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Utusan April 13 2011
12 April 2011
Anwar's affairs with Malaysian journalists.The TV3 reporter who incurred Anwar's wrath for asking about his Omega must not despair. It's part of the job. And when it concerns Anwar, a lot of journalists have their own tales to tell. Yes, Anwar could be sweet when he wants to charm you. But there's the other side of him - the one the public does not often see - that many a reporter, yours truly included, won't easily forget.

Once, during a visit to Indonesia, Anwar who was then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia abused some of our journalists so badly that one senior reporter (who is now a group editor of a nrwspaper) called back the office to seek permission to return to KL. The ex-MCKK chap (Anwar was several years his senior at the schoool) vowed he would never again want to cover assignments involving Anwar, who was also MOF and the Umno minister in-charge of media controlled by the party.

What did Anwar do to the reporters who were there to cover his visit?

To be continued ...

13 April 2011
It was 1997, the height of Anwar's power, the future of Malaysia, the One kicking the Opposition's ass on behalf of BN.

The reporters covering Anwar in Jakarta included Syed Nadzri (now the NST Group Editor) and Aziz (Utusan's numero uno). The Deputy Prime Minister was in Jakarta to meet President Suharto (remember him?). They waited for Anwar at the hotel lobby to ask him about the meeting. Upon seeing the reporters, Anwar, flanked by bodyguards and his Indonesian hosts, gestured to the Malaysian reporters, who came over as asked by the DPM. But what a shocker they were in for.

As they were nearing the DPM at the ShangriLa hotel lobby, Anwar waved them off. "Halau kita macam sampah," said one of the journalists. Syed said he's been snubbed many many times as a reporter doing his job, "but I will never forget the Jakarta humiliation".

"The words he uttered LOUD are still ringing in my ears. He waved us away, and asked "What are you doing here?!" Ask Adlin (Anwar's press secretary then)," Syed said.

The height of power. And the peak of pride. And what did they say about pride?

To be cont'd


  1. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Rocky, even you too is cranking up stories about Anwar Ibrahim, how much were you paid to do this dirty work ?? All your reportings are very selective hmmmm.

  2. Anon,

    So now nobody can write about your hero Anwar Ibrahim kaa? Relax la, I'll stick only to what I know to be the truth.


  3. Anonymous8:17 pm

    You want the truth ? We too?

    Can go dig up something on C4 mongolian lassie... Taik's billions... Fat mama carpet seller tomboy...

    Btw, what the fcuk happen to ammo sex movie... still cannot figure out who is the hero ke?

    Guess the red dot are spot on... all the ammo leaders are stupid & incompetent !

  4. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Hei Anwar! Where's the watch? The OMEGA watch? Where is it? The whore you had fun with? How was she?

  5. Anonymous8:32 pm

    So typical of the barisan najis standard modus operandi.

    Just simply taroh... asal can get mental orgasm!

    So why don't go whack his wife & kids as well.

  6. Anonymous8:36 pm

    So BABI is the devil & Najis Tong Rosak is an angel ?

    "Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu", ya?

    LOL !!!

  7. Suspense lah Bro, more please like as soon as possible.

  8. Anonymous8:46 pm


    Keep up the good work bro. Dont fret these opposition buggers. To them anwar is a holy man and untouchable. I pray that the 2nd part of video will be out on the 15 th april so that it will be for all to see.


  9. Anonymous8:49 pm

    If not Anwar, there are more capable people in PR who can be a much much better PM than your fat boy.

    For 30 years been treating them Sarawakians like arseholes & pariah !

    Anwar or no, the Sarawakians are making the fat boy, his psycho deputy & the greedy old geezer peeing & shitting in their pants!

  10. Anonymous9:14 pm

    then why didnt tell the truth at the time it happened. What other truths have you not reported....and waiting when the minister is no more
    Anyways have you read what rais said about anwar


  11. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Kalau hang jadi anwar pun hang akan buat macam tu rocky. Sapa tak muak siang malam dok tayang cerita buruk tentang diri dia, macam tak ada cerita bagus langsung dan tak bagi chance utk fair reporting.

    Kita akan tenguk suatu masa nanti puak-puak yg hanya tahu jaga periuk nasi yg dok angkuh dan depa tak ingat depa tak akan duduk atas selelui.

  12. Xfutballer9:20 pm

    alamakkk bru,

    semua org pun mcm tu la.. takkan lu lain plak..

    zaman lu mabuk time zaman bbdk bola dulu takkan mau lupa bro..

    ingat tak masa kat padang bola bini lu dtg carik lu, last kopek dia negok lu tgh kiss sorg minah tepi padang sana..

    takkan lupa kot..

    so moral of the story semua org sama jer bila ada KEPENTINGAN..

    wa tak sapot sesiapa pun BUT kenkadang kita rasa diri kita betul tetapi sebaliknya???


    wat say u bro???

    wa kenal lu lama la bro dari zaman malay mail geng bola dedulu lagi..

    takyah la burukkan sesorg kalau tak suka sgt...

    cuba lu recall balik zaman lu kena buang kijer dan tgh baik dgn si jeff oii tu dulu.. ingat tak kejadian-kejadian aneh masa lu rasa diri lu jadik mcm "pembangkang" sampai ngamuk gan hishamudin aun n the geng..

    tapi wa rasa lu tgh "bekerja" kan so lu kena la buat crita version lu mcm gak anuar tgh ada "power" so dia kena "kerekS" la sket.. menteri maaa wat daya aspect..

    cuba lu usha gan si menteri pegang bontot tu.. jj ke apa ke nama nyer.. dia punya kerekz semua org tau la gang..

    kalau bbdk crew MAS abis semua dia hamput KECUALI minah-minah stewardess jer dia layan...

    really sux big time maaa.. manusia hipo ni bnyk version bila ada "kepentingan" so called "poweH" brudder..

    PiS bro..

  13. bro,

    why only now you want to share about this bloke. i don't trust this bloke since 1993.


  14. Anonymous9:26 pm


    You are the disgrace to be a journalist even since you crossed over to the Darkside for title, power and position. We hope you can be the prodigal son and return to the Light

  15. Haha. It seems that anybody who is against Anwar is a paid goon. Thanks anon for making me laugh.

  16. Anonymous10:23 pm

    The Truth? Well are you telling me that you honestly believe or know for a fact that Najib Razak is a very clean and honest man? And are you telling me that you are not aware of a single act of Najib which is not unbecoming of him?


    Ex-bar tender from Kuantan

  17. Anonymous10:25 pm

    dato rocky

    i can vouch for that. in fact, when he was DPM, he tried to distance himself from MCKK/MCOBA - skrg terhegeh-tegeh (thru his fanboys) to 'control' MCOBA and make it politically-oriented for his personal gains. Truly pathetic.

    Old Boy

  18. Anonymous10:57 pm

    For being the first to comment , Anon 8.05 pm is sure a big fan of Rocky's selective reporting and cranked up stories.And there are many others like him.

  19. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Must be sad when Rocky read all the comments. What a legacy? Be Compassionate...:D

  20. glassman11:34 pm

    YO! ANon 8:05.. whats your beef?

  21. glassman11:35 pm

    And do hurry with the next segm,ent please bro

  22. Dear Rocky,
    You have the prerogative to ignore remarks from "die-hard" "Anwar- worshiper" people like Anon. Do not waste your time.
    I do not have personal or "intimate knowledge" about Anwar's behaviour but what little I know from selective sources, he is what he is - a unique political creature guided by strong desire and instinct for survival. Prevailing circumstances may induce desperate measures. But I hope, “common sense should prevail” in that one should resort to tactics to charm and not to harm.
    Be that as it may, I pray that Allah continue to protect the Ummah in Malaysia and beyond. May our leaders and politician be less self-serving and be more sincere in their intention.And that the Ummah becomes more educated in differentiating true leaders from the “munafiqin”
    Mike Harlem

  23. Couldn't wait to hear the rest:-)

    Asking yr permission before hand to be translated to bahasa pasar.

    Nothing the truth but the whole truth:-)

    Frm HHalem

  24. Rocky Rocky...

    Cukup la bang. Tone down the personal attacks la. It's sickening. Bad taste. Bad form.

    I'm one of those fence sitters who think Najib is doing pretty well. But this ugly, abhorent campaign against the opposition that you are waging for your masters reminds me of the UMNO of yore. Goons and yes men singing the party line.

    It seems nowadays with you, anything goes. The dirty, the ugly, yang kotor, yang jijik, yang personal, yang busuk hati, semua jalan.

    A real disappointment you are Rocky. I honestly thought you stand above such things. But turns out... samaaaaa sajaaaaa.

  25. Anonymous6:51 am

    Rocky needs to learn from Zorro on writing skill. Perhaps with change, comments for rocky can be nicer..

  26. Anonymous7:20 am

    When I watched movies particularly those based on real life with bad guys against the good guys, I often wondered as to how those bad guys could be so stupid. Well, looking at real life Pakatan, I wondered no more. It's blind hatred that glue them together.BN is bad in certain areas whilst Pakatan is worse in all areas.


  27. Anonymous7:32 am

    Bro Rock, tulis je Bro! This is a free country apa? Bukan itu ke all this M@#therf@#kers been yelling about? If it's about the PM, MACC, Police... Fuh! Bisingnya konon nak champion semua, tapi semua yanag ada kepentingan bagi dia sajelaaa.

    Tak payah tengok jauhla. Oi CELAKA! Budak yang kena bunuh dengan Ustaz PAS tu apa cerita?!!! Tu nyawa budak 7 tahun yang takde dosa tu! Oi DAP, PKR lahanat! taknak champion yang tu ke? Tak? Sebab PAS? You all memang celakala stop accusing ppl being paid or selective for telling the truth about your BULL+SHIT la! becos end of the day the the only thing you want to hear is your M@#therf@#*#ng brand of truth only. Right or not Patrick Teoh?

  28. Anonymous7:35 am


    anon 8.05pm

    whether he is being paid or not is not the issue.

    Is it matter if what he wrote is true and being paid? Is it all that being paid is untrue?

    What about you?

    You must have being paid to clean Anwar name? How much were you being paid for that short comment?


    Cant wait to hear your revelation.

  29. Anonymous7:43 am

    The future PM is playing his cards very well. And his dungufied supporters still believe Ghandi is alive.

    What else will they believe? Magic stones? Black money? Tukang Karut?

    Yeah, the deaf,dumb and blind supporters simply cannot believe that Elvis is dead, no matter how.

    And it is called the denial syndrome, invented by his wife, lawyer, boy friends and sundry.


  30. Anonymous8:08 am

    Dato' JJ ka?

  31. Anonymous8:27 am

    If the Omega was given as a gift to Anu ar when he was the Deputy Prime Minister or when he was in government, the watch by default belongs to Malaysian government.
    Even now, as the opposition leader in parliament whereby he is paid by the Malaysian government, even when he receives gifts, the presents belong to Malaysian government.

  32. Anonymous8:36 am

    Anon 8.05 PM.

    Kalu hang dok tak suka hang dok mai baca buat apa. Buatlah cerita hiang sendiri.

  33. Anonymous8:38 am

    What a co-incidence!

    Reporter asks about a sex-video related watch at a media engagement with Pakatan on Sarawak elections.

    Next day - we read news about authorities wanting to check further on the watch.

    This is very good planning.
    Get Anwar to say something and then the authorities throw in another card immediately.

    But you know, many are beginning to predict well the way the game is being played by the establishment with the help of cybertroopers who sometimes are asked to double up as media persons out there to do a decent job!

    I wonder what the PM will say, if a media person attending a press meet on GTP asks about the episode of a politician found with an showbiz personality off Prot Dickson some time ago.

    The authorities would have bundled up the media person and 'banished' him/her from such event. Video recordings of the Q & A on this would have been confiscated?

    With Anwar - it is not happening.

    Spot the difference?


  34. Lousy pro BN site. I hope you can sleep at night.
    Money is not everything bro.

  35. Anonymous9:08 am

    truth? what about truth about your personal life?

  36. Anonymous9:10 am


    pergi surau malam semalam, ostat pah cakap ini semua fitnah, jangan was-was sebab si jijah kata perot lakinya tak buncit,

    ostat pah,

    ko sendri jawab lah kat akhirat nanti, jangan jadikan si jijah n anwar tu alibi ko bila berjawab dengan mungkar dan nangkir nanti

    macam mana dengan solat,amal ibadah sepanjang hayat ko tu? dengan benda yang ko tabur smalam?

    check this out,


  37. Anonymous10:05 am


    Expect brickbats whenever this false Messiah aka Liwath is being criticised.

    You should glance at pro-PR webnews like MI & FMT see the uprintable names they throw at Nik Suriani. Dengan perempuan berani laa...

    Mulut capui dia ni la juga sebab dia kena tibai by ex IGP dulu (though I don't condone that)

    You know that I found out that the medical abbreviation of PR stands for "Per Rectal examnination"

    So these rabid PR commentators who are only good at name-calling , slurs, profanities & devoid of any rational argument when cornered, ought to have their a#se examined (PR)....

    In the likely case that they actually have their brains there.


  38. to anon 8:05pm, how much umno pay? its already basi la that question.. the trendy question would be.. got omega? now, u can post this question either with an omega egg in ur hand or simply grin and make a bloated stomach, that'll do..


  39. Anonymous10:41 am


    As an ex journalist who used to cover Anwar, I know what you are talking about. Boy, it really showed what kind of a man he truly is. And we cannot write the truth about him because our bosses would had our heads chopped off if we dare. Better leave than sacrifice my principle.....

  40. Hi ROCKY,

    NOBODY dares to write about ANWAR IBRAHIM & do you know why???

    It is due to 1 or both of the below possibilities:

    1) They are SCARED that Anwar Ibrahim will trace them down & SODOMIZE their arse.


    2) They are scared that Anwar Ibrahim will trace them down & lock them up in a hotel room with CCTV cameras. Next, Anwar will strip & do that ala "towel-hug-hug-boom-boom" activity with them.

    Anwar Ibrahim is surely a DIRTY & CUNNING old wanker, right???

  41. Anonymous11:14 am

    wah bro locky.,nampak desperate nowadays.

  42. Anonymous11:17 am

    where's part 2 cepat la sikit anti climax la dato nihhh

  43. Anonymous11:35 am

    And the truth is Anwar and his gang cannot wait to plunder the wealth of this country. They are not interested in all this bullshit about justice fairness or equality. Money is what they are after.

    By the way, Anwar, Ah Moy pun boleh? Terror lah lu. Jantan boleh, bini orang boleh. Semua boleh!!! Lu lagi hebat dari Malaysia boleh.

  44. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Truth Rocky....? Hahaha...

    Had a gud laugh...Thank you....Yup take gud care of the buttered side of your bread..Only that seems to matter now days to some....Truth resides therein only....

    Weighing by the Almighty on the Day of Judgement, seems to be so far away....so conscience takes a holiday, eh Mr Bru...


    13 April 2011

  45. Anonymous12:21 pm

    hmmm lets see how will Rocky play and spin this, maybe Rocky has a video tape of Anwar sodomizing the journalist

  46. Anonymous1:10 pm


    Live video streaming of Perak State Assembly

  47. Bro.. Have you forgotten that the leader is a "god send"?

    How dare you write such things about him..


    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  48. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Rocky, once in Washington Anwar and his henchmen rediculed journalists as the suits we were wearing then were not up to their standards. They called themselves 'Melayu Baru' and swagger in their Italian wools. Tapi bila dah kena sack dari UMNO, we suddenly see him often in Baju Melayu and songkok.

    Once your well travelled reporter.

  49. Anonymous1:43 pm

    rocky, dont be disheartened by the negativity of those pakatan snubs. they are full aware of anwar's hypocrisy. their comments are just to frustrate you; just like the mosquitoes buzzing around your ears. the silent majority knows this and will not buy into their antics.

    also a citizen

  50. Anonymous2:04 pm

    your brand of truth is selective. to please your masters, DATO?

  51. Bekah Pah2:10 pm

    Anon 8.05PM,

    Truth hurts.Did you not read Malaysiakini, Malaysia-Today, Malaysian Insider, Harakah, Suara Keadilan...Isn't it not selective reporting that they practiced. And those are the so-called `objective' and `fair' `newspapers'. Rocky's posting in his own blog is his choice. Don't complain over such issue. Talk about the substance of the posting.

  52. "Halau kiat macam sampah". As if you guys are not?
    Way you guys write crap - its no wonder......
    Besides most of the politicians treat most people like crap.
    And I have seen Rosmah treat even Ministers like crap...

    This is a rather non-event story....

  53. Anything bad about him - dirty. Anything clean about UMNO - also dirty??!

    I wonder what is clean in these ignorants' minds.. well, other than Anwar's ass.

  54. Wah, ramai yang melenting bila saya ceritakan sedikit sejarah Anwar dan wartawan. Sabar, kawan2 yang di belakang Pak Sheh. Saya ungkit cerita sebab ramai yang terperanjat kenapa Anwar berang dengan wartawan TV3 yang bertanya pasal jam Omega. Tu baru sikiiit saja. Wartawan2 lama ramai yang tahu perangai Pak Sheh. Zaman "arigatok" dia pun cerita berlambak2.

    Like Syed said, journalists aren't afraid to be snubbed, sniped or snappered. Part of the job. That's why I believe some of my readers to write about their own fantasies in the comment box.

    Freedom of expression ma (yang attack lebih2 dan panggil gua Attan dan nama2 tak elok tu gua delete jugak).

    Imagine if Anwar becomes your Supreme Leader. You think you'll be able to write so freely, ah?


  55. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Like you have so accurately pointed out, Pak Sheikh is not Mr Nice.

    We have seen the other side(s) of him and those who have been in contact with him will tell you that he is such a hypocrite.

    It pains me that Wan Azizah and his family have to suffer the pain; and it pains me when many people are so oblivious to the obvious.

    Let's try this test:

    1) CLEAN? Tonnes of money, don't have to work, jet-set all over the place, nice mansions everywhere - the government must have paid him huge amounts when he was the DPM...

    2) HONEST? Promises after promises not kept. Contradictory statements when he was with the government and out of it. He promoted some of the things that, ironically enough, he is now fighting. Corruption? Transparency? Honesty? Fair politics? You gotta be kidding me...
    Verdict: DISHONEST

    3) TRULY MALAYSIAN: Anwar started so many Malay-based organisations and companies. Even in PKR, which race make up the largest number of leaders with power? Malays
    Verdict: Malay-skewed

    4) HIS SEXUAL INCLINATIONS ARE OF NO CONSEQUENCE: True. Yet, the same one had opened his mouth on "immoral activities" by his enemies. Check Rahim Tamby Chik's case. Google on Soi Lek.
    Verdict: Pot calling kettle black.

    The list can go on and on. His abuse of the media (Nazri was GE of Berita Harian, his own uncle. TV3 was his people, likewise Utusan in those days). Heck, the Hindu God was also his speech writer da...

    Don't give a damn if people want to believe.

    I know this jerk shouldn't be my Prime Minister.


  56. Anwar ini suka saman sana sini,milion or 100's milion punya....

    Heran betul apa pasal anwar tak saman 3T' say:

    1 bilion ringits each for defametory, video tipu, jam tipu,twitter tipu,fb tipu..sudah
    confirm 5-6 bilion!.

    azizah bolih saman 3T juga lagi , say another 2-3 bilion ringgit.

    nurul juga bolih saman macam itu 3-4 bilion....

    In the end, satu family multibillionaries!!.


    Betui kut ni....


  57. Slyguy3:44 pm

    Ex-bar tender from Kuantan

    Talk is cheap bro. Ada proof ke? Ada video tape macam itu video seks Anwar? Kalau takda, dont talk stupid, ok. Jangan lah hysteria- bila kena kat Anwar je, terus tembak Najib pulak. Btw, Rocky- this Anugerah Tuhan -ada address nak return to sender tak? Atau hantar kat Reject Shop je?

  58. Bro,
    pride comes before a fall..heheh.

    anyway, i see some of the usual suspects here attacking you.
    you must be having a whale of a time being entertained by their inane and emotional pro-anwar/pakatan lunatic rants. Ah, these anwar ass lickers.
    among them, i deduce, are people you call friends, bro. i'm sure you know who these buggers are.

    i mean..why ask you if you are a paid umno blogger when you write these things?
    why is it difficult to believe that you believe in what you write -- that Anwar is not fit to be PM or to lead this country because of this and that...???

    why the need for these assholes to bring up you own personal traits or character, bro?
    you are not running for government or the premiership.

    unlike Anwar who is telling Malaysian that he is FIT to be PM. perhaps even "god-sent" or "god-given" as his dutiful and loyal wife has declared. how flawed.

    did someone bring up something about a certain leader and an artiste in port dickson?

    hello, darling. where's the PROOF? go get the proof, dey. with all these pro-pakatan buggers trying to death to bring down this leader, surely if got proof, easy whaaat to smear his name.

    but wait...wasn't this a very old rumour? and this leader wasn't even DPM, right? even if it is true...which i still am doubtful because only talk cock.

    you want to believe in rumour? about DAP coffers? corruption? about Anwar and hmmm....?
    Yep..just rumours.

    But this story borther Rocky is relating -- that's the truth-lah.
    irrelevant, you say?

    I am remembering Anwar now happily and blithely belasah-ing the mainstream media --Utusan, NST group, TV3 -- that they are instruments of the BN administration.

    I say, saudara...takkan tak tahu? saudara dulu mada DPM dan Menteri kewangan kan control media -- the media heads.

    Si Nazri Abdullah tu -- yang sekarang proxy saudara...kaya raya..aduh... Usah temberang saudara.

    Saudara, you controlled the media when you were a key member of the BN govt ie DPM and Finance Minister.

    cerita lama? tak mungkin saudara berubah...

  59. Anonymous6:44 pm

    recap on Skillyannon+13..

    NAJIB: bla bla bla bla bla
    SKILLY: bolo, bolo, bolo, bolo

    UTUSAN: bla bla bla bla bla
    SKILLY: bolo, bolo, bolo, bolo

    PERKASA: bla bla bla bla bla
    SKILLY: bolo, bolo, bolo, bolo

    MALAYSIA: bla bla bla bla bla
    SKILLY: bolo, bolo, bolo, bolo

    SINGAPORE: bek bek bek bek bek
    SKILLY: gud gud gud gud gud gud

    WORLD: bek bek bek bek bek
    SKILLY: gud gud gud gud gud gud

    LKY: bek bek bek bek bek
    SKILLY: gud gud gud gud gud gud

    LKS: bek bek bek bek bek
    SKILLY: gud gud gud gud gud gud

    OMEGA CINA DOLL : ketok ketampi ketok ketampi uh ah uh ah
    SKILLY: SSSSssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NEBER MY WAN GUD OLOSO WAN..
    belli gud gud gud gud gud gud gud


  60. last time, u cerita mcm mcm ttg Dolah badawi,khairy jamaluddin. sekarang nie Anwar lak. next time kalau tukar bos, cerita pasal Najib lak kan Rocky? masa ni memanglah takde yang 'the truth' pasal Najib.

  61. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Anwar - semua boleh. Depan, belakang, lelaki, perempuan, bini orang. Sekarang Ah Moy pun boleh! Terror lah lu.Kalau dia jadi PM anak bini menteri jaga jaga!!!!

    Jam OMEGA boleh kasi Ah Moy. No hal. Petronas banyak duit. Boleh Beli banyak OMEGA.. boleh bayar Ah Moy untuk stand by 24jam.

  62. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Hai nak kawin pon kena merisik dulu..

    Apatah lagi yg duk nak jadi PM.

    Korek sampai kelubang cacing...HELP us the ordinary rakyat.. HELP our future generations.. HELP HELP ROCKY..

    Jangan nanti Negara Tergadai..
    Rakyat nanti terbiar jadi DIASPORA.. Terpaksa menghayap meghata dunia nak cari makan
    Lepaih tu terhegeh2 menghoyan kat Negara oghang,

    Asyik pok pek pok pek tak menentu arah..



  63. Anonymous7:23 pm


    there is nothing wrong in calling a black pot - black.

    but the thing is you seem to be calling only selective black pots - black and calling other black pots - white though they are black.

    Slyguy - yes i have pictures- they are imprinted in my brain. if you are smart enough you would know what i mean.

    but really - what najib did in his younger days is none of my business.

    but getting lackeys to faithfully highlight the shortcomings of your nemesis and that too without clean hands - thats a bit too low - innit?

    ex bar tender Kuantan

  64. Anonymous7:44 pm


    Would you be so kind as to spin yourself out of blogging? It is getting oh so tiresome.

    A Malaysian

  65. One can be poor & get alot of supportive fans by writing the truth. Rich but hated by dishing rubbish. Arg... life is tough.

  66. Anonymous8:15 pm

    apa cerita hakim malaya mengamuk ngan reporter tempohari? takkan berat sebelah cover story bro? lagi satu, reporter tv3 tu nak berdebat bukan tanya soalan, cuba tengok clip balik, wartawan berpangkat datuk pun gelong semacam ni apa cerita??? kepala penuh kot..


  67. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Money money money !

    There is nothing money can't buy.

    Really. There is nothing money can't buiy!

  68. Anonymous12:45 am

    All I know since the regime of the Mamakutty, the (A)manah - (B)ersih - Cekap became (A)buse - (B)ullshit - (C)orrupt. Walk with me disappeared half way. 1-Malaysia is a clear indication that there were too many Malaysias previously. Even now, nobody know exactly what the real meaning of 1-Malaysia. All I know they are abusing, bullshitting and corrupting whenever they open their mouths. Let us vote for a change. Let us vote for a 2-Party system. Let the system work for us, the true bosses of the Nation, Malaysia, Negara-Ku! Hapuskan rasuah!

  69. Anonymous5:08 am

    pakatan goons are suffering from a false sense of moral high grounds

    my foot ...

    no longer able to defend anwar, they go the religious soul trip - konon nak kutuk Rocky tapi masih nak komen kat sini

    macam bagus aje

  70. Anonymous10:01 am

    Commenting on your (bru) comment at 8:10 PM

    The truth?? hahhaha.. no such thing as truth laaa rocky! its all a matter of perspective.

    the only absolute ultimate truth is everyone dies! everyone grows old and die. What happens thereafter is the truth no one can hide from! MUAHAHAHHA...

  71. Slyguy2:26 pm

    ex bar tender Kuantan

    If you have nothing remotely intelligent to say, its ok to slither away. Same to those who keep trouncing Rocky but cant seem to keep away from his blog. Some unknown forces pulling you here?

  72. Anonymous7:36 pm

    He's a snob. Had similar experience with him. He was never fond with local media back then.