Sunday, April 17, 2011

BN retains Sarawak with two-thirds majority

Najib gets his "fixed deposit" for PRU13 [or Pakatan Rakyat  face-plants on own hype]. That PBB won ALL 35 seats it contested in this election proves that Taib Mahmud is still at the top of his game. At 74 and 30 years in the Chief Minister's seat, he ensured that Sarawak remains Barisan Nasional's "fixed deposit" for the 13th General Election, which the Prime Minister can call for any time from now till 2013.
Some disagreed with my tweet: "Pakatan Rakyat tidak sepakat di Sarawak. That was their undoing, And chances are the squabble for seats will continue into PRU13."
They said PR won seven more seats to bring the tally 55-15-1 (the one seat is won by an Independent candidate).
I reminded them that PR went into the Sarawak election bragging that it was going to strip Taib Mahmud naked and end BN's reign. "Objectif Pakatan ialah "ubah". 15 seats after all the hype are a depressant for change. Clearly, Pakatan need to "ubah" first," I wrote in my tweet.
Take it in whatever spirit you like. For BN, there are lessons to learn. George Chan's defeat is a sobering message from the people, not just about overstaying but about having a firm control of your party. The SUPP chief has been facing problems from within and that is no secret for those who are familiar with Sarawak politics. DAP is only enemy No 2 as far as George Chan is concerned.
This morning, Sarawak awakes to the same Chief Minister who has guided the state to where it is today for the last 3 decades. Taib has promised to step down after the election, and after finding the perfect successor. The Sarawak people have trusted him for 30 years, so they have no reason to doubt him now.
Taib will have to keep his word. No two ways about it.
Whether he leads the state into the next General Election does not matter. The Sarawak people have spoken. That's what matters most.


  1. Anonymous5:43 am

    I guess to some Sarawakians, they may not love BN, but they do not like to be ruled by PR either.... not a good option.

  2. Anonymous6:16 am

    BN should realise that the chinese will vote for dap coz they WANT to wrest control from the Malays at all costs.

    Forget about pampering to them for votes.

  3. Anonymous6:17 am

    the fact is, BN won!
    the other fact is PR did suck, badly. say what they want, disunity, disarray, but the truth is they are done, and gone!
    to ease PR stress, may i suggest you go for a quick MASSAGE! this time, don't bring any expensive materials. chances are, your wife already kept it in her hands.

  4. Anonymous6:56 am

    Now that support from Bumis and Indians is solid, I think it's time that BN stop pandering to the Chinese. All this while it seems that the more they turn their back on BN, the more concessions the Government gives them. It's not working. They need to be shown that there is a price to pay for supporting the opposition.

    Start with Sarawak. Since, BN now only has 2 or 3 Chinese members in the DUN, their representation in the cabinet should reflect this. At the very least, give the Deputy CM (1) post to someone else or get rid of it altogether.


  5. Anonymous6:57 am

    PR suceeded last PRU because of
    1. RPK and
    2. people hate BN.
    Now, PR failed because of
    1. RPK and
    2. people hate PR.

    RPK, the winning Factor.

  6. Anonymous7:21 am

    He, he he, the worst is yet to come for PR.

    Ex Bersih SC, pro MCLM

  7. Anonymous7:59 am

    Congratulations Sarawak. You've just earned the right to be shafted all over again.

  8. Anonymous9:21 am

    And he is having fun in europe.

  9. Anonymous10:01 am


    Petang nih sampai ler kek lapis, udang panggang dan terubuk asin sekotak, dri kawan2 disana, ajak kami turut serta meraikan.

    I hv no doubts about how patriotic my Sarawak friends are, sebangku sekolah sejak kecil sampai hari ini semangat KEKITAAN untuk membangun Bangsa, Agama dan Negara TETAP kukuh tak tergoyang!!.

    Dato Rocky, kalo nak kek lapis, udang dan terubuk asin fresh2, sound kat I, I get them to send you sekotak too!!

    Woof woof!!!Mana pi oghang yg nak humban tulang kat kita heh? Silap2 dah kena telan buaya kut..huhuhu

    SYABAS oghang Sarawak.. Kuatkan lagi semangat dan jaga Negeri baik2, jgn biar budaya asing masuk dan merosakkan keindahan Negeri SARAWAK..



  10. Anonymous11:24 am

    who cares about the sarawakians...

    fuck ! man utd let city have the final, seems like ferguson help save mancini job.

  11. Anonymous11:35 am

    looks like only the rural asli & siamans voteS goes to bn...

    but in the urban the message to bn... go fcuk urself.

    LOL !!!

  12. Anonymous11:41 am

    kudos to dap !

    to buried georgie & killing off supp!

  13. Anonymous11:54 am

    Gosh Rocky, you sure know how to spin a story, and do it shamelessly.

    This is the truth:
    This Taib Mahmud’s and BN's biggest defeat in Sarawak, ever.

    In 2011, popular votes for: BN = 372,379 (55.24%); Pakatan Rakyat/Snap/Ind = 300,288 (44.76%).
    In 2006, BN popular votes were 62.93%.
    Even Khairy Jamaluddin said:
    “But in the cold light of day although we won, we suffered our biggest losses ever in Sarawak. So, Putrajaya, we have a problem. Face facts”.

    And you Sir want to spin it as an overwhelming victory.

    I suggest that you spend more time managing The Malay Mail, than in finding faults with Anwar. At least then you will know that your paper's site is always "off site".

    If only you can do what you are paid to do, and do it well, you will have less time to wash other people's backs.

  14. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Dear Dato.
    This is only my suggestion. As a Semenanjong Malay, I think this time around, the CM post should be given to a non-muslim pribumi. DCM, a muslim. What say you?


  15. Jerry Chin12:17 pm

    Besides DAP...

    The entire SARAWAK said "HALAU" to those Invaders from Peninsular. So much of "UBAH" 2 nuts in the end.

    Mission FAILED!!!

  16. John Fan1:14 pm

    Rocky got Datukship plus cushy position in main stream Malay Mail. See what Dean John has to say about the main stream media:

    "And even more destructively, it has transformed Malaysia's formerly free media into a cheer-squad for the regime; a public-relations machine run by sycophants and stooges prepared to systematically betray the interests and trust of their families, friends and fellow citizens."

    And Rocky Bru has transformed from a former founder of Blog House to a Chief Editor (I think) of Malay Mail and cushy job. Enjoy you life now and hope you sleep well.

  17. Ashraf1:16 pm

    Dear rocky's bru/Dato',

    i was one of those who admired you for what you have written as a blogger as i thought you pointed out the truth when there wasn't many ppl dared doing so.

    For some reasons i left the country since few years ago.

    i came back to read ur blog again as the Sarawak election was just around the corner, but this time i notice the material isn't exactly the same anymore.

    The way u see things, the things u focus on aren't the same anymore. i believe u must have changed, maybe to greener pastures.

    Not your fault, as this is part of life, ppl do change, for some reasons. (As for myself, i chose to migrate overseas)

    it's ok whatever u write u'll hv hardcore supporters to back u up.

    But sometimes, if possible u can also highlight some of the struggles that the poor is facing.

    For this campaign, i believe a 2007 rocky's bru would have spoken out loud regarding water and electricity shortage and poor infratractures as well as less opportunities of the rural areas in Sarawak.

    this is the issue of the rakyat, regardless who's the boss, they must fix it.

    But i don't see it at all in this blog.

    yes, i'm disappointed, but no, i have no right to point finger at u, as i am no better.

    i'll be back to follow ur blog for the upcoming major issues. ie GE.

    sometimes, we also write the truth.

    yours sincerely,

    Ashraf Hamdan bin Zainab

  18. Anonymous1:41 pm

    How much I dont like Taib to stay long as Swak CM, but the racist and anti-religion tactics played by DAP and PKR is more unacceptable. Now Sarawakian are divided between Bumis and Chinese. Although they played the ploy that Malay are always opressed to other bumis but they the other non-bumi are more cunning and exploiter than malay. Next step, please Najib let Taib to step down soonest and bring the new faces in Sarawak.

    Jonathan Davies

  19. Anonymous2:57 pm

    "The columnist awang selamat from utusan asked bn to punished the chinese for voting against them..."

    This motherfucker sure damn got paaawwwerrr !!!

  20. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Only one way to find out. Call for GE 13. Follow the advice from Utusan. Ignore the Chinese. Stop funding chinese schools, no more meetings with the Chinese guilds. no more tax breaks for Chinese companies. Berani tak ?

    Then we shall see what happens. Only one way to find out.


  21. can't wait for taib to step down. then, MACC can spring on his 30-year-corrupt ass. who knows, maybe he'll jump out of a window too.

  22. Anonymous6:53 pm

    sidetrack - i know you always go to Bistro Aladdin at Bandar Kinrara as i saw u there several times. So did i and my friends.

    Today i just realized that the cashier is a lady with some signs on her forehead representing hindu's practise. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against the practise of hinduism.

    I believe i have been duped into believing that the place is a muslim joint as i saw quran verses placed on the wall.

    When i asked her if aladdin's is muslim-owned the lady-owner was very defensive. When i asked why she keeps the quran verses, she just kept quiet.

    I believe this is the 2nd time i encountered such act where some restaurant placed quran verses on the wall to attract muslims patrons even though the owner is not. I believe this is unacceptable as they are cheating people into believing that its a mamak joint (which stands for indian muslim)

    Some muslims are very particular about halal haram and if its an indian and a HALAL sign is placed, i dont mind eating there but duping people into believing its halal by placing a quran verses, its cheating.

    I won't go to that place ever, ever again.


  23. The result of the Sarawak State Election, 2011, is not bad for the development of a "two-party" system.Although BN manage to retain more than 2/3 of the seats their popular votes drop by about 8%.The popular votes for Pakatan is 45% compared to BN's 55%.
    The fact that BN lost almost all the urban seats and Pakatan manage to make a breakthrough in the rural areas with 3 seats augurs well for the next State Election.In fact, on closer examination, many more seats in the rural areas are winnable seats in future from Pakatan's perpective.The Dayaks, generally speaking, are slowly but surely waking up.When they, finally, realized the power they have in their hands, Sarawak will be like the other States in Malaysia.The fact that the political landscapes is changing is inevitable as peoples becomes more educated and means of communications continues to improve.Sabah is in the same category.Most Malaysians look forward to really having a two-party ( or a two-coalitions ) system.

  24. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Lets respect Sarawakians. If they trust Taib, it is their choice. If they want to be raped and banged in the arse continually, its their choice.

  25. Anonymous8:28 pm

    kat SERAWAK kalu calun BN,,,letak SIAMANG bunting pon mereka akan sokong!!!

    Di sogok dengan 1 botol TODI or TUAK,,PEMERINTAH is the BEST,!!!!

    TAIB pergi mengundi naik ROLLS ROYCE,,,rakyat pergi NAIK apa!!!

    Siapa yang BODO,,!!! RAKYAT yang BODO ek!!!!!


  26. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Anonymous 11:54

    Oklahoklah oklah. Pakatan win. Happy?

    Now go form government.

    Hehehehe. Guys, we HAVE to pacify these sore losers. It's their only form of entertainment. (And we, them).

    Marking Bagpie

  27. Anonymous8:46 pm


    Who the FCUK is Dean Johns? & who the FCUK cares about what he writes? Another "syok sendiri" PR (Per Rectum Party) trumpet blower?

    Dah kalah tu kalah lah...democracy only if its in PR's favour? This AC / DC crowd are the pits really.

    Pathetic ningcompoops, self-adulating syok sendiri crowd... Dean Johns? Sangkangkong RPG? M Jalleh?

    If you think you got clout, start standing (in elections) & stop ranting la bro. Coz talk ( & endless long-winding diatribes) are cheap!

    Sorry Dato for being blunt this time. I'm amazed at how you can stomach all these jackasses with their puerile bile.



  28. Anonymous8:59 pm

    salam n selamat sejahtera..congratulations to BN,winning da election yesterday..n all we wish is Pehin Taib would kept his promises for stepping down with dignity..luv u man..

  29. Skilgannon10669:00 pm

    And Perwira rides again...with more claptrap and drivel.

    While young Sarawakians migrate to West Malaysia and Singapore in search of jobs, more often than not unskilled.

    Ingat, oi - the Taib legacy is the unskilled Sarawakian diaspora in other countries!

    And even the RM500 million spent by the BN this time around to "sweeten" the ground in Sarawak can't obscure this fact, Awang Selamat notwithstanding.

  30. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Should Taib resigned, hahaha I think not, winning 100% of PBB contested DUNs ,what does it shows?Only the blind would deny that the MAJORITY in Sarawak have clearly spoken they support him, like it or not those who want him to leave is ONLY THE MINORITY voices after what yesterday election CLEARLY shows, if he steps down than he listened to the voices of the VERY VERY MINORITY people of Sarawak.This is not democracy though?Is Democracy ruled by the MINORITY? The only person should resigned is BARU BIAN and MR OMEGA, his party lost > 90% of seats contested and LOST DEPOSIT in 6 DUN!! the majority of Sarawakian signal to him is very clear GET LOST! the rest just conversation LOL.

  31. Anonymous10:21 pm

    you know what?
    BN got 55% of the vote but yet has 77% of the seats. Why? where is the one man one vote system.
    one man in the rural is worth two in the urban!

  32. Anonymous10:41 pm

    The people of Sarawak have spoken. And quite wisely too.

    Now it is time to analyse what went wrong before the PKR run amok with the usual blame game. Anyway, the PKR will put the blame on DAP this time, instead of their usual punching bag.

    Why DAP? Because the 12 seats won by DAP were easy wins. These 12 seats were singularly ethnic, meaning of one particular race. But PKR had to convince multi ethnic comunities.

    Nonetheless the clear winner in the gang of three is PAS. PAS does not need to do any work, because DAP and PKR are their faithful partners. This means Islamic matters in Sarawak will be handled by the Council of Churches.

    For Anwar, perhaps the next best thing to do is Gulong Tikar.
    He has been a pain in the neck for all, especially DAP's Karpal Singh who is flogging a dead horse.

    Congrats to Taib, despite the tremendous pressure and dirty tricks played by Anwar, which back fired.

    People are simply too tired to support a Street Pedlar type politician who has too much personal issues to address, rather than to look after the welfare of the constituents.


  33. Anonymous12:08 am

    actually it's disappointing to see race based west malaysian exported to Sabah & Sarawak.. they are more race blind than west malaysian. for those who thinks about punishing the chinese voters for their decision, one have to think carefully... we need each other more than we like to admit. take either race out of malaysia in our daily life (or indirectly) and you'll see the impact and what it'll do to the malaysia we know... we will all regret. can malaysia survive and more importantly thrive based on one race? even my malay friends doesn't want to see this happen

  34. Anonymous1:01 am

    to anon 11.54am, opposition claims to have garnered support to deny BN 2/3 majority, but that was not the case after the election. So in true sense, it's an overwhelming victory as PM already conceded that a 2/3 would be a bonus if achieved. Your reading is literally flaws and you need to widen your perspective. I guess coming here barking aloud and later sucking the feet of malaysian insider (mi) does harm to your brain. My reply to yours in mi has not been approved. Freedom of expression my mid-finger to mi.


  35. AmirHafizi1:29 am

    All of you sadap... baca novel Pecah lagi hebat!

  36. Salam Datuk,

    This is how I read Chinese representation.

    The MCA has not done anything significant for the BN since 2008. They won't care a flying f..k because BN will always honour the sharing fomula. Kalah pun will get Minister post.

    Tak cukup MP pasasl kalah boleh jadi Senator.

    They leave the bising bising to the DAP!

    Silent partner. Dia sama dia business as usual. BN ke PR ke.

    SUPP hilang, apa apa parti Cina lah, SAP SEP SIP SOP SUP atau DAP naik, business as usual.

    Kalau baca The Star sebelum election, too obvious.

    It would be a good idea if the MCA withdraw from the BN.

    Then maybe we could see Cyndi Lauper.

    Apology for an expletive.

    Thank you

  37. Anonymous7:40 am

    Saya mengundi BN. Sebenarnya kami dah benci dengan Taib Mahmud, George Chan dan Jabu Numpang. Orang Cina dah tendang keluar George Chan. Terima kasih orang Cina. Saya tidak mengundi Pakatan Rakyat sebab tahu PKR, DAP dan PAS tidak akan dapat memerintah Sarawak dengan baik. Calon ketua Menterinya Baru Bian hanya pakar putar belit Tanah Adat Bumiputera (NCR. DAP pula terlalu racist dengan kecinaanya. Kalau memerintah pasti Cina yang didahulukan. Oleh itu Taib Mahmud dan Jabu Numpang orang Melayu dan Dayak simpan dulu. Kalau dalam permainan bola, sekarang bola kami lorongkan kepada Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Harap-harap DS Hajib cepat-cepat tendang bola ini masuk gol. keluar padang atau keluar stadium. Kalau lambat, saya undi PR dalam pilihan raya parlimen ke 13 nanti. Inilah antara mesej yang kami cuba sampaikan kepada DS Najib dalam pilihan raya negeri yang baru lepas.

    Rosli Dhoby.

  38. Anonymous9:38 am

    What we learn from Sarawak election:-


  39. Anonymous9:46 am

    You clowns really make me laugh. The Chinese supply over 90 pct of tax revenues that allow you guys to be employed, most of whom are not employed gainfully, and you now tell the Chinese they can fcuk off.

    Go back to your kebun, and smoke your dope under your coconut tree.


  40. Primitif Malaysia10:22 am

    BN telah diberitahu, sebarang parti kaum Cina yg bergabung dgn BN akn dinyahkn..ini terbukti dlm PlihanRaya Negeri Sarawak ke 10. Sokongan dr kaum Melayu n Pribumi tetap utuh kepada BN. Signal nya disini kaum Cina masih tidak atau tidak mungkin akn berpuashati dgn kerajaan BN. Setelah beberapa kepentingan mereka kerajaan BN berikan,masih tiada tanda kepuasan hati di hati mereka. Mereka mahukan samarata. Adakah ini tunjukkan kerajaan BN tidak adil? Tidak akn dikatakan adil selagi dlm hati ada rasa cemburu, irihati, syak wasangka dan negetif terhadap kerajaan BN. Bukan material yg dicari tetapi kuasa yg dikehendaki. Itulah realiti kini politik Malaysia. Parti komponen BN katakn kehendak kaum ini tidak dijaga, adakah ini salah kerajaan? Sebenarnya ada duri dlm daging, ada udang disebalik batu, diharap kerajaan BN perlu menumpukan kepada pengundi yg sentiasa setia n sokong mereka, jgn lah alpa dgn perkara ini, jika dianaktirikan sokongan ini akn membawa rebah, jgnlah bertindak spt menyusukan kera di hutan ank dirumah mati kelaparan dan juga jgn diberi tolong anjing yg tersepit kerana kelak akn digigitnya kembali. Fikir2kan lah wahai ahli politik BN...

  41. Anonymous11:19 am

    BN won in sarawak but but there are crack lines appearing in between - a warning that people want equal treatment.

  42. Anonymous12:18 pm


    Please google Bistro and please see how HALAL is the meaning.

    on another note -it surprises me that you are so paranoid over non-issues like who owns a restaurant. So what of the cashier/owner is a non-muslim - as along as the food as HALAL?

    Nonetheless i am with you on the score that no one should be deceived/cheated.

  43. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I am one of the many Malaysians who always look at your reports in your blog. But i am sad that you have somehow change your position and belief i suppose. I heard now you are driving around in a BMW X6, a car always associated with those in the top bracket of income earners. I am sure now under your new ideals and directions, your income are higher. no more earning peanuts..... congrats dato roky

  44. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Folks forget how difficult it is to beat BN in ANY election. BN uses the peoples money against the people. They use phantom votes and ARMY votes as well. So to be able to beat them by any margin is an amazing feat to begin with.

  45. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Rocky Bru will now be made Chief Editor of the Borneo Times, which is ten times more influential than the Malay Mail.

    This is his reward for supporting the one and only White Hair Rajah.


  46. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Nonpartisan, melayu senang kena tipu... contoh terbaik kopitiam kat stesen keretapi kluang, 80% pelanggan melayu.. tak sedar yang mereka dah minum kopi + gelatin oink-oink dah berdekad.. btw do you guys know that the famous coliseum cafe only turned fully halal about 4 to 5 years back? they used to serve ham (pork not chicken) sandwich since the 50's... sendiri mau ingat lerr


  47. Anonymous6:44 pm

    grik 6:36 PM

    ..... maybe he'll jump out of a window too.

    Why don't you sepend more time go investigate on the Apek2 properties too?..Not only in Sarawak but the whole of Malaysia...

    Pasti tak cukup crematorium to cater!!



  48. Anonymous8:02 am

    if u and nuraina call yourselves respectful journalist, why no mention of the attack that brought msiakini servers down!!


  49. Anonymous said...
    if u and nuraina call yourselves respectful journalist, why no mention of the attack that brought msiakini servers down!!


    8:02 AM

    Anon, not everything is a conspiracy. Mkini, like Msian Insider and other great independent portals of our time, were enjoying a surge of traffic. I think at one time the were being accessed by 0.6 million computers!!? Surely such a volume weighs down on the servers. It has happened before.
    Even blogs face such a prob from time to time.

  50. Freddie Kevin, astute observation lah. Najib should read your comments here about the Chinese take.

    Lock, nak buat apa? The likes of Dean Jones still laku here becoz he's whiter than his readers, meh. I should not have turned him down when he wanted a job with the Malay Mail ... :-)

    Rosli Dhoby,
    Loud and clear bro.

  51. Anonymous10:44 am

    Dont think just because you pay taxes you can do or say whatever you want. You want to live in this country for free? You are the kind of people who will sell your own mother for money. Go to old folks home and see for yourself. In Singapore it is against the law if you fail to take care of your parents. And the majority there are...your people. If one is not grateful to one's parents dont expect this bastard to be grateful to the country. If you dont like life here get out. And take your family with you. Take a tongkang.

  52. Anonymous10:48 am

    Some of you are really stupid. Drive a BMW and you are pro BN. What cars do the top people in DAP drive? Don't be so narrow minded.

  53. Anonymous10:59 am

    I'm not surprised at how sour grapes Godfather can be after DAP and PKR lost to BN and to have the victory rubbed into his face and every inch of his soul. Must hurt like hell eh.
    Yes, life must suck real bad for you godfather.
    BN menang. DAP kalah...Besar. Deny it, spin it, analyse it, BN still menang besar.

    De clowns have spoken.

  54. Anonymous12:02 pm

    To godfather
    Your 90% is way off. If you read your history book you know that the Evil British brought the chinese to this country. Most were very poor. Your great grandmother could be a prostitute (even now there are thousands of Chinese prostitute from China in Malaysia, maybe one of them is related to you) and your great grandfather could a coal miner. Poor, hungry and malnourished. Probably even half dead.
    I used to live in a village in Sarawak, before every CNY my father had to stock up on groceries because the Chinese shopkeepers will closed their shops for weeks to celebrate. The same with pepper merchants. Now my parents don’t have to stock up on groceries because we bidayu, iban and melanau sundry shops and pepper merchants. WE DON’T NEED THE CHINESE.
    The same with votes. CHINESE VOTES ARE NOT NECESSARY TO FORM A 2/3 MAJORITY GOVERNMENT AS IN SARAWAK. By 2020 there will 70% bumiputra, 18% chinese, 9% Indian and 3% others. SO WE REALLY REALLY DON’T NEED CHINESE VOTES. I suggest to start applying for PR in Australia, US, Canada or Singapore. For you, your family, relatives and evevybody else that want to follow you.

    Alexander Unggah

  55. Taken another way, it's really hard not for BN to win with so much ammo at its disposal and many obstacles placed in the way of PR.

    Do your maths my friend that is if you can count!!!

  56. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Hei godfather
    The chinese taxes go to a malay bisexual name Anwar who uses it to hire a chinese prostitute*(chinese also supply 90% of the prostitute,who could be one of your relatives from China)she then pays her pimp (could be your brother-in-law)who then pays the chinese man (your uncle). *I was told she looks very much like TERASA KOK(pronounce corectly as COCK) no wonder she's always smiling.

  57. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Do you know what Lo Si Mah means in Chinese ? It could refer to the old Mamakthir or it could refer to the Fat Slob. and in either case, it means "old" and "die".

    That's the Chinese lesson for the day, you Perkosa fanatics. I'm paying taxes for you to sit under the coconut tree. Smoke your homemade joint lah.


  58. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Kalau berani, buat lah. Isolate the Chinese until they have to take the tongkangs back to China. Change all the ICs to red colour or a different colour so that they are lower than the new immigrants. Since you are in control of government, just do it. We are waiting.

    Kalau tak berani, shut the fcuk up.


  59. Anonymous7:51 pm

    yo godfather,
    apasal you (chinese i think) selalu tak puas hati? its common if you tak puas hati dengan melayu tapi dengan peribumi serawak pun you tak puas hati?
    Kasihan sungguh dengan you & bangsa you ini!!Sememangnya you & bangsa you jenis yang tak pernah puas hati... sungguh kasihan!!!!

    puas hati

  60. Anonymous10:08 pm



    Dari mana u dpt statistic ni kawan?

    I hv been neighbours wth this Apek for the last 15years. His father died 7days ago and not a whisper from him.

    His late father owned about 20shop-houses and they were in the process of building a high-rise back in his Kampung (China motherland la aper lagi). Alamak, projek pasti tergendala with this death...

    Mayak takut sama Income Tax or, papa mati pon takut mau celita sama olang!! Just make a guess how much income tax they pay each year? BTW, his grad-daughter gets RM70 bantuan bulanan fm Govt from Tingktn 1-5!!

    IRD.. go investigate this family, mau details saya bole kasi..



  61. At the end of the day CM Taib delivered the magical 2/3rd majority, for that he deserve the right to plan his exit and determine his successor.

  62. Anonymous2:56 am

    it`s time for the leadership of this country to ignore this ma fucker and the broke back mountain gang.

    when this ma fucker can vote a more level headed (supp) ideology party but instead they voted a communist that championing their own race.

    so why did they vote a party with a racist minded ideology?

    because of money, greedy, self centered with their own kind and most important of all does not want to share the wealth of this country with other race.

    it had been proven time and again from the ghee hin to the communist insurgency.

    they cheat the bumiputra of this country to fight the british in the name of independence.

    then they succeed in dominate the economy of this country.

    not satisfied, now they want a control in politics.

    how do they do it?

    through `kaldaian' pas and

    through a `unifying' factor be it form their politician, journalist, lawyer, salesman, engineer etc.

    poor, poor bumiputra of this land you people simply dont understand
    isnt it?

    they simply just dont want and dont understand the meaning of sharing.

  63. Seolferwulf11:57 am

    Alex Unggah

    U talk mighty big when the PM is holding out the begging bowl for US$444 billion in investments over the next 10 years!

    Talk big only when the country is running a perennial budget deficit, an out-of-control subsidies regime and is trapped in a low-income, low-skills economy!

    The capacity for wishful thinking and self-delusion is apparently endemic amongst the likes of the Utusan Malaysia conspiracy theorists and their fellow travellers.

    Malaysia can go it alone? What a sick joke!

  64. Anonymous4:03 pm


    You and your skillyannon pelend, beli kaw tem or?

    Can afford to sepend ebelithey, ebelithyme, ebeliwear tok tok tok bad wan.. Mouth stinks.. took your regular injections ar? How many Omegas allealy stole?

    OMEGA China Dolls : ketok ketampi ketuk ketampi uh ah uh ah @@@***

    Seolferwulf : belli gud gud gud gud



  65. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Dear all,

    What does Utusan wrote?? :

    1. Utusan suggest that MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP will not be a candidate in a Malay majority area.

    What's wrong with this? All this years UMNO had an understanding with all component parties about the issue. They tolerate with each other and let the leaders of component parties to contest in Malay majority area. But time changes and MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan should work harder and not just using Malay votes to win! They have their own group (race) to tackle and they should prove that their capable to do it!

    What's wrong with that suggestion????

    2. Utusan also suggest that after this,there will be no instant and express project & instant money just for the sake of taking the heart of certain races.

    Again, what's wrong with the suggestion???

    May I highlight to you this :

    Ketika melancarkan manifesto pilihan raya PAP beberapa hari lepas, Hsien Loong dengan terus terang menyatakan walaupun pembangunan akan dinikmati oleh semua rakyat Singapura, tetapi keutamaan hanya akan diberikan kepada pengundi yang menyokong PAP.

    "Apabila saya perlu membuat keputusan siapa yang perlu didahulukan, maka faktor sama ada anda telah memberi sokongan kepada kerajaan atau tidak sudah pasti memainkan peranan," tegas beliau ketika menekankan kepentingan pengundi menyokong PAP.

    All this years, BN had constantly developing all area although the people in that constitution was clearly not supporting government.

    But if government allocate less to this area, and give it most to the rural folk that support the government, we should see the difference a lot.

    BN is not perfect but currently, I don't see any parties as alternative.

  66. Anonymous8:27 am

    Tolong komen sikit pasal sekor Prof yg namanya rhyme dgn Al Beruqi yg biasa tulis komentar kat suratkhabar bintang. Dia ni kalu tulis komentar borderline seditious ikut kepala otak dia punya interpretation.Kalu dah pro Dap ngaku je suke DAP.Pas tu tulis komentar patutnya utk org ramai atau layman pakailah simple english.Ni tak mcm baca buku shakespeer.
    Sekor lagi mcm dia ialah prof at law yg last namenya rhyme dg terung.

  67. Skilgannon10666:27 pm

    Perwira 4:03 PM

    Surfaced again like a bad rash, have you?

    And still mouthing the same inane drivel.

    If you have the b***s that you claim to possess, be so kind as to advise the PM that he has no need to go around begging for UD$444 billion to fund his ETP, 1Malaysia or whatever!

    You berani enough to tell the PM that?

    Or are you just another wanker who can't hope to compete in the big world out there and instead has to talk big in this forum as an anodyne to substantive progress?

  68. Seolferwulf5:25 pm

    Oi, Perwira

    Wah lau eh - u very berani one, ah? Tok tok naik tongkang, balek negeri asal. U lebeh berani, cakap macham itu kepada PM Wen Jibao bila dia lewat Malaysia dan berbual dengan Najib.


  69. Tongkang Tan10:16 am

    Aiyoh, I velly velly sad one - go back to bladdy big country yang kaya sekali. Some more orang Amerika takut pada dia - pinjaman banyak, tak boleh jalan.

    20 million ringgit boleh beli apa, oi Perwira?

  70. Seolferwulf5:09 pm

    Oh, sollee sollee - bukan 20 million ringgit! Ini apek mau tulis "50 million ringgit", tapi tangan silap, lah.

    Ini olang Perwira - dia sudah diam, tulis kena hantam macam Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak dll.

  71. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Hello Ahso Ahso sesat Skillywolf,


    Go back to your own kind and compete there lor.. Sendili bangsa mayak takut ka... mereka talak mau telima sama lu olang lagi or?

    Itu Olang Putih pon tamau sama lu olang kasi tinggal sini, mayak menyemak lor!

    Haiya, hali2 nganga mau tok ketampi culi omega sini tempat juga ke? Desperately waiting for handouts?

    Haiyaa.. luluk tiam tiam la Ah so!



  72. Tongkang Tan10:17 am

    China Investment Corp can buy all the listed GLCs on Bursa Malaysia without breaking a sweat!

    Wah lau, eh - ini orang banyak kuat, banyak wang, oi!

    Wang dari China masuk Sarawak untuk beli harta-harta dalam negeri itu? Amboi, bagus lah tu!

  73. Tongkang Tan1:24 pm

    'Allo. Perwira - lu manyak takut Orang Cina dan India, ah?

    Apa sebab - dia makan lu punya loti, minum lu punya ayer dan rompak lu punya wang?

    Wah hai, ini olang puteh pun takut juga - semua pergi negeri Cina dan India cari wang, projects, business dll!

    Malaysia pun tabek dan hormat cari wang. Belapa tu? Duit Amerika 444 Billion! Jerit kasi kasi, semua boleh selesai!