Sunday, April 10, 2011

FELDA to harness the power of RE

Turning waste into money. FELDA Holdings, the world's largest estate owner intends to do just that, laying plans to turn as many as 20 of its mills into a sustainable renewable energy (RE) plants. I'm told the plant will garner enough energy from palm oil waste, which are now thrown away, to fire up pallet and fibre plants on its own. Conversion of a single mill into a RE plant will cost Felda RM25 million, with fire fighting specialist Fitters Diversified Bhd leading the greenmill pack.

Find out Why Renewable Energy Important

p.s. Felda dah nak keluarkan bahan bakar lestari. Ada puak tu cuma mampu mengapi-apikan peneroka Felda saja ..


  1. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Felda and Fitters, it is so hard to believe, until I came across this Bursa Malaysia statement. Fitters appoints Zahedi Mohd Zain as director, last week. To those of u who are a bit blur, Zahedi is Dr Mahathir nephew. Get the picture.... Cypark Tan Sri Razali, Fitters Zahedi. All in the family

  2. Anonymous6:42 pm

    u wrote about DRB the stock flew. Now u write about Fitters........ stock goin to fly is it

  3. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Everybody in town kno Fitter is getting the Felda jo . wts de big deal?

  4. Anonymous6:50 pm

    FittersDiversified ni kompeni Melayu UMNO yg guna org Cina sbgi dalang. Org besar Perkasa dan bau bacang Tun M pun ade dlm, cuba pi periksa siape pengarah kat sana. pasti Fitter akan diguna utk memperkayakan UMNO seblm pilihanraya

  5. Anonymous7:10 pm


  6. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Ape tu R E?

  7. Anonymous7:11 pm

    DRB dulu ong, fitters pun kelak ong mcm omar ong

  8. Anonymous7:13 pm

    satu lage projek tipu BN

  9. Anonymous9:51 pm

    dulu nak pi nuklear skg pulak nak pi re. ade je fiel si najib

  10. Anonymous10:42 pm

    ya R E is good but will B N take care of rakyat or give a SWEET deal to the R E companies like how they have given to the coal powered operators such as YTL, Malakoff. and Tanjong. Is Najib going to create R E billionaires like how Mahathir created AK, Syed Mokthar, and Francid Yeoh via generous gas subsifies for their coal plant?

  11. Anonymous10:43 pm

    FELDA memeng terror bang. ISA hebat belaka

  12. Well, hope FELDA will not be caught with its pants down like IOI!! Those guys conceded so quickly that they might just be holding on to "stolen property", which is what Native land in Sarawak is and always shall be!! Such a bloody joke!!

  13. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Tahukah anda Felda kalah 6 -0 kepada Kelantan!

  14. Biomass conversion to energy is one form of recycling energy from the sun. Seems that cost of RE conversion is not cheap. Perhaps felda pilot project on a mill before going full steam.

    Price of oil is up due to protests in the Middle East. Interest in biofuel from jatropha for example can alleviate energy problem in developing countries.

  15. Anonymous12:02 am

    Wow...25 million..I wonder how much those rent seekers will be getting and how much actually goes into the project.

  16. Anon 642,

    i no hold these fitters' shares. drb pun tarak. but if you know it's going to fly, apalagi ... buy lah. you won't catch me buying a single lot pun coz i don't dabble. now, go and make your money and thank me later.


  17. Anonymous12:44 am

    RE is good in the long run, but the devil is in implementation. B N government always F Up in the implementation. There are no not good projects, just bad implementation

  18. Anonymous12:47 am

    If what Barrack Obama said about R E is tru, FELDA is moving in the right direction.

  19. Anonymous12:49 am

    PKR pasti setuju dgn R E. REVERSE E N T R Y. kalu nake tao pasai R E tanye lh Bang AnuaRRR

  20. Anonymous12:51 am

    R E main Blakang kah!!!! Nuar Brahem

  21. Anonymous1:17 am

    A timely R E piece, considering that the Dewan Rakyat have just this month passed the RE bill, agree wit ANON 12. 44 AM, the devil is in the implementation

  22. Anonymous1:23 am

    I thought Fitters is a theme park developer, considering the number of KIDZANIA projects they have won this year.Just goes to show in Boleh Land, with the right JALAN, apa pa pun boleeeeee,!!!!!

  23. Anonymous1:33 am

    How does Felda having this RE thing help FELDA settelers and the average Malaysian?

  24. Anonymous1:36 am

    ALLAH pls HELP Malaysia...... R E kepala otak!!!

  25. Anonymous1:37 am

    RM25 million is to hi, kno of companies who can do it for RM 20 mill or less.

  26. Anonymous6:57 am

    Stuju dgn ANON 12.44 pengimplimantasian arus mantap

  27. Anonymous7:10 am

    Fitters is doing the reneable energy business via Fitters NRG, which has been in operations for th past 20 YEARS and it is alreay doing PLASMA GASIFCATION which is not an easy thing to do. Very few companies in Malaysia are ble to do this, which needs much more advnc technology than setting up a mere RE plant

  28. Anonymous7:17 am

    Felda atau Felcra?

  29. Anonymous7:34 am

    Wah nak kalah kat sarawak, buat R E lagi. RIsky. Election Najib

  30. Anonymous7:41 am

    We are running a budget deficit and still got money to indulg in unprovn technology' ah? Wat a load of CRAP

  31. Anonymous7:48 am

    Betoll kah Fitters bole jalen???

  32. Anonymous9:26 am

    errr... Kilang Gula Felda perlis has been practising RE years ago by using waste from the sugar cane husk... wonder why nak ambik fitters because KGFP is now 100% owned by Felda... ambik jerr engineer yang hebat-hebat kat situ tolong the other subs.

    Budak Chuping

  33. Anonymous11:35 am

    RE is the way to go.
    A Singapore Co., Colbern Energy is behind the Maju Intan Biomass Power Plant doing the same thing. And they have many more in the pipeline.
    I have always thought,why it takes a Singapore identify the potential of this viable green business in Malaysia.
    Kudos to Felda-Fitters.


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