Monday, September 19, 2011

Intermission: Yesterday

A red sign from a long time ago. My former teacher, the blogger Anak si-Hamid, posted this 1977 picture she took of me at Kota Tinggi as her own special way of a tribute to The Mole, the latest portal a group of journalists and I started on 16 Sept 2011, the day after the night the ISA died. The song to go with the posting should be Yesterday (all my troubles seem so far away ...) but she decided on The Guitar Man, which is fine by me. Takkan nak lawan Cik gu, kan?

Check out her posting:
Message from Miss Hamid to Din, Extract from 'The Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame - Chapter 1 'The River Bank'


  1. BIGCAT6:49 pm

    Rocky, your Mole seems to be scaring the shit our of some ppl. My dear friend Leslie Lau of Malaysian Insider in his latest article suggested that the Mole is being financed by Najib's PR team to the tune of about RM15 million. I know Leslie from such a long time ago. The boy not so deep...but he is quite a good creative writer.

  2. Dear Angry Depositor,

    Please read the article by NST dated 5 March 2009 what THE FLAMBOYANT CEO OF TH HAS TO SAY ABOUT RAMUNIA. When the investment is 100% screwed up, the CEO made up story that Ramunia is TH's long-term investment.

    Long term investment my ass!

    New Straits Times / Mar 5, 2009
    Tabung Haji to hold on to Ramunia stake
    by Zaidi Isham Ismail

    LEMBAGA Tabung Haji, which gets a quarter of its income from stock market investments, will hold on to its 29.6 per cent stake in loss-making shipbuilder Ramunia Holdings Bhd as it believes in the latter's long-term growth.

    Although Ramunia is not doing well currently, the Muslim fund manager will not pull out its investment because of the shipbuilder's good assets, Tabung Haji group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Ismee Ismail said.

    "Our investment in Ramunia is long-term and it has good assets, such as its yard in Teluk Ramunia, and oil price has stabilised at the US$40 a barrel (RM149) mark.

    "We hope that the company, in the long term, will grow, expand and give dividend returns," Ismee told Business Times in Kuala Lumpur.

    Ramunia, which fabricates parts and structures for the oil and gas industry, reported a net loss of RM71.3 million for the fourth quarter ended October 31 2008. It had made a net profit of RM1.9 million in the previous corresponding period.

    The loss was largely due to rising costs, cost overrun, foreign exchange losses, provision of diminution of investment, costs incurred for cancelled project and in anticipation of increased work orders.

    For the full year, Ramunia made a net loss of RM279.8 million. Previously, it achieved a net profit of RM20.6 million. Total turnover fell 41 per cent to RM360.86 million.

    As an investor, Tabung Haji has pulled out of companies before. In July 2007, it sold its 5 per cent stake in troubled optical disc maker Megan Media Holdings Bhd, which had RM1 billion losses and defaulted on close to RM900 million bank loans.

  3. Anonymous8:19 pm

    The ISA died?? Really? I mean really? Stop insulting our intelligence man. We know you have a fucking job to do but still?

  4. pickledherring9:20 pm

    Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs" keeps playing in my head when i see those sexy legs !!!

  5. Anonymous9:25 pm

    syok sendiri wonder malay mail collapsed...adehhhh

  6. sexy loh, hehehehe

  7. Anonymous10:27 pm

    "...latest portal a group of journalists and I started..."

    Journalists? You have a portal that showcases drivel by the likes of ParpuKari (who's latest post is about the MB's of Kedah and Kelantan having an S-class as their official cars) as journalism???

    Oh dear Rocky. You've really dragged the ideals of journalism this time...


  8. Anonymous4:27 am

    Hello kawan2 yang cerdik2 belaka,

    If it is for the good of humanity.. if you are human anyway, we ought to come out and support the effort..

    Kan semua tak suka RASUAH? Help la.. don't just watch and bicker behind!


  9. BigCat,

    RM8 million or RM8 billion, a journalist has to get it right. Your dear friend should learn from the RM8 billion saga involving MAS' Tajudin Ramli and the Malaysian Insider. The road to ruins is paved with good intentions, they say. Where do bad ones lead you to?


  10. Anon who calls himself Apanama,

    You know there is a prominent blogger Apanama, so using his handle is so unbecoming la. I let u thru just this once, next time please use a different handle. If you are so in love with the blogger or his handle, can I suggest calling yourself ApanIama?

  11. Anonymous11:29 pm

    anon 9:25am,

    Failed to rival The Sun, so lets try and take on those pesky online news portals

    problem is they don't have what those pesky online portals have... good investigative journalists.


  12. Bro, the mole is by nature a earth burrowing mammal its virtually blind as it does not need its eye to see in the dark.

    The Mole is an apt name for your latest venture, korek(investigate) lagi Bro, let those vile vermins scatter searching for cover.