Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Johor evening with Dr Mahathir

Event:  Statesman meets the people of/in Johor
Venue: PPR Kempas, Jalan Hospital Permai, Johor
Date:   Sunday 31 March 2013
Time:   8.30 pm
Lim Kit Siang is contesting Gelang Patah in Johor because the Pakatan crystal ball says he's got a good chance of winning. Everyone seems to understand that the DAP veteran wouldn't stick his neck for nothing. He would have done his math well before letting Anwar Ibrahim announce his candidacy, they said (read h e r e). 

Dr M's sacked deputy is now
Kit Siang's supreme  boss
Well, I don't think Kit Siang or his boss counted on Dr Mahathir Mohamad responding so swiftly or being interested in what he's doing. After isya' tonight, the Tun is meeting the Rakyat in/of Johor, somewhere not so far from where Kit Siang is holed in. I know for a fact that the people who are coming to listen to what the Statesman has to say are making their way from all over the country, not just the state and certainly not some local fans from Kempas or Gelang Patah.

  What Dr M will say - and how he will say it - will help form the defence as well as attack strategies for Umno and MCA, the two big components of the ruling Barisan Nasional state government, in dealing with DAP's big gamble in Johor. 

Dr M is scheduled to arrive in JB around tea time, so it is very likely that he will be meeting the local politicians from Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan before he address the Rakyat. These leaders will do well to listen closely now. But none will listen to what Mahathir will have to say as hard as Kit Siang will. After all, nobody rattles Kit Siang like the Old Man does ...

Kit Siang has predicted that Pakatan will take 8 states in the coming general election. Well, I did wonder if it was a typo in the press statement given by Kit. Could it be foolish pride? We'd hate to see Kit Siang growing over-confident. He must not forget that in March 2008, he did not have to contend with Dr Mahathir at all. This was because the ex-PM was busy leading a people's campaign against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Dr Mahathir did not campaign against PKR, PAS or DAP back then because as the Opposition, they did want Pak Lah to go. They didn't admit it but they needed Dr M's help. Without Mahathir's incessant pounding on/against the BN government back then, I don't think Pakatan - including Kit Siang - would have had such a great outing in March 2008. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taib tells Soros to come to Sarawak and "see for yourself"

Taib: Yet another "assassination"attempt

"Don't be blind". We know financial speculator George Soros is behind quite a few non-governmental outfits in Malaysia, taking potshots at, making exposes about or just keeping a watchful eye on the Malaysian government. We also know now that these outfits are increasing and heightening the level and volume of attacks as the General Election draws nearer. The Global Witness' "dirty" video on Taib Mahmud, for example, has been dubbed in Iban in order to bury the hate deeper into a community long on the Opposition's target list.

Soros: Channels money to many local NGOs

The Transparency International Malaysia, another NGO that received money from Soros, has defended the Global Witness' allegations in the video and wanted the MACC and other relevant authorities to act on the Sarawak CM.

Low: Another Soros' apparatus?
Of course, Paul Low of TMI is going to defend a sister NGO spawned by the same man. Who pays Paul Low's salaries? Of course he is expected to defend Soros no matter what. You expect him to say that Soros had an agenda against the people of this country? You expect him to condemn Global Witness' inability to come up with a sliver of evidence to back its allegations against a state government of a sovereign nation, even though that nation is his own country of birth? 

Pehin Seri Taib also knows that Soros is behind the latest attempt to assassinate his character and tarnish the image of Sarawak. When I asked him after dinner yesterday if he knew Soros personally, or if he had said something that might have hurt the speculator, Taib said: 

"Sarawak happens to be part of Malaysia, (a country) that he does not like."

Ah, yes, Malaysians who are old enough know of the famous spat between Soros and Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1998 at the height of the crippling Asian currency crisis. The Malaysian PM had smoked out Soros and blamed him for making profits at the expanse of over half a billion people whose developing economies had suffered tremendously. In some of the countries, governments were toppled and lives lost in riots. Malaysia escaped by the skin of her teeth because of one man's tenacity and the support he had from his people.

"But George Soro is blind to the facts. If there is any fairness in him, he can come to Sarawak and see for himself. Go from Lembang or Lawas to Kuching and he will see nothing ... but trees and most of them natural and some of which are oil palm ...". [More details, read Pakatan outspends BN in Sarawak Part l by Syed Akbar Ali, 28/3/13].

"They want me to preserve the Penans in their pristine condition. I will be accused of discriminating these people if I'd done that. The 5,000 Penans deserve better than the nomadic lifestyle they had been forced to exist," Taib said.

But while Soros' involvement in the Global Witness video did not surprise him, Taib was disturbed by the great length the NGO went just to "manufacture evidence" against him did. "Mereka benar2 mahu cipta bukti. But there's no evidence ... (just a) campaign (for the general election)!"

We asked him if the State was not going to counter the increasing number of attacks, especially on the Internet and radio. "There are too many of them. And we have work to do. And I can't afford to hire 200 bloggers to defend me, we don't have that kind of budget ...," he said in reference to the kind of cyber outfit his opposition runs in Sarawak.

To be continued sometime later ...

In the meantime, is there a Soros-funded outfit in Malaysia that actually highlights and promotes good news and things about Malaysia? Think about it ...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Opposing doa(s)

Tomorrow's prayers

It's heartening to know that Malaysians abroad are paying for our safety and well-being. Especially when closer at home you have Malaysians and Muslims who give doa for the destruction of their own brothers and sisters just so they can come into power ...

"Jangan doa tak baik, nanti ia berbalik". - Quotes from my late favourite Makcik

Political gangsterism expands to Sabah

The short video below contains a violent and disturbing scene which purportedly happened in KK, courtesy of the biggest independent news portal in Sabah.

Jadi, samseng jalanan politik sudah menular ke Sabah. The full story and comments, go H E R E

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Social club that says no to political "bullshit" angers Guan Eng

"I will not forgive you". - Lim Guan Eng, belatedly, to Penang Club for refusing to allow him to launch Kee Thuan Chye's Bullshit 2

Be afraid. Be very afraid. If the DAP retains Penang in the 13th General Election, the exco members of the Penang Club (est 1868) can expect retribution. Nobody takes liberties with the Chief Minister, says Lim Guan Eng, who happens to be the Chief Minister. The Penang Club did, Guan Eng said, for refusing to allow him to launch More Bullshit, an anti-BN sequel by former journalist Kee Thuan Chye.

Kee: Openly anti-BN
after March 2008
And although that incident happened a month ago [read here], the Chief Minister still could not get over it. He was so angry yesterday he started talking in third person:
"To err is human, to forgive divine. On a personal level, Lim Guan Eng can forgive you but as the chief minister, he will not forgive the Penang Club. You can take liberties with Lim Guan Eng because I am an ordinary citizen but when you take liberties with the post of the chief minister, I have the right to defend my office, because my office has the mandate of the people of Penang and I represent them," Lim said, Malaysiakini reports.
If anyone says that Guan Eng didn't sound vengeful or what he said wasn't really a threat against the Penang Club, I'd say, DON'T BULLSHIT LAH!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daim: Anwar not fit to be PM

Read the entire interview by NST and commentary by Apanama H E R E

Anwar Ibrahim and Daim Zainuddin were Dr Mahathir Mohamad's right hand men when he was Prime Minister. Anwar used to warn Dr M about Daim and Daim, in turn, used to warn Dr M about Anwar. When Daim was abroad once,m Anwar called him up and asked if he was really alone in the hotel room. Anwar related this to us reporters back then to show how close he was to the powerful Daim.

To be continued ...

Singapore says Global Witness' accusation "simply false"

Oh, yes, before they accuse me of trying to bury this report quoting the Singapore Straits Times ...
SINGAPORE: A controversial video alleging corruption on the part of the Sarawak Chief Minister and his family and claims that they hide their illicit gains in Singapore, drew a strong response from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, last night. 

The Straits Times quoted the central bank as saying that a claim in the "sting video" that the Singapore Government withheld financial data from Malaysian authorities, was false. 

It said Singapore has provided full information requested by Malaysia for tax purposes and the two countries have had a good working relationship on tax matters. 

"The allegation is simply false," it said. "Contrary to what was claimed in the video, Singapore has to date provided information requested by Malaysia for tax purposes." Bernama

Soros is biggest Global Witness funder
And so that Malaysians know what they are up against, the Soros-funded Global Witness is based in Britain, our former colonial masters. Yep, the same people who took every inch of our land, sold our crops and mined our natural resources to enrich folks back home in the old Empire. Even after we had gained Independence, they were reluctant to give us back Guthrie (until we had to rob it back from them in 1981 through the Dawn Raid that involved Khalid Ibrahim, now Selangor MB) and Carcosa! 

Global witness appear to aim their guns perpetually at selected developing countries in Africa, Latin America, West Asia and here in our region. The NGO seems particularly proud of its role in helping bring down Libya's Gaddafi in the Arab Spring uprising. Its interests are very transparent, indeed: the oil industries of Libya, Sudan and DR Congo, the forests of Peru, diamonds in Zimbabwe, and Taib Mahmud in Malaysia.  

I don't think they were targeting Singapore, though, but well ... shit happens and now the Singapore government has reduced the Global Witness' efforts into just two words: "Simply false".

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kit Siang in Gelang Patah, CSL's ace, and from one Lim to another

"Di dalam politik macam-macam boleh jadi, lebih-lebih lagi Lim Kit Siang bukan tuhan, dalam setengah abad beliau bertarung ... beliau pernah tewas sebanyak 5 kali ..."  Lim Kit Siang Pasti Menang?, Sinchew, 21 March 2013

Yes, anything can happen. In 1999, Lim Kit Siang lost both parliament and state seats he contested in Penang which, less than a decade later, fell to DAP. The double defeat was an embarrassing personal tsunami that has haunted him. Some people believe that contesting Gelang Patah is about burying those ghosts. To others, Kit Siang is helping realize a former bitter enemy's ambition to become Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

Lim to Lim: Be man enough
Is Kit Siang a pawn in Anwar Ibrahim's intriguing game of chess, or will he emerge as the kingmaker?

Regardless, I'm told that Chua Soi Lek actually has an ace up his sleeve. No, you can rule out a CSL vs LKS; the MCA president has said he is not contesting and he intends to keep his word. Unless the candidate who can beat Kit Siang falls ill or dies suddenly and mysteriously, in which case he/she won't be table to take part in the GE13 and CSL may have to roll up his sleeves and take on the old man in a dream clash-of-the-titans.

So who is that BN candidate who could make Kit Siang sweat, CSL? Does BN even have such a candidate?

You tell me. In the meantime, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a program lined up next week in, yes, Gelang Patah! (I was told the event had been planned for over a month. Coincidence?) Also, this MCA assemblywoman Lim Kee Moi has challenged the old Lim to be brave and contest in Malay-majority constituencies instead. Read h e r e.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Global Witness on Taib: Was it really a sting operation?


WHO'S BEHIND GLOBAL WITNESS? The Mole has the story, h e r e. Also picked up by the Malay Mail.

One has to wonder just how many more outfits and NGOs in and on Malaysia are funded by this man, who obviously has a hard-on on this country ... 

Original piece:

Big roles in UK-sponsored movie

At the 12th general election in March 2008, which was Barisan Nasional's worst, Taib Mahmud still delivered 29 out of the 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak for the ruling coalition. At the Sarawak state elections two years ago, the Chief Minister made mincemeat of an over-confident Anwar Ibrahim and Co, winning 55 of the 71 seats and retaining the two-thirds majority. Clearly, if Pakatan dreams of conquering Putrajaya, it has to first take Sarawak, considered a "fixed deposit' for Najib Razak's BN because of its ability to deliver the seats. 

In order to overcome Sarawak, they will have to bring down Taib.

BN's fixed depositer
The 'secret' short movie Inside Malaysia's Shadow State produced by Global Witness, a previously obscure UK-based NGO, is seen as such an attempt to bring down Taib. The movie implicates the Sarawak Chief Minister and his family in alleged multi-million ringgit shady deals. Despite its insistence that the movie was "apolitical" (see the interview by Malay Mail's Haresh Deol, GW defends Secret Video), many of us are far from convinced. The timing for the circulation of the video itself, at the verge of Malaysia's 13th GE, makes the political observer laugh at the claim that the movie is aimed at exposing and fighting corrupt practices. 

Me, I find it insulting that these English chaps think that hearsay is enough to prove that someone is corrupt. Did they think we were going to behave like natives and swallow their words hook, sink and liner like in the good, old, colonial days? 

Read the Benchmark's GW on Taib: Was it really a sting operation? (The Mole picked up the positing by the anonymous blogger and sells it as GW on Taib: A well-crafted Conspiracy?
 Could it be a well crafted conspiracy against Taib by his own kin who have the coveted Chief Minister's seat at sight? 
Could it be the Rahman family's last attempt at the throne? 
The Benchmark also thinks that the attack is not purely against Taib per say but it is aimed at derailing Taib's transition plan and sabotaging his chosen successor, whoever that may be. 

The good thing now  is a police report has been lodged against the short movie. When investigating the movie, I am sure the authorities will follow the money trail. I am curious to find out who is financing Global Witness, really.

I have a gut feeling about this but let's wait a little for that to surface, shall we?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Revolusi Cina" in Johor

BIG CAT, the Johor Bahru blogger, says that in Gelang Patah, Johor, where the grand old man of DAP, YB Lim Kit Siang, is slated to contest during the 13th General Election, there has been a 30 per cent increase in Chinese voters since 2008 when BN won it.

In Tebrau, the number of Chinese voters has increased by nearly 50 per cent during the same period. Elsewhere in the state, especially the urban centres, the same is happening though the margins are substantially smaller. Such is the change in the electoral landscape that Big Cat deems it fit to mention the case of a DAP supporter who had predicted that ...
"various opposition rallies will galvanize a "chinese revolution" in places such as Tebrau, Pasir Gudang, Gelang Patah, Pulai and Johor Bahru, which will presumably result in the fall of BN."  Read Where to Hafiz?
The blogger did not say if these are first-time voters, though. Or if they are people from other states who have decided over the last few years to make Johor Bahru their home. They are a lot of Malaysians who work in Singapore and live in JB. And with the massive development of Iskandar, Malaysians from all over the country have decided to invest in property in the area. And among Malaysians, the Chinese are known to be the most inclined towards investing in real estate. They are also the ones who can better afford to do so. So there is nothing malicious or suspicious in the increase. All part of a free and fair electoral process, right?

It is also true to say that in the last five years, there has been a great commercial-business revolution in the urban centres of Tebrau, Pasir Gudang, Gelang Patah, Pulai and JB. Needless to say, the rapid development was driven by aggressive policies adopted by the state government and its Menteri Besar, who is an Umno leader. 

In fact, if you believe in what Big Dog and Another Brick in the Wall have been writing about in the last few days, then it is fair to say that these places are booming as a result of the very close relationship between the political and business leaders from the various races. It is no different from the time when the Kuok family enjoyed great proximity to the Malay elites in Johor. And who is Robert Kuok today? He is the richest Malaysian and has topped the list of our billionaires for many years. And the DAP wants to take credit for a Chinese Revolution in Johor only now, in the 21st century?

Read also: DAP's Smart Card for Labis by Helen Ang

Monday, March 18, 2013

Post-Bala Depression among the die-hards

"Sivarara, Americk, Anwar et al. Please excuse me for the expletive, I don't trust these fuckers."  PI Bala, PII Americk Singh Sidhu
Not everyone thinks Americk did a noble thing. Freddie Kevin dissects PI Bala's first Statutory Declaration and punches holes in not just Americk's nobility but also the tales told by the other characters involved in Bala's first SD

Even if you don't want to listen, listen, listen. Surely you can see, see, see.

Sivarasa, Americk, Anwar et al. Please excuse me for the expletive, I don't trust these fuckers.

Original posting:
Americk said Cecil said that Najib said ...

Please read the whole article here

You must read the whole article and not just the headline because if you read the headline only you may end up thinking that the Prime Minister had actually instructed lawyer Cecil Abraham to draft the second (and last) Statutory Declaration by the late Bala the PI.

Those are not the facts. The fact is, lawyer Americk Singh claims that Cecil told him (in confidence) that PM Najib Razak had instructed him to blah, blah, blah ...
“Cecil met me and admitted to drafting the second SD without Bala’s instructions. The instructions came from Najib." 
And some people are clinging to every word Americk said.

As if those words are their last, dying hope ...

1. Based on Americk's hearsay, the Bar Council has decided to refer Cecil Abraham to its disciplinary board.
2. Read also

Letter the MRT Co won't want us to read

Crime is a big concern among city folks, whether you live in an elite estate or just an estate. For years, however, folks in Pinggiran Zaaba in TTDI had less to worry about crime simply because they were supposed to be the" least elite" of the Taman Tun elites. But now, with the construction work of the massive MRT project happening almost at their door steps, these residents said they are totally exposed to the elements ...

While the elders take on the MRT Co in an unprecedented lawsuit, a young lady decides to appeal to the good senses of the MRT chief executive officer Azhar Abdul Hamid. Expect an open letter to SPAD chairman Syed Hamid Albar next and one to the FT Minister, who is a resident of TTDI himself. And, finally, perhaps a petition to the Prime Minister.

First, the letter to the CEO. Name of sender withheld.

MRT Co boss

Dear Dato' Azhar, 
I am compelled to write to you this e-mail because I am concerned about my neighbourhood. I am not sure whether you have heard that robberies are happening rampantly in Taman Tun Dr Ismail especially at Pinggir Zaaba. Just 4 hours ago, my neighbour Mr. Ho's house was robbed. Just 30 minutes after his son left the house to go for dinner. Mr. Ho have just left KL to go to K.Kinabalu. Obviously, his house has been observed for the past maybe few days/weeks.

For Dato's information, I live in a house full of women and one boy. We have always felt safe in our home but with the construction very close to our front door, the inconvenience that we face is insurmountable. I found myself being assessed everytime I leave and return home. It is unnerving to be stared at before entering and leaving my house. I am sure you would appreciate my feelings as a young girl.

Dato Azhar,

I am sure you are also a father and your job is to ensure the safety of your family. My mom is that too but with this construction in front of our home and strangers combing our street that safety is now questionable. How can a company like yours who have been campaigning in schools, on the radio, in the papers about your corporate responsibility could overlook something as big as the safety of the people affected by the MRT- irregardless where or what the address is. I understand that sometimes, some things are out of your personal control. However, the safety of the people should have been taken into consideration before the construction began thus extra precautions should have been done/taken.

I reserve my comment on the physical negative effects that my family and I had to endure due to the closeness of the construction but now as it seems, our safety is also in jeopardy and I find this absolutely unacceptable as I feel you would too if this were to happen to you and your family.

I hope that you can find it in your heart to understand my predicament and personally take action to help me.

Thank you.

My previous postings on this matter:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ah, Annie!

Life of Annie is a new blog assured of a prolific future [and who's to say she didn't have a prolific past?]. Just weeks after opening the blog, she became the target of a smear campaign by DAP cybertroopers based in Komtar [Read In the Komtar's crosshair and Remembering How Pakatan treat our police].

The anonymous blogger has even caught the attention - and won the rare admiration - of Helen Ang, the Queen of Pain in the ass of Lim Guan Eng, the Komtar troopers' paymaster himself [read Why the BN cyberwar machinery can't match Komtar] (double a, double n) is on my Blogs That Rock roll now. It's quite clear to me she's an old hand at the game and I think we can rely on her for political commentaries you won't get to read in pro-BN or pro-Pakatan blogs. 

And she doesn't just hit out at the Pakatan folks, as in CONFIRMED! Hishammuddin to replace Ghani as Johor MB!

Counterpunch: The Mysterious Case of the Sulu Sultan

Former Pakatan politicians are among the NGOs demanding a royal probe
into Anwar's alleged roles in the terrorist attacks. Pix by The Mole

"In 2001, Manila accused Misauri of terrorism when he led an MNLF unit that attacked an outpost of the Philippine army, prompting him to seek refuge in Sabah on the assumption that authorities in Muslim-majority Malaysia would empathize with him and block his extradition. Misauri was detained by Malaysian security forces in Sabah and sent back to the Philippines where he was jailed until 2008.
"WikiLeaks cables claim that Misauri detested the Malaysian government for turning him over to Philippine authorities and that he was “a strong advocate for the recovery of Sabah”. The cables claim that Misauri boasted that his militias could invade Sabah in the span of two hours. WikiLeaks has also confirmed that Misauri maintained close connections to Anwar Ibrahim, and that the two had met on several occasions." - Nile Bowie, Counterpunch, 15-17 March 2013 Weekend Edition

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim tells foreigners he will end our xenophobia
xen·o·phobe (z n -f b , z n -). n. A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
I take exception to anyone labeling us as xenophobic. Yes, the majority of Malaysians don't care about Xenophon but to call us xenophobic is a great insult. Anwar Ibrahim, of all people, should know better. Hasn't he been running to foreigners and foreign governments (he once ran to the Turkish Embassy when an ex-aide claimed to have been sodomized by him) when in trouble. The BN government looks to foreigners for direct investment and even adopted the Look East Policy to emulate the great work ethics of foreigners. Our students aspire to pursue their studies in the UK, America, and Australia. There's quite a healthy number of Malaysian diaspora, too. So what's so xenophobic about us?

As for freedoms, we all like ours just fine. We are free to be Malays, Chinese, Indians, Tasauks, Kadazans .. and still unite as Malaysians. The Chinese in Indonesia aren't free to be Chinese. So are the Malays in Thailand. A bit more room here and there to express ourselves better is desirable, of course.

But we are matured and wise enough to know that limitless freedom ain't going to do anyone any good. Look at our media, for example. Our new media, I mean. Unbridled, unfettered, uncensored freedom ... 

Is this the kind of freedom we want to promote?

There's a sequel coming, a "Part 2" ..

As of noon 16/3/2013, the Aksi si Raja Goyang blogger already has six-figure unique visitors from just one posting h e r e.  How's that for feedom? [I'm told he's a PAS chap of the pro-Hadi group that does not wish Anwar to be PM if it is fated that Pakatan would win the PRU13 .. ].

Josephine's Tidurlah

A beautiful tribute to the fallen heroes of Lahad Datu by Josephine who said she wrote the song  out of deep sadness for what Sabah is going through, and for the precious sacrifice of those lives lost in defending our state. So much is going on right now, and so close to the General Election too, with rumours flying back and forth. When the truth is hard to see, it's best to go down to the basics and focus on honouring those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

I am not a professional singer or songwriter; I am just an ordinary citizen who loves her state and country, and the people within. God bless us all and protect us from fear, hatred & injustice ...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BUSTED! #3: Wong Tack aka "Arson" Wong ..

Arson Wong in white-washed green

Another ticket to ride. Just last month, Wong Tack vowed to burn down Lynas if the project was not closed down after the 13th General Election [Next, he'd burn our homes to the ground, 4/2/13]. Well, well ... seems like he has a change of heart. Arson Wong is now saying that he can accept Lynas but "batal lesen first and let it re-apply via 'pintu depan'". 

Amazing what the prospect of becoming a Yang Berhormat can do a mortal. [Short Arse to contest Bentong seat under DAP banner, 13/3/13].

Malaysians who have shouted Hijau! Hijau! because they were told by Arson Wong and his political masters that Lynas was deadly, please reflect ... 

You have just been taken for a ride.

Wong Tack 'alu-alu' Lynas jika ia guna 'pintu depan'
Kalaulah Lynas melalui saluran yang betul untuk membuktikan tanpa sebarang keraguan bahawa loji penapisan nadir bumi adalah selamat, maka Pengerusi Himpunan Hijau Wong Tack tidak akan ada masalah dengannya.
Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas disahkan sebagai calon DAP bagi kerusi Parlimen Bentong, Wong berkata, loji itu kini beroperasi kerana syarikat tersebut menggunakan kaedah "pintu belakang" untuk mendapatkan kelulusan.
Wong, wajah yang paling dikenali dalam gerakan anti-Lynas, berkata kaedah itu telah membolehkan syarikat tersebut memperolehi lesen operasi sementara (TOL) walaupun terdapat banyak persoalan, seperti butiran pelan pelupusan sisa, yang dibangkitkan oleh orang ramai.
Pentadbiran BN yang ada sekarang bertanggungjawab terhadap perkara itu, kata Wong, yang pernah mahu loji itu dibakar dan kemudian memohon maaf atas kenyataannya itu.
Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas mengenai janji Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (kanan) kepada sebuah akhbar Australia bahawa Pakatan Rakyat akan membenarkan loji itu beroperasi sekiranya ia terbukti selamat oleh siasatan baru.
Menurut Wong lagi, perkara pertama (yang patut dilakukan) ialah membatalkan lesen (operasi sementara) dan membuka pintu depan untuk Lynas masuk
"Jika Lynas boleh melalui proses yang betul dan menyediakan satu penilaian terperinci impak alam sekitar yang mematuhi undang-undang dan prosedur kita, mengapa tidak?"
Katanya, jika Lynas mempunyai wang untuk menyediakan satu proses pengurusan sisa yang 100 peratus selamat, dan sekiranya Lynas boleh melabur untuk mengubah iklim Malaysia dan mencari sebuah gurun di negara ini, "maka datanglah ke sini dan buka loji anda." - Malaysiakini 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Malaysian soldier died today

LATEST: 12 March 2013 - Our first soldier was killed in action this morning as fighting with Sulu terrorists continue in eastern Sabah. Innalillah. His family will mourn him. Alfatihah. The nation salutes him ...
But no, not the so-called human rights activists who have begun to mount campaigns and protests to accuse Malaysian armed forces and police commandos of brutality. We are defending our country against armed terrorists, against savages who beheaded our police officers and gouged their eyes, and these human rights watchdogs and watchbitches call us brutal! 

I hope our mainstream media and news portals, including Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider, recognize this as propaganda against our nation and don't fall for it. Our warriors aren't savages like the Kiram terrorist. We aren't the intruders, we are not in southern Philippines claiming Mindanao to be our ancestral land. We are defending our sovereign land and our people to the best of our ability. The people our commandos and soldiers are risking their lives to defend include the Suluks who are Malaysian citizens and who have been Malaysian citizens for a long time.

The least some of us can do is shut the fuck up and stop telling the soldiers what they ought or not ought to do. The rest of us will do well to better understand what we are up against. Our politicians need to set aside their political differences and stand on the same side. 

I hope the video (above) of the interview given by Farish A Noor on Viewpoints @ntv7 helps us realize that we are victims, not perpetrators. The claim on Sabah does not hold water, not here, not in the Philippines and not internationally. Let's stop any motherfucker who tries to make the terrorists look like victims.


Hamdan Ahmir (or Hamdan KC to friends), who interviewed Dr Farish on Viewpoints, anchors a special program Coversation with the PM at 9 tonight on TV3. You can watch the live streaming on tonton, too. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Life in the Eastern Sabah Security Command/Calls for unity from not the usual suspects

LATEST: The so-called "special security area" in Sabah will now be known as the Eastern Sabah Security Command. Announcing this a while ago, Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman said the governmnent hopes to ensure the security of the area against further terrorist acts with the least disruption to their daily lives. More details coming soon ...

Handling the hype. The following is the Editorial of last Thursday, March 7, by the Sin Chew Daily and is worth the space it is occupying on this blog. The Chinese-language daily is known to be critical of the Government of the day, sometimes excessively, if I may say so, BUT In the face of  the terrorist attack against the people of Sabah and the nation-state of Malaysia, the editors of the newspaper call for unity and stood firmly behind our armed forces and the government and criticized Malaysians who were too quick to blame others and politicize the incident.

 Farish: Sabah IS Malaysia
The other night, on VIewpoints #ntv7, Malaysia's intellectual journeyman Farish A Noor gave what I thought was some of the simplest and best political, social and historical snapshots at the whole Sulu issue [he summarizes these in Handling the Hype behind Sabah Crisis in the NST today]

Dr Farish's own personal message on the NTV7 interview (hosted by seasoned but moonlighting anchorman Hamdan KC) was emphatic: Sabah does not belong to Malaysia; Sabah IS Malaysia. This is NOT the time for blame game and politics, this is the time for Malaysians to unite. Eyes on the ball, the priority is to resolve the crisis.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein carried more or less the same message yesterday (but aimed directly at  record-breaking (in terms of police reports) Tian Chua, 'tis not the time for politics.

Which brings me to the Sin Chew editorial ...

The editorial by Sin Chew Daily

Isu tentera Sulu membawa kesedaran

Selepas pasukan polis dan pihak tentera bertahan lebih 3 minggu berhadapan dengan tentera Sulu, akhirnya pihak kita telah ambil tindakan, telah membuat serang balas di beberapa kawasan, dimana pasukan keselamatan kita telah dipastikan tidak ada yang tewas, tetapi di pihak tentera Sulu kita tidak dapat maklumat keadaan mereka. Selepas adakan pengeboman buat seketika, dalam operasi daulat, yang diutamakan membuat pembersihan di setiap kediaman mencari musuh, dan mahu pastikan bahawa saki-baki tentera musuh tidak lagi mengancam keselamatan penduduk di Sabah.

Pasukan penyerang negara adalah memberi serangan yang terbesar selepas memberi tentangan pihak kominis ketika dahulu, pertama kali pihak polis dan pasukan tentera bekerjasama lancarkan gerakan, untuk memastikan keselamtan tanah air. Perdana Menteri Najib juga berkata, pihak kerajaan tidak membenarkan mana-mana pihak menceroboh kedaulatan negera kita. Pasukan bersenjata dari selatan Filipina yang menggelarkan diri mereka sebagai tentera Sulu, pada awal bulan Februari telah menceroboh Lahad Datu, pihak kita ambil langkah berbincang, mahu perkara itu diselesaikan secara aman dan tanpa pertumpahan darah, sebaliknya pihak tentera Sulu telah serang hendap pasukan polis kita, seramai 8 orang anggota polis telah tewas, dan pihak mereka berjanji tidak mahu menyerah, sebab itu pihak tentera kita terpaksa bertindak balas, supaya dapat diselesaikan dengan segera, jika tidak kebuntuan itu tidak akan dapat diselesaikan, tetapi pihak kita tidak dapat menjangkakan berapa ramai kah bilangan pasukan musuh, ia boleh menyebabkan kelebihan tidak memihak kepada kita. Berkaitan pihak kerajaan ambil langkah yang sesuai iaitu mempertahankan hak kedaulatan negara, dapat disokong oleh semua lapisan rakyat, iaitu tidak benarkan mana-mana pihak luar mengusik kedaulatan negara kita, dan mengancam keselamatan negara kita.

Sudah tentu, dalam keadaan menggeledah dan mencari dan mengesah pihak musuh, pihak kita terpaksa berhati-hati dan ambil sikap berjaga-jaga, selain daripada telah berlaku beberapa insiden berbalahan dan akhirnya pihak tentera terpaksa ambil tindakan, dan pihak kita juga telah pun menerima pelajaran seumpama itu, selain daripada itu perpaduan dan bersatu padu dalam masyarakat semakin erat, keadaan politik lebih perlu diselami lebih dalam lagi.

Yang pertama, apabila hadapi tentera kita dan pihak polis menyerang dan membunuh tentera musuh, pihak media luar telah temu ramah keturunan Sultan Sulu Jamalul Kiram, beliau berkata mereka akan perluangkan sehingga titisan darah terakhir. Ini bermakna kita tidak boleh ambil mudah dan ambil ringan terhadap tentera Sulu, perlu berhati-hati setiap pergerakan yang dijalankan, mungkin mereka ini sedang menyorok di bumi Sabah, pada masa yang sama tentera perpisahan di Selatan Filipina akan ambil kesempatan itu lakukan serangan, mereka sedang dahaga mahukan tanah Sabah. Pada tahun lepas kerajaan Filipina telah berdamai dan adakan perjanjian damai dengan tentera pemisahan Islam Moro, kepada tentera pemisah yang tidak ambil bahagian dalam perjanjian damai tersebut, mungkin tumpuan dan sasaran mereka ialah di negeri Sabah, mereka ambil kesempatan isu ini, beri tekanan kepada kerajaan Filipina, mereka berharap dapat keuntungan dan manfaat dari pihak Malaysia pula. Contohnya tentera MILF pernah mendapat latihan dari pihak Malaysia, mereka telah menyimpan banyak senjata di dalam hutan negeri Sabah. Keadaan di Selatan Filipina amat rapat kaitannya dengan keadaan di negeri Sabah, dan punca yang paling penting juga ialah pandangan kerajaan Filipina terhadap negeri Sabah.

Yang kedua, di negeri Sabah terdapat ramai pendatang asing, orang-orang negeri Sabah sudah biasa melihat keadaan itu, ini didapati apabila tentera Sulu menceroboh Sabah, tidak lakukan tindakan segera dan agresif, dan penduduk negeri Sabah sendiri tidak nampak bahaya dan ancaman itu adalah satu fakta yang besar, seperti katak yang terendam air panas, pihak kerajaan dan rakyat Sabah tidak merasai ancaman berlaku apabila pendatang asing ke Sabah dengan jumlah yang begitu besar, pada bila-bila masa salah negara akan terancam dengan lambakan ratusan ribu orang asing. Kes tentera Sulu sebagi satu amaran, kita perlu ambil perhatian bahawa kita jangan terlalu berharapkan buruh asing yang begitu tinggi, dan kita juga perlu ambil perhatian serius kenapa orang asing dengan mudah boleh dapat kerakyatan negara ini, supaya tidak berlaku kebocoran-kebocoran yang lebih besar, dan susah untuk diambil tindakan.

Yang ketiga, oleh kerana selama ini pihak kerajaan menangani tentera Sulu dengan sikap keharmoniaan dan kelonggaran, sehingga pasukan polis tewas, pihak kerajaan dituduh lemah, kenapa tidak lebih awal hapuskan pihak musuh. Sebenarnya kita kena faham, tindakan pihak tentera adalah keputusan yang paling terakhir, di bawah perjanjian Geneva, tindakan tentera bersenjata perlu mengikut peraturan yang telah digariskan, barulah boleh dijalankan, kebocoran dan kelonggaran pengawasan di persisiran pantai Sabah, sebab itu boleh berlaku perkara seumpama itu, rakyat perlu memperlajari secara rasional untuk memutuskan pengetahuan am terhadap apa yang berlaku di sekitarnya isu dalam negeri dan luar negara, dan pihak kerajaan pula perlu telus dan jelas apabila mahu membuat sesuatu keputusan, supaya rakyat lebih yakin supaya dapat sokongan ramai. Kepentingan negara perlu letak di barisan hadapan, mana mana hujah dan padangan yang dilontarkan itu termasuk isu politik, ia hanya akan menambahkan kerumitan dan masalah sahaja.

Akhir sekali, dalam keadaan bertentangan dalam politik, negera telah terbahagi kepada persengkataan yang jelas dalam keadaan permusuhan sesama sendiri, kes ini juga telah membongkar asal usul sejarah negara kita, kesedaran kaum dan semangat perpaduan perlu diselidik lebih agresif lagi, barulah kita akan dapat rasai kewujudan negara ini dan ia akan memberi makna yang lebih besar lagi.

Have you watched the famous "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough trouble for the country" video?

If you haven't, here it is courtesy of Karpal Singh and the truth-seekers at Stop The Lies:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

MF, another 24 year old

Move aside Saiful Bukhari ...  Mohamed Fareez Kamal Intidzam may be only 24 but he is said to be an seasoned expert in international relations already, thanks to the trust given to him by Anwar Ibrahim. 

But like Saiful, he is about to make a name for himself in the annals of Malaysian politics. 

Read OutSyed The Box's Alamak! Another 24 year old boy!

Tian Chua and Keadilan Daily

A week and hundreds of police reports later, Tian Chua blames his own party's newspaper

Still, the PKR man refuses to apologize. And his own party's organ that allegedly misquoted him has not said sorry or even published a correction. So what gives? 

Sue, Sue, Sue!
From Day 1, Pakatan Rakyat has been assaulting the mainstream media, especially Utusan Malaysia, TV3 and NST and Bernama, for malice, slander, libel etc. The Lahad Datu incident alone has seen Tian Chua's boss Anwar Ibrahim filing RM200 million lawsuits against "Umno-owned" media for reporting what the Philippines Inquirer, the Manila Times, and other foreign media have earlier published.

Anwar is threatening to sue any Malaysian journalist who dares repeat the allegations.

Tian Chua himself has threatened bloggers with lawsuits.

As I said on Twitter, Tian Chua should sue Keadilan Daily. If you want to muzzle and bully the Press, be consistent. Tian Chua should also get his own party newspaper to publish a correction and apologize to all Malaysians, including the ex-Commandos who have lodged the police report against him. 

Friday, March 08, 2013

A sodomy revisited

Updated 9 March 2008: 
Father, Son and Anwar Ibrahim. For the record, Saiful Bahari has issued a statement [read h e r e] to basically say that he stood by his story that, basically, he had been sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim and that he believes his father Azlan Mohd Lazim is the victim of Anwar's political "kerakusan" (I can't find a suitable equivalent in English). Will it be an open battle of words between son and father after this? If so, it could be uglier and more bitter perhaps than the long-drawn siblings rivalry involving Anwar's right-hand man Azmin and sister Umi Hafilda ... 

Original posting:
I thought I'd seen it all ...

Saiful's biological dad Azlan Mohd Lazim

And then, out of nowhere, while we are busy defending our sovereignty from a terrorist attack in Sabah, a crisis that has threatened and is still threatening to implicate Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in a most damning way, the father of Saiful Bukhari, the former "coffee boy" who had accused the same Anwar Ibrahim of sodomizing him, told a press conference today that his son ...
"was used by several unscrupulous people, including a special officer to the prime minister, to fabricate lies against the opposition leader."
I don't know who Saiful's father is or how relevant or credible he is. Saiful's parents were divorced when he was very young; he grew up with mom and stepfather [read Did you know Saiful is related to ...? July 2, 2008, I had to add renewed link for The Story of a boy called Saifool h e r e as the old link is dead).

It's been over a year since the verdict of Sodomy 2 so we will all have to reboot our memory banks. Expect ore twists and surprises ...