Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Syndicates behind MACC deaths"

Sabahkini is convinced that hitmen were hired to silence both Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamad and that kindergarten kids can tell that the police have been  misled into investigating the MACC for the two deaths instead of going for the syndicates. Interesting. I would have pooh-poohed the theory if not for the fact that Sabahkini was the portal that spelt out the Minister's name and published the pictures in the recent maid-for-rape controversy.

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  1. Did Rumie Azzan Mali jumped to his death at his 9th floor office in 2005? The case has not been solved after several inquests. Below is part of article I wrote in NST, Apr 18 2005 titled "Honest and Dedicated Officer"

    "... Rumie told me that he wanted to join the Sarawak DOE to further his studies. His father was retiring from the Pejabat Agama Islam, Kuching, and he wanted to be in Kuching so that his two boys would receive a better education.

    I was stunned when I heard the news of his death, especially when it was rumoured that he jumped nine floors from his workplace. Why would a man of principle with a stable family, who had just been working for some months want to terminate his life? I vouch for his honesty.

    A man of his nature is not easily corrupted. Perhaps he stumbled onto
    something big. With his passing there are many questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved in the ongoing investigations.

    His family, parents, relatives and circle of friends surely want to clear his name. Only then will part of their sadness fade away.


  2. Anonymous5:40 pm

    To cut the story short, many folks want Anwar to be PM. People from the old folks home like LKS, NA, KS, HA and their supporters have been 'investing' on Anwar with a hope to be repaid when he sits on the throne.

    Anwar is being 'blackmailed', with or without his knowledge as the old folks know lotsa dark secrets.

    In brief, Anwar is being used by the old folks home to get back a ROI.

    No point arguing with their supporters. They are brain dead and believe the world is rectangular. It is also akin to arguing with a blunt pencil.... there's no point... in a blunt pencil.


  3. Anonymous6:15 pm

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  4. Anonymous9:02 pm

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  6. Politicalamity94:14 am

    I too am incline to think of this movie kind of silencing taking place nowadays in the real world, in our own world.

    Perhaps, this Sarbani's incident is a copy cat like since TBH case has created a tremendous shift of blame towards MACC and the government. So..perhaps it has become a precedent to any similar occurrence.

    Since everybody close to Sarbani is saying that he is in no way corrupted, why else do the MACC wants him for...except information.

  7. Any fool can easily link up the connection between Sarbani and the forwarding agents who are to gain when he dies.
    The same goes for TBH who gains if he is shut up?
    The police is barking up the wrong tree?

  8. kalsrize1:19 am

    kalau macc nak bunuh pun takkan la dia nak buat kat tempat die sendiri. mestilah die tunggu mamat tu kat luar pastu tembak. budak sekola khas pun bole pikir benda ni la.