Monday, March 18, 2013

Letter the MRT Co won't want us to read

Crime is a big concern among city folks, whether you live in an elite estate or just an estate. For years, however, folks in Pinggiran Zaaba in TTDI had less to worry about crime simply because they were supposed to be the" least elite" of the Taman Tun elites. But now, with the construction work of the massive MRT project happening almost at their door steps, these residents said they are totally exposed to the elements ...

While the elders take on the MRT Co in an unprecedented lawsuit, a young lady decides to appeal to the good senses of the MRT chief executive officer Azhar Abdul Hamid. Expect an open letter to SPAD chairman Syed Hamid Albar next and one to the FT Minister, who is a resident of TTDI himself. And, finally, perhaps a petition to the Prime Minister.

First, the letter to the CEO. Name of sender withheld.

MRT Co boss

Dear Dato' Azhar, 
I am compelled to write to you this e-mail because I am concerned about my neighbourhood. I am not sure whether you have heard that robberies are happening rampantly in Taman Tun Dr Ismail especially at Pinggir Zaaba. Just 4 hours ago, my neighbour Mr. Ho's house was robbed. Just 30 minutes after his son left the house to go for dinner. Mr. Ho have just left KL to go to K.Kinabalu. Obviously, his house has been observed for the past maybe few days/weeks.

For Dato's information, I live in a house full of women and one boy. We have always felt safe in our home but with the construction very close to our front door, the inconvenience that we face is insurmountable. I found myself being assessed everytime I leave and return home. It is unnerving to be stared at before entering and leaving my house. I am sure you would appreciate my feelings as a young girl.

Dato Azhar,

I am sure you are also a father and your job is to ensure the safety of your family. My mom is that too but with this construction in front of our home and strangers combing our street that safety is now questionable. How can a company like yours who have been campaigning in schools, on the radio, in the papers about your corporate responsibility could overlook something as big as the safety of the people affected by the MRT- irregardless where or what the address is. I understand that sometimes, some things are out of your personal control. However, the safety of the people should have been taken into consideration before the construction began thus extra precautions should have been done/taken.

I reserve my comment on the physical negative effects that my family and I had to endure due to the closeness of the construction but now as it seems, our safety is also in jeopardy and I find this absolutely unacceptable as I feel you would too if this were to happen to you and your family.

I hope that you can find it in your heart to understand my predicament and personally take action to help me.

Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    as much as I agree with this letter, i found that it is also absurd.

    manja betul, sikit-sikit nak komplen.

    people need MRT more than listening to their whining every single day. for God's sake, spend some ringgit and beef up your own security!

  2. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Crime happen evey where there are many places that does not having a train station nearby but crime rate is still high
    Its unfair and silly blaiming it on or rather pre-empt crime will increase if mrt were to build near anyones home.

  3. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Rumah kena pecah pun salahkan MRT?

  4. Anonymous2:01 pm

    So how many batallions do they want?

    1. Anonymous11:29 am

      Lagi ramai orang lagi ramai polis meronda

  5. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Are you implying that MRT workers are robbers as well? Why we should sacrifice the MRT for the sake some elites in those areas.

  6. Azlina Aisyah Khalid2:32 pm

    TQ Mr. Rocky Bru for highlighting this matter.

    As for the 3 comments i have just read, I only have this to say to each of you : Kalau jantan, tulis lah nama... why hide behind the veil of anonymity??

    It is easy for people with very narrow minds to give lipservice to what is presently happening. Put yourselves in the shoes of the affected residents and see how uncomfortable the fit is.

    The timing of the break in was coincidental since the entire road was cordoned off for construction roads...

    And, in case ANY of you anonymous gentlemen get to rub shoulders with the untouchable Dato Azhar, please remind him of his verbal promise made to the residents 2 years ago!!

  7. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Singapore's MRT system used hundreds of foreign workers in it's construction.

    Ongoing extensions of the MRT system now in progress has seen more foreign workers in Singapore.

    Yet, by and large, the law and order and security situation in Singapore is good.

    How do they do it?

    Very simple - tough laws, effective enforcement, efficient policing.

    As a corollary, I might add that you don't have to fear for your personal safety when you use public transport (including taxis) in Singapore. It applies just as well to locals, expats, tourists, and women and children travelling on their own.

    We in Malaysia have laws on the books, but something is sorely lacking....

  8. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Woit Anwar punya pasal lagi ke ?? Azhar tu Anwar punya kaki ??
    Cilaka betul Anwar ni !!


  9. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Haaa betul tu!! JAwap jgn tgak jawab...

    Bacalah yg in between the lines!! hampa ni anon anon yg tak jantan nih, tak reti reti.

    Rupanya the komplen bukan ke MRT, tapi utk Dato Azhar The Untouchbale katanya...

    Ini pon korang tak paham paham. Slow betul.Batalion lah, manja lah, tak senonoh betol korang nih. Tengok contoh aku yg berani,


    Dari Saya,


  10. Grammar Nazi3:49 pm

    There's no such thing as the word "irregardless."

    That is all.

  11. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Latuk oii,

    How to pluf whether the above-mentioned crime is related to the mega project or related to wekanessess of selangor security under the current leadership?

    Probably some IPT can conduct research on this?

  12. Anonymous5:44 pm

    grammar nazi

    Fix your Bahasa first u freaking banana.U are where again? Menyebok aje.

  13. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Ramai betul cyber trooper MRTco kat atas tu. Dont you guys read the letter? It's about how the residents are now even more exposed than ever! Takde hati perut ke MRTco? Pergi la check dan turun padang sikit. Jangan asyik tengok berapa banyak nak dapat komisyen projek atau promote diri sendiri....

  14. Anonymous7:55 pm

    I think gov can afford to lose a few votes from the Pendita Zaaba folks for the sake of the other 7 millions KLians who stand to benefit directly from MRT.

    The kampung folks had their homes removed too when the North South Highway was constructed. Lim Kit Siang questioned the gov's moves too. After 20 years, is there anybody questioning them?

    Too bad the MRT line has to go behind their backyard. That's just how life is.

    Don't be like Penangites. They rejected Penang Outer Ring Road, only to suffer endless traffic jams everyday. Now the DAP gov wants the very highway they rejected last time.

  15. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Ada jugak komen2 yang tak bernas ni. Cuba kena kat batang hidung sendiri - baru rasa. Cuba kena mereka dan keluarga mereka, apa kata?

    Pokok pangkalnya semua ni boleh berlaku kalau planning tak betul. Ikut suka saja. Pihak MRT pernah ke turun padang atau semata mata menyerah bulat2 pada kuncu depa. Kempen sana, kempen sini, dalam radio, media tapi nak buat kerja tak pakai kepala. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

    apalah nak jadi dengan negara tercinta ni.

    Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan...tsk tsk tsk

  16. Anonymous9:45 pm

    I am appalled with some of the comments posted. Just because its not happening in your own "front yard"; to your family; to your property, its nice to comment right?

    So what? who cares? Stop whining! As long as it doesn't happen to me - I don't give a damn.

    I urged those who thinks so highly of themselves to pay a visit to the area and pray tell if its OK to have the mrt as your daily view. As a citizen of Malaysia, everyone regardless of race, status, group, beliefs, religion reserves the right to live.

    BTW, why everything must involve politics? Can't it be the fact that a BIG corporation like MRTco is just incompetent, arrogant and unprofessional!

  17. Those who hide behind anonymous and make silly and irresponsible remarks ought to be be ashamed of them selves. Try first to comprehend the content of the letter, it's a cry for help from a young lady whose life has been traumatized. I live on the same street and I have since MRTCo started this project come to know of at least 8 break ins, Mrtco had promised the residents that they will station security guards along this street to ensure the safety of the residents. However none of this was done , they have been making one false false promise after the other. The break ins are planned by observes who monitor the movement of the residents and strike at even during day light hours when there are no residents at home or when only ladies are at home. How would you like some of this sleezy guys standing a few meters from of your gate and starring at your every movement specially when you are a young girl. For Datuk Azhar it's ok as he probably likes his daughters to be stared at.

    Those who think this is funny I pray to Allah the all mighty that they including the big boss Datuk Azhar one day too become victims of such crime and only then will they know the pain and trauma of the victims .

    1. Anonymous12:07 pm

      Dirty guy staring my young girls... Bodohnya conclusion. What do you expect ha bahalol? Nak panggil the satu batalion ke nak jaga rumah you? Pathetic orang kaya silver spoon shit fed. Grow up la. The LRT runs behind my house. Tak ada break in pun dulu. But of course we are the miskin folks. Nak ambik pun tak ada apaapa.

  18. Anonymous12:10 am

    This is true. I stay at Persiaran Zaaba and the past 2 weeks alone there has been 5 robberies that I know of. The same house No. 2XX got hit twice, No 1XX once and last week back-to-back another house in Persiaran Zaaba and Pinggir Zaaba. Even the police can confirm this as it was twitted by the chief.

  19. Anonymous1:42 am

    pehak MRT taruk lah street cam d semua cerok kawasan perumahan yg berdekatan dgn construction site tu. kasi buat susah sikit.

  20. Anonymous2:48 am

    Anon 2:56 pm

    Boling ler klau lu kasi masuk celita2 hal Singapore kat blog nih.

    Cuba google "bodies found dead in Singapore rivers", ngeri2 sampai ada bangkai yg dimamah lizard!"

    Lu duk kelentong ape kat sini orh?


  21. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Perwira 2:48 am

    And how many murders were there in the greater KL area over the past 12 months? Including "unexplained" deaths?

    And how many incidents of taxi drivers in KL "misbehaving"?

    A key test of whether a public transport system is safe or not is to see whether foreigners or expatriates are comfortable letting their families and children use it.

    In this case, Singapore wins hands down over KL.

    Just ask Malaysians who live and work in Singapore and Malaysian tourists in Singapore.

    I suppose Perwira must be forgiven, since he has the mother of all inferiority complexes to deal with!

  22. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Berita hangat. Pada malam sebelum pengurusan kes pada 6 Mac, peguam plaintif telah membuat tawaran out of court settlement sebanyak RM30j. Selepas pengurusan kes pada 6 Mac, tawaran out of court settlement sekali lagi dibuat, tanpa nilai. Kedua dua tawaran ditolak defendan.

    Cissss.... rumah selebet nak mintak harga Beverly Hills konon! Pirrraaahhhh!


  23. Dear all you nay-sayers,

    Everyone is subjected to, basic human rights, i.e safety of their own homes. Bottom line, if you're looking for so-called progress, basic human needs has to be met.

    cue tag-line : "RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN"

    Replying stupid things such as "spoiled, manja" and all that crap just shows your level of education and/or humanity (basically lack there of)

    They have the right to voice out their concerns over their homes, as of your rights to slander others.

    These people, women, young kids, senior citizen reserve the right to safety and such an issue should be addressed by MRT-co.

    Those uneducated complaints or simply arguing against other people, and their "anonymous" status or JANTAN (but name still anonymous) is cowardly.

    MRT, it being their project has to be ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE if anything goes wrong due to their project. If the level of quality isn't there (as always happens) things like, the crack of the MRR2 and the collapse of the MAX highway bridge would happen.

    QUALITY is what the people of Taman Tun Dr Ismail is after. As should all Malaysians. Singapore executed their plans well, look into that. If they can, why can't we.

    Here I am, a GIRL not even a JANTAN using my NAME.

    Nak comment, have some bloody balls to use your real name. being JANTAN doesn't make you any better. only the uneducated, assumes that.

    Thank you.
    Ilya (born, Raised, bred in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail)

    1. Anonymous12:14 pm

      So you put your name.......

      So what????

      You are still talking shit.

  24. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Encik Saleh,

    Please do not listen to rumors and spread rumors. Are you one of the MRT cyber troopers who's being paid by MRT to slander and act like hooligans? The 30M that was given to the resident" is a blatant lie. Maybe you should get your facts right before you open you big trap!

    If you do not know whats happening...keep your BIG MOUTH shut!

  25. Liz Kamaruddin, PZ resident8:08 pm

    Salam to all caring citizens,

    I am appalled at some of the comments that I read in this Blog. In many ways, as a resident I have lost faith in the system.

    Are we so far advance that we have no rights to voice our opinions?

    Are we so callous to think that we did not earn our rights for a safe and secure environment?

    Are we going to yet again shut the mouth of people who dares to question the system?

    I am a 2nd generation resident of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. When my parents first lived in Taman Tun, it was just a small insignificant housing estate. We enjoy quiet road, no traffic, all the things which are now in the past. The govt build highways and we never complained. We see that as a part of progress. We keep our peace.

    Now, yet again,because we kept quiet, its an indication that "we" can build anything and the people in PZ will accept it. Now its a train that will pass by our homes everyday from 5am - 12am every 90seconds, 14 meters from our front door. Its OK because who cares, right? Its for the greater good.

    We, PZ residents may not have millions of ringgit to do a campaign to "LOVE PZ". But our nawaitu is clear. We want to still have the rights for safety and security, rights for clean air and rights to own a property, rights as a citizen.

    For those who listens and pass idle gossip, my advise is to check your facts first.

  26. Minah KL8:21 pm

    Eh Saleh,

    Awak ni kempen MRT ker? Dapat gaji lebih ek? Bonus best ker?

    Awak macam dapat insider info pulak pasal haribulan tu. Mana awak tahu? Harap boss awak bagi gaji lebih sket kalau tak penat awak keluarkan fitnah yang tak bernas tu....

    Saya doakan awak punya kempen tu berjaya dan mereka yang sekaum awak akan bersama menempuh cabaran2 yang sebegini bila awak "besar" nanti ye....

  27. Anonymous12:44 am

    I am the man whom the little girl spoke of in her email addressed to the CEO of MRTcorp. I was in KK on Friday 15 March to help settle my son who had been posted to K.K. hospital by the government. At about 7pm – 8pm the burglars broke through 3 layers i.e.: a steel metal door, a grille gate and a door at the back of my house. The alarm would have been set off automatically when the first metal door was broken through but that apparently didn't deter the robbers. The thieves ripped apart the alarm and disabled it. They even had the time to cut up all the alarm points. It’s only a ONE hour job and everything’s gone. The feeling of being violated by someone is simply indescribable. The thought of it is painfully painful. Despite of this, I am nonetheless still thankful that none of my children were in during the heist as I cannot imagine what harm befalls them and the trauma that will ensure after the aftermath. Petty thieves I have encountered every now and then, but break-ins is something that is not the norm in TTDI, something sporadic. However, ever since the coming of MRTco into the neighbourhood, break-ins have become rampant. I can't help equating this with MRTcorp’s presence and I also fail to comprehend MRTcorp’s lack of social responsibility in beefing up security as promised. I fully agree with Azlina and many of those who wrote in support of the little girl’s email.

  28. NOT an elite12:56 am

    I live on Pinggir Zaaba; I'm a woman who works odd hours, sometimes well past midnight. I can totally relate to the fear the young lady expressed in her letter. I was driving home from work at around 2am one day and as I was approaching my house saw 2 workers practically outside my gate and staring at my house.

    Sure it might have been innocent; the 2 men might have been taking a break but no woman would have felt safe entering her house knowing there are strange men watching her every move.

    In another incident, my sister-in-law who was about to send her children to school in the afternoon, witnessed a couple of workers lunging at each other in a fight, before they were pulled away by their fellow workers.

    For those who accuse us Pinggir Zaaba residents of being a bunch of whiny elites, you might want to imagine your wife, sister, daughter being in our shoes.

    We have time and again said that we're not against development; we're all for MRT but at what price?

    Yes we understand there are sacrifices we may have to make for the greater good but surely not to the extent of completely disregarding our safety?

    I'd like to see Datuk Azhar and his bunch of merry men move their families to Pinggir Zaaba and see if they'd be taking all this quietly, like they expect us to.

  29. Anonymous7:31 am

    malaysians are good at not having /lacking empathy for their own kind. Will collect, donate here and there send overseas but in their own yard they just cannot feel the other's suffering. Seems they have no clue about rights and responsibilities, must not complain and just telan every freakin shit that is shoved down their neck???? You are supposed to be with the people lah dumbasses...the big fishes do not need your help!!

  30. Anonymous9:40 am

    Arunzab: Praying for others to be a victim? That's how selfish aand true colours of those elites there. For their own benefit, they are willing to do anything.

    1. Anonymous4:03 pm

      Anony :
      He meant it metaphorically. Meaning, you would only know if it happens to you. I guess when commenting here, we, "elites" have to use layman terms. Susah orang tak paham

      People like you, are good at puttig blame, looking the other way when the cost is not yours to bear. Shows your level of humanity.

      Elites ke, anyone ke, reserves the right for safety. You on the other hand, commenting on petty things like this for the sake of running your mouth, just reflects bad on you. Sad. Sad for you

  31. IT.Sheiss12:36 pm

    Any construction, even of a house, brings risk of robberies by foreign workers, so the solution is for the police to patrol the area more frequently and/or for the MRT company to hire security guards to guard the area for the duration of the construction, and to work with the residents to ensure effectiveness of security.

    From what I see of the construction along that stretch of Pinggir Za'aba, a set of pillars of the gantries supporting the MRT line will be constructed on their side of the concrete wall, while the corresponding set of pillars will be constructed on the divider separating the lanes of the road on the other side.

    Unfortunately, there will be some inconvenience to the residents on that affected stretch of Pinggir Za'aba during construction but after it's over, their property value might go up due to proximity of an MRT station nearby.

  32. But of course , those who laugh and crictise us for our predicament need to have a taste of their own medicine . Only then will they understand what being violated is. All about.

  33. Anonymous7:50 pm

    We ALL welcome the MRT for convenience's sake especially at a time when public transport is unreliable, erratic and dangerous even. Remember the American tourist who was raped by the taxi driver and his accomplice? Not to mention the many cabbies who cheat by not using the meter or lazy ones who do not want to drive passengers to certain places because of traffic congestion, heavy rain and so on.
    However, having said that I feel that MRT should also take into account the people's concerns and be reponsible when it comes to their projects.
    They should not cause unnecessary stress to those living nearby their projects.
    I'm very sure there are ways to avoid this. An example would be to construct the MRT route/lines at a decent distance from houses, playgrounds, shops etc.
    -Concerned Citizen-

  34. Rohila PJ8:04 pm

    YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib/ YB Lim Lip Eng(who is the MP for segambut), are you listening to them? Just tell them what should they do next; what more can they do? There must be something that such intelligent, wise people as yourselves - Wakil Rakyat - can think of to ensure that everyone's well-being is taken care off? Although I don't live in this area, I shudder to think that if they - the powers-that-be - can do this to this group of people - who are outspoken, fighting for their rights to a safe home environment, educated with access to all sorts of channels to voice their concerns - what is to stop them from doing the same to those who are not as media savvy & unaware of their basic rights? If MRT management can get away with this, this time around, you can be assured that it can be repeated somewhere somehow by someone.

  35. Qistina10:02 pm

    susah la manusia today. semua backward thinking. of course it is easy for you to say that all she is doing is whining. cuba la rumah u depan benda tu? boleh tahan ke? ikut sedap je declare orang elite. ingat chop duit?

    ye la, nak buat macam mana, their hard earned money is less significant than yours, right? you want things like MRT fine, who doesn't want it? i'm sure this young girl would benefit from it too. but at the expense of a selected few?

    i guess if the MRT was in front of your house u can afford to beef up your own security right- as what you expect the pinggir zaaba folks to do?

    kalau macam tu, buat la MRT depan rumah u since u banyak duit.

  36. Anonymous1:01 am

    Wow...u girls must b real stunners for the workers to all stop working n stare at u all the time.... That would really explain it if the the project is ever delayed eh?
    But just what do the girls of pinggir zaaba actually want?
    Wall up the area? Stop the project? Blindfold the workers? Station the VAT69?.....what?
    Have u girls considered moving?

  37. Anonymous1:22 am

    Hmmm.... Sounds like people from just 1or 2 houses r complaining here... Guess the money offered is not enuff

  38. Anonymous12:41 pm

    ELITE community dun wanna bising2 construction ma..but if u wanna to divert the construction to other place lets proceed,,no long not disturb my business do construction ma..

  39. Anonymous4:39 pm

    I think MRTCo CEO needs to be reminded repeatedly until the company do as promised to station security guards along that street to ensure the safety of the residents.

  40. Anonymous11:32 pm

    To all PZ and Tmn Tun residents,

    From the level of intelligence derived based on their comments,It is very clear that these uneducated and bukit class monkeys deserve to live in shitholes like SS2, jinjang, bandar Utama and the likes.
    They can drive a Mercedes beng and wear lolexes but they can NEVER buy class and good character.

    It is still the apek jual sayur mentality no matter how many LV bags and gay belts they wear.

    So do not bother to wrestle with a pig. Because even if you win, you will still get dirty.

    Jasema furever

  41. Anonymous4:30 am

    MRTco, pls la...just give the perasan girls a bit more money so that they would just move out. So they can go live somewhere else. S'pore maybe. Its for their own safety and peace of mind. Then bulldoze flat the whole of pinggir zaaba. Build a huge station there or even better - a modern, multi storey car park!

  42. Anonymous9:39 am

    There are many comments in this blog which I find rather odd and peculiarly strange. As an example,
    Anonymous said… as much as I agree with this letter, i found that it is also absurd.
    You cannot agree with the content of a letter and at the same time found it absurd. It’s absurd.
    There are many more comments I wish to rebut but I will refrain from so doing. I will rather limit myself to realities.
    None of the PZ folks are against the MRT project. This I know for a fact. The PZ folks have repeatedly said it and reiterated it time and again. Why would they object? It’s so silly and ridiculous to suggest that notion. No one in their right mind would object to an MRT-line due to the immense benefits it brings to ALL including the PZ folks. However, MRTco owe a duty of care to ensure safety, delivery, and maintenance with high regard for quality engineering work, health, security, environmental requirements and the general well-being to ALL in accordance with accepted engineering practice, regulations, laws, international standards and principles and MRTco must engage with the affected parties. MRTco knew the PZ folks would rely upon their statement (be it oral or written). MRTco are duty-bound to carry out what they agree to do in ensuring the MRT project is implemented legally, safely and in full compliance with statutory requirements. As far as the PZ folks are concerned, the MRT project has been poorly managed with numerous broken promises and no proper safety measures with several other breaches as these glitches were foreseeable.

  43. Anonymous3:10 pm

    You are asking for help..Blaiming or implying MRTCo's workers for the spate of breakins, etc isn't fair. Love thy neighbors first before calling on MRTCo. Policing isn't their role.. Perhaps they can help the police do their work more efficiently..Safety begins in the home.