Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taib tells Soros to come to Sarawak and "see for yourself"

Taib: Yet another "assassination"attempt

"Don't be blind". We know financial speculator George Soros is behind quite a few non-governmental outfits in Malaysia, taking potshots at, making exposes about or just keeping a watchful eye on the Malaysian government. We also know now that these outfits are increasing and heightening the level and volume of attacks as the General Election draws nearer. The Global Witness' "dirty" video on Taib Mahmud, for example, has been dubbed in Iban in order to bury the hate deeper into a community long on the Opposition's target list.

Soros: Channels money to many local NGOs

The Transparency International Malaysia, another NGO that received money from Soros, has defended the Global Witness' allegations in the video and wanted the MACC and other relevant authorities to act on the Sarawak CM.

Low: Another Soros' apparatus?
Of course, Paul Low of TMI is going to defend a sister NGO spawned by the same man. Who pays Paul Low's salaries? Of course he is expected to defend Soros no matter what. You expect him to say that Soros had an agenda against the people of this country? You expect him to condemn Global Witness' inability to come up with a sliver of evidence to back its allegations against a state government of a sovereign nation, even though that nation is his own country of birth? 

Pehin Seri Taib also knows that Soros is behind the latest attempt to assassinate his character and tarnish the image of Sarawak. When I asked him after dinner yesterday if he knew Soros personally, or if he had said something that might have hurt the speculator, Taib said: 

"Sarawak happens to be part of Malaysia, (a country) that he does not like."

Ah, yes, Malaysians who are old enough know of the famous spat between Soros and Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1998 at the height of the crippling Asian currency crisis. The Malaysian PM had smoked out Soros and blamed him for making profits at the expanse of over half a billion people whose developing economies had suffered tremendously. In some of the countries, governments were toppled and lives lost in riots. Malaysia escaped by the skin of her teeth because of one man's tenacity and the support he had from his people.

"But George Soro is blind to the facts. If there is any fairness in him, he can come to Sarawak and see for himself. Go from Lembang or Lawas to Kuching and he will see nothing ... but trees and most of them natural and some of which are oil palm ...". [More details, read Pakatan outspends BN in Sarawak Part l by Syed Akbar Ali, 28/3/13].

"They want me to preserve the Penans in their pristine condition. I will be accused of discriminating these people if I'd done that. The 5,000 Penans deserve better than the nomadic lifestyle they had been forced to exist," Taib said.

But while Soros' involvement in the Global Witness video did not surprise him, Taib was disturbed by the great length the NGO went just to "manufacture evidence" against him did. "Mereka benar2 mahu cipta bukti. But there's no evidence ... (just a) campaign (for the general election)!"

We asked him if the State was not going to counter the increasing number of attacks, especially on the Internet and radio. "There are too many of them. And we have work to do. And I can't afford to hire 200 bloggers to defend me, we don't have that kind of budget ...," he said in reference to the kind of cyber outfit his opposition runs in Sarawak.

To be continued sometime later ...

In the meantime, is there a Soros-funded outfit in Malaysia that actually highlights and promotes good news and things about Malaysia? Think about it ...


  1. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Rocky, apasal banyak kuat defend Taib...Taib tu "dirty" tahu, kuat rasuah !!

    Hari tu kata 'Global Witness' Anwar punya conspiracy sekarang pulak kata George Soros ....Rocky ni pon sama dgn Madey, Anwar dan Soros saje yg selalu buat conspiracy kat UMNO..kah..kah..kah....

    Rocky ni sudah jadi bodoh dan giler dah.....

  2. Anonymous9:29 pm

    there is no more spring in the west, it is a falling. it is no longer easy to make an easy money.

    the one uprising in the east is so impenetrable as it is surrounded by the great wall.

    the only chance for baby boomer speculators to make a come back is by using the developed/third world but then this part of the world has already changed a lot...sorry, maa!

  3. Crying wolf again when caught with his pants down?

    Ask Taib to explain how he accumulated US40 billion in wealth in real estate companies in USA and bank deposits in Switzerland (check out 'Swiss President Orders an Investigation into Taib’s Assets!' at

    The we just might start to worry if Soros is behind it all in exposing corruption in Taib's Sarawak administration for the last 32 years!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Anonymous9:56 pm

    The video on Taib Mahmud by Global Witness has got no value. It is just plain lying and insinuation. Nothing to implicate Taib. If there is evidence, I am sure action will be taken against him. The Pakatan with so many lawyers amongst them should know that you can't take action against anyone without evidence or their worthless Statutory Declaration (SD). These Pakatan people are despicable, preying on the innocent with their lies, insinuation and rumour mongering. If they have the evidence, make a report. The govt have never shied from taking action against corrupt leaders. This has already been proven by those dealt with by the courts.


  5. Anonymous10:25 pm


    There are no Soros-funded outfit in Malaysia that actually highlights and promotes good news and things about Malaysia.

    As in other parts of the world, those foreign outfits, funds the opposition to overthrow governments that are not aligned to the west. Their own country's economy thrives when there are civil unrest in other parts of the world. In Malaysia they only create unrest that will hinder progress.


  6. Anonymous10:32 pm

    tak ada seorang pon dari UMNO/BN berani mempertahankan Taib, tiba-tiba keluar si Rocky,cukup hebat, cukup berani, abis global withess, kantoi george soros !!

    Terima kasih Rocky kasi selamatkan Taib dari Soros...esok Taib lagi jadi CM, seluruh sarawak punya balak akan dimiliki Rocky !!

  7. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Ah... I forgot.
    We should do as the Russian of the USA, i.e. All NGOs receiving funds from foreign sources must declare their accounts to the government. They must also declare to Malaysian public that they acts as 'foreign agents' and make them publish in their portal or newsletter or registration forms or whatever, mentioning as such.

    We have to enact a law such as 'foreign agent act'. This act could also be use to monitor terrorist activities, especially coming from Saudi Arabia which is the biggest ally of USA. Although there is absolutely no democracy in that Kingdom, yet the US is not saying anything against this ally of theirs.


  8. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Trying so hard to defend a known criminal. Shameful indeed. Who gave you the datuk title, rocky ? We are going to petition the giver of the title to take it back. We are not paid by soros. In hokkien, we say we do this because we are "too lan".

  9. IT.Sheiss12:54 am

    Anonymous wrote:-

    "there is no more spring in the west, it is a falling. it is no longer easy to make an easy money."

    Correct. Hence the push for modern-style colonialism.

    Intelligent people should read IMPERIALISM, THE HIGHEST STAGE OF CAPITALISM by V.I. Lenin, written in 1916 and you will see the parallels.

  10. tAIB can't afford to hire 200 bloggers to defend him, ahahhaha...kesian, miskin giler dia kan, hauahahahaha....

  11. Kammalluddin2:03 am

    Rocky,what a big bullshitter you are.
    You cannot be National Press Club president, a recognized club and have the cheek to call yourself president of "All Blogs" club which has never been approved by ROC.
    Presuming it is registered, is this the way how an "All Blogs" president write and behaving?
    Who and where are you committee member?
    Approve this if you dare.

  12. Dear Kamalludin,

    And what a big mo you are! I am neither president of the national press cub nor am I the president of all blogs you are a few years behind, ron.

  13. Anonymous4:50 am

    A very, very simple question that gets lost in all the spinning- are the accusations in the video false?

  14. Anonymous6:42 am

    Kalau banding taib dgn anwar..dia x main china doll, x main bontot, x kena inject arsenik dan virus hiv...tang virus hiv tu memang sah anuwar anugerah...x mati dia...

    Nk compare dgn lge..klu wat cec pbb, x salah kira, kalu wat projek x salah taip cam lge wat trowong..

    Actually gangster dap yg paling byk wat illegal logging then jual nama taib..seludup brg nk lepas kastam jual nama taib..taib x main la kecik2..hihihi

  15. charleskiwi7:48 am

    You have also conveniently to mention who is funding your blogging ? You don't live on fresh air and sunshine.

  16. Anonymous7:52 am




  17. Anonymous9:12 am

    Lagi Lagi Soros, Lagi Lagi Soros.


    If there is as most people agree, then Rocky the Brute is defending a Corrupt Robber Baron.

    Is Rocky also Getting Some?


  18. Anonymous9:13 am

    Heh Heh Kamaluddin,

    Rocky is The President of The Society of the Corrupt.


  19. Anonymous9:25 am

    I think that's good for Soros to back the global NGO to investigate the massive corruption of Sarawakian leaders who treat their own people like shit as squatters on their own land.

  20. Anonymous9:25 am

    we can't even trust a local boy Perkasa but at the same time putting 100% trust to a foreign boy (global witness)? what is this?

    actually, nobody care if some one is anglophilic centric or what but to be blinded easily by a foreign boy, reveals who they really are!

  21. Anonymous9:43 am

    Rocky is saying Taib is an angel and Soros and Paul Low are devils. How low can you go when the whole world knows what kind of person Taib is?

  22. Anonymous9:50 am

    Alamak Latuk, lu tiap2 kali defen itu criminal Taib buat apa ? Lu ada dapat tanah untuk kelapa sawit ke ?

  23. something's very wrong with rocky's logic, reasoning and moral values!

    If NGOs are supported by suspected figures, go ahead, hentam them kau-kau for all I care.

    But to use this to protect and defend a guy just bcos he did "some good" to some natives but blind to all the many other "sins" committed, YOU MUST BE NUTS AND VERY IMMORAL!!!!

  24. Anonymous10:23 am

    I have no doubts there is a hidden hand in many incidents lately, however i doubt very much the fact that Taib is not corrupted. I have given up in him since he did not fulfilled his promise to step down after last PRK Sarawak. He's an asshole for not doing that, and BN is an asshole party for letting Taib taking them for a ride. Look where this got BN? another enormous scandal right before GE? how do you plan to mitigate this shit? defending him? telling ppl the video is nothing but a lie? Look. If its a lie why does not Taib report this to the police? why dont him press charges on the 2 woman in the video? Defending him, when he himself does not really defending himself making you a less credible person boss.

  25. Anonymous10:28 am

    You said Soros makes money and creat miseries for others.Isn't he a businessman and what do you expect a businessman to do? Give you money just like that?
    The reason why Mahathir hates Soros is because Soros is smart enough to make money out of currency speculation,but Mahathir lost billiions trying to do the same thing( speculates currency trading between British pound and RM).

  26. Anonymous11:55 am

    why Soros have selective intrest in Sarawak but at the same time close one eye at the amount of plundering that has been going on in Penang dan Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor, doesn't reflect positively on them...there is a hidden agenda.

  27. Anonymous12:03 pm


    frankly speaking CAP is more credible than the GW

    at least we know for sure that CAP is for the public!

  28. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I agreed with you that we should defend our paymaster no matter how dirty they are because we must slave to money, and more,more money.Assuredly that our soul will suffer eternity at end times if we allow our flesh to enjoy during lifetimes shortspan.

  29. Anonymous12:41 pm

    kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah rocky bru oiiiiii, tetiba jadi pak lawak

  30. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Taib Mahmud takes all the foreign journalists to the jungles of Sarawak. He tells them "See how green my land is ?" But he didn't tell them that the big logs are all gone, felled by Rimbunan Hijau, Ting Pek Khiing, and all of Taib's cronies. What is left is secondary jungle with non-commercial timber.

    After the journalists leave, Taib tells his cousins to proceed with selling the land to "investors" to plant oil palm. A few years later, he takes journalists to see the land. He tells them "see how green my land is?" Oil palm trees as far as the eye can see.

    Latuk Locky: Do you see how green the land is in Sarawak ?


  31. IT.Sheiss1:48 pm

    Anonymous wrote:-

    "You said Soros makes money and creat miseries for others.Isn't he a businessman and what do you expect a businessman to do? Give you money just like that?"

    If he is that kind of businessman who thrives on the misery of other then he deserves to be shot, guillotined or whatever.

    "The reason why Mahathir hates Soros is because Soros is smart enough to make money out of currency speculation,but Mahathir lost billiions trying to do the same thing( speculates currency trading between British pound and RM)."

    Speculation should be banned and it was under the socialist order and will be in the future revived socialist order.

    However, while the capitalist system and framework exists, Mahathir may have lost billions but Soros' manipulation of Malaysia's currency would have caused lots of hardship to ordinary people.

    I know a businessman who lost RM140,000 because the exchange rate was RM4 to the pound when he quoted his customer and RM6 to the pound when he had to pay his principal.

    Two other businessmen, including my cousin said that the rapidly fluctuating ringgit exchange rate made it difficult for them to quote for projects, which have long lead times and they hoped that the government would do something to stabilise the exchange rate and Mahathir later imposed a pegged exchange rate and currency controls.

    I used to call Mahathir "Bagairo San" (Mr. Bloody Fool) but politics aside, I supported his currency controls.

    I was a strong supporter of the opposition all along until I began to see opposition supporters like you who admire the likes of Soros just because you hate Mahathir.

    No I don't think Taib is an angel but is the other side attacking him some kind of "saviour" of Sarawak people or just out to use the Sarawak people for their own geo-strategic and economic gain.

    Just look at Egypt and Tunisia. Are the people there better off after Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were deposed in uprisings supported and influenced by US imperialism and NGO agencies funded by it?

    Malaya itself has a history where a sultan of a state acepted British help to defeat the sultan of another state in return for accepting a British Advisor and after that, the sultan was beholden to that advisor. That was a less direct form of colonialism but de-facto colonialism nonetheless.

    I don't care what politics parties or individuals profess -- even "Marxist-Leninist" but of they accept politicall-motivated funding and assistance from agencies funded by imperialist governments or suck up to imperialists such as Paul Wolfowitz and the Neoconservative American Enterprise Institute, then they are not worth my consideration.

  32. PAPACROOKOMO2:35 pm

    RM500,000,000 war chest surely can Buy-Off just about anyone and Birkins!!!

  33. Godfather,

    Foreign journalists that gullible, ah? And here you are lapping up these other foreigners.

    1. Anonymous7:59 pm

      Bru, the gullible one is YOU. You quoted taib's proud statement of greenery....mostly natural trees, some oil palm.

      I am disgusted why you could be a party to such a charade. Logging and the converting what remains of the jungle to oil palm constitutes "greenery" ?

  34. Anonymous4:27 pm


    Trying to Pin the blame on anyone and anything that moves.

    Aduhaiiii Apa Nak Jadi dengan UMNO?

    Terpaksa harap pada ex General Pakai Tongkat yang sudah lama pencen dan past usable date.

  35. Anonymous4:30 pm


    Najib is a General beating a Retreat.

    Kalau Bolih Nak Postphone the War!?

  36. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Latuk Locky, u are simply trying to defend the un-defendable what is your motive everyone knows.

    how evil can UMNO be, you are making it even more evil. Do you think Allah will agree with you?

  37. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Taib invited Soros to see with his naked eyes but we wonder whether Nik Aiz, LGE and the likes would do the same, since Penang and Kelantan have more interesting scenery: fallen trees, shaven lands and hills. Uhh, until the cows come home?

  38. Anonymous9:20 pm

    It seems that this hypocritical foreigner is more interested to protect the animal habitat more than human habitat. Why?

  39. Kammalluddin10:43 pm

    Have the decency to spell my name correctly.
    Yes,I was quoting the past few years behind that you are a liar and bullshitter.

  40. Any hard proof to implicate taib or not?

    Or u people simply like to spew venomous of lie, cheat and manipulation? Knowing ur people kind of mentality,.it's in the blood isn't it? Just wonder how could u people can live without conscience? Is this the way your parent teach about life and then your turn teach your children this way?

  41. IT.Sheiss11:29 pm

    Taib is no angel but if Taib is replaced by someone else from the opposition, what will the new administration do to make the lives of the Sarawak people better?

    The politics of Sarawak is not much different fro that of the Philippines - i.e. it is a jostling for power among elite families and factions.

    ANyone old enough to remember the ouster of Marcos and his replacement by Corazon Aquino should ask that while the Philippines people perhaps have more freedom of speech, press, etc, what have the administrations which followed done to alleviate the hardships faced by the Philippines people, many of whom still leave their homeland to work as maids in other countries. What has changed but a new lord to rule over the same serfs?

    What wil change for the Sarawak people if Taib and his party are replaced by another lot?

  42. LGE conned people with the tunnel again. He's piratising Penang big time thinking people are stupid. Typical DAP supporters understandably agree with him totally coz they have no brains.

    In his recent reply to cap, this arrogant tokong showed how hypocritical he is. In manifesto says there's no toll. But Penang will have 30 year toll coz of this mega project. He complained bn toll excessive. But said the Penang toll will follow bn toll rates. He complained bn model of compensating concessionaire by toll only is a piratisation. In the tunnel project not only concessionaire obtains bn toll rate but obtained prime scarce land of Penang. This is piratisation at its worse in Malaysia. LGE tokong pirate. If you dare to challenge go to hakbersuara.wordpress. Rubbish this LGE. Worse are his gangster DAP supporters.

  43. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Well, at least Soros can account for how he made his billions.

    And I don't doubt that he's paid his fair share of taxes to the IRS.

    Can people in Malaysia do likewise for their millions or hundreds of millions and whether they paid their fair share of Malaysian taxes?

    And why should Soros be vilified for betting against the ringgit?

    Why didn't anyone bet against the Singapore dollar during the Asian financial crisis?

    That's something that Dr M has conveniently avoided answering!

    No, attacking Soros is the classic tactic of hammering someone in order to avoid exposing your own follies and mistakes. Of which there were plenty in Malaysia before the Asian financial crisis struck.

  44. Anonymous12:04 am

    have a lot of respect for you Rocky till you bersugnguh-sungguh defend si Korap kerepot DINOSAUR tak sedar diri ni. Soros or not kalo dah KOTOR tu KOTOR ajer lah. Tak consistent langsung. Bende macam ni lah buat kami malas nak gi vote.

  45. What's with orang Malaya here? Poking their noses in other people's affairs.
    Sarawakians have given a big mandate to their Pehin. Don't try to poison theit minds
    You should be looking out for Tokong, King Sod and Punjab who may be trounced badly in the coming polls
    People are tired of their mismanagement.
    Hidung tak mancung, pipi.tersorong-sorong

  46. i have a chinese friend who happenned to be a housing developer.

    before he become a successful developer he is well known Triad gang leader dealing in money laundering, extortion, smuggling, kidnapping and even killing his enemy.

    what are you going to do when you have tons of money?

    what happened is he become a housing developer by `cleansing' the money he gained from his dirty activity.

    and this is only the tip of an iceberg.

    `talk cock' about `hard work' attitude of this people and paying tax you say?

  47. Anonymous7:03 am

    The Penans, apa sekali pun even from the forest, they will have abundance of food the whole year round - they will never starve wan.

    This Soros fella shld put his money to better use, go to DARFUR.. I think those people need him more there..

    With his billions, go create some FOREST there, do something spectacular la for mankind!


  48. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Anon 2:38 am

    So, why didn't you report your "Chinese friend" to the income tax authorities, eh?

    You might have got a nice fat whistleblower hong bao!

    "Money laundering" is easy to allege. But hard evidence? Pfft....much as they have been saying about the guys in Sarawak.

    As for perwira 7:03 am, his inane comments, which are totally devoid of logic or any intellectual basis, are the stuff of legend by now.

    Obviously, he wasn't educated in an Ivy League institution! Or even in Singapore, come to think of it!

  49. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Anon 2:33 pm
    Alamak, lu mayak educated keluaq ceghoq mana? Singapore boling ler... only my Apek neighbours' kids yg tak pass BI or BM will go there for further studies, come back all looking kinky with dyed bloody red hairstyles like ayam hutan wan orh!

    Why not you aloso follow SOROS to DARFUR and help develop the place into another Singapore? Why sibuk2 kat Sarawak? Duk teliang balak kat sana ker?


  50. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Alamak, Perwira. The Apek kids who go and study in Singapore graduate with good and well-recognised diplomas and degrees (in English, some more) and score good jobs when they graduate.

    And beat the products of Malaysian polytechnics and universities hollow!

    Ask MNCs operating in Malaysia who they prefer to hire - a local Malaysian graduate or a Malaysian with a degree from NUS, NTU or SMU.

  51. Anonymous2:29 am

    RE: 10:13 pm

    'Anonymous said...
    Well, at least Soros can account for how he made his billions.

    And I don't doubt that he's paid his fair share of taxes to the IRS.

    Can people in Malaysia do likewise for their millions or hundreds of millions and whether they paid their fair share of Malaysian taxes?

    And why should Soros be vilified for betting against the ringgit?

    Why didn't anyone bet against the Singapore dollar during the Asian financial crisis?

    That's something that Dr M has conveniently avoided answering!

    No, attacking Soros is the classic tactic of hammering someone in order to avoid exposing your own follies and mistakes. Of which there were plenty in Malaysia before the Asian financial crisis struck.'

    Ever heard of 'business ethics', sir? What's your company name? I'll make sure never to engage you in business. :P

  52. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Rocky, you must be under Taib's payroll....No ????


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