Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daim: Anwar not fit to be PM

Read the entire interview by NST and commentary by Apanama H E R E

Anwar Ibrahim and Daim Zainuddin were Dr Mahathir Mohamad's right hand men when he was Prime Minister. Anwar used to warn Dr M about Daim and Daim, in turn, used to warn Dr M about Anwar. When Daim was abroad once,m Anwar called him up and asked if he was really alone in the hotel room. Anwar related this to us reporters back then to show how close he was to the powerful Daim.

To be continued ...


  1. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Correctx3 mat jubo mana bole jadi pm. Jasa sealama jadi menteri nak intro bahasa baku. Gelak betul nuar jubo ni. Orang kelate mana bole tukar slang. Bodo nuar jubo ni

  2. Anonymous10:43 pm


    Heh Heh..Ask an Enemy And What Do You Get!?

    As easy as ABC But of course rocky is still having trouble with his mental ABC!


  3. Anonymous10:56 pm

    If the advice come from Nik Aziz or any other goodmcharacter leader,then Anwar should worry.

    But if the advice come from Tun Mahathir or Daim,both of whom really worry if Anwar control Putra jaya,Najib or NSTwasting his time.

    Both Tun Mahathir and Tun Daim,knew they will have to move to Sungai Buloh,if Anwar become PM,hence they havebo make this statement.

  4. Anonymous11:42 pm


    1. Anonymous2:36 pm

      Kau x sekolah ke? Org mcm kau lah yg slalu terjebak skim MLM.. Baca buku satu perenggan heboh ulas satu buku

    2. Anonymous8:46 pm

      Hahaha kena kau sebiji. Habis taska je...hahaha..byk syiok sendiri...

  5. Anonymous2:47 am

    It is obvious you don't know Daim or understand what Daim meant.

  6. A most venomous, sneaky and cunning mastermind who slithers and destroy everything that blocks his path.

    1. Anonymous8:52 pm

      Sounds like ai to me. Stab family n rakyat from the back. Tali barut pengkhianat agama bangsa dan negara. Bumi patut muntahkan klr ai dari msia.

  7. Anonymous8:01 am

    How true it is about Anwar being unfit for PM. But he has lots of other unfit followers such as Nik Aziz, Kit Siang, Karpal, Hadi, Guan Eng, Gwo Burne, Sivarasa, Jui Meng, RPK and many more who prefer idiots for PM.

    The reason is simple. They are all waiting for payback time. These greater idiots want to claim back their ROI aka Blackmail him if he gets to be PM.

    Anwar wants to alos hold the Finance Sinister's post too for obvious reasons.

    Whilst all these are as clear as mineral water, idiots simply pretend to be blind. So how?


  8. Anonymous8:39 am


    HaaaHaaaHa. Heh Heh!


  9. Anonymous9:19 am

    I have read it yesterday. It was one of the best interviews I had read for years. I love the way how he dissected the origin of political parties in Malaysia. This guy always bring some fresh insights into current events. Someone who always brings something new to the table.
    I pray for him a good health so that he could still contributing to this blessed country. It's kinda baffling when some news on the internet highlighting parts which not even the gist of the interview.

  10. Anonymous11:01 am

    Arent you tired of anwar bashing all the time Bru? Sometimes, you must take a break and bash LimKS too to show that you are not biased.We cannot continue blame anwar for the whole world misery.

  11. Anonymous11:30 am

    Doesn't matter who will be PM. We only want a PM who is honest, not corrupt and can bring Malaysia to such level that all citizens regardless of what skin colors to live happily. No point spinning to make someone look good when you know he is a devil.

    1. Anonymous8:54 pm

      And we know who is the devil.

  12. Anonymous11:37 am

    Malay cannot be a succesfull entrepreneur..if he does, it always mean that he does it in wrong way.

    But it is different it the succesfull is Non- Malay..

    That's wat implant in Malaysian brain.

  13. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Daim's are being logic, common sense, objective & precise as always.

  14. Anonymous12:17 pm

    "Daim: Anwar not fit to be PM"

    sorry Daim... wrong proper noun!

    you should have said, "Anwar not even fit to be a human"

  15. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Hey Rocky... the last PKR cybertrooper is really working overtime to deflect the homo-issues in all the blogs.

    The next time you have someone write pro-BABI... you can be sure of one thing:

    either that person is the last PKR cybertrooper or, of the confused sexual orientation dreaming of coming out of the closet.

    poor lost souls... the both of them.

  16. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Looks like its time the Public is made aware of the robberies commited by this Robber Baron.

    At least Taib is brave enough to face the music. This fellow sneaked off with all UMNO's money and left all his colleagues to face the music.

  17. charleskiwi1:15 pm

    I think shenanigan Mahathir should lead Umno again, after all he is so much more active now than when he was president of Umno and P. M. Malaysia ! Any idiot knows why, first when he the P.M. his words were stronger than the edicts from court. Besides he was too busy with all the mega projects that went with all the mega 'commissions'.
    Above all he has so much too protect now because he has not so much control over the police, the courts and every enforcement agencies in the Malaysia. Whereas now he has to protect his 'hard earned gains' and also the lifestyle he now gets. Hence he is now so much more active than before just to ensure these sanctuaries are not going to be forcefully taken away when the opposition becomes the tenants of Putrajaya. In short he just can't see himself spending his twilight years behind bar, it is a night mare he is trying to stay away from !

  18. Anonymous2:15 pm

    That is why you are a stupid blogger

  19. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Stupid Rocky.... UMNO geng mesti cakap Anwar tak layak jadi PM !!....biarlah rakyat decide siapa paling layak jadi PM.

  20. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Daim said Anwar is not fit to be PM. Ha ha ha

    Daim knew ,Anwar got all the document about his corrupt pratice when he was Finance minister.He will make sure Anwar is no PM cos he know his next home will be in Sungai Buloh.
    He realy Panic.

  21. Anonymous4:00 pm

    We hv all along knew Anwar is a dumbo. But too bad Dr M took so long to realize it. A bisexual dumbo made it all so much more of d world if ever he got to b d PM of Msia. Cant imagine Nicky Aziz b d one saying d prayer on proclamation day. God bless Msia...everyone can b a Pee M...straight, bi, gay or somewhere in between. Wt PAS on your side....god is assumed to b on your side

  22. Anonymous4:32 pm

    even any man on the street can make a good and accurate prediction if the contest is between PKR and Umnu.

    the prediction would be harder and full of uncertainty if the contest is between Pas and Jibby

    it is still not too late to change the heat and the outcome of the game. what is needed is just for Dap to stoop a bit and swallow few words.

  23. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Daim speaks and you want us to take him seriously. Where are all the Umno assets parked in his name? Why did Daim cronies like tajuddin ramli and halim saad costing taxpayers billions of ringgit ? How much did Daim give to his wives to satisfy their lust for money? Did you interview mahani? Or naimah khalid ? Bodoh punya Blogger.

    1. Anonymous9:01 pm

      Apa kau peduli dia bagi isteri2 dia berbelanja. Pakai duit kamu? Mahani ke naimah ke joyah ke ? Apa kau kesah? Dia mampu pulak. Kau yg tak mampu tak sara bini kau jealous pd orang yg mampu. Bodoh punya commentor. Pedengki.

  24. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Diam diam Daim should have kept quiet and let the black gold Josephine sivaratnam do all the talking. Rocky, you should have interviewed Josephine to ask her about all the movements of Daim's billions out of Malaysia.

  25. Ex Malaysia5:43 pm

    It is not up to Daim to elect who is the PM. This should be left to us. What a stupid and one sided interview.

  26. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Heh, heh - so Umno is rolling out the old guard....

    First, Mahathir. Now, Daim. Who's the next retired/veteran Umno politician to be unveiled?

    The Singapore Straits Times ran an interesting report today. It basically that corporate Malaysia is preparing for all possible outcomes, including the Opposition winning the GE.

    What that will do to Petronas, the GLCs and the so-called "sweetheart" deals is anyone's guess.

    The report also noted that some of Malaysia's richest tycoons have substantially diversified their investments outside Malaysia after the 2008 GE.

    If foreign investors pull out their investments, or put investment plans on hold, because of political uncertainty, ordinary Malaysians will be the losers.

    Take a look at what's happening in South Africa now.

  27. Anonymous9:00 pm


    You mean Anwar? We all know he is a snake. Dont you?

  28. Anonymous9:03 pm

    anon 1:15

    keep on dreaming.

  29. Anonymous9:08 pm


    Ha Ha Ha. Laugh all you want. But any proof? NO. Just showing how stupid you are? Go listen to pkr ceramahs and you'll be more stupid.

  30. Anonymous9:10 pm

    10:56--you love bisexuals?

  31. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Chaleskiwi displaying how ignorant he is.

  32. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Malaysia Today reported that Anwar failed to appear in the High Court today, in a suit he initiated against a Deputy Minister. He was ordered to pay RM 3,000 in cost. How can you have any respect for a person who treat the law lightly. If he doesn't respect the law, can you trust him with the country? I think he is only suitable as a street entertainer. Don't take him seriously though.


  33. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Daim a real smart guy, can't say who can emulate him.

    Not Anwar definitely.

  34. Anonymous3:09 am

    Daim says he will chose najib rather than anwar. Daim always chose the stupid ones...heh heh

    1. Anonymous9:04 pm

      Thats y he is richer than u...heh heh

  35. Anonymous3:24 am

    Right! Real real stupid blogger trying to be too smart.

  36. Anonymous3:26 am

    Fuckin shit arsehole Rocky thinks Diam's opinions worth something.

  37. Anonymous8:50 am

    Rocky has gone fro 4th grade to 5th grade as GE is getting closer.
    Have fun, fuck him proper and good.

  38. Anonymous10:44 am

    Is Daim still a Malaysian?

    After buying his way through the countries where has banks and other businesses, he is considered to have given up his Malaysian passport. Or is it a case of quietly holding 2 passports?


  39. "Najib completely unfit to remain Prime Minister. No one in UMNO fit to take over as Prime Minister." Ah, I am sure there will be more who would agree with me than Daim's statement.

  40. Awang besar10:51 am

    Daim was sacked by Tun Mahathir as finance minister not once but twice.,He suspect Daim pocket a lot of money from the govertment project.
    You ask him what happen to 20% Renong shares belong o UMNO.The shares worth around $ 2 billions ringgit.

    Najib knew Daim backroung and refuse to listen to his advice on economic matter.I was suprise NST picked Daim to run down Anwar.Jalil is wasting his time .

  41. Anonymous11:12 am

    And that why rest of the interview is all about Anwar. The focus should be on DS Najib all the achievement he had accomplished.Alas the interview only have a paragraphed DS Najib being mentioned.
    Are we missing the forests for the trees here.

    Joe Don Baker

  42. Actually what Daim said is already known by most Malaysians. Or the world. But coming from him and very cleverly enunciated, it lends credence to talks of Anwar's incompetency.
    As a former best friend and Anwar's confidante, he is the best man to reveal Anwar's true shortcomings.
    Anwar is nothing as compared to him. And Anwar knows that too. That is why he is always going to Daim's house for advice on the Finance portfolio.
    Daim's interview has tarnished his so-called "superior' image.
    We await NST's interview with Sanusi. Please do it fast. That man who is Anwar's best pal and budak college mate has all Anwar's secrets with him.
    And I laugh reading Sakmongkol's blog who claimed he's got the real Oracle. A second rate one who is not Daim at all. As long as it makes Sakmongkol happy. Lantak kolah wok. Perasan banyak.
    And another blogger is saying Anwar is humble for going to Daim for advice.
    Who is he kidding? The Mat Leather King is ultra boastful, proud and so full of himself. He has to go to Daim since like Daim said he has no depth in economics.
    May I add, he's got zero knowledge in anything except to organise street demos and meliwat.
    The only achievement is asking TV3 to read news the baku Malay way. It's really a laughing stock seeing the newscasters herot muka dan bibir trying to sound like Indons.
    Hey, we dont expect much from a person with a general degree in Malay Studies.
    Get off your high horses, Anwar. Daim has called your bluff.
    And after reading this, will Anwar lickers in this blog see him as our PM.
    Puhleeeze guys, dont put our country to shame.

  43. Anonymous4:46 pm


    What a silly fool you are, love listening to kedai kopi talk.

  44. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Ex Malaysia

    when daim speaks people listen.
    when you speak nobody listens.

  45. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Reading all the Anwar guys' comments.....I hv got only tis to say. Despite d shits he has done if u still hv faith in him to lead d nation then better go to any high rise building in KL & jump down. Perhaps u get to see him as PM in d otr life.

  46. Anonymous9:27 am


    Puzleez lar, give me another chance, will ya?

  47. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Daim should let us know

    - why Mahathir selected him to negotiate with Lee Kuan Yew about KTM land in Singapore?

    - why the negotiated "Points of Agreement" or "POA" were not taken up and honoured by the Malaysian government then?

    - if he has any assets in Singapore? It has been reported that his son, Wira Daim, has a substantial stake in a Singapore-incorporated company.

    - what were the criteria for selecting the so-called "Daim's boys"? I am sure you remember them, Bru.

  48. Benar apa yang dikatakan oleh Papa Gomo iaitu antara 13 perkara yang akan berlaku ialah UMNO dan BN diharamkan (perkara no. 12).
    Nampaknya Papa Gomo ni memang rapat dengan pucuk pimpinan negara.
    Kita pun ada dengar macam tu. Jadi calon BN kenalah guna logo Bebas seperti kunci, payung dan lain-lain kecuali apa juga jenis dacing.
    Khabarnya puncanya UMNO dan Utusan terlibat dalam mencetak akhbar haram (tanpa permit) Warta Parlimen Permatang Pauh pada pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh Ogos 2008.
    Dalam buletin tu pulak ada macam-macam artikel fitnah pasal DSAI termasuk SAH ANWAR KAKI LIWAT!
    Khabarnya lagi pihak PR ada banyak dokumen seperti surat menyurat UMNO-Utusan, inbois, log percetakan dan sebagainya berkaitan buletin itu.
    Tetapi PM dah arahkan ROS, KDN dan Suruhanjaya Sekuriti (BSKL) jangan ambil tindakan terhadap UMNO, BN mahupun Utusan.
    Tambahan pula dah nak dekat PRU13 pulak...
    Apa lagi kejutan selepas ini?