Wednesday, January 15, 2014

KJ tak syok sendiri?

KJ is getting better all the time at this. Almost DPM material now, if you ask me. In his latest interview with Berita Harian:, the "junior" Minister: 
1. Urges the Najib Administration to heed to Dr M's advice to cut cost
2. Offers a pay-cut
3. Tells peers in BN not to preach to their own groupies. "Reach out to the people"
4. Advises leaders to be sensitive when making statements re price increases. "Avoid hurting the people's feelings." 

Screenshot taken from Helen Ang, who has her own take h e r e

Excerpts of the BH interview, as reported by Malaysiakini yesterday:
Khairy: Some BN leaders 'syok sendiri' online 
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has lamented that BN's social media strategy has been ineffective as some BN leaders had the tendency to be ‘syok sendiri’ (self-indulgent) in their online engagement. 
"I see many BN leaders - forgive me for saying this - even though they are active on social media, they only speak to their followers, not to outsiders or independents. 
"They think that their own sentiment is the national sentiment. That is wrong. 
"That proves that our social media strategy has been ineffective. (BN leaders) speak to their own people and 'syok sendiri' while the opposition try to reach out to the people in general," Khairy was quoted as saying in a Berita Harian interview today. 
He also acknowledged that attacks against the families of politicians on social media were unavoidable. 
"As a politician, I advise my family to live moderately. When we are chosen as a politician, a minister or the likes, our families have to play their role. 
"If we want to live freely, then do not be a politician," he was quoted as saying. 
Khairy said in the interview that the rakyat's anger over the price hikes is real and urged leaders not to make statements that will hurt the rakyat's feelings. 
He added that the government should heed former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's (right) advice that it should cut more costs instead of increasing prices. 
When asked whether the government's current cost-cutting measures were enough, he said more was to come and volunteered to have his own pay docked. 
He also reiterated that Umno Youth has not become ‘tame’, but is more focussed on performance rather than rhetoric.


  1. Anonymous10:02 am

    Anwar II in the making! Let's see whether he will walk the talk or only know how to talk like Anwar I.

    One thing for sure the young people like him just like we (the not so young now) like Anwar back then.

    Déjà vu!

  2. drMpower10:18 am

    okay. so now he spoken then by the end of may/june, i want to see his report card. how many youth he got registered for pemuda membership and VOTE for UMNO. and come next PRU, i wish to check the saluran undi meant for youth. if he got to brainwash these kids one by one to vote UMNO, then so be it. do it. i want results

    this guy talk big and big number followers, so it must be 50% minimum increase on both items. okay lah give face, 20-30% more youth votes for BN.

    for a start, i think social media isnt what a politician like him needs. if u tweet too much, then it means u are NOT doing anything apart from concentrating on the blardy phone. atleast at the exact moment he tweeting or retweeting or checking on messages.

    so for me, with or without tweeter, a politician is defined by the success he or she played and the politics he or she played. dont forget that this young minister was given a very big head start by Father in Law Abdullah. I had to make myself blind and deaf all at the same time whenever i had this hishamudin-kissing-Abdullah-hands-and-loudly-shout-pemuda-wants-khairy moments.

    perhaps thats the reason young politician returned the favor during last UMNO election. and he brought his mother altogether! no wonder hishamudin was spared.

    i dont have any problem with this guy. it just i got so much problem with him spoken like he does nothing wrong. and wanted to sound brilliant.

  3. Anonymous11:50 am

    I'm sure KJ's successes has a lot of deadwood in BN holding on to their balls.
    I personally dont fancy KJ but Credit must be given where credit is due. Its Due to him.
    He is 100% better than the current crop of deadwood ministers.

  4. ....senang sangat jadi Ketua Pemuda Umno macam kakak tua - selesai masaalah. lepas tu cari isu baru cakap balik hal yang sama.. selesai masaalah yang juga tidak selesai !

    What the heck ! Actually KJ just playing safe. Never listen and never perform.

    Tidak pernah bersuara mempertahankan hak-hak Melayu. He must step down too. Menteri apa
    pulak Unspinner nak namakan ? or maybe the mulut dah kena tutup...

  5. Anonymous1:07 pm

    KJ fights for Dr.M corner now. Good for him.

  6. Anonymous1:16 pm

    He he here comes the monster lalang. Ask him for his credentials....pak lah, ecm libra, myteam, klia2, umno youth and patriots semua flop. Pak Lol

  7. Lalang. Still a greedy middle man.

  8. Rohailan3:58 pm

    I think he is DPM and PM material

    He is like Jorkawi ,Jakarta Governor.

    Down to earth and pragmatic.

    Just watch.He is only 37 year old.

  9. Anonymous4:10 pm

    KJ? Still a bit shape than the whole bunch of UMNO parasites and leeches appointed to the Cabinet.

    UMNO hanya layak untuk jaga longkang dan tandas.

  10. Sdr Rocky ,Without any mala fide intention what he says is indeed true,even though he plays to the gallery.
    I hate to say ,after reading so many blogs and newspaper,I hardly find any one suggesting any concrete solution.
    Every one refer to general terms and comment on the fate of the economy.
    The Pemandu seemed to be not so effective.I wonder what happen to our MIER,ISIS,EPU,Economic consultative body set up by the goverment.We use to have an rconomic advisor now seem to be absent.With the passing of our well known economist such as Dr Maznah,Dr Zainal we seemed to be directionless.Now every body become economist without any degree in economics and finance.I hope the goverment keep everything in order and hold the bull by the horn.Otherwise our transformation program become our trespassing program.We act like a fire brigade.Hey there is fire there,and there,and there!Just stop giving unnecessary speech and get to the bottom of it.Just one speaker for the goverment is enough,we do not everbody to give speech. The people want result and action.Not mere useless speech.Bring the good brains back to the government and work together to solve our economic problem.
    Malaysian usually waste time listening to not so produvtive,such as political speech,ceramah given by the top gun until chaiman of village comittee including the no tauliah ustaz.

  11. Anonymous7:00 pm

    UMNO Youth is focussing on performance????? Where is the evidence that they are performing? The Chief's statement is a rethoric.

  12. Anonymous8:56 pm


    are you serious or being sarcastic regards KJ? just because he sends his son to SRJK and make some comments regards 'syok sendiri' you make a deduction that he is DPM/PM material? have you forgotten the damage he did when his FIL was the sleeping PM? how easy you forget??

  13. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Hello you umno goons, why you attacking my favourite umno politician. I would even vote umno next election if he become one of the deputy president. Hidup KJ. KJ FOR President!!!!

  14. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Khairy is far better than Mukriz! He is definitely our future PM of Malaysia.

  15. Anonymous9:36 am

    KJ also appoints his men to important positions inside ministry's sports agency like perbadanan stadium and all that. How is he any different from other politicians?

  16. Anonymous4:35 pm

    we would be proud to have a leader like KJ, who talks sense and is young. So what if he is compared to Anwar? Both Anwar and KJ are much more charismatic than many other leaders, especially those from Umno and BN.

    sri hartamas

    1. Anonymous8:19 pm

      Kerjanya mcm mana? Sly eyes!

  17. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Anon 11:13,

    Khairy is far better than Mukhriz? In what way, pray tell? In corruption, he is definitely better. Being arrogance he is above Mukhriz. And banyak perasan dia tu lah handal also he is far above Mukhriz. But when come to work, champion of Malay rights and Islam, zilch!

    1. Anonymous8:20 pm

      Agree. Tidak honest.

  18. Anonymous7:41 am

    He has a good level of support among us normal malaysians..

  19. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Anon 7:41 am said...

    "He has a good level of support among us normal malaysians.."

    Ha ha bro (or sis).

    What you don't realise is that all the non-umb UMNO blogwhores all have a paid vendetta against KJ.

    I'm not in favour of KJ either but the UMNO blogwhores think they are the centre of the universe, so just tolerate it, friend.

    They need the money.

  20. Anonymous3:35 pm

    cuba urine tgk this dpm material...

  21. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Go go KJ. U r d smarter one around. Ignore the noices. Im4u

  22. Anonymous12:01 pm

    dpm material my foot!! another smart mouthed politician with a chip on his shoulder. anwar reincarnation i must say. gift of the glib thats all he has. there are so many of them around both in UMNO and PKR

  23. Anonymous12:30 am

    Huh, living moderately? pick any one of his wristwatches, easily can buy a double storey terrace house in kl...

  24. Anonymous10:26 am

    Was'nt he one of those 4th floor clowns during Pak Lah era? Was'nt he the one that made Mahhatter wait blowing his top?
    If my graNDFather was PM , i TOO WOULD BE dpm or PM material.Jeezh! you guys really can swing your tails!

  25. Anonymous6:14 pm

    pemusnah umno bn dan melayu....
    dah la pemimpin tak dgr keluh kesah marhaen....maaf blogger pown join dua kaki kew.....sabao jew la....
    nak sgt bergantung harap pd bangsa lain kan....teruskanlah melayu oiii...agung2kanlah bangsa lain selain bangsa dan agama sendiri....

  26. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Sekalipun gaji ahli-ahli parlimen dipotong 100%, penjimatan tersebut bukannya boleh beri kebaikan pada rakyat! BR1M pun rakyat berpendapatan rendah yang dapat. Kami yang bayar cukai ni, bekerja siang dan malam.. dapat apa dari gomen? Sepatutnya fikirkan juga kelebihan pada kami pembayar cukai yang tinggi ni, seperti rawatan percuma di hospital dan Institut Jantung Negara kerana kerja kami yang stress dan keras ni selalu dapat sakit jantung dan darah tinggi.


  27. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Kenapa mesti bermusuhan dalam satu parti. Kenapa memburukkan sesama parti. Musuh mmg suka tgk benda mcm ni. Segala teguran dari kj sendiri atau kepada kj seeloknya dibuat dgn berhemah face to face bkn in public.ini akan mendedahkan sendiri pekung kelemahan kita

  28. Just follow your article :)