Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Taman Tun elites sue MRT

I am quite disappointed that it had to come to this: a group of residents suing a company that is building a transport system for the future. Personally, I am a supporter of the mass rapid transit system and I thought the company, especially its new CEO, had done quite well to continually engage the affected residents. Apparently not. The group that's suing MRT is small but consists of quite influential people. Akhramsyah, for example, is deputy president of the Blog House of Malaysia. They are represented by Tan Sri Aziz Rahman, former managing director of Malaysia Airlines.

Media Release February 5, 2013
Pinggir Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail Residents files a Writ 
of Summons against MRTco

A Writ of Summons against MRTCo was filed today, 5th February 2013 at the Jalan 
Duta High Court by Messrs Nik Saghir & Ismail, Advocates and Solicitors who are 
acting on behalf of the Pinggir Zaaba (PZ) Taman Tun Dr Ismail residents.

The Writ was filed as a result of the detrimental impact of the MRT’s construction at 
close proximity from the front door of their homes, which according to a layman’s 
understanding, is the length of two saree’s.  The Writ also stated that   the PZ 
residents seek a declaration to the effect that the entire MRT project in Klang Valley 
is illegal, unauthorised by law and therefore MRTco should not commence any 
construction of the MRT before complying with all the rules and regulations relevant 

Discussions between MRTco and PZ residents had started more than a year ago 
which looked into a buy-out scheme of “willing buyer – willing seller” proposition.  
The proposal was then rejected by the Special Compensation Committee in July 

“After many attempts at reaching out to the Government and MRT Corp to amicably 
resolve the matter due to the detrimental impact of the MRT's construction at close 
proximity to our homes, we, the residents of Pinggir Za'aba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
find our concerns are still without any resolution. Hence, to protect the interest of our 
families, especially the health, safety and well-being of our children and elderly, we 
are forced to file a civil suit against MRT Corporation today because they weren’t 
listening and we know the Courts will.” said Mr Ho Lee Yoke, a resident in Pinggir 

Another resident, Mr Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Tan Sri Sanusi added “Our 
initial hope was that the MRT Corporation on behalf of the Government would 
provide the care and respect due to us whose homes are precariously near to the 
proposed MRT railway have been dashed. MRT Corporation's own actions since its
CEO began to personally engage us on the matter through to their 
repeated engagements, including meetings to determine the prices they would have 
to pay for buying our homes in PZ stand as their own admission of where their 
obligations to us lie. Our quiet cooperation was instead rewarded by neglect and 

The PZ residents’ predicament certainly bears merit considering the fact that their 
homes are within the railway protection zone under the law. Homes within the said 
Railway Protection Zone will be automatically deemed uninhabitable and 
subsequently worthless in the market.  As Taman Tun Dr Ismail is a highly sought 
after residential area, the arrival of the MRT project that is too close for comfort near 
the homes of the Plaintiffs, this will change the landscape into an area that is shunned by public, property investors and potential house buyers alike.  The MRT 
infrastructure will deprive the PZ residents of their private and proprietary rights as 
well as the enjoyment of their land.

“MRT Corporation continually refuses to acknowledge this reality. There is certainly 
no compassion shown towards the PZ residents which seems to pay lip service to 
the Government’s slogan of “ Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan” as 
demonstrated by MRT Corporation’s apathy towards the PZ residents plight.” Added 

The Writ of Summons that has been filed was an action done without any malice. 
Rather, the filed Writ is the PZ residents’ appeal to the judiciary to provide them with 
some redress and justice. The residents acknowledge that the MRT project should 
be constructed as it would bring great benefit to the citizens of Kuala Lumpur. 
However, it should not be constructed in a way that would harm any party, 
regardless of the number of affected residents. This would be tantamount to 
condoning oppression.

“Last but not least, we still welcome any move to amicably settle this case out of 
court” Added Mr Ho.

For further enquiries, please call:
Mr Ho Lee Yoke
Mr Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Tan Sri Sanusi


  1. bourne identity10:24 pm

    “Last but not least, we still welcome any move to amicably settle this case out of
    court” Added Mr Ho.
    Berapa banyak lagi nak buat duit? Already youre staying in an area no layman and woman or child can afford and yet you want to deprive the thousands and thousands that will be using the system.
    The majority ALWAYS count and not the minority especially the rich.
    It is a government project for malaysians of all walks ...and yet you the few want to sabotage just to gain more money.
    Perhaps these rich should also submit the names and IC Nos of every saudara mara they have so that MRT can block them using the system since they do not like the project.
    Fair or not?

  2. Like many, I am in full support of the MRT project. However, the Govt in particular, must follow the law, and not ride rough-shod over the rights of individuals.

    Federalism seems to have given the Govt a big head. Take for example, DPM Muhy's recent announcement that the Fed Govt will call for tenders for the Langat 2 dam and water project regardless of the Selangor Govt's objections. If the Fed Govt breaks its own laws, that's tantamount to preaching anarchy!

    The MRT Corp CEO has not won many prizes for his PR. His poor handling of the heritage issues in Petaling St is indicative of this 'I am the boss, I will do what I like' kind of attitude.

    Taman Tun is one area where every resident probably has a car, and so the MRT there may not make sense. Why not ask the residents to vote on it? If the majority don't want it, then shelf it and re-align the tracks, and save a $ billion or two! What's so difficult aout that? This 1 shoe fits all kind of approach may alienate the Rakyat and be reflected in the GE!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  3. The famous half truth told by Rocky.
    It involves massive corruptions..massive overpaid approved closed tenders...all Umno b cronies.
    Such a huge project needs 2/3 majority votes in Parliament. That also is being rolled over.
    The project is challenged not to stop any benefits to the public....but to expose the massive corruptions.
    Once PR takes will find all projects beneficial to the public will much much less cost and faster.

  4. Why is it some people takes pride spelling their name with their father's honorary title at the back? Like that guy with the ... Bin Tan Sri Sanusi.

    What is he trying to proof? It's not like he got the title, it's somebody else.

    1. Anonymous12:43 am

      U should ask your beloved najib Bin TUN RAZAK

  5. Anonymous12:30 am

    On this score I am with the residents of PZ simply because this is the very same MRTco which took great pains to bend over backwards to placate the Chinks at Petaling Street and other areas within the city precincts but when it comes to Malay Muslims, they ride roughshod over completely valid and rational arguments. We cannot have two sets of rules just because we want to mollify a certain community for electoral purposes.

    I hope the residents of PZ stick together and fight this to the death as they are evry bit entitled to their property rights as do others. and for once, after all these years, DPP has a valid point when he says:

    "Taman Tun is one area where every resident probably has a car, and so the MRT there may not make sense. Why not ask the residents to vote on it? If the majority don't want it, then shelf it and re-align the tracks, and save a $ billion or two! What's so difficult aout that? This 1 shoe fits all kind of approach may alienate the Rakyat and be reflected in the GE!"

    Warrior 231

  6. Anonymous12:32 am

    Move the MRT project to Shah Alam. Shah Alam folks are forgiving types not like those in TTDI, Bandar Utama, Subang Jaya are very assertive and demanding and ungrateful...when is Najib going to learn. ....

    Prof Awe Kecik

  7. spencer6612:53 am

    yes, the residents are doing the right thing. i applaud them for taking such action. unless and of course MRT corp can justifies their rail line proposals are within the boundaries of building regulations and within the limits of laws, all properly documented and presented, i see no wrong in the residents objections. no mere words, but strong hard facts and data to prove their feasibility of the project within the residents concern. on top of it, present a comprehensive market evaluation of the property value to the residents in compensation. otherwise, rhetorical feel good speeches by MRT corp isnt going to solve the residents woes. i fully support what the residents are doing, and it is within the law and their rights to do so. i commend them for getting all the residents together to block this construction legally. to add on, if you noticed, the CEO said a lot of things but never really said anything.

  8. Joseph Stalin1:04 am

    Datuk Rocky,

    I too am disappointed by the arrogance of these upper middle class residents against a TRANSPORT SYSTEM FOR THE PEOPLE.

    I also believe civil suit this is politically motivated.

    Much construction, such as of flyovers and a road tunnel has taken place along Jalan Damansara and the LDP over the past few years to facilitate smoother traffic flow and these residents on Pinggiran Za'aba which is near the main road and the tunnel did not complain then, so why complain now over construction of the MRT, a facility which will be a great convenience for less fortunate members of the public living all the way to Sungai Buloh who can't afford fancy, gas-guzzling SUVs.

    Kuala Lumpur City Hall should conduct a survey of ALL Taman Tun Dr. Ismail residents as to whether the majority want an MRT station there and if most don't, then save money and build the station somewhere else or don't build the station there and let the MRT line bypass Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

    Would such residents dare to complain if they lived in Singapore. Construction of an MRT line is taking place right now along Upper Bukit Timah Road and my cousin lives in one of the up-market housing estates off Upper Bukit Timah but I've not heard of any complaints, even though the construction is a temporary inconvenience to road users.

    I welcome a facility like the MRT, especially with the terrible road congestion at peak hours along Jalan Damansara & the LDP and an MRT will greatly help.

    In developed countries such as the U.K., well-heeled stockbrokers working in firms in London, commute 70 km or more daily to work by regional commuter train and London Underground.

    Such residents don't put the people first but rather put themselves first.

  9. Anonymous6:35 am

    Residents of tmn tun should be barred from taking any public transport in malaysia, simple as that.

    Public amenities should be transferred out from the area as well - no balai police, no bomba etc.

    Infrastructure shd be treated the same like in jln ipoh, setapak or pandan. Pothole should take the same length of time to repair.

    Ungrateful lot.

    Why the tax payers money is being prioritised on this sort of residential area and not the highly populated area like sentul amuse me. After all these people are unappreciative and expect all the shit n mess are located elsewhere while they enjoy a low plot serene neighbourhood.

  10. I don't think Lee Kuan Yew have this kind of problem when he built the Singapore's excellent MRT system. No one dare to oppose him on that little island. That's how Singapore, which is admired and used as a role model by the Pakatan people, especially from DAP become what it is today. In Malaysia, the privileged ones have become over pampered. In this case, a group of well off residents are insisting that they are paid more if the MRT project, needed by hundereds of thousands of not so privileged people is to proceed. Simple case of selfish greed. And the Pakatan people who claim to be championing the rights of the rakyat will be supporting these selfish people just because they are opposing a government project which will benefit the rakyat. Right or wrong doesn't matter to them as long as they can get a few extra votes.

  11. Anonymous8:49 am

    i support all effort for the benefit of the rakyat ie the majority of people who will be using the system. NOT THE GREEDY FEW!!!

  12. Anonymous8:57 am

    Singapore MRT is ungraound. Malaysia want to saved $$$ so they build high abovet he ground and that is the main cause. Even in Tehran it underground.

  13. Anonymous9:44 am

    I am instigating all the Klang Valley urban proletariats to get together and hire lawyer like me to start class action against these two arse holes for delaying the MRT project...among the claim petrol bill to drive to work to KL, parking bills, toll bill, car wear AND TEAR BILLS, manhour lost in massive Jalan Duta tollgate peak hours jam...let say we claim for RM200 Million..they will go bust..and got to sell their houses, Lambho, Bantley to settle the suits..he he he he..

    Prof Awe Kecik

    Prof Awe Kecik

  14. bru

    i think monsterball has got syphilis in his brain..

    or..he really hates you - for whatever reason -- and venting it out in the most dimwitted way.

  15. bigcat is right.

    in singapor, when they razed kampung melayu near geylang to the ground to build upscale complexes...they did not care a toot.

    if you had tried to fight them, they'd get the SB guys to bring in.

    LKY governed by and with terror..Under HIS SON (similar or not with DAP, same same in different form and flavour.

    Please rememember that DAP is the Malaysian PAP.

  16. Ibrahim yang PERKASA10:36 am

    Tu memang celaka umno punya supporters!

  17. Anonymous10:40 am

    Im flummoxed people like Bourne Identitiy and Joseph Stalin can scrape at anything to put across a false point, if not misleading.

    The plaintiffs in the case did not sue to stop the MRT for the sake of money or for the sake of depriving others to use the Mrt, far from it. They sue because their houses were and are about 6-8 meters away from the rail beams of MRT [they claim the length of two Sarees!]. Why not imagine that happening to your own homes, where your children stare at rail beams all their life?. I bet you two dont even care.

    The plaintiffs sue to ensure that while the MRT system can proceed for the benefit of all, they must responsible to pay some compensation to these plaintiffs based on the very 'compensation' package proposal mooted by non other the MRT themselves at the outset!

    U see, it pays to know the real story, dont just release hot air for nothing. This will come out in court.

    The plaintiffs have indeed been supplied with 'figures of compensation' AT THE VERY OUTSET, but this was subsequently retracted BY MRT for whatever reason. Let the court listen to this and the impact of the law governing railway areas, and whether their homes have now become 'railway homes' under the law [read brother!]

    Dont simply use cheap emotions. Tak laku in court or politics.


  18. Mr Angry10:50 am

    I think regardless of status of the Taman Tun residents, I think both sides have to be fair.

    The MRT project will help thousands of people, no doubt. It is a much needed service for the masses and hopefully, a service that can slowly reduce the amount of cars needed on the road. Delaying this project will hinder not JUST MRTco, but also the many people who are currently using alternative methods of transportation, most likely at higher cost to the MRT project. Their needs are not high lighted!

    At the same time however, it cannot go about ruining property value for local residents. Imagine waking up every morning to see a whole crowd of people pushing to get into the station, traffic build up as cars pick up and drop off people, small shops with people selling nasi lemak and other foods as others go on their way to work, right in front of your house!! This could be a serious reality, and I think nobody would want that for the sake of privacy and peace.

    The realistic thing is that progress can be a dirty business. Sometimes companies have to step on people's shoes to get things done.

  19. Anonymous10:53 am

    Aren't we lucky that we are not in Mainland China or even Singapore..

    Here you can still object. There maybe they will "shoot" first and talk later..

    TTDI citizens are over-pampered lot. Hopefully the court will rule in favour of MRT Corp.

    "Taman Tun is one area where every resident probably has a car, and so the MRT there may not make sense." Historical facts may not not necessarily be the future outcome.

    Present generation may use car coz there is no MRT. Once MRT is in place, the younger ones may opt for it. Most especially if future conditions of KL are increasingly becoming cars unfriendly. Which should be the case once public transportation works efficiently.

  20. Anonymous10:56 am

    I don't understand the reasoning behind some of the comments here. What is wrong with building MRT for the people? And likewise, what is wrong with civil suit (or writ of summon) by the people against a project that they feel encroaches into their livelihood?

    And what is wrong with being 'upper middle class' resident? Are they not the Rakyat too? And why are we even comparing ourselves with Singapore?? In Malaysia, no one is above the law. 'No one' also includes individuals, organizations, companies, parties. So, no one should be above the law, not even the royalties. And a people's government should never condone the method of 'Matlamat menghalalkan cara'.

    From the article, the residence have had civilized and mature discussion with MRTco for years before the construction of MRT commences recently. If PZ residence feel that it threatens their property, family and livelihood - should they just keep quiet and take it like a bitch or should they start marching on the street and become hooligans or should they choose a civilized method of a civil suit?

  21. Anonymous11:01 am

    Warrior 231 is as stupid as one can get. People are objecting to the construction of MRT because it it too close to their homes resulting in noise pollution and/or that their property will be acquired at dirt cheap prices to make way for such construction.

  22. Anonymous11:04 am

    Rocky ,
    Dont you really get it ? Taman Tun folks are a special lot ...Go ask the prevailing house rates for wont meet their standards with your one off blogging fees from your cronies...
    They too have rights when most of them have more than a vehicle..!Who wants a choo shoo train to disrupt the area with filth like stations , red caps vultures and hawkings..
    Good that they are behaving like in Switzerland you dont do anything without permission from their active town council.
    The council have to write to the existing house owners that Mr. Rocky Bru is building a residential bungalow and please suggest your acceptance.If they they say no dont have a house thats it.
    Tamnan tun folks are a snobbish lot so be it...whats your gripe ? They dont bullshit like development for the future generation etc etc. like you...Hey they know what is happening when it involves 4 billions of tax payers money for this MRT.

  23. Anonymous11:20 am

    Another stupid comment from BIGCAT. Don't compare with Singapore lah, they plan their intergrated transport system years ahead with proper foresight unlike Malaysia with haphazard planning and knee jerk approach. Twenty to thirty years ago when Singapore was constructing the MRT and transportation system, Malaysia was busy selling proton cars and clog up our roads and only now want to build the MRT next to people's houses and properties when the traffic jam has become unbearable.

  24. Anonymous11:20 am

    Another stupid comment from BIGCAT. Don't compare with Singapore lah, they plan their intergrated transport system years ahead with proper foresight unlike Malaysia with haphazard planning and knee jerk approach. Twenty to thirty years ago when Singapore was constructing the MRT and transportation system, Malaysia was busy selling proton cars and clog up our roads and only now want to build the MRT next to people's houses and properties when the traffic jam has become unbearable.

  25. Anonymous11:34 am

    What a bunch of hypocrites. Typical of Rocky's followers. It's easy for you folks to say things like "ungrateful" or "stupid" because you don't have an affected property. Typical jealous goons.

  26. Azlina Aisyah Khalid11:38 am

    Dear Mr. Rocky Bru

    I am disappointed with the comments given thus far, showing how ignorant people can be even if though they are not fully aware of all the relevant and pertinent facts. For your information, I am Plaintiff Number 3 in this suit. How I wish I am really an ELITE who does not mind a track that runs in front of my own house because i can snap my fingers and am able to afford locating my home elsewhere.But alas, I cannot and so do the rest of the Plaintiffs. The Writ once filed, is a public record. Go and do a search on it and read the contents of the Statement of Claim. Then, please can you write another piece so that your faithful readers will REALLY KNOW how we got screwed by MRTCo.

  27. Anonymous11:43 am


    You are commenting like some brainless monkey.

  28. Good, well-argued case.

    It raises several questions.

    While we all face the risk of enroachment due to development, I think it is bad when public's expectations as regards the quality of their living envrironment are enroached upon when laws are not followed or found to be inadequate or worse wilfully and deceitfully ignored.

    Govts of the day or govts in waiting ought to be wary of making boasts they cannot keep. Utter humility is required.

    Civilization versus evil, deceit, boastful, heartless, ruthless...

  29. Monsterball. Bitching about close tenders? I wish I could slap you with my selipar jepun.

  30. Anonymous12:29 pm

    7 Feb 13 UMNO fishing for Cinapek votes..ABU !

    Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he was looking forward to seeing how much more the government could help support the Chinese community as there was much more work to do this year.

    The prime minister said the Barisan National government recognised the importance of having open channels with the Chinese community to better understand their needs.

    “Through my Ah Jib Gor alone, we sifted through many suggestions which have formed part of the basis of Budget 2013.

    “One area of real importance is education where we have allocated RM100 million to national-type Chinese schools — money which will help refurbish school buildings and buy new school equipment,” he said in the message posted on his blog.

    Through the National Education Blueprint, he said the government was also aiming to increase the number of Chinese language teachers in order to meet student demand.

    “And the top students of Chinese secondary schools have been given scholarship to ensure the most diligent minds can continue to serve our society once they have graduated,” he said.

    Thus, Najib said it was his hope that the Chinese community would continue to support the government towards this goal.

    As Chinese New Year was just around the corner and Malaysia has begun easing into the festive mood, Najib said he was also looking forward to having some Yee Sang, a truly marvellous dish.

    “Yee Sang is one such traditional dish which is symbolic of good luck, prosperity and health. To me, this also serves as a reminder of how important the Chinese community is to Malaysia.

    “My father, the late Tun Abdul Razak, was very clear on his stance towards the Chinese community, who have helped in the development of our country in many ways since we achieved independence — and I share his vision,” he said.

    Najib said he could not imagine a Malaysia lacking the Chinese culture that was so tightly interwoven into the society.

  31. Not all areas of Taman Tun are lived in by the Elites.
    Many of the older link units have people whol lived there for over 20 years when no one wanted to live there. The Elites live in areas mostly un affected by the MRT.
    As for the MRT - is easy for many of us to talk because we are unaffected by the construction. But if we were - I'm sure everyone of us would be up in arms about it. Especially your wives and kids would be badly affected by the noise and pollution - and not least worried about the many foreign construction workers wandering around your neighbourhood.

    I am no fan of Warrior - but he has a point that there has been different calculative approaches by MRT Co to deal with opposition. Some places where residents have no big names to support them suddenly have construction litterally happening beside their backdoors and have to suffer this for years. TTDI folks are lucky they have people able to afford lawyers.

    I would ask Rocky and those having a go at these folks to put themselves in the shoes of the residents and see how they feel.

  32. My take is pretty simple. These people are all fighting for their homes. Yes MRTco engaged them from the beginning, taking up the good work done by both Prasarana and SPAD. But MRTco promised the residents certain things and then reneged on their promise. So now, TTDI residents are using legal channels.

    Elite or not, they are residents of Malaysia just like you and I. They are not going to the streets to revolt, not are they going to Pakatan Rakyat to complain. They are using valid, legal means.

    MRTco, instead is hiding behind archaic laws and using `national project' as an excuse to trample these people! You call that fair?

    And some of the silly comments on how Singapore just bulldoze things. Look, there were a lot of resistance by the residents in Singapore during the early days of MRT construction. What did they do? They build the MRT underground. As a matter of fact, all of the new MRT lines are underground now. Even then, they make it a point to constructively engage the residents affected, ensuring lives are not disrupted.

    Can't say for sure here, all MRTco seems to do is spend money on radio adverts (with their `former TV-guy-turned-director-of-PR's' voice announcing winners here n there). Obviously their PR is not working, so now they are just bulldozing things...

  33. Anonymous2:36 pm

    To all of u ppl saying tmn tun residents are snobbish and arrogant and all that, have u lot taken a drive along pinggir zaaba and seen what is happening there? Have u seen how close the construction going on is to their front gate and door? The construction is less than one lane length from their gates. Its only fair they seek some kind of compensation. Rich or no is besides the point. How would u guys like if there was a massive project being built less than 30 feet from ur door? Would u be so bold as to accuse these poor residents as such? Noone is objecting to the MRT project. All they want is compensation so they can move away from there or MRT realign their rails. As far as compensation goes, i hv read many news articles about the MRTCo willing to buy those houses affected. Somehow, that plan was scrapped. Thats when these residents started making noise. U guys talk about greater good and all that, yet u sound so selfish at the same time.

  34. Anonymous2:57 pm

    I don't understand as a rakyat, we are not allowed freedom of expression and speech. It is the right of the rakyat to have a voice regardless of race, colour, status, bank account, etc.

    It is a great injustice done to the residents of TTDI by MRTCo. They should be made to pay for their 'sins'.

    As an agent of the govt, they give the Govt a bad name and hence it gives further reason for the people to criticise the Govt's ineffectiveness.

    FYI, not all TTDI folks are elitist, and not all motivation to speak stems from political agenda. Why can't it be the fact that people want to be heard.

    For the sake of progress, is it right for the people at Pinggiran Zaaba to be the 'sacrificial lambs' of MRTco?!

    And why not Damansara Heights too? A case in point, MRTco was careful in their plans and actions as to not affect the super elite living there.

    SO, it is worrying that the rakyat should condone to this kind of treatment and injustice. Quiet acceptance only means we are no better than the "walking dead". We are just mindless souls eating dead carcasses.

    We cannot continue to be the 'stupid' Malaysian. We should make our stand and be heard, regardless of race, colour and creed.

    I salute the TTDI residents for having the BALLS to face MRTco head on. I support their bravery and perseverance and for seeing this through...

    I wish them best of luck...

  35. Anonymous3:40 pm

    akramsyah deputy prez bloghouse? is he still a blogger?

    how many time a year he update his blog

  36. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Org2 kaya di Msia ingat semua bapak dia punya!!

  37. Anonymous5:57 pm

    anon 11:20

    Singapore is Singapore. Malaysia is Malaysia. We do things our way. Our style. We are not cows to be led by the noses.

  38. Anonymous6:02 pm


    if the lrt or highway is too near poor peoples homes nobody cares. these rich guys want to have their bread buttered on both sides. have you been up in the flats next to main roads? and thousands are living in those flats. do you care?

  39. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Big cat is so BODOH!

  40. No one dare to slap me.
    Anon 12.18 pm talk cock.
    He read my comment and want to slap me????
    I have slapped few people...all with my bear hands.
    Anon 12.18 pm sees me..he will shivers in his pants.
    Don't talk cock.....if you have nothing to say.

  41. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Is this a case of the elites wanting a king's ransom? How much do they want?

    Well, there is such a thing as forced aquisition, when it comes to things like highways, railways, airports etc, whereby the Government pays a scheduled sum for land owners to FO.

    Surely there was negotiations prior to this but those affected must have thought that they could profit out of it.

    No, small ships must give way to larger vessels.

    In this case, the majority wins. And the majority want the rail project.

    Take the small compulsory token offerred and move out, you greedy buggers.


  42. Anonymous6:50 pm

    DF, if you were to act on your threat to slap Monsterball, we will be there to defend him with our KERIS.

  43. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Most developed countries like Australia, Singapore build their extensive links of city rail subway and MRT underground, not only is that a wise move, it also doesnt spoil the facade of the city with ugly looking overhead railway lines.

  44. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Well, take a look at all the developed countries or big cities, they don't care on resident's sentiment and just carry out whatever development necessary to keep the city going. If you guys think that great cities like New York was built based on mutual agreement with its inhabitants, think again. No minority is greater than the majority and they just have to suck it it.

    Whether these people are true on their objections or just out to create some news, no one is above the greater good. So even if this matter whip up a political storm (i am pretty sure PR are now preparing a plot for this issue), the one to lose out would be everyone else if this project is delayed indefinitely.

  45. Anonymous9:34 pm

    monsterball... one ANGRY sour grape frothing at the mouth.

  46. Anonymous9:42 pm

    I am greatly saddened by the negative comments from various quarters. Majority of the PZ Owners are senior citizens who bought their homes many years ago. Some as long as 30 years ago with 3rd generation living in them still. Many have suffered for over a decade (health-wise e.g. hearing, lead toxicity, vibration, etc.) as a result of the LDP (the LDP is at least 50 metres away) but now the MRT-line will be a whole lot nearer… too close for comfort. Literally, right in front of our faces. When we open our windows “Good morning MRT!!!” virtually. Due to this, devaluation in property prices is inevitable as was made known by Jones Lang Wotton (MRT’s own panel of valuers, who did a series of valuation (on MRT’s instruction). It was MRT (the CEO himself) who came to us (after he heard of our predicament). It was the CEO who mooted the idea of a “Willing buyer – Willing seller” proposition because he says he empathise with our situation but renege on what he himself undertook to do (with many of his convincing persuasions which came to naught). All the PZ Residents (without exception) welcomed the MRT project because of the great benefits to the people at large. But, seeing a drop in our property prices is totally unacceptable. Surely in all such mammoth projects, there are ample fund allocation to meet such circumstances (be it Singapore, the UK or wherever MRT is built), fundings are made available (google and browse to read this). I fully agree with my fellow PZ Resident, that many people are oblivious and are not aware of all the relevant and pertinent facts. Our backs are against the wall, literally. I also agree that the Writ is a public record. Please read the contents of the Statement of Claim. I also agree 100% that we (the PZ Residents) were hoodwinked by MRTCo.

  47. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Malaysian MRT & public transport system is playing catch up with that of Singapore Korea & Hong Kong.


  48. Anonymous12:10 am

    I don't wanna to relate with political motivated.The case same like LRT extension from Bukit Jalil to Puchong.The station in Kinrara very close to terrace house just a few metre..of course lah itu tanah fed,cuba fikir kalau station LRT or MRT depan rumah minister,,agak2 dia marah tak?

    Talk big cock...clever to throw stones ..throw eggs...throw paint at cars and houses and run like hell.
    Do you know why Anwar is shouting..
    He is very sad to see his race behave like jarkuns....all from Umno b party.

    1. Anonymous10:09 pm

      Engkau la mcm jakun maarip. Kaki cucok fitnah orang cakap pon mcm binatang iblis...1.36am.

  50. Anonymous4:11 am

    So many ignorant Malaysians commenting - so let's just state the facts here. I grew up in TTDI, and lived there some 20 odd years. It wasn't always elitist. Back then it was just a satellite township. My parents bought our house for $170k thereabouts back in the 80s. If you've been to Pinggiran Zaaba, it's not all big bungalows you know. Would it make sense to have a railway line so close to your home? What about the sound pollution and drop in quality of life? Would you like it if you purchased a property, and have it appreciate in value, but then all of a sudden it is worth nothing, and your life suffers as well? Would you like it if a big corporation offer you something on a amicable basis, but later renege on it, and keep pushing you around like you are a person without rights? I for one welcome the convenience of the MRT, but everything associated with the project needs to be above board and transparent.

  51. Anonymous6:31 am

    Anon 9.34

    Will be there with you and your keris against monsterball.

    We don't need to use any weapons, just need to twist his ears and he'll be peeing in his own pants in no time.

    Hahaha, coward Monsterball will never reveal his real name!

  52. OMG, just because their address is in TTDI.. they are automatically great lords and tycoons???

    Go read the writ of summon yourself. I HAVE! Those people suing the MRT now are living in Pinggir Zaaba (PZ), my friends. My advice is, take a drive to PZ and see for yourself before putting in your comments.

    These are not those big castle-like bungalows. These are old terrace houses. And many of those living there now are the original owners with their kids and grand kids. Some of the original owners have even passed away and those living in those houses are their kids and their families. They bought the house in the 70's and 80's, which is about 20-35 years ago. And the price must not have been more than RM100-150k at that time. They are not big tycoons or high ranking corporate people. They are ordinary people, who just happened to buy a house in a good area with an appreciating value. And they are retired now (or passed away).

    If true that the gov have misled them (through MRTco of course) in any way, then let them fight for their rights. If true that the project is taking away what is theirs, then let them fight on. I would do the same if anyone were to try violate my rights or what is mine.

    I for one, do not want development that violates other people's right - be it majority or minority; be it rich or poor; be it male of female. Everyone has rights. How?? well, I vote every 4 years for that very purpose - to form a government to think of solution to this kind of problem.. development without violating anyone's right.

    So, YB-YB sekalian, please think of a solution. Don't simply hide behind the 'majority rules' tagline and bulldoze as you wish.

  53. For a house worth 150k twenty years ago. That's quite pricey to me.

    Monsterball: Selipar Jepun is to cover my hand from your filthy face. Get what I mean?

  54. Pricks! Build the MRT and let us marhaen travel with ease! Enough that we have to put up with your shitty collection of 10 BMWs per house and refuse to let us enjoy our life just because your property price is affected. Bunch of selfish pricks!

  55. hi idiot Anon 6.31 am....Rocky and most bloggers have met me...and ate together.
    LKS....Anwar...Nurul..Mat Sabu..all have spoken with me.
    Do not make a fool of yourself. talk cock and I do not need to know what an idiot like you trying to say.
    House bought for 150K developer price in Subang Jaya...25 years now worth close to RM1 million.

  56. TEH YEAN TIONG5:24 pm


  57. Amril Samsudin5:42 pm

    hoi monsterball @ 2.38pm,

    So you have ate together with famous bloggers.

    You have spoken to many famous pakatan leaders such as LKS,Anwar,Nurul and Mat Sabu.

    So, what? Tell lah what's the point you're driving here? Don't lah start sounding like a drunkard being stopped by a cop and start shouting "hey, you kenal saya siapa? so and so (big shots) all selalu teh tarik sama saya you know...that minister and and that minister selalu cakap sama don't mess with me!" Or perhaps, your head is at the maximum spin from the too many spinnings you've been doing!?

  58. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Hey Rocks! did i read tihs correct?

    monster no ball say;

    `hi idiot Anon 6.31 am....Rocky and most bloggers have met me...and ate together.'

    is it True?

    my question is : senile this sohai is? many ex wife (4 or more) ? it true his next wife will be Teresa Cock?

    WOWWW monster no ball marry Teresa Cock can you imagine????

  59. Anonymous11:49 am

    To Rocky bru first.Thank u 4 creating the awareness of the true plight of the residents of PZ. Stalin, annonymous all n so called
    professor, lack of knowledge of the actual living situation that has arisen doesn't call for uncalled name
    calling n words which only reflect your own lowdown character.
    no one along PZ is AGAINST the MRT
    project. However if the CEO has projected himself to an extent of
    making statements to assure n ensure that the PZ residents will
    not be affected adversely, then he
    should be taken to task. The residents are only asking that they be compensated fairly or the line be realigned further from their homes on the buffer zone. If you are such smart alecks, can you explain why the line running along the main road should cut into PZ for some 300 metres n some 6metres from your doorstep? enlighten me please!
    I don't want to come down to your
    low level of thinking. I am one of the affected residents n i have been reading people who are in no way affected by the line making wisecracks n showing their ignorance.THe claim that we are rich is a misnomer as my wife n I
    are retirees,having lived in PZ for
    37 years, from the time TTDI was built & NO ONE WANTED TO LIVE THERE.
    If you want to have a one on one discussion why don't you come to PZ
    n have a chat with us affected residents n see for yourselves what's happening. When the PR of MRT makes statements like " we will not encroach into PZ" is not the most blatant misleading statement,
    then what is. He has learnt well from his master the CEO.

  60. Anonymous3:54 pm

    The title of this Blog “Taman Tun elites sue MRT” is most misleading and bias by itself. Seriously, it is both a misdeed and disfavour inflicted upon a peace-loving folk who happen to reside in Pinggir Zaaba. Why do I say this! There are reasons and a number of points I would like to highlight here:-
    1. Firstly, Pinggir Za’aba is the very FIRST Phase of Tmn Tun Dr Ismail back in the 1970’s. Developers’ price then was @ RM57K per standard unit. Mind you, back in those days, many “shun” this area. It was “jungle-like” and more a Malay community (more than 90% Malays). How would they know that TTDI will be what it is today, not in their “wildest” dreams?
    2. Purchasers then were ordinary people like any other layman on the street “nobody” and certainly NOT “elites” of the day. Just because these link houses (mind you, these are “link houses” – Please go, take a good LOOK at the houses) that has appreciated in prices in tandem with many other properties in the vicinity. How is it that these plain ordinary people are now (all of a sudden) “catapulted” and branded as “Taman Tun Elites”? Just because their property prices have appreciated, that again, is not on account of any of their own doing (but by market forces)?
    3. The group who filed the civil suit are certainly not influential people of the day as so claimed. Had they been influential, the civil suit would not be necessary. In fact, the MRT-line would have been re-aligned or gone “underground” or a “buyout” would easily been arranged, had these people been “INFLUENTIAL”. Why are these people LEFT OUT in the COLD..!!! God knows… MRT knows too and those people in high places know TOO (especially those who REJECTED the proposal…). This by itself is proof enough that the group is not INFLUENTIAL. Contrariwise, are NOT the latter (i.e. MRTcorp and the like) Are THESE not really the TRUE INFLUENTIAL ELITES (who WIELD unfettered POWERS to THROW their weight “at will” and put in “jeopardy” the livelihood of the group at their WILL & FANCIES, as opposed to this SMALL insignificant group of Taman Tun residents ??? Surely, you can’t be that easily swayed into believing that this small paltry group being depicted here as the VILLAINS and as this blog puts it: Taman Tun “elites” as being INFLUENTIAL? I, for one, can’t buy that story. Not for one second.
    PART 1 (PZ Plight)

  61. Anonymous3:57 pm

    4. Rocky bru, I would also share your disappointment, if this SMALL group of residents is suing a company that is building a transport system for the future FOR THE PEOPLE. But that isn’t the case. It wasn’t what you thought it to be! FYI, this small group (in fact, the whole stretch of PZ) was “high-spirited” when news of MRT-line was abuzz (ALL, without exception, accepted with open arms). Why wouldn’t they? A project that will bring enormous benefit to the people at large. The construction of LDP stands as proof enough that this insignificant group are “self-giving” and a “sacrificial” lot. Had you known what these minor group had to put up with the “atrocities” inflicted on them (on a daily basis… 24/7) you wouldn’t have been quite that “disappointed” as you have pre-supposed. I feel you have “jumped the gun”.
    5. Allow me to put an allegory to you. Ever since LDP came a calling, life have been as “hell” (hearing-impairment, minutely-fine dust particles settling in their living area & rooms.. God knows how much has gotten into their lungs, also every other hour or so, when a heavy truck passes, vibration is felt PLUS the noise pollution is most excruciatingly “unbearable” such that ALL doors & windows are kept closed TIGHTLY… guess what, the “electric bills” sky-rocket. Even that, the “pesky” dust follicles manages to gain entry into the house and forms a “layer”. All you need do is to put your finger over the desk or chairs and tables, etc. and you will understand what I say. All these (LDP-related troubles) are liken to a “keris” plunged into the depths of the hearts of the PZ residents. Now, with the MRT-line (mind you, MRT is significantly nearer than LDP) it is as though, the same “keris” that is stuck within, is being TWISTED and TWIRLED to deal a SECOND deathblow.

    (Part 2 - PZ Plight)

  62. Anonymous3:58 pm

    6. This minority group have their fair share of “roller-coaster” experience (the highs and lows). First, news of their houses will be acquired by SPAD (Notice was NAILED on tree trunks). Then, the news that no acquisition will take place (because MRT-line is within the 6 metres limitation). All hopes were dashed. Then, MRTcorp came into the picture. The CEO, wow! He appeared as the “knight in shining armour”. You must listen to the CD to know what I am saying (please note, the CD recording was done by none other than MRTcorp themselves…). Boy! The CEO was a “smooth & suave” fellow.
    7. If someone were to tell you this: “I know what you are going through coz’ if I am in your shoe, I will feel the same as you do and the CEO continues and says, in the whole of TTDI, PZ is the most severely affected by the MRT-line and if I am living in your house, I feel as you do. Let me know what is there more that is to know, so I may feel what you feel…. And, many more comforting words. The PZ folks walked out of that meeting with heads held “high” and “most hopeful” but only to find in their utter dismay their HOPES gone up in smoke (that is, after more than a year or so of cordial engagements with MRTcorp). What I can agree with Rocky-bru is this though, when he wrote: ”its new CEO, had done quite well to continually engage the affected residents. Apparently not.” Of a truth, the engagements were quite good and moving towards fruition of a sealed deal, of a "Willing buyer - Willing seller basis". But ALAS, that wasn’t the case… You know what, Rocky-bru! The CEO didn’t even have the COURTESY or DECENCY to break the NEWS about the “rejection by SCC” nor did he attempt to “salvage” the situation. This is most disheartening and a CRUEL BLOW of disappointment upon DISAPPOINTMENTS. Rocky-bru, these PZ folks, comprise mostly of retirees SENIOR CITIZENS. How much more MUST they take?
    8. In passing, Akhramsyah, or as he is affectionately known among the PZ folks only as Akhram. Akhram, NEVER held out nor is he desirous to be called “son of a Tan Sri”. FYI, had this “MRT dilemma” not surfaced, I would not have known that he was “son of a Tan Sri”. As to why his name appeared in FULL, this is due to newspaper’s requirement and ruling.

    (Part 3 - PZ Plight)

  63. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    It's rather shameful how the word "elites" is associated with something bad or negative. Elite, in meaning, is a good word. If you are the elite of society, you are influential, top-notch, iconic. Whoever gave these people the idea that the elites are arrogant, crooked, and ungrateful?

    Gong Xi Fa Chai

  64. Anonymous3:59 pm

    The word "elites" is not a bad or negative word by itself, like many other high-sounding words. It’s how the word "elites" is being used and the way it is carried and depicted, that’s the question.
    Looking at the title “Taman Tun elites sue MRT” and the manner in which the writer pens off “I am quite disappointed that it had to come to this: a group of residents suing a company that is building a transport system for the future.” When you piece these two together, the word "elites" will automatically carry an undesirable connotation and that transmits a negative effect.
    For the record, the meaning of the word "elites" connote leaders, the best, the cream of the crop, a privilege few, influential and select few.
    I do not dispute that there may be elites (leaders and select few) within Taman Tun but I disagree that elites are found in Pinggir Zaaba (leaders and select few who are the elite of society), that I disagree. One look at these houses in Pinggir Zaaba (fronting the MRT-line), it will leave you with no doubt that it is highly unlikely the Taman Tun elites (cream of the crop) reside there.
    I am disappointed at (“Gong Xi Fa Chai – 4:36 pm)’s conclusion and I quote “Whoever gave these people the idea that the elites are arrogant, crooked, and ungrateful?” How did he decipher and interpret the elites as arrogant, crooked and ungrateful? It’s mind-boggling. What gave him that idea??

  65. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Apparently every comment assumed that the promise was made. What if there was no promise? What if the promise was to consider the request and put it to the government to consider?
    And those that say "why build MRT line in TTDI where everyone has cars", are clearly dumb. No point explaining why.
    And if it is true that Aziz Rahman tua kerepot is representing them, then why isn't HIS group (ie Bukit Damansara Residents Association) suing MRT Corp as well? After all, their papers allege MRT Corp hasn't got the proper approvals to build the entire system. Why didn't he sue MRT Corp in his capacity as leader of the Damansara Heights RA?


  66. Anonymous10:05 am

    So, okay lah, 1 Saree or 2 Saree distance from their homes.

    Since they complaint so much, I suggest gov take over their homes.

    I suggest government give these people PPR homes as compensation.

    Maybe Anwar Ibrahim can come rescue them. Send Tian Chua to bite the construction workers.

  67. Well and good that we are progressing for better technology and all but have sensitivity for those actually living there. What was once a cozy road now looks bare without the trees. Not to mention the dust and noise which will come later. Fortunately, I don't live there but I still feel for the residents of PZ. Now for those who are responsible, HONOR YOUR PROMISE PLEASE!

  68. AdamKamil7:48 pm

    Indeed MRT is a project that even residence of TTDI supports. Nevertheless, the residence feels that they have been totally disregarded in terms of safety measures such as security. Most workers that work right in front of their houses are foreigners and of course safety issues are a major concern especially when old ladies and kids are left at home alone during day time. Even when MRT Corp has rejected all the proposed compensation or buy over proposals in the past that left the residence with not much choice, but as a company that takes pride in national projects for the people, they ought to be sensitive towards these concerns before any unwanted tragedy happens that would then be too late for everyone.