Monday, April 25, 2011

Spot Rais Yatim Contest

Do you see him in this picture?

A magpie wrote in his blog that "it is your (blog) house so you can invite or not invite anyone that you like or not like". Read here. Reminds me of what the Minister of Information purportedly told the Istana Budaya people recently, here.

In any case (and this is not the Blog House Malaysia's official statement), we did not invite Rais Yatim also to protect him. We wanted to avoid any unpleasant experience (for the minister). There were pro-Rais bloggers at the conference but there were also those who have been/are being sued by the minister and I am sure a few more who will be sued in good time. Rais has also lodged police reports against some of the bloggers. We don't want him to get booed or something like that ...

But we did invite some friends from the Ministry of Information and the MCMC to the conference.


  1. Salam Datuk,

    Blog House to organise "Booing Mindfully and Responsibly" next?

    Thank you

  2. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Gosh, pot bellies galore! ;)

    - Stickman.

  3. Latuk Ahirudin -- for the record, Desi led a fRiendly BUMmers to BHM do -- did we do it rite? :) OR :9 -- YL, DesiFoolofErrata somedimes

    PS: Thanks to Sdr Tony Yew onhe1/2 of BHM in xxrending the INVITE ~~ I wanted to ask a"knotty" Q, butI dared knot rish being Lais Yatimised!:(

  4. Spot Rais Yatim in the picture? Wait, let me see.... Is he dressed as a woman? Or is he disguised as Mamak Parpukari? Anyway, being disguised as Mamak Parpukari is much worse than being disguised as a woman. So my bet is one of the women in the picture, although I am not sure which one. Maybe his Indonesian maid can help? At least she knows how he smells...

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm

    How can? You gotta invite the minister of blogging. He is in charge of News and the Internet. It is not complete if he is not invited.

  6. Anonymous4:47 pm

    apsal la saya rasa nak termuntah bila lihat Parpu..?mindfully..?


  7. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Chill la Datuk ! this fler must have thought it's a raya open house.

  8. Kian Ye10:45 pm

    Of corse RAIS is NOT there. He was busy at home with his 'NEW' Indonesian maid playing 'cuci-cuci, kopek-kopek, masak-masak'.

    Not too sure whether his wife knows about it or not. (*cheeky wicked smile*)

  9. LOL @ Freddie Kevin's "Blog House to organise "Booing Mindfully and Responsibly" next?" :D

  10. Anonymous3:43 am

    Mana parpukari?

  11. Anonymous5:07 am

    he's too busy appearing on tv every day - muak

  12. Anonymous8:54 am

    hasan 4.47pm, because you like Anwar's rippled abs along with his smooth and silky asshole more. Oooh Anwarrrrr.

  13. Anonymous9:44 am

    I sent an email to the organizer for registration details but received NO reply at all. Such good communication skills...

  14. Salam Datuk,

    @Anon 9:44 AM

    If you really had an earnest intention, you would have found a way to partake the Conference.

    I am sure if you are a blogger, Blog House Malaysia would have been more than happy to accept your presence even if you had gate crashed.

    But no, instead you wait for a chance to post an insult.

    Despicable to say the least.

    Thank you

  15. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Freddie Kevin, maybe anon 9.44AM is someone from way up north ke, East Malaysia ke, where he/she wasn't able to conveniently 'gatecrash' the Conference and therefore needed to know more details abt it before deciding to drop by...

    Just my 2 sen.


    - Wayan.

  16. The Minister ought to have been invited. Why the discrimination ? The Minister has the rights to sue anyone who he believes has defamed him!After all he is the Mininster whose Ministry is related to the alternative media.

  17. Anonymous2:07 am

    TDM I will never miss his new article, so he should be here as an active blogger himself..

    Even facebook pun TDM ader... such a busy man yet still give time to the tiny ones to communicate with him!

    BTW, Rais Yatim ader personal facebook, or a personal blog?



  18. without fail u can't help but to harp on Rais. Whats with you? have you not enough problems?

  19. Allo Latuk Blu,

    Sendili punya abang pun lu tatak panggey ka?? Haiyaaa..itu Lais aa..siapa ini lalam Malaysia bilani mau boo sama lia lepan-lepan?? Satu kali lia kasi mantun..suma olang mulut nganga. Itu balu mantun..kalu lia saman?? Suma blogger lali. Kalu lia panggey matakia (polis) tangkap masuk kaku (lokap lah)??..suma blogger lali luar negala silupa itu RPK!! Wa ingat lu pun sulah kowtim sama lia..itu pasat lu jaga sama lia manyak kuat!!

  20. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Alaaa..alaaa..llatukkk...Hidup 1Malaysia and many2 congratulation to Kamaruddin Siaraf another 1 year extended his service with MoICC full recommended from his boss without any official letter from JPA. Also Tiger become the advisor. That's power of DSURY..Hey..hey..are there any agendasss ? Siasat bro, siasat. How about CUEPEC ?. -Tenkiu-

  21. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Rocky you my man.....please check why is DASURY willing to extend Kamaruddin Siaraf (KSU)supposed to retire. Is KSU had a good track record. Why Zamza can get promotion too....Siasat siasat...siasat