Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Revolusi Cina" in Johor

BIG CAT, the Johor Bahru blogger, says that in Gelang Patah, Johor, where the grand old man of DAP, YB Lim Kit Siang, is slated to contest during the 13th General Election, there has been a 30 per cent increase in Chinese voters since 2008 when BN won it.

In Tebrau, the number of Chinese voters has increased by nearly 50 per cent during the same period. Elsewhere in the state, especially the urban centres, the same is happening though the margins are substantially smaller. Such is the change in the electoral landscape that Big Cat deems it fit to mention the case of a DAP supporter who had predicted that ...
"various opposition rallies will galvanize a "chinese revolution" in places such as Tebrau, Pasir Gudang, Gelang Patah, Pulai and Johor Bahru, which will presumably result in the fall of BN."  Read Where to Hafiz?
The blogger did not say if these are first-time voters, though. Or if they are people from other states who have decided over the last few years to make Johor Bahru their home. They are a lot of Malaysians who work in Singapore and live in JB. And with the massive development of Iskandar, Malaysians from all over the country have decided to invest in property in the area. And among Malaysians, the Chinese are known to be the most inclined towards investing in real estate. They are also the ones who can better afford to do so. So there is nothing malicious or suspicious in the increase. All part of a free and fair electoral process, right?

It is also true to say that in the last five years, there has been a great commercial-business revolution in the urban centres of Tebrau, Pasir Gudang, Gelang Patah, Pulai and JB. Needless to say, the rapid development was driven by aggressive policies adopted by the state government and its Menteri Besar, who is an Umno leader. 

In fact, if you believe in what Big Dog and Another Brick in the Wall have been writing about in the last few days, then it is fair to say that these places are booming as a result of the very close relationship between the political and business leaders from the various races. It is no different from the time when the Kuok family enjoyed great proximity to the Malay elites in Johor. And who is Robert Kuok today? He is the richest Malaysian and has topped the list of our billionaires for many years. And the DAP wants to take credit for a Chinese Revolution in Johor only now, in the 21st century?

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  1. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Rocky, what a racist title to your article!

  2. Rocky,

    Its way too simple to assume that Chinese vote along racial lines anymore than Malays or Indians or Kadazan etc.
    Its all down to the candidate that the respective party picks that will decide which party wins.
    If BN picks new and 'clean' candidates they have as much as chance as the PR candidate.

    Remember in 1999 GE it was said that the Chinese actually saved BN.
    Our elections are constituency based - thus its not about whether you want Najib or Anwar as your PM but about the candidate selected for your kawasan.

  3. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Satu lagi "Cerita Lawak Hari Rabu" dari Rockybru and Bigcat !!

    Pengundi di Pekan nak mendadak 18,000 , adakah ni pengundi hantu ??


  4. Anonymous12:47 pm

    kesian kan the malay..

    after all the policies for good business, the pig dap is now taking all the credits..

    melayu bodoh (diperbodohkan oleh pas dan pkr)

  5. najib manaukau1:25 pm

    At least Robert Kuok makes his money the honest and rightful ways plus in the process many people benefit from it ? He did not become the richest man just because he was handed the wealth in a silver or golden platter. Most important of all he has what I call business acumen and make his wealth all over Asia and Pacific, Did the son of the shenanigan Mahathir become a wealthy man from money only in Malaysia because he really has business acumen only 'applicable 'in Malaysia. Or was he given the wealth literally by his P.M. father ? We all know the real answer I am only sorry that the shenanigan did not extend that privilege to you.

  6. Bro,
    In the name of political empowerment , DAP will upsurge MCA in Johor this coming election.. UMNO will remain winning almost all the seats contested. Then it will be truly a two party system . A Malay party running the government and a Chinese opposition party. Does this augurs well for Malaysia?

  7. Anonymous3:12 pm

    "In Tebrau, the number of Chinese voters has increased by nearly 50 per cent during the same period."

    Does this has anything to do with ghost or double voters?

    I really think that 'grand old man of DAP' should just resign from active politic, like Tun Dr.M. We need young and healthy people as YBs. Of course he can still be mentor to DAP. Last time I heard, he was almost blind already. Like Nik Azizi and Hadi, the Rakyat don't want to have a YB who might spend most of their time in hospital. Furthermore, with all his family members in the top post in DAP, Rakyat's welfare in other constituent will also be affected. Their YBs might have to visit or take care their father or grandfather in hospital. (That is why a husband and wife cannot be working in the same department. Both will most probably take leave, together).

    I think it's about time we enact a law, prohibiting old and sick people from contesting in GE. We want healthy politician who will not die on us in office. We do not want to waste our(Rakyat's) money and time with the unnecessary political issues related with by-election. We want our YBs to serve the Rakyat and make the country prosper. Not playing politics, all the time.


  8. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Never mind DAP, PAS & PKR is advancing into Johor. Remember how the Iraqis were tricked into thinking the attack would come through naval landing on Kuwait's coast, when it came from Saudi Arabia?

    What is Ghani doing?? Food coma from too much KFC??

  9. Anonymous4:08 pm

    You silly old goat, you better continue your hangouts in Bangsar with your ill-informed cronies. The Iskandar project is now substantially in the hands of the Chinese. The Singaporeans, the Malaysian chinese developers, they are all there. They are buying up property because Iskandar is now known in the region as Singapore II. Lots of people have migrated there, and guess which race they belong to ?

    Your hero Mamakthir is right, the Melayus shout and curse, but always forget to shut the back door.

    So now what ? Declare an emergency so that elections can't be held ?

    Hahaha Latuk Locky, itulah orang Melayu bilang bodoh sombong....


  10. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Big Cat, Big Dog ? What next? Big Mama?

  11. IT.Sheiss4:59 pm

    OK! DAP may win some seats in Johor, especially the urban seats with a large number of Chinese voters and the MCA could be wiped out.

    However, what about the rest of Johor, especially the smaller and more numerous constituencies with a large majority of Malay voters?

    We may see some major re-alignment of Malaysian politics after the upcoming GE, with fewer BN parties represented in parliament. MCA could well go the way of Gerakan and PPP and, while UMNO and MIC will be the dominant Peninsular BN parties in parliament, while the Chinese are represented by DAP in parliament.

    The general belief is that BN will still hold on to government, whether by a bigger or smaller majority is left to be seen.

    Anyway, almost no givernmnent in the developed western democracies have a two-thirds majority. Some are glad to win just iver 50% of the seats, while others such as in the U.K. and Asutralia have to rule in coalition with a smaller party but whatever they still rule and DAvid Cameron still farts in the face of the British people who voted for his party and the others who didn't.

    So what's this fuss all about?

  12. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Dap definitely emerge 1st inside PR. So LKS true opponent is in Pekan but not Gelang Patah. Why change his mind...scared hah?

  13. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Oh, this one pricks your eyes.
    But not the increase of voters in abundance in Sabah, made possible by the project IC?

    The Johore one is a case of relocation?

    Sabah is a case of IC allocation?


  14. Anonymous12:47 am

    MCA just not working hard enough. People like Hou Kok Chung....just what is he doing?

  15. Anonymous9:36 am

    Waaaa ini macam Monsterball lau ren ade bakat jadi campaign Director for Lim Kit Siang!


  16. Anonymous10:37 am

    Demographic structure in the urban area would give Pas an added advantage in helping Dap to turn its dream into reality. Many thanks to Pas

  17. Dari kuasa Melayu, ke kuasa Cina di Johor, Rocky. Langkah mayat kami orang Johor. Kami akan lawan habis-habisan.
    Mimpi Cina nak kuasai Johor macam mimpi Anwar Ibrahim nak dapat Putra Jaya. Never!Ever!

  18. Anonymous12:58 pm

    On D Day Johor will fall to the Opposition. Rakyat Johor have had enough of the Corrupt UMNO Leaders.


    1. Anonymous11:38 pm

      Do you think pakatan leaders not corrupt ka? Silap lah you.

  19. Anonymous2:35 pm

    My goodness, Bru! Have you too succumbed to the wave of "Sinophobia" (or shall we say "Cheenaphobia") that is prevalent in certain sections of the Malaysian blogosphere?

    And here I was thinking that you are a well-educated open-minded and cosmopolitan Malaysian who gets along well with Malaysians and foreigners of all races and religions!

    Is there a "Revolusi Cina" in Johor?

    Why pick on Johor? Why not Selangor, Pahang, Perak, Sabah or Sarawak?

    Or are you subscribing to the "uppity varmints" syndrome which has been propagated by the more inflammatory of the bloggers out there?

    It's all too easy to "whack" people, especially those who look, talk and act "different" from you. And who even have the temerity to pray to strange gods or to the God.

    It's even easier when you don't have to pick up the pieces or deal with the consequences in the aftermath of any untoward incidents.

  20. Anonymous3:20 pm


    Of-course you have enough of corrupted ex-UMNO's Anwar Ibrahim as your leader. He was the 'father of corruption and a sex-maniac too. That is why the PM then, rejected him. And now you hoist him up your shoulder as 'Anugerah Tuhan'.

    What about all-in-the-family' at the top hierarchy of Lim's and Anwar's party. It's ok with you? If that kind of nepotism is done in BN, would you object?


  21. Anonymous5:49 pm


    Kuasa Melayu in Johor is moving away from BN to PR. You can thank the Menteri Besar for that

  22. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Big Dog, Big Cat, what next? Big Mama?

  23. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Hey Rocky, send our regards to your good friend Taib in Sarawak. He is on all our minds these days after the video expose.

  24. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Nampaknya "Bedul 10:40am" dah termakan propaganda Rocky !!


  25. Anonymous7:06 pm

    no point running away from corrupt umnu but end up into the similarly corrupt packs of three stooges.

  26. charleskiwi1:43 pm

    PKR with lusty Anwar as the leader is surely not the best one in town and with LKS as the 'Chinese' representative may not also be the one I would like representing the Chinese. But half a loaf is always better than none and the people need only one term for the opposition to be in Putrajaya to have the present warlords indicted.
    So just vote for the opposition in the coming GE just so to get rid of the scums and parasites especially the shenanigan Mahathir the Umno made Malay who is not a born Malay !

  27. Anonymous5:44 pm

    What was the growth in Johor's per capita income from 1957 to 2012? The figures must be sitting in some state or federal government computer.

    Is Johor getting it's "fair share" of private domestic investments and foreign direct investments?

    What percentage of these investments are going into real estate and what percentage into the manufacturing and services sectors in the state?

    How many school leavers and tertiary institutions graduates are produced annually in Johor? What's the jobless rate among them?

    If we have to talk about "Revolusi Cina", then let's get some statistics on record.

  28. Anonymous3:29 am

    Aicheh cheh bole calo le lu...

    22yrs TDM as PM now +++++ sum more lu duk merempat, mengkedaghah under him jugak.. dats se mean lu mayak sayang sama lia atau lu semua mayak jealous as only he under BN esp the UMNO leaders can guarantee you people can live in this country happy happy and become bulat montel wan.

    If not, just like your ancestors, dah lama cabut lari from here and migrate elsewhere.

    You talk with yr cock dangling from yr mouth like that wan.


  29. Anonymous3:17 pm


    There's naught to worry about the perwira's histrionics.

    Deep down he or she is just a sad, frustrated person who can't hack it in the real world. Academically and intellectually uncompetitive, the person is reduced to mouthing off in the blogosphere.

    When devoid of logic, the person talks trash. Nothing unique in that. African Americans in the ghettos of Los Angeles and New York perfected this "art" a long time ago.

  30. Anonymous1:32 am

    Anon 3:17 pm

    Memang Perwira ni bahalol kan?


  31. Anonymous9:13 am


    See what I mean?

    When challenged, this perwira poseur is reduced to spewing out inane challenges and tired phrases. Nothing more.

    It must be frustrating to poseurs like this person to be out-competed, upstaged and generally outmanoeuvred and passed by the others.

    So, these poseurs are reduced to moping, whining and complaining about the general unfairness of it all. While occasionally uttering blood curdling threats against all and sundry.

    As Sheldon Cooper says in "The Big Bang Theory" TV show - "Buzzinga"!