Sunday, March 10, 2013

MF, another 24 year old

Move aside Saiful Bukhari ...  Mohamed Fareez Kamal Intidzam may be only 24 but he is said to be an seasoned expert in international relations already, thanks to the trust given to him by Anwar Ibrahim. 

But like Saiful, he is about to make a name for himself in the annals of Malaysian politics. 

Read OutSyed The Box's Alamak! Another 24 year old boy!


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Rocky and gang bankrupt of ideas

  2. Anonymous12:22 pm

    cepatnya Rocky....sekarang Rocky pulak jadi tukang cerita Sodomy III...kah..kah..kah...script kali ni ditulis oleh suhaimi baba ...kah..kah..kah...

    Woi Rocky, cerita 'sodomy' dah basilah...buat lah cerita lain !!

    1. Anonymous6:50 pm

      Dua dua anon 12.16 pm dan12.22 pm sudah sudahlah mempertahankan idola anda. Kata orang tua tua kita " tidak tumbuh tidak melata. Kalau tidak sungguh orang tak kata " Sodomy dengan idola anda bagai isi dengan kuku. Selagi ada bulan dan matahari selagi itulah idola anda melakukannya. Ayuh Rocky terus bongkarkan kemunafikan 'you know who ' Dia hendak jadi pemimpin sebuah negara Islam. Rakyat perlu tahu jenis manusia ini. Cerita sodamy tidak pernah basi sejak zaman Nabi Luth lag!

    2. Anonymous3:20 pm

      Setuju. Sudah d beri petunjuk apa yg sudah berlaku dan akan berlaku jika masih berseronok2 dgn sesama jenis. Ada yg halal yg haaaraamm tu juga yg sedap. Yg itu jugaaaaakk meka nak. Terima la nanti habuan dari TERTINGGI. Yg tiada pratik pon terkena tempias nanti. Na'uzubillah.

  3. Anon & Anon,

    I did not write the letter. MF, 24, who is making a name in the annals of Malaysian history, wrote the letter. He was/is your boss's aide. Ask him la

  4. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Inilah Dia Rocky yang anggap diri dia 'Journalist'Padan lah mainstream media tak terima dia!

  5. ...annals of Malaysian History... hahahaauhuhubatuk-batukhahah.
    ejaan nak dekat tapi bunyi sebutan jauh.

  6. Anonymous1:00 pm


    We sure that a person as educated as yourself should know that Insanity is about repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result.

    Desperate as people may be such acts will only benefit the accused.

    Joe Black

  7. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Thought there was a spelling mistake somewhere - "trust" or "thrust"? Indeed, this young man was thrust into a position of awesome responsibility. Or did he have "greatness" thrust unto him?

  8. Ha, ha, ha! Let them bring it on. For sure this will be the final nail in the annals of BUMNO/BN's coffin.

    Haven't they learnt yet? Thailand-shot sex movies with 3rd rate Thai actors and faked sex videos don't work. Evil political & sex conspiracies don't work!

    First the ex-Solicitor General who prosecuted Anwar resigned and defected to Anwar's legal team. Now Saiful's father has deserted him.

    "Hubungan yang amat rapat." Isn't that also how close Saiful said he was to his father?

    Ask Najib to try telling the truth and rely on honesty; maybe then the (toll) road to Putrajaya might re-open a wee bit for him. Otw, it's game over!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  9. Alamak so easy to predict your punch line la rocky . I did mention in yr previous sodomy revisited crap piece its time for sotomee 3 from umno and u hv not dissappointed. Umno tak ada modal lain ke......let the umno 3rd show begin. Ask the pondan. Umno president to call for election now that he is panglima lahad datu ......ini kali lah kantoi umno...

  10. Posted at 11:56 am. In space of 2 hours, Pakatan cybertroppers already dropped several bombs here to defend their boss. Damage control exercise in progress??? LOL!

  11. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Dato Rocky,
    Biasalah these PR goons always in the state of denial.They only believed when Real Admiral hemtam dia orang punya .... atau hemtam saudara dia orang.My conclusion is they are stupid,and by the way the definition of Stupidity is knowing the truth,Seeing the truth but still believing the Lies.

  12. Anonymous4:50 pm

    All of UMNO Supporters including yourself are totally obsessed with Sodomy to the point that they have nothing else in their mind. Not about the world around them nor about us the rakyat!

    They are all mentally ruined and the only place for them are Mental Institutions.

  13. Anonymous5:13 pm

    anon 2:10

    You really love this great homo, dont you? You must be like him, cannot see backsides. And cannot see the truth. Blinded by backsides.

  14. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Sorry Dato off topic,

    very interesting topic in my search and understanding of SULU people.....

    S:Mengapa?Beritahu kesemuanya.Sudah tentu peminat-peminat anda dan pembaca setia MistisFiles di luar sana ingin tahu.

    J:No,this is top secret.I was instructed not to talk too much about this topic.

    S:Who instructed you?

    J:A guy from Kementerian.Shortly after I arrived in Malaysia for my studies at Phnom Penh,this guy...

    (Perbualan seterusnya dirahsiakan atas sebab-sebab tertentu)

    J: ....relate to what I got from United Nation's Theosophy.They have been write about the master race and their civilization.Saya telah beritahu anda tentang ini lama dahulu.Kini kajian antropologi dan arkeologi telah menumpu di Asia Tenggara,dan penemuan demi penemuan yang menghairankan tentang peradaban di sini yang lebih tua dari yang didapati di Mesopotamia.Ban Chiang di Thailand contohnya adalah antara bukti yang ditemui.Pada masa yang sama,penemuan demi penemuan dijangka akan di dapati dari tapak arkeologi Sungai Batu dan di Lembah Bujang keseluruhannya.Ini baru usaha 'pemalas' yang hanya bertumpu di Lembah Bujang yang sebelumnya diusahakan oleh orang lain.Jika semua usaha 'pemalas' ini meneroka hutan rimba di Pahang dan pedalaman Perak sebagai contoh,saya pasti mereka akan berjumpa dengan pelbagai peradaban silam yang menakjubkan.

    Psst...dont let the chins know about this!!! cause they only know how to flattened,destroyed the wealth of malay archeology,land and history.

    go here;

  15. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Ooh, Rocky - why this "fascination" with "anal" politics?

    Surely it's not some Oedipus complex, is it? Or some other fetishist tendencies that tend to run in the "holier-among-us"?

    And what was that about letting he who is without sin to be the first to cast the stone?

    There must be many, many "sinless" ones amongst us!

  16. Anonymous6:21 pm

    You folks really worked HARD overnight after the dad of Saifool held a press conference.

    And it seems that the tested formula (never mind that it failed twice) is the best, AGAIN.

    This must be the best cleansing process for you and your gang, so that when you finally face the CREATOR, your visa to paradise is guaranteed?

    Anyway, something is brewing in Putrajaya. Its possible some are being given the scripts written by the gang.

    For sure, the MSM will have its hands full from 11/3, to give more space for this story till elections.

    Keep up the good work.


  17. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Stupid pakatan supporters, dpp included. Write book still commenting in rocky's. Sure tak laku. His comment also crappy and twisted like muruku.

    Ask yourboss why he keeps sticking his rod in the wring places. We are only too happy to exploit.

    Sorry forgot that a crooked one is no rod.

    Dont you ppl have anyone elsr but this immoral sex maniac as leader. Shame on you!!!

  18. Anonymous6:24 pm

    This old man must be an asshole craze. Just after that police report by Saiful, he already found another jambu muda. This new guy is 24 yrs old , now. The Rear Admiral make him Pegawai Hubungan Sulit when he was 19 years old.

    WOW...what a lucky young boy he was. Some people need to waste 5 to 6 years in university for that post.


    1. Anonymous3:33 pm

      Hehehe RD.. BETUL SGT. 19 tahun sudah terpilih mmmpphh tapi itu le hr Pk agak tak kesah setakat tinggi mana pelajaran depa janji muda n jambu. Like your comms in outsyed the box mengenai sultan sulu.

  19. Anonymous6:35 pm

    cepat cepat
    sape nak jadi ayah dan mak budak ni.
    boleh dapat RM10 jutaaa...

    1. Anonymous3:37 pm

      Tak nak den 10juta tuh. Klau dia kono hiv 10juta berabih kat ubatan. Buat ponet ajo. Azlan nak kot .. nak bayar hutang judi.

  20. Anonymous11:21 pm

    and again....the mortal him self will punish, reward and convict or absolve him self. Full Stop

  21. Anonymous12:33 am

    It seems all these boys just wanted to get rich fast.


  22. Rocky...why do you keep talking cock...carrying Najib's balls....when he never dare to call for election.
    You dare not approve my comments.
    What a fuck shit you have turned out to be.

  23. BNationalFeedLOOTkorp10:36 am

    I'll tulis apa-apa pun Boleh for RM2,000,000 or RM250,000,000 or RM500,000,000 !!!

    Kesian betul Anwar ni!!!

  24. Actually until the date of the elections there is already an expectation Sodomy III, IV and V. This is supposed to start the real countdown to the dissolution of parliament.

  25. Anonymous11:15 am

    Aiyaaa, Monsterball lau ren touch aje topic with 'cock' SURE excited wan..

    Mengenang masa lalu dia semasa diBBPark rosey belit2 ular dan sumbat pisang!!!



  26. Anonymous4:02 pm

    To All Opposishit Commentors,

    Rocky's has the balls to publish your comments even though your other blogs like si mangkok tongkol only publish comments that massage his ego.

    so for comments from joe black, monsterbalss, old fart, dpp etc....are just pakatan's cybertroopers who are willing to lick tokong and anuwar balls are worthless comments.

    Rocky the Man....

  27. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Old Fart,
    Who started the ball rolling on these sodomy series,ask your idol and I think you only stop defending him when Rear Admiral do what he is best at to you.

  28. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Macai2 PR nampak macam kepanasan yang teramat bila keluar cerita "anak ikan" Anwar.

    To macai PR, boss anda tetap peliwat dari dulu, kini dan selamanya.

    Ingat, air mani yang dijumpai dalam dubur lelaki bukannya milik pemimpin UMNO.