Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kit Siang in Gelang Patah, CSL's ace, and from one Lim to another

"Di dalam politik macam-macam boleh jadi, lebih-lebih lagi Lim Kit Siang bukan tuhan, dalam setengah abad beliau bertarung ... beliau pernah tewas sebanyak 5 kali ..."  Lim Kit Siang Pasti Menang?, Sinchew, 21 March 2013

Yes, anything can happen. In 1999, Lim Kit Siang lost both parliament and state seats he contested in Penang which, less than a decade later, fell to DAP. The double defeat was an embarrassing personal tsunami that has haunted him. Some people believe that contesting Gelang Patah is about burying those ghosts. To others, Kit Siang is helping realize a former bitter enemy's ambition to become Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

Lim to Lim: Be man enough
Is Kit Siang a pawn in Anwar Ibrahim's intriguing game of chess, or will he emerge as the kingmaker?

Regardless, I'm told that Chua Soi Lek actually has an ace up his sleeve. No, you can rule out a CSL vs LKS; the MCA president has said he is not contesting and he intends to keep his word. Unless the candidate who can beat Kit Siang falls ill or dies suddenly and mysteriously, in which case he/she won't be table to take part in the GE13 and CSL may have to roll up his sleeves and take on the old man in a dream clash-of-the-titans.

So who is that BN candidate who could make Kit Siang sweat, CSL? Does BN even have such a candidate?

You tell me. In the meantime, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a program lined up next week in, yes, Gelang Patah! (I was told the event had been planned for over a month. Coincidence?) Also, this MCA assemblywoman Lim Kee Moi has challenged the old Lim to be brave and contest in Malay-majority constituencies instead. Read h e r e.


  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Dear mca lady moi, What are you talking about ? If you say that LKS must contest in a malay majority area, then najib must contest in seputeh,batu,bukit bintang etc or any urban seat and see if najib secures his deposit.
    This is the reality of malaysian politics.All bn big guns are 'jaguh kampung'

    1. Anonymous7:08 pm

      Thank God am not an idiot anon. Shooting blindly.

  2. Anonymous6:24 pm

    That Ah Moi is right, if Dap is so confident that PR can stay away from race-base politic just simply walk the talk lar. He, he.

  3. Can see clearly now8:39 pm

    Actually Dr Boo's outburst against Chua Jui Meng was preplaned so that the father of Tokong Eng can come to Gelang Patah. The one got played out is Jui Meng

  4. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Dear anan 4.04..Why drag Najib in this matter?Najib never run from Pekan which is his homebase where else Kit Siang..err where had he contested before..?Kota Melaka..?Tanjung..?Ipoh Timur..?No...?what kind of politician is that?attention seeker...?

  5. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Woi Rocky, don't be stupid by asking question like "So who is that BN candidate who could make Kit Siang sweat, CSL?"

    the truth is ...B.A.B.I makes the whole UMNO/BN sweat,includes Rocky and geng !!

  6. Anonymous4:42 am

    The challenge doesn't make sense. It's up to the party and its leaders to decide who and where. Going by her rule can one ask the PM being the PM of Malaysia with 61& approval to contest again DAP in Bukit Bintang or Anwar in Permatang Pauh? Can he be man enough to do that? Well, I think these questions and challenges are reflection of stupidity. In an election it's all about having the winnable candidate at the right constituency. All we are interested is in having a contest that is clean and fair for the majority to choose.

  7. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Najib never run away from Pekan because he knows he is safe there. Kit Siang can also win in Ipoh Timor for sure but he dare to enter the tiger's den because he got balls although the risk of losing there is high. Do any UMNO bigwigs dare to contest in places that they are not sure of winning? "What kind of politician is that" should be directed at them for always hiding in their safe constituencies.

  8. Six main element in Daim Zainuddin interview with NST.:

    1. the chinese should be explain what will happenned if they voted PR, no more cronism.
    2.keep the present BN and if possible win 2/3 majority
    3.give vote to najib instead of anwar ibrahim to lead the country.
    4.the money came from arab country and malaysia true friend is japan and china.
    5.US, Singapore and Europe Economy is Sinking (in Singapore case the land of the country itself also is Sinking!)
    6.Give education and languange priority in English and ARAB.

    Our 6 elemant view instead is ;

    1.send the chinese community (especially those born again christo) to Biro Tata Negara and re educate them.
    2.Teach them the main important aspect of life : do not cheat and lie toward other community, manipulate, discriminate other community, racist and dishonest toward other community, throw away your communism modern or old ideology, throw away your denial syndrome, throw away your bribery attitude, do not exploit, barren the forest and environment of this country.
    3.Go back to your Root ancestor custom and believe.
    4.You can migrate to other country and we can assist you.
    5.RCI for one million pendatang during Tunku Reign.
    6.Do not give any ministry post to the chinese community if MCA and Gerakan lost in the coming Election (the STAR/ASTRO/chinese newspaper fully responsibility of this)


    Dear Najib can you stop your rhetoric speech? its irrate us, you are not an orator like anwar and certainly not like Sukarno but you do have a brain like Mahathir plus as a good leader and administrator but above all your responsibility is :

    1.To achieve 60% of bumiputra holding the economy share agenda since the majority chinese community did not vote for BN this coming election protect,enhance the beauty of islam and the bumiputra community.

    ### that all we ask from you.

  9. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Huo Ah Moi, please tell us you have been the Johor state assemblywoman for many years,what have you done for the Chinese community in Johor.Please list down one by one of your so-called achievement, before you make any comment on LKS.

  10. Anonymous9:30 pm


    you ask her what she has done for the Chinese com; and next you will list down LKS contribution to the same question is who will take care of the Indian com? Grow up, man.

  11. Anonymous9:45 am

    Anon 4.04pm.... my oh my how stupid can you get....Najib has done wonders and contributed a lot to his constituency. His people accepted him and wants him to be their representative. All opposition leaders, as said by CSL, are the touch n go type while not doing or contributing anything beneficial and worthwhile. What has LKS done for Ipoh Timur and a host of other places he represented?

    All he and DAP/Pakatan has done is to spread discord and sow seeds of hatred and communal discrimination. His mission: to create as much trouble as possible and then when the authorities play by the book blame the govt and UMNO specifically....