Friday, March 22, 2013

Global Witness on Taib: Was it really a sting operation?


WHO'S BEHIND GLOBAL WITNESS? The Mole has the story, h e r e. Also picked up by the Malay Mail.

One has to wonder just how many more outfits and NGOs in and on Malaysia are funded by this man, who obviously has a hard-on on this country ... 

Original piece:

Big roles in UK-sponsored movie

At the 12th general election in March 2008, which was Barisan Nasional's worst, Taib Mahmud still delivered 29 out of the 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak for the ruling coalition. At the Sarawak state elections two years ago, the Chief Minister made mincemeat of an over-confident Anwar Ibrahim and Co, winning 55 of the 71 seats and retaining the two-thirds majority. Clearly, if Pakatan dreams of conquering Putrajaya, it has to first take Sarawak, considered a "fixed deposit' for Najib Razak's BN because of its ability to deliver the seats. 

In order to overcome Sarawak, they will have to bring down Taib.

BN's fixed depositer
The 'secret' short movie Inside Malaysia's Shadow State produced by Global Witness, a previously obscure UK-based NGO, is seen as such an attempt to bring down Taib. The movie implicates the Sarawak Chief Minister and his family in alleged multi-million ringgit shady deals. Despite its insistence that the movie was "apolitical" (see the interview by Malay Mail's Haresh Deol, GW defends Secret Video), many of us are far from convinced. The timing for the circulation of the video itself, at the verge of Malaysia's 13th GE, makes the political observer laugh at the claim that the movie is aimed at exposing and fighting corrupt practices. 

Me, I find it insulting that these English chaps think that hearsay is enough to prove that someone is corrupt. Did they think we were going to behave like natives and swallow their words hook, sink and liner like in the good, old, colonial days? 

Read the Benchmark's GW on Taib: Was it really a sting operation? (The Mole picked up the positing by the anonymous blogger and sells it as GW on Taib: A well-crafted Conspiracy?
 Could it be a well crafted conspiracy against Taib by his own kin who have the coveted Chief Minister's seat at sight? 
Could it be the Rahman family's last attempt at the throne? 
The Benchmark also thinks that the attack is not purely against Taib per say but it is aimed at derailing Taib's transition plan and sabotaging his chosen successor, whoever that may be. 

The good thing now  is a police report has been lodged against the short movie. When investigating the movie, I am sure the authorities will follow the money trail. I am curious to find out who is financing Global Witness, really.

I have a gut feeling about this but let's wait a little for that to surface, shall we?


  1. Anonymous3:10 am

    This Dirty Old Man bila nak mampus??

  2. Anonymous4:32 am

    hey anak wrote
    you are curious to find out who is financing Global Witness....

    boy oh boy oh boy!!

    You are a true UMNO man

  3. Anonymous7:11 am

    Rocky, you are hopeless. You are a disgrace to Malays and your family. You can go so low to defend Corrupted leaders who fleece their own people on their own land. You betrayed your own religion and conscience. I felt Rey sad that Malays can have such people like you who can approve such horrible thing that go against your own kind.

  4. BADUT NASIONAL7:55 am

    Its Anuar's fault... again!!!

  5. Anonymous8:51 am

    where is the ulamak al fadil ustaz haji hadi to say that the video is only "besi"?


  6. Bro, don't forget to send out varying order invoices to Taib for these kind of damage control that may not have been part of your job scope.

  7. Anonymous9:02 am


    Dear Papa Gomo,

    I don’t know how to reach you, and everyone knows that you have been sued by Anwar Ibrahim.

    Do not be afraid. He will not go through with the legal pursue. The Modus Operandi of Anwar, through the advice of his lawyers, is that for those who have actual factual substances like Zulkifli Noordin, Ummi Hafilda, Ezzam Mohd Noor and Datuk Eskay, Anwar should not sue, even though these people are “itching” to get sued so that they could tell all in court. But for those with “indirect” or non-first hand facts about him, then he would go all out to sue, like Utusan Malaysia, Dr Chandra, Khalid Jaffri, a few bloggers etc. Note that he sued Utusan Malaysia, which RE-reported what Reuters wrote about his involvement in the Lahad Datu case, but not Manila Times which reported it originally.

    Now what about NallaKaruppan, his right hand man, supplier of Anwar’s sex mates and event manager for his secret affairs. Why did Anwar sue?

    Simple. Contrary to what we would like to believe, he sued because he does NOT want the public to know and see the video!! Because while the court case is going on, evidences must NOT be released to the public. Is not that what he had always wanted?

    But what would happen in court, won’t it be revealed then?

    Answer: No! As master of deception, Anwar will choose to delay the court proceedings, like what he is doing now, till after the election. After that, he could always OPT for the case to be withdrawn. He is the one suing, isn’t he? He could do that. Notice how, if this thing hadn’t gone to court, we would all have been able to see by now Samsidar’s video as well as the juicy details that would come out from Datuk Nalla?

    Now here’s the clinch. His lawyers, especially DAP-backed Karpal Singh, all believe that Anwar is guilty. Of the Sodomy, of the Video, of all those Samsidar adventures, of the China Doll, of the recent Man-Love videos etc. Only people not right in the mind would conclude that the man in the videos is not Anwar.

    But what these politically ambitious lawyers want, is for Anwar to WIN the court cases. If he becomes Prime Minister, these are the very same people who will hold Anwar’s balls in their hands in an extremely highest-profile political backmail of all time. Do not want to abrogate article 153, Anwar? We will release Act 4 Scene 3!

    Therefore, Papa Gomo, do not be afraid of Anwar’s threats. I see that A LOT OF PEOPLE are afraid of these politicians’ threats that it hampered their reporting progress. They were just about to write more about Rainbow when Lim Guan Eng threatened, “You Write about THAT, wait and see how I sue you”. Result? The truth about Guan Eng’s Rainbow adventures got buried beneath the ruble of political intimidations. The Omega watch, the Lahad Datu treacheries, the IMF involvements, the numerous sex video revelations --- all of these are under potential suppressions due to the threat of legal actions.

    No! Do not be afraid! Unwritten psychology and personal kinesis dictate that the threat of legal pursuance in a damaging exposure is an early and a sure-fire way to detect the guilt of the subject. An innocent man would react differently and laugh it off. But a guilty one would become vindictive, offensive, threatening and create non-sequitur diversions. “These are all UMNO’s tactics”, he would say, beneath the clappings and applauds of his backbencher hecklers, drowning the voices of reason.

    So Papa Gomo, snub his threats. You can even do this: “For causing you mental grief and inability to do a patriotic action like exposing a criminal’s lying demeanour to the public, you are now counter-suing Anwar Ibrahim for twice the mount that he sued you.” To add credence, add in a statement that says the proceeds of the RM200M will be donated to charity, or to the “National Institute for the Re-Education of former LGBTs” or persatuan Ibu-ibu Tunggal” or whatever. RM56.00 should be given to me for insinuating the idea in the first place, so that I may be able to renew my Kapcai Road Tax.

    Thank You

    Marking Bagpie

  8. Anonymous9:08 am

    In the old days, people use to say, 'No money, No talk'. Today it's the other way, around. "i give you money, you talk".

    That's what happen to Saiful's father. The intruders in Lahat Datu was also paid. Dato S was also offered infinite amount.

    With 'The Rear Admiral' in the opposition, anything goes. Where does he get the money? He doesn't have a job, does he? He sure is weird.



  9. Anonymous9:47 am



    We must admit that he tried to get the old man to resign But was Snubbed. Soil Lek Snubbed him. Deepak Snubbed him. After 3 weeks the Sulus Snubbed him with Dire Consequences to our police and Country.

    He must be the Most Snubbed PM of Malaysia.


  10. trifling-jester9:53 am

    rocky, is any of the allegations about taib true then? you didnt address that part.

  11. Anon 908,

    He does not think small when it comes to money. Sue blogger pun RM100 million!

    Old Fart,
    You do sound old, and tired. They forgot to pay you again?

  12. Anonymous10:03 am

    Like you said Rocky, this happened on the eve of GE. Isn't it suspicious? They tried to rock Sabah but soon backfired. They now turn their attention to Sarawak with this so called expose. It seems to them, the path to power is to penetrate a mighty BN grip in these two Borneo states. Try as they may.
    Opposition politicians coming from the peninsular trying to dabble in Sarawak politics. It is a mad ambition. They don't know whom they try to pick a fight with. They really have no idea what he is capable of. Taib is a Sarawak warrior. He has been in Sarawak politics for decades and has mastered games. Even Dr. M himself had never really poke his nose in Sarawak's affairs and knowing Taib too well. This guy knows more about Sarawak than any Sarawakians you may know of. These people really have no idea with whom they are dealing with.

  13. Anonymous10:18 am

    again, we must blame this on anwar, don't you agree with me bru?
    hidup duit!

    1. Anon 1018,

      I thought you guys blamed everything on Umno? Lol.

  14. Anonymous10:53 am

    If the same video is used to implicate there is corruption in Penang under Dapig, what are we going to say? Are we going to say goodbye to Dapig with this kind of xposure? why the double standard, hah?

  15. Anonymous11:10 am

    You say you are "curious to find out who is financing Global Witness."

    Unlike the people who pay for your despicable spinning, the "previously obscure UK-based NGO" (which has been around for 19 years, has an annual expenditure of GBP4m+, and works with the UK Department for International Development), practices transparency and their accounts are available online (

    If you actually practiced journalism, rather than shilling for a coterie of corrupt cronies, you would have checked this out.

    And, yes, amongst their funders are the Open Society Foundations.

    Cue xenophobic and anti-semitic drivel...

  16. It has been "the eve of elections" now for nearly two years, thanks to the dithering, incompeten, spindoctoring and lying PM Najib. So, the "timing" of the Global Witness video has nothing to do with GE 13. Shit happens without warning. And those concerned with truth and justice don't care two hoots if Global Witness is funded by Soros or Mahathir!

    The issue that should concern us is whetehr Taib is corrupt and has accumulated $40 billion in wealth. The truth of this can be discerned from this headline:

    "Swiss President Orders an Investigation into Taib’s Assets!"

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  17. Anonymous12:12 pm this the best Rocky can spin to "save" Taib ? Try harder Rocky. Better still just blame on Anwar lah, make your job easier.. Especially when you need to juggle your time for your numerous BN damage control exercises.

  18. Anonymous12:12 pm this the best Rocky can spin to "save" Taib ? Try harder Rocky. Better still just blame on Anwar lah, make your job easier.. Especially when you need to juggle your time for your numerous BN damage control exercises.

  19. Bro, you must be kidding that they pay me. More like I pay them, come to think of it, for nothing too.

  20. Anonymous3:03 pm

    BN damage control in action. Hopefully the taxpayers money they spent on those expensive consultants will help :)#)

  21. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Wow, Rocky - you are being unusually circumspect here. Cautious too.

    Now, why is that?

    Normally, if "money laundering" and "Singapore" were mentioned in juxtaposition, you would be jumping on it like the proverbial ton of bricks. As would certain other individuals who post on your blog - no names mentioned.

    Perhaps, in the interest of "fair and balanced" reporting, you could provide a link to the Singapore Straits Times report "MAS: 'Sting video' claim about Singapore is false" that was published today?

  22. Anonymous3:43 pm

    When defenceless balme it on:
    Jews / Soros / Anwar / ungrateful Chinese & Indian / Americans / foreigners "jealous of our success" - did you hear this ad on childish can we get

  23. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Rocky worships money and corruption.

    He protects those who are corrupted to the core.

  24. Dear Rocky,
    I think this is a case of you trying to defend the indefensible....
    As a journalist surely you can follow the money. How many thousands of acres of land are owned or been sold by companies owned by the Taib family. Just look at the holdings of CMS> Its been common knowledge for decades.
    Just look at the details coming out of the divorce proceedings of Taib's son.
    Irrespective of timing the truth is now out.
    To say this a plot of the Rahman family is also silly - as they are as implicated as Taib

  25. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Latuk Locky, you got no rebuttals ? You have to allow mad magpie to sidetrack the issue by bringing up Anwar vs PapaDog ? This has to be a low in your life, no ?

  26. Anonymous8:55 pm

    If Taib was such a star for BN, he would not need a clown like rockybru to defend him. They are equally low class in what they do. One steals in broad daylight, the other spins and spins.

  27. Anonymous11:50 pm

    too old..too long..too much....

  28. IT.Sheiss12:48 am

    Remember Radio Free Sarawak. What did it achieve? Taib and his party still won.

    While I'm not a fan of Taib, if the majority of Sarawak people voted for him or his party, then he cannot be that bad.

    Unlike these liberal condescending saviours, wither western or Pakatan, I do not condemn the Sarawak people who do not vote for them as "stupid," "ignorant," etc.

    Do these condescending saviours, most of whom are outside Sarawak, know more about internal Sarawak matters than the people of Sarawak?

    No these latte-sipping, SUV-driving, Bangsar-wallahs yuppie-tariat don't.

  29. Anonymous2:48 am

    Shame on you Latuk Locky, if u can defend Taib surly you are a fan of devil in hell.

  30. Anonymous3:12 am

    No it is not a sting operation. It is a documentary film. Sting operation video is like china doll's film.

  31. Anonymous9:24 am

    Sorry old chap but are you SURE your kids are yours ? Are you sure that it was your 'effort' or someone else?
    So, who is financing you to write what you write?
    You have lost your way Rocko !

  32. Anonymous9:40 am

    IT. Sheiss

    The "indigenous tribes" in Sarawak and Sabah are, by and large, still living in poverty and deprivation.

    Go take a trip to the interior of these states and see for yourself - roads, schools, health clinics, safe and potable tap water, electricity.....

    Do you mean to say that, years after joining Malaysia, this is the best that the two state governments could do?

    And it isn't as if the two states are devoid of natural resources now, is it?

    So, what say you? Does a kopi-swilling, Proton-driving, whatever have the answers?

    Or the mother of all copouts?

  33. Anonymous6:09 pm

    the only practical chance left for Umnu nemesis to make its way into sarawak is by promising an under the sea tunnel linking bumi kenyalang and penisular, if not, please go back to sleep and keep on dreaming.

  34. Anonymous11:28 pm

    To many dap agent commenting to your piece datuk. Well done. Meaning dapiq afraid you telling the truth to us the general public

  35. Anonymous12:45 am

    put it this way ,bangladesh is a sample of corrupt government ,fanta is a famous drink there .kid asking money on the road . this short film is so low class even unimas can make better short film, the quality is VGA hd ,the lense is bad, the content like a joke , talk about corruption but the most problem in sarawak will never solve if you ask atuk saya punye kawan punya lawyer punya bapak saudara, is like cartoon .For global witness enough with short film like this suck , you waste your ticket to sarawak ,there is alot of corrupter in America and UK . Try to clean them first before you try to clean us . Because we know you also not clean the way you pretending as investor . And when you start to pretend the people beside you also will pretend at the end you get pretend info .

  36. Anonymous4:23 pm

    What a shame to the whole journalism industry....
    "previously obscure UK-based NGO"???
    You can't even get your facts right before writing...better go do something else before you bring more disgrace and shame to the present field of profession you are in.

  37. Anwar Sodomizer vs Taib Mahmud shaddy deal

    here is common sense for Dog and Pig to understand :

    Anwar Sodomizer;
    1. Get Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng to the nearest Computer Screen google, type and then click raja goyang or papa gomo blogspot and take off your spectacles and go nearer at 6" from the computer screen (you can go nearer if you want to)
    4.Wallaaaa, kit siang and guan eng can see clearly what this man is doing as Annie blogspot aptly describe `Armpit Fetish' or you can hear clearly in papa gomo blogspot anwar is in a middle of `discussion' `brain storming' plus `brain wash' of our country `economy' with a university student in a private hotel room.
    5.Surely Kit Siang and Guan Eng can see and hear clearly and understand what anwar is doing right?

    here is justificationTaib Mahmud shaddy deal.
    1. Get Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng to the nearest Computer Screen you tube, type `Inside Malaysia’s Shadow State’ and then click (the mouse you stupid goon) and take off your spectacles and go nearer at 6" from the computer screen (you can go nearer if you want to... or use binocular to enhance your vision)
    4.Wallaaaa, kit siang and guan eng , now did u see Mohd Taib presence anywhere to implicate him?
    5. Lim kit siang and guan eng , now where is Mummy Foo and Xoxo Rainbow?

  38. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Unknown 9:02 pm

    So, who are the "Dogs" and the "Pigs"?

    Since we are on animals, how about "Monkeys", "Donkeys" and "Mammoths"?

    Oops - I forgot that the latter species is extinct. Me bad.

    So, if Anwar is having his morals questioned, can I say that Taib Mahmud is a shaddy (sic) anachronism who has long gone past his "sell by" date?

    I am sure that the private bankers in Singapore have plenty of stories about Malaysian VIPs. Just hang around the watering holes in Boat Quay, Circular Road or Marina Bay Financial Centre.

    But, then, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you, seeing as how you all are as pure as the driven snow?

  39. Anonymous4:55 pm

    1. You know not who is Global Witness? Seriously? They are the foundation that disclose the illegal trading of "Blood Diamond" at Sierra Leone. They were founded since 19 years ago and revealed natural-resources related corruptions from Cambodia to Congo, Sierra Leone to Angola and you think Anwar Ibrahim can influence them? How about trying to say that Anwar can influence the United Nations as well?

    2. He and his uncle already mended previous disputes many years ago. Try as you may to throw doubts on the source, the fact of the matter is the license was issued to his cousins. They have to be the best actresses to put on such a show?

    3. Which lawyer in the right mind with embarrass himself, causing credibility concern and removal of his license to practice just to be involved in a video making?

    You don't know Global Witness, you don't know who you are dealing with. One of the biggest NGO in the world. Good luck on your spread of false messages.

  40. IT.Sheiss3:53 am

    ANonymous wrote:-

    "The "indigenous tribes" in Sarawak and Sabah are, by and large, still living in poverty and deprivation."

    "Go take a trip to the interior of these states and see for yourself - roads, schools, health clinics, safe and potable tap water, electricity....."

    I don't deny that but why do they continue to vote in BN then?

    Economic hardship and deprivation is the thing of revolutions. Throughout history, such people have revolted long before there was Internet or even radio.

    Their own hardships would tell them the truth more starkly than any video or radio broadcast can.

    Word of mouth alone is a more powerful medium.

    Do such deprived and dirt poor people have the means to watch such a video as produced by Global Witness. Who was it produced for then?

    I'd say that if they continue to vote BN, they most probably don't think that the opposition will provide any better for them.

    One thing they are not is "stupid" or "ignorant," unlike the latte sipping, SUV driving, Bangsar wallah, wannabe management, yuppie, NGO-types like to make out.

  41. Anonymous5:25 pm


    why this NGO didn't expose the plundering that still going on involving the western power in the middle east, is non of our concern?

  42. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Rocky's Bru..

    Bila awak solat , apa yg awak rasa? Ada roh tak dalam solat awak? Jangan jadi benteng penindasan manusia... jangan jadi pak turut..

    Malu lah cket dengan Allah...