Monday, April 11, 2011

Alkitab issue: Najib should be "greatly praised"

We may disagree with the 10-point solution, but the issue has already been resolved. Certain quarters, however, desperately need the Alkitab controversy to remain a controversy in order to help them make inroads in the Sarawak election. This is part of the new "politics of hatred" that has evolved after March 2008. Fortunately, the world views us with more love than some of our own.  I found this opinion piece in, a global alternative news source powered by pro-journos and contributors in 175 countries. Basically, the editorial marvels at the way the Malaysian leaders went about to resolve a very complicated, and dangerous, issue.

Op-Ed: Bibles released in Malaysia

New York - The government of Malaysia confirmed Saturday that the proposed 10-point solution has paved successfully the way for the release of the 35,100 Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia, which were impounded in Port Klang and Kuching.
While attracting relatively little attention worldwide, Malaysia has been wrestling with a matter of global significance now in its third year. Political tensions arose related to the question of permitting use of the term Allah in Bible translations. The issue is serious, and not easily solved.
By the grace of God, Malaysia thus far staved off a potentially explosive outcome with only minor incidents of violence. Leaders have put forward a reconciliation proposal to meet these challenges peacefully. This demonstrates positive good will on all sides of the issue, and models the possibility of harmonious relations among Muslims and Christian in contentious situations. Malaysian leaders, including (or perhaps especially) Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should be greatly praised for their devotion and important success for the moment.

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  1. Skilgannon10663:05 pm

    Why should the issue be "dangerous and complicated" as you have put it?

    To put it crudely, why should Muslims who migrate to Western countries agitate openly and vociferously for the right to build more mosques, educate their children in Islamic schools and propagate their faith to all and sundry, even if they are a minority community in their host country?

    Or how is it that these supposedly "decadent" Western countries can cope with people converting from one religion to another without the state getting involved?

    Sure, there are idiots like that Christian pastor in the US who burnt the Quran, and who has announced his intention to put "Islam on trial". But his actions were denounced almost unanimously in the US and his church membership has dwindled to a few zealots.

    But idiots in Afghanistan used this as a pretext to attack a UN facility in the country and kill a number of UN staff and their Nepalese guards. This is defending Islam?

    And we have Pakistan, where Muslim zealots are using blasphemy laws to target Christians in the country with the death penalty.

    So, within this context, why should the powers-that-be in Malaysia be praised for coming up with a solution to an issue that should not have even risen in the first place if freedom of religion and speech are to mean anything?

  2. Anonymous3:17 pm


    Yes, Najib (or whoever actually did the job) should indeed be commended for the solution. However, it'd be hard to continue our support for him if the solution is overturned AFTER the Sarawak election.. one wonders..

    Also, Ibrahim Ali has been reported to be against this, but strangely, his voice is not being over-covered by the local news lately.. hmmm, BN scared Ali's voice is going to scare the predominantly non-Muslim voters in Sarawak?

    It is indeed too early to praise Najib. He must walk the talk and not let this issue rise again. The churches of Malaysia must also ensure that they keep to any agreement mutually-conceived between them and the government. Both sides must keep their promise.

    Datuk, it is not wrong for people to have different views than yours. While some may have political concern (such as yourself), others may have genuine concerns (blogger SatD comes to mind, while I dont agree with some of his points, I do applaud the hard work he put into it, and the diligence of an intellect. I respect him, and i will respect him even more if he can be apolitical)..

    i kept coming to your blog after all these years, as i was hoping i'd read the old Rocky again (pre-2008)..


  3. Anonymous4:04 pm

    You condemned Hindraf for their veiled threats of violence. So Rocky, LETS HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR your condemnation on the reported statement by Katak Ali in regards to this Bible issue. As if you have the guts?
    It is my opinion, its a non issue being created into a controversy by the power that be, and being fan into a wildfire by some dumbos wanting to be in the good armpits of the PM.
    Praise Najib? Of course if and when he put his foot down on racists and porn distributors.


  4. Anonymous4:10 pm

    I am a Malay Muslim. I have no problem if any other books are translated into Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia. I am a ardent follower of Islam. I have a strong faith in my religion. I also have a strong confidence in what I believed and I know what my faith is all about. I am willing and have been learning about other faiths. It makes my faith stronger.

    Will other al-Kitab sway or confuse the young lads? No. If you have confidence in your own faith.

    You can put me in a pub but I will not drink. You can put me in a spa but I will not be touched by any woman. I know my faith. Do you?

    What am I ranting about? C'mon Malay folks. You have no confidence about yourself ah?

  5. Dear Skilgannon1066,

    This is a pro-govt blog.

    If it sings the praises of the govt, why deny this blog of this right?

    If you don't agree with this blog, there are many other blogs that you can access and agree with.

    I also note that this blog does practice freedom of speech. If it didn't, your comment would not have been posted at all.

    Having said the above, the blog actually did not praise the govt. Some other fellas did.

    The blog just reproduced what the other fellas said.

    But don't worry, these other fellas are pretty obscure and most won't pay attention to them.

    The fact of the matter is all states regulate religion one way or the other.

    If anyone should be praised for not already killing ourselves, it is the people of Malaysia and not the Government.

    Where else in the world, can we spew so much hatred among ourselves and then sit together over teh tarik to talk about the latest EPL live transmission.

    Live well my friend.

  6. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Perhaps there are certain quarters who wish to see Malaysia embroiled in racial disharmony.

    These trouble makers just want to create an upheaval and will not stop at anything until the Government is overthrown.

    They will continue stoking the fire, because that is all they are trained to do.

    No matter what the Government does, good or bad, it is still never right.

    To hell with the trouble makers. Lock them up and throw the key away.

    While every reasonable Malaysian wants a peaceful life, the few ruckus supporters always want it 'the other way'.


  7. We dont need the 10 points at all and it of no issues actually. Even if Alkitab ban in Malaysia there always internet around. Priest can always print it , photocopied it and do what ever they wish even distrinbute it to muslim and what can BN do? Ban the ALkitab from web or ban the internet. With moden technologies and advance in internet people aint dumb anymore.BN, perkasa and those on time with them should not make a fuss out of it. Let the Christian have what is theirs. They too knows that even its BAN they still can easily get it from the net and what they are figthing is the right to use it legaly while politising it.
    We muslim should not worry as long as we read and understand the quran.What we should do is ban ourselves from reading the alkitab. Religious authority can come out with fatwa 'Haram baca Alkitab' just like the rokok fatwa and case closed. Search for alkitab and you get what I mean.

  8. Ayah Man6:39 pm

    The mood is, worldwide and in general is one towards active hostility and confrontation. Issues,regardless of its nature,size or importance in many cases are proned to criticism and disapproval.
    Malaysia, under the present leadership is not only meritorious but exemplary for the appeasing approach it adopts to demonstrate a conciliatory outlook when handling the country's problems. Everyone seems to be given a fair opportunity to be heard.
    I hope every peace loving citizen of this nation will learn to appreciate this bestowal.

  9. BIG CAT6:43 pm

    skilganon, thats not a very smart way to argue la. It makes u sound like an anti-Islam whitemen worshiper. Pas people may not like u very much too. Fyi, Pas people love those "Muslim zealots" in Afghanistan and Pakistan la. If u dont believe me, try to sneak in and listen to their ceramah in the malay kampung.

  10. Anonymous7:59 pm

    I wish the old Rocky pre-2008 returns. Then he had some semblance of a journalist in him. Now its obvious which side his bread is buttered. Sad.

  11. the article failed to stress that the arkitab has been impounded for years and suddenly the gov is so keen to resolve this issue

    this makes one wonder what would happen after the election...

    also the article missed out another big point, shortly after the 10 points was released, the home minister himself said that it is still under review and not confirmed yet...

    that gave a lot of confidence to the churches definitely....

    if the officers could ignore Najib's words to release the Arkitab in the first place, what do you think of those 10 points?

  12. Anonymous8:41 pm

    NAMPAK-NAMPAK kalah juga BN d Serawak!!!!

    Malaysia dah MERDEKA 53 tahun tapi SERAWAK, Negeri tebesar,,,,RAKYAT Merana!!!!!

    PELUANG apalagi nak diberi kepada BN


  13. Anonymous9:01 pm

    to Skilgannon1066...

    the issue is dangerous and complicated because, to quote A.Pope, a little knowledge is always dangerous...

    ...and, is complicated because the inherent human behavior to complicate a simple matter to suit their objectives as is evident by your comparison of apples and oranges.

    although I fully agree that powers-that-be in Malaysia shouldn't be praised for coming up with a solution to an issue that should not have even risen in the first place but NOT due to your PKR-cybertrooper warped-logic.

    you see, there are times to never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.


  14. Anonymous9:07 pm

    This Skil is a racists shit....may i suggest you blardy count how many mosque are there in western countries.You piece of shit.Since when did the muslims force ppls to learn & convert to muslims.They are in fact worst treated then the christians in the world.Not even allowed to wear the Hijab in public places...etc..Let ask you whether the christians brothers & sisters in malaysia are not allowed to go to church?are they not allowed to wear cross?are the nuns not allowed to wear think before you write somethings so shitty...people likes you are the ones that causing racial disunity in malaysia

  15. Rocky, UMNO stalwarts had the Bible desecrated.Meaning Najib, Kerismuddin and the PM's dept. The allah issue resulted in Churches being burnt. Najib should and will rot in hell. Remember, Christians are a peaceful people. Unlike those who went apeshit in Afghanistan after a dumb pastor burned a koran in Florida. Destroying Bibles in Muslim countries is routine. You might wanna try Saudi Arabia? Hard at spinning for your masters, ehhh?

  16. Rosemajib nad his administration first create an unnecessary problem and then hastily "solve" it with elections looming in Sarawak.

    Should we nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize? Sheesh!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  17. Anonymous1:20 am

    Dear Bro.

    The Alkitab issue is very simple and clear.Only ministery of home affair make it very complicated.Mojor damage was done to the govertment image.

    20 year ago,printing and distribution of the Bahasa bible,may be a problem.Today you can download the bible in any langauge from your computer.Thereform govertment decision to stop the printing and distribution of Bahasa bible is a furtile effort.

  18. Anonymous9:54 am

    Well Dato'
    Prasies indeed!

    In the first place why allow such a situation to develop?

    It all boils down to training the civil servants.

    They are not trained well to respect sensitivities or for that matter understand that Sabah and Sarawak joined to form Malaysia on certain terms.

    The buggers who blundered must be those who were born after Malaysia was formed or who where so arrogant to think that they are empowered to thrust their narrow beliefs onto the people of Sabah and Sarawak.

    For that matter in W Malaysia too.

    That judge who ruled on the 'Allah' ruling is no more in the same division. WHY?

    Yet another 'behaviour' by the powers to be that 'might is right'?

    You are talking about 'successful' piecemeal solutions which are very 'stand alone' decisions.

    This wont work long term for multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious Malaysia.

    You knwo it very well, but are too sacred to comment.


  19. I am not sure Najin is the one who deserves any praise on this - as he has not made any comment on this.
    Idris Jala has been the one at the forefront of this and that is in itself is strange as it in not his portfolio.

    Najib has not even said whether he is for or against this 10 point plan. As usual gutless to make a stand - so allowing Idris to take the flak if things go wrong...

  20. Rock, I should commend you for trying very hard to make the UMNO leadership look good by not even going anywhere near where it all started. By not mentioning that this whole fisaco blew up in the faces of those who manufactured it in the first place you have proven beyond any doubt the extent you will go to limit the fall out on UMNO.

    The excuse was Malay Muslims are confused or will be confused, does not really hold water as you know it. Despite many attempts, despite all kinds of influences where Malays have migrated to, they have kept to their faith. Right or wrong, that is in itself commendable. Really nothing to fear. If at all there have been conversions out of Islam to Christianity, more often than not, it has been of Malays who are educated and CAN tell the difference and know exactly why they converted or wish to convert.

    UMNO, as you know has professed ketuanan Melayu. But what have they got to show for it? Nothing! But the knowledge that they can impose themselves on Christian worship and literature would be iconic and a tangible representation of ketuanan I would presume. And easy to do too. Well, so they reckoned!!

    And UMNO would also like to be seen to be the better defender of Islam than PAS. But what have they got to show for it? Once again nothing!!

    So they come out with all these laws which they passed. I can't say Amin in one of the States apparently. But Amen is written in the King James Bible as well!! And I cannot tell you or my Arab friends who might visit me "Assalamuwalaikum Salam"!! Peace brother!! Peace Be With You!!

    Now what do you think being able to pass such a law in Malaysia make you? What does it truly represent? Now look at the Allah Issue in the same light? My Indonesian Muslim friends are laughing at us!!
    No. As you would like us all to think, the Alkitab issue is not over yet. The importers are just importers. No Christian in Malaysia looks upon them to provide us with any kind of opinion or guide. That they would take the stand that they did is commendable as it were. But they certainly do not represent any church. And even if a church took a stand, it does not mean its members would follow.

    If UMNO was genuine and if Muhyiddin wanted to be made an honest man for what he just said in Sarawak, what is needed is for the Allah appeal to be withdrawn and all laws interfering with the religions of non-Muslims to be repealed! Otherwise he remains a liar!

  21. Greatly praised ! Absurd. Is this meant to be a joke ? Shouldn't he be criticized for making "blunder after blunder" ? After all, as stated in the Constitution, there is freedom of worship for all in Malaysia except the malays where the state decide the religion for them.

  22. Anonymous12:10 pm


    Getting a highly paid external PR agency to this article is nowadays very easy - especially with the rakyat's money thrown in.

    And then getting UMNO cybertroopers to 'spin' around this article is also easy. After all these folks are looked after well for every such 'spin'.

    But if you feel also that the issue is solved, then how do we explain the following update:

    Your prespectives, if balanced (like linking up this page to your original posting) would have allowed us to see both sides of the coin from your blog.

    Thats what you were doing before.
    Now, no more!

    I wonder why!


  23. Anonymous12:50 pm

    skilgannon1066: they dont get it, and most likely never will

  24. Anonymous5:29 pm

    " Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu " retard should be praise. ?

    Dato, u are one very funny guy !

  25. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Sorry to say that whatever you have been posting are no longer "Neutral" but one-sided to the government and umno. Why did you change?

  26. Any solution to the Alkitab Injil must be based on our existing Laws.

    If it is not there will always be parties who will claim that their rights are infringed.

    I keep an open mind about the Alkitab Oped as like most Oped the writer is likely persuaded to write nice things not really based on the Laws of this country.

    Its very quiet right now perhaps because of the Sarawak elections but always remember there's always this calm before the storm.

  27. Anonymous11:16 am

    PR kata Kristian Sarawak tiada kebebasan beragama? Mari saya bukak pekung di dada.

    Orang Islam di Miri telah diugut untuk tidak menggunakan azan di masjid/surau beberapa tahun ini. Flyers ugutan sering di hantar rumah ke rumah dengan ayat benci yang makin meluas. Siapa sebenarnya memulakan kebencian pada agama ini? Ada orang Islam kata tiada kebebasan beragama walaupun di ugut beberapa kali? Orang Islam di Sarawak sedar mereka hanya minoriti tetapi tidak sampai membesarkan hal ugutan ini sampai ke pihak FEDERAL dan STATE walaupun sering di ugut tidak menggunakan azan? Mereka percaya dengan perpaduan kaum perlu di jaga.

    Jadi mana hak kebebasan orang Islam di negeri Sarawak yang majoriti Kristian ini?? Jangan pandang sebelah mata saja perkara ini. jika nak adil. Adil juga pada agama lain. Jangan asyik kutuk Islam sahaja.

    Jangan mudah percaya isu isu agama ini sampai kita orang sarawak benci membenci. Parti luar, lepas election balik ke negeri masing masing. Kita rakyat sarawak masih duduk bersama. Sikkan nak berbenci sesama dirik kotan dibulak orang luar. Susah payah datuk nenek kita nak merdeka. kitak orang nak start perang? atas apa? atas dibulak parti luar? nak ka bodoh.

  28. Anonymous1:25 pm

    The guy wrote that dont sound like a Christian. He sounded more like a Malaysian politician. Must be APCO behind this.

  29. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Some bloggers are just plain cyber mercenaries. And the biggest one is right here, going about his business without any shame because he has a real thick skin. He has done journalism a disservice and for sure when the power that be is no longer the power in office, let us see whether he and his cyber troopers have any other tricks up their sleeves.

    Rotten fish

  30. Skilgannon10664:47 pm

    Anon 9:07 PM

    Before you go off frothing at the mouth, ask yourself this:

    - where, in the Western countries, is it forbidden for Muslims to proselytise amongst those of other religions and convert them to Islam? And why, in these countries, followers of other religions are allowed to proselytise amongst Muslims and convert them from Islam to other religions?

    All without any threats of apostasy and the dire consequences thereof!

    France may have banned full face coverings in public, but they have not prohibited conversions from one religion to another.

    Grow up a little. These supposedly "decadent" countries have a stronger respects for civil rights and freedom of speech and religion than many wannabes in this region.