Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RPK says it is Anwar Ibrahim


In a sensational confession, RPK admitted on television that Anwar had told him to "fitnah" Najib Razak about Altantuya.

Did you watch it?

Did you think it was an RPK lookalike?

The transcript, RPK speaks to TV3 editor Ashraf Abdullah in Perth:-
" I was urged and influenced to make a statutory declaration (SD) on the matter (PM or Rosmah involvement in Altantuya's murder) by several individuals who did not want Datuk Seri Najib Razak to take over as prime minister."  
In my SD, I said that this person said it, let this person come to tell about it. And the authorities need to investigate and contact this person.

That is what I wrote in the SD. I myself did not raise any allegation. 

I did not say I knew the deputy prime minister’s wife at that time was at the site of the incident. I did not say that. I did not make such an accusation. 

What I said was someone talked (about it), but it is up to the authorities to investigate further and for them to come forward. 

And I mentioned their names. I mentioned them during the police investigation."
RPK mentioned these names, among others: 
1. Nik Azmi Nik Daud
2. John Pang
3. Din Merican.
4, Leftenan Colonel Azmi Zainal Abidin 

“I did not accept that story. Because I think it may be impossible. How could the prime minister’s wife want to go to such a place because it is forest and I think if she wanted to hike up the hill, enter the forest in the middle of the night, at midnight, I think it may be impossible.”   
When I met Nik Azmi, I asked why I needed to make the statutory declaration.
He said Pak Lah (Abdullah) will relinquish his post. If we do not block Najib, Najib would become prime minister and replace Pak Lah.”
I then asked Din Merican to get confirmation from Datuk Seri Anwar.
Din Merican also contacted me again and said he spoke with Anwar and Anwar gave the green light.
He said, ‘OK, this person has no problem. Whatever he says we could trust’.
Anwar was close to this person and he is used to meeting Anwar ..-this leftenan colonel. And he told a lot of things to Anwar on this issue ...he said proceed. I proceeded."
These individuals promised to become witnesses if I was charged in court."

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  1. Anonymous8:32 pm

    tangkap anwar dan kuncusnya sekali...

  2. Anonymous8:51 pm


    Najib paid him.


    Kalau tak faham aku menyindir, pergi mampus.

  3. Anonymous9:01 pm

    ha ha ha... ho ho ho...

    Anwar! lu mana mau lari?

    p/s: RPK sudah kena beli good punya back stabbing.

  4. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Elo Rocky,,!!!!

    Suruh lah MAMAK hadir comment sikit SARAWAK election!!!!!

    Baru SIOK kalu dia comment,,,,biaq LINGKOP terus BN!!!!!


  5. Muka cam dia, bunyi cam biasa...they will say it's a set up

  6. ini semua konspirasi!!! itu bukan RPK!!! muka mmg sama tp kt kalau tgk perut dia buncit skit bro! :P

  7. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Where is the link to the video?

  8. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Face looks like him, voice sounds like him but his tummy is a bit too big ... Nah .... Must be a same face fellow brought in by Dato R ...

  9. Ayah Man9:32 pm

    This is indeed, a piece of much welcomed disclosure coming from RPK; unmasking a previously unknown secret.
    I am, however, pretty sceptical about RPK's integrity and truthfulness. As in the past RPK had been both powerful and convincing in his reporting and I have always considered him to be and remains as Anwar's fearless loyalist.
    But things are changing. This is in my opinion and infact the positive outcome of Najib's transformation exercise; setting every natural order of things at thier right perspective.
    Welcome back RPK!

  10. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Good for the nation.

    But can we trust this guy? I dont know lah!!

  11. Anonymous9:59 pm

    doctored video? anyone? haha

  12. Anonymous10:02 pm

    could you post the link? need to see it to believe you.

  13. Refree RPK blows the whistle .... salah bn

    Back-door striker Anwar caught off-side ... salah bn

    Anwar got stabbed (in his backside?) by his own knife ..... salah bn

    Anwar cried "konspirasi" at the refree's face .... salah bn

    Anwar is flashed the red card ... salah bn

    On his way out, Anwar kicked the goal post and broke his leg .... salah bn.

  14. tebing tinggi10:32 pm

    How much he had been paid to twist his thoung before, and 'they' would say how much it's now ?.

    If he could lie before ,what the different it is now.

  15. Anonymous10:49 pm

    RPK's mother, an Englishwoman was an ice cream parlour girl - the lowest rung of the British working class. One step above a fish wife. So he did not get good breeding from his mother. His Chinese wife Marina was a mahjong parlour girl. Both have no integrity or honesty. The husband and wife team now work for money. His confession now is more proof that he works for money. He is also lying again. Many people heard him say that the PM's wife was there at the plantation and she personally shot Altantuya Sharibuu. Now he says he never said such a thing. Shafee Abdullah was right - RPK is a pariah. Now he has even exposed his friend Din Merican. When the ship goes down, the rats jump off first.

  16. so, who killed altantoya?

  17. Anonymous11:04 pm

    The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) from the Liwat Gang :

    1.) Fake Recording
    2.) Sold his soul
    3.) UMNO agent
    4.) Conspiracy
    5.) His personal opinion
    6.) Demonise him
    7.) Bought over
    8.) Bla Bla Blah

    And amazingly the fools still cannot see it. Must add to the 7 wonders of the world.


  18. Anonymous11:05 pm

    this must be UMNO conspiracy !!!!!!

    also a citizen

  19. Anonymous11:08 pm


  20. Anonymous11:13 pm

    so what? Any problems with RPK's revelation? It can be true. So get those involved to prove they were right...don't simply conclude that Najib n Rosmah are "clean".

  21. apa2 hal pun yang plaing penting sekali tengok perut dulu. buncit ke dak? kehkehkeh

  22. Anonymous11:55 pm

    DSAI is surely a "back-door" type. He "back-stabbed" a lot of peoples by deceit. Don't know how much longer he can hide "that hand that threw the stones". If he ever be able to make his way to Putrajaya, I believes "that lawyer" will twists his (DSAI)hands, to get things done as "that lawyer" have all DSAI's secrets...If all the hoo-hoo haa-haa is true, DSAI & Co. should just faded away from the politicals and retires...RIP PKR..

  23. Anonymous12:04 am

    I think you have been taken for a ride, Rocky. RPK has just put up a Spot the Spin contest.

    fed UP

  24. Anonymous12:19 am

    Come to selective reporting woowww Latuk is super F1. What lah if not how can maintain millions hits... Nevermind the comments. Shock sendiri oklah...

  25. Anonymous12:42 am

    why tv3 put on of his face , to recognized a person nowadays Pakatan Rasuah have made a scientific discovery !!! we should show the tummy and ass ... after Pakatan Rasuah take over the Malaysia , our pic on IC will replace with pic of tummy and ass !

    hoolaaa the new DNA person recognization in under licensed by otak longkang of Pakatan Rasuah


  26. Salam Datuk,

    An earthquake 9.9 on the richter scale.


    Good news come in strange packages.

    Thank you

  27. BIGCAT1:38 am

    Just checked out what Din Merican has to say. Poor bugger really got it up his arse this time. RPK pulled a spectacular one indeed.

  28. Anwar did not speak to him in person or gave any written instruction.All came from third parties.He went on a frolic of his own like a loose canon!

    what about his writings on
    i ) Tengku Wong, IGP Musa
    ii) Deepak ...
    iii) Attacking Muftis...etc
    Are all his past postings in his blog also under some misguided influence ?
    Doesn't RPK have any responsibility for his writings ?

  29. Dear All,

    Read carefully the following response from RPK..

    Shiok Guy


    it looks like MSM 1M_Layu "termakan umpan"..

    Spinning fast non stop bro..

    RPK 0nwz j0 bro!!!

    Kehkehkehkeh.. PR stands still!!

  31. Anonymous4:02 am

    Rocky ur so cheap!

    He said, Anwar give green light that this guy can be trusted.

    What ever RPK said today same as what he said before, view this

  32. Anonymous4:22 am

    Dia kata orang tu kata tapi yang penting dia yang kata kata. Apa apa la.
    Kalau dia kata sape pun yang kata...yang penting dia yang kata...bukan orang yang kata.
    Camne nak percaya penipu ni.
    Dia bolih jual satu Malaysia la.
    What a prolific liar.
    He is beginning to not believe his own self.
    This, my friend is a prostitute of the highest order who is willing to tell anything if the price is right. He has reinvented lying and implicate whoever he wants.
    He even admits lying in the SD...and probably wants us to forgive him.

  33. Anonymous7:06 am

    1. latest posting by RPK claims that ini semua dia punya spin, katanya media Malaysia lagi kuat spin...
    2. latest info dari fanatik anwar kata RPK dah kena beli oleh UMNO...
    3. latest info dari Anwar kata yang di interview tu bukan RPK sebab dalam TV RPK tak buncit...

    din american

  34. Publisher8:10 am


    SD dia yg buat blogger2 dan pengikut setia blog dia percaya yg Rosmah terhegeh hegeh pi panjat bukit dalam hutan nak letupkan Altantuya.

    Dah lepas bertahun SD keluar, sekarang dia baru cakap -- eh! aku tak cakap pun, pi baca SD aku baik2.

    Sekarang dia pi tunding jari kat informant dia. Informant dia pun kata military intelligence dokumen tu dah dimusnahkan. So, Petra kata dia tak salah. Informant dia yg salah.

    Informant yg kata akan keluarkan bukti, akhirnya takde keluarkn bukti. Aku rasa sbbnya ialah bukti takde.

    Gelak aku. Tak salah ke sebar cerita yg hang sendiri tak tau 100% betui?. Jadi SD dia adalah karya fiksyen, dan bukan fakta.

    Orang2 PR dan pengikutnya dah kena AUTA.

    Bila ada keluar video bukti pemimpin sendiri -- di kata fitnah. Bila geng PR buat cerita fiksyen -- dikata fakta.

    Aku nak tengok Harakah keluarkan ke tak interview dia ni.

  35. Spider Catcher9:12 am

    Sudah lah Rocky: I have always doubted your intelligence. But now I realise how stupid you are when you try to spin what Raja Petra actually said. I now realise that there are more Najib haters than I thought: people who put words into Raja Petra's mouth in order to put Najib in a certain darksome light, when Raja Petra has never said nor written what he was alleged to have said or written about. So what does Rocky do when Petra clarifies the matter: SPIN, without actually understanding what Petra has actually said and the implications of his clarification.

    Rocky: you are now no better than a clown, and Raja Petra is laughing at you and the whole batch of UMNO spinners. He has even organised a spot the spin contest, which includes what was spunned in Rocky's Malay Mail as an example (kakakaka!). Raja Petra's strategy in all this is crystal clear (well, to those who know his modus operandi). Of course, the masters and mistresses of spin are trying to use this to the BN's advantage in the Sarawak state election. I do not know if they will succeed. But even if they do, it'll be in the short run. In the long run, the consequences of Raja Petra's strategy will prove disastrous to Najib and the BN.

  36. Don't spin9:15 am

    Nik Azmi and John Phang are Tengku Razaleigh people. John Phang is another conman.

    Din Merican was in Anwar's office. The other Nik Azmi is not known.

    Unless a denial comes forward, it looks like an Anwar-Ku Li JV.

    Another Ku Li's infamous baling batu, sorok tangan in the great decetful tradition of raja2 melayu?

  37. Anonymous9:43 am

    Money the most powerful drug for any cure!!!!
    Thats the game of bitching i guesss SURPRISING ITS THE TIMING MAN! Why now RPK????

  38. Anonymous9:48 am

    Thought Rocky do not practice censorship, but obviously he did!!!

    fed Up

  39. Anonymous9:55 am

    Why does the media always publish a one sided story leaving the accused unable to defend themselves and make their views public?

    Is this the so called 'democratic' country, Malaysia?

    Everyone is getting a one sided story of everything thus everyone is making un-informed conclusions of everything!


  40. Anonymous9:57 am

    Mr Bru...Use your Malay Mail too...better coverage and the butter on your bread will be thickened further....

    Never mind RPK, Anwar or Ku Li...the poor deceased Altantuya, shot and blown to pieces by 2 policemen, who never knew her, as Mr Sharibu the father puts it. What motivation for these policemen to do that to that poor soul...

    The big fat comissions paid out for the purchases from France...MACC sees not but u sir, Mr Bru are not interested in all that...for that will make your big fat chunks of daily bread dissapear totally...

    Consciense is the key word, do we still have it? Our children and grand children growing up, just what do we inculcate them they grow up...


    14 April 2011

  41. Anonymous10:00 am

    Rocky Bru,

    It is you & yr MSM who indulges in 'fitnah' and lies.

    The source of RPK's allegation was from Col Azmi, 2nd in command of Military Intelligence. Bf making the SD, he must check the accuracy and the credibility of both info and informer. All he did was to check the integrity and credibility of the informer with Anwar thro' Din Merican. Anwar only said, ' this guy is credible and believable..which means the info he gave about Najib and Rosmah is credible. Only then did RPK made the SD in which he alleges from info received that Rosmah & gang were involved in the killing.

    The police investigated not the allegation but RPK instead for criminal defamation. The info is presumed to be true since Col Azmi has never been charged until now u/d s.191 Penal code for giving false info to RPK which he reduced into SD.

    You are the one who fitnahlah.

  42. Anonymous10:03 am

    Yo spin doctor.

    RPK explanation in his website tell different story. Reading "Now the shit has hit the fan", you will get different story.

    Excerpt from the article "The whole objective of this exercise was to block Najib Tun Razak from taking over as Prime Minister. If Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can be forced to resign, and if Najib can be blocked from taking over, then Tengku Razaleigh could become the next prime minister".

    "Earlier, a meeting was held in Tengku Razaleigh’s office. About 30 people attended the meeting cum buka puasa. A few Umno bloggers such as Big Dog and so on were there. PKR people like Adlan Benan Omar and Rafizi Ramli also came. And many others whom you will know if I mention their names also attended (I will leave it to them whether they want to surface, but they know who I am talking about)"

    The rest,you may read by yourself. Jagalah nama baik datuk...

  43. Anonymous10:13 am

    Din Merican and Anwar should sue RPK in Australian courts if whatever RPK said was not true since the interview was done in Perth. Don't tell us that the Australian courts are
    instructed by UMNO also.


  44. It is not really surprising.Is it not ?RPK has lost his credibility months ago.This is the perception based on his writings, and his clumsy attempt to promote this so-called MCLM to the detriment of Pakatan. A lose cannon, he is also proving to be an incoorrigible opportunist.He is not only losing his credibility fast, he may soon be losing his marbles.Who will believe what this bugger will say anymore ?Do not be surprise if one day, soon,we find him crawling back to Malaysia and grovelling in front of our PM and his wife.Sad, sad !

  45. Anonymous10:43 am

    It is not RPK because the belly is slightly bigger than RPK.

    UMNO punya kerja lagi, jangan engkorang percaya. Cepat make police report. Footage is not genuine. Look at the hat, not the type that RPK usually wore. Dalam footage punya from Petaling Street. Interview mesti kat Malaysia, TV3 penipu.

    Lets make solat hajat. Suruh Najib bersumpah, suruh Rosmah bersumpah, suruh nenek saudara Rosmah bersumpah jugak. Satu kampung kena bersumpah.

  46. Anonymous10:46 am

    pete is rebuilding his bridges to the way home.

    what's the bet that all charges will now be modified or dropped to allow him to return?

  47. Anon 10.03am,

    No need to make the meeting at Ku Li's place sound so clandestine la bro. You and I know that it was just a get-together before buka puasa. Not a meeting to topple anyone. The reason I was not there was because I was late. I usually arrive for buka puasa 10 minutes before time, 15 mins max.

    As for Big Dog, I'm sure you are aware that he has put up a posting in his blog ...

    Cheers. Don't fret.

  48. Anonymous11:34 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Your former buddy who remove his mask, watchamacallit... mmmm yes zorro. He must be kicking up his own ass knowing that he had been duped by his idol, Pete. That foul mouth Apek is nothing but a fool.

  49. tebing tinggi11:35 am


    You were said to attend ,'majlis berbuka puasa',what you going to say about that.

  50. Raja Petra Kamuruddin

    This is addressed to the Expert in all affairs, from porn, history, politics and hiding being his wife Chinese skirt.

    rpk, To begin, Your Slogan to your blog “Source of Independent News” is but a laugh!!!! For your blog swears by The Most Lob-side news that is merely to promote you and your one-track mind

    In response to your claim that you did not accused and implicate Dato Najib and Rosmah with the killing of Altantuya;

    RPK, once and for all stop being a fake, you have been a phony all your life. You cannot be counted with the rest of your Malaysian, so you had to seek an attention seeking way out – write rubbish to get into the news.

    From your days at VI you have been troublesome. It was your father’s influence that saw to your admission at VI never on merit. Then when you became a misfit among the brighter students, you turned into a frenzied attention-seeking maniac. And you ran into trouble at every nook and corner at school.

    As an adult, your failure in life, again saw you turn into the same attention-seeking maniac. You began to hide behind the skirt of your wife to strike out al all others.

    Everyone was wrong in your eyes except the failed megalomaniac in you. The history of Malaysian was wrong, Independence of Malaysia was wrong, May 13th accounts was wrong, Tun Dr Mahathir was wrong, Abdullah Badawi was wrong and then, Dato Najib is wrong, only Raha Retra is the righ one.

    After having dragged Najib and Rosmah through the dirt now you come up that you never collaborated or character assinated by publishing degradotory article and printed false photographs of the PM.

    So you are not merely a fake and a bluff but a traitor! - A traitor is one who would abandon and ditch his sons and daughters and run away to safety to save his own neck. One who runs not wanting to fight another day but to criticize from afar! One who saves his soul to live in comfort when financed my some greedy jealous zealot.

  51. Why you people have to treat MURDER case like a political football. It shames all political bloggers. The fact here is, this murder was not properly & thoroughly investigated, the motives of the murderers were unclear and those in the corridor of power were deliberately avoided to give a clearer picture.

  52. Anonymous12:21 pm

    bagi saya kunjungi pelacur adalah hal peribadi, soal kepercayaan di antara kita dan tuhan, tetapi rogol gadis bawah umur, mencuri wang hasil kutipan cukai dari rakyat untuk memperkaya diri dan keluarga. beli bot dengan harga 6 kali ganda. menangkap orang tak bersalah, menggunakan agensi kerajaan untuk membunuh adalah perkara lebih utama. tambahan pula pencurinya adalah orang yang di beri kepercayaan oleh rakyat untuk mentadbir harta dengan jujur dan amanah.

  53. Saya tengok tv3 nightline mlm tadi. 'RPK' becakap mcm teragak-agak je. Apa2 pun, saya tak beli Utusan atau baca Malay Mail. Sama mcm video sex Anwar, confession RPK ni mcm dibuat2 dan timing yg tepat - Sarawak election dan incoming GE. Kalau dulu ramai yg percaya kpd laporan RPK, skrg tidak lagi. Kalau betul RPK buat U-turn, dialah sekeji2 hipokrit dan besar2 munafik!

  54. Anonymous1:24 pm


    Very funnylah , dulu Pro BN said RPK is a liar now Pro PR said RPK is a liar and suddenly Pro BN said RPK saying the truth.

    Semua confused dan kena conned by the politicians while the politicians raped the states and countries.

    Tak caya, seorang Adun atau MP ada berpuluh puluh position dan berpuluh puluh ribu allowance.

    Tak caya, tanya Elizabeth Wong

    As a person who has engaged RPK MANY times, I can attest that RPK is telling the truth.

    Yes, RPK did say the truth. We attended the Buka puasa function with Ku Li in 2008 and Bru was not there.

    Yang bathil tetap bathil, yang Haq kan timbul jua.

    Another gem by RPK below

    Anti incompetent government but pro competent rakyat.

  55. Anonymous1:41 pm

    RPK is an idiot , many his commentor also a born idiot . looks what happened now when RPK reveals the true about anwar everyone DAP dan PKR peoples condemn him , befored he being praised by this idiot ...

    I never believed this RPK and he just used an imagination of lie when talking about he have an evidence (and surprised an idiot from DAP and PKR believed him) .. but in reality he have nothing to proved . and all of his writing just an imagination and hearsay only !!!

    know he want tell us the truth .. is too late RPK , youre liar and same with your readers too .. both an idiot !!! Now you see they condemn you bcoz they only want a good news about their leaders

    National media give an side story ?? yes of coz you think Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday will give a balance report ?? you moron !!! Malaysiakini and Malaysiatoday will blocked comment from pro BN and of coz they only make a selective news .. this is a democracy that their crybaby about???

  56. Anonymous2:01 pm

    anon 12:21 said;

    "bagi saya kunjungi pelacur adalah hal peribadi"

    the problem is kalau DSAI hanyalah seorang rakyat biasa, tak ada siapa nak ambil tahu apa dia nak buat. Beliau adalah seorang pemimpin yabg dikagumi ramai, seorang yang membawa watak seoarang islam yg sangat2 menuruti perintah tuhan sehingga kan cakap melayu pun bunyi macam cakap arab. Kalau duduk dirumah kaca janganlah baling batu kan!

    also a citizen

  57. Anti-moron2:39 pm


  58. Anonymous2:44 pm

    RPK berkiblatkan wang. Sesiapa yang bayar dia, itu lah tuannya.

  59. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Hmm..didnt care much about anu War..its in his veins of denial..but surprising me, ku li and that army inteligent personels is involved..bless us..we MALAYSIANS..

  60. Slyguy6:10 pm

    Fooyoh these pkr twits are seriously
    damaged lah. If you choose to be dumb and blind my friends, nobody but nobody can help you. Good luck with the conspiracy theories about RPK-your former golden boy. Just dont take it out on the blogger who brought you the story.You should be beating yourselves up!

  61. Anonymous3:50 am

    Dia dh kehabisan wang ler tu..where else to run, dah tak laku?

    Passport pun tak lama lagi nak expire, unless he has dual citizenship..

    Dont tell me it took him years to realise how foolish for someone like Rosmah to bother climb up the hill to watch the so called murder?

    Itu cerita, Tamil movie lovers will definitely believe
    + Indian PI
    +Indian driver SD Samy puja2 nonsense
    + Apek graduate fm Australia and his silly picture of Najib.

    And all the PR idiots believed all these all those while? Aper punya mereng punya otak?



  62. I never trust RPK then, I don't trust him now.

  63. Anonymous12:12 pm

    what a spin. rpk did not say that annuar gave him (rpk)the order to proceed with the sd. baca lah rpk letter betul2. your spinning is so obvious lah

  64. Anonymous12:17 pm

    what a spin. rpk did not say that annuar gave him (rpk)the order to proceed with the sd. baca lah rpk letter betul2. your spinning is so obvious lah