Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The RCI so far: DAP has a lot of explaining to do

Who can we believe now? It was only a month ago that DAP's Teresa Kok and Selangor exco Ean Yong Hian Wah  had come forth with a denial saying that they had received cuts from payments meant for Selangor state government projects.  
But the RCI into Teoh Beng Hock’s death has now revealed mounting evidence to the contrary. 
READ MORE HERE about how Class F Bumiputera contractors got involved in DAP projects and why repeated denials by politicians don't always exonerate them!
Also must read TBH RCI: DAP financed and benefited from government projects 


Anonymous said...

hang on...Is MACC charging or even raising a specific charge? or is this some two bit lawyer raising accusations during the RCI? Charge if you think its true, otherwise STFU. Rocky, seriously, grow a fucking pair of balls.

Anonymous said...

TBH is history,,,,,Dia bunoh DIRI or diletupkan or ORANG tolak dia,,,macam mana siasat pon,,,x mendatangkan FAEDAH!!!!

RCI tu buang $$$$$ rakyat je!!!!!

BOLE tak PEMERINTAH Bangsat yang sedia ada ini tengk THE COST OF LIVING sekarang ni!!!!


Anonymous said...

check this out:

yg bestnyer kat sini ada statement dari Mazlan mengatakan "Ketika ditanya apakah Felda akan muflis jika tanah itu diserahkan kepada pihak yang memohon, Mazlan menafikan andaian sedemikian. Katanya, Felda mempunyai aset dan boleh menjana pulangan yang disasarkan dan oleh itu, andaian bahawa ia akan muflis tidak boleh diterima."

hari tu Mazlan dan PKR tuduh Felda dah bankrap, bukankah sekarang mereka dah akui Felda tak akan Bankrap. Memang PKR - Parti Kencing Rakyat. Memang pandai tuduh dan kemudian sekarang ni nak buat janji pulak dengan peneroka Felda... dasar penipu betul PKR n Mazlan ni.

donplaypuks said...

Again and again you are get it wrong.

Teresa Kok, Ean Yong and DAP do not have to prove anything.

It's the police, MACC and Shafee who have to adduce evience and prove their case if they accuse. That's the Constitution and law of the land (as if you didn't know).

Otw, it's all hot air and wild accusation backed by political manipulation, propaganda spin and nothing more that a two year old child can't see through!

But where's the concern for $12 billion frauds, $530 million gaji buta commissions, jet engines that disappear and lowly officers are charged, $9.6 billion lies about non-existent property development in KK, $50 million free email private sector initiative linked to CIMB for which a Govt agency holds tenders(???) etc, etc, etc.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Anonymous said...

The RCI has revealed MACC to be hiding lots of things regarding the death of TBH. The death of Mr Ahmad Sarbani does not make things better for the MACC.

Damage control must be done by proBN buggers, I mean bloggers to save the skin of corrupt officers in the MACC.

Meanwhile RM50 million is to be wasted on a financially troubled tech company to provide redundant email services. 100% use by all Malaysians in a few years? Who's the consultant for this damn project anyway?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey rocky, what about the macc officer reported to have whacked people with several police reports on abuse? Tell your readers that too. This is much more intresting to read then invoice.

Anonymous said...

Why the need for this amateurish anti-DAP psy-war spinning?

Why is Shafee advancing a lie when MACC already has the receipts to corroborate the witness' statement when MACC carted all the files from Beng Hock's office?

Curious isn't it?
Even the Police testified that MACC has been secretive and uncooperative all the while.

It's only with Beng Hock's death that MACC's black-ops practices are under scrutiny now...

So, is Shafee the MACC lawyer unaware of the documents in MACC's possession? Or he is just spinning himself out of denial?

Fikir-fikirlah bro...

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Rocky,

I'm sure you can do a better job of spinning that this if you want to succeed Kallimullah Masheerul Hassan as UMNO's media mouthpiece!

Certainly omitting facts and twisting the truth insults the intelligence of the audience you are trying to convince to get off the fence and vote BN at GE13. Of course, if you are preaching to the UMNO faithful I suppose you can be forgiven that simpleton logic will suffice, but their vote (if they do even bother get off their lazy asses to vote) is a given to the party anyway.

Among the points you omitted are...

1. The 'revelation' is not the conclusion of the RCI but merely the allegation of the MACC lawyer who famously conjectured that TBH 'strangled himself'.

2. The so-called 'kickbacks' received by DAP were exemplified by amounts of not more than a few hundred ringgits to a couple of thousand - nowhere NEAR the BILLIONS of public money that UMNO, PBB and its cronies have siphoned from public funds. (PKFZ anyone?)

Perhaps you should consider getting your information from a proper news source like Jahabar's MI (which seems makes your MM look like the Beano or Dandy - no wonder you have to give it away for free.) rather than the cybertroopers' partisan blogs.

The sad part is that you would do so much better for your readership if you were able to come up with some reasoned political views, even from a layman's perspective. But then that's not what you are paid to do is it?

Kamali Imbrahim

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Datuk,

Will the RCI call YB Wee Choo Keong to testify?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Please lah! Nothing unusual about the Ali Bapa business. It has been there for ages .....hey! the melayus needs to feed their families too....what is the fcuking big deal.? Its happening daily right from the KLIA Airport to all the mini town what you tell us... be it Dap or Bn life goes on man....
Tell us... why have that daily speed trap by police to have man to man contact when they brag of Speed radar or photographs of you speeding? Duit kopi lah..indtead of sending you the summons...
You can'nt change it...ask Mahakutty how this come about??? Well he taught those malays to bleed the government tenders...closed tenders and those bull shits and what not...BN did it openly so everyone followed but DAP maybe just careless much paper trail...
The moral here is dont rock the boat man we happy and you racial thing here ....why ?? its money...period.
Too late to preach your high moral ground is'nt ? No need for DAP to explain... as fools knows what is happening in bolehland.The RCI knows better!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

MACC lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah also challenged businessman Lee Wye Wing to produce receipts to prove his claim that a DAP branch had paid advances for various government projects in the Seri Kembangan constituency in 2008.

“It’d be a direct reason why Teoh Beng Hock was restless that night,” said Shafee at the RCI today.

“Not only was he guilty, his boss (was) guilty, his entire party (was guilty) ...(It’s) back pay to raise funds for the political party,” he added.


The dead can't defend themselves.

Anyway, it is a bit premature. This is just one side. Let DAP give their side of the story.


Anonymous said...

Kah! Kah! Kah!
DAP has to explain???
Are you not getting confused with the jokers from UMNO eg Khir Toyol!

Anonymous said...

yes ! soo pity when TBH family is being used by moron DAPigs . TBH death is an advantage to DAP , DAP adun got away easyly from rasuah life is so fuck man !

Why the need for this amateurish anti-BN psy-war spinning? DAPigs people so pathethic !

Anonymous said...

DAP cannot run away from their corrupt practise ! Look at Penang the racist DAP goverment telling rakyat about open tender !!! is just another bullshit from DAP lim kit sial family ! Million of ringgit is gone from selangor DAP goverment and know DAP buggers came here only manipulative all the info .

the question is who benefit from TBH death , not MACC ,! not BN ! but DAP !!! and seeing DAP monkey here only talk without any proved i believed , DAP Lim Kit Sial dynasty will continued practice corrupt and telling lie to rakyat

Anonymous said...

mana boleh DAP kena bagi explaination.Salah tu.

Tapi kalau BN kena, memang kena bagi explaination.

Hahaha bila kena hidung sendiri, x perlu jawab.

Who the hell created these rules? I salute you.


Anonymous said...

...Too many "CATS" were let out of the bags, itu ajer.

MACC are well trained professionals.

Send Skillyanon to have teh tarik with our group, not only her CATS and all the kittens, all her puppies also will come out of her handbag.. even the Penang CAT aloso she will hand to us..



Anonymous said...

Dear Kamali Imbrahim @ 1:28 AM

Each time someone signs off in full Malay name, I get suspicious.

Conclusion: a chinese in disguise to manipulate perception of the masses - only this time and era, it does not work anymore.

We prefer to read Rocky coz he's witty and COOL. For those who think he's a spinmaster - just remember, you visit his blog UNINVITED.

So feel free to BUZZ off like some nauseatingly self-righteous dimunitive infected flies ...

like one dpp fler

Anonymous said...

haha... when it is against them, they said it is a wild accusations, conspiracy etc... but when it is against the government then it is fact even though from hearsay...

haha.. the DAPs are stupid buggers.

Anonymous said...

go MACC go.

Korek korek korek sama Lim Kit Malam and co.

Rambut saja lurus, yg lain semua bengkang bengkok.

Kilang2 dan swasta punya purchasing personnel pun patut kena terjah jugak. Itu lagi boya besar.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.05am

Bodoh tak kena tempat, must be a penyokong kuat UMNOpig or better still PERKASApig!


Anonymous said...

i sense some favouritism from u

Anonymous said...

Bila kena kat DAP, tak perlu explain.... ha ha ha bijak bijak.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:13 AM

aisehman ...

tahap kepintaran anda telah terbukti melalui komen anda yg tiada mutu langsung

"pig" tu hanya untuk orang yg makan binatang kaki pendek saperti dap dan PENJILAT PENJILAT saperti anda.

like they say, "you are what you eat" so enjoy ...

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57 AM

Tok nenek depa tak dapat rasa daging PIG kat negara asal mereka pasai kebuloq telioq sangat, sampai kena bertongkang mai kat sini.

Dah dapat makan daging Pig, sekarang nak baham Bumiputra2 sini pulak dah!

Cih, JENIS pengotoq..