anonymous8:58 am

    Warrior 231 hasn't been smoking anything. He was born with a serious genetic deformity after he discovered that his parents were actually brother and sister. He has been berserk ever since.


  40. Anonymous10:11 am

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  41. Anonymous12:03 pm

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    Bodoh punya cina..berlagak konon pandai, pusing2 akhirnya kantoi balik sendiri kena..

    Sue bigcat lah, why only deny in radio to clean yourself and let your stupid pathetic lowlife zombie do the cleaning job..bodoh punya kepala cina DAP ni.. Bila mau respon sama SatD punya facts challenge hah, Ketua Menteri Babi?

    Takut ka?


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    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  42. Badut Nasional4:17 pm

    Penang is beautiful these days, can't say the same for Johor Bahru!!!

  43. Anonymous8:35 pm


    Chi8 said...

    Warrior 231, pls tell what are your smoking.


    He has been smoking dicks.

    Hence his obsession with feces and anal sex in his posts :p

    Does not take a psychiatrist to know

  44. Skilgannon10669:41 am

    perwira, anti whatever, warrior whatever dll

    I stand by my comments.

    Do you dare deny that the Iskandar folks make a big play on safety and security when they do their investment promos in Singapore? Have you attended any of these promo mission and listened to the questions asked by Singaporean and foreign investors?

    Ptui! Talk is bladdy cheap. Go and sit with the Iskandar people when they go trolling for investments and have to field questions about the safety and crime situation in JB/Johor.

    As for property developments in JB, all the ads I have seen in the Singapore papers - for developments such as Horizon Hills, Straitsview Residences, East Ledang and the condos at Danga Bay - mention "gated and guarded 24/7" as a key selling point. I dare you to contact the property developers themselves and ask them if this is the case.

    I have lived in JB for many years, and I know exactly what the situation wrt crime and personal safety is there. Ask the ordinary rakyat in JB, not the ones swanning around with bodyguards and escorted motorcades, about this.

    Or ask the staffers who man the JB bureaus of The Star and NST what the key concerns of JBites and Johor residents are.

    Again, talk is bladdy cheap. And so is empty rhetoric.

    And Singapore is doing just fine. So much so that Singapore's Ministry of Finance has to clarify that Singapore's financial reserves is the total of MAS assets + GIC's portfolio + Temasek's portfolio. Care to do the math?

    And as for the hoary chestnut about Singapore-Indonesia extradition problems, it has only to be pointed out that Singapore and Indonesian ministers frequently visit each other and that it has been acknowledged in the Indonesian media that little or no evidence has been presented to the Singapore courts to justify extraditing supposed economic criminals who have allegedly sought refuge in the citystate. No proof, simply gasak, izzit?

  45. Skilgannon10669:46 am

    I think that the problem with warrior, antiwhatever, perwira, big kuching and big anjing is that they suffer from profound feelings of inferiority which they have to mask by adopting pseudo-macho racist attitudes and convoluted logic.

    It must be hard watching the rest of the world go by and progress and know, with a sickening sense of futility, that there is fish all you can do about it.

    And that all the emoting about maruah and dignity don't amount to a hill of beans when the great game of globalisation is being played.

    It must be awful feeling that inferior and powerless. Kesian!

  46. Anonymous6:01 pm


    Gua lagi kesian sama lu..

    Dead bodies floating eeeek takuuut!

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  47. Anonymous10:07 pm

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  48. Anonymous10:29 am

    "To those harping on about me uninvited, I swear that I am gonna make you "smoke" my dick, have me cum in your mouth and eat my shit before I put a .38 slug through your empty skulls to kaboom you into thinking vermins as you descend into hellfire so that you will think of and regret all the sins you caused as wasted sperms on Mother Earth. And to top that all, I am gonna rape your wenches right before ur eyes, and use their cunts as target practice for my grenade launcher that will see them blasted into smithereens"

    Boy, no wonder this cunt-faced warrior 231 is pissed. Especially finding out what his father did to his (father's) sister. The by-product of an incestous relationship.