Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Not a bad boys club"

1st Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum
Date: Sunday, 24th April
Time: 8.30am-5pm
Venue: InterContinental Hotel (formerly Nikko)
Admission is F R E E (but email registration is a must so see below for details)

This weekend's 1st Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum is the subject of my weekly column in The Malay Mail. I started the article with a mention of Mutalib MD (pic), the Sabahkini CEO and Chief Editor who is being sued by Rais Yatim for the articles on the alleged maid rape. Mutalib has agreed to be a panel member in one of the sessions on Sunday, which will also feature Hassan Skodeng, recently involved in a criminal suit filed by Tenaga Nasional for a satire he published on his blog, and Shafee Abdullah, the counsel for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in the on-going RCI on Teoh Beng Hock. {read also TBH was the go-between ...}

For more details on the forum, or to register as a participant, go to

Excerpts of "NOT A BAD BOYS CLUB":-
Rocky's Bru: Not a bad boys club

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 14:26:00
THIS weekend, Mutalib MD, the chief editor of Sabahkini, a news portal based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, will be in Kuala Lumpur but not to sort out the lawsuit filed against him recently which has made news in the mainstream media.
Mutalib will be here to meet some 300 bloggers for the first Malaysia-Asean Bloggers Forum. He will be in good company, quips Tony Yew, secretary of the Blog House Malaysia, the new NGO putting together the forum.
"There will be quite a number of us there who have been prosecuted or persecuted in one way or another for their blogging."
And that is not an exaggeration.


  1. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Datuk Rocky

    Kena set-up ler BIRO2 berkenaan;


    Nak experts in Mandarin and all APEK mother tongues/dialects in Malaysia, just include us in..

    Some APEKs even expressed their amazements "as to how we are able speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia!!" Get the picture?



  2. Anonymous1:31 am

    in related and similar event, a seminar will be held with theme & title of 'managing finances responsibly'.

    keynote speakers will be khir toyo & bernie maddoff (via tele conference)


  3. Anonymous11:17 am


    nak komen sikit tapi luar tajuk.

    The Star hari ni melaporkan :

    Kong Chong Ha :
    “Barisan is not perfect.

    “But MCA will defend the rights of the Chinese,” he said in a statement yesterday

    Wanita MCA vice-chairman Senator Heng Seai Kie said if the Chinese community flatly refused to allow MCA to represent them, the party would have no choice but to review its position in the national political stream.

    Wanita MCA secretary-general Chew Lee Giok said if MCA was unable to effectively voice out the views of the Chinese, the party must be bold to make a stand on whether it would be suitable for its representatives to continue to hold government positions.

    MCA seolah olah sudah tau result for next GE.

    Apa kata kalau UMNO dah tak perform, they should reconsider their position in the government? Then, are those from Pas nor PKR at their best to take power?