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Church slams tv station for showing sex video clip of Opposition leader lookalike

Malaysia | Malaysian bishop slams political sex video |

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, OR MSM, has one more moral cop to worry about now. It used to be just the politiocians, the KDN, the women's lib movement, the advertisers and the MCMC and a dictatorial Minister of Information. Now the MSM, or at least TV3, must worry about treading the Bishop's toes.

I'm sure the people at TV3 appreciate Bishop Paul's point. But it is also true that it is easier to be a blogger or run videos on on-line portals.

P.S. Personal, I'm curious now. What does the Bishop feel about the video itself, I mean if it's true the horse involved is not just a lookalike after all? Would like to know what he thinks of Datuk T, too.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Double-tracking the Indians and the Chinese

DISCRIMINATING THE CHINESE, ARE WE? It'd be interesting to see if CREC, the China company that was given two Letters of Intent by Malaysian government when Mahathir was PM to undertake the double-track Gemas-JB project, would be disappointed for the third time during bilateral talks today.
It's been rumored that the Economic Planning Unit in the PM's Department has suddenly become keen to award the project through open tender instead of direct nego.
Why not?
Why NOW?
The India parties undertaking the same project got theirs through G-to-G arrangement. Direct nego. Took them only two years to secure the deal.
The China company has waited 10 years! And now someone in the EPU wants to ...

The powers that be may want to look at this very, very closely.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tricubes or Pos Malaysia's 15,000?

updated 6th May 2011: A comment left under another thread, Samy Vellu, Pig Farmers .. etc. right after the original post below.

Original Post

A SWEET DEAL FOR TRICUBES, A POTENTIALLY BITTER PILL FOR 15,000 EMPLOYEES OF POS MALAYSIA. How is that so? Tricubes' 1Malaysia email, a government-sanctioned project, could result in Pos Malaysia's mail volumes reliant on government notices falling to levels that would trigger layoffs in the postal company. Sure, it's a sweet as honey deal for Tricubes: the distressed loss-making company even got the RM5.3 million to start up the project from the 100 percent government-owned Mavcap, which means Tricubes' risk at every level is borne by the taxpayer. For the postman, though, there will be sleepless nights.

The government has to do the right thing. It should ask Pos Malaysia, myeg and other financially-sound companies to submit fresh proposals for the 1Malaysia email project.

Remember, 15,000 angry mostly-Malay postmen could swing any election in the rural Malay heartland.

Comment received on 5 May 2011 
this comment should gto with your posting on 1malaysia email in which you mentioned Pos Malaysia. Pos Malaysia CEO Syed Faisal must have read your views and suggestions:
(NST report May 5)

If you can't beat them, then join them! This seems to be the position adopted by Pos Malaysia Bhd which is seeking
to play a role in the myemail project, that is expected to pose a significant threat to its physical mail business.
Pos Malaysia has its own plan for e-government after taking note of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) initiative on it, said group managing director and chief executive officer, Datuk Syed Faisal Albar.
He said at present, Pos Malaysia had various portals such as Pos Online, to enable the public to make payments online, using credit cards or direct debit from their bank account.
However, since the myemail project has already been awarded to Tricubes Bhd, it will engage the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) and the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)to explore ways on how it can play a role in the project, he told reporters after the company's annual general meeting, here today.
8:54 PM

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spot Rais Yatim Contest

Do you see him in this picture?

A magpie wrote in his blog that "it is your (blog) house so you can invite or not invite anyone that you like or not like". Read here. Reminds me of what the Minister of Information purportedly told the Istana Budaya people recently, here.

In any case (and this is not the Blog House Malaysia's official statement), we did not invite Rais Yatim also to protect him. We wanted to avoid any unpleasant experience (for the minister). There were pro-Rais bloggers at the conference but there were also those who have been/are being sued by the minister and I am sure a few more who will be sued in good time. Rais has also lodged police reports against some of the bloggers. We don't want him to get booed or something like that ...

But we did invite some friends from the Ministry of Information and the MCMC to the conference.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What happened to the "anti-Establishment" bloggers?

"I don't know why (we) do it, especially if it's true what they said about these tools of the Internet being a pain in our neck, and other parts of the body ...". Najib Razak, when commenting in his speech on Malaysia's big spending to promote Digital Democracy. He said this in reference to the press statement he had made after BN's thumping two-thirds victory in the Sarawak elections about how open democracy and online media or in other words, Digital Democracy, has made it more difficult to win elections by big margins. [Read We Guarantee NO Censorship and Govt does not fear bloggers ...]
NAJIB URGES BLOG HOUSE MALAYSIA. Just before lunch, a Singaporean ex-journalist who now lectures for a living, and who was invited as a speaker at the 1st Malaysia-Asean Regional Bloggers Conference which ended today, asked what the PM would do to reduce "polarization" in the Malaysian blogosphere.
The Prof observed that the "usual suspects" were missing from this inaugural regional conference. The "usual suspects" is a term he used in apparent reference to bloggers harped as anti-Establishment.
I was seated at the main table in my capacity as the Adviser to the Blog House Malaysia, the NGO that organized the Conference. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, our patron, and Blog House Malaysia president Syed Akbar Ali were up on stage with the Prime Minister, who had just delivered the keynote address. Rosmah, Siti Hasmah and three Asean bloggers were at the main table with me. It was standing room inside the ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel as all 300 seats for lunch were taken up by sponsors, bloggers and observers.
Najib said he, too, would like to see more inclusiveness and less polarization in the Malaysian blogosphere.
"Perhaps this is something the Blog House of Malaysia would want to take up ...", he said, throwing a challenge to the Blog House Malaysia to rope in bloggers "from the other side" of the political divide.

The PM is, of course, being consistent with his "inclusive" approach in almost everything he undertakes. But I'd like to set the record straight here. The Blog House is NOT a grouping of bloggers from "this side". Some people accuse of being an UMNO tool. Hehe. I don't think UMNO would like that since there are names like Tony Yew and Eric Woon on our Exco! And certainly we are not barring anyone - not the "usual suspects" nor the "other side" bloggers - from coming in. For the 1st MARBC, our invitation for people to participate was an open one. In addition, the meeting with the Asean bloggers was not politically-motivated, in the sense that we were NOT interested if the bloggers from Asean were usual suspects in their own countries or have preferred sides.
The five-point KL Consensus (or Declaration) that we adopted during our meeting will attest to this:
The (draft) KL Consensus
1. The establishment of an Asean social media and blogging network to promote understanding, good relations, unity and cooperation for regional betterment and progress of the new media practitioners in the spirit of mutual respect;
2. To assist in achieving and promoting the common values and aspirations of goodwill and to promote greater understanding and familiarity of the social media;
3. To promote the freedom of expression, freedom of information and freedom from persecution;
4. To promote ethical practice of the social media; and
5. To meet regularly and promote the growth and progress of social media in Asean
In short, we were not concerned at all about what their ideologies and we were not trying to make anyone interested in ours. There is more to blogging than politics and I believe that today we have pushed blogging to the next level.

In the weeks and months to come, the Blog House Malaysia will pursue programs discussed during yesterday's session with the Asean bloggers. These include a joint project to launch an Asean Bloggers' Day and a collaboration on Asean tourism.

We could do with help from everyone, not just those from "that side".

The 1st MARBC would not have been possible without kind (and brave) friends in several corporations, namely:

1. Petronas
2. YTL
3. Maxis
4. Telelom Malaysia
5. Sime Darby
6. Scomi
7. Felda

It's good to note that the Blog House Malaysia has already gotten offers to help organize our next event in Malaysia!
I won't say what it is yet but it will probably happen in July this year.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Asean Bloggers are here

updated, Saturday pm. 34 Bloggers from Malaysia and Asean met for about 4 hours before they agreed to adopt a KL Consensus, a document of fundamentals that the bloggers hope will form a basis for future cooperation. The bloggers represent 8 countries with a combined population of easily over 100 million Netizens. The Asean bloggers will join over 200 Malaysian bloggers tomorrow for a day-long conference. PM Najib Razak has agreed to drop by for lunch. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has agreed to be patron of the Blog House Malaysia, the grouping of mainly socio-bloggers which is putting together the 1st Malaysia-Asean Regional Bloggers Conference or MARBC (pronounced as "ma-back"). 
Group photo of the bloggers after adopting the KL Consensus at Sime Darby Convention, 23 April 2011: 

The KL Consensus later ... 

Original Article:

KUALA LUMPUR CONSENSUS. Today the foreign delegates attending the 1st Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum arrive from Indonesia,Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Exco members of the Blog House Malaysia,which is putting together the event, will welcome them this evening at the intercontinental Hotel, the venue for the forum on Sunday. Tomorrow the Blog House Exco and the Asean bloggers will be joined by participants from Sabah and Sarawak for a closed-door meeting at the Sime Darby to adopt a Kuala Lumpur Consensus, a loose agreement that outlines the delegates' commitment towards a dynamic network of Asean Bloggers that will help foster regional cooperation between their nations and promote goodwill among the people.

The Asean Bloggers are:

The Blog House people are:
Syed Akbar Ali, president
Akramshah Sanusi, vice president
Tony Yew, secretary
Firdaus Abdullah, assistant secretary
Zakhir Mohamad, treasurer
Datuk Nuraina Samad, exco
Eric Woon , exco
Shamsul Akmar, exco
Salahuddin Hisham, exco
Endie Shazalie Akbar, exco
Rocky Bru, adviser

The Sabah and Sarawak Bloggers are:
Mutalib M D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Not a bad boys club"

1st Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum
Date: Sunday, 24th April
Time: 8.30am-5pm
Venue: InterContinental Hotel (formerly Nikko)
Admission is F R E E (but email registration is a must so see below for details)

This weekend's 1st Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum is the subject of my weekly column in The Malay Mail. I started the article with a mention of Mutalib MD (pic), the Sabahkini CEO and Chief Editor who is being sued by Rais Yatim for the articles on the alleged maid rape. Mutalib has agreed to be a panel member in one of the sessions on Sunday, which will also feature Hassan Skodeng, recently involved in a criminal suit filed by Tenaga Nasional for a satire he published on his blog, and Shafee Abdullah, the counsel for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in the on-going RCI on Teoh Beng Hock. {read also TBH was the go-between ...}

For more details on the forum, or to register as a participant, go to

Excerpts of "NOT A BAD BOYS CLUB":-
Rocky's Bru: Not a bad boys club

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 14:26:00
THIS weekend, Mutalib MD, the chief editor of Sabahkini, a news portal based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, will be in Kuala Lumpur but not to sort out the lawsuit filed against him recently which has made news in the mainstream media.
Mutalib will be here to meet some 300 bloggers for the first Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum. He will be in good company, quips Tony Yew, secretary of the Blog House Malaysia, the new NGO putting together the forum.
"There will be quite a number of us there who have been prosecuted or persecuted in one way or another for their blogging."
And that is not an exaggeration.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The RCI so far: DAP has a lot of explaining to do

Who can we believe now? It was only a month ago that DAP's Teresa Kok and Selangor exco Ean Yong Hian Wah  had come forth with a denial saying that they had received cuts from payments meant for Selangor state government projects.  
But the RCI into Teoh Beng Hock’s death has now revealed mounting evidence to the contrary. 
READ MORE HERE about how Class F Bumiputera contractors got involved in DAP projects and why repeated denials by politicians don't always exonerate them!
Also must read TBH RCI: DAP financed and benefited from government projects 

SatD vs KJ

No Such Thing, KJ. Blogger SatD, a strong advocate of the One School concept where vernacular schools will not be welcomed anymore in Malaysia,says YB Khairy Jamaluddin's article in the Edge entltled Engage Multiculturalism Early On is a brave but misguided attempt at nothing (not his words). In his blog Pure Shiite, SatD tells Khairy that "there is no such thing as 'virtual Constitutional guarantee'."

SatD furnished two court judgments to back his words - the Mark Koding and the Merdeka University cases.

He has also asked the young MP to "have more courage in tackling this issue armed with REAL Constitutional Guarantee and not some "Virtual" misconception ....".

Read more and comment HERE.

p.s. KJ as champion for a Single School for ALL Malaysians? I'd like to see that!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rais Yatim goes after another blogger

Minister still seeing red over posts on maid. Looks like #yorais is working hard to keep alive the maid-for-rape news that rocked his world in December last year. Or at least that is how one sees it when reading the news about the lawsuit against Sabahkini h e r e. 

The High Court of Kuala Lumpur has set May 6 for case management after meeting Rais's lawyers in chambers yesterday, a case the Malaysian Chronicle says "is bound to attract huge media coverage".

The Sabahkini CEO and chief editor, Mutalib MD [said to be abroad to finalize his book on a VVIP's sex scandal], is expected to be one of the participants of the First Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum this weekend in Kuala Lumpur. Blogger Hassan Skodeng, who also made headlines last year after he was sued by Tenaga Nasional for a satire on his blog, will also attend. [GO TO for details].

Rais has earlier sued blogger Din Sharpshooter, also over the maid rape issue. He dropped the case after Sharpshooter agreed not to repeat the allegations he made in his blog against Rais.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BN retains Sarawak with two-thirds majority

Najib gets his "fixed deposit" for PRU13 [or Pakatan Rakyat  face-plants on own hype]. That PBB won ALL 35 seats it contested in this election proves that Taib Mahmud is still at the top of his game. At 74 and 30 years in the Chief Minister's seat, he ensured that Sarawak remains Barisan Nasional's "fixed deposit" for the 13th General Election, which the Prime Minister can call for any time from now till 2013.
Some disagreed with my tweet: "Pakatan Rakyat tidak sepakat di Sarawak. That was their undoing, And chances are the squabble for seats will continue into PRU13."
They said PR won seven more seats to bring the tally 55-15-1 (the one seat is won by an Independent candidate).
I reminded them that PR went into the Sarawak election bragging that it was going to strip Taib Mahmud naked and end BN's reign. "Objectif Pakatan ialah "ubah". 15 seats after all the hype are a depressant for change. Clearly, Pakatan need to "ubah" first," I wrote in my tweet.
Take it in whatever spirit you like. For BN, there are lessons to learn. George Chan's defeat is a sobering message from the people, not just about overstaying but about having a firm control of your party. The SUPP chief has been facing problems from within and that is no secret for those who are familiar with Sarawak politics. DAP is only enemy No 2 as far as George Chan is concerned.
This morning, Sarawak awakes to the same Chief Minister who has guided the state to where it is today for the last 3 decades. Taib has promised to step down after the election, and after finding the perfect successor. The Sarawak people have trusted him for 30 years, so they have no reason to doubt him now.
Taib will have to keep his word. No two ways about it.
Whether he leads the state into the next General Election does not matter. The Sarawak people have spoken. That's what matters most.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Countdown to Omegaddon

O·me·gad·don  (ärm-gdn)n. 1. Bible The scene of a final battle between the forces of good and evil, prophesied to occur at the end of the world.
2. A decisive or catastrophic conflict.
Violet, the latest colour of race politics in Malaysia here
It's the final stretch before the Sarawak polls. To paraphrase YB Hannah Yeoh's tweet, "For those who can't be in Sarawak, let's dedicate next 24 hours to pray for a clean election: untainted by Pakatan's vote buying".

Hehe, actually she wrote "..untainted by BN's vote buying" but did not substantiate it. Don't you hate it when these YBs do that? I thought only bloggers like RPK - and I, sometimes - take cheap shots like that. Unless she meant T H I S as BN vote buying!

It's also the any time now for police to announce the findings of their investigation into the sex video scandal. Am told they have completed the face recognition analysis and the poor girl (read H E R E) has also given her statement. We'll see.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A tale of betrayal after betrayal

"Suddenly, everyone who was part of the conspiracy to block Najib from taking over is a strong Najib supporter from way back in time." - Raja Petra Kamarudin in Now that the shit has hit the fan
The TV3 Interview: Why RPK really did it. According to RPK in his latest article, he did the interview "so that the story of my statutory declaration can be brought back to focus and corrected".
"Somehow, the statutory declaration I signed and what I actually said in that statutory declaration has been lost. And it has been lost because the focus is on my so-called allegation rather than what I actually said in the statutory declaration. Most seem to not understand that I did not make any allegation against Rosmah ..."
That may be the truth. Or not. With RPK, you can tell by now that you can't really tell. But in my view, if RPK had wanted the shit to hit the fan, he could have used the Courts. He was being sued by some of the parties he mentioned in the SD and what better opportunity to bring on his "reliable informers" other than the Courts of law. He would have the best lawyers in the country to keep him out of jail.

But he did not. He fled the country, instead. And with him goes the opportunity to prove that he did not really allege Rosmah of supervising the murder of Altantuya, that his SD was just about him being reliably informed about this and that.

One thing RPK has made clear in his latest posting is that he's coming after Bul and John Pang and Din Merican for basically playing him out. He claimed that these dudes were working for Anwar and Ku Li and they were the ones who wanted to block Najib from becoming Prime Minister ...
"When all hell broke loose I contacted Bul and met up with him. I asked him for a copy of the confidential military intelligence report. Bul said that they no longer have it. The entire file has been shredded, Bul said. 
Surely they have a back up copy, I said. 

Sorry, no back up copy. The report no longer exists. In fact, the entire file no longer exists. 
The whole objective of this exercise was to block Najib Tun Razak from taking over as Prime Minister. If Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can be forced to resign, and if Najib can be blocked from taking over, then Tengku Razaleigh could become the next prime minister. 

Earlier, a meeting was held in Tengku Razaleigh’s office. About 30 people attended the meeting cum buka puasa. A few Umno bloggers such as Big Dog and so on were there. PKR people like Adlan Benan Omar and Rafizi Ramli also came. And many others whom you will know if I mention their names also attended (I will leave it to them whether they want to surface, but they know who I am talking about). 

The purpose of this meeting was to explore how it can be engineered so that Tengku Razaleigh can take over as prime minister. Bul, of course, was the ‘main speaker’ with all the ideas on how this can be achieved. 

Today, Bul declares that he is a strong Najib supporter and that he has always supported Najib from way back. Suddenly he is no longer the man who was scheming on how to block Najib from taking over so that his boss, Tengku Razaleigh, can be the new prime minister. 

Bul, who promised me that he will make sure I will never go to jail and that the military intelligence report would surface the instant the police come for me, today, tells me that the report no longer exists. 

The question is, did the report even exist in the first place? And Din Merican, who spoke to Anwar and who assured me that Lt Kol Azmi is very reliable and John Pang, who spoke to Tengku Razaleigh on the same matter and gave that same assurance, have washed their hands of this whole matter. 

I can understand Din leaving PKR to go back to the other side. He did tell everyone he is disillusioned with the party and he is not the first or the last. John Pang, however, is now with CIMB Jakarta and we all know who owns CIMB. 

Suddenly, everyone who was part of the conspiracy to block Najib from taking over is a strong Najib supporter from way back in time."
There you have it. RPK has been stabbed in the back and he knows it now. Betrayed by people who today have kept their distance from him. And like the P. Ramlee movie Enam Jahanam, RPK is going after them one by one.

At 8 tonight, on Buletin Utama TV3, in the second part of his interview with Ashraf, RPK goes after another individual who has screwed him good.

Column in The Malay Mail, today: Averting a clash of religions


The piece I have written for my column in The Malay Mail. Will publish the link to the edited version as soon as it's up on this afternoon

Schooling politicians about priorities (or Lighting up Sarawak after the Elections)

By Ahirudin Attan

At a modest office in Kuala Lumpur last Monday three parties signed an agreement that could pave way for the provision of 24-hour electricity to over 400 schools in the deepest jungles of Sarawak.

There were no Ministers involved, which surprised the handful of business journalists covering the event. Given that these were the final few days before the hotly-contested Sarawak election, you'd think the office would have been swarmed by BN politicians.

In fact, you'd imagine that this MoU would have been signed in Kuching, or Miri, or Sibu where the contests are red hot between BN and the pretenders.

Instead, the signing ceremony was confined to just the signatories representing two companies and Unimas, which had just completed a pilot project to replace diesel-powered generators with made-in-Malaysia green batteries.

As I write this, and as far I know, the implications of this good news have yet to reach Sarawak.

For me, it speaks of one thing: the focus of campaigning in the Sarawak election has been hijacked and is being dictated by other priorities.

From the day Chief Minister Taib Mahmud announced the dissolution of the state assembly to pave way for this Saturday's polls, the main issue has revolved around his 30-year tenure as Sarawak's chief executive.

The Opposition's sole aim is to blame every pot hole on the road on Taib. His "ill-gotten" wealth became the focus of Radio Free Sarawak, which is openly backed by the Pakatan Rakyat, since last year. Despite the state's compliance with international standards, the Chief Minister is being accused of destroying forests and minting money for himself and his family from excessive logging and land grab.

None of these allegations have ever been substantiated but that's besides the point; Taib's enemies were out to discredit him, and were not ashamed to equte him with the likes of Kol Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak. Never mind if Pakatan Rakyat's own leaders - Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and even Anwar Ibrahim - have been around before Taib became Chief Minister.

Tit-for-tat, the government supporters built up BN's campaign around the goal of tarnishing the image of the enemy. Pakatan Rakyat's de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has become an easy target after a sex video involving him or his lookalike surfaced last month.

If you read Utusan this morning, news about Anwar Ibrahim easily fills up two broadsheet pages. Those days when Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister, news worshipped him.  Now, the newspaper that Anwar once controlled as if it was his own has become his worst enemy.

Also, for the first time in decades of our peaceful multi-religion co-existence as a nation, Christians have become a major election tool. A dangerous precedence has been set.

When PAS started cashing in on Islam for political mileage during the 70s, religion quickly became a divisive factor for the Malays. A bit like a mini Shia vs Sunni, minus the bloodshed, the Malay-Muslims started to pray with two imams in the same mosques.

The political game being played in Sarawak is potentially more dangerous, as the Church is being used by certain quarters not to divide among the Christians but to create an affront with the Government and the Muslims.

It is a strategy that is employed stealthily by certain quarters. The Hindu Rights Action Force or Hindraf  was used blatantly in the run-up to the 2008 general elections to produce tension with the Malay-Muslims. Now Hindraf is making a comeback for PRU13 despite having been outlawed after the last general election, where it played a major role in helping BN lose five states.

If the authorities are not careful, we could witness the clash of religions in political rallies for PRU13!

After the polls this weekend, PM Najib Razak must make it his priority to resolve the issues facing the religions. He must be fair and he must be tough to ensure that Malaysia remains moderate.

And Sarawak must go back to work immediately. There is more to this state than churches, mosques and temples. Under the National Key Result Areas, for example, the government is committed to provide 24-hr electricity to more than 140,000 households by 2012, and most of these are in Sarawak.
There's a lot of light at the end of this tunnel, yet.

"Syndicates behind MACC deaths"

Sabahkini is convinced that hitmen were hired to silence both Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamad and that kindergarten kids can tell that the police have been  misled into investigating the MACC for the two deaths instead of going for the syndicates. Interesting. I would have pooh-poohed the theory if not for the fact that Sabahkini was the portal that spelt out the Minister's name and published the pictures in the recent maid-for-rape controversy.

Learn more H E R E.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RPK says it is Anwar Ibrahim


In a sensational confession, RPK admitted on television that Anwar had told him to "fitnah" Najib Razak about Altantuya.

Did you watch it?

Did you think it was an RPK lookalike?

The transcript, RPK speaks to TV3 editor Ashraf Abdullah in Perth:-
" I was urged and influenced to make a statutory declaration (SD) on the matter (PM or Rosmah involvement in Altantuya's murder) by several individuals who did not want Datuk Seri Najib Razak to take over as prime minister."  
In my SD, I said that this person said it, let this person come to tell about it. And the authorities need to investigate and contact this person.

That is what I wrote in the SD. I myself did not raise any allegation. 

I did not say I knew the deputy prime minister’s wife at that time was at the site of the incident. I did not say that. I did not make such an accusation. 

What I said was someone talked (about it), but it is up to the authorities to investigate further and for them to come forward. 

And I mentioned their names. I mentioned them during the police investigation."
RPK mentioned these names, among others: 
1. Nik Azmi Nik Daud
2. John Pang
3. Din Merican.
4, Leftenan Colonel Azmi Zainal Abidin 

“I did not accept that story. Because I think it may be impossible. How could the prime minister’s wife want to go to such a place because it is forest and I think if she wanted to hike up the hill, enter the forest in the middle of the night, at midnight, I think it may be impossible.”   
When I met Nik Azmi, I asked why I needed to make the statutory declaration.
He said Pak Lah (Abdullah) will relinquish his post. If we do not block Najib, Najib would become prime minister and replace Pak Lah.”
I then asked Din Merican to get confirmation from Datuk Seri Anwar.
Din Merican also contacted me again and said he spoke with Anwar and Anwar gave the green light.
He said, ‘OK, this person has no problem. Whatever he says we could trust’.
Anwar was close to this person and he is used to meeting Anwar ..-this leftenan colonel. And he told a lot of things to Anwar on this issue ...he said proceed. I proceeded."
These individuals promised to become witnesses if I was charged in court."

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Mufti Harussani, watch this video please

Veena Malik for Prime Minister. This Mufti of Pakistan gets a shitload here for his http (holier than thou person) crap. Perak Mufti Harussani Poco-Poco is lucky he's from Perak.

Courtesy of OutSyed The Box. Read also Veena Malik schools a Mullah about Islam

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blogger-droid, testing

Updating, from time to time
Utusan April 13 2011
12 April 2011
Anwar's affairs with Malaysian journalists.The TV3 reporter who incurred Anwar's wrath for asking about his Omega must not despair. It's part of the job. And when it concerns Anwar, a lot of journalists have their own tales to tell. Yes, Anwar could be sweet when he wants to charm you. But there's the other side of him - the one the public does not often see - that many a reporter, yours truly included, won't easily forget.

Once, during a visit to Indonesia, Anwar who was then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia abused some of our journalists so badly that one senior reporter (who is now a group editor of a nrwspaper) called back the office to seek permission to return to KL. The ex-MCKK chap (Anwar was several years his senior at the schoool) vowed he would never again want to cover assignments involving Anwar, who was also MOF and the Umno minister in-charge of media controlled by the party.

What did Anwar do to the reporters who were there to cover his visit?

To be continued ...

13 April 2011
It was 1997, the height of Anwar's power, the future of Malaysia, the One kicking the Opposition's ass on behalf of BN.

The reporters covering Anwar in Jakarta included Syed Nadzri (now the NST Group Editor) and Aziz (Utusan's numero uno). The Deputy Prime Minister was in Jakarta to meet President Suharto (remember him?). They waited for Anwar at the hotel lobby to ask him about the meeting. Upon seeing the reporters, Anwar, flanked by bodyguards and his Indonesian hosts, gestured to the Malaysian reporters, who came over as asked by the DPM. But what a shocker they were in for.

As they were nearing the DPM at the ShangriLa hotel lobby, Anwar waved them off. "Halau kita macam sampah," said one of the journalists. Syed said he's been snubbed many many times as a reporter doing his job, "but I will never forget the Jakarta humiliation".

"The words he uttered LOUD are still ringing in my ears. He waved us away, and asked "What are you doing here?!" Ask Adlin (Anwar's press secretary then)," Syed said.

The height of power. And the peak of pride. And what did they say about pride?

To be cont'd

Monday, April 11, 2011

Alkitab issue: Najib should be "greatly praised"

We may disagree with the 10-point solution, but the issue has already been resolved. Certain quarters, however, desperately need the Alkitab controversy to remain a controversy in order to help them make inroads in the Sarawak election. This is part of the new "politics of hatred" that has evolved after March 2008. Fortunately, the world views us with more love than some of our own.  I found this opinion piece in, a global alternative news source powered by pro-journos and contributors in 175 countries. Basically, the editorial marvels at the way the Malaysian leaders went about to resolve a very complicated, and dangerous, issue.

Op-Ed: Bibles released in Malaysia

New York - The government of Malaysia confirmed Saturday that the proposed 10-point solution has paved successfully the way for the release of the 35,100 Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia, which were impounded in Port Klang and Kuching.
While attracting relatively little attention worldwide, Malaysia has been wrestling with a matter of global significance now in its third year. Political tensions arose related to the question of permitting use of the term Allah in Bible translations. The issue is serious, and not easily solved.
By the grace of God, Malaysia thus far staved off a potentially explosive outcome with only minor incidents of violence. Leaders have put forward a reconciliation proposal to meet these challenges peacefully. This demonstrates positive good will on all sides of the issue, and models the possibility of harmonious relations among Muslims and Christian in contentious situations. Malaysian leaders, including (or perhaps especially) Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should be greatly praised for their devotion and important success for the moment.

Read more H E R E or go to



在砂拉越以及马来西亚以外,安华拥有一套他时常使用的颇为高明的言论传播手段。只要有需要的时候,他就会使用这套手段,而且脑子里从来都只有一个极 具机会主义者色彩的目标,那就是毒害他本国竞争者的声誉以及推翻马来西亚民主选举的政府,从而把总理的位子据为己有。马来西亚前首相马哈迪·莫哈末上世纪 九十年代曾经向他承诺过总理的职位,后来安华却发动政变企图推翻马哈迪,以失败告终。
在国际公关方面,安华取得了一系列的成功。2003年他提出上訴,大马联邦法院推翻其鸡奸罪名,而安华借此博取国际舆论同情,企图树立终身的烈士形 象,如今他又故伎重演,希望获得国际媒体的同情。如果你相信安华对这些这些事件的操控的话,你也许会把他当作是马来西亚的昂山素季和纳尔逊·曼德拉。然而 安华不过是在做白日梦。
Yes, bro, dream on. Nobody can fool everybody all the time. And the Sarawakians, they aren't your fools, baby.
Go here to read the rest of the story. If you need English, click this.  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

FELDA to harness the power of RE

Turning waste into money. FELDA Holdings, the world's largest estate owner intends to do just that, laying plans to turn as many as 20 of its mills into a sustainable renewable energy (RE) plants. I'm told the plant will garner enough energy from palm oil waste, which are now thrown away, to fire up pallet and fibre plants on its own. Conversion of a single mill into a RE plant will cost Felda RM25 million, with fire fighting specialist Fitters Diversified Bhd leading the greenmill pack.

Find out Why Renewable Energy Important

p.s. Felda dah nak keluarkan bahan bakar lestari. Ada puak tu cuma mampu mengapi-apikan peneroka Felda saja ..

Come on, Nga, 1839 deaths in MACC custody!!?

NGOK. I thought the claim that 1805 individuals had died in custody was bad enough, but now one Perak DAP clown has made a claim about deaths in MACC custody so fantastic that you have to wonder if he's got anything up there at all! Read Big Dog's barks about Demons of Anti Public here.
A police report has been lodged, read here.

I had to tweet about this clown myself too, just in case there were people stupid enough to believe his claim:

Friday, April 08, 2011

Splash and run an act of terror

Acid test for Malaysians is the title of my latest column in The Malay Mail. I started the piece with the outlawed Hndraf and ended it with the acid "splash and run" crimes which have scarred at least 18 people. This prompted some readers to ask The Paper That Cares if I was trying to tie up the two, if I was accusing Hindraf to be behind those seemingly random crimes. The only factor linking the two in my article is the word "violence". I was reminded of P. Uthayakumar's interview with a Singapore newspaper at the height of his notoriety (see pic, right). It was a threat to the nation's wellbeing, if you ask me. The same way the splash-and-run is not ordinary crime but an act of terror.Click here to read the original article in the Malay Mail, or go to