Monday, March 18, 2013

Post-Bala Depression among the die-hards

"Sivarara, Americk, Anwar et al. Please excuse me for the expletive, I don't trust these fuckers."  PI Bala, PII Americk Singh Sidhu
Not everyone thinks Americk did a noble thing. Freddie Kevin dissects PI Bala's first Statutory Declaration and punches holes in not just Americk's nobility but also the tales told by the other characters involved in Bala's first SD

Even if you don't want to listen, listen, listen. Surely you can see, see, see.

Sivarasa, Americk, Anwar et al. Please excuse me for the expletive, I don't trust these fuckers.

Original posting:
Americk said Cecil said that Najib said ...

Please read the whole article here

You must read the whole article and not just the headline because if you read the headline only you may end up thinking that the Prime Minister had actually instructed lawyer Cecil Abraham to draft the second (and last) Statutory Declaration by the late Bala the PI.

Those are not the facts. The fact is, lawyer Americk Singh claims that Cecil told him (in confidence) that PM Najib Razak had instructed him to blah, blah, blah ...
“Cecil met me and admitted to drafting the second SD without Bala’s instructions. The instructions came from Najib." 
And some people are clinging to every word Americk said.

As if those words are their last, dying hope ...

1. Based on Americk's hearsay, the Bar Council has decided to refer Cecil Abraham to its disciplinary board.
2. Read also


  1. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Rockybru : "The actual fact is the PM did no such thing"

    how you know Rocky ? Najib kasi tahu you ke ??

  2. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Are we going to believe a statement made by the Karpal Sinki in the Ogus house many years ago about sodomy just because he is a lawyer? Hmm..

  3. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I never trust lawyers. They are like double edge hacksaw. They makan both ways. If there is a crime, they can advocate for the victims, as well as the criminals. Depan-belakang boleh sapu.

    They even championed those criminals shot by the police. Hang those lawyers. Is that what Tun said?


  4. Bujang4:45 pm

    Post-Bala DESPERATION is more apt, Sdr Rocky.

  5. Kenny4:46 pm


    The THAMBI already MAMPUS. Whatever this fella say or that fella say will all remain as a mere MYSTERY. No point even debating/questioning this S.D or that S.D.

    Instead we should just use our own intuition to conclude the entire chapter since that THAMBY had already closed his chapter too.

    The conclusion is that....

    "God took away the THAMBY life becos THAMBY was causing too much unrest & troubles with all his slanders & lies. When no one could stop the once alive THAMBY from talking so much COCK, CRAP & RUBBISH from 1 country to another country & back to the country harping on the same old tune of TAMIL MOVIE kinda lies, then, came the MIGHTY GOD. The ALMIGHTY made 1 simple strike & KABOOOOM!!! this THAMBY is now dead & speechless. Thus now, we all can have finally enjoy some PEACE & TRANQUILITY.

  6. Anonymous5:03 pm

    To Kenny

    Your comment reminds me of America in the 1950s when all black men were called "boy". Your racism proves you are the littlest boy in the room, with a similar brain to boot. Wake up, this is 2013. Don't be so proud to show off your stupidity.

  7. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Tak faham la....why are they discussing this in the meeting, and not discuss RPK's expose' that Sivarasa and Anwar had a hand in preparing the first SD? I thought Bar Council supposed to be apolitical? If you can 'investigate' one hearsay, why not investigate the other one as well? Selective persecution much? Don't they realised that they are making themselves look like fools? They think the people bodoh ke? Just because PR are full of idiots, wannabe brown-yellow-red mat sallehs, UMNO rejects, failed accountants etc, does not mean that the rest of the rakyat are as stupid as them. They must really have very low opinion of malaysians in general if they think we will swallow another bull crap like this. Lawyers....scum of the human race! Lawyers turn politicians....scum of the scum of the human race!

  8. Anonymous5:27 pm

    What is the dfference between 1950s and 2013? Babies still comes through the same hole or cut out through the stomach. Rice still taste the same whether cooked over raging firewoods or silent electricity. The only different that can be discerned is the lawyers of those era were more noble than the lowyers of today.
    'The other fella told me that the other fella's mother in law heard it from the grandmother who heard it being spoken in her kitchen is 'hearsay' and don't count. Period.

  9. tebing tinggi5:34 pm

    Anon 5:03pm

    I a ways Kenny was right,and most Malaysian are aware too that anything involved a Tamby it's goes with no end. There always a story to continue ,that feller said that,this feller say this ,I did not say this !,that bastard did and it can goes on and on with no full stop the worst of it how intelligence you are you will get confused.
    There is a peribahasa which is long known to describe this.

  10. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Bala (in Malay means disaster) was only 53yrs old and already calooo? Of heart FAILURE?

    Self guilt can be the most fatal weapon - self destruction. You can kelentong everybody all the time but cannot lie to your own HEART.

    Pesanan oghang tua2 Melayu, "Jangan aniaya oghang tak tentu arah pasai satu hari nanti akan termakan diri sendiri".


  11. Anonymous5:47 pm


    i remember RPK said something similar about his SD. He heard from someone who heard ....

    they're recycling in desperation.


  12. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Deyyy Tambi Americk Singh, I can also say that PI Bala before his death told me that you told him Anwar had asked you to draft the SD1.

  13. Orang Solok5:51 pm

    Nampaknya Bar Council bakal bersubahat dengan Americk dan puak2 anti-Najib untuk mempolitikkan terus isu pembunuhan ALtantuya untuk kepentingan ketua umum mereka.

    Rakyat tak sebodoh yang mereka sangka. Kita tahu menilai.

    Agenda Americk bukan mencari pengadilan untuk Altantuya maupun Bala. Kedua2nya pun dah meninggal - seorang dibunuh oleh dua orang pegawai polis yang terlampau dan seorang lagi terkorban kerana politik pembangkang yang melampau.

    Agenda Bar Council pun sama, bukan untuk mencari pengadilan. Semuanya berbau politik dan bermotifkan kejahatan.

    Rakyat tak sejahil yang mereka rasa. Kita tahu memangkah.

  14. Anonymous said...

    i remember RPK said something similar about his SD. He heard from someone who heard ....

    they're recycling in desperation.


    5:47 pm


    Yupp, Anon, RPK did. He was "reliably informed", somebody told him that somebody had documents related to something earth-shattering... Turned out habok pun tarak.

    Haris Ibrahim pun pernah melaporkan dalam blog nya yang he was reliably informed by someone that I was plotting to promote Najib Razak as PM (masa tu dia DPM).

    You are right. Same MO.

  15. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Just wonder whether everything came out (posthumously) from this lawyer's mouth about SD2 is a kind of wills belonged to the deceased? What else in that wills? Any info?

  16. "As if those words are their last, dying hope ..."

    Someone is already dead! Justice must be seen to be done, even if the finger points to the person who occupies the highest public office in Malaysia! Did 2 policemen wake up one fine morning and say," Let's go C4 this blackmailing woman we have never heard of or met..."??? That Azilah and Sirul took C4 with them suggests pre-meditation, and they did say they had been offered $100K to kill Altantuya!

    And here's the report verbatim from Mkini:

    Americk: "Tan Sri Cecil Abraham confessed to me that he did indeed draft the infamous 2nd SD without the instructions of my client and he apologised for doing so.

    15. He informed me that he had been instructed to do this by Najib Tun Razak."

    It's crystal clear, is it not? Can it be any clearer?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  17. Anonymous6:17 pm

    In Cyprus the Parliament voted to impose a tax 6% on all savings above Euro 130,000 as part of the bailout plan for a government that had poor financial governance for over a decade. Keep up the good work. We must protect our government at all cost!

  18. A brave attempt on your part to confuse, but not good enough to wipe out the lingering perception of most people. Like Bala, Bala's lawyer is believable.Our PM have to come out to deny that he has given the instruction to do the 2nd SD. Only his specific denial can remove the perception.There is no other option!

  19. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Dear folks,

    only poligram can solve this deadlock. by the way who shud be tested? Bar Council? Americk Sindhu? or Mr PI?

  20. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Semua bangang,you ingat PM ada masa ke nak kelentong dengan lawyer buruk.These PR goons always created cockstand but in the end semua kaput.The only reason that I can think of is they have no coordinations amongst themselves.Kepala cakap lain,ekor mengelupor untuk defence.Try harder to convince us esp we had given you the chance 5 yrs ago.Once bitten twice shy.

  21. Americk Singh is a member of the Bar Council.
    You think Americk will stoop so twist like a snake and rick being debarred as a lawyer?
    Read all at many posts at Malaysiakni....and the hundreds pf comments. Not one talk like Rocky.
    I am sure Rocky subscribe to reading Malaysiakini too.
    Why don't he write to Steven Gan and get his message posted out there....if he really want to prove Najib has been misquoted.
    Anon 4.15 pm.....question to Rocky...will never get a reply.
    Rocky's job is to create nonsensical discredit all PR matter how stupid they can be...not important....because they are few stupid Umno b stupid visitors here ...with pea brains..will believe whatever Rocky says.

    1. Anonymous10:00 pm

      Annnd you r not one of dap visitors. Lisan you low class nak mengata org. Pulang paku serpih mengata org awak yg lebih.7.02pm. Dan awak menulis ambil dari kotak mancis.


  22. "they're recycling in desperation" said Rocky.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Who are the real desperadoes???
    Mould of mamak talking.

  23. sing a song singh8:02 pm


    Do you believe another Singh, Karpal Singh? This Singh bilang itu Anwar Ibrahim main bontot. I think this Singh is also a Bar Council member.

  24. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Whom it may concern,

    No human being is infallivle, and this inlude any member of any org for example Bar Council, etc, etc...

  25. Anonymous8:23 pm



  26. Anonymous10:36 pm

    These unscrupulous lawyers drove the poor Bala to his death by giving him script after script.

    The family should sue these lawyers for hounding him from India to Malaysia.

    Another thing, why is Porntip not called to figure out why he died?

    Well, an investigation leading to his heart attack will reveal that the lawyers were the most frequent visitors, even to his death bed.

    So, drunken Bar Council, go do your maths. This is where your credibility may be restored.


  27. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Okay Okay, tamau galuh2 sini.. kita belajar dari nasihat Omputih yg lebih berpengalaman dgn depa2 macam Bala.. Too clear they have warned the world;

    "If you are being confronted with a Cobra, a python, anaconda sekali pun just leave them be, however ~~~~~Monsterball tolong sambung sikit ayat ini bole tak?


  28. Anonymous10:41 pm

    To the Maternal Copulating Anal called Kenny of 4.46 pm, please have some RESPECT for the dead which invariably your dog copulating mother never taught you.Calling him a THAMBY, you are a bloody RACIST bastard which Malaysia does not need. Try calling in public a Malay by such derogatory term you balless prick

    On what EVIDENCE have you said that he has lied.There are person(s) who have openly declared that Mr. Bala was paid off... and the question is why?? ... a brainless dick as you KENNY will never figure that one out.

    Maybe your GOD will do us all a favour and GET RID of you a UNCOUTH, RACIST, GUTLESS, MORONIC DICK. BTW is your GOD the one who has his/hers earthly representatives administer religious houses in which they have sexually abused children at such regularity that no sane parent will send them to confession alone!!!

  29. How well has the incumbent PM handled the accusations and how well has BN or rather UMNO handled incumbent PM's handling of the issue?

    While the BN's case for re-election based on overrall performance is solid, public's perceptions of certain issues could tip the balance and put us on a different nefarious orbit, without our intending it.

  30. Anonymous12:14 am

    Looks like Altantunya committed suicide then.....and since Bala is gone, chapter closed and everyone can carry on doing whatever they are doing.....

  31. kenny1:20 am

    Oooooiiiii.......tutup tirai la!!!

    That THAMBY already KAPUT. Do u know TAMIL MOVIES are all very very long ka???? Lucky this movie starring the dead THAMBY BALA is very short. No dancing...No rolling on the grass...
    No hiding behind the banana trees....just Ahhhh!!!! Jantung hand brake only.

    So lets tutup chapter la. No need to prolong this Tamil movie ok???? Even Thamby BALA also can make the movie short by pulling hand brake on his heart but yet you DONKEYS wanna achi-acho talking so much about this issue as if you donkeys wana take over BALA KAPUT's role in his part 2 movie. i know why tamil movie all can be so long dey.

  32. Anonymous3:24 am

    Why the fuck is this monsterball shithead so racist? Mamak this, maka that. Piss off, racist.

  33. It was "they're recycling in desperation" changed to "Post-Bala Depression among the die-hard"
    I guess Rocky found out who is actually recycling in desperation.

  34. Anonymous10:33 am

    Well...let this be a lesson not to say anything to tempt fate like Bala did.

  35. Anonymous10:57 am


    haha.. dont be a moron ok..

    all members of the bar council stink to lowest hell.. dicks of the same smell flock together.. they will not de-bar him, instead they will elevate him as a champion of human blah blah blah right.. my foot!

    if you see a snake and a bar council member, kill the bar council member first.

  36. Anonymous11:40 am

    Latuk Locky:

    You want to know why Cecil Abraham will not dispute Americk's bombshell ? Because Americk was right, and there were witnesses to that meeting. You want to know why Najib dare not do anything or say anything ? Because it is true he instructed Cecil Abraham to prepare SD2 and got his own brother and Deepak to "persuade" Bala to sign SD2.

    These crooks dare not do anything because the last thing they want is to appear before a court and have everything exposed in the open.


  37. Anonymous12:07 pm Rocky what's your opinion?

  38. Anonymous1:16 pm

    hahahaha....anon 10:57 yes agree bar council member no intergrity...full of cheating ..pirahhh...this professinal body that looose the respect...

  39. Ernest2:08 pm

    Then, to settle this once and for all, you should be pushing for a investigation, by the police and the Bar Council. Cecil hasn't denied Americk's confession publicly, why are you jumping the gun? Neither has Najib or Rosmah.
    Your attempts to do damage control is hurting Najib badly. Lawyers' reputation notwithstanding, most of us, right thinking people would believe Americk, rather than you. Know why? You can answer this question yourself. You have no credibility left.

  40. Anonymous3:17 pm

    if there are 2 SD, contradicting each other, which one to believe?

    the answer is simple..neither one of them could be trusted. period

  41. Wow! A smart ass talking cock...calling me a moron.
    All against BN are snakes and morons.

  42. sing a song singh4:45 pm


    You haven't answered my question la... Lu percaya tak itu Karpal Singh cakap dalam parliament, itu Anwar Ibrahim main bontot. He's also a Bar Council member like that Americk Singh.

  43. simon5:29 pm

    at this point, these fuckers want to believe Bala, Anwar, Americk and all those a**holes...nothing anybody can do.

    we keep on telling the story sampai they all meluat. biar kan.

    because we are so meluat with their tales and yarns.

    good for you...
    keep up the good work!

  44. Anonymous9:12 pm

    So many jokers here trying to spin to make Bala and Amerik as not to be trusted persons. The fact is names has been named and those implicated should defend themselves if they were not involved. Any good PM will also want to know the truth and clear his name instead of keeping so quiet. Instead you see clowns here jumping to his defense. Will you guys do the same if the victim was a family member? Locky, please search your soul and ask yourself what kind of person are you?

  45. Anonymous9:38 pm

    The racist trio - apeklowyatt no balls, loveplaypundek and stinkyapekfart...

    Me to remind u...people sudah litih dengan lu punya antics. stop making fools of yr self. so racist. so hypoc....

  46. damansaraman2:38 am

    Dear Rocky

    There are 2 Statutory Declarations signed by 1 same person telling 2 different stories about 1 same case.

    Since that is the situation, then why does the Bar Council only investigates the 2nd SD and not BOTH SDs simultaneously?

    Does the Bar Council already pre-decided that the 1st SD contained the actual truth, while the 2nd SD are filled with lies?

    If so, based on what?

    What is the purpose of the investigation?

    Is it to determine which one carries the true accounts of the whole incidents?

    If that is the main purpose, and I believe the Bar is filled with honorable champions of the law, then the Bar have no other alternative but to investigates both SDs.

    With all the due respect for the deceased PI Bala, we cannot take his word as the actual truth, as there maybe thousands of reasons for him to say what he said.

  47. Ancient Mariner8:07 am

    PI Bala's lament: "Until my ghastly tale is told, this heart within me burns" - Samuel Taylor Coleridge - The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner.

  48. Anonymous9:29 am

    Right minded people and a good government will also want to know the truth regarding the murder to show the world we have a good justice system without fear or favor. But here we have clowns who wants help cover up the truth and even mocked those who dared to risk their life to give exposes. If you can call others as "Thamby", what shall I call you? A bas***d? All we are asking for is the truth. Who ordered the deletion of the immigration record? Who offered RM200K to the killers? These leads can nail the mastermind but some people here always try to spin to help cover up for the murderer and those involved.

  49. Anonymous12:45 pm


    answer lah the question from sing a song singh..

    now u become snake thinking of how to putar belit is it??


  50. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Finally, Rock Bala is back in ....

    yes, why after 5 years...need more fresh air?

  51. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Anon 9:12 pm
    Deyyyy, klo TDM atau Najib nak saman tiap org yg lempar bermacam tuduhan kat depa, 24jam satu hari pun tak cukup masa.

    The accused of murdering Arw. Dato Sosilawati +++ was also a Council Member, tak kisah le ex or whatever. Bukan saja susah nak percaya dia org ni semua tetapi dah jadi mengerikan!

    Omputih dah catatkan if you see a snake>>> they were in India for centuries so they should know better than anyone else to firmly come up wth such statement.


  52. Anonymous11:36 am

    Rocky, why do you continue to sell your soul to the Devil ??? You are a pathetic Pokai fella to do that, black means black, don't try to turn it to white.