Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ah, Annie!

Life of Annie is a new blog assured of a prolific future [and who's to say she didn't have a prolific past?]. Just weeks after opening the blog, she became the target of a smear campaign by DAP cybertroopers based in Komtar [Read In the Komtar's crosshair and Remembering How Pakatan treat our police].

The anonymous blogger has even caught the attention - and won the rare admiration - of Helen Ang, the Queen of Pain in the ass of Lim Guan Eng, the Komtar troopers' paymaster himself [read Why the BN cyberwar machinery can't match Komtar] (double a, double n) is on my Blogs That Rock roll now. It's quite clear to me she's an old hand at the game and I think we can rely on her for political commentaries you won't get to read in pro-BN or pro-Pakatan blogs. 

And she doesn't just hit out at the Pakatan folks, as in CONFIRMED! Hishammuddin to replace Ghani as Johor MB!


  1. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Welcome to the club Annie. Fasten your seatbelt. In the coming months, we're going to have a rough ride!..

  2. i've been reading her blog..agreed with you rocky..she's awesome (know her stuffs)

  3. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Politician always like to quote love, love, love! For example: "love can cure racism. Bla, bla, bla.

    What must be added is that the love alone (love minus empathy) can't spare Annie and the others of her ilk from becoming the victims of chiruch's scandals.

  4. Thanks Datuk Rocky

  5. Anonymous12:17 am

    From Malaysiakini:
    Solat Hajat Rosmah Untuk Perwira Hanya Pura-Pura

    SEMALAM isteri Perdana Menteri, Rosmah Mansur dikhabarkan telah mengadakan upacara solat hajat, kononnya untuk mendoakan kesejahteraan dan keselamatan anggota pasukan keselamatan yang sedang bertugas di Sabah.

    Tapi laman ini dapat merasakan upacara solat tersebut gagal mencapai tujuannya apabila 2 lagi anggota keselamatan dikhabarkan telah mati dalam pertempuran terbaru dengan tentera diraja Sulu hari ini.

    Manakala 3 lagi tentera diraja Sulu yang terbabit dalam pertempuran tersebut telah gugur dalam pertempuran pagi tadi.

    Bagaimanapun yang lebih penting, Pakatan Rakyat difahamkan bahawa tindakan Rosmah itu hanya bertujuan untuk menarik simpati rakyat terhadap kerajaan BN pimpinan suaminya yang semakin hampir menjadi pembangkang di Parlimen dalam pilihanraya akan datang.

    OK, You can hate someone, but his or her prayers to God is not ours to dispute.
    Thanks Mkini, another vote lost for PR!

  6. Anonymous5:07 am

    Ah..another paid BN blogger

  7. Anonymous7:42 am

    An interesting mind and a refreshing voice. Annie's a delightful presence in blogosphere.

  8. DAP cybertroopers are really scared shit of contrarion views. They came to my blog and inundated with a huge number of emails. Much much more and worse than reported by Annie. They impersonated many regular commentators of pro pr blogs. They have even impersonated RPK. The extent of fraud is that they took pain that for Each name they impersonate they have a different email account commensurating with the impersonated name. I caught them and its actually from two or three IPs. Asked them to write with one name only. And since they did not know which name to choose, I chose an apt name for them: Bahalol.

    Since they want cheap publicity,I still post all their comments but under the postings "Postings of bahalol". That has kept them quiet. See For all the bullies and emails of these bahalol please see

    But what's worst was that when I found out this fraud, I wanted to reveal to haris' commentators who have been impersonated and exposed the shenanigans. I offer to haris that between both of us we can weed out who the fraudster is. You know what? He refused to even let his commentators know they were impersonated. He refused to even reveal this fraud. He has totally ban me since that day.( Talk about freedom of expression and justice pula by this hypocrite haris)

    Now why is haris protecting the fraudster? I think he has a hand in this and I write point blank that he is a fraudster.

    So my advice to Annie is that she should just go head on. They threatened many things but in essence they have nothing upstairs. They threatened to chase me down everywhere I write but they are just tin kosong. Really nothing upstairs. They are dumb and simply don't know how to handle contrarian views. That's why they censor and ban me left and right. And mind you this includes SAKmongkol. Scared chicken shit of reasoned contrarian views.

    Pro bn bloggers like Rocky is actually very nice by allowing the publication of pro pr views even though its pure crude personal attack. It's good he does because in fact it shows how rubbish they are. But pro pr bloggers just don't have that capability to handle reasoned contrarian views and resort to censoring and banning people. A pat to you bro. To the likes of haris, din, tmi, dr Hsu, etc etc, I've recorded down all your shameful arbitrary unjustified shenanigans in writing for posterity so that people can see what a hypocritical bas... you guys are.

  9. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Hisham as MBJ? Very amusing. Nice sarcasm.