Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tricubes or Pos Malaysia's 15,000?

updated 6th May 2011: A comment left under another thread, Samy Vellu, Pig Farmers .. etc. right after the original post below.

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A SWEET DEAL FOR TRICUBES, A POTENTIALLY BITTER PILL FOR 15,000 EMPLOYEES OF POS MALAYSIA. How is that so? Tricubes' 1Malaysia email, a government-sanctioned project, could result in Pos Malaysia's mail volumes reliant on government notices falling to levels that would trigger layoffs in the postal company. Sure, it's a sweet as honey deal for Tricubes: the distressed loss-making company even got the RM5.3 million to start up the project from the 100 percent government-owned Mavcap, which means Tricubes' risk at every level is borne by the taxpayer. For the postman, though, there will be sleepless nights.

The government has to do the right thing. It should ask Pos Malaysia, myeg and other financially-sound companies to submit fresh proposals for the 1Malaysia email project.

Remember, 15,000 angry mostly-Malay postmen could swing any election in the rural Malay heartland.

Comment received on 5 May 2011 
this comment should gto with your posting on 1malaysia email in which you mentioned Pos Malaysia. Pos Malaysia CEO Syed Faisal must have read your views and suggestions:
(NST report May 5)

If you can't beat them, then join them! This seems to be the position adopted by Pos Malaysia Bhd which is seeking
to play a role in the myemail project, that is expected to pose a significant threat to its physical mail business.
Pos Malaysia has its own plan for e-government after taking note of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) initiative on it, said group managing director and chief executive officer, Datuk Syed Faisal Albar.
He said at present, Pos Malaysia had various portals such as Pos Online, to enable the public to make payments online, using credit cards or direct debit from their bank account.
However, since the myemail project has already been awarded to Tricubes Bhd, it will engage the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) and the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)to explore ways on how it can play a role in the project, he told reporters after the company's annual general meeting, here today.
8:54 PM


  1. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Not just the postmen. Their family, relatives and friends should not vote BN. Their jobs are put at risk so that cronies can their hands on some taxpayers money.

  2. Seolferwulf8:46 pm

    How do u spell "bail out" in BM?

  3. Bro, you got a point there..

    I hope the minister in charged for the Communication sector would look into detail on this matter..


  4. Anonymous9:30 pm

    E-Mail or no E- mail the civil srrvants are not going to give you a reply. At best you will only get an acknowledgment.

    I have a better idea. The public can give their E-mail address, which they can obtain for free form Yahoo, to the department concerned. And instead of paying Tricubes RM0.50 for each E-Mail sent out why not pay that RM0.50 to the officer who sends out the e-mail as an incentive in addition to his monthly salay.
    Believe me nothing works like a little incentive.

  5. Anonymous9:43 pm

    How much did myEG pay you to come up with the idea?

  6. trifling-jester9:45 pm

    good job turning this into a racial issue rocky. maybe now that you said the word malay, the govt will jump. malaysia can forget ever moving forward though - with the likes of you leading mainstream papers.

  7. Anonymous9:54 pm

    UMNO Melayu makan Melayu marhain, utk memperkayakan Melayu yg sememangnya sudah kaya raya. I think that sums up what his whole MYEMAIL project is all about.

  8. Anonymous10:00 pm

    durian runtuh buat Zaman Khan, dan mentuanya. Hidop Tricubes. Kompeni muflis pun bole dapat projek sebesar ni. Taniah UMNO. Taniah Dato Najib. Posman pun tak kelak nak buat pe.Kame akan UNDI CACING, dacing suoh je Keluarga Zaman Khan undi

  9. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Kalimuthu ade syer kot? Rezeki utk Zaman Khan sekeluarga.

  10. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Wah, UMNO got a great plan. Hit hard on the tummus of its hard core Malay supporters, by depriving them of their lifelyhood, as in case of Pos Malyia, and then EXPECT the Malays to support UMNO. Who is the IDIOT which cme up this plan? Njib u wnt 15,000 votes or u want some rich FART in Tricubes to be happy with u?

  11. Anonymous10:20 pm

    besnya tricubes, x ade duit, kjaan bg. x ade projek, kjaan bage. Masa PRU, rakyt mesti nak BAGEEEE balik

  12. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Pity the postmen. Ordinary people are but the butt of the elites. A monopolistic entity that fails. What else the Malays want? 1Pos Malaysia bastardized by someone/1Khazanah has to be cleaned up by another mess to de-red 1Tricubes? The mega leakage at the top is unstopperable!.

  13. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Aya Dato,

    Its fair distribution of wealth. Who control Pos Malaysia ? Wonder if that frog from that hot "NGO" has to say?
    Most probably, for fair distribution of wealth, have POS Malaysia send out notices as well, plus that emails from that company. Double secure, and no one can say they did not receive their notices or summons. All can get rich then, no?

  14. Salam Datuk,

    Why is this happening? Bloggers like me are always disappointed when decisions by the Govt have negative implications.

    Sometimes one cannot defend the indefensible.

    It is occuring time and again.

    It's really tiring.

    Cannot imagine if there are no people like your good self around.

    It would be merry hell.


    If there was really a credible alternative, the BN would have been sunk long ago.

    These kind of Govt decisions make people like me look stupid.

    Thank you

  15. Salam Bro,

    1.I read TS A Kadir Jasin article, no comment posted yet but agreed fully it was true.

    2.Your article too,found true on the same basis.Yeah! Most postmen and the admin. staffs were malays!

    3.Why do you think Pos Malaysia isn't on the first preference? Why PM Najib choses Tricubes? Isn't it economical,relevant on venture-effort?

    4.Sometimes strange things happen in the government where all the "chosen ones" having party all day and night long...Nothing change!

  16. Dear Freddie Kevin,

    Those guys will just have to think everything through before they pass something for the PM to announce. In a way, it's a good thing that Najib made such things public but the feedback that the govt gets should be translated into action. In this case, it should go back to the starting line and get fresh proposals. The 1Malaysia email idea is good once you are shown the whole picture, but Pemandu got the wrong partner from the start and I don't think the negative impact on a GLC like Pos Malaysia was given due consideration.

    There's also the option of creating a 1Malaysia app instead of email. The handheld penetration is greater than PC -- 120 per cent of the population if I'm not mistaken.

  17. Anonymous1:40 am

    Without the1 email project, Tricubes will be delisted. Without, the RM 5.3 million given by MAVCAP, Tricubes would not have had the money to kick start the email project. Seems to me, somebody in the political side of the Government is moving mountains to make sure, Tricubes gets an easy pass, even to the extent that the BN losses votes nd become the CURSED amongst the political neutrals.

  18. Anonymous4:50 am

    tis is
    a no

  19. Anonymous4:51 am

    Aiyo kite ajar BN di PRU

  20. Anonymous4:56 am

    WE Wonder why Khairy Jamaluddin is so silent about this one malaysia email project, and especially on Tricubes.

  21. Anonymous4:57 am

    One malaysia SCAM

  22. Anonymous8:08 am

    Yes bro, pemandu has screwed up so many times and one name keeps popping MNY and his band of robbers. Najib, wake up fast Willyaa!

  23. Anonymous9:12 am

    perhaps we will all understand why the government is pushing this if we know who are the real beneficial owners of tricubes.

    can anyone out there provide this info.

    rumours have it that the owners are sons not just of zaman khan but of other top politicians!

  24. Salam Datuk,

    Your kind response gives some comfort. I am thankful for the little mercy.

    Yes, apps is a viable alternative.

    That being said, I do a bit of internet banking and not once have I transacted via my mobile. Security phobia.

    Another opportunity for telcos?

    Thank you

  25. Like Anon 530 said - why should Tricubes be paid 50 sen just to send an email when people like me who have free email like yahoo can be sent the notification from the Govt dept concerned for free.
    Also since many rural areas dont have access to internet the Tricubes project makes no sense.
    In fact the whole scheme makes no sense.
    Why the hell did the PM and those morons at Pemandu announce something which they seem to have no idea about the details nor the implications have?

    As for Pos Malaysia Syed Mokhtar bought it its very valuable land bank and distribution network for his Bank. I'm not sure how interested he is in the Postmen and their families.....

  26. Salam Datuk,

    Your kind response gives some comfort. I am always thankful for little mercies.

    Apps is prodigious suggestion.

    That being said, I do a bit of internet banking and not once have I transacted thru my mobile. Security phobia.

    Another opportunity for telcos?

    Thank you

  27. Anonymous9:50 am


    1M e-mail project is another rent-seeking MO. Worse, bestowed on a company on corporate ICU life-support.

    POS Malaysia- TS Mokh AlBukh (TSMB) is only inheriting a horrifying mess from sleepyhead's SIL's cronies' corporate sheenanigans. Expect layoffs in any necessary corporate restructuring la Dato'.

    The only thing for TSMB is to make it politically more palatable, and TSMB is indeed a man who would know how to tread cautiously on this highly sensitive issue.

    Bottom line - drop the "selling crude to the Saudis 1EM boo-boo" but Pos M'sia restructuring must go on.



  28. Anonymous9:58 am

    The govt is disgusting, Pemendu is pukish

  29. Apalah Tok Najib, lepas sukses kat Sarawak... jadi haru biru dengan kes kroni camni pulak....

    Ni yang buat kamik bengang dengan BN/UMNO.

  30. Seolferwulf12:28 pm

    Racism??? U can bet your bottom ringgit that if this wanker of a project had been awarded to a Chinese- or Indian-linked company, the worthies at Perkasa and their fellow travellers would have been frothing at the mouth.

    But now, a strange silence from them. Why, ah? Double standards, izzit?

    Or, maybe, they are not just clued in about the IT and the Internet. Which wouldn't be surprising, given their Neanderthal mindsets.

    Why, even the doughty Perwira has held back from this one!

  31. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Is this a MAMPU scam to sink Pemandu. MAMPU is not a fan of Idris Jala, for sure.

  32. Bro timely call, projek email ini tak masuk akal langsung selain dari mengayakan orang yang kerja membodek Prime Minister kita sahja.

    Kalau PM Najib tidak mengambil tindakan segera to stop this nonsense then he will be sorry, no not him sahja but also UMNO and BN.This is like shooting their own feet with a shotgun.

    DAP,PKR and PAS will eat this issue for breakfast lunch and dinner for sure.

  33. Just a couple of months ago, one group of Pos Malaysia bikers gathered at PMO to thank for increase in their wage.

    Wonder how this will work out eventually for them.

    Anyway, so far the PR on this has been hugely wanting.

  34. abang nak tolong sape lagi kena le tolong adik beradik, suap adik beradik keturunan darah daging dia dulu le..buat pe nak bagi kat orang lain

    hahhahah!! Rakyat bukan bodoh ler

  35. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Wah, how come KJ dont want to comment on Tricubes. Drinking buddies at Zouk is it????

    Abad Kan nee

  36. Anonymous6:09 pm

    In ONE malaysia, only ONE man is making EASY money!!!! Can anyone tell me, who is it?

  37. Anonymous6:13 pm

    SATU lage projeck BUTOH


  38. Anonymous6:23 pm

    This ONE email is the dumbest IDEA, i'ev ever heard. To think that we use to call Badawi Bodowi. Man, even he was not dumb enough to come up with some thing like this. Are we really paying the boys money or are we feeding them bananas. Seems to me, tax payers money are being used to hire mongkeys from Malaysia and also from Mckenzie.

  39. Anonymous6:33 pm

    PEMANDU : One email is a government initiative.

    PEMANDU: One email is a private initiative.

    NAJIB : Government wont spend a single sen on One Email.

    PEMANDU: Government agencies will pay 50 sen for every email that it sends out via Tricubes.

    TRICUBES CEO Khairun Zainal Mokhtar: We have recieved RM5.3 million from Mavcap to undertake this project.

    MAVCAP: No lah, we gave them RM5.5 million, but that was for another project.

    ME : Thinking aloud, Khairun, who is Zaman Khan's son in law, doesnt even know what the money from Mavcap is for, or even the actual quantum. Are we to trust this man with out data?

    My friend (also ME lah) : Everybody is telling a different story!!! Whylah?????

  40. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Khairun Zainal Mokhtar you will cost BN a lot of votes. More so, when they know what you have done . . . . .

  41. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Tricubes versus 15,000 pos man. I vote for pos man lah.

  42. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Khairun Zainal Mokhtar's wife Zalianna Mohd Zaman Khan also works in Tricubes. She makes about RM119k a year, working as a human resouce person.
    The directors of tricubes paid themselves RM612k last year.
    The company received more than RM700k in government grants last year, but still managed to post a loss of RM3.3 million last year.
    Wow directors get paid so much, and wife also get paid a bundle. All this are on Tricubes latest annual report. Can get it at Bursa Malaysia website.

  43. BIGCAT8:22 pm

    Najib need to get rid of all his moronic advisers. Bangang betul la. Org penat-penat nak convince rakyat bagi kepercayaan pada BN, dia org pulak buat taik macam ni. Pundek betul.

  44. Anonymous8:35 pm

    The Tricubes shit is about to hit the fan!!!!!!

  45. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Ikan bilis kena goreng : MACC arrested 26 people since January for trying to bribe Road Transport Department (RTD) officers to avoid being summoned during operations.

    Ikan paus berjoli : Satu Email

  46. Anonymous8:48 pm

    one nation. one email. one cemerlang. one temberang. one conjob. one tipu. one roti. one jala. one mekenzie. one mat salleh. one mokthar. one khazanah. one putrajaya. one BUAYA.

  47. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Jom kite sokong satu email. bukan kite yg bayar... pedulee apo. K'jaan yg bayau!!!. Ehhh, tape K'jaan dapet riyal dare maneee??? Zakat dan cukai kot!!! Tanpa rakyat, K,jaan mane ade riyal, kupang pun depa take adee!!!!

  48. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Everybody got rite to sumpah laknat, just like every guberman agency got the right to pay Tricubes 50 sen for every e-mail. pigi daaaaaaa

  49. Anonymous9:17 pm

    1. Number of civil servants in Malaysia : 2008-1.2M

    During 2000 to 2008, increase of 300,000 or each year 38,151 or each day 104.

    2. Money spent on salary / remuneration
    2008-RM41.0Billion (or from each tax payer RM22,800)
    An increase of a whopping 60% during 3 years only. If it is private company, sure "bungkus" like Tricubs!

    3. Population that pays tax 1.8M
    Number of civil servants 1.2M
    Meaning every 1.5 tax payer support 1 civil servant.

    4. Population Vs number of civil servant.

    Malaysia 4.68%
    Thailand 2.06%
    Korea 1.86 %
    Philippine1.81 %
    Indonesia 1.79 %
    Laos 1.24 %
    Cambodia 1.18 %

    DESPITE all off this, the government still want to allow TRICUBS to do the ONE EMAIL job. Why not just let the civil service undertake the job.
    Atleast then, people wont be bitching on the balloning number of civil servants.
    But by giving it to TRICUBS, the government is PUTTING PRESSURE on the civil servants, and making calls louder thatt, their number should be reduced.
    Rocky, you are WRONG. its not Tricubs versus 15,000 POS Malaysia staff. It is Tricubs VERSUS the loyal civil servants.


  50. Anonymous9:22 pm

    There are 28 million malaysians. Lets assume that 14 million are above 18. Lets assume that ten tricubs email are sent to each Malaysian above 18 years old, a year. That is a cool RM70 million a year for Tricubs. And remember, even those living in jungles of Sarawak and Sabah can be registered under one email, even if they dont have internet connectivity. These whole project smells like ONE SMELLY P U K x

  51. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Computer security experts have questioned the rationale behind the 1 Malaysia e-mail initiative and whether the Najib administration can keep the service secure and affordable.
    Open source expert Colin Charles said he did not think it was a good idea for Malaysians to use an e-mail account controlled by the government as there was no guarantee its contents would remain safe.

    “The worst that can happen is that someone in the government can read your e-mail,” he said.
    “My general advice is: don’t use the e-mail account to write about anything you care about.”

  52. Anonymous9:33 pm

    sumbody has made so much money pushing Tricubes shares from 5 sen to a high of 45 sen. imagine before the announcement it was a mere 5 sen. - too obvious to save a dying company

  53. Anonymous9:34 pm

    If a financial-troublle company like Tricubes get funding from Mavcap , why not Mavcap rescue the rest of the GN3 companies ?

  54. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Why is Mavcap funding a public listed company? Tricubes is public listed. They should be using their own funds. And talk about Tam Tam, Tricubes bought 81% stake for RM81? Damn, so its a hundred ringgit company that had secured RM5.5m funding from Mavcap? Wonder what it demonstrated to secure that kind of money being a hundred ringgit company. What is that fishy smell....

  55. Anonymous9:35 pm

    It looks like Tricubes has become more and more murky in the 1Malaysia email deal. The more they talk, the more CONFUSED people become.

    So his is a clear cut rent-seeking deal, screwing the nation and people blind

  56. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar must be fuming cos his Pos Msia
    has lost out to a literary unknown "ikan bilis" company .
    This deal was timed perfectly, immediately after the multi million
    takeover deal of Pos Msia. - now Tan Sri is left with a company whose
    revenue has been robbed right under his nose.
    Tan Sri that's what you get after pouring billions into the economy

  57. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Mavcap invested RM5.5 million in a company that was bought over for RM81. And now, it is clear that the money is illegally used for the email system instead. Mavcap is going to be bankcrupt soon

  58. Anonymous10:50 am

    one oxe tail

  59. Anonymous12:37 pm

    one e jail

  60. Anonymous2:32 am

    projek nak melingkupkan Malaysia dan mengkayakan kroni..
    sapu sebelum PRU13, takut nanti tak sepat pulak kan??

  61. But it's for the greater good! Imagine the amount of wastage involved in all the government-related courier services: the printing, the courier itself, the manhandling, the time. Now if everyone migrates to e-mail, you get better efficiency.

    As for the layoffs: a known problem for countries aspiring for high-income economy; the workforce needs to be readily trainable for other sectors. Tricubes' venture wouldn't open up that much positions so the government has to look somewhere else to counter the unemployment.

  62. Anonymous7:39 am

    Check out todays BT.

    According to PM Boss - PM revenue from gomen only RM 20 M. (3% of revenue - i think he meant postal - coz PM revenue over RM 900 M unless his maths is weak).

    So you wanna correct you misleading post or continue to mislead?