Monday, March 11, 2013

Have you watched the famous "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough trouble for the country" video?

If you haven't, here it is courtesy of Karpal Singh and the truth-seekers at Stop The Lies:


  1. LAYMAN11:45 am

    Not too sure when this video was recorded, before or after the Lahad Datu incident.

    Anyway, as a layman, I see that flip flopping views serves this purpose: people are using one another for their own advantage, hoping to get favoured and earn some votes. I believe it happens not only in the political arena but also in many organisations across the world too...

    Dont get too excited over it.

  2. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Well Karpal Singh was right.
    The Rear Admiral has created enough trouble for the country. He must have known, since he and Mat Sabu have on record, accused The Rear Admiral of sodomy in Parliament, 1997.

    1. When he was brought into government, he started the Islamization of the national schools that brought about an increased demand for vernacular schools which was then, in danger of closure due to shortage of students.

    2. He started money politic to bring dowm Tun Ghafar Baba as DPM.

    3. He initiated the act of party hopping to overthrow the government, out of the ballot box. However he hasn't said a word about DAP's approved enactment against party hopping. Maybe the bill gave advantage to them, i.e. hop INTO Pakatan, OK, but not OUT.

    4. A champion of LGBT and pluralism.

    5. Misuse of power by ordering the police squad to frighten Ummi Hafilda into retracting her letter to the PM about his sexual escapade.

    6. When he was Finance Minister, he embezzled billions of Rakyat's money.

    7. He was tried in court for sodomy twice but acquitted both times, due to technical reasons although his semen was found in the victim's rectum in sodomy ll.

    And yet, after he was rejected by BN, those Pakatan people regard him as saint.


  3. Anonymous12:09 pm

    so what????

    any problem with that, if we still want to support him?

    kalau org lain boleh bertaubat why not??

    - zul kulim

    1. Anonymous9:32 pm

      Dia belum bertaubat selagi tdk bersumpah laknat. Yes we hv a problem with that.

  4. Anonymous12:26 pm


    Since you have mentioned Karpal Singh, what has happened to the sedition case against him?

    Is the matter now "sub judice"?

    I seem to remember Karpal saying that he would vigorously defend himself against the charges of sedition.

    I was hoping that the case would be argued in open court, with witnesses being called to testify and being cross-examined by Karpal's lawyers.

    So, Bru - what's happening?

  5. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Rocky bru is so scared of Anwar. The whole of UMNO is also scared of Anwar.


    1. Anonymous9:35 pm

      I dont. He is only a human being that life can be taken when HE says Kunfayakun. Perasan.

  6. Men whom support ANWAR IBRAHIM are GAYS???
    Women whom support ANWAR IBRAHIM are LESBIANS???
    In PKR meeting when you have both men & women, could it be a closed door ORGY session???

    Hmmm...If we take a close look at PKR’s flag logo, we can see there are 2 hidden meanings:

    1) For GAY MALES of PKR:
    The 2 semi bulan resembles a backside (ass).
    The hole between the 2 semi bulan denotes the ASSHOLE.

    The 2 semi bulan resembles a opened-up VAGINA (pantat).
    The hole between the 2 semi bulan denotes the VAGINA HOLE (lobang pantat).

    WTF??? Perhaps, this could be why ANWAR IBRAHIM sokong LBGT & also this could help explain the mysterious question on why this dude fancy both sexes. PKR's flag tells it all???

    ....Your call

  7. Anonymous4:11 pm

    nope..gotta say I missed that one.

    But I haven't missed one episode of "How BN messed up Malaysia". Been watching it for the last 30 years of my life...damn! it's like a re-run

    Oh, and did I mention the other reality series being played out?

    Neverending Story - the Mahathir saga
    Rubbish Journalists - u know this one Rocky!
    Jibby - pls look this one up - it cracked me up!

    Bring out the pop-corn!

  8. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Do you have videos of what Ezam told about UMNO, before he joined UMNO again?


  9. Anonymous2:21 pm

    And he wants anwar to be PM! More trouble?

  10. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Surprisingly, dumb fools will say this is a doctored video. Ask Tien Chua. He knows how to doctor these things and blame it on UNMO.

  11. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Tapi Bai kenapa sekarang u mau dia jadi pm? Adakah u sudab kena suap atau u sudah nyanyuk atau u sudah tidak ada integriti? Apa pun u juga harus bertaubat.