Saturday, March 16, 2013

Josephine's Tidurlah

A beautiful tribute to the fallen heroes of Lahad Datu by Josephine who said she wrote the song  out of deep sadness for what Sabah is going through, and for the precious sacrifice of those lives lost in defending our state. So much is going on right now, and so close to the General Election too, with rumours flying back and forth. When the truth is hard to see, it's best to go down to the basics and focus on honouring those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

I am not a professional singer or songwriter; I am just an ordinary citizen who loves her state and country, and the people within. God bless us all and protect us from fear, hatred & injustice ...


  1. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Rocky, bila nak upload video Anwar Juburi.....mampos Anwar kali ni !!

    Financier : Madey
    Producer : UMNO
    Skrip : Rosmah & Najib
    Director : Suhaimi babak
    Lighting : Rocky & Geng

  2. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Thank you Josephine. Beautiful lullaby and touching, My tears cant stop flowing listening to your song.

    Rest in peace Perwira....

  3. Josephine, thank you.Beautiful and poignant. You expressed it for all of us. Our sadness for the fallen heroes and their family and for our beautiful country being invaded by terrorists and cheered on by traitors who are Malaysians. Its a day of humiliation for those who have no sense of when to set aside politics of hatred and stand up for your country. God bless the fallen heroes.

    Peace and Malaysians unite. Leave your hatred behind

  4. Got goose bumps listening to the song, tears followed. Dear Josephine your song is beautiful, I am proud to be your fellow Malaysian.

  5. UMNO KATA...."Asalkan bukan ketua kami yang mati semua OK...1 Malaysia"!!

  6. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Jahatnya mulut 4.55am. Jaga2 nanti tmbuh kutil d bibir. Dah lah muka hodoh perangai pon hodoh.