Friday, April 15, 2011

Countdown to Omegaddon

O·me·gad·don  (ärm-gdn)n. 1. Bible The scene of a final battle between the forces of good and evil, prophesied to occur at the end of the world.
2. A decisive or catastrophic conflict.
Violet, the latest colour of race politics in Malaysia here
It's the final stretch before the Sarawak polls. To paraphrase YB Hannah Yeoh's tweet, "For those who can't be in Sarawak, let's dedicate next 24 hours to pray for a clean election: untainted by Pakatan's vote buying".

Hehe, actually she wrote "..untainted by BN's vote buying" but did not substantiate it. Don't you hate it when these YBs do that? I thought only bloggers like RPK - and I, sometimes - take cheap shots like that. Unless she meant T H I S as BN vote buying!

It's also the any time now for police to announce the findings of their investigation into the sex video scandal. Am told they have completed the face recognition analysis and the poor girl (read H E R E) has also given her statement. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Aiya Rocky Bru

U are really pathetic :-(

Who cares whether it is Anwar is that video ? Tell me which Minister is not doing the same or not done the same past present and the future ?

Wow, you are really paying back your political masters for getting out of the Sedition rap that they were trying to pin on you.

Anonymous said...

comments made by the blogger wud seem to indicate tat all catholic priests are homo sexuals. can i then say that all muslims rape their daughters and sodomise their sons.

im not saying that we dont have priests who have not strayed, but do not tar all catholics with the same brush. you would not like it if i say that of yr own kind.

Rockybru said...

Pathetic aNON,

It's "defamation" la broo, NOT "sedition". :-)
And the court case is STILL on, next week. Nak datang support?


Anonymous said...

Sdr Rocky Bru,

InsyaAllah kalau wang bertambah dan harta bertambah, agihkanlah sedikit untuk pembiayaan dan sokongan untuk memastikan negara kita ni bertambah baik dari segi journalism, etika dsb ;)

Unknown said...

It seems like in this country .. different people have different definition on vote buying...
Some think giving money during the campaign is fine but others don't

You will have to review your standard in order to spot them in the news, can't expect her to tweet what's already on the news

the police have definitely done a lot in the recent years to build up their confidence in the public espacially in the case of Perak state asembly, sodomy2, TBH, Kugan, etc etc.. and i am sure the whole nation would be waiting eagerly for their anouncement

and about the poor girl, no doubt she is a poor girl got caught in the film, keen to find justice for her like Saiful?

and these are women too : Anwar's wife, Nurul, Teresa -isa'ed, the sinchew reporter, alantuya, TBH's wife/mum/sister and many more....

Anonymous said...

the pathetic from Pakatan Rasuah very funny liaooo . for who believed that anwar in the video , they give in denial excuse -

"oohh every done that who's not"

yeahh so right , it is your leader ??no wonder his followers like a puppet .

the pathetic from Pakatan Rasuah who not believed that anwar in the video , again they give in denial excuse

"its not anwar , see his tummy and his butt are not same"

and again this Pakatan Rasuah from DAPigs , PKR and of coz PAS has made a new scientific discovery , you can recognised a person based on his tummy and butt . what a moron

Anonymous said...


u mentioned about face Recognization , and still this Pakatan Rasuah moron will not believed it .. hahah coz they only used by tummy and butt recognitization . This Pakatan Rasuah moron is a laughing stock u know ...

i bet those moron dont know about face Recognization technology that used by Police and intelegent in US and europe widely .

TEMULJIN said...

Whatever the government does is VOTE BUYING and there is nothing wrong with that. The opposition curse and promise..that too is vote buying. It is not a bad word.
It is all about SUBSTANTIATING AND DELIVERING.You can see,feel and enjoy what the Government do.
You can only hear what the opposition promises to do..accuses..and curses.They have made a fine art out of it.

nahraf said...

Duh, Of course it is Anwar, this is the most anticlimactic countdown ever, you all can gang up on him and drag that poor fellow down the mud, hoping he will go down. Go ahead show what you got and let the public be the judge and we'll see who will come out stronger.

Anonymous said...

Melayu ke Islam? I am sorry for you!

Anonymous said...

takde keje ke rocky? cuba la bagkitkan isu lain. tu sarawak takde air bersih, elektrik, jambatan, jalan berturap. tak habes2 jam omega, seks, video.

macam mana boleh dapat dato' ni?


Anonymous said...

PR is made up of goons led by a sodomite

mohd said...

I'll vote for Anwar or pkr or PR next election. Why? To make a point I guess. Sincerely I like Najib but punching below the belt is suck. But don't worry Mr. Prime Minister come next, next election if i like things BN fighting for I'll reconsider. Till then.

Anonymous said...

I will certainly celebrate when BN and it's dogs like you are voted out. Cant wait. Will throw in a bone for the Perwira dude too...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocky Bru

What is the actual Court date ? Which Court ?

I will be there wearing black pants and a yellow shirt. You won't miss me.

Good Luck !

Bekah Pah said...

once PR took over the federal administration they will introduce the Bill of Butt and Tummy Recognition for the following:

1. during police line up for recognition,
2. put the picture of your tummy or butt in our Identity card, driving license, passport and other IDs.
3. when you pass through the immigration check point, you need to lift up your shirt/blouse/gown to show you tummy or bring down you pants to show your butt.

Karpal and Haris - can you start drafting the bill. You can table it after PRU13.

Penyokong PR memang batang kayu....bodoh!

BIGCAT said...

The Chinese seems to have made up their mind. They r going to support DAP n its allies. They had taken the bait that its a way to break the Bumis' political strength. The Bumis r divided, they will only realise their folly after it is all too late. The coming results of the Sarawak state election will be the catalyst of a more racially polarised Malaysia. The danger to the Chinese is that the Bumis may realise their mistake n be united before the next general election. DAP is banking on esp PAS to ensure this does not happened. If the plan succeed, the scenario of Malaysia will be something like it was in Perak right after the 2008 general election - a Malay PAS or PKR prime minister with DAP behind him calling the shots. The danger again to the Chinese is that the predominantly Malay military may not let this happened and seized power. Malaysia will end up like Indonesia when Suharto took over. Singapore, backed by the Western powers may try to meddle claiming foul play but they will get a bloody nose. Malaysia will then be ruled by the military with the Yang DiPertuan Agong at its head. Think for yourself whether what I wrote here is a possibility. Hopefully we r all not stupid enough to throw away what we have now.

Tian Chua said...

Saya Tian Chua. Saya suka create drama.. Call me the agitator!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:33PM

Woof woof, woof, woof

I smell another China Doll in distress!

Busuk ler, your mouth stinks like hell.. Go check with the doctors, got take peloper injection or?



Anonymous said...

Be humble lah Latuk. You are not at RPK level yet now. Maybe you should read Sun Tzu Art of War before you jump the gun. Let's see.....

Anonymous said...


UMNO-BN must have paid you well to do their bidding for them. I mean, you get to sit at THE Loaf at Bangsar Village and act like some big shot and all. Steady la you.

Lets wait for the Sarawak polls results tonight.

Anonymous said...

And you think it's bloody okay for a prime minister going around making deal with voters with his " Lu tolong gua, gua tolong Lu "...

With his unethical & arrogant attitude, one thing for sure, long as he still there its damn sure he will fuck this country upside down !

Anonymous said...

Yo! Taikor ! Hannah...?

One thing for sure she doing pretty ok for Subang jaya folks, ok?

Unlike all the bitches in umno & mca that keep whining & howling all the times like they are in heat 24 x 7!

Anonymous said...

Hello Violet,

Kamuk ciakap dan nyianyi loghat ape tuh? Gua tatak paham. Itu bahasa mana mali?

Elok lagi lu mulik tau pisam sup siau mak lah.



Anonymous said...

Just can't wait to see our most corrupt tribe King in Sarawak drops his pants and underwear tonight.

MerahPutih said...

Adoi ... bila cerita pemimpin BN keluar, walaupun dah di confirmkan hanya khabar angin, dipercaya macam fakta -- walaupun tukang buat cerita sendiri akhirnya mengaku dia kencing semua orang.

Tapi bila pemimpin sendiri berpeluh dan menggelabah bila dibukak pekung, depa kata :-

1. Tak apa, di maafkan
2. Konspirasi
3. Taktik kotor.

Kalau dulu, penyokong PR kata, BN double standard, sekarang penyakit sama dah melekat kat geang2 PR pulak.

Salah tetap salah. BN ke, PAS ke, PKR atau DAP ke ... Pemimpin yg salah kita tolak, baru betui?

Salam 1 Omega,

Anonymous said...

tahniah pkt...

Anonymous said...

The Police have been kind enough to refrain from naming the culprit prior to the Sarawak elections. Kudos to that.

But naming or not naming makes no difference. The public at large including the Pakatan Rectum followers know who the male porn star is. Even without the video,the public could smell the rat.

Perhaps the culprit should swear at the mosque in front of Nik Aziz that it is not him, if it is really not him. But what if Nik asks for the time?


Anonymous said...

People said that the more you're educated and the easier you're manipulated. With sperms and video as evident also people don't believed then the next time just cut off Anuar cock and feed the dog. Habis cerita.
Our politicians today used politics to the max as to destroy the country. Who to be blame?
Use of "Allah" in Bible, I think they should just stick to Tuhan. Why want to use others trade mark? Even Sony will go all the way out to protect their trade mark if a China made electrical appliances uses their name.

Nothing special about Anuar except that he is destroying the understanding and harmony in our societies. Religions, race and everything on earths is used to his own benefits.
DAP is "killing" all the good Chinese leaders as people said in kopitiam. But they never dares to take on other party like UMNO or PBB. So what's the huha about they are doing well. Who said PR never practice race based politics. It so obvious during every elections.
Now the SUPP lost so much. Representation by the Chinese in the new government should also be reduced as the Chinese voted to be in opposition. Teach the Chinese a great lesson for being so emotional went casting their votes. They know well that PR cannot form government but still want DAP to represent them.

SUPP ADUN also should turn down the offer to be in the new cabinet of Sarawak Government so the Chinese voters will know how ether decisions will effect their well beings.

By Rasional Apek Kampung

Mat Cendana said...

I don't know what the problem is about the guy in the sex video. If it's Anwar (looks a lot like him; and I don't know anyone else who does), then Wan Azizah should just get on with the `Menegak benang basah' tactic:

"Ini menunjukkan Anwar tu SIHAT, strong!" ... AND "Memang lah salah dari segi agama. TAPI Anwar dah taubat... 22 Feb."

adelyn said...

apa ini rocky, last week, our "efficient" PDRM told 1 Malaysia that investigation nearing conclusion. But now guess what, the police told everybody that the owner's identity is not important. Wtf is this? Do they think that we are all fools(including you Rocky)? Jail those 3 idiots who call themselves Datuk T. Guess your so called "Omegaddon" was not such a big deal after all. They say politics are dirty, but let me tell you that BN politicians are the dirtiest on the planet. (including you)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anon 11:39 PM

Sex outside marriage is strictly forbidden by ISLAM. The reasons as to why it is forbidden are clearly stated in our Holy Book.


I suppose it is also considered immoral by many other religion too?

What happened to President Clinton and even Tiger Wood?