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Gong Xi Fa Cai

Here's wishing you, my Dear Readers, a Happy Chinese New Year!

May the year of the Horse bring you and your family good health, happiness and prosperity!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

The people who want a Najib-Mahathir clash

The report based on Dr M's interview with Bernama

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has quashed talk that he was "trying to topple current Prime Minister Najib Razak" but the cynics will tell you not to believe it. With the Kajang bi-election on the cards, it will benefit Pakatan Rakyat and candidate Anwar Ibrahim if the two Umno titans are seen to be clashing. But his "enemies" aren't the only ones who want Najib to be at loggerheads with his ex-boss. 
Within Umno, too, there are sneaky quarters who appear to be working hard to make people (especially Umno members themselves) believe that Dr M will oust Najib and install "one his sons (sic) as the next Prime Minister" (well, according to the report, here, anyway). Najib has to beware of them.  
Dr M is not interested in toppling Najib; on several occasions he'd told us that Najib was still the best man for the job. The only thing that could make Mahathir "try and topple" Najib is if Najib does a Pak Lah on him. What's the possibility of that, you tell me, because the last time I checked, Najib was over at the Tun's home on the eve of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday for a private dinner that lasted three hours.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Look who's the butt of jokes now!

Updated: I was wrong, Bersih did issue a statement on the "planned" by-election by Anwar. And a strong statement, too. I attack the press statement at the end of the original posting.
p.s Now to wait for Bersih to hold a rally against these politicians for their "nothing short of betrayal of trust".

Original posting
Kajang by-election HARAM, says PAS
The decision to put Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to contest the Kajang state assembly seat is no laughing matter. It is a sad case of betrayal (of the voters' trust) and corruption (of the electoral system), something you think the Bersih people would have attacked like rabid dogs (which they have not).   
The ordinary people, however, are not amused. And they have started making Anwar pay for his attempt to hoodwink them. By making him the butt of their jokes. 
Like this one by film maker Anwardi Jamil: 

Or this one by the blogger Seademon:

Making fun of Anwar the Economic Adviser for Selangor
There'll be a lot more.

Contrary to some politicians' belief, the Rakyat aren't stupid

Bersih's statement:

Media Statement (28 January 2014)
Bersih 2.0: Elected representatives should not betray the people’s mandate

BERSIH 2.0 finds it wholly unacceptable that a State Assemblyperson has resigned “to benefit” his political party.

Kajang ADUN Lee Chin Cheh’s resignation is nothing short of a betrayal of trust, given that less than eight months ago, the people of Kajang voted him in on the premise that he would remain the state assemblyperson for the next five years. The reason for Lee's resignation on 27 Jan 2014, reported in the media as to "benefit PKR as a whole", reflects poor judgement on the part of the candidate as well as the party he belongs to. It is shocking that PKR consented to Lee's resignation and is fielding its de facto leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the by-election. This reeks of dirty politics and should be condemned.

It must be reminded that the first and foremost duty of an elected representative is towards the people in his/her constituency and not to his/her political party. Thus, the only acceptable reason for elected representatives to resign is when he/she is not able to carry out the mandate given to him/her - i.e. to serve the people. Lee's reason for stepping down does not put the people's interest at the forefront.

There is little difference between the actions of Lee and the actions of former DAP Assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong in the 2009 Perak Constitutional Crisis. Both actions are equally deplorable. It is disappointing that PKR, one of the victims of the 2009 Perak Constitutional Crisis, is the key player in this sorry saga.

BERSIH 2.0 is appalled that a by-election would have to be called and public funds would be unnecessarily wasted because of the whims and fancies of a few. No amount of political spinning will hide the fact that on 27.1.2014, the interest of the Kajang people took a backseat.This is a regressive step for democracy because it supports the mistaken notion in Malaysia that elections are about political parties and politicians rather than about the people.

BERSIH 2.0 would like to remind all politicians and their parties that the people's trust should not be up for manipulation. The mandate given to an elected representative by the people is something that should not taken for granted. It is disappointing that in the midst of this political merry-go-round, the people's interest, like many times before, is forgotten.


Issued by:

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 which comprises:

Maria Chin Abdullah, Dr Farouk Musa, Masjaliza Hamzah, New Sin Yew and Farhana Halim

Anwar finally accepts 13th GE results?

"I remain firm that the premise of national reconciliation lies in all of us accepting the results of the 13th general elections. If you (the Opposition) are seeking national reconciliation as well, you must first accept the results of the general election." - PM Najib Razak to Lim Kit Siang in Parliament, 26 June 2013
Some would call it blatant plagiarism. but I see Anwar Ibrahim's so-called National Consensus idea as a pathetic afterthought; Najib Razak had called for National Reconciliation seven months earlier, immediately after the last general election. The difference between the PM and the PM-wannabe. 
Indiscriminate politicking had inflicted a racial burden on the people and Najib saw the need to address that via dialogues involving all, particularly the rival political parties; hence, his call for reconciliation as soon as the general election ended. His call, however, was rejected by Anwar and Co. Pakatan politicians were more interested in using the post-GE sentiments to create a movement against Najib's administration. When the demonstrations failed to bring the desired results, Anwar makes a complete U-turn and is now championing a national reconciliation. Except he's calling it National Consensus.  
Najib could have done an Anwar and say nope to the Opposition leader but that won't be reconciliatory at all, would it? So he's promised to let his Cabinet discuss Anwar's "idea" and let us know. I think that's very accommodating of Najib. Just don't forget the condition you set yourself, Mr PM: national reconciliation can only begin the moment everyone, especially Pakatan Rakyat, accepts the result of the 13th general election (in May 2013).
So, Anwar and Kit Siang you ready to rehearse your line: 
 "We hereby humbly accept the results of the 13th General Election."  
That - accepting the people's will - should suffice. Better late than never. No need to admit that you guys lied about the Bangladeshi phantom voters and the blackouts, etc because we the Rakyat have known all along. 
 Read also:
Olive ... oil or branch?
Najib shouldn't entertain Anwar's nonsense

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pro-UMNO bloggers rebel against Najib? Wishful thinking by some

“What these bloggers write probably reflects the sentiments of some members in Umno, who are asking Najib to resign ...  These bloggers are hired by the pro-Mahathir camp in Umno who want a strong leader like Mahathir that can shut any dissenters by using the Internal Security Act." - Prof James Chin, Sunway Monash U, Pro-Umno bloggers rebel against PM, FMT, 25 Jan 
The problem with people like James Chin is they hardly venture out of their own small minds. Give them space in a portal like FMT and you get skewed views, half-truths and outright lies passed off as intellectual analysis. I fear for the kids at Monash. 

And I feel for Syed Akbar Ali and the blogger Apanama who were mentioned in the article. They may want to sue but that would be a greater embarrassment for them than for Chin or FMT. Insult to injury.

There is no rebellion, Chin. Yes, Syed Akbar Ali's postings have gone from Najib-friendly before the 13th general election to extremely, sometimes overly, critical of the Prime Minister afterwards. But the DNA of the rest of the "self-proclaimed pro-Umno bloggers" (FMT's words, not mine) remains the same: they are critical but supportive of Najib. Okay, some of have become increasingly critical but they are supportive of Najib. Equally important, they are critical of the increasingly comical Pakatan folks.

Big Dog and the prolific yet anonymous Unspinners have been hitting the Najib Administration harder than usual lately but they don't call the PM sewel in their postings like Syed Akbar Ali does, for instance. As for Apanama, I wonder how the FMT came to the conclusion that he was rebelling against Najib. The reporter should have read my posting The Photograph that spooked Annie and some others (I am guessing that FMT didn't know that Syed Akbar Ali brought down the photograph from his posting after Apanama's protest?)  

I have been asked several times where I stand. Believe it or not, even by some nincompoops working for the PM! When I linked some incriminating stuff about the PM's speech writer on my blog, for example, one of those morons asked me through another: "Is Rocky with the PM or not?" Idiot. 

A big time businessman who had not called me for more than a year because my friends criticised his airline too much called me on New Year's Eve. "What's happening ... your blogger friends are all attacking the PM, except you?" Najib's boys should engage them.

On the eve of Thaipusam, a rebel asked me over drinks: "Bro, why are you still defending Najib? He's going down, bro, for sure he's going down."  Wishful thinking, man. If Umno had wanted to take Najib down, they should and would have done that at the Umno general assembly last year, NOT after returning him as their president UNOPPOSED. 

And if you really, really want to bring him down now, you must have a candidate to replace him. One with compelling attributes. I asked my friend, "Do you have someone llke that?" 
"Muhyiddin as a stop-gap measure," he suggested. 
My response: "Abang Din will not go for it, you and I know that. He's loyal". 
Zahid? My friend said: "NO, not that guy". He did not like Zahid's stand on the Shi'a 
Shafie? Oh, he couldn't even tell us the truth about his second marriage, what can we expect from him? Hisham? Uh-uh. Don't tell me we must look to another son of a former Prime Minister or another ex-PM's son-in-law for our next PM or DPM lah. 

Don't forget, when the pro-Umno bloggers rebelled against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not too long ago, they had a list of potential candidates from the party, They had Najib, they had Muhyiddin, and they had Tengku Razaleigh. They had help from bloggers who non-Umno members, and the pro-Opposition bloggers and politicians.

And, in case anybody forgets, Dr Mahathir was driving the movement hard. The Statesman didn't have to pay us a single sen to do what we did. 

There is no rebellion, but that doesn't mean all is well with Najib's Administration ....

To be cont'd, perhaps

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Confirmed! Malaysians are one gay people

A happy filler in Berita Harian this morning. The findings of the survey, out in Nov last year, can be found h e r e 

Of course, there will always be people who are not happy. But in Malaysia they form less than 10 per cent of the population, says the survey

Happy with the survey?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A national threat: Lynas or Parti Himpunan Hijau

A real threat or main-main? 
In Canada, they have charged protesters for bio-terrorism hoax, which can mean 10 years in jail. Here, the authorities often don't take threats by NGOs like Himpunan Hijau that seriously partly because history has shown that such groups are mere fronts for somebody's burning political ambitions. 
Grinner times: Wong Tack before the defeat
During the last General Election, for example, Himpunan Hijau's spokesman Wong Tack threatened to burn down the Lynas plant himself and then ran for a seat in Parliament on DAP's ticket [he almost won, too, against Liow who is now MCA President, that's how politically beneficial the Lynas issue was]. 
But one wonders sometimes if we are not tempting fate too much. What if these Himpunan Hijau folks really have got their brains fried as OutSyed The Box speculated h e r e and they're mad enough to finally carry out their violent threats? 
Do the authorities wait until someone get hurt before they act against such a threat that promises force and violence, which means it could undermine not just an economic project but also the well-being of the people, perhaps even lives. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RM800 million fiasco in the making

Updated 25 Jan 2014:

Read more, H E R E

p.s. Kudos to MP Kota Belud for engaging the MARAH chief. 

Original Posting, 22 Jan 2013:

Hello, calling MP Kota Belud on 999 ... Abdul Rahman Dahlan is usually very quick to respond to queries on the social media, so when Dave Avran's tweets were left unanswered for more than 48 hours, I am left wondering if the Minister is a-OK.  
All well, YB?  
If all is good, please consider responding to MARAH. I am a believer that NGOs like this one - apolitical and without Soros' funding - are hard to find and can help the Government do a lot. 
Btw, I would also like to know: What is the Government doing about the fact (as reported by Bernama, quoting your goodself) that 99 per cent of calls made to 999 were prank calls
Shouldn't we be urgently taking a look again at the whole system before it becomes a RM800 million fiasco? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Takashimaso" Incident: Why Anwar owes Tokyo, Anifah and L.Koya an apology

 Updates 22 Jan:
Convict Visa: This blog isn't alone in thinking that Anwar owes the rakyat and Wisma Putra an apology for his latest antics. The link to the story below h e r e.

Original Posting, 21 Jan
So, the real reason why Anwar Ibrahim was not allowed to enter Japan the other day is ... he DID NOT apply for the SPECIAL PERMISSION required of ex-convicts to enter that country. 
The Malay Mail has the story:
So now we all know that it's yet another Anwar's own screw-ups, we can only hope the Opposition leader would do the right thing and apologize to the following:   
1. The Japanese government and people for insulting them. The mere suggestion that Japan could or/and would bow to Wisma Putra's pressure and demands is a major insult to that
sovereign nation and her proud people.
2. YB Anifah Aman and Wisma Putra. Anwar really should stop accusing the Malaysian government for his own shortcomings.
3. Latheefa Koya. For making her issue that statement yesterday, which really does make her look like an idiot. Kesian.

 “The barring of Anwar Ibrahim from entering Japan raises serious questions on the involvement of this government.” - Lateefa Koya

Monday, January 20, 2014

Latest on UKRC vs MPAJ: Talk about crooked!

In October last year, the Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ), acting on a directive from the Menteri Besar of Selangor, seized the football field that has been referred to for decades as the UKRC field (pics below) from the Ulu Kelang Recreation Club. Since then the UKRC has challenged this in Court (mentioned h e r e) and the next hearing is 23 Jan. The MPAC, on the other hand, has gone ahead to collect money for anyone who wishes to play football at the field. The local council has also taken upon itself to maintain the field.  
Who else could draw a line this crooked, you tell me.

A straight line, according to the guys at MPAJ

And despite a decision still pending from the High Court of Malaysia, our local councillors can't wait to name the field after themselves!

An opportunity to promote racial unity in the current crisis

"At the same time, Chinese captains of industry and leading entrepreneurs should demonstrate a commitment to strengthening entrepreneurship among Malays and other non-Chinese Malaysians through mentorship programmes and by facilitating accessibility to their business networks. This has not been done in an organised, systematic manner by any Chinese entity since Merdeka." - Dr Chandra Muzaffar

DURING THE 1997 MELTDOWN, when this region met with its worst economic and political crisis, some of our neighbours went on rampage and took on their hunger and anger on the rich minority elite. People died and holy houses were burnt down to the ground. That did not happen here in Malaysia because we were a united well-brought-up people. Well, most of us were, anyway. And like it or not we have to admit that our neighbours did not have Dr Mahathir Mohamad as Prime Minister to steer the ship to calmer seas, so to speak. Dr Mahathir, of coruse, had quite an excellent line-up of component leaders in Semenanjung as well as in Sabah and Sarawak, and talented ministers in Cabinet including current PM Najib Razak, despite having had to do without the ex-heir apparent Anwar Ibrahim (who, incidentally, had another issue - this time with Mr Takashimaso of Japan - over the weekend; read h e r e). 

Today we are facing another crisis but I'm confident we Malaysians are not going to slaughter one another or burn churches and mosques over such petty, worldly issues. Still, just to be doubly sure, Dr Chandra Muzaffar's 10 Measures in the article below would be a way to go. The article is also very timely since the relevant authorities are at this very moment looking at additional austerity measures to add to the 11 (see the Star's graphic) announced at the start of the year. 

The Govt's 11 cost-cutting measures

                                            Chandra Muzaffar 

When a nation with a multi-ethnic population is confronted with a serious economic challenge, it has to be concerned about how it will impact upon ethnic relations. This is especially true when the ethnic situation, prior to the economic challenge, is already problematic. 
The rising cost of living in our country could have repercussions for ethnic relations in at least two ways. 
One, the tendency to put the blame for any escalation in the price of goods and services on one party or the other --- rather than looking at the total picture --- could result in a segment of the people criticising the mainly Malay government for their plight while another segment may choose to condemn a largely Chinese business community for their difficulties. These are perceptions which exacerbate the ethnic situation.  
Two, sometimes, elites, unable to arrest the decline of the economy, may deliberately manipulate ethnic fears in order to divert the people’s anger and perpetuate their own power. 
We should not fall into this ethnic trap. Responsible men and women in all spheres of Malaysian society should turn around this economic challenge into an opportunity to improve ethnic relations.  
There are perhaps 10 steps that can be taken in that direction: 
1. All communities in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak should be mobilised to combat the rising cost of living. It should be a truly multi-ethnic mobilisation which would identify the causes of the rising cost of living and act firmly and expeditiously to overcome the problem.   If say profiteering and cartels have aggravated issues of demand and supply, effective punitive measures should be implemented immediately. This would also be the right occasion to initiate a nation-wide ‘people’s price-alert movement’ which would be a powerful pressure group against unscrupulous traders. 
2. This would also be the time to reiterate our commitment to a policy that extends support and assistance to everyone regardless of ethnicity, based upon needs. This should apply not only to poverty eradication, health-care and welfare--- where it already exists --- but also to education, housing, bank-loans and the like. 
3. There should also be a concerted effort to reduce the gap between the ‘have-a-lot’ and the ‘have-a-little’ which is essentially a socio-economic challenge. Its resolution will impact positively upon inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic disparities.  Implementing a minimum wage policy; providing facilities for the poor such as child-care centres and kindergartens, 1Malaysia clinics and 1Malaysia shops; and creating a comprehensive public transport system are commendable moves but much more has to be done. Building more affordable houses for the middle and lower income groups would be one such endeavour. At the same time, incomes will have to rise further for 60 to 70 percent of the working population while emoluments for the top brass which are sometimes astronomical will have to be reviewed. 
4. As part of this attempt to close the gap between the very affluent and those who are struggling to make ends meet, the level of education and skills of 75 percent of the Malaysian workforce who possess only a School Certificate (SPM) and other lower qualifications will have to be improved considerably. Here again, the effort should be multi-ethnic. Polytechnic education would be a critical component of this elevation of skills. 
5. Raising skills and educational standards should go hand in hand with massive investments in scientific research. In spite of current economic difficulties, the budgetary allocation for research and development (R & D) should continue to increase. This is what will spur invention and innovation in the future. The private sector which has been lagging behind in this field should play a bigger role in this national mission that should transcend ethnic barriers. 
6. It follows from this that recognising and rewarding ability and excellence, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation, should be an integral aspect of the national psyche. This is a principle that should be observed in both the public and private sectors. The national economy as a whole will benefit from this. Needless to say, it will undoubtedly result in greater inter-ethnic harmony. 
7. Recognising ability is linked to some extent to the question of recruitment and promotion in the public sector. In the last four or five years there has been a more earnest drive to recruit more non-Malays and non-Muslim Bumiputeras from Sarawak and Sabah into the public services. The mobility they enjoy, as provided for in the Federal Constitution, should enable them to hold high positions of responsibility. At the same time, Chinese captains of industry and leading entrepreneurs should demonstrate a commitment to strengthening entrepreneurship among Malays and other non-Chinese Malaysians through mentorship programmes and by facilitating accessibility to their business networks. This has not been done in an organised, systematic manner by any Chinese entity since Merdeka.  And yet this is the sort of cooperation that will reduce the distance between communities.  It underscores the principle of reciprocity which is a fundamental prerequisite for harmony in any multi-ethnic society.    
8. Indeed, the nurturing of reciprocity and other such positive values will be a tremendous boost to inter-ethnic relations. We have not done enough to harness the potential of values such as cooperation, respect and integrity --- or reciprocity for that matter--- in our economic policies and programmes. Leaving aside the tokenism in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, economic activities, by and large, have been dominated by the credo of profit maximisation and crass competition. The present economic situation is a good time as any to explore alternatives. Perhaps cooperatives which can also be a conduit for promoting multi-ethnic sharing may be a way of evolving new economic structures in the future that are more orientated towards justice and compassion.   
9. It is because values that would ennoble the economy and society have not been accorded the importance they deserve that a lack of professionalism and a lack of competence appear to be more glaring today than in the past.  This is obvious in the Auditor-General’s annual reports on the performance of government departments and public agencies. Malaysians of all shades and stripes are incensed by disclosures of wastage, leakages and extravagance in these reports. They are also united in wanting the Government to punish the culprits as harshly as the law would permit --- and yet the response of the authorities has always been below public expectations. 
10. Malaysians are also united, irrespective of ethnicity, in their desire to see the government eradicate corruption --- a scourge that is again a reflection of the weakening of society’s moral fibre. While institutional arrangements and processes directed at fighting this scourge are stronger than ever before, elite corruption remains a challenge. Unless there is more transparency and accountability --- honest adherence to the culture of open tenders for instance --- corruption will continue to make a mockery of the nation’s professed commitment to the virtues of integrity. Worse, it will continue to erode the trust that the ruled must have in their rulers if governance is to lead to justice and peace. 
Indeed, it is trust between rulers and the ruled that will enable us to overcome the challenge posed by the rising cost of living just as it is trust that will ensure harmonious inter-ethnic relations. 

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yayasan 1Malaysia.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Forging a nation of united, gullible people

Thanks to blogger SatD for the link to this excellent article from Journalist's Resource. I think it helps explain why there is a terrifyingly high incidence of gullibility among Malaysians, especially Netizens. 
A minute to read the article, my comments at the end of it.

Last year, Malaysian Netizens were falling for all kinds of deliberate misinformation and even outright lies, from 40,000 Bangladeshis coming here supposedly to vote during the general election to Ungku Aziz's kangkung puisi intended by some quarters to add credibility to their efforts to oust/embarrass Najib Razak. 
My tweet on the denial by Ungku Aziz

The evils of social media: The puisi that Ungku Aziz never wrote

Where did this guy get Ungku Aziz's puisi from, MCMC?

We will continue to be easily duped and screwed until we decide to wisen up and do a bit of fact checking ourselves every time we and, more importantly, use our common sense. 
There are useful tips in the article for the many clueless aides and advisers to politicians and ministers but the relevant authorities, such as the MCMC, should be armed to fight misinformation before we turn into a nation of united gullible people.
Enjoy the long Thaipusam weekend. Peace!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

KJ tak syok sendiri?

KJ is getting better all the time at this. Almost DPM material now, if you ask me. In his latest interview with Berita Harian:, the "junior" Minister: 
1. Urges the Najib Administration to heed to Dr M's advice to cut cost
2. Offers a pay-cut
3. Tells peers in BN not to preach to their own groupies. "Reach out to the people"
4. Advises leaders to be sensitive when making statements re price increases. "Avoid hurting the people's feelings." 

Screenshot taken from Helen Ang, who has her own take h e r e

Excerpts of the BH interview, as reported by Malaysiakini yesterday:
Khairy: Some BN leaders 'syok sendiri' online 
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has lamented that BN's social media strategy has been ineffective as some BN leaders had the tendency to be ‘syok sendiri’ (self-indulgent) in their online engagement. 
"I see many BN leaders - forgive me for saying this - even though they are active on social media, they only speak to their followers, not to outsiders or independents. 
"They think that their own sentiment is the national sentiment. That is wrong. 
"That proves that our social media strategy has been ineffective. (BN leaders) speak to their own people and 'syok sendiri' while the opposition try to reach out to the people in general," Khairy was quoted as saying in a Berita Harian interview today. 
He also acknowledged that attacks against the families of politicians on social media were unavoidable. 
"As a politician, I advise my family to live moderately. When we are chosen as a politician, a minister or the likes, our families have to play their role. 
"If we want to live freely, then do not be a politician," he was quoted as saying. 
Khairy said in the interview that the rakyat's anger over the price hikes is real and urged leaders not to make statements that will hurt the rakyat's feelings. 
He added that the government should heed former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's (right) advice that it should cut more costs instead of increasing prices. 
When asked whether the government's current cost-cutting measures were enough, he said more was to come and volunteered to have his own pay docked. 
He also reiterated that Umno Youth has not become ‘tame’, but is more focussed on performance rather than rhetoric.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Forget kangkung, watch this old ladyfinger!

From Apanama, don't miss the finger ..

Of course, the kangkung joke is funny too. For context, read the Malaysian Insider's Najib rapped by Netizens for "kangkung" statement

p.s. As the Negris would say, "Tak dapek den nolong doh."
Selamat Menyambut Maulud Nabi.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Save UKRC field (updates Court 6 proceedings)

Kuala Lumpur, 13 Jan: 
Judge sets 23 Jan for Round 2
For UKRC: Peter, the Ref
& Man the footballer
outside the courtroom
The High Court No 6 was packed this morning with scores of UKRC supporters, including junior and veteran footballers and a retired referee, who declared that the MPAJ had committed a vicious foul on the residents of Ulu Klang and their 60-year old club, the UK Recreational Club, and therefore deserved a send-off! UKRC president Andrew Gopal said he was happy Judge Yang Ariff Vazeer Alam Bin Mydin Meera decided to adjourn the case to 23/1/2014 (after Friday prayers) for a decision. Ah, perhaps someone will be sent off, after all? "The Yang Ariff wants to study the submission ... We are happy with that," Gopal said.

Uncle Lim, a volunteer at the UKRC who has lived in Ulu Kelang for over 50 years, said he was saddened by the Selangor government's decision to get the local council to seize the football field from the club. "That has never happened before," he added. Before the UKRC decided to file a suit against the MPAJ to reclaim the field, the council even threatened to seize the club house. "This is state gangsterism lah," a supporter chipped in.

How do you fight that?

Fighting for their field

Visit the UKRC Facebook h e r e for updates and pictures.

Original posting and earlier updates

Updated: 12/1/2013 Another Broken Promise by Apanama. They did it to Kg Buah Pala, they'll do it to UKRC if the people don't fight!

Original piece:
Date: Monday 13 Jan 2014 
Time: 830 am 
Place: Court No 6 High Court Jalan Duta

This is not political. For decades, all manners of crooks, including elected ones, have tried to rob the people of Ulu Kelang of their one and only football field. Thanks to some very brave people of Ulu Klang and their club UKRC, those attempts were thwarted each time. What those crooks failed to do through crooked means, however, the Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya has succeeded in doing via a legal loophole which they said they had found after all these years. 

Once again, the brave people of Ulu Kelang and their club UKRC rise to defend their field. They have defeated greedy property developers and their powerful alies within the state before, so surely they can do it again. 

But these are ordinary people and the court action against the MPAJ will take much or their energy and resources. It may take months and even years.

They will need every help that we, the people, can give them. The least we could do is show them our moral support.

 I hope to see you, some of my Dear Readers, at the Jalan Duta court house this Monday. 

p.s. This has nothing to do with partisan politics. For a bit of context, pls read my old piece UKRC Field vs BN then, UKRC Field vs Pakatan Now

Friday, January 10, 2014

Petronas: Dr M still our Advisor

The Malicious Kind. In the oil and gas sector, fabrication is key. But there are fabricators that the sector - and this nation, for that matter - don't need.  
Here is the Petronas' press statement issued yesterday in response to some malicious fabrication. For context, I have reproduced a Malay Mail article quoting a couple of name-calling fabricators.

Decision on matters relating to the appointment or resignation of PETRONAS’ Advisor is the prerogative of the Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and beyond the purview of PETRONAS.

PETRONAS categorically denies the claim that it took actions to vacate Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s office following the announcement of his intention to relinquish his position. 

As far as PETRONAS is concerned, Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir is still PETRONAS’ Advisor and maintains his office at the PETRONAS Twin Towers. PETRONAS holds the utmost respect and esteem for Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his contributions not only to PETRONAS but to the nation.

PETRONAS unequivocally condemns the malicious statements of MTEM who blatantly fabricated this claim for their questionable purposes.

In my last posting on Petronas The Biggest Story They All Missed, I quoted a Canadian news article lamenting the difference between the world of work and the world of chatter and gossip. You tell me which world this guys from MTEM live in ...

Thursday, January 09, 2014

The photograph that spooked Annie and some others

Got a few calls to ask me if "you bloggers" are revolting against the PM. Even prominent businessman TF was concerned enough to call me for the first time in over a year: "Why are the bloggers whacking Najib ... except you?" The latest caller, a little lady called Annie, said she became particularly worried after reading Apanama's Najib Worse Than Pak Lah? People familiar with the Malaysian blogosphere would equate Apanama with critical-but-polite postings, a cool head among today's very temperamental and crazily critical English-driven bloggers. But Apanama's latest posting was so hard-hitting it seems that even the punching machine Syed Akbar Ali was quoting him line for line.  
"And, aiyooo,  my dear Rocky did you see the photograph published by OutSyed The Box's!?" I promised her I'd check out the two blogs as soon as I get back to my den from a dinner with some consultants. 
And, ah, no wonder Annie was spooked! Here's the picture Syed Akbar published in his posting Apanama makan Roti Teloq - Ampat Biji!! 
Superstitious people avoid threesome shots
People would read all kinds of things upon seeing this photograph and you can't blame them if they do. But I'd tell Annie that things are not always what they appear to be. Tun Daim Zainuddin, the man flanked by OutSyed The Box and Apanama in the picture, engages bloggers every now and then over breakfast. He would even invite some of the mainstream editors from time to time. But no, Daim's not the "unseen hand" some people think is behind recent incessant attacks on Najib, his wife, and family and friends. Or on Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary, for that matter (see Syed Akbar's posting on the former nemesis h e r e).
I have had the privilege of joining the Tun for roti canai in some very public places where we exchanged stories and gossips. Daim is an excellent story teller. The last time I was invited to breakfast with Tun Daim, I was late by a few minutes. After I had taken my allocated seat next to the former Finance Minister, my ex boss AKJ asked those who were pro-Najib to move over to Daim's side, with me and Syed Akbar (who was seated to Daim's left), while those who were not for the PM would sit opposite Daim, with AKJ. Just like a school debate. A lof of things were said in jest like that but we did talk about the serious stuff too. 
When we're not meeting Daim, we bloggers would be meeting anyone who wants to engage us. But not everyone wants to engage us. 
As for Apanama's hard-hitting posting, it is indeed a reflection of what a lot of people feel. Tan Sri Zainal Rampak, the trade union leader, thinks Najib is not getting a true picture of what's happening on the ground and has asked me to "please tell Datuk Seri Najib to go down to the people."  
Apanama wants Najib to stop talking about transformation plans and start transforming. The PM can sack some aides and reshuffle his Cabinet, for a start.
"We need men and women of character, capability and common sense to steer this nation forward ... some of your cabinet members have become laughing stocks. Quite a number of the better cabinet members are finding it hard to hold their heads up in public because of the clowns among them."  
But please do read what Apanama has to say right to the end of his posting so that you won't miss the message:
But time is running out, Mr Prime Minister

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The biggest story of 2013 that they all missed

Petronas in Caanda: The difference between the world of work and the world of chatter and gossip

Petronas' $36 billion in Canada. I'm waiting for those fellas at Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu Berhad (MTEM) to tell us this is another reason why the Prime Minister must remove Shamsul Azhar Abas as Petronas boss ... Hehe. On a more serious note, I can confirm that Najib Razak has said he cannot accept Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's wish to resign as Petronas Advisor.  What I cannot confirm is if Dr Mahathir has accepted the PM's refusal to let him go. Until we get an official announcement, therefore, the good doctor has to be categorised as the undisputed advisor of Petronas. 
Now, here's last year's biggest story these fellas missed:
Source: SunNews
Toronto Star: Malaysia's Petronas commits $36 billion to B.C. gas plant, pipeline

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Desperate Star turns to porn and a six-inch prick

The Star is going south. Once the country's most influential English-language daily, it has now reduced itself to trash. Imagine, an interview glorifying a Malaysian man who idolizes Nigerian inmate's "healthily large" penis and claims to have a 6" prick himself (when erect, according to the Star reporter, who may or may not have verified this claim) made it to its on-line front page this morning. 
This "exclusive interview" is all about a chapter in the prick's memoirs about his one-week jail before a trial for inciting racial-religious sentiments.  
The Star's circulation numbers must be really, really bad. Sad.

Journalist Apanama has a posting porn-Star. I hear the Home Ministry might be keen to look into the interview ... 

Assalamualaikum, Hard Rock Cafe!

Updated: Here's a Ku Nan classic for 2014: Only alcohol-free Hard Rock Cafe for Putrajaya, says FT Minister.
I really can't tell if Ku Nan's serious or just poking fun at Aseh Che Mat for pre-empting him, the Minister in charge of Putrajaya.
I remember Ku Nan best for the following quotes:
"Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women. 
“Bloggers like to spread rumours, they don’t like national unity. Today our country has achievements because we are tolerant and compromising. Otherwise we will have civil war. 
“Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”
That was his 2017 classic. If you have forgotten, read h e r e.

Only at HRC, next Sunday, 19/1/14, 9 pm onwards
Original posting:
The first time I heard Ramli Sarip opened a show with "Assalamualaikum, Kuala Lumpur!!!" instead of "Are you ready to rock!!!?",  I couldn't decide if he was stoned or tipsy. But the rock star doesn't need single malt or grass to be intoxicated. Passion for his music is enough to get him high, he once told me. Many of his fans are like him: good, law-abiding people.
Papa Rock's first show for the year will be held this Saturday Sunday in Kuala Lumpur at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur. 
p.s. In case you missed the chatter, Hard Rock Cafe will NOT open an outlet in Putrajaya because Hard Rock Cafe serves alcohol and offers unsuitable entertainment, or so says Putrajaya Corporation chairman Aseh Che Mat. The man must have been smoking something because that was not what he had said just the day before, h e r e.