Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Johor evening with Dr Mahathir

Event:  Statesman meets the people of/in Johor
Venue: PPR Kempas, Jalan Hospital Permai, Johor
Date:   Sunday 31 March 2013
Time:   8.30 pm
Lim Kit Siang is contesting Gelang Patah in Johor because the Pakatan crystal ball says he's got a good chance of winning. Everyone seems to understand that the DAP veteran wouldn't stick his neck for nothing. He would have done his math well before letting Anwar Ibrahim announce his candidacy, they said (read h e r e). 

Dr M's sacked deputy is now
Kit Siang's supreme  boss
Well, I don't think Kit Siang or his boss counted on Dr Mahathir Mohamad responding so swiftly or being interested in what he's doing. After isya' tonight, the Tun is meeting the Rakyat in/of Johor, somewhere not so far from where Kit Siang is holed in. I know for a fact that the people who are coming to listen to what the Statesman has to say are making their way from all over the country, not just the state and certainly not some local fans from Kempas or Gelang Patah.

  What Dr M will say - and how he will say it - will help form the defence as well as attack strategies for Umno and MCA, the two big components of the ruling Barisan Nasional state government, in dealing with DAP's big gamble in Johor. 

Dr M is scheduled to arrive in JB around tea time, so it is very likely that he will be meeting the local politicians from Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan before he address the Rakyat. These leaders will do well to listen closely now. But none will listen to what Mahathir will have to say as hard as Kit Siang will. After all, nobody rattles Kit Siang like the Old Man does ...

Kit Siang has predicted that Pakatan will take 8 states in the coming general election. Well, I did wonder if it was a typo in the press statement given by Kit. Could it be foolish pride? We'd hate to see Kit Siang growing over-confident. He must not forget that in March 2008, he did not have to contend with Dr Mahathir at all. This was because the ex-PM was busy leading a people's campaign against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Dr Mahathir did not campaign against PKR, PAS or DAP back then because as the Opposition, they did want Pak Lah to go. They didn't admit it but they needed Dr M's help. Without Mahathir's incessant pounding on/against the BN government back then, I don't think Pakatan - including Kit Siang - would have had such a great outing in March 2008. 


  1. Anonymous4:45 am

    Battle of the old folks. But TDM is many niches better in memory and deeds.

    Kit Siang used to oppose everything TDM did, but forgets that he is enjoying all those he did not want today. KLIA, Petronas, NS Highway etc were all opposed by him, but look who's enjoying it today?

    Of coures he will not remember the Penang Bridge. He wanted the ferry services to continue forever. At the opening of the Penang Bridge, which coincided with the launch of Proton Saga, LKS even reported to JPJ about Tun driving without a road tax on the bridge.

    But now he wants the tunnel and five more bridges. Forgot already?

    Back to the old folks. Think the two will come to a compromise? Say form a pact between DAP and UMNO? Kick out MCA, PAS, PKR and MIC? After all, these are the two stalwarts with winnable capabilities.

    Heck, anything is possible in politics, as shown by LKS in conveniently forgetting his slogans.


  2. Anonymous7:27 am

    why promote someone already pass expiry date. Latuk your expiry date is just around the corner.

  3. Anonymous8:09 am

    PAS beware,It's a pact between Anwar and Kit Siang to ensure that PAS didn't get upper hand if PR win in PRU 13.

    Both of them is hardcore secular which didn't want Islamic Party lead Malaysia.
    Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz don't sleep like Dollah Badui,Both of you should act more like federal politician and not act like State politician. You should not be seen as second man for both of them.
    In politics you should not fully trust your own allies because history has shown that in the event of deciding factor they will hijack the work that have you done.
    And both of you just satisfy as Jaguh Kampung at Kelantan and Trengganu or as Menteri Besar.

  4. Anonymous8:34 am

    I heard the old kit says that Tun M wants to return as PM. The old kit must be kicking nuts. Old kid,ais kepal and al-juburi are afraid of Dr M bcoz this statesman is one man they can't deceived. Let's hope they bungkus this election bcoz we have had enough of their bluffing and Malaysia can be truly Malaysian and move on towards high income with high integrity Malaysian.

  5. Anonymous9:54 am


    This general election is not about settling the score between Tun M & Anwar Ibrahim. It all about the rise of rakyat to claim what rightfully belong to them. Tun M can engineer all he wants to reclaim his priceless Kedah state but rakyat have had enough years being cheated by the ruling party.

  6. There is an error in the Mole's report. BN won 25 out of 26 parliamentary seats in Johor in 2008, not 24. The only one seat they lost is Bakri. Maybe typo error kut.

  7. Thanks, Annie. Will let the Molesters know.

    To err is human, to forgive is not Guan Eng the CM .. to paraphrase the Tokong.

    In any case, have they found Chua Jui Meng?

  8. Dear A Good Man Does Nothing,

    The younger Malaysians don't remember how Kit Siang did not want the NS Highway, uh. They should be told the truth. That the country's main thoroughfare would have not been there when they were born into this world if their fathers had listened to Kit Siang and Co's irrational rantings against progress and development.

  9. Anonymous10:40 am

    Kit Siang, how do you travel to Gelang Patah may I ask? By road? Did you take the highway? Don't forget to say thank you to Tun Dr Mahathir for making the NS Hightway possible ok.

    Oh, you fly aaah? Private jet? Whatever. Don't forget to thank Syed Mokhthar Al-Bukhari for making the Senai Airport so nice and comfortable. And the Senai highway to Gelang Patah ... wahlan, so fast ah!?

    Oh, I see, you fly via Changi. Old mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave you red carpet in Changi arrival aaah. Good for you. But don't forget to thank Dr Mahathir and Ghani the MB for the second bridge, ok. That Causeway so jam all the time but the second bridge so beautiful and so efficient kaaan?

    Thankful J

  10. Anonymous10:53 am

    nothing more than a desperate move to preserve legacy; and to turn one's dream into a reality, once in a life time.

  11. Anonymous11:12 am

    You said, "people ....coming to listen to what the Statesman has to say are making their way from all over the country".

    This does not happen just like that. They are coerced to come, with food, transport, accommodation, allowance all thrown in.

    The statesman is indeed a smart fisherman.

    But the point is, all these folks coming do not vote in Johor.

    So, of what use is the 'crowd', if it actually comes in droves to listen to him?

    Its Johore folks who decide on LKS's fate, not those from all over the country.


  12. Anonymous11:33 am

    for 44 years (1969-2013) of its political carrier, the life line has never was the Chinese majority area...and it still is and where it is expected to be many years from now. Nonetheless...

  13. Anonymous11:37 am

    Looks Like Najib is no Longer in the Picture!

    Now Mahathir and Daim is in Charge!

    And the Public is expected to Choose a Party Run under Proxy?!

  14. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Rocky and Madey...apasal banyak takut dengan LKS contest in Gelang Patah ?? LKS mesti kalah punya !!


  15. Is it not pathetic that the self-proclaimed Great Trandformers and Decepti-con Leader, Grossemajib, needs the help of the 'Apanama, I forget self-proclaimed benevolent dictator Maha Firaun, to campaign for him?

    Tells you, does it not, how much BUMNO/BN is in tatters.

    Maha Firaun a "Statesman"? Perhaps in Kerala or Kubang Pasu, but certainly not in Sabah and Sarawak and beyond overseas, where it counts.

    "After all, nobody rattles Kit Siang like the Old Man does." Nah, guess who had LKS arrested and jailed without trial under the ISA in Ops Lallang, 1987 out of fear, and then blamed IGP Hanif Omar for it?

    Btw, guess who reads the MSM and blogs? Check out

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  16. Anonymous1:31 pm

    we will see brader

  17. Salam Datuk, I remember what the UMNO acronym used to mean - Under Mahathir No Opposition. Yes, as applied to the opposition parties! The DAP tochang naik still believe the 2008 was their victory. With DS Najib and Tun MM on board and in of all places Johore, you wonder if the 2008 fluke has gone to their head.

    Best regards

  18. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Heh, heh....thankful j 10:40 am forgets that Lee Kuan Yew called Mahathir's bluff when the latter tried to play the "water card". Remember that episode? I don't think that Dr M has ever been faced down like that!

    So, it must be gall and wormwood for Dr M to see Badawi and Najib making nice with Singapore. So much so that Singapore is one of the biggest source of investments in Iskandar Malaysia.

    Obviously, Dr M must be "worried" that the Oppo could pull off a surprise win, or dent the BN's parliamentary and state assembly majorities even further. That doesn't say much for his confidence that Najib can deliver the "goods", does it?

  19. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Don't worry PR won't win the elections. I'm not a Malay but I am sick of their rhetoric.

  20. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Latuk, Dr M will be there campaigning, so what's the big deal? If his presence there can be that effective why not ask him to travel throughout the country to do the campaigning for Umno/BN? If he is able to change the mindset of voters, Najib would not have to delay the GE till today. Or why not ask him to stand against LKS in this coming GE to test his popularity? Many loves him, many hates him too, so his campaigning doesn't make a difference at all. But of course spinning is your job so I cannot blame you.

    1. Anon 322pm,

      You really don't like Kit Siang, uh. The Tun would make mincemeat of kit but hey he is retired, y'know, just like some politicians should have. No need to kill a roach with a hammer. I'd prefer if a young candidate takes on DAP's old man. But then your idea of pitting a non-Chinese against Kit is not bad, either. Khalid Samad has always enjoyed good Chinese support. Nur Jazelan is another good chap.

      By the way, is kit Siang giving more people a chance to serve or is he also contesting a state seat just in case Gelang Patah is broken?

  21. Anonymous4:47 pm

    What the fuck that old kid siang want to contest anywhere else when he done nothing to constituncies that he had won and lost earlier. He should just retire and enjoy life on what Tun Dr Mahathir had built the nation for rather than he (kid siang) live on spreading hatred and deceiving the rakyat.
    This kid old and young borned with full of hatred and ill feeling towards human living in harmony and progress.
    To all Dapsters, can you all list down the good things old lid had done towards nation building?.

  22. Anonymous5:04 pm

    anon 9:54

    ...'cheated by the ruling party'. in what way? another pkr duffer who swallows garbage? THINK b4 showing how stupid you are.

  23. Anonymous5:27 pm

    hey parameswara!

    you were talking about free speech some time ago. so why r u so upset TUN is in johor? lks and the kaki bontot is going round the country. so why cant TUN do so? your brain must be in your bontot!!

  24. Anonymous5:32 pm

    I cannot imagine Malaysia without the twin towers, F1, klia, lrt, highways, sukom, putrajaya and of course, Tun Mahathir.

  25. tebing tinggi5:44 pm

    What Kit siang got to offer to Johorean ?, ( only his air lior) othae then that what can he offer . What a quality of opposition we had spreading lies everywhere as he hop from one constituency to another.

  26. najib manaukau5:58 pm

    It is indeed so good to learn that the shenanigan Mahathir is so pro active in the coming GE. Remember he was very quite when AB won by a record of over 90% in his term without any help from the shenanigan.
    In fact the Malaysian voters all thought that the shenanigan had 'retired' and came out to rejoice that the shenanigan had 'retired ' and gave their almost full supporter to the BN, not withstanding the candidates from Umno and the lackeys. However when on the second GE when the shenanigan revealed to the voters that indeed he did not 'retire'. Far from it he was even more pro active than when he was the P.M. and for that very reason AB and all his candidates lost by a land slide.
    Therefore the more active the shenanigan is the better the chances the opposition will be.Just look at the numerous by elections when every time when the shenanigan was pro active all the candidates lost. When he did not stick his heads out the candidates won. Surely that are signs of his popularity ! Please ensure to publish all his every activities in all your blogs as much as possible. Just wait to see the results !

  27. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Anwar,kit siang....afraid of TDM , Tun d only person who can handle and shut up kit siang n Anwar.

  28. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Boleh suruh orang tua ni duduk diam-diam. Kalau bukan kerana dia, Malaysia akan jadi negara yang lebih baik berbanding sekarang.

  29. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Johore is the political base for Tun Musa Hitam and Dato Shahril.No ody will listen to Tun Mahathir.Dont waste rile La.

    DAP will wipe out MCA in Malaysia history.

  30. Anonymous7:57 pm

    it is a good feeling to be so near to the PAPi but PAPi by itself don't even have a single vote to contribute unless they plan to become the ghostly voters!

  31. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Aiyah still recycling old politicians like Dr M and LKS
    At least Pakatan has young ones waiting in the wings like Nurul Izzah,Antony Loke, Rafizi, Aishah being nurtured by the old guard.
    Umno doesn't seem to nurture young talent even Khairy is beginning to be old now not fresh any more. It seems young people who want to make serving the rakyat their career are gravitating towards pakatan. In umno we see only the children of past leaders waiting to take over. Those kids who are born with silver spoons in their mouth.

  32. Anonymous9:30 pm


    can dapster list down what good the oppo have done for the nation and rakyat - hard bread and butter ones

    apart from spawning some acronym and self serving political slogan

  33. Anonymous2:29 am

    Dr M = Malaysia's one and ONLY genius and visionary..well ahead of the pack as always. wonder what are Anwar's and Kit Siang's major contributions or even Lee Kuan Yew's for that matter:

    why even the Chinese South China Morning Post can see the daylight where Malaysians can't.

  34. What tun says is correct. Kit siang ini dah begitu lama, tak ubah ubah lagi. Lets ubah kit siang. No more LKS in politics. No more chauvinistic racist politics of lks. Ubah! Ubah! Ubah!

  35. Anonymous10:32 am

    I bet DAP and PKR chinese wil be the biggest minority share holders of LYNAS soon..and will be the darling of the Australia..soon all the Malays workforce in LYNAS will be relegated to cuci jamban, cucu mesen, coffee boys to anal crazed xxxxx, jaga, clerk, mekanik, despatch...the cream of the jobs will go to???????

    Sharifah Fauziah
    ex PKR member No. XX236

  36. Anonymous11:09 am

    Listen to this guy..

    THis is the same Dr M who left UMNO and sabotage his own party because he din get what he wants.Causes his party to lose 2/3 majority and now put his party in trouble. At least LKS stay true to his party till he die..


  37. Anonymous11:33 am

    This Keralalite managed to convince Melayus like Latuk Locky that he is more Malay than any of the Malays. This Keralalite managed to hang on to power for 22 years, through a combination of instilling fear and coercion via state apparatus. Now he is fearful that his son may not make it if Pakatan wins, so he campaigns like he himself is going to run for office.

    This Keralalite deserves the legacy of people like Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak - a traitor to the rakyat to the very end.

    "And now, the end is near....." Latuk Locky's favourite song....


  38. Anonymous11:35 am


    Please remind the Mamak that he is retired. Or the people will have to retire him for good.

  39. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Breaking news!
    Najib has just dismissed Parliament and called for GE13!
    You read it from Rocky Bru blog!!!

    Loof Lirpa

  40. Anonymous1:10 pm

    We hope the dirty wealth of the old man and his family will be confiscated when Pakatan comes into power.

  41. if TDM become PM again we will welcome him with an open arm in fact we will carry him on our shoulder while he kissing the keris.(GET LOST SOTONG!!!)

    our agenda remained the same BUMIPUTRA (malay, iban kadazan etc.) shall have 60% of our country ECONOMY SHARE since the majority chinese community will vote for DAP this coming GE.

    another 20% of the Economy share shall be reserved exclusively to the Indian Community.

    the balance belong to chinkies Christo community.

    and PAS will be united with UMNO again and it doesnt matter who the PM will be, as long he/she is BUMIPUTRA origin (malay, iban, kadazan etc) and protect our interest.

    ENOUGH of more than hundred years cheating, lie, dishonest and manipulation.

    long live UMNO! long live BN!

  42. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Pakatan wins kalo, 10years foreign investors ketaq lutut nak masuk melabuq kat Malaysia.. what wth clowny leaders like the Tanjong fella suka sue siapa aje dan selalu asyik tak nak kawan dengan oghang.

    Syabas TDM, you are one in a billion, the BEST!


  43. Anonymous12:28 am

    Those who says Tun M is irrelevant must be living under a coconut shell.. Hes been the deciding factors previously and still. The PKR goon is still dreaming thinking the rakyat choose them because we like them.. we only gave the vote because we hated KJ and Pok Lah treat Tun M.. The PKR goon can keep on dreaming.

    Had the opportunity to shake hand with Tun M yesterday in Permas even though there is a crazy crowd queuing up to do the same.

    Even had the opportunity to met up with Dato Rockys in person.

    We definitely will Ganyang LKS here in Gelang Patah...:)


  44. Anonymous10:03 am

    Anon 2:29 am

    The stuff of dreams...

    Does a A- credit rating versus a AAA (triple-A) credit rating reflect reality?

    Anon 10:40 pm

    Dream on....while the region and the rest of the world passes you by, while you remain cocooned in blissful vacuities.

    Ditto for Misterzizou 12:28 am. And while you are about it, ask TDM why his "water card" didn't work, and why his dreams of sidelining Changi Airport (with KLIA) and Singapore's port (with Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas) remain just that - dreams?

  45. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Dear anon 5:27,

    you are spot on about Parameswara's brain being stuck in his bontot cos everytime he wants to use the brain Anwar kept sodomising him to the point that his brain will forever be stuck in his bontot.

  46. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Anon 10:03,

    Aku tau la hang ni tukang sapu berak Kuan Yew, Tokong and Anugay!

    Nyah kau dari sini, malaun!!

  47. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Anon 2:53 pm

    What a pitifully moronic response! I suppose it's typical of your ilk, but, really, is that the best you can come up with?

    How about refuting with facts, not made up trivia?

  48. Anonymous7:23 am

    mahathir, bila lagi mau accept kit siang's challenge? takut ke?

  49. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Anon 4.28pm

    Hahah.....sure..your kind of made-up twisted..hate talking through your A-hole *trivia* kah????

  50. Anonymous10:32 am

    Kepada setia usaha UMNO Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan, Presiden MIC Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, Presiden PPP Dr. Kanagaratnam Pillai dan pemimpin-pemimpin komponen BN,

    Demi kepentingan Negara kami YIP KUM FOOK (Ketua MCA GOMBAK) NO. 2A & 2B, 2ND FLOOR JALAN 53, DESA JAYA KEPONG 52100, KL Ketua Pemuda MCA Gombak YIP JIUN HANN, No. Suite 3.43, Kompleks Desa, Jalan Kepong,, 52100, Kuala Lumpur. Jayanti B. Balaguru (Pengurusi parti gerakan Segambot) dan Ooi Ah Bah (Chia Ooi Sun & Co.) Advocates & Solicitors No. 48-1, 1st Floor Jalan Brunei Utara off Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu, KL.

    Dengan segala hormatnya disini, harap semua pemimpin-pemimpin parti komponen BN sebulat suara menjemput bekas perdana menteri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad Ke Putra Jaya menolong kerajaan mentadbir Negara mencapai kejayaan lebih cemerlang

    Kami yakin berkeliber dan pengalaman bekas Perdana Menteri Dr. Mahathir bolih melindungi kedaulatan dan mengekalkan keamanan Negara. Harap Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad jangan mengecewakan Rakyat Malaysia

    Sekian dimaklum,

    Terima Kasih