Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Samy Vellu, pig farmers (and their lawyer) and Chinese in BN government


An edited version of the posting below was published in The Malay Mail yesterday. It has a slightly different "punchline". Click H E R E to read.

MERITOCRACY IN POLITICS/GOVERNMENT. Najib Razak's statement about Chinese representation in the BN government after PRU13 has at least shed light on who the real hero of the Negri Sembilan pig farmers in 1999 was.

According to the lawyer of the pig farmers, it was Samy Vellu (an Indian) and not the MCA (a Chinese party) who helped the pig farmers (Chinese). I assume the DAP (a Chinese-run party) did not help, either. Mr Ser Choon Ing, a Chinese who is now the KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall vice chairman, was trying to tell the PM (a Malay of royal Bugis blood) H E R E that his Chienese community could not care less. "Malays of Indians can fight for Chinese or Chinese for Indians ... not necessarily the Chinese in Cabinet will fight for the Chinese," the lawyer said. A noble statement of fact. The BN is a concept of such, where a Malay, an Indian, a Chinese or a Melanau fights for ALL races. It is also in the Malaysian DNA. That's why Samy Vellu helped the Chinese pig farmers. The DAP knows that this is true and this was basically why, and how, Pakatan Rakyat was born. As Daim Zainuddin said in an interview with Utusan Malaysia recently, Pakatan was a copyright infringement, a copycat of what the BN stands for. And that's a good thing.

It is in the multiracial spirit that Najib had to spell it out to the Chinese community that the MCA (or DAP) represents: If you don't vote in Umno's partner in the component which represent your community, you can't expect to be represented in the Cabinet. It's up to the voters. If the Chinese are ALL like Ser Choon Ing, well and fine. But if I were a Chinese, would like to have Chinese representatives in Cabinet. And I would like to have a Chinese Deputy Prime Minister one day. Heck, I would like a Chinese to be Prime Minister of this country one day. I know a Malay can be a good PM and DPM to all races, but it doesn't hurt to wish, does it?

This is also what MERITOCRACY is about: if you don't perform, you won't be rewarded. It is a message to the MCA from the BN Chairman that if the party does not work hard and deliver, it cannot expect hand-outs after PRU13, assuming the BN wins the next general election, especially if it wins bigger than in 2008, which many people expect it to. There are other component parties out there who would be unhappy if the MCA is rewarded for non-performance.

It's much like most people's complaints about the so-called UmnoPuteras, who get contracts, scholarships, positions, etc without earning them. Meritocracy. Everybody demands it.

A PM of this multiracial country would want to have a fair representation of the various interests in his Cabinet. So Najib would want the Chinese to be represented in his Cabinet to reflect the country's make-up, not just to help the pig farmers and pig farmers' lawyers during the next crisis.

To be cont'd ...


  1. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Its true fact.PM & DPM from a malay race will always looks into all races.
    I doubt very much if other races to be a captain of Malaysia.
    There will be riots everywhere.


  2. Anonymous1:16 pm

    why the hell do we care what chinese wants?
    has the race been segregated or oppressed or living in dire straits in malaysia?
    who stupid idea was it that declare what chinese wants is actually the basis of race peace and harmony in malaysia?
    to hell with what they want!

  3. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Uncle Bru,

    Which is more meritocratic: blogosphere or MSM? Which form of social system begets power that goes to those with superior intellects? and read by inferior intellects? Just pondering.

    BTW, wonder which is juicier: your article or piglet being spun on a rotisserie over a barbeque pit?

    Have a good week Uncle.

  4. Anonymous1:45 pm

    We have had a Prime Minister of Indian descent for 22 years.

    Hidup Tun M.

  5. ladang babi tu mesti legal dan sah disisi2 undang2 dan tidak mencemarkan alam sekitar... sbb tu samy vellu bela.

  6. Salam Datuk,

    If I may, post my comment at BigDog over here with your kind indulgence.

    The hypocrisy and the chauvinism of the DAP.

    "Sarawak DAP has given its full support for state PKR chief Baru Bian to be the next chief minister if the Pakatan Rakyat wins in the state elections”

    Bloody fork tongue DAP can promise because they know that the PR cannot win the SE.

    “PKR has refused to accept the Shadow Cabinet line-up for Sarawak as announced by DAP’s Wong Ho Leng

    In the list, PKR state chief Baru Bian (pic), once tipped to be the Shadow Cabinet chief and state opposition leader, was dropped and given the portfolio for land development and native customary rights instead.

    Wong named himself the Shadow Cabinet and state opposition chief”

    This is what the rakyat gets when they vote the chauvinistic DAP.

    “Wong and his DAP counterparts hold 13 portfolios in the Shadow Cabinet, with PKR holding two and PAS one”

    Thank you

  7. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Dato Rocky , it was BN was in power and still in power, so how could DAP helped them using their power? use some common sense Dato.

    But then you are right on other details such as Sami Vellu helping them out. Well where did it says that only a Chinese leader must help those Chinese farmers anyway. We live in Multicultural country called Malaysia.


  8. Anonymous3:33 pm

    It is quite common for Indians to very consciously and humanitarianly help any race for that matter and especially if they are able to.
    Infact the other races know it also from my finding.
    It is in the Indian blood genetically.
    So i am not surprised of this revelation about the chinese pig farmers being helped by one or more Indians on their plight then.
    However i cant help comparing the plight of the Indians in Penang over the Kampung Buah Pala issue and the many cows there which died as a result of events there.
    How sad indeed....

    ONe Indian

  9. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Dalam malaysia ni tiada siapa yang tolong siapa. Masing masing hidup dgn cita cita sendiri. Masyarakat cina telah banyak membantu malaysia menjadi apa yang ada sekarang. Kawan kawan baik PM umno pun lebih banyak orang cina drp melayu.Kata orang lu tolong gua tolong lu. Bukan begitu kah yang terjadi.

  10. Anonymous4:48 pm


    This Ser fella was once quoted:

    "Former Suqiu secretary Ser Choon Ing opined that racism is SUBJECTIVE and Perkasa was entitled to freedom to speech.

    "But if you look into OUR demands, we wanted equality and reform..... We are fighting for the rights of ALL races"
    (Malaysiakini 15/09/10)

    FIGHTING FOR ALL RACES? Funny, coz that was the same thing Chin Peng & Bintang Tiga claimed they stood for !!

    Subjective indeed....when it suits YOUR chauvinistic agenda!

    Mr Ser, your stench of bigotry will not be removed by your attempts camouflage it with democracy!


  11. Skilgannon10665:21 pm

    FACTS 1:02 PM

    And the basis for your erudite conclusions are???

    Hopefully it's not on par with your English, which is atrocious, to say the least?

    Ever heard about the basic rules of English grammar?

  12. Anonymous6:50 pm

    What we chinese really want is good governance.We don't mind paying taxes as long as what is collected is used wisely by the government of the day to do good for the country and control leakages to rent seekers and corrupted leaders.We dont care what race represent us as long as he is a clean and capable leader.Black cat or white long as it catches the rat is a good cat.We really dont care to take over the country politically as some of you people think of us.How can we chinese be the prime minister of this country when our population is getting smaller and so are our votes.We have a chinese chief minister now in penang and see how the poor guy is being hit right and left from all angles.I really pity him.Guess if u live by the sword u die by the sword.Imagine what will happen to a chinese prime minister.It really dont matter if no chinese is in the cabinet as long as those in there are goods leaders.

  13. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Wah Latuk:

    Lu mesti cakap dengan Najib - MCA is a bad example to use to threaten the Chinese. MCA never represented the Chinese - the leaders represented themselves. See how Ng Yen Yen took over where Azalina left off in the Ministry of Tourism ? See how Ling Liong Sik conned Mamakthir and see how Chan Kong Choy conned Sleepyhead Badawi for billions ? Worse, the leader of the MCA is a self-proclaimed porn actor and an adulterer.

    The Chinese see the MCA logo and banner and they go "ptui". Represented or not represented makes no difference. In fact, being represented is worse cos it becomes a licence to steal with UMNO.

    Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu bukan perkara penting untuk kaum Cina lagi.


  14. Anonymous9:45 pm

    PKR and PAS are the two Mules of DAPTOCRACY

    Ibrahim Kati

  15. Who need MCA anyway ??? Bunch of monkeys dancing around chasing loose peanuts or more cruel bunch of pathethic beggars chasing for loose change , what they have done to Chinese community ???? Nothing...
    As for DAP they can go to hell

  16. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Please Roc, the chinese has been screwed big time all those years.Its the greedy chinese bastards in MCA who has no clue why they are there in the cabinet.Samy was smart as he was always very caring and you melayus when its about pigs who the hell cares!
    Dont spin please ,we and you know where power is and no way a chinakueh
    will one day be PM.Chinese ait'nt duds you know!

  17. I have an observation to make,based on the make up of the Sarawak "Shadow" cabinet, the make up of the Penang State Exco and the former Perak State Exco; seems the DAP is not fighting for Chinese or Malaysian Rights but I think the DAP is fighting for Chinese rule and in PKR and PAS they have found the willing ride to their political objective.

  18. Anonymous1:06 am

    Pig ? An issue ?

    But u matderfarkers moooslim is fucking ok to collect royalties on gambling business ?

    Go fuck urself !

  19. Anonymous1:18 am

    Long as sportstoto , magnum & pan Malaysian
    still here...

    We will spit on all umno leaders ! PTUI !

    Nothing but pariahs !

  20. Anonymous1:19 am

    Try pork garenti it's better than beef'

  21. Anonymous1:24 am

    Only useless bastards blame everything except themselves.

  22. Anonymous1:26 am

    Can always call yourself Latuk or butuh..,

    It make no differences!

  23. Anonymous1:36 am

    Fuck the Chinese !

    Bunch of useless piece of shits!

    MCa nothing but a bunch of ball lickers & umno trained mentally devoid morons !

  24. Anonymous1:38 am

    Interview my Chinese neighbour's kids and wives or any old Apek/AHso, who is our PM and what is his name.


    From which state is our current Agong from


    Where is the post office

    What is your name?


    Dato Rocky, I sure wish you can send your crew to my place... and do this candid interview personally and broadcast it live!



  25. Anonymous2:29 am

    Jangan tak tau, taukeh besar ladang babi kat bukit pelandok tu satu masa dulu dimiliki oleh seorang India (local). Sekarang kedua-dua orang anak depa buka kedai elektrik supply air-cond di Port Dickson. Tak caya? Tanyalah orang2 kat PD. Memang la Samy Vellu ambik berat. Si Sothinathan dulu kan macai Samy kat sini.

  26. Anonymous9:29 am

    Your brain is really screwed up with link here link here for multiracial representation and meritocracy. Wake up bros, MCA has been given chances for 50 years and just go ask all those idiots what they have done to this community. They heve been hiding under the sarung of UMNO for years.


  27. Anonymous10:42 am

    keep spinnin' as the pocket gets thicker

  28. Anonymous10:47 am

    Pigs will fly if UMNO is fair to all races.

  29. yup. this post kind of prejudice. Should ask some opinions from both sides before making final conclusion.

  30. Anonymous11:49 am

    Who says only a Chinese minister or MP can help the Chinese community. Why can't a Malay minister help the Chinese or Indian or Dayak or whatever community. All I want is a Malaysian minister/pm to help the Malaysians. When are we going to look beyond racial lines in politics. When Mr Ong Kim Koon can help and give up his life for En. Zainal Md Yusof and Pn. Rosamiah Hashim, why is it so difficult for ministers to do it? Rocky, I'm sure you help your friends of other ethnicity when they need help without thinking, "uh-oh, he's not a Malay. I should get my other Indian friend to help him."

  31. Anonymous1:39 pm

    If you are voted in, you should take care of the constituency irrespective of races.

  32. How do you know DAP did not help? Your assumption is laced with hideous malice!!!

  33. whoooo who...To Anonymous 1.16pm...when you said "to hell with what they want!", you are so..UMNO.

    Please la!

    Please go screw some holes you racist cunts!

  34. 'Performance' is very subjective. A Chinese can make a non-performing Chinese to look like performing good. The whole Chinese community can demand and argue that their non-performing leader is performing. We know how stubborn they are when making demand. Those are Chinese characteristics. Malays dont have that perseverance because religious people keep telling them to be patient, patient, patient. Given the slight opportunity to lead, they will lead forever, and they would be ready with 1000 reasons to stay leading. Penang is the perfect example, Malays have no ball to argue with the clever Chinese.

  35. Anonymous3:37 pm

    It is becoming a joke all these rantings about the chinaman voting the other way. Why the ultimatum? Can't see beyond the colour of one's skin?

    Think as a MALAYSIAN!!!

  36. Anonymous3:52 pm

    At the moment, withbthe current chinese wants and trends, it is difficult, if not impossible to rely on chinese to run the gov...never.

    It is aknown fact the dap's malaysian malaysia means reversing the malay rights policy. Which stupid malay will agree? Ohh i forgot, anwar dan kuncu2nya


  37. trifling-jester4:47 pm

    what has the world come to? malay advising chinese they cant rely on handouts! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    as chris rock once said: NIGGA PLEAAAAASEEEEEEE

  38. Anonymous7:17 pm

    If umno got balls then should just kick mca out.

    No need to talk kok everyday, getting sick of najib bitching everyday like a blardy pussy.

  39. Anonymous7:34 pm

    With that remark, he just shove his 1 moo...leesial up his own asshole.

  40. Anonymous8:54 pm

    this comment should gto with your posting on 1malaysia email in which you mentioned Pos Malaysia. Pos Malaysia CEO Syed Faisal must have read your views and suggestions:
    (NST report May 5)

    If you can't beat them, then join them! This seems to be the position adopted by Pos Malaysia Bhd which is seeking
    to play a role in the myemail project, that is expected to pose a significant threat to its physical mail business.

    Pos Malaysia has its own plan for e-government after taking note of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) initiative on it, said group managing director and chief executive officer, Datuk Syed Faisal Albar.

    He said at present, Pos Malaysia had various portals such as Pos Online, to enable the public to make payments online, using credit cards or direct debit from their bank account.

    However, since the myemail project has already been awarded to Tricubes Bhd, it will engage the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) and the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)to explore ways on how it can play a role in the project, he told reporters after the company's annual general meeting, here today.

  41. Anonymous10:52 pm

    hei datuk,

    we heard you loud and clear...

    if those fcuk-faced wominisers & drunkards in mca can't even helps its community during a crisis, like those pig farmers...

    does it make any different if the chinese got no representation in umno-controlled administration ?

    so, just give us one fcuking good reason why we still need to vote those shitheads.

  42. permission rocky bro!



    Natural Resources and Good Governance – Wong Ho Leng;
    Land Development and NCR Affairs – Baru Bian;
    Finance – Chong Chieng Jen;
    Local Government – Ling Sie Kiong;
    Tourism, Heritage and Environment – See Chee How;
    Rural Development – Chiew Chiu Sing;
    Industrial Development – Yap Hoi Liong;
    Public Health – Dr Wong Hua Seh;
    Social Development and Woman Affairs – Violet Yong Wui Wui;
    Public Utilities – Wong King Wei;
    Infrastructure Development and Communications – Chiew Wang See;
    Agriculture – Ting Tze Fui;
    Housing and Urban Development – Fong Pau Teck;
    Consumer Affairs – David Wong Kee Woan;
    Religious Affairs and National Unity – Ali Biju and Haji Adam *



  43. Anonymous9:56 am

    Do the Malays really want a PM like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Chinese a PM like Ling Liong Sik, the Indian a PM like Samy Vellu? Most probably not.

    What's the point of having a PM of one's own race if all that person can do is cakap tak serupa bikin, shout empty slogans but not deliver results, or siphon $ while hoodwinking the rakyat? I don't care whether the PM is a Dayak, Eurasian or Sakai, as long as proper work is done and the country has good growth.

    - 1Malaysia-sia Sahaja

  44. Anonymous11:45 am

    Samyvelu did not help for nothing. He was far sighted able to see things which most of you couldnt.
    DAP willing to support Baru Bian to be CM or KM of Serawak. This is indeed a suprise to me that none of DAP assemblyman wants that position for themselves.

  45. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Elo Bru,

    Selama ni MELAYU makan BABI coz
    MELAYU yang sembelih MA!!


  46. Is Islam the official religion of Malaysia? If so, heed Prophet Muhammad's Last Sermon which, when paraphrased to the Malaysian context, says: "All mankind is from Adam and Eve, a Malay has no superiority over a non-Malay nor a non-Malay has any superiority over a Malay... except by piety and good action. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.

    For the full text, see

  47. Anonymous12:39 am

    QUOTE: "Daim Zainuddin said in an interview with Utusan Malaysia recently, Pakatan was a copyright infringement, a copycat of what the BN stands for."

    What a brainless statement, coming from a former minister. If it is a copyright infringement, try suing and you will know why I say it is brainless.

  48. Anonymous8:34 pm

    stupid lancap!