Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Malaysian soldier died today

LATEST: 12 March 2013 - Our first soldier was killed in action this morning as fighting with Sulu terrorists continue in eastern Sabah. Innalillah. His family will mourn him. Alfatihah. The nation salutes him ...
But no, not the so-called human rights activists who have begun to mount campaigns and protests to accuse Malaysian armed forces and police commandos of brutality. We are defending our country against armed terrorists, against savages who beheaded our police officers and gouged their eyes, and these human rights watchdogs and watchbitches call us brutal! 

I hope our mainstream media and news portals, including Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider, recognize this as propaganda against our nation and don't fall for it. Our warriors aren't savages like the Kiram terrorist. We aren't the intruders, we are not in southern Philippines claiming Mindanao to be our ancestral land. We are defending our sovereign land and our people to the best of our ability. The people our commandos and soldiers are risking their lives to defend include the Suluks who are Malaysian citizens and who have been Malaysian citizens for a long time.

The least some of us can do is shut the fuck up and stop telling the soldiers what they ought or not ought to do. The rest of us will do well to better understand what we are up against. Our politicians need to set aside their political differences and stand on the same side. 

I hope the video (above) of the interview given by Farish A Noor on Viewpoints @ntv7 helps us realize that we are victims, not perpetrators. The claim on Sabah does not hold water, not here, not in the Philippines and not internationally. Let's stop any motherfucker who tries to make the terrorists look like victims.


Hamdan Ahmir (or Hamdan KC to friends), who interviewed Dr Farish on Viewpoints, anchors a special program Coversation with the PM at 9 tonight on TV3. You can watch the live streaming on tonton, too. 


  1. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Oh, really, Bru?

    Have you heard of the saying "chickens coming back to roost"?

    Well, the chickens in Sabah have been in "play" for a long time.

    And before you go all high-and-mighty and act offended and outraged, go read what's being written in the Philippines main stream media (such as The Manila Times, www.manila times.net).

    There are 2 sides, at least, to every issue.

    And, to certain quarters in the Philippines, this could be shaping up to be more than just nationalistic fervour.

  2. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Frankly Datuk. I'm pissed at our own Menteri Penerangan who is not doing anything since DAY ONE except (maybe) ordering the MSM to play patriotic songs almost every hour on the hour!
    The government MUST do more than that. And the responsibility must be borned by our Menteri Penerangan, Kebudayaan and all that... now is not the time for kebudayaan, now is the time of penerangan, not to Malaysian only, but to the whole world. Our nation is being attacked not only by gun toting terrorists but online terrorist! I just want to ask one question, only a single question;
    "How many times has the Menteri Propaganda Malaysia called for a Press Conference for every global reporters based in this country to explain what, how, who, where and when anything about what is transpiring in LD?"
    The briefing by the Generals of Police/ATM doesn't count.

  3. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Lim Kit Siang asks in his blog:

    Should Malaysia be saved from Dr Mahathir?

    Answer: No, Lim. Malaysia should be saved from YOU.

    (p.s. In order to prove how distasteful and how evil Dr Mahathir and his actions have become, Lim Kit Siang has vowed never to use the North-South highway, never to cross the Penang Bridge which he labelled as a waste in the early 80's, never to board a plane if it has to leave from KLIA, never to bawak his relatives from mainland to makan-makan angin near the Petronas Twin Towers, or show them the Stadium Complex, or Putrajaya, or pride in Malaysia's economic standing, and, most importantly, never ever ever mention "May 13" and "Peeing on Flagpoles" in the same breath.)


    "To those of you who received honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C and D students, I say you too may one day be an opposition politician" - paraphrasing GW Bush

  4. Anonymous8:27 pm

    The terrorists are victims. Victims of their own stupidity.

  5. Anonymous9:25 pm

    The opposition's dream is to destroy this country and they are proud of it. They are happy to see instability and will anything at all to achieve their evil wish.

    This is the result of the ISA being abolished. It was their first step to run amok, under the guise of freedom, human rights and other bull crap reasons.

    Bring back the ISA and lock these useless trouble makers for good, if peace is to be attained.

    Singapore, UK, USA have these so called draconian laws. Why? Because the Najib administration fell for the opposition trap of doing away with the ISA.

    Now, it is perfectly okay for one to run naked in the streets, shout profanities, sit like fools in the streets, oppose everything and screw young boys, because 'it is my right'.

    It is also the right of sane to reject these mad men, unless the majority of us are mad like their stupid leaders.

    Let's put a stop to these brainless opposition cunts before we reach a point of no return.

    Kick them out. Who needs them anyway?

    Why are these bigots supporting criminals? Simply because they themselves are criminals. And most criminals have daunted minds, like most of the opposition leaders.

    If the majority of the sane still cannot see through all these, then, we are doomed. Can we or should we let the inmates take over the prison?

    Think about it, for the future of your kids too.


  6. Anonymous9:51 pm

    "Let's stop any motherfucker who tries to make the terrorists look like victims."

    Well said Rocky. How stupid can Malaysians be for siding with the terrorists? Well maybe if they have family members who are at the frontline, they will sing a different tune.

    It is easy to criticise when you are safe and sound in your own home. All these armchair generals really make me sick!

  7. Anonymous10:34 pm

    This is a better and clearer account by Farish compared to his ambiguity on Awani a few days back. Well done. When in doubt we can always refer to this clip. Thanks Rocky.

  8. Anonymous10:38 pm


    there 6 pages of document on cessation of sulu island. Please post out for government's attention. Thank you.

  9. Anonymous1:44 am

    Even since the fighting started and on learning of the death of our security personnel, i have placed my national flag on my window (front and centre of my apartment building) to show my support and gratitude to all security personnel fighting in Sabah and also for those here keeping us safe. The flag will be there until the full resolution of this unfortunate conflict and safe return of all the security personnel.

  10. Anonymous1:45 am

    653Even since the fighting started and on learning of the death of our security personnel, i have placed my national flag on my window (front and centre of my apartment building) to show my support and gratitude to all security personnel fighting in Sabah and also for those here keeping us safe. The flag will be there until the full resolution of this unfortunate conflict and safe return of all the security personnel.

  11. Anonymous3:12 am

    What human rights are they talking to support the intruders and terrorists?
    Will they campaign against those terrorists who brutally mutilated and beheaded our dead warriors which is against the rule of war?

    Practice Relating to Rule 113. Treatment of the Dead
    Section A. Respect for the dead
    Quick navigation
    I. Treaties
    Geneva Convention IV
    Article 16, second paragraph, of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV provides: “As far as military considerations allow, each Party to the conflict shall facilitate the steps taken … to protect [the killed] against … ill-treatment.”

    Additional Protocol I
    Article 34(1) of the 1977 Additional Protocol I provides: “The remains of persons who have died for reasons related to occupation or in detention resulting from occupation or hostilities … shall be respected”.

    So to those who are talking about human rights of the terrorists, I would call them traitors to this land of Malaysia berdaulat! Get out from Malaysia!!!

    I agree with anon 1.45am.

    Lets raise our flag. Let us join our armed forces to protect this country. Let us show to the world that we are one nation and we are together to protect this country. Raise Malaysia flag at your premises and car. Be Malaysian warriors too!!!


  12. Anonymous5:49 am

    Twisted tongue of Kiram:
    She said the fight is not only for the sultanate, but the whole Philippines. “We carry the whole sultanate, the whole country, the people.”

    This is the reason why they felt insulted when they were called terrorists despite a subsequent denial from Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario. The latter earlier said he was misquoted by Malaysian officials in calling the Filipinos in Sabah as “terrorists.”

    .....woooooo!!!!!! more see below:

    "She insisted the Philippines owns Sabah, contrary to claims by Malaysia that the sultanate has already ceded control over it. “If we get Sabah, we can lay claim over $73 billion of its resources, not one Filipino will anymore experience poverty.”


    Hahaha....angan mat jenin.! Bravo Malaysia!!!

  13. Anonymous7:40 am

    No sooner had Rocky called on for a rally to stand by in unison in case of any incursion to our motherland even for those of opposite divides, tap, tap, tap what do we find adorning the first comment?

    Anon 6.45 continuing the usual pembangkang incessant unpatriotic rant, siding and believing more in foreign media than his own. But of course that's what pembangkangs are good at. What then would a swine be if it doesn't snort in maggots, irrespective of how dirty they are? What then would opposition be if it is not dissent towards anything government irrespective of how right they are?

    But wait. Foreign Media?


    Its Feb 16 news also highlighted the hand Anwar Ibrahim had played in this incursion.

    The Inquirer of March 13th urges the government to probe Nur Misuari for the whole affair.

    Now if you ask "There are many more news coming from Philippines mainstream that do NOT support the Sulu terrorists than the ones who do and condemn Malaysia, why does he select and read only ones who do?",

    then you might as well ask

    "There are many more clean and delicious things that can be found lying around for pigs to eat, but why does it choose only the filthy maggots?".

    Because therein lies your answer.

    Kutthulinggam, the paraphrase guy

    "Being unpatriotic for the opposition is a lot like pissing down your own leg. It may seem hot to you, but it never does to anyone else" - paraphrasing LBJohnson

  14. Jen(B) Norman Swr8:12 am

    I recalled Hishamuddin said "they are not militants or terrorists"...
    Tsk Tsk Tsk

  15. Anonymous8:16 am

    Utusan: Anuar's fault!
    Inquirer: Anuar's fault!

    Habis lah DSAI... end of story, lets move on to GE!!!

  16. MAHAthir8:21 am

    Who let the dogs in and out???

  17. Anonymous9:20 am

    Propaganda is normal...media have their own slant/angle and they have every right to do so. Those who are media-literate won't buy everything they read, and those who are easily swayed can't be saved because they already want to believe what they want to believe.
    Trust some anarchist among us to blame army/police/najib/hishamuddin, and also some who believe anwar is the player behind this. Biasalah tu, this is the age of the internet...a lot of rumours repeated often enough become gospel truth.
    I, for one, think the army and police are doing a good job (though i have a sneaking feeling that it's our intelligence that slipped-up...but that's just me!). I also feel that no matter how much evidence there is to show sabah belongs to m'sia, the phils/sulus will keep harping on it ...what kind of trouble will we have to deal with from them in the future?!?



  18. Anonymous9:20 am

    VAT69 dan mereka yang patriotik akan turun demo untuk mempertahankan solidarity dan kedaulatan negara. Juga menyuntik semangat kepada perwira kita yang sedang berjuang sekarang. Ayuh... JOM kita turun beramai-ramai untuk sertai perhimpunan ini, bawa bendera Malaysia. Difahamkan waris keluarga anggota keselamatan yang terkorban juga akan turut sama.

    TARIKH : 15 Mac 2013 [Jumaat]
    TEMPAT : Masjid Negara Kuala Lumpur
    Selepas solat Jumaat..... Hadirlah beramai-ramai, sebaarkaaan...!
    Jadikan perhimpunan ini yang pertama di dunia yang menunjukkan kebangkitan rakyat menyokong kerajaan dan angkatan bersenjata demi kedaulatan negara. Hidup Malaysia!

  19. Anonymous9:31 am

    Trying to show patriotism by using foul language? doesnt work brader....you real journalist? doesnt seem like it.

  20. Anonymous9:47 am

    All people angry to Tian Cua and I agreed with that. But one thing why people miss the fact that Hishamudin is the first one who claim that the intruder is not terrorist they only tourist. Now you want people called them terrorist. We alway being foolish by the politican. Hisham suppose appologise to people cause wrong information.


  21. Anonymous9:48 am

    All people angry to Tian Cua and I agreed with that. But one thing why people miss the fact that Hishamudin is the first one who claim that the intruder is not terrorist they only tourist. Now you want people called them terrorist. We alway being foolish by the politican. Hisham suppose appologise to people cause wrong information.


  22. Anonymous12:22 pm

    One day at the Sungai Besi airbase, a young man walked off a plane impeccably dressed in police uniform. He was returning to accompanying one of his friends who had died in combat.
    As he stared blankly to his friend's coffin, a little girl grabbed his hand and asked him if he would be going back to the battle ground. He told her he would be in a couple of days. She smiled and said, “Can you please tell my daddy that I love him. My mommy told me he’s never coming home from over there..”

  23. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Yang tak patriotic tu semua DNA keturunan PATI Tongkang.


  24. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Don't care about your foul language

    Don't care about those shitty oppposition followers here

    I just want to agree your point

    Hell, if similar situation ever happens in Klang Valley..
    those m***! that you mention - will either pee in their pants or flee the country in a matter of seconds, too scared to even wear the force's uniform to defend 'their' own country..

  25. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Anon 7:40 am certainly has his knickers all twisted up.

    It must be the "chickens" coming home to roost, ha ha!

    Be that as it may - under whose watch did 500,000 (or is it 800,000) Filipino Muslims land up in Sabah?

    Surely we are not that addicted to cheap, unskilled foreign labour, are we?

    Did anyone then give a flying fig as to the security implications of that many Filipino Muslims in Sabah?

    Or was national security subordinated to certain other political objectives and agendas?

    The PM spoke about what's happening now in Sabah as a "wake up call"!

    Has the country been on sedatives, sleeping pills and soporifics until now?

    If not, then why the "wake up call"?

    Next, consider the marked lack of support from the other Asean countries. Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore - countries which have borders with Malaysia - have been noticeably circumspect in their comments on this issue.

    Where is the much-vaunted Asean solidarity?

    As for the "big boys" in the region - China, India and the US - they must be watching with interest to see how Malaysia deals with this situation.

    On a more sober note - if this "Sulu Sultanate" incident morphs into something more serious and widespread (think Abu Sayyaf, Al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiya), it becomes a whole different ball game, with a lot more parties getting involved.

    See what I mean by "chickens coming home to roost"?

  26. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Channel NewsAsia is doing a special programme tonight on the Sabah issue. It will be telecast tonight 8:00 pm.

    It's interesting that CNA has been showing pictures of Filipinos demonstrating in Manila in support of the "Sulu Sultanate". It certainly doesn't look like a "fringe" movement there.

    So, is the Malaysian media, and are Malaysian bloggers, glossing over the possibility that this issue may actually have some support in tge Philippines?

    It certainly appears that way when there is no "fair and balanced" reporting.

    Where's Al Jazeera when it's needed?


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