Saturday, April 30, 2011

Church slams tv station for showing sex video clip of Opposition leader lookalike

Malaysia | Malaysian bishop slams political sex video |

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, OR MSM, has one more moral cop to worry about now. It used to be just the politiocians, the KDN, the women's lib movement, the advertisers and the MCMC and a dictatorial Minister of Information. Now the MSM, or at least TV3, must worry about treading the Bishop's toes.

I'm sure the people at TV3 appreciate Bishop Paul's point. But it is also true that it is easier to be a blogger or run videos on on-line portals.

P.S. Personal, I'm curious now. What does the Bishop feel about the video itself, I mean if it's true the horse involved is not just a lookalike after all? Would like to know what he thinks of Datuk T, too.
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  1. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Better to hear what Father Bru says.

  2. Anonymous3:41 pm

    You're missing the point, or rather spinning. Its not who, but what.

  3. Anonymous3:48 pm

    please tell Bishop Paul to shut up. That horse moving around town f_cking ass hole and women yet he never comment. Is this the return gift for PR for supporting the use oleh Allah words. That is what everybody at the kopitiam speculate now.
    Why not they wait until the confirmation is out on the porn actor before commenting. What happen if the porn actor indeed is the horse we suspect. Bishop Paul please keep your opinion within the church 4 walls. Your integrities will be tarnish if the porn actor is the horse and are you telling everybody that Christianity accept the sex outside wedlock or frequenting prostitution is ok. Is it ok also to involve in homosexsual activities?

    Biar pandai tapi jangan memandai

  4. Anonymous3:56 pm

    wah latuk !

    now u want to fcuk the bishop too ?

  5. Anonymous4:03 pm

    since u are at it...

    oso tell that bugger who allowed that asskay to swear his craps at his place.. go fcuk himself too?

  6. Anonymous4:14 pm


    Don't worry the Bishop will use the standard MO reply, quoting the biblical line "...let he who hath no sin cast the first stone..."

    Kepala B#pak Hang la!

    We're not here to judge Liwath as a person, but he is hoodwinking everyone that he is PIOUS & MORALLY UPRIGHT -- yes he is & has been parotting that line you PR morons! -- to lead this nation.

    Maybe the Catholic church is not averse to skirting issues like padres violating altar boys and other similar disgusting crap, but not here , not in my beloved M'sia!!

    I know they have an axe with BN with the Allah issue but sit & work out through negotiations & legal avenues la. Don't think that elevating a serial pathological liar, sodomite, philanderer & plunderer (yes, he takes lot$ too) will help your cause!

    Also padre, clean up your church first, before telling others to clean up their act!

    P.s Sorry cengeh sikit this time Dato



  7. Anonymous4:25 pm

    anon 3.48...

    "Bishop Paul please keep your opinion within the church 4 walls".

    hope you can say the same to the head of your kind too...!

  8. Anonymous4:25 pm


    1.The Bishop is a Citizen of Malaysia firstly and is exercising his right to express disdain over PORNFUL video sex issue.

    2. Besides this, he is a positive Christian who merely showing his disgust at this whole immoral issue of showing porn in public places which is normally an illegal act punishable by existing law OF THIS COUNTRY.

    3. Then of course he is a religious/moral leader of (many other citizens of Malaysia) who unlike many others like him has chosen willingly and in accordance to righful principles sanctioned by the DIVINE to exhort the RESPONSIBLE to be RESPONSIBLE INDEED, that THE LORD MAY HEAL THE LAND AND LET THE PEOPLE PROSPER.


  9. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Hello Datuk,

    Like dis where got akal ?

    That bishop slams the screening of sex movies, u condemned him like hell!

    But they allowed the swearing thing and turn the holy place into a circus, for that u applaud like hell too?

    maybe you are being consistent, ya?

  10. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Satu tamparan hebat tu.Mana nak letak muka gerombolan?Mana pegi ulama2?Macam biasa selamatkan periuk nasi..

    Bijan Hamsor

  11. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Datuk, don't simply condemned a holy man of any beliefs... old people said to do that you will burn in hell.

    But the following gem... how come you, umno warlords & perkasa ibrahim are so fucking quiet like a mouse?

    " Chua Soi Lek says : he is willing to vote PKR if PKR removes Malay rights and privileges..."

    So why u, umno & perkasa did not demand Chua Soi Lek be detained under ISA for questioning the special rights and privileges of Malays in this country?

    Day in, day out just keep talking & barking about this rights and that rights... and yet this you do nothing but just swallowed it !

    Cakap tak serupa bikin !

  12. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Yeah. He had better keep a watchful eye for those who prey on our boys in the house.


  13. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Thanks to Anwar's influence, even church Bishops are learning to spin and look one eye.

    Did Anwar went for confession at a church?

  14. Anonymous5:09 pm

    What ?

    Still on with this sex clips things?

    Are the AG & the PDRM just a bunch of asshole nincompoops ?

    More than 2 months still can't decide what to do ?

    Still waiting for instructions from Najis Or Loosemah ?

    No wonder the Singaporean said the leaders here are... STUPID & INCOMPETENT idiots !

  15. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Its totally disgusting, for them to distribute sex tape to the longhouse and shown the clips to all the christians in sarawak during the last election...

    But if this are your religious beliefs that endorsed the screening of sex movies in public, it doesn't means every religions should follow suits.

    The Bishop got every right to tell you idiots to stop corrupting his church followers with this sick culture of yours.

  16. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Yesterday, Anwar ridiculed Utusan’s “1 Melayu, 1 Bumi” campaign and Umno’s concept of the Malay community.

    “Malay for them is the Malay businessmen, ministers’ families, Rosmah’s family, and Mahathir’s children. That is their definition of Malays".

    LOL !!!

  17. pendekar6:05 pm

    sure sure...terrible TV3 go and show that clip.
    dont also read malaysiakini, ok because they got phot of anwar lookalike for long time on home page. the last time the sex video clip also malaysiakini showed long time on home page.

    but ok aah, for person like opposition leader to be f--ing a prostitute.

    we ok with that kind of leader, aaah, mr bishop sir?

    maybe not anwar in clip. but very much like him, no?

    very bad those datuk t.

    but if man in video is opposition leader, ok?

    we donta to know, aah...if its true that the man in video is opposition elader? he talk a lot about moral and islam blahblahblah...but he goes to SEX WORKER from CHINA (maybe or maybe local)...that one SEX TRADE flourishing.

    EVERYONE oi with that.

    F... you all talk about democracy.

    you guys must be so blind or stupid. pretenders of pro-democracy but so blinded by your hatred for the BN that you forget the issue that if it is true that Anwar is the man in the video --- he is not fit to be a leader.

    don't you want to know if it is true that it is him? and if it isn't, who the F is that guy in the video?

  18. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Wow, Datuk Rocky, now you are poking your nose in christian affairs too is it? That gent is a Bishop, have some respect for him, he is a man who serves God. If the christians criticize the ulamas, would it be taken as fair game? Of course not, you'd be the first person to shout out aloud that they should be punished. You are a sickening person, the one who is most likely to start a racial riot. When you comment on a man of God, have some respect lah. Isshh.

  19. The crooks who procured girls for Anwar and (there must be others too) are suddenly turned saints including Dato Nalla and Dato Eskay ...

    Soon D.P Vijindran may surface and expose some sex adventures of Anwar !
    They should expose everyone not just Anwar only.Otherwise the public would take it as vicious action by UMNO goons to discredit Anwar.

  20. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Kalau dahulu saya akan memastikan saya dan anak-anak menonton berita utama untuk pengetahuan dan pendidikan. Tapi kini tidak lagi kerana tidak sesuai lagi untuk tontonan anak-anak. Kandungan berita tentang sex, rogol, jenayah, terlalu politiking.

  21. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Better comment on father of US church homosexual activities or Why don't you criticize the mad futher who threat to burn qoran

  22. Not surprise at many countries churches allow bisex, free sex, gay etc etc..

  23. Anonymous10:03 pm

    only a fuckin gay defend another fuckin gay,
    don't use christian for your political mileage.
    Nik aziz is already a Lucifer, come on bishop, you want to be the fallen one?
    go fuck somebody else, bishop. if you think lord jesus is behind you, mannnn... or shall i say, faggot, you got another thing comin.

  24. Kan dh banyak katolik ni buat hal tak senonoh ngan bebudak lelaki.. no hal pada depa..

  25. Anonymous10:38 pm

    He shld not be selective in his slammings..

    Should fight to chop off films from Christian actors/actresses/singers eg Bratt Pitt/Jolie, Elton John's and all other bla bla be banned in Malaysia too.

    SkillyanonWolf don't want to take the lead of helping to educate the thousands of her China Dolls pelends.. go wash Changi AirPOT instead of becoming dirty animals (oink oink), and scratching all over the body like flea infested dogs , Goodness!

    Maybe should get this Father to help instead. BTW is Elizabeth Wong a Christian by faith?



  26. Kudos kat Bishop Paul Tan. Nampaknya dia lebih memahami Surah Al Hujurat Ayat 11-12 & yakin dgn pembalasan akhirat dari org2 Islam sendiri. Cheers!

  27. Anonymous11:34 pm


  28. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Its really tell that munafiquns in Umno even worst than zionist. They have no fear at all in swearing in the name of The Almighty. Thou people shall befallen unto hell forever.

    * leornardo da vinci

  29. Anonymous12:19 am

    What a misleading heading. OR it was so as part of your spinning?

    It's not the Church but the Bishop and the BIshop always made it clear he is not speaking on behalf of the Church.

  30. damansaraman12:20 am

    I am really confused.

    It is not that I am against the idea that showing the immoral video of the said immoral leader is wrong, but I am rather surprise by the response we have been receiving from the religious leaders on the issue.

    You see Rocky, we have seen many videos of immoral behavior of our young brothers and sisters, not so young too, all through this internet era.

    And all this while we have been hearing, and rightly so, from our beloved religious leaders on the moral decline of our society. They have criticized the situation and caution both the society and the government on the need to uplift the moral standard.

    Very seldom did they talked about the ‘producers’, let alone the ‘messengers’.

    Suddenly when the said immoral leader’s immoral videos hit the shores, we were entertained with a totally different point of view.

    It is the producers and the messengers that are becoming their prime targets.

    The famous immoral actor is being ‘protected’ with all the relevant verses of Al Quran.

    Funnily, the unfortunate immoral actress was not given any due mentioned nor protection.

    Maybe she is not A GIFT FROM GOD thus she have no value, just like those earlier brothers and sisters of ours.

  31. Salam Bro,

    1.Bigshot or Bishop? Spell again please,Dato Rocky...

    2.Why is it the impact on the pro-opposition rather than pro-gov.? If it's purely religious matter,surely must be fair on both sides,we say allright then.

    3.OR the lookalike is one of them..

  32. Anonymous1:32 am

    Damn f...king arrogant, going around scr*wing others religious head.

    As if yours are any better.

  33. Anonymous1:40 am

    one religious fler slams the screening of sick videos, got condemn.

    but another fler banned the poco-poco thing & yoga, he should be applauded.

    WTF ???

  34. The Church practice selective commenting, never comment on the burning of the Quran in the US, never comment on allege abuse of young boys by priests in US and Europe, never comment on immoral political leaders who commit adultery or sodomy but suddenly find their voice to condemn the TV station for showing sex video clips of Oppo Leader lookalike.

  35. Anonymous2:08 am

    damn !!!

    this country is blardy shiok place to live !!!

    every day is about sex, sex and more sex !!!

    everybody do nothing but talk about sex, sex and more sex !!!

    the priest talk about sex, sex and more sex !!!

    there are people going to holy place and swear about sex, sex and more sex !!!

    even the prime minister also talk about sex, sex and more sex !!!

    tell yenn-yenn stop promoting jimmy choos, just give them visitors sex, sex and more sex !!!

    OH YES !!!



  36. Anonymous2:22 am

    "Perkasa warns MCA, Gerakan toe the line or lose Malay votes"

    "The Chinese must decide whether to vote for the MCA or lose representation in the government, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said".

    perkasa says those mca/gerakan idiots keep questioning the landlords rights, don't vote them.

    but the pm says if not voting mca/gerakan, the chinakui apa lancau oso don't get!

    so how? like this kenot, like dat oso kenot!

    i tell you chinakui, this time perkasa & amno gang up and screwed you chinakui big time...

    you chinakui should have kowtow and behave like those keling, you know?


  37. Anonymous2:42 am

    Hey Rocky

    me thinks the anwaristas are counting their losses

    coz one video and their years of planning to use anwar to con the Malay/Bumi is going down the drains

    aiyah so much money spent still no chinaman go putrajaya

    me thinks their plan to hook anwar on creature comforts BACKFIRE big time

    coz anwar is too busy with his lust he becomes a BIG liability

    hohohoho and santa claus is a great con job

  38. Anonymous2:48 am

    church should do a documentary (CLEAN ONE of course) on all the religious figures who abuse the youth under their care

    and then campaign for freedom of sexual choice

    santa claus is a con job

  39. When immorality reigns and people like Datuk Bru remains silent over it or chooses when and how his morality would be invoked, and conveniently leaves out or forgets to mention a lot of other nonsense that happens, someone has to come to point out these indiscretions. And when they do, you don't like it!! Boy, you'd rather prefer our neighbours laughing at us.

  40. Anonymous7:29 am

    I think we should open up some vigilant but discrete investigations about some of these celebate fathers. I mean come to think of it: EVERY SINGLE NATION ON EARTH --- and yes including Vatican too --- has got their catholic priests (and other denominations too) involved in one way or another in sex scandals involving homosexual activities.


    I mean cut the crap --- we men have dicks that need to be fed and furnished and yet here is a religion that DENIES this most basic of human needs. Ergo, Altar Boys.

    Yes, I have heard of locally there are lots of sexual abuses in local churches too. Perhaps some authorities might want to begin nationwide investigations? I can fill you in with some clues:
    Sentul Diocese. Sri Lankan Father. Indian Girl. Enough said.

    And now we come to the topic at hand:-


    Correction. Firstly it is NOT a sex video. TV3 never did that. They showed clips with heavily censored parts, alluding to only innuendos no doubt,but still within the confines of decency. And even then, never the whole thing entirely. I mean, even scenes in "The Last Passion of Christ" are more raucous than that.


    Just a naughty thought: What say you all, we have one of these interfaith-thingy one more time, and get and church father to share a room with Anwar Ibrahim at night.

    Imagine the bliss of "Union of Faiths" permeating the entire universe the following morn!

    Sometimes I think my Ideas are so brilliant that it itches just to BE me.

    Marking Bagpie.

  41. Anonymous7:45 am

    the Bishop Paul should do study what to call his God.

  42. Anonymous9:34 am

    Amboi, dia nak naik kan diri dia lebih tinggi dari Majlis Fatwa Negara.

  43. Anonymous9:38 am

    'Crucify' him to cleanse his sins.Or put him an eggshell, since them you will have 3 in 1 which are the shell, the white and the yolk. Then again sometimes the eggs is 'tembelang' or busuk(fr. Yusuf Estet).
    Let us know discuss about "khatolik" religion.Paling mudah, amik kes the nuns at the monestary.
    a.Mesti pakai tudung satu badan kecuali muka saja boleh tunjuk.
    b.Tak boleh bukak tudung kecuali malam nak ketike nak tido saje.
    c.Tak dibeanrkan kahwin atau "have sex".
    Ni semua against human nature. Kat mana dalam kitab injil kata tak leh buat semua ni. Tapi kalau pasal agama Islam cepat je nak kutuk.
    Satu lagi, jika orang cina memeluk agama katolik, mereka tak dibenarkan sembahyang nenek moyang mereka lagi kerana bertentangan dengan ajaran katolik.Apa jadah tu!!!
    Pastu kalu nak kira superstitious, agama khatolik ni antara yang paling taksub. Sebab tu dia orang ada exorcism. Ada yang mati masa exorcism.
    Poodah lah.
    This guy should be six feet under than after that only you come back to tell me about your katolik religion.

  44. Anonymous10:23 am

    Swearing in mosque is not the equivalent of the confession box in the Church. The former is to accuse others while the former, to atone the sins of oneself.
    Swearing Mosque 0 Confession Church 1

  45. Anonymous10:32 am

    Dato' Bro,
    Tolong hentam sikit sekor retired ex judge ni tolis komnetar ttg nama Allah kat sini.
    Apa dia ingat dia tu read lawa kita orang biasa takut nak lawan dia.

    Bagi aku senang je,
    a.Pertama dia sekor ni bukannya comparative religios scholar nak bandingkan antara agama.
    b.Kalu nak pakai sangat nama Allah, amik ucap shayadah le.
    c.Kalu nak samakan allah dgn tuhan org kristian, dia kena kembali ke ajaran injil yg sebenarnya, bukan mcm cat 3 in 1 skrg.Apa tu tak silap holy trinity, mcm telur ada kulit,telur putih telur kuning. Dia tu tak paham islam terima nabi isa sbg salah seorg rasulullah mcm mana.
    d.Kalu pandai sangat pasal agama, suruh sekor ni explain kenapa jumlah surah or verses dalam kitab khatolik dan prostetan versi agaknya King James banyak berbeza.
    Banyak lagi lah kita boleh komen, tapi kita ni org islam bertamadun.Tak suka bising2.
    'Lakum DiiNukum WaLiyadim'.

    Orangnya si NH Tan ni belajo tinggi,tapi semuanya ilmu duniawi.Semuanya pakai logik je.
    Pikirlah sikit, sbg contoh kita pakai logik, satu malaysia boleh kene darurat, apasal, jika orang kristian khatolik dibenarkan guna nama allah.Kaum agama ni suke idolise benda2, pakai salib kat leher kemana2 termasuklah ke disco, brothels(rumah pelacur) dan tandas. Semuanya tempat yg kotor. Pas tu, pergi tattoo kat badan.
    Jika orang islam nampak, kita ingat dia orang muslimlah, mesti berlakulah pergaduhan dan bila orang bukan melayu atau orang kristian kene pukul nanti heboh satu dunia.Terpaksa isytihar darurat dan akhirnya malaysia dikutuk menindas kaum orang bukan islam dan bukan melayu dan akhirnya dikenakan zon larangan terbang.Air Asia pun nanti tak leh naik ke langit.Nanti Tony Fernandes mengamuk pulak.Bukan tak kenal si dia ni.

  46. Anonymous11:41 am

    Lebeh baik nonton BBC,,CNN,,n others SEMUA nya berita penting tapi BERITA di TV saluran PERDANA semua nya CERITA SEX.

    Kalu dulu waktu Siaran BERITA,,,anak-anak dipaksa tengok untuk mengikuti the current affair tapi now cerita NGENTOT,,,!!!


  47. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Marking Bagpie@7:29 AM

    heh heh more please ...

  48. But Old Fart, I'm afraid the Bishop wasn't addressing the "immorality" in question, caught on video in the classic "sex, lies and the videotape" tradition. What he was more concerned about, apparently, is tv3's decision to air the clip (heavily edited/censored, of course, this is Malaysia so tiara kebebasab mutual). The latter is a question of ethics. You know the difference.

  49. Anonymous1:26 pm

    U fuck my releegen, I fuck your reeleegen...

    U fuck me, I fuck u... We r a fucking famili !

  50. Looks like you are saying that the Father is wrong to say what he has said.

    Looks like these days everything done by BN is ALWAYS right and anybody against must be wrong.

    HURRAY. Harimau Pak Bru sudah tunjuk belang nya. No, sorry, he has been that for the past onw year or so.

    Sorry la brader, democracy rules ok. Freedom of speech ya. If you can do you apple polishing thing here you must also let other people have their say. Cannot?? Really? Only your view matter??

  51. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Stupid and incompetent idiots? Our leaders? You ungrateful bastard. Why are you still here? Go fuck off to Singapore and take your mother with you. Dont leave her in oldfolks home. Take nothing with you because they are all malaysian things. Go off today. Dont wait any more. Stupid leaders here. Why are you still in this country? YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD. Your mother didnt you teach any manners because she must have been a whore and had no time to teach you good manners.

  52. Anonymous5:07 pm

    we stay out of your church. why dont you stay out of our mosque?

  53. Anonymous5:22 pm

    bishop paul jangan masuk campur.

  54. Salam Datuk,

    The Bishop should worry more, hope and pray that there are no paedophiles among priests and his flock.

    Thank you

  55. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    you are being absurd here. what is wrong with the Bishop, or any other person, be them Malaysians or otherwise, condemning the airing of a sex-clip over the mass media? which, of course, is accessible to kids as well?

    the Church, particularly the Catholic church, has its shares of scandals and sins. but the Church has never 'defended' these sins, and in retrospect, condemned their own sins as well..

    in a country where sumpah laknat is freely used by politicians for their own end, this message from the Bishop condemning the airing of such clip (which is a general condemnation, there was no mention of the Bishop supporting Anwar, nor is there any mention of PKR, PR or what-not), should instead be supported, not just by journalists (who has a responsibility towards what they report) , but also by the ruling government, who has the responsibility to serve the people.

    I don't give a **** (to quote Ibrahim-Toad-Ali) whether Anwar is guilty or not, but like Saiful, he deserves a fair trial. Showing the clip was a bad move, under-the-belt, and rather cowardly. Let the court decides.. and isn't showing a sex-clip a crime in itself? where's the police? arrest these trio of T's already!

    meanwhile, TV3 and other mass media should not subject its viewers, particularly the young ones, to such blatant showing of sex-clips.. censored or not. Those are for the tabloids, and they never did have a responsibility towards righteous media reporting.

    Come on Datuk, you are being stupid. in your answer to Old Fart, you mentioned that the Bishop
    "wasn't addressing the immorality in question, ....What he was more concerned about, apparently, is tv3's decision to air the clip"
    you're just mincing with words, and sadly, i would say it backfired: you see, by questioning tv3's 'decision', the Bishop meant the morality in it; nowhere in the article in your link did the Bishop mentioned he or the church sided with Anwar; i believe the Bishop would say the same if it involves anyone, BN or otherwise, if such permissive gesture by the ruling government were repeated over the mass media. yes, the key word here is "permissive".. why did the government, who controlled TV3, allowed this airing? why not air some other Malay sex-clips of the common people (which i heard, is plentiful) over TV3? the emphasis on this one politician smack of political maneuvering..

    what we are seeing here is the fall of the Malay culture; both the act of having out-of-marriage-sex (whomever it may be), the showing of the clip, and the sidestep of the judicial process by taking the sumpah laknat at the mosque. Let me ask those on both sides of the scandal, pro- and anti-BN: is this Islam? i'm asking this because a sumpah laknat was involved.

    Rocky, be sensible and don't spin too hard; this post is a rather sad and sorry attempt at painting the Bishop (or the church) as a partisan.. and for your info, in the Catholic Church only Vatican has any say in church policies and views. If the Vatican says poco-poco is a pagan ritual, no Catholics around the world has a say in it. Just to prove my point that the Catholics are more cohesive compared to the Muslims here, where some object to and some relishes in the showing of a sex-clip.. Islam has truly been bastardised by the politicians of Malaysia. His Majesty the Agong, need to come forward and defend Islam against these deviant Muslims, as is his duty as the Head of Islam in Malaysia.


  56. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Father, forgive them all (especially rocky) for they know not what they are doing.

  57. Anonymous6:54 pm

    The bishop confuse about his god's name again? Better change his god to anulwar then.

  58. Datuk,

    Funny la this Father. The Bible itself is full of phonography tales and he is been preaching this to his flock everyday. Refer to Ahmad Deedat's book and he will find details of this pornographic verses in the Bible.

    And he want to teach Muslim not to show this video clip? Go and fly kite la.

    Anybody who would me to show where is this pronography in the Bible? I will gladly show it if you really wanted to know about the Truth.

  59. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Swearing in a mosque for you melayus is like a walk in the park!The Bishop was pointing a wrong thats all!
    But you were hoping that the actor should be Anwar.Comment on the truth and if that swearing is what it was meant to be FROM THREE LOONIES !

  60. Anonymous11:39 pm

    But Rocky, it hasn't been conclusively identified that Anwar is the man in the video. It's you and other BN paid bloggers' that are spinning as if you were there yourselves, watching Anwar hump that woman. And so, the Bishop couldn't address that issue of morality. All he could do was, air his views about TV3's decision to show that video. That is not difficult to understand kan Datuk?

  61. Anonymous2:43 am

    "a dictatorial Minister of Information". woww... what was that for?

    you seems to be against what the rakyat want... i don't mind if tv show the whole vedio. let it be known to those rakyat with no internet facilities. let the rakyat be the judge.

    but.. bishop paul did not slammed chua soi lek, did he?

  62. Skilgannon10668:31 am

    Lock 4:14 PM

    What is wrong with the teaching that says that let him who is without sin be the first to cast the stone?

    I suppose that you are sinless yourself, pure as snow and innocent as a new-born child?

    And I can point you to plenty of examples of religious leaders going astray. Not only in Christianity, mind you!

    At the end of the day, we all will stand before the Almighty and be judged for our actions.

    It's as simple as that.

  63. Anonymous12:40 pm

    This bishop is encouraging homosexual activities and sex outside marriage. Wouldnt want to go near a bishop. And Anwar too. Better stay clear.

  64. Anonymous3:36 pm

    if you love watching pornography with your kids at home, then that your rights.

    but just like you the bishop have every rights too, to slams the screening of sex film in public.

  65. Anonymous6:10 pm

    i agree with anonymous 8.46, we no longer can sit together with our children to watch the TV news any more! its becoming bad to worse.they are showing the same shit everyday...... day by day bn armno is losing the support of the common citizens. we will vote PR instead!

  66. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Father bru

    judge not or thou shalt be judged in the hereafter, by the Devil himself or issit herself

  67. Are You Gonna Go My Way8:02 pm

    everybody is talking about human right that they forgot about God's right.

    So mister bishop, who you represent?
    the sodomite or god that prohibits sodomite and extra marital sex.

  68. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Can understand the Holy Bishop's outrage. If only he would show the same time of distaste about priests who bugger little boys. Betcha he would have prayed for such acts to be swept under the holy carpet - Lost Sheep

  69. Father Bru is worried that the thunder is being removed from under his feet!! On any other day at some other time, what the Church says would not have had to say as Father Bru himself would have said it. MSM is not saying it. They are the culprits here. And when those who are supposed to be the moral cops abdicate their roles, some one has to. And Father Bru has a problem with it obviously. Why?

  70. Just saw your response to my earlier comment!

    Stating the obvious is no big deal. This together with everything you will find in is vile. Just because TV3 was trying to suggest that the actor was Anwar Ibrahim does not mean that we accept their view of it and be critical of what was shown.

    Except for maybe you and your friends, there is doubt about who the actor is. It could very well be any porn actor who is an Anwar lookalike..

    But for TV3 to broadcast it? Of course they also broadcast Mahathir's handjob motion which I thought was unbecoming of Mahathir in the first place and demeaning of him when TV3 went ahead and broadcast it. What exactly have we come to? Reading the trial script of the submissions made on Anwar's Sodomy II made my Australian friend squirm. And she likes going to the nudist beach too by the way!!

    And as for Eskay, maybe you don't know, but that guy has the gall to actually publish that Western traders met up with Eastern traders in Malaysia in the 11th Century. And apparently the traditional Malay massage came about from the fusion of their combined knowledge and experience. Even better the guy has the gall to appropriate, what I believe is traditional Malay massage as the Eskay Technique or something like that la. And oh, that book was endorsed by Mahathir himself in 1994. You want to see it? Contact me la.

    TV3 needed to be told that what they did was wrong. After all they are a national broadcaster and as such they should at all times reflect Malaysian mores, if ever there is any left, that is. Where the Bishop went wrong with his criticism is that he assumes TV3 actually represents and projects any kind of moral norms. His criticism would be valid if that assumption is valid.

    I of course think they are crap and don't represent any norms or mores worth associating with. Only Joseph Goebbels will find them worthy.

  71. Anonymous10:56 pm

    This rocky's bru fellow is a fuck-face and so is papagomo, parpukari and many other umnno-pro bloggers. They strive very well with sex video clips. Can you trust another famous fuck-face in the form of Rahim Tambi Cheeky ?

  72. Taikotai11:55 pm

    Alloo Latu Blu,

    Haiyaa..itu oversea punya bishop belape lamai sulah mikin wayang kuning..mudak kicik pun dia olang kasi hantam maa..wa manyak setuju apa lu cakap sama itu Old Fart.

  73. Anonymous8:12 am

    ... the problem with your title is the word "lookalike" ... :D ...

    ~ Tecboy ~

  74. Skilgannon10668:37 am

    Marking Bagpie, Perwira et al

    Whatever gave you twerps (and I use the word advisedly) the moral right to criticise Bishop Paul, and more broadly, the Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia and elsewhere?

    Can you claim, hand on heart, that you are completely pure in thought, word and deed and that you have never sinned in the eyes of the Almighty?

    Seems to me that Bishop Paul is humble enough to acknowledge his faults before his God. Would that you were brave enough to do likewise, instead of taking potshots against another religion.

    I can find plenty to say about Islam, but have desisted because I believe that faith and religion are deeply personal matters between a person (regardless of orientation) and the Almighty/God/Allah/Yahweh.

    And that when we have to stand up and account for our actions, that we will be able to do so with a clear faith and conscience.

  75. Anonymous wrote:

    But Rocky, it hasn't been conclusively identified that Anwar is the man in the video. It's you and other BN paid bloggers' that are spinning as if you were there yourselves, watching Anwar hump that woman. And so, the Bishop couldn't address that issue of morality. All he could do was, air his views about TV3's decision to show that video. That is not difficult to understand kan Datuk?

    11:39 PM


    Why is it people like you find it so difficult to understand the basics. When I say Anwar lookalike, it means that I am NOT saying it is Anwar but it looks like Anwar.

    Most people who have seen excerpts of the tape say the man looks like Anwar. There are a few like Old Fart who say it does not look like Anwar but that's Old Fart. Even Wan Azizah -- she said the man's body did not look like Anwar. She did not say anything about the guy's face because obvioulsy he looks like Anwar.

    In short, he's an Anwar lookalike.

  76. Old Fart,

    Tak payahlah panggil saya Father Bru ... Nanti pihak Gereja marah kat awak.


  77. Anonymous11:34 am

    Tahniah diucapkan kepada pihak Gereja yang memberikan pandangan bahawa politik keji yang dianjurkan oleh pihak Dato T tidak boleh diterima oleh masyrakat bertamaddun.
    Apa kata Tan Sri Harusani, setuju ?

  78. Salam Datuk,

    I had wanted to comment at your later post ""World Press Freedom Day" but it's more appropriate here.

    There is no press freedom in the Zionist agenda controlled western media, print or electronic.

    I watch CNN, BBC, ABC, 123 and XYZ et al all with a heavy dose of salt.

    So to all the TV3 bashers, switch channel.

    As for pornography on local TV, I advise you all to throw away your PC, laptops and don' forget to password your smartphones lest you or your children fall prey to some yellow culture of the net.

    Couldn't help with a pun.

    All the best to you in Singapore.

    Thank you

  79. Anonymous1:43 pm


    When I watched the flea infested scratching Omega-thief-bitchy whore,
    I cannot help but visualize SkillyWoff also doing same. 20 minutes ride and can be so so lich.. Steal Omega must have cost at least RM30K or more! Plus Plus $$$$$!

    No wonder dey can tok tok big, can easy be lich like dat wan or? No need wash Changi AirPOT aleali!

    "Oh dear father, I cannot get that filthy picture off my mind, forgive me for I have sinned!"



  80. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Wow Skill, for someone who's constantly looking down her stubby unrefined low class pompous nose at the Malays, you sure got some nerve trying to teach us about morality.
    But that's the nons for you. You know the saying, cakap tak serupa bikin.
    So what if we comment on the Bishop, the Church, the Pope...why the hell not? You comment about everything we Malays do under the sun. You obviously have no respect for the rest of us so tell me why we can't tell you also that you stink real bad?
    It's a democratic country. Who made you the morality police? Hand on heart? Jeez...jobornye and so corny.
    Does democracy only work for you and your ilk but don't exist for the rest of us?
    God Skill, you're such a g*****n HYPOCRITE (I'm sure there must be something in the Bible about hypocrites). I'm iritated enough to want to slap you but then who knows, you might dig that sort of thing so I'm contented enuff to just flip you the bird.

    Did you see that?..twerp?