Friday, March 25, 2011

Lat the Musical (Rais, Oh, Rais!)

Updated, Sat 3.20 pm: 
DiY, the new media advisor to the Minister, responds to this posting: "There was never any issue on this matter. PM and wife could not meet the entire cast because it was already late. However, PM and wife met Dato Lat, producer and a few of the main casts. Hope this helps to clarify what has been written in the blog." - Datuk Ibrahim Yahaya, Media Adviser to the Minister of Information, Communication and Culture (via SMS yesterday)

Original Article 

"This is my house ...!" If you have not watched Lat The Musical, make time for it. You will enjoy it, as I did, two nights ago, despite an unfortunate incident that happened - or, rather, DID NOT happen - at the end of the show.

Lat to me is a living reminder of a fun/peace-loving multiracial Malaysia that is slowly slipping away from us. Watching Lat the Musical brought back a lot of memories of my own past, my own Kevins and Mrs Hews. And Awie was awesome. I've never watched any of his movies but after Lat The Musical I got a copy of Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. Sampai pecah perut, beb!

Back to two nights ago, the PM and wife were also at the Istana Budaya for Lat the Musical. They were accompanied by Lat himself and Rais Yatim, the multi-portfolio Minister. At the end of the show, everyone expected the PM and Rosmah to go up on stage and meet Awie & Gang. PM is patron of the show, after all. But he, unfortunately, did not. Or could not. Or would not? I didn't know what happened so I asked some people who did, and they told me that the organisers really wanted the PM and the PM's wife to go up and meet the pelakons, especially the kids. The Prime Minister's Office really, really wanted him to go up stage, too, and this had been told to the organisers.

But one man had said no to this even before the show started. When they protested, he said:

"This is my house, you WILL follow my rules ..!"

Melaunnn! (To quote Pak Samad, the man who discovered Lat)

Lat the Musical will run until April 5. For tickets, please go to


  1. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Rais, butoh lu, lu tahu tak Rosmah peminat Wings sejak azali. Lu memang palat Rais. Babi.

  2. Hmmm...nak salam2 pon tak boleh ke? Pelik tu...

  3. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Buatlah ABANG NUAR the Musical!!!


  4. Awie, with the wig on his head, should have turned into Tom Jones and sang Burning down the house.

    p/s: Douglas Lim aka Frankie V was awesome!

  5. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Mamat ni memang Malaun. Semua agensi kerajaan bawah dia, dia ingat bapak dia punya! Semua dah menyampah kat dia ni. Orang tua kutuk. Bila nak blah tah? We hate your guts!


  6. Anonymous8:28 pm

    what is the point Latuk? Malah sama Lais lagika?

  7. Kita Bako je..kita bakooo je.

  8. Anonymous10:30 pm

    So, whats the problem? Ego ke? Yang lain-lain kaki ampu ke?
    Benda macam ni pun nak tunjuk-tunjuk ampu ke?

  9. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Jhr 100million defamation suit is a side track...small gamer trying to make it big .....
    But lat still d best

  10. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Really malaun... Datuk

  11. He attended the a show Malaysians he is "People's PM"
    He did not have the courtesy to go up the stage and meet Lat....because he is suffering from shock that his planned sex movie on Anwar backfired.
    He wants to go home fast and cry.

  12. I bought every Lat book...VCD cartoon movies..from day one.
    I never miss looking for his cartoons at the S.Times 30 years ago.
    He is legend...yet Najib does not have the decentcy to go up and shake his hands?
    What kind of "1Malaysia" PM is he?

  13. Bru, you mean to say that Rais has that kind of power and privilege that he could stop the PM and disobeyed the wishes of the PM's office?

    Wow, what audacity he has!

    Thank you for highlighting this.

    May not be able to catch the show. I am away in the Middle Kingdom.

    God bless.

    A Kadir Jasin

  14. Next time around Rais must be sacked!
    Najib is just biding his time until the next elections and he is not going to make a move to anger anyoneor rock the boat!
    As for Zarinah Anwar, itu setahun saja tak apa lah!

  15. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Cakap lah apa kau orang nak cakap. Pm sayang aku. Rosmah sayang bini aku. Kesian aku tengok kau orang. Buat masa menulis blog hentam aku. Tapi pm sayang aku. Yang bodoh kau orang termasuk rocky. Aku selamat.

    Pilihanraya sekali lagi pun pm tak berani buang aku.

    Kalau dia buang aku, sapa nak main badminton dengan rosmah. Bini aku saja yang ngam dengan rosmah.

    Bini menteri lain mana ada class. Bini aku maznah yang ku cintai saja yang rosmah sayang.jangan silap. Nama bini aku maznah. Bukan robengah.

    Kau orang termasuk rocky bodoh. Tuduh aku bukan2 dengan robengah.

    Nasib baik aku tak sue macam si hanief tu kena.

    Jadi jangan mimpi aku nak kena buang lepas pru 13 ni

    Najib sayang aku.


  16. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Gotta be Rais. No one can be that obnoxious.

  17. Anonymous2:27 pm

    pasquale ape setahun je. koa dulu janji dgn kita. Najib tak ade telooor.

  18. Dato',

    Saya anggap apa yang berlaku sutu tindakan 'ESPIONAGE'

    SAma seperti tindakan Pateh Kerma Wijaya di istana Melaka.

  19. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Sick of reading about your never-ending hatred for Rais.

  20. Den dah donga5:16 pm

    Kalau Rais nak bosa kepala, bosalah kepalo butuh kau sekarang.

    Sampai May/June, tahulah rakyat Malaysia apo sebalik Rais suka berpantun.

    Dia pun mangkuk hayun

  21. Anonymous7:27 pm


    The wait has been torturing. Mr NTR should have dumped him long time ago and promote the likes of Shabery Cheek to Penerangan Komunikasi and Kebudayaan.

    This man whom many called Botak1 (not to be confused with 1Malaysia or 1Botak)is treating this government office like Mr Yatim's property.

    Mr Pasquale...thou shall not let down us the down-trodden lah..v know u r capable to fix this Botak1 situation....aiyah, faiti lah!!

    Not Botak Chin...
    And not from Kepong

  22. Anonymous said...
    Sick of reading about your never-ending hatred for Rais.

    4:11 PM


    I hate it more having to give him space on my blog. But I can't help it if people come to me complaining about his arrogance or style. I have this blog, y'see. And I checked my facts (as Lat was told to do time and time again by his mentor).


  23. Datuk Kadir!
    Yes, it's amazing. PMO's officers pun tak berani nak hentak kaki (put their foot down) dengan Pak Menteri ni.

    Interestingly, Datuk Ibrahim has issued a response on the Minister's behalf. Kononnya tak de masa, kata Rais. Tapi ikut cerita pihak-pihak tertentu, Menteri bagi arahan sebelum show bermula puun. Datuk Ibrahim, I am sure, would have communicated with the Protocol officer in charge of the PM that night.


  24. some people just don't know how to fade away.

    same goes to musa hitam & the likes :)

  25. trifling-jester5:10 am

    wah still shooting rais whenever u can ah? get better ammo la this piece is pathetic

  26. Anonymous9:42 am

    Looks like Rais is Rocky shy. Wah! Now he has a high pay media advisor to answer Rocky.

  27. Anonymous9:42 am

    Looks like Rais is Rocky shy. Wah! Now he has a high pay media advisor to spin to Rocky.

  28. Tak pe lah Bro, Rais is on his last tour as Minister mahu tunjuk gempaq je tu. I don't think the powers that be would be impressed.

  29. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Tolong siasat perhubungan antara Rais dan David Teo.

  30. Anonymous12:10 am

    I'm rare on comments here DRBru; but my guts are sending me a message that Rayeez is being paved to the path of history in M'sian politics.

    feeling good really.